MotherFatherSon (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

And I will not allow this crime to be used by my opponents to silence me.
He lost a child.
I lost my country.
I promised to mourn for 40 days.
If I cut it short, would you forgive me? My country needs me.
Do you understand how provocative this is? To imply that a woman was stoned as she drove home.
Run the story I offer you a deal if you agree not to interfere in our son's future.
- No.
- Then I'll have this child without you.
I learned to talk again, so that I could talk to you.
I learned how to move my fingers, so that I could hold your hand.
We had a deal.
Caden was going to confess.
- It's Caden's decision.
- What is his decision? I'm not doing this to get back at him.
I'm doing it for me.
The country is tearing itself apart And that woman, who you endorsed, might just win.
- I am going to watch you burn.
- You will watch us all burn Take the job! They let me out.
I told them it was a mistake.
So when do you leave? Tomorrow.
OK I'm going to miss you.
So stay here with me.
What would we do? If I stayed? I'll grow things in the garden.
I'll feed the hens.
We'll learn new skills.
Like what? Sewing, cross stitching? [LAUGHTER] How to dance.
I can already dance.
And your dad? The Prime Minister has asked that we enter through the main doors.
Do you know why I have invited you here? I admit, I am surprised.
I wanted the country to see that I could stand in the same room as you.
Like this and talk.
Because if I can stand here with you, surely I've earned the right to ask my countrymen and women to overcome their differences.
And talk.
With respect, Prime Minister, that's not the reason you invited me here.
- No? - No.
You wanted me to see your grief.
You wanted me to feel your pain.
You couldn't possibly feel my pain.
This meeting is personal.
And pointless.
You're an extraordinary man, Max.
Built like no other.
You know, your problem was you never really understood our relationship.
Enlighten me.
My job is to take as much as I can.
For as long as I can.
Your job was to stop me.
You're not my job, Max.
My job My job is to walk the line.
What line is that? Between those who voted for me and those who didn't.
You can call that weak.
You can call that compromise.
But for ten years, I've walked that line and I'll still walk it even after the murder of my son.
You are playing with forces you do not understand.
This kind of hatred is not yours to control.
You can't win an election and then pack it away.
It will burn long after you've jetted out of the country.
Here is what I know, if you win, Prime Minister I'll be right back here.
Like I always am.
Not this time, Max.
This time, it changes.
[CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYS] Do you know, after Maggie's wedding, Max offered me a job? Caden's job.
My son's job for my son's silence.
Such a Max thing to do.
Why didn't you tell me? Because I said no.
In the room, of course.
Is that the end of it? My son leaves hospital tomorrow.
Kathryn do you want the job? Look, I just hate what this paper's done to my son.
I hate what this paper's become.
Which is why you're going to change it.
You're excited by the idea.
Take it.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, guys.
[CHATTER] [ENGINE STARTS] [SCREAMS] - Mum! Oh, my God! - I'm OK.
- Who did it? - Hooligans.
Or so the police say.
But they weren't hooligans.
I saw them.
They were men.
- Where are you going? - Back out there.
- Mum - I won't be sensible, Lauren, not today.
This is the fight of our lives.
When your country's at stake, there are no sidelines to stand on.
I like seeing what people are reading, you know, when they've only got a few days left to live.
There's a guy along the corridor, skinny as a rake, death knocking at his door and he's reading The Wizard Of Oz.
I love him for that.
Caden's returning to London tomorrow.
No more delays.
You bring him straight here.
We do the interview here, post his answers.
It all goes up online.
Right before this fucking election.
Uh-hmm? Tell me, can you two make it work? If I can't make it work with him, I can't make it work with anyone.
You think Caden chose you because you're broken.
But he chose you because you're beautiful.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
Would you like some tea? Why are you doing this? Because I wanted to spend some time with you.
And I probably won't see you very much for the next couple of days.
"Neck and neck in the polls, Angela takes time out of her busy "campaign to cook for her family.
" There you go.
This may be a bad lunch.
But it's not a cynical one.
Pass your plate What's happening at school? Nothing.
Well, at least I know you won't grow up to be a politician.
It's nothing, Mum.
What are they saying about you? Not about me.
About you.
Well, I insist you tell me.
They call you a fascist.
Have you ever heard me say anything cruel about anyone? About their race? Or their religion? Or who they love? - No.
- Have I ever hurt another person? No.
