Most Beautiful Thing (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

The Dreamers

That's it I've done everything So you'd love me Oh, my darling Don't do this to me You have to You have to give me your heart That's it Don't! You're making me embarrassed! Oh, she's so embarrassed! How good was Dick Farney last night? A dream! One day that’s going to be me up there.
One day that’s going to be me.
One day that’s going to be me.
And I’ll pick cute boys to come up on stage.
- Can I be your agent? - Yes.
We’ll travel all around the world.
We can go to Paris! Using your dad's car.
No one can know about Maria Luiza! Ligia! Lunch is ready! A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Coming, Mom! TEN YEARS LATER Excuse me.
Thank you, Lourdes.
Did you make this? Yes, ma’am.
A request from Mrs.
It looks good.
I bet they don’t make them so tasty in Rio.
Not where I was eating.
There’s a cocktail party at the Paulistano Country Club tonight.
You should join me.
- Thank you, Dad, but - There’s a young man I’d like you to meet.
The son of a friend of mine.
I know it may feel like it’s too soon but you realize that the ghost of Pedro is haunting all of this family.
Come here, baby.
I missed having breakfast with you.
- Let's pick a really nice fruit - I hate fruit.
I want ice-cream.
Ice-cream for breakfast? That’s a crazy idea.
Lourdes! Yes? Bring me ice-cream! You should not talk to Lourdes like this.
Go play.
- About the cocktail party tonight - I’m not going, Dad.
Do you realize how lucky you’d be if this fellow wants to marry you? Marry? It’s time to get back to reality.
You need to find a new husband.
A decent one this time.
Excuse me.
OUT OF ORDER Adelia! What are you doing here? I went to the farmer's market as you asked, Mrs.
But what are you doing using the main elevator? It's just that the freight elevator is still being fixed.
I was going to put the grocery inside and take the stairs.
You can't do that, my neighbors will complain.
But it's the 9th floor.
How can I possibly take it all upstairs? If I had those arms of yours, I'd take it myself.
Fucking bitch.
I said we must spend at least three days in Venice, just doing nothing.
Il Dolce Far Niente! Augusto's been working so hard.
I think Ligia's packed the entire closet.
That little suitcase there is just for the trip to São Paulo.
Thereza, I’m leaving right after lunch.
I need to visit my mom.
She hasn’t been feeling well.
Finally! Finally, Mother! Hello! You look lovely as ever.
Dear, you look tired.
Ligia, you haven't been taking care of your husband.
- I have! - Mom Ligia, darling! How can you give birth to my first grandson when you're so skinny? I’m just waiting for this to die, you know.
Are you saying this to motivate me? I thought you were not coming, Mom! I am not late.
I know how lazy your help is, and I hate to wait.
Thereza dear! You’re gorgeous as always! Eleonora, you’re fantastic too! Thank you.
If you’re ready, we should serve lunch.
Before, just pour me something to whet my appetite, would you? - Of course, Mom.
Have a seat.
- Go on, Nelson.
Thank you.
Well, I have some news.
I had a meeting with the Mayor the other night and the Party is considering me to run to become his successor - in the upcoming elections.
- Oh, my God, baby! Well, cheers! Cheers! To the new mayor of Rio de Janeiro! How romantic! Wedding anniversary? I have to confess I have no idea what we’re celebrating! THE GUES Should we get him a gift as well? That won't be necessary.
Paulo Sergio asked to be informed upon your arrival.
He is waiting for you in his office.
The two of you.
You have a visitor, ma'am.
Thank you, Lourdes.
Hello! Oh, you're here! It's so good to see you.
What's wrong? You’re really back for good? Maria Luiza.
How long are you staying? Just a couple of days.
São Paulo is so boring, I can’t stand being here more than that.
I know it's boring.
Why don’t you join me later for drinks downtown? I don’t know, I feel so - tired.
- Malu Where’s that Malu I met in Rio? If you see her around, tell her to look for me, please? “how much of you has been lost for behaving like a lady?” What the hell is this? Why didn’t you run it by me? We were running out of time.
But have you seen the huge amount of fan mail we received? - They're complimenting - This is worse than putting gasoline into a fire! Our readers are not ready for that! Not only ready, but asking for it.
Was I talking to you? Why did you call me in here, then? To decide whether you'll be fired or not.
Get out! Out! These young girls This is not the kind of woman we stand for! Deal with that girl, you hired her! You're dismissed.
We just gave him a sold out issue and that’s how he treats us? He would never fire you.
