Most Beautiful Thing (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Letting Go

a round of applause to Cap & the Bossa Soldiers! I just wanted to talk to you about something that's been rattling around in my head.
A certain gentleman wrote that I made a faux pas, that I got it all mixed up.
According to him, samba belongs to the hills, and a club like this should only play jazz.
I'm used to it by now, though.
After all, like a good girl from São Paulo, not as cool and laid-back as you I make an average of three faux pas in Rio every day.
Therefore, Mr.
Critic, here, in this club, we do mix all kinds of music and all kinds of people! And you know what else we mix? All kinds of drinks! Two for one tonight! A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES SHORTY - Dad? - Yes? I want to catch Carlinhos before he goes to sleep.
It’s late, Maria Luiza.
I know, but he wasn't home the last few times I called.
What the hell was that photo at Angela magazine all about? Oh, you saw the ad.
Well I know it was a bit bold, but the club has been packed every night, - Dad.
- I’m ashamed.
I thought you would be proud.
Your son lost a father.
Be the mother and respectable woman he needs you to be! That’s exactly what I’m trying to be.
I just got a new apartment For us.
Perez! Where were you last week? You missed some good shows! I had to finish my play, I think you’ll love this one.
I'm sure I will.
Let me introduce you to my friends.
Oscar, a remarkable architect.
Hello, how are you? This is Frederico, a judge.
This is the famous Malu.
Please, sirs, consider this your table for good.
Hey, Vinicius, please send a bottle of our best whisky to that table.
My tab.
I can get it.
Thank you.
You’re doing a good job, Ivone.
Thank you for giving me this job.
I like it here, except the cleaning part.
It’s called “paying your dues”, young lady.
Could you please handle closing tonight without me? - No problem.
- Thank you.
Wait I can’t wait, not ever again.
There’s something I need to tell you first.
It’s the reason I looked for you that day.
We have a daughter.
Do you hear me? We have a daughter.
A daughter? And you’re just telling me this like it's no big deal? Were you planning to hide this - from me all my life? - I didn't, Nelson.
You were the one who ran away, Nelson.
I was there the day you left, to tell you.
You always hid me because you were afraid of your family.
If you want to blame anyone, blame yourself.
This will destroy Thereza.
I know, that's why we gotta talk to her.
You don't know how difficult this will be for me.
Difficult for you? And for me? And for Conceição? Conceição I used to think she looks like you.
But maybe it was because I thought of you every time I looked at her.
You haven’t told anyone, have you? I see it now.
How could I believe you’d have the strength to be with me? Then and now.
That’s just not you.
That’s never been you.
- Don’t judge me.
- I am not! - You are! - I am not judging you.
You don’t know! You don’t know what Thereza and I have been through.
It’s really painful to realize you’re not the man I’ve been waiting for.
It hurts, but I’m relieved.
The spell is broken.
Thereza, isn’t it a bit too early for you to start drinking? No.
Actually, I’m celebrating! I have news.
Thereza, I’m sorry to bother you but I have to ask your friends to leave.
There must be a mistake.
As you know, ma'am, this is a respectable place and they are not welcome.
I'm sorry.
- They’re my friends - I’m a member here too.
- Exactly.
- I must insist.
You know our internal rules, - we have strict moral standards - Moral standards? What do you know - about our morals? - Thereza, please, - don’t embarrass me - But Ligia - any more than I already am.
- This is ridiculous.
That’s how Rio's court works, Malu.
This city is not a court.
And it's about to lose its post as capital of Brazil.
I can’t believe this.
What do you expect after exposing me like that in your ad? Ligia, you've always wanted to be a singer.
How, if I’m not even allowed in places like this anymore? - You don’t need this place.
- Yeah, right! I’ll be very happy singing in steakhouses for the rest of my life! And Thereza, you almost lost your job because of that ad! "Almost.
" Well said.
But the number of readers practically doubled after I started publishing what I wanted.
I was just about to tell you girls: I got promoted.
I'm now the editor-in-chief at the magazine.
