MotherFatherSon (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 The last words I said to my daughter were angry.
Some of the practices that were taking place during my son's tenure were unacceptable.
Maggie? It's Kathryn.
Max's son wants to dish the dirt.
You're going to accuse him of what? Blackmail, theft, illegal surveillance.
On what evidence? Caden's confession.
I will spread your most damaging secrets all over the news.
I've heard Orla talking about investigations and tribunals ever since she arrived here.
It's not real.
How did you know we were having this meeting? You have all the evidence right there.
Hand it over and Caden will go to jail.
I clicked on a link, and it was about the downfall of democracy.
I know Britain, I know my home, I know my people.
All I see are lines.
Are you inside or outside? If you agree with her, she's your best friend.
If you disagree TRANSLATION: [HE SPEAKS IN ARABIC] [HE SPEAKS IN ARABIC] Let's go! Two, three, up! [SHOUTING] [THEY CHANT] You've put your campaign on hold? I met him once.
The Prime Minister's son, Saif.
Shook his hand.
He called me "Ma'am".
It's strange.
I didn't know him and I feel grief.
Grief, yes.
But guilt? No.
Whether the Prime Minister resumes campaigning or not, the country's sympathies are with him.
My sympathies are with him.
As a father, as a parent, yeah, of course.
But as a newsman? No, I printed the truth.
Saif was a troubled young man, who was reading about the violent downfall of democracy.
From the heart of this country's democracy.
Now, should I have kept that secret? I'm not in the business of hiding the news.
Angela, answer me this As a candidate to run this country what has changed out there? For your people? - Nothing's changed.
- Nothing's changed? There are riots up and down the country.
There's hatred of a kind I thought we'd left behind, and there are fires burning in every major city.
There were always fires burning.
Unseen, unheard, unreported.
But they were there.
Under every struggling high street, and every struggling home.
Those terrorists were planning that attack for many months.
Long before my headline.
Long before your campaign even began.
Their hatred is decades old.
So to imply That my voters.
my readers.
Are connected to those killers? To tarnish them? - To say that they're racist? - Or violent? - No-one's saying that.
- But they're thinking it.
And my people won't stand for it.
When they are the backbone - of this country.
- Yes.
When they fix our roads and sweep our streets.
When they tend to the sick and teach our children.
And those murderers have nothing to do with my ideas or my vision for this country, any more than the Muslim terrorists who bomb our buses have anything to do with the Prime Minister.
And I will not allow this crime to be used by my opponents to silence me.
There isn't a conspiracy against you.
Not a new one, no.
An old one.
When we say we're poor, they say we're racist.
When we say we're suffering, they say we're bigots.
They say the outrage is theirs?! The outrage is ours! He lost a child.
I lost my country.
Angela, I came here to ask you if you were going to soften your message.
The truth of it is, if you soften it, there is no message.
This election is about a hate crime.
A hate crime no-one's talking about.
It's a hate crime against the poor.
And there are 20 million victims out there waiting to be heard.
This man was working for you? I never hired him.
He was one of many private detectives collecting information for the newspaper.
Not collecting, stealing.
He was blackmailing us.
So I told them to deal with it.
I had no idea I just said "deal with it".
You gave an order.
No, I I didn't.
I didn't know.
You gave an order.
You're as bad as your dad! No.
I was worse.
Dad would only use private detectives as a last resort.
But I used them all the time.
And he would never have employed those people.
He always hired the best, except once when he hired me.
Oh, just stop blaming your dad! You gave an order, whether you understood the power of it or not! - You gave an order and a man is dead.
- I know.
That's what I'm trying to tell you.
I'm the worst of Dad, without any of his strengths.
Why do you think I did this to myself?! What, do you think I was just unlucky?! I sabotaged myself to make this stop! No, you were unwell.
You were ill.
Look, I I came here to get better.
And that is about so much more than just learning how to walk and talk again.
I'm going for a smoke.
Why didn't you fight for custody of me? It was the worst mistake of my life.
The worst.
And I live with the guilt every day.
And I grieve for those years that I lost with you that I can't get back.
But this isn't the way.
Getting back at Max won't fix the mistake.
My mistake.
If, with your life, if you confess, you're going to go to jail.
I'm not doing this to get back at him.
I'm not doing this for him.
For who? For Orla? For me.
For myself, because I want to feel proud of myself.
Just a little bit.
I want to know what that feels like.
The council won't pick up the rubbish.
Say it's too dangerous.
Not enough police to protect the streets.
Not these streets.
Don't go out after dark.
What's to go out for? You saw? As we drove through.
We all need this election to be over, don't we? Yes, we do.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
Emily, we're here to talk about the way the investigation into your daughter's murder was handled.
The investigation itself broke the law.
What law? Private detectives were used, to do things that the police can't.
They went through the houses of all the suspects without a search warrant.
