Most Beautiful Thing (2019) s01e05 Episode Script


1 [thud] [groaning] I know I'm late but it's all under control.
You look gorgeous, Malu.
Are you drunk? I wrote something new for your opening, "Light In Your Eyes".
You won’t go in like this.
You won't get on stage in this shape, not in my club.
Get back here, Chico! A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES ["The Girl from Ipanema" by Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes plays] It’s okay, man.
These folks are our brothers.
Let's do this.
Don't worry, Malu.
He's a drunken genius.
I want to rest In the light of your eyes While the city sleeps I don't want To think about tomorrow Or what will be of us Once the city Wakes up Days of summer Dreaming nights And the sea breeze Drifting into our home - I thought you weren't coming! - Me too.
Light in the darkness And we remain awake In the dark, warm night And we remain awake In the dark, warm night [man] Louder.
And we remain awake In the dark, warm night - [applause] - [cheering] [man] Make it louder next time! [sparse laughter] Shut up! Then sing something decent.
Chico, don't ruin everything.
It's not worth it.
- [audience gasp] - [Maria Luiza] Chico! [clattering] [Maria Luiza] I'm sorry.
- [audience booing] - Cap.
I'm sorry, he'll be right back.
Adélia, why don't we pour everyone a drink? [jazz music plays] He was disrespectful.
I was singing, and that jerk wouldn't stop waffling.
I don’t know if you’re drunk or just an asshole, but you're ruining my evening! - You wanted me to keep quiet? - I want you to get out of here.
Don't ever come back.
Malu, calm down.
Forget about that piece of shit.
Let it go.
How can I, Roberto? What am I supposed to do? You're going to get in there and put out the fire.
Got it? The jazz starts now.
[music stops] Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Good evening.
So [clears throat] Uh uh you know what I think? Every time you trust a man with a task he fucks everything up.
For starters, it was my husband's idea to open a restaurant in Rio de Janeiro.
Now picture this: A couple from São Paulo opening a restaurant in Rio.
That's right, another fuckup.
On my part, I suggested this place should have live music, which my husband didn't like at all.
Because, in my opinion, there's nothing like music to bring people together.
It has the power to awaken a memory you didn't even know you had, and it comes out so strong.
It feels so good.
Isn't it? If you know a popcorn shrimp with a side of salad that can do that, please raise your hand.
'Cause I've never seen one.
And speaking of my husband, the worst idea I've ever had was to leave him to take care of my business.
- You know what he did? - [public] What? He left.
And took all of my money with him.
Here's a word of advice, ladies: never let your husbands control your money, or your life.
Or you might end up on a stage in a club ranting to a bunch of strangers looking at you as if you were a lunatic.
My husband loves calling me crazy.
What did I do when he disappeared? I started a blaze with all the bastard’s clothes.
I almost burned the whole building down, including myself.
The only reason I didn't die was because that wonderful woman Say hello, partner.
She saved me.
Her name is Adélia.
And now we're opening our very own club tonight! [man] Oh, my God, this is so boring.
- Pardon, sir? - This talk is so boring.
how long is this going to go on for? You're right.
Adélia, could we offer that gentleman a double shot of whiskey? I'm sure we can all agree he's not having a good day.
Speaking of drinks, I have to tell you our booze is great.
Truth be told, it’s actually stolen booze.
But don't worry.
I get it straight from the dealer, who actually might be around.
[laughs] And that’s Lígia.
She’s my oldest friend.
She has the most incredible voice I've ever heard.
We would be so lucky if we could ever get her to sing for us.
Since the man who was supposed to play here tonight did what? - [women] Fucked it up.
- Fucked it up.
- [woman] C’mon, sing! - Please, sing for us.
[public] Sing! Sing! The most incredible voice in Rio de Janeiro.
Take it away, Lígia Soares! Good luck.
"É Luxo Só," in A.
You see When this mulata dances It's pure splendor When Her whole body swings It's pure splendor There's Something I can't explain That mixes things up - [applause] - [cheering] But oh, my God I'll tell you what she doesn't have And it is mercy Oh, mulata You see, this mulata - I have to go to the restroom.
Excuse me.
- Sure.
I thought he would never need to go! When her whole body swings It's pure splendor However I guess seeing you from ten to six is not enough.
Listen, you're a great woman, a talented writer.
Helô, you are amazing.
And we did have a lot of fun.
But But? But it's not only fun, is it? You got it all wrong.
I have Nelson.
I don't want to live a sham life, like you and your husband.
Nelson is my real life.
This is the sham.
[woman] Bravo! - Adélia? - Not now, Ivone.
What’s going on? Nothing.
It can't be just about that musician's tantrum.
Is something else wrong? Conceição's father is in there.
After all this time, there he is.
Adélia, can we talk? Go wait outside, please.