But I am someone who gets stuff done.
There's so much talking in politics.
You want to build a runway, it takes 20 years.
Every difficult decision takes ten consultations.
All these clever people afraid of making choices, is that me? No, cos I get stuff done and I won't accept second-rate.
Not for my business, not for my family, and not for the country.
Now, here's my question for you either I can let you handle these bullies on your own.
Or I can come into school and have a very stern word with your teachers.
And I promise you, no-one will ever talk to you like that again.
I want you to go in.
Cos you want someone who gets stuff done? Everyone does.
Something's been bothering me.
Maybe you can help me with it? I'll try.
Why would anti-racist demonstrators stone your car? I'm not saying they couldn't be violent.
Of course they could.
Slash your tyres and throw eggs.
Burn effigies.
But why would they appropriate a punishment associated with the Middle East to make their point? - When it doesn't - Doesn't what? make their point.
Makes your point.
That this country's culture and laws are being invaded.
You'd have to ask them.
I'm asking you.
Maybe it was their only option.
[HE SIGHS] If you win, you will have a choice, you can do everything that you promised.
And upset a whole bunch of people.
Or you can compromise.
Try to bring in everyone.
You're wrong.
There is no choice.
If I win, I'll do everything I promised them.
Every single thing.
So, you spoke to him, then? Yeah.
And what did he say? Mum, what did he say?! He offered me a job.
What job? My job? Dad offered you my job? In return for our silence? I said no.
You said no? Three times.
And on the fourth time? Caden, I'll say no, five, six, seven, 100 times if you want me to.
It's not difficult.
Except it is! Difficult When you want to say yes.
Why do you want it? That's what I don't get.
Mum, why do YOU want it? My whole life, I did nothing, when I should've done something.
You brought me up, twice.
You've been a mother twice.
Finally, I can give you something.
You can take the job.
Take it.
But you can't change it.
It changes you.
[FOOTSTEPS] Nick's here.
Where's Caden? It's just me.
I don't understand.
Kathryn? We need Caden.
It's not happening.
What is this? [SHE CLEARS THROAT] Hey.
Mum's OK? She's already back out there.
Campaigning again.
Do you need some time? From your first ever newsroom, at the Pennsylvania Local.
That's right.
On the eve of every election, you design the front page the old-fashioned way.
Yeah, well, five years ago, Caden did this with me.
This year I'm asking you.
I dreamed one day that you would ask me.
That I would stand there.
I'm sorry, Max, I can't do it.
I think maybe you do need to take some time off.
I thought I was working for you.
But I wasn't.
Who were you working for? An idea.
That tomorrow should be better than today.
That the world my daughter grows up in, should be better than the world I grew up in.
You were working for that idea, too.
Whilst it was a winning idea.
But it's not winning any more.
- I tracked down your ex-husband.
- Why? I always check up on my employees.
- He's married to someone else now.
- Yes, I know.
He's got two kids.
A home.
He's got a steady job.
He didn't hate the idea of being a father.
He hated the idea of being a father to my little girl.
Am I the only man in your life who hasn't let you down? Yes, you are.
What did I teach you? Be loyal to people.
Not ideas.
The right people never let you down.
Ideas always do.
I'm very sorry to have disappointed you.
Out of curiosity, why don't you wait until after the election? - She might lose.
- I've always been honest with you.
Yes, you have.
Yes, you have.
You can go now.
[DOOR OPENS] - You're - Where's Caden? I need to explain.
No, don't explain, just tell me, where's your son? He's not coming.
Why not? Hmm? Max offered me a job running the newspapers for him in this country.
He's offered you a job? If you keep Caden quiet? My God.
Max is good.
Who better, to silence a mummy's boy, than his mummy? Maggie, listen to me No, I don't want to listen to you.
I want to talk to your son.
That's why you're going to take the job, isn't it? Because you want people to talk to you.
For a change.
Maggie, you listen to me! What are we going to achieve if we attack Max? What, a new code of ethics? A public inquiry? Max will just roll with those changes and then he will roll those changes back again.
The only way to make a difference is from the inside.
Now, what, what if I was to say to Nick, you can have your old job back.
You can write the stories you have always wanted to write.
I'd say for my first story, under your new regime I want to write about everything we've uncovered.
The blackmail, the theft, the corruption of the police, our politicians, the intimidation, II want to write about the illegal practices.
