Most Beautiful Thing (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Ghosts of Past Christmas

1 Stay with me! Stay with me! Look at me! What have you done? A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES - Ligia, wait.
- What are you doing here? I thought you were in Italy.
It wasn’t the same without you.
I’m so sorry for what happened that night.
Which one? - I’ve heard this so many times - No.
- I don't know which one.
- No, it's different now.
Look Merry Christmas.
I don’t want your gifts anymore.
It’s not for you.
Open it.
I don’t get it.
Finest Italian leather.
I went all over Rome to find them.
You would have liked the place.
It was very fancy.
I don’t know where you got that idea.
And in case you forgot, you divorced me.
I didn’t divorce you, Ligia.
I love you.
You love me? Your mother gave me the divorce papers.
And I signed them.
Isn't that what you wanted? But my mother told me you were pregnant.
It’s why I came home early.
Your mother? The two of you deserve each other.
Ligia, wait! Mommy! Baby, I've missed you! Let me take a good look at you.
You've grown so much! Did you travel with grandma? Thank you, Mom.
I promised we'd swim in the ocean, didn't I? I did, didn't I? It's a race to see who gets to the water first! Come back here! Carlinhos wins! Excuse me.
Are you Ester, Malu's mother? - I'm Adelia.
Nice to meet you.
- Are you the nanny? No, I'm not a nanny.
I'm your daughter's partner at the club.
- Partner? - Yes, we own Coisa Mais Linda together.
This is my daughter, Conceição.
Say hello.
- Hi.
- Hello.
You know that today I talked with my husband, and for the first time in 40 years I said to him that he was wrong and that he was a stubborn man.
Things are really changing.
Nice to meet you.
Let's take a swim.
Come on.
Oh, Maria Luiza I know your son is here now, and he's your world but I was thinking what if I traded in this Bohemian life to try to fit into yours? Do you think you could do that? I’m not going to start wearing a suit and sitting at a desk, but a proper bed is probably a step in the right direction.
Well, I've just purchased a really nice couch, much firmer than Thereza’s.
If you're up to it.
You can’t keep her from me, it’s not fair.
Don’t get me started on fair, Nelson.
Please I'm moving back to Paris.
Just like before.
I need to meet my daughter before I go.
And I’d like to help provide for her.
I don't need your help.
I’ve been providing for her for my whole life.
We're doing quite well, thank you.
I know.
Please give me the chance to see her.
To look at her.
Just once.
Please, Adelia.
He said what to you? He just wants to see her.
No such thing, Adelia.
I’ve been more of a father to her than he'll ever be.
I’m your future husband, He cannot disrespect me, - he has no right.
- I said, no.
But the whole thing has me spiraling a bit.
I lied to you for so long and I know I hurt you, - but I want to do the right thing.
- I won’t allow it.
- What now? - I won't allow it.
I’m not marrying you to control me and tell me what I can and cannot do.
That I won’t allow.
Listen I finally have my family together.
- I won’t let anything threaten that.
- No threat here.
Nothing changes.
You’ll still be her father.
He just wants to see her from a distance.
They’re leaving the country.
We’re never going to see Nelson and Thereza again.
Let me do the right thing.
I don’t want her to find out the truth in ten years and hate me.
- We’re protecting her! - Keep it down! We're not protecting her, we're lying to her.
Merry Christmas! Place the presents under the tree.
Make yourself at home, please.
Merry Christmas! I'm excited about Paris.
It will be the perfect place to write my book.
I have to admit, it feels nice to be back in your arms.
I agree.
I think it will be good for us too, to go back to the beginning.
Thereza you know there is a ghost waiting for us there.
There are ghosts for us here now, too.
No, Adelia is just the past.
We will have to live with Matheus’ memory there.
Do you think you can do it? It’s time for us to finally talk about him, Thereza.
We have both been hiding things, and it all came to light suddenly.
Maybe it will be good to go back.
Maybe we can adopt a little French girl? Mr.
Ademar a package for you, sir.
Thank you, Lourdes.
This is the first payment for the loan you gave me.
Thank you.
I'm giving you back your pen in the hope that you'll use it to write me an apology letter.
Whenever you're ready.
Merry Christmas, Dad.