See, Ligia? Just stay true to yourself and good things will happen.
Those decisions were mine to take! I was trying to help you.
Helping yourself, and that club of yours, trying to prove yourself to your father.
You did it, congratulations.
- Okay, Ligia.
- But I'm the one paying the price.
I did it for myself.
Since you'd prefer to live that wonderful - life of yours - What? - Malu, stop! - singing in the only place you were allowed to: the shower.
I’m sorry.
I didn't mean it.
Not everyone can carry the same loads you do, Malu.
Ligia! Ligia! OPEN TONIGH COISA MAIS LINDA Malu? Why are you here, Chico? I was wondering if you’d go somewhere with me tomorrow.
What for? I want to apologize.
I’ve already heard your apology.
But you haven’t heard the truth.
I'm listening.
On the opening night, I I couldn’t handle it.
Being in public is hard for me.
Facing people scares me.
And whiskey gives you courage.
At least it covers up my fear.
- Want some coffee? - No.
That's why I was gone for a while.
I went home to compose.
Home? A small village, not too far from here.
I like to work there, it helps me create.
Good for you.
I made this you this.
- Really? - Really.
Do you think a song solves the mess you made? It doesn’t.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot to do here.
Okay, I'll see you around then.
See you.
A father? Thereza, you talk like I knew I had a daughter and was hiding it from you.
But you did hide things from me! Since you love to brag about all women you slept with, why didn't you tell me about Adelia? That’d make quite a story, the house maid.
But for some reason you chose to protect it.
I'm no fool! I saw the way you looked at each other that night.
It caught me by surprise! And now you tell me you're a father.
I was digesting it.
I didn't know how you'd react.
I’ll never be able to give you a child, Nelson.
And you know that.
When I get back, I want you gone.
Thereza, please, - this is way in the past.
- I mean it! I need to go to work.
You ruined my first day as editor-in-chief.
Don't say that.
I want you out of this house, Nelson.
Are you okay? I tried my best not to listen, but I ended up Thereza! - This was his.
- Whose? I lost a son, Ligia.
Everything was ready: his clothes, his room, a beautiful crib That’s why we came back to Brazil.
To overcome it.
I’m so sorry.
And now I learn he has a child, with Adelia.
Adelia? - She’s the one - You knew? Only that he moved to Paris because of his affair with a maid.
I didn’t know it was Adelia.
You know I don’t even care about all that, but a child? That, I don’t think I can ever get past.
Nelson loves you very much, that doesn’t change anything A child changes everything! I’m sorry.
What is it? I'll tell you some other time.
It’s okay.
You can tell me anything.
I’ve just told you my deepest secret.
I’m pregnant.
Well, this is wonderful news! This is what you wanted, right? No.
I can’t have a child with Augusto now.
I want a career! You can still have it.
Thereza, you and I both know a woman can’t have children and a career.
I need your help.
I don't want to have this baby.
I just can't.
I’m sorry, Ligia.
I can’t.
What do you mean? You, with all your feminist agenda and women’s rights.
Is it all a lie? Of course not.
But I can’t help my sister-in-law give up something I so desperately want and can’t have.
I think you would be making a mistake.
Wait a minute.
Take this.
I can’t bear to throw it away, but it’s also too painful for me to keep.
I have to get to the magazine.
I’ll probably be late.
We can’t have the boss looking like this.
Come in.
I see you fired Gustavo.
He’s the third man you let go for no reason.
Do you miss Paulo Sérgio? I'm the boss now.
A woman’s magazine should be made by women.
I moved you back here.
What are you complaining about? Now, please no more interruptions, I need to write.
Are you okay? Why wouldn’t I be? "What does it mean to be a woman these days? We are expected to be strong but demure, educated but not opinionated, and above all beautiful.
Isn’t it time to have an honest conversation with one another, to open up and admit that behind our perfect make-up, coiffed hair, and beautiful dresses, some days can be really hard for us?" You suddenly came Like a dive in the ocean With your different colors I couldn't help but to fall in love I'd go anywhere with you I would I'd go anywhere with you I would Thank you for that.