Maybe he will fire me.
Only I can fire you.
Pretend I’m angry at you.
Let him believe he got his way.
Did you like the book? Yes.
But we have to be careful.
Let’s go for a walk later, I can give you my proper thank you.
Anytime, boss.
Follow me when I leave.
Why did Grandpa call Daddy a ghost? Grandpa is being silly.
Daddy is still on a business trip.
Will he be back for Christmas? Do you know what I’m asking Santa? Grown-ups don't get presents! Of course we do! I got you! - Good evening.
- Are you waiting for someone, ma'am? A friend of mine, she was supposed to be here by now.
Would you like a drink? Pour me something strong, please.
Yes, I know you can see How I stand now TONIGHT'S ATTRACTION And how everything stands A sadness so deep In the simplest things You have touched Our home, dear I was so used to keeping you The flowers on the windowsill Smiled and sang Because of you - Did you like it? - So much! I never ever believed you'd give up, not for a second.
It was just a little farewell gig before Italy.
- But when you get back, you - Let me tell you: Augusto will run for Mayor of Rio.
So I might become The first lady! - Ligia, that’s incredible! - I need to focus on how I look, my marriage, having babies I've always known you'd be famous! I knew that would happen.
One way or another.
It's all I ever dreamed of I guess.
You can't have everything, right? - What is it? - Nothing.
It’s silly, but I’ll miss the music, the audience, - the stage.
- Can I make a confession? I've always been so jealous of you, seriously.
For real, Ligia.
I wish I had been born with a gift like yours.
And if we're talking about jealousy If I had your guts, Maria Luiza, I wouldn’t be hiding myself in a wig, in another city.
But I'm back, right? Just because I gave up, it doesn't mean you have to as well.
Maria Luiza? - You're still up? - Come here.
Is everything all right? Do you miss Rio? Yes.
I miss feeling that I’m in the right place.
Like you do.
Mom, in Rio I could hear my voice for the first time.
With no interruptions from Dad or Pedro.
I understand you quite well.
Really? I was your age once.
But you're so much smarter than me.
You think so? You know you can’t go back.
I know.
- And I won’t leave Carlinhos again.
- No.
You can’t go back here, to your old life in this house.
It’d be a mistake.
You really think You'll regret it every day of your life.
I know what I'm talking about.
This bracelet You’ve worn it ever since I was a child.
- Your father hates it.
- Why? It holds a lot of memories from a time I faced many uncertainties.
I left this life once too.
But I came back.
Why did you come back? For you.
I knew your father would never let me take you away from him.
I had to choose.
I never had an ally, though.
But you do.
I’ll be here for Carlinhos, and for you.
No, Mom Are you sure? It suits you better now.
It’s gorgeous.
Good night, sweetheart.
Good night.
Your father invited Rubens over for lunch tomorrow.
That bachelor he wants you to meet.
So, if you’re going back, you might want to leave before that.
- Mom - The car keys are still in the garage.
You and Ligia know exactly where.
Look, I’m really tired.
- I came to apologize.
- Fine.
- Hear me out, please! - Okay, let's do this.
What do you want? I know I said terrible things I can't take back.
But now it’s clear I don’t fit that life anymore.
I’m opening the club, and it’s going to be better.
And I need you by my side, Adelia.
I’m sure you’ll find someone.
It just can’t be me.
You were the first to tell me I’d be okay on my own.
And you also told me the club was your only shot at changing your life.
I need to put food on the table every day.
I trusted you once and look where it got me.
I know our lives are totally different.
But I also know something is just the same.
We’re both living a life chosen for us.
The only way out is doing something crazy.
Or you can work for that woman for the rest of your life.
Okay then.
What are you proposing exactly? I don’t know yet.
So you’re offering me nothing.
Thanks, but I already have that.
I’ll give you half of the profit.
What do you say? Most people want to pay their debts, but you want to increase yours? You're looking for trouble, Your Highness.
I thought the advantage of doing business here was not being judged for it.
I won’t judge, but I won’t make bad business deals either.
Shorty, lend me the money and you'll be our only liquor supplier for one year.
Those jewels I'll go after them myself if your club falls short.
She's finally here! Sorry I’m late.
I had to let my boss know I quit, again.
She didn’t take it so well this time.
Sorry about that.
Have a seat.
Two glasses for this table.
Ligia, I don’t think we were properly introduced before.
- I’m Adelia.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Thank you girls for coming.
I don’t even know where to start, there's so much to say.
This place looked exactly like my parents’ house.
Thank God you finally realized that.