- Hello? - Maria Luiza? - Who's this? - Already forgot your husband's voice? Who was it? No one.
Malu, what's wrong? Everything's fine.
I think I have to leave Rio, Malu.
- Now, that you're becoming popular? - I don't need Rio to build a career.
But Rio de Janeiro is bossa nova.
Rio is also Augusto.
It’s a big town.
You of all people now know just how small it is.
He's here.
I'd do anything To see you I'd leave anything behind To see you Whatever it takes to see you Wherever it is to meet you I have to admit, this was a genius idea.
I learned from some of the best.
Where and when We are meeting And I'll leave anything behind Silly me, this is how I feel When we're meeting He likes your friend.
I think she liked him first.
Lucky them.
Lucky them.
I think George will go crazy for this dress.
What was he like? He asked me to dinner today, but I said no.
Why?! I have a feeling every woman he’s ever asked out said yes.
But I’m not every woman.
Well, you’re not.
Flowers for you, ma'am.
- Well, well, well.
- Thank you.
Speaking of the devil I bet these are from him.
What’s the matter? "I'll never forgive myself.
" I’m sure that’s true.
Does he know he's going to be a father? He's not.
Daddy! I was thinking we could come to the beach more often.
You like the beach, huh? Yes.
You sure you want to do this? He just wants to see her once before he goes away.
Thank you for understanding.
Look, darling.
Come on! I've just taught you how to play and you've beaten me twice.
- Thank God there was no money involved.
- I want the money! No! No gambling in this house! No gambling, but you just gave me an idea.
You can be my lucky charm to catch the Big One.
What is the Big One? It's a giant fish that lives in Búzios.
I've been trying to catch it since I was your age, but I never managed it, because it is magic.
It hides underneath Iemanjá's dress.
It is impossible to catch the Big One.
I can catch it.
Oh, let's go, then! Are you coming to Búzios with me? He who catches the Big One becomes the king of the sea.
You know what you must do before you become the king of the sea? Take a shower, you smelly little fish! Run to the shower! Run to the shower, I'll follow you! Run! Are you serious? Sure.
My dad would love to know him.
And you, too.
George made me a proposition today after the rehearsal.
He wants me to go on tour with him in the U.
, straight after our show, first stop New York.
Wow How long? A year, maybe a while longer.
That’s incredible, Chico.
It's wonderful.
I told him no.
Are you crazy? Why would you do that? I’m right where I want to be.
- See that man over at table seven? - That one? Yeah.
That’s the city official.
Make sure the whiskey keeps flowing.
We’re going to be well over capacity tonight.
Happy New Year! Careful with my hair! Adelia Requião I thought I had read that you'd never set foot in here again.
It seems you've found some interesting attractions.
Maybe now you'll write the truth about us.
Two more, please.
What a beautiful sight, Maria Luiza.
Full house! Alligator, pour this guy some whiskey, please.
I want the good stuff, not the crap you've been selling.
Hey, we're having a talk about that.
So we are.
- I need to talk to you.
- Me too.
I have never seen you so happy.
He asked me to go to New York with him and sing on tour.
And I said yes! Funny, your lipstick seems to have gotten smudged with the acceptance.
A gin and tonic for the captain.
Dad? I tried to write.
I must have crossed out 100 sentences asking for forgiveness, but I couldn't.
Then I decided “I’m sorry” was better said in person.
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
Thank you for coming, Dad.
This is really what you want to do with your life? This nightclu No, music club! This “music club” is what makes you happy? Yes.
And where's that scoundrel of a son-in-law? I don't know, and I couldn't care less.
Now follow me.
I've reserved our best table for you.
- My darlings! Good evening to you.
- Good evening! Tonight is the end of the fucking decade! Sorry, Dad.
Welcome to the most interesting club in Rio de Janeiro.
One of the reasons we’re all here tonight is because of a voice.
But I'm not talking about the crazy one inside my head telling me to open this club, which some of you are familiar with.
I'm talking about a man's voice.
Chico Carvalho, everyone! I now proudly present to you the other reason we're all gathered here, and it's a huge one.
The greatest saxophonist of our time Hold it, Cap.
I'd also like to say: tonight is a dream come true.
A very old dream.
So, ladies, I'd also like to give you another piece of advice.