Innocent people.
And all paid for by newspapers.
- That's why you're here? - Yes.
You're not here about Tonia.
You're causing trouble for the people who helped me.
The detectives and the journalists.
We believe there are wider implications, the way that the "Wider implications".
Oh, my God.
That's why you're here! My daughter's not enough for you, is she? You're here about the "wider implications"! What do I care if a few journalists didn't go by the rules? Or a few coppers did whatever they had to do? They were on my side, and they caught him.
His conviction could be overturned if they knew.
But they don't know.
Look at you, the pair of you.
I should've known what you were really about.
You're not interested in me, or my life, or my little girl.
"Wider implications".
He smiled at her.
He waved at her.
He strangled her.
And they were here for me.
We didn't mean to upset you.
- We're very sorry.
- Get out.
You want to quit? Take one of the jobs you've been interviewing for.
I believe in this just as much as you do.
And it's not a job.
I haven't been looking for a new job.
What then? We're moving to Israel.
Sarah and I are moving the kids to Israel.
Well, I don't need to ask why.
I'm not saying you're wrong.
Here's all I'll say.
We need people to fight.
We need people to stand up and fight for this country, or we might lose it.
Maybe it's not ours to lose.
CHANTING: National Reporter has no respect! National Reporter has no respect! [THEY CONTINUE TO CHANT] Where's Sofia? In the office.
- You OK? - Yes.
Come here.
I want you to fly home tomorrow.
I'll join you as soon as I can.
Growing up, at my birthdays, there was cake, and games, and men with machine guns to stop me being kidnapped.
I'm not afraid.
What if I am? What are you reading? It is an idea, yes, to read each other's books? - Joseph Pulitzer - Yes.
publisher of New York World.
His parents were not in the news business.
- They were merchants in Budapest.
- Yes.
And so? You were born into steel.
You made news your own.
All I ask is that our son has the same opportunities.
Our son will have more opportunities than any child alive.
Opportunities to be different.
You don't want him to be like Caden.
I understand that.
I don't want him to be like you.
No-one can be like you.
When they try, they break.
You're upset.
[GLASS SMASHES OUTSIDE] These are very upsetting times.
You were the Prime Minister's friend.
I was never his friend.
You ate with them, celebrated with them.
You knew his son.
I never called him a friend.
Whether you used the word or not, you were their friend.
Every newsman would have published that story if they had it.
I wouldn't have been able to.
I don't want our son to.
All right, what do you want him to do? Whatever he chooses.
All right.
Well, he might choose news.
He might choose my life.
He might actually be proud of me.
He will adore you.
Worship you.
He will do anything you say.
That is what scares me.
In your reading, did you come across Carr Van Anda? No.
Carr Van Anda was Editor of the New York Times for 30 years, genius.
Fluent in hieroglyphics, he spotted a forgery in a photograph of an Egyptian tomb.
He corrected a mathematical error in a speech given by Albert Einstein.
That kind of intellect, I knew I could never be, but, his boss, Adolph Ochs, he started out by sweeping the news floor at the Knoxville Chronicle.
I knew I knew I could be that man.
There's all kinds of great.
Caden could've picked any one of them.
What did he choose? To be weak.
Am I to respect that choice because it was his own? Listen to yourself.
Listen to how you speak about your own son! I tell the truth.
The truth? Yes, about the Prime Minister's son.
About my own son.
Sometimes children need a lie! I never did.
I offer you a deal.
I agree not to interfere in your business - A deal?! - Yes, if you agree not to interfere in our son's future.
- Do you agree? - No! Then I'll have this child without you.
You must know I'd never allow that to happen.
You must know, I won't watch you break him like you broke Caden.
Do you want me to leave? No.
There is no investigation, is there? You're not on trial.
But I'm being judged.
All the time.
I'm being found guilty, all the time.
Found guilty of what? The army employed an academic from Kabul University.
His name was Bahlul.
He was our translator, our guide.
We became friends.
We'd just, sit and talk, and drink tea.
I fell in love.
And did he love you? No.
He was married.
He had a daughter, a wife.
Someone informed on him.
The man who drank tea with the foreigners.
They hunted him down.
They showed me photographs and asked me to identify him.
"Was that the translator?" "Was that the translator?" "Yes", I said, "That was the translator.
" I didn't even use his name.
[SHE SOBS] Do you think if you hadn't fallen in love, that he'd still be alive? I just think that 100 times a day.
Your affection didn't kill him.
You can't fix affections for me.
Why are you so hard on me? Because you want to make it so easy for me! Just fall in love and it'll all be OK.
It's not easy to say I love you.
It is the hardest thing I've ever said.
Have you ever said it? I love you.
You don't need me.
You're better.
Yes, and you're the reason why I'm better.
I learned to talk again so that I could talk to you.
I learned how to walk again so I could walk to you.