And Rio is most definitely not São Paulo.
There's something very special going on here.
There's bohemia, music, breeze, all mixed up.
I want this place to reflect that.
But mainly, I want the music to be more important than the drinks.
- Cheers! - Cheers! I'll leave it open.
This one too.
- To us.
- Cheers! To women.
- Hey.
- I thought you were in São Paulo.
I was but now I'm back for good.
Can I get you a drink? No.
I'm here for business.
- Here? - Yeah.
Juvenal is looking to sell the bar? Chico, I came back from São Paulo because I’m opening the club.
- That’s good news.
- Yeah.
And I'd like you to play at the opening.
Malu What does Roberto think? I don't know.
But I think there’s only one musician, who makes music so exciting, that could make the night memorable.
This guy must be good.
Just say yes and I’ll get out of your hair.
It’s just that in places like that, people don’t listen.
- They eat, yell, dance - No.
This place will be different.
I want the audience to feel what I felt when I listened to your music in that boat, for the first time.
This could be great for us.
Us? Business-wise, I mean.
Chico, I’m not taking no for an answer.
You don’t wanna see what happens when I don’t get what I want.
I can only imagine.
So, do we have a deal? I’m in your hands now.
Because I already sent the invitations to print.
Go away, Maria Luiza.
I’ve missed you.
You’re always working.
The magazine, now the club I know.
I’m sorry, babe.
Listen to this, though.
You're gonna like it.
Malu is using some of our favorite Parisian bars as inspiration.
Oh, really? I think we made out in the bathroom of every single one.
That’s exactly what I told her.
If I had known this intellectual goddess was so adventurous, I would've pretended to bump into her much sooner.
You pretended to bump into me? You never told me that.
I’m your biggest admirer, darling.
Speaking of, I’ve been catching up.
I love reading what you write, even if sometimes it’s about purses and shoes - But I gotta say, this article - Oh.
You liked it? I think it’s pretty edgy.
It’s from the girl you hired? Yeah.
We should invite her to one of our dinner parties.
She seems interesting.
Yes, she is.
I know you aren't on speaking terms with me, but I need your help.
Malu came back, she’s opening the club and making me a real partner.
Until she runs away again and leaves you in the dirt.
Can I sit with you? This time around, she had a lawyer make a real contract.
But she doesn’t know I can’t read yet.
I'm afraid she'll find out and back out.
Cap, I'm not sure an opportunity like this will come around again.
Will you please read it to me? You’re still the only person in my life I know I can trust.
"This is an agreement made between Maria Luiza Carone Furtado and Adelia Araujo, establishing a general partnership" That was good.
Thank you, Cap.
That’s all I can remember.
Do you want some coffee? I've just made it.
No, thank you.
I’m excited you agreed to play with Chico.
- Thank you.
- No need to thank me.
But I’m not here about that.
I wanted to talk to you about something else.
Face to face.
Please have a seat.
I'm just fine standing up, thank you.
I'm listening.
Adelia told me about the partnership you offered her.
And I meant it.
She’d kill me if she knew I came here, but I don’t care.
Adelia and Conceição are my family, you know that.
I just want to make sure she doesn't get into a jam.
You have my word.
But what is your word worth? It's all I have For now.
Look, Cap, I can't guarantee this will work.
But I can guarantee that whatever goes wrong for Adelia will go wrong for me too.
That's not totally true.
You have a place to go back to, don't you? - You even left once, right? - Right.
- Adelia doesn't have that.
- That's why we have a contract, - to ensure the rights - You know, I'm having a hard time understanding, Maria Luiza, why someone like you is offering partnership to someone like her.
Like her? Honest, hard-working, very smart? I'm sorry, Cap, but I don't think it's me you're suspicious of.
I just need to know what your deal is.
Everything in here is as much mine as it is Adelia's.
That's my deal.
They made him the president of the National Bank, can you believe it? Why is that bad again, honey? Just the other day he was out in the woods shooting people, and now that's the fellow in charge of their economy.
I think he’s charming.
Che Guevara? The guy's never heard of a barber.
Sometimes I think you live in a parallel universe.
- And now you listen to that music - Tonight is the opening - of Malu’s club.
- I know.
We should send her some flowers.
I’ll give you the money.
Do you really need me at this dinner party? Baby, think about it for a second.
Whose dinner party is it? - The Mayor's.
- Whenever and wherever he wants it.
We need to shine tonight! And put on your black dress.
You look amazing in it! I didn’t know you were the type to break into people’s places.