Always hear the voice living inside your heads.
Always! By the way, mine is telling me now, "Maria Luiza, quit talking and let the musicians play.
" So, I'd like to present to you these two musical legends playing together, here on our very own stage at Coisa Mais Linda, so we can set foot in 1960 together, Chico Carvalho and George Gauss! I came here to see the ocean Rio, you can't forget your sight Nor your memory I came here just to see you You smiled at me I want to and know will love you until the end What is it? Are you okay? - I met her yesterday, Thereza.
- Who? I saw Conceição.
I'm sorry.
I didn’t want to tell you because I knew it'd be hard for you.
I thought a lot about it.
And running away again will only make me a coward.
I love you.
But I can’t do that.
Not this time.
She’s my blood.
Can't we give her a better life? But what about our life? Paris is a new beginning for us, and a chance for us to start our family, remember? I know, but I can’t.
Is that your choice? I’m choosing my daughter.
I want to be part of her life.
Can we be part of it together? I’m going to Paris.
Thereza, just think about it.
Come with me I want to be happy I want you by my side.
And love you And love you And love you And love you Thank you very much.
LOTS OF BOSSA IN 1960 Hi, Mom.
What’s that? I wasn’t wrong.
I hired a detective to keep tabs on Ligia while you were in Italy.
She was pregnant.
And she had an abortion.
That whore should go to jail.
This bitch won’t ruin your campaign, Augusto.
You’ll just distance yourself from her.
There is no more campaign! The party named another successor.
It will be announced in the papers tomorrow.
What? I don’t understand.
The mayor said our family is a liability and he needs to distance himself from our name.
It’s a misunderstanding.
No There must be an easy way to fix this all, Augusto Mother, stop! It’s over.
It's over.
That's enough.
It’s all over.
What do you mean, it's over? If this is over, we are over! Augusto, we’ll be financially ruined! My life is already ruined without Ligia! My life! Augusto, you are a very stupid boy! You let a whore into our family, and now you'll allow her to destroy our lives! I always thought you were the strong one.
Your father is probably turning over in his grave.
Don’t mention Dad! - Don’t say such a thing! - It’s true! He can't be too disappointed, though.
He never thought you had potential.
It was me that tried to convince him otherwise, what a fool I’ve been.
I should have put all my chips on Nelson, not you.
You’re a joke.
You’re a joke! You couldn’t even keep your wife in line, and now you’ve lost the candidacy because the mayor could see how horribly weak - you are.
- Shut up, Mother! What are you looking at, Pedro? Let's go.
Look at this place, Malu! Congrats! If it wasn't for you, this would not have happened.
Not true, you made it all happen.
- Chico - Yes? I love you.
You have to go to New York.
- What are you saying? - I saw your face up there.
I understand that music is your true love.
I think you should go.
I'm serious.
Come with me, Malu.
I can’t.
I’ll come back for you.
No, you won’t.
But I have an idea.
How about you write me a song, so that when I listen to it on the radio I'll know you didn’t forget me.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! Happy New Year! Happy New Year.
Happy 1960! - I'm terrible at goodbyes.
- Me too.
Thereza, I tried to tell you about us, - but I couldn't.
- Adelia.
Adelia Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.
Let’s go and jump the waves on the beach.
- Come on! - Now? I will miss this place.
What do you mean? This one is leaving us for New York.
- Wow! - Really? I'm packing all of my stuff and leaving.
- Ligia, just promise me one thing.
- What? When you’re super famous, make sure to mention you got your start at Coisa Mais Linda! Without you, this would never have happened.
It is true.
Without you all, I would have given up.
Thereza, you were right.
Pedro running off was the best thing that could have happened to me.
- Where are you going? - I'm showing my gratitude.
Ligia! - Did you think I wouldn’t find out? - About what? Did you? I don’t know what you’re talking about, Augusto, and I don’t care.
You killed my child.
And for what? To sing To sing at that shitty den of inequity.
- That fucking club! - Stop! Let's go home where we can talk.
- Augusto, put the gun down.
- Shut up, Thereza! Put the gun down, for the love of God.
Augusto! - Ligia! - It's your fault! What have you done? Help! Someone help me! Breathe, Malu.
See this? She's going to be okay.