I learned how to move my fingers so that I could hold your hand! [SHE SOBS] Kathryn? Kathryn! You can't hide from me.
I know you're inside! I will wait out here till I die! She's not going to let you in.
We'll see about that.
They're going to call the police! Why don't you both come in? Thank you.
Look at me.
Look at me! We had a deal.
Caden was going to confess.
I've read the file.
My son goes to jail.
What did you think would happen when you started this?! I didn't start this! He spied on prime ministers and princes and ordinary people! I came here to get my son better.
But we're here now, knowing what we know.
What are you going to do? - It's Caden's life.
- It's a lot of lives.
It's Caden's decision.
What is his decision? We're getting married, before I die.
I never thought I'd care about a marriage, never imagined I'd be allowed to do it, but I don't want to die, having not stood up in front of a room full of people, and said "I love you".
Very happy for you.
No, I want you to be there.
Do you understand what that means? What I'm asking? If you say yes, if you turn up? I understand.
This isn't just my life's work.
It's my life! Will you return to campaigning? No.
Saif would have wanted you to continue.
Yes, he would.
You are still Prime Minister.
Of what country? I am the Prime Minister of a foreign land.
They took our son.
They didn't take our home.
What is it that they chant at their rallies, while I buried my son? They want their country back? They can have it.
[PHONE BUZZES] Hello? Yeah, I'll be there in 30 minutes.
Go back to sleep.
You know I own this entire building.
Can't log into any one of these computers here.
So found this old thing in one of the drawers here.
- It belonged to Maggie.
- Yeah? Caden's going to confess.
Honestly, I didn't think he had it in him.
Well, he's in love.
How many years do you think he'll get? Five years, ten years? I mean, does he imagine that she'll wait for him? I don't think so! Sofia's leaving me.
She's intending to raise our son on her own, without me.
Without his father.
I'm very sorry to hear that.
Well, I can fix it.
She's negotiating, as a mother.
She needs reassurances.
I've given those to prime ministers and presidents all my life.
I can save my marriage because I love her and she knows that.
As long as the situation with Caden doesn't go any further.
But if he decides to push on with his accusations I have to push back.
I'll lose Sofia.
I'll lose my two sons.
You know when I feel the most alive? When it's all about to fall apart.
- Angela's car was stoned? - Yeah.
They smashed her windshield.
Do you understand how provocative this is? - Yeah.
- To imply that a woman was stoned as she drove home.
I understand, yes.
Is this the story the country needs right now? What is the story the country needs right now? Is it one of kindness, and tolerance, and love? What if we tell that story? We write that story and print it, what if the country says, "That's not how we're feeling.
"That's bullshit.
That's a lie.
"The truth is we're angry and we're scared.
"And we're not ready to feel anything else.
" When you rang, I was sleeping beside my daughter.
She'd had a nightmare.
I told her it would all be OK, but I lied to her, didn't I? Maybe you did.
Max, this isn't your country.
You can't just rip it apart.
You're right.
It's not my country.
It's their country.
It's their story.
Lauren! You're family to me.
I've let very few people inside.
Now you can step outside at any time but you will never, ever get back in.
Run this story.
[SHOUTING AND CHANTING] Thank you, officer.
Jahan, read it! "Stoned on the streets of Britain.
" "Yesterday, the Leader of the Opposition's car "was stoned by protestors.
"Returning to her family home, "Angela Howard was attacked in an incident "reminiscent of the notorious Middle Eastern ritual punishment.
" I promised to mourn for 40 days.
If I cut it short, would you forgive me? My country needs me.
Win this.
CROWD CHANTS: Angela! Angela! Angela! Angela! Please welcome Angela Howard! [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] They tell us They tell us, "We are a divided country.
" What they mean is, the people who normally shut up and put up won't shut up and put up any more! [CHEERING] They call it growth.
But none for you.
They call it wealth.
But none for you.
So many of you have given up on politicians, on politics.
I don't blame you.
I don't judge you.
But I am not a politician.
I need to win! For this country's sake, I need to win.
But winning's not enough.
In politics, even the winners are still weak.
What this country needs right now is the strongest leader it's ever seen! I am not offering to fix the system.
I am offering to break it and build you a better one! So I need all of you! I need you to convince your nan who hasn't voted in 20 years.
I need you to convince your young son, who reckons politics doesn't matter.
And I need your neighbours, and your friends.
And I need your family.
And I need your friends' families.
I need every family! And I need you to take them this message One word.
Just one word.
Like tomorrow depends on it, vote! Tomorrow does depend on it! So, say it with me, and vote! Say it again! Vote! Vote! - CROWD CHANTS: - Vote! Vote! Vote! - Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! You've done it before.
Done what? Walked away, when it turned bad.
You were 21 years old.
Pregnant, career taking off married to a man who was never going to change.