Are you sure? [door opens] [door closes] I know this probably isn’t the best time, - but - No time would be good.
Adélia, I just wanna say At least now I know where to return the ring.
I've kept it for all these years, can you believe that? First because I thought you’d be coming back.
Then because I knew you wouldn’t.
It wasn’t easy for me either.
You never answered my letter.
I thought you wanted to keep a distance.
What letter? What letter? You are just too drunk Wait.
What do you want from me anyway? I’m not sure.
I’m not sure.
I just had to talk to you be close to you again.
[door opens] [door closes] - [vocalizing] - [cheering] Lígia! Gorgeous! [public] Lígia! Lígia! Lígia! Lígia! Where's the girl? Is she gone? I think it wasn’t what she was expecting.
It hasn’t been anything like I expected either.
[applause continues] Wow! Bravo, Lígia.
That really was something.
Aren’t you the perfect singer? - Augusto, please - To sing in a brothel.
The perfect whore.
If you step back on that stage, you will never step into my house again.
Calm down.
I love you.
- Let's go home and talk.
- [public] One more! One more! Okay? Calm down.
Those people outside, they don’t love you.
They don’t love you, they don't know how to.
It’s just stronger than me.
I tried.
I swear I did.
[knocking at door] - Let me go! - You're not going back there! - You're not going back! - Stop! What's going on here? Leave.
Leave! Look at me.
Sit up.
Are you okay? I want to go back to the stage.
There's no use in pretending I don't want to fool you I have to tell you Goodbye You had better forget I know I must leave All we can say now is Goodbye Oh, I beg for your forgiveness But I want to remind you How beautiful it was Our thing that died Thank you.
And the beauty of our love I felt it so strong And now I feel so alone I don't want to lose it I don't want to lie about it Most Beautiful Thing I could not betray it Because, my love To me you were Like a sunny day [sighs] [muffled applause] Oh, thank you.
I have to go, drank too much.
This was never a problem for you, Nelson.
The whiskey is strong here.
I see.
I'll stay a little longer, okay? For Malu.
[Maria Luiza] We're almost down to the last table.
Let's have a shot, we deserve it.
[Adélia] Please! I really need this.
Listen I never knew you were so funny.
- Me neither! - [Adélia laughs] I never knew a little self-deprecation would sell so much booze.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- You did it! - No.
We did it.
- I told you so.
- You did.
Give me a minute.
Requião! Requião, it’s on the house.
I insist.
This is not how things work, sweetie.
Not with me, anyway.
Good night.
But did you enjoy the night? Oh.
, it was definitely intense.
- Requião, man.
- Roberto, it was good seeing you.
- Thank you and good night.
- Always so elegant, Requião.
- Oh, please.
- Nice suit.
His face told me he had a good time.
- He's tough.
- That he is.
But I had a great time.
- Really? - Really.
I owe you one.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Actually I owe you two! It's yours For good luck.
I'm leaving.
- Do you need anything? - No, I'm good.
- No? - Maybe a ride? - Aren't you funny? - [Roberto] Yes? - Are you sure? - Absolutely.
Goodbye, then.
Bye, Roberto.
- Bye, Malu.
- Bye.
Seriously, thank you.
[Adélia] You were great.
- Well done.
- Much obliged.
You know we see everything from the stage, right? What are you talking about? It's him, right? The man deserves to know.
We all deserve to know the truth.
- I’ll help you with that.
- No, I got it.
Adélia Now, I know you worked for Nelson’s lazy family, but I’m not like them.
Finally! Let’s celebrate the night! Lígia, you were amazing.
- Lígia, you don't need - It’s okay.
[gasps] What's this? This is me.
And Augusto.
We had a heated discussion.
Words don’t leave marks like that.
Augusto is just very stressed right now about the campaign I never liked that prick, Lígia.
- We have to do something about this.
- No, I won't mess up my marriage.
He didn’t mean to hurt me.
- He didn't mean it.
- Of course he did.
[Adélia] It can get worse for her if she reacts.
Adélia has a point, Thereza.
- If we try - No, no! This is unacceptable! I’m telling Nelson - and - You're not telling anyone! You have to respect me, Thereza.
I’m telling you because I trust you, but I don't want anyone to know.
Promise you will keep this between us.
Augusto is a public person, he’s running for Mayor.
Wait, you’re worried about him? It’s his dream, Thereza.
And I love him.
Oh, my God.
Don’t ever say that again.
It just drives me crazy.
Son of a bitch.
Do you want to sleep at my place? - Nelson will keep this a secre - They are brothers, Thereza! I'm sorry.
[sobbing] I’ll just go to a hotel.
There's no way.
Look you stay here with me.
We will sleep together.
It will be like old times.
Remember? What do you say? Look! With three pillows as you used to do when we were teens.
- You have such a good memory.
- Right.