The phone hacking and surveillance that took place under Caden, under your son.
For my first story.
So what do you say, Kathryn? Editor? What's your decision? You've got all the evidence.
You know it's true.
What's your answer?! Come on, Maggie, you know what my answer is.
You know my hands are tied.
You know it might look like I'm the one dying in this room you are, right now as you sit there You want to destroy something my son fucked up.
- Yeah.
- And I understand that.
But it can be fixed.
And I want to fix it.
Because this country needs that newspaper.
Do you know how much we need? Don't you dare lecture me about the news.
This is my life This is everything that I've worked to protect and I have a chance with this, to make a difference.
I have a chance to make a change for the better.
This is it.
This is the prize.
Max would never have given this to me if he wasn't in a corner.
This is our best chance of change.
If it had been given to me! Or him! But you? Ha! You'd be just like your son.
I love my son very much.
He is kind.
And he is gentle.
And I am nothing like him.
The front door's locked.
- Yeah.
- Why is it locked? - I locked it.
- You locked it? - So you'd talk to me first.
- Give me the keys.
- Can I ask - No, you can't ask where you're going? I'm not your prisoner.
Give me the keys.
You're about to make a mistake.
Who are you? Huh? Who are you? Stranger! Locking me in, in my own house.
Give me the keys! I'm the person who understands they didn't treat your addiction.
You've been sober for months.
But only because you've been trapped in that body.
And now you're free in the city.
I know how you feel You want to say, that no-one understands.
But I do.
I know exactly how you'll feel when you walk out that door.
It won't feel good.
Like it used to, when you first got high.
You'll know, from the moment you start, that you're making a mistake but it'll be too late.
So you keep going.
Except, your body hasn't got any second chances left.
[HE SOBS] I don't know, I don't know what to do.
What makes you happy? Who makes you happy? Does Mum make you happy? She does.
She's volatile.
She's never boring.
Alcohol is boring.
Addiction is boring.
Your mum never is.
All I need to hear is yes or no.
Let's not pretend for a second this is about admiration for me.
I never would have considered you for the job if I didn't think you were up to it.
And if I didn't think it advantageous to me.
How can I accuse you of corruption after I've agreed to work for you? It would be difficult, yeah.
What did Angela Howard offer you? Do you want to work with me or not? Television news.
- Deregulated? - Yeah.
Good for her.
Good for me.
Good for the viewers.
You're going to give her televised propaganda? You wouldn't be working on it, don't worry about it.
You're not wrong about many things, Max.
But you are wrong about Angela Howard.
Once she's consolidated power, she'll discard you.
But you've never been thrown away.
So you can't imagine that.
I'm sorry, you don't get tomorrow's cover.
I want five years.
No budget cuts.
Editorial independence.
And none of your "assurances", "promises", or "solemn vows".
This time, MY lawyers will draw up the papers.
I'll guarantee you five years - pay.
- Uh-hm.
I don't care about the money.
I want to see in the election.
What if you're incompetent? Disobedient, you mean.
Whatever contracts you put in place, I'll unravel them.
Yeah, I'm sure you'll try.
Yeah, and any decision you make I disagree with, I will unpick.
I'm ready for it.
All of it.
I was married to you.
I have missed you.
You think you've won, don't you? And you think you've won.
That's why we have a deal.
Did you ask them all to stand up? No.
No, I didn't.
God, I always hated this office.
Do you think, erm, Mum will like it any better? I'm not entirely sure I'm ever going to be able to get her out.
You always leave before the votes are counted.
I do.
I do, yeah, I leave when there's nothing, really, left for me to do.
Won't you visit me? Come visit me in Mexico, all right? And you can bring Bring Orla, I'd like to meet her, if you want.
See the baby.
It'd make us happy.
Yeah, I'd like that.
Let yourself be happy.
I'm going to try.
You know It's OK.
I know.
Shalom aleichem.
We are here.
Not like a family huddling around the last embers of a fire.
But to hope, to pray, for the ballot box to banish this kind of hate.
Prime Minister Jahan Zakari and his wife Ayesha arrive to cast their votes.
That's after police stand guard with heightened security after the tragic murder of their son, Saif.
To the nation after a polarising election campaign that has split the country down the middle.
If Mr Zakari holds on to his majority for a third term, he will become one of the longest - Did I give you enough? - You gave me everything.
Thank you.