You pulled it off.
It's just not the disaster you expected it to be.
So, you went with Chico after all? Did you know the idea for this place started on your boat when I listened to Chico's music? But he hates this kind of gig, and you know it.
But I guess when you ask for things, people just do it.
You didn’t do it.
We’re not letting that go, are we? To make it up to you, I’ll tell you two things.
Don’t forget to get Chico some booze; I’ve never seen him play sober.
He probably sucks.
Two, and most important: I heard Requião is coming.
Requião? Requião, the biggest music critic in Rio.
Take good care of that guy, he has the power to turn you into a major success.
Or a huge failure.
- Pardon my French.
- Merci.
For your special night Bonsoir.
Good evening, ma'am.
Would you like a table? - Hi.
- Hey.
Here’s your contract.
It’s not signed! I was embarrassed to tell you this, but I don't want to lie to the people I love.
I can’t read.
My proposition still stands.
You really want a black, illiterate, single woman for a partner? Only if you'll take a crazy white lady who's never had a job before and can't even fry an egg as your partner.
Is it a yes or a no? - Yes.
- Yes? Yes.
Give me a hug.
I don’t even know what to wear.
We'll figure it out.
What do you think? It's beautiful! But it's yours.
Good evening.
Good evening.
Would the lady or the gentleman like something to drink? OPEN TONIGH COISA MAIS LINDA Light it up! There’s one last thing we need to do.
There’s no more money.
To build Brasília? How is that possible, Mr.
Mayor? - Our foreign debt is out of control.
- Unbelievable.
Augusto, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
But of course, this is all inside information.
No worries.
I can be very discreet, Mr.
The president is a dear friend of ours.
You’re going to love the First Lady, Sarah.
She’s funny and she hates politics as well.
Ligia actually loves politics.
Right, my love? Just this morning we were discussing Che Guevara.
I just said he's charming, that’s all.
Che Guevara, charming! A toast to our wives! - All good out here? - Yes.
This is the owner, with the American hairstyle.
What are you doing here? - Who’s watching Conceição? - She’s sleeping at Mira’s.
You are so pretty.
You look like a white rich girl.
You can still get the bus home.
I’m Malu.
One of the club’s owners.
- Nice to meet you.
- I'm Requião.
Nice to meet you.
I know who you are.
I love reading your column.
You read the last one? I've read many of them.
Why don’t you follow me and I’ll get you a nice table? Thank you, but I prefer to pay for my ticket and wait in line just like everyone else.
Have a pleasant evening.
What about that couple standing over there? They look interesting.
But him too much gel in his hair to do well in bed.
Maybe they have an arrangement.
I don’t think she’s been told.
Thereza? I didn’t know I’d find you here! Helô! This is my husband, Nelson.
- Nice to meet you.
- The famous Helô.
Nice meeting you, too.
- Do you mind if I sit here with you? - Please do! This place is so crowded! Shall we order something to drink? Let’s leave the dirty work to Brasília while we make Rio a paradise.
That’s why I want you to go to Rome, to learn what they’re doing for the Olympics next year.
We can use this in your campaign.
“A guy who knows all about infrastructure, - who knows how Europeans think!” - Maybe someday we can have the Olympics here in Rio! Can you imagine that? It wouldn't be a bad idea.
What's that about Rome? Darling, are you working on our trip? Depends on what you call work.
- I'm going to the lady’s room.
- Do you need company, dear? Not at all.
So your bold article almost got my wife fired.
Your wife really inspires me.
You should definitely come to our house, one of these nights.
We need more drinks.
Nelson, will you join me? - Sure thing.
- Excuse us.
- Excuse me.
- Did you hear what I said? I need you to switch tables.
This is reserved for the press.
Who gets the booze in here? Gotta respect your friends.
It was empty when we got here.
Oh, my goodness, look at you! You look stunning! You look great yourself.
- So beautiful! - Stop it! - You haven't met my husband yet! - No.
Hey, baby.
Adelia, this is Nelson.
Nelson, this is Adelia.
No do you know each other? How small can Rio de Janeiro be? Right.
She worked as a housekeeper at my place.
It’s been ages Such a coincidence.
How are you doing, Adelia? I’m fine.
Thereza, I'm really busy right now.
- Excuse me.
- Sure, go ahead.
Ligia, sweetheart.
No need to make a scene.
Please don't act like a child, I'll explain everything at home.
She just left.
I tried to give her this, but she never looked back.
What's with these faces, did somebody die? It's Chico Nobody knows where he is.