Thank you for agreeing to come with me.
Shall we? - Yes.
- Let's swim together.
Let's swim together.
Are you okay? More than okay, just a little cold.
Do you want to go back? Come with me.
I just got the key.
- Isn’t it awesome? - Fantastic, Malu.
Carlinhos will love it! Look at this view You haven't seen the best part yet.
A brand-new Motorola.
I negotiated for the last tenant to leave it, records too.
- You like it? - Very much.
I'd go anywhere with you Anywhere I could listen to you play every day, Chico.
Did you know that? The whole world should hear your music, not just Brazil.
I mean it.
I have an idea, hold this.
Play along.
George Gauss.
He’s on tour in Buenos Aires.
- Really? - Do you know his story? He was born in the States.
He started touring with some of the biggest jazz bands of the U.
at age 12, 13.
He's a legend.
He invented his own way of playing.
Like you.
Wait! Maria Luiza! You can't just barge in every time you come here! If he complains to you, tell him to come to me.
Roberto, I had an amazing idea! Don't worry, Carla.
You can go.
Good day to you too.
I was listening to George Gauss live.
What if we send him some of Chico’s recordings, and see if he’ll come play in Brazil? Great? I’d say average.
Something to begin with.
- And how would we do that? - He's spending Christmas in Buenos Aires.
Let's bring him here for New Year’s Eve.
Here in Rio? A New Year’s Eve party at Coisa Mais Linda.
What’s in it for me? A record, that I get a cut of.
And I get a cut of the tickets.
George Gauss and Chico Carvalho on the same stage Sounds good.
I know a guy at his record company, in New York.
- I can make a call.
- Deal? Deal.
How about we go talk about it over drinks on my boat? I’m with Chico now.
So I've heard.
Who do you think produced the song? Nice play on his part.
I don’t know what I did wrong with you two.
You both chose your wives poorly.
They were not even able to give me grandchildren.
And now, two divorces We’re not divorcing, Mom.
There’s something I need to tell you.
Nelson, pull yourself together.
I know you’re sentimental, but my God, not in public.
I just found out I have a daughter.
With whom? She’s eight years old.
Oh, my God! I can't believe this You brought a mulatto child into this family.
And she is asking for hush money now, I assume? What? No, Mom.
She hasn’t asked for a thing.
She won’t.
Have you met this child? - No, not yet.
- Good.
Now, don’t ever speak of this again, do you understand me? Your brother’s campaign is everything, and you’re not going to ruin it.
For God's sake, am I the only one who cares about our family's reputation? You stay away from her and that illegitimate child.
Who knows if she really is your child.
Do I make myself clear? The pie was absolutely divine! Mrs.
Eleonora, I’m sorry, but I can't put this meal on your family tab today.
What do you mean? I didn’t even bring a wallet! It seems like your payments to the club are delayed.
I’m sure it’s a misunderstanding.
Should I call the office? No need, my son can pay for it.
Excuse me.
What was that all about? It’ll all go away when your brother is elected mayor.
You see how my grandson's situation is delicate, Waltinho? Without a proper home and a husband, she will lose Carlinhos’ guardianship and you’ll be his new legal guardian.
What do you mean “guardianship”? Carlinhos is coming to Rio next week.
He’s trying to prove you’re an unfit mother.
Why is Dad doing that? Your father loves you, but he doesn't approve of your new life.
I just wanted to let you know what’s going on here.
Didn't you say I could count on you? We'll find a way.
I cannot believe this.
Mother, for the love of God, bring my son to me.
I need to go.
They are coming out of the office.
Well, he’s going to try to prove you have an unsavory lifestyle.
But I have a proper apartment now, I'm making money.
I’m a business owner.
You own a club, a very liberal one at that.
Are you involved with anyone? There are some rumors about you and that musician.
Is that relevant? Absolutely.
My husband left me and stole everything, and then my father cut me off.