And that's why my marriage didn't work.
Believe it or not, I read somewhere that short memory is the secret to happiness.
[chuckles] I think my marriage is really over.
Maybe that isn't such a bad thing.
[Ivone] Conceição is asleep.
Feel like talking? - The club is really something.
- [scoffs] No.
I mean it.
Different from anything I've seen.
I’m really proud of you.
Mom would be too.
[sniffles] Who knows? Maybe one day I could even work there with you.
You can barely tolerate me as your older sister.
[chuckles, sniffles] I thought I would never see him again.
You wanted to though, didn't you? I did.
For the longest time, I waited for it.
But when I saw him there today, all this anger came rushing back.
[voice breaking] I went over our story in my mind.
What about the love? He's Thereza's husband now.
Cap saw me with him.
I don’t think he’s ever going to talk to me again.
Does he know Nelson is the father Don't ever repeat that story in this house, ever again.
Why don't you go rest? Tomorrow is a brand-new day.
[birds calling] [muffled rattling] Oh, my God did last night really happen? I couldn’t sleep, too much on my mind.
How about you? Do you feel better? Thank you.
- Morning.
- [Maria Luiza] Morning.
Hot coffee coming up! Guess how many bottles of beer we sold last night.
Just 176! Not to mention 48 cigarette packs.
I could easily take all this money and bet on horses.
What do you think? Sounds good.
You're way too depressed for my liking.
But that's okay.
I know exactly what we need.
[Nelson retching] Gosh, what a hangover.
I've never seen you like that.
Thereza, I have to tell you something.
Look at him go! [Maria Luiza] Let me straighten out this beach wrap.
Sandstorm! Sorry, sorry! [Maria Luiza] I wanted to see Lígia smile, I love her teeth.
- [indistinct conversation] - [laughter] [Adélia] He's a good player, though.
Was it serious? What happened to our “no jealousy” agreement? Probably forgotten in the same box of our “no secrets” agreement? I was single at that time.
And I’m telling you now.
- I’m sorry.
- Don't worry.
You need to get ready.
Go get ready, we have that diplomatic fundraiser at the Country Club.
- [Nelson moans] - I know.
What can we do, my love? The world needs wonderful examples like us.
Malu was right.
She said your voice was unforgettable.
I'm still playing your performance in my mind.
Thank you.
Means a lot coming from you.
I bet soon you won’t be so complimentary.
- Why? - I know.
Success is a taste you won't change for any other, Lígia.
I'm not like that.
Every artist is.
That's what keeps an artist going.
Are you saying I'm an artist? You should get used to it.
[man speaking in French] [in French] Our rich people prefer to give money to more noble causes, like building a new house at the beach.
- [laughter] - It's true.
- It is.
- Hello.
Nice to meet you.
As we were saying, it takes a strong stomach to face the Brazilian elite.
[chuckles] - What did she say? - [Nelson] She's teasing you.
Unfortunately, we still have a lot of ignorant people with power.
If you want to send a message, sister-in-law, say it in my face.
[Augusto chuckles] You should be very ashamed of yourself.
- Come with me - Perfect.
Hurt me like you did to Lígia.
I bet this is the kind of behavior your sponsors expect from their next mayor.
You think I’m afraid of those people? [Nelson] Excuse us.
What the hell is this, Augusto? What do you want? Did you hit Lígia? You’re such a good boy, aren’t you, Nelson? You hit your wife, man.
[scoffs] You know who I am.
Do I? What's going on with you? I brought a toy with me.
Isn't it beautiful? - [man] No way! - I bought it in the U.
- Can you use it? - Of course.
[inaudible] Wait.
Gorgeous! Show me your smile.
[Chico] Taken any good pictures? Really? Is that all you've got to say to me? I'm sorry.
I keep destroying the good things in my life over and over.
It was my life this time.
I feel like shit.
If that helps.
It doesn’t.
But you know what the sad part is? I know you’re better than this.
At least I picked the right color.
You look beautiful in blue.
[Lígia] "Chico is the new genius in town.
His music is a wonderful slow jazz mixed with samba.
Can you imagine a sophisticated sound that you can sing along to? This young man is about to change the history of music.
Mark my words: he's got a bright future ahead of him.
" Okay, clearly he was at a different show.
- "About Lígia Soares.
" - [squealing] "There's not much to be said.
A somewhat vulgar lady, with no charisma to speak of, but who owns an impressive pair of legs, the only thing actually worth mentioning.
" "The club itself could be anything but what the name suggests.
A dirty little dump, way too dark.
Anyone is welcome in there and, believe me, that's not a good thing.
The owner.
Maria Luisa Carone Furtado, comes from São Paulo, the daughter of a coffee farmer.
A farm girl herself.
She clearly gets her taste from charmless São Paulo.
This girl has no idea what she’s doing.