TV: .
Political Landscape for the next five years We've spoken to 15,000 voters in 220 constituencies And now we can hear Big Ben chiming ten o'clock.
With polling closed we're about to release the results of the exit polls, which have correctly predicted the outcome for the past four elections.
And here it is Angela Howard is set to be the new Prime Minister [CHEERING] - This is the gents'.
- I don't care.
I don't suppose you do.
- Excuse me, sir.
- Thank you.
INTERCOM: Ten minutes to landing, Mr Finch.
You're my first visitor.
I learnt how to talk so I could talk to you.
I learnt how to walk so I could walk to you.
I learnt how to move my hand so I could hold yours.
[SHE SPEAKS SPANISH] You can love.
But can you love unconditionally? I love you unconditionally.
But you choose me.
And I choose you.
You know me, you know everything about me.
Can you love our son knowing nothing of him? Can you love unseen? Can you love him unknown? I will love our son more than I love my own life.
Whether he's gentle or bold? Brilliant or modest? Whoever he might be, yes.
Whatever he is? Whatever he might be? Whoever he becomes will you love him? I will.
You are a man who has given so many reassurances in your life, no? Sofia I was alone for many, many years.
And I accepted my loneliness as the price I'd have to pay for this kind of a life.
And then I met you.
None of this makes any sense without you.
If you don't take me back, I have no place to go.
You're my home.
Thank you.
And we will talk about number two Ah.
We should call it, thank you, both - Kathryn.
- Prime Minister.
I'm sorry it's taken so long to call you in for a meeting.
Oh, understandably.
You've a great many election pledges to fulfil.
One of the wisdoms all leaders are given upon taking office is that we get one big reform.
For each election victory.
One change.
One idea.
That's it.
That's all, before this place grinds you to a halt.
I've heard it said.
It's not enough.
Well, you'll have to win the next election.
Have you ever been to Vegas? No, not a gambler.
My husband's fond of cards.
We went a few years ago.
Stayed in a big hotel.
Walked through big rooms filled with slot machines.
Men and women sit there for hours, on bar stools, just spinning the wheel, desperately hoping for some life-changing win.
And as I walked through, I realised who they remind me of.
- And who's that? - Voters.
Once every four or five years, they're allowed to pull the handle, spin the wheels, desperately hoping they'll win a house or a well-paid job.
And every election they lose, but they're told not to worry, because they'll have another spin, in another five years.
What if I said to them, I'll give you the house, the job, the sense of dignity and pride, if you give up the chance to spin that wheel, give up that slot machine that's disappointed you so many times.
If I said that, what do you think they'd choose? Prime Minister, I must remind you, respectfully, you're standing in the heart of one of the oldest democracies in the world.
What, this? This place? This is just a house.
I'm not this house.
This house is me.
This house belongs to all of us.
I won 17 million votes.
You were brought in to cover up a corruption scandal.
You are here to cash Max's reward.
And report my news.
One of the reasons you won the election, Prime Minister, is because you were underestimated.
I'm surprised to see you make the same mistakes so quickly.
I'm not here to report your news.
I'm here to report the news.
For the next five years.
Until they pull the handle and spin the wheel.
Don't count on it.
On what? Any of it.
You might think that newspapers are old-fashioned and quaint.
Now that you have your TV channel.
But for the next five years, my papers, and they are my papers, will be by your side watching you, reporting on you every step of the way Prime Minister.
- Adelante, por favor.
- Gracias.
- I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
- No, not at all.
No, you're a busy man.
I was happy to enjoy the surroundings.
You asked for another meeting.
But after our last conversation, I'm not sure what you wish to talk about.
I was very clear, my party's not doing any deals.
Ignacio I'm sorry, can I use your first name? Yeah, of course.
Good Have you ever been to Shanghai? Shanghai? No.
Shanghai, it's a fascinating city.
- I don't doubt it.
- Yeah.
We're told, we're informed, we're given the impression that the Chinese domestic market is fixated by Western luxury brands.
- You've heard that, right? - Yes, that was my sense.
Yeah, and it's true.
There are flagship stores.
Beautifully designed.
Glass and gold and onyx.
I've seen photos.
But I must tell you, when I was there I didn't see this Chinese market fawning over Western brands.
I saw Western brands fawning over the Chinese market.
I saw global corporate giants kneeling before the power of Chinese consumers.