The two of us have done all of this on our own! Did you leave your son in São Paulo? How long did you abandon him for? More than a month? Two? Longer, maybe I did not abandon my son.
Malu, I’m not judging you.
I’m simply pointing out how the court will see this.
Thank you, sir.
Don't worry.
Adelia, if I need to choose between our club and my son, I will choose my son.
Go get some rest.
I’ll be the hostess tonight.
Where does your eye go immediately when you look at this page? We first look here! So why is the headline over there? Answer.
Get out of here.
I’ll do it myself.
Beat it! I can't take this anymore.
What was that? Why are they so incompetent? They’re not.
It is your working style that is shitty.
I’m still your boss, Helô.
I know, and that's the issue.
You should be leading us, not crushing us What’s going on with you? You’re not yourself.
We always say we want to work like men, so we have no business complaining like little girls now.
Work is work.
Nightmares again? Real life, Chico.
I think I need some time alone.
My father is threatening to take Carlinhos from me.
And the judge said that our relationship could influence the custody decision.
Nobody in the world matters more to me than that little guy.
If it was any other way, I wouldn't have fallen in love with you.
You don’t want me to stay with you tonight? It’s better if you go.
I'm here for you.
Take care.
Thank you, have a good night.
I only came to hand you these, the divorce papers.
Augusto is busy in Italy with the Mayor, so I’m handling matters for him.
We want you out of this family as quickly as possible.
I did nothing but love your son unconditionally, even when Frankly, even when he was unlovable, and this is how you thank me? What do I have to thank you for? For the humiliation, the shame you caused us? Is this what Augusto wants? I thought you’d be pleased, you’d be free to live this - dream life you chose.
- I don't expect you to understand - my choice.
- Understand what? That you think this is more important than your family’s reputation? You mean “your family,” right?! I’m surprised by you, Ligia.
I would expect this kind of behavior from Thereza, but not you.
I always thought you were the good one.
I left our home because your son was beating me.
You say that as if you hadn't given him reasons.
That’s marriage: Men have their bad days, and we must be there for them.
Nelson? - Where is she? - In her office.
I don't know what's happening, but she is not well.
I’m very worried.
She's got a lot going on right now.
I'm sorry for that.
I didn't mean to cause trouble.
I've always admired your marriage.
Excuse me.
Baby? I came here because I feel we can still fix this.
You lied to me.
Whatever happened to never lying to each other? We lied to each other, right? I just found out about your affair with your secretary.
She's a reporter.
But that's not important.
I feel like we’re living separate lives now.
I wish we had a child.
I wish we were still in Paris.
I wish we hadn't had sex with so many different people.
It’s so overrated.
Maybe once or twice it was worth it What now? You have a daughter.
The only real problem, Thereza, is if you don’t love me anymore.
I love you so much I kicked a desk earlier.
- Really? - I kicked a desk earlier, yes.
Can we go home, Mrs.
Editor-in-chief? Ligia? What's wrong? I need you.
Ligia, drink some water.
Thank you.
Can you guys believe that, before Eleonora showed up today, I actually thought about going back to Augusto? Ligia, if you ask me, I'll say it would be a mistake.
I’m pregnant.
Does Augusto know? I can’t do this alone.
You’re not alone.
And I do think you would make a very good mother.
Most women would say I’m mad, walking away from a rich husband, a chance to have a family, for what? To live the life you've chosen for yourself.
And we were never like most women.
And we’ve always known that.
I can't have this baby.
Help me.
Look at me.
This is your choice to make, and yours only.
We'll be here for you.
I’ve made my decision.
I'm moving on with my life.
Do you think you’ll be able to forgive me someday? I have nothing to forgive you, Adelia.
People forgive what they don’t understand.
I do understand you.
I think my great love has always been right here in front of me.
I want a life with you, Cap.
Will you marry me? Don't laugh at me, I'm serious.
Will you marry me? She’s not here, ma'am.
She told me to give you this.
I just want to say goodbye to her.
And kick this woman out of my apartment.