Word of advice: Stay away from this place.
" My name's spelled with a Z, to begin with.
And who cares if my father is a farmer? No! No one's reading this anymore.
"New genius in town" CONGRATULATIONS! LOVE, ROBERTO Thank you again for everything.
For the flowers too, they're lovely.
I didn't know your favorite color so I covered the whole palette.
My pleasure, milady.
You're such a stuck-up carioca.
"Stuck-up carioca"? That's so redundant.
[Roberto laughs] You are a lot like me.
We see the beauty of the simple things, but we like the sophisticated ones.
Do you think that critic made me sound stupid? I would never use that word to describe you.
The guy is a frustrated musician, forget about him.
Plus, I see his point.
Oh, you do? Talk me through it.
Chico is bright.
Even with that girlie punch, he's an exceptional artist.
Everybody knows that.
Lígia's great, she's very talented.
But she has no experience, and he would never compliment a beginner.
And you What about me? You, Malu, are an enigma.
When we first met I also didn’t get you.
What’s so hard to get? I don't know You came to my office asking for my business, so clueless about it all.
With your stuck-up São Paulo accent.
My accent, Roberto? I don't have an accent.
Your accent is music to my ears, I could listen to it for hours.
Jesus! Malu, you've done something that no man in Rio had the guts to do.
Understand? You improvised in a way only a few could've done.
Understand? Just don’t expect everyone will applaud you all the time.
- Life's not like that.
- [sighs] But the club will be a hit, I'm sure of that.
And I’ll send you more of my talents.
What do you say? - You know what I think? - What? I think we shouldn't mix things up.
Cariocas are the best at mixing things up, Malu.
[Maria Luiza chuckles] Good night, Roberto.
[Conceição] Ah, okay.
[Conceição murmuring] We are victims, man.
We are a product of those crazy people who happened to have kids.
I found out early they were terrible parents and I gave up.
You didn't.
You spent your life trying to make them love you.
You wasted your time.
They hated themselves too much to love anyone.
Is that supposed to cheer me up? No.
It’s supposed to set you free, Guto.
You don't have to repeat what they did, man.
Yes, you've made some terrible mistakes.
But there is still time to change.
Lígia can still forgive you at this point.
Even I can forgive you.
What? When Mom sent me to France to break me apart from Adélia, I wrote Adélia a letter and asked you to give it to her.
- What did you do with it? - I saved your life.
Bro, that’s what I did.
It wasn’t your decision to make.
Where would you be now? Married to a black woman? Living in a slum up the hill? Look at you! You should be thanking me.
You never had a firm hand, Neno.
What? Fuck you, Guto.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Fuck you! Fuck you.
Fuck you! Fuck you.
You're angry because you know it's true, you piece of shit! [type writer key clacking] Excuse me.
I believe this is my desk.
They left this for you.
"OVEN & STOVE" EMPLOYMENT RECORD What does that mean? They didn’t tell you the good news? You've been promoted.
To “Oven & Stove” staff writer.
That's our cooking magazine.
It’s three floors down.
I can help you take your things there.
- “Oven & Stove”? Really? - It’s very popular.
- So is the obituary section.
- It has more readers than Angela.
- You're afraid of having me around.
- Great for your resume.
- I’m sure you will adapt fast.
- Will you look me in the eye? I even got you a raise.
Congratulations, Thereza, you’ve finally become one of them.
I've been swimming a lot in the ocean.
I'm sending you a photo of our beach.
Too much? This will set tongues wagging.
But yes, I love it.
This is how I pictured it, Thereza.
- Let me see.
- For the ad.
"Coisa Mais Linda: The home of bossa nova in Rio de Janeiro, where everything gets mixed up.
" This may have consequences you can't even imagine.
Of course I can.
[Maria Luiza laughs] Okay.
- Caio! - [Caio] Yes.
Come here, please.
Help me here.
Let’s print this in the next issue, double page.
Is Mr.
Paulo Sérgio aware of this, Mrs.
Thereza? I’m making the call.
Oh! Look! Take a look at this.
Isn’t this Augusto’s wife? COISA MAIS LINDA THE HOME OF BOSSA NOVA IN RIO DE JANEIRO [phone rings] - Hello? - [Mayor] Augusto? Good morning, Mr.
Have you seen the latest issue of the Angela magazine? No.
[line disconnects] Bonjour! Wake up, sleeping beauty! - Look who’s famous now! - Hmm? You.
Wow! You're so photogenic, - Lígia that - What kind of joke is this? Lígia, I [door opens] [door slams shut] [footsteps] Is Thereza home? Come in.
[Adélia] Excuse me.
[door closes] I need to talk to both of you, Nelson.
No more lies.
She She’s at the magazine.
- I’ll come back.
- No, wait! ["Magrelinha" by Luiz Melodia plays]