He said he was never going to love your daughter.
And you left him.
I swear bravest thing I ever saw.
I had you.
You still have me.
You'll always have me.
Max is my boss.
It isn't the same.
He's been like a father.
The father I never gave you.
So, I'm not going to judge.
I can't imagine achieving everything you've achieved, let alone walking away from it.
I'm going to stand by you whatever you decide.
I love you.
I love you.
This is his family.
After his murder, the army moved them here.
They were given a home.
They won't tell me where they are.
I can find out, make sure they're OK.
If you want.
Can I take this? OK.
[SHE SOBS] You must be desperate if you've come to me, Max.
If Kathryn knew I was talking to you, she'd never talk to me again.
I know you don't believe this, but I'm here to help her.
To stop this family, my family, our family, from tearing itself apart.
You tore it apart when it suited you.
Whatever happened in the past, this will be worse.
You mean because it's your scandal and not hers? You really want to lecture me about scandals and cover ups? In this room? In this house? With what your husband did? You want to disgrace my husband, go ahead.
I'll be cheering on the sidelines.
With all you sacrificed to protect him? I don't think so.
All I want is to ask you a question.
You can answer it or not.
Go on.
What does she want? What does your daughter want? You all think I'm trying to hurt you, but I'm the only one who's trying to keep us all from getting hurt! All right, whatever.
She wants My daughter wants What she's always wanted is to be more than me.
[MUSIC PLAYS] Come on in, welcome.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Scott Ruskin, Nick Caplin.
Hi, pleased to meet you.
You're here.
It was hard.
We haven't been introduced.
Sarah? Sarah! You're OK.
[SHE SOBS] May we all please stand up? I wake in a dream A beautiful reality And I can't believe You'd share your life and soul with me Years pass by like days through the endless haze You always amaze me And so I'm asking you To be part of this day So right, but still so crazy This is the most perfect gift that I'll ever give Just say yes, just say that this Is the most perfect gift that you'll ever give And I'll say, "Yes".
I give you this ring as I gave you myself many years ago.
And I'm sorry that I can't stay with you for long.
But today isn't about what our love will be.
It's about what our love has become.
You're my only true love.
I wanted to tell the world this angry world that you're the love of my life.
Is this where you live? It rains a lot.
The garden must be very green.
Why are you in this place? I was sad, for a time.
This place makes you happy? They try.
It was perfect.
I wasn't sure if you'd show up.
I know Max.
He'll try something.
What will it be? Something that none of us will expect.
On days like this we should stay.
[ALARM SOUNDS] And on other days? - The gate will open for you just there.
- Thank you.
I like her.
I like her too.
[CHEERING] Max would like to speak with you.
Smart of him to send you.
Just listen to him, that's all.
It's never just all.
You remember where we first met? Max I didn't come here to reminisce with you.
It's relevant.
It's manipulative.
It won't work.
Then you got nothing to lose.
We were at a charity gala.
Yeah, I saw you sneaking outside.
I was bored.
I followed you.
You were smoking.
Alone, by yourself.
Underneath an olive tree.
Filled with lights.
Almost like you were posing.
For you? Don't flatter yourself.
I asked you for a cigarette.
You'd never smoked in your life.
- Which was pretty obvious.
- By the way you held it.
I started laughing.
Those were the days.
When we didn't make each other cry.
We had something.
I've never disagreed with you about that.
Here we are.
Here we are.
We can never make it right.
But we can make it worse.
Caden's grown up.
For the second time in his life.
I see that.
I accept it.
Except this time he's grown up to be a different kind of man.
The man he should've grown up to be the first time round.
I didn't ask him to do this.
I haven't encouraged him.
This is who he is.
This is what he wants.
You got one thing wrong.
It's not what he wants.
No, Caden is sentimental, he's emotional.
Love drives him.
This is all about you.
He wants to be a good son.
Worthy of his mother's love.
I was given a second chance.
What if I offered you a second chance, at a career? Instead of trying to knock everything down, you took control? - Of what? - The paper.
- Your newspaper? - Yeah.
Clean it up, make amends.
Fix whatever problems there might be.
Are you offering me a job? Well, you can't write, but you can rule.
Huh? You're bribing the wrong person.
Well, if you took the job, your first task would be to convince Caden to say nothing.
You stole that information about the Prime Minister's son, didn't you? It wasn't a leak.
You stole it from the heart of government.
And now a young man is dead and the country is tearing itself apart.
And that woman, that strange, brilliant woman, who you endorsed, who none of us really have a clue about, she now might just win.
Kathryn, you can walk out of this office and have a smoke, alone, aloof, superior, and completely irrelevant, or you could be at the centre of this country, making changes, making decisions, making a difference.
Which is it going to be? I'm going to watch you burn.
No, you will watch us all burn.
You're going to watch this family burn.
Take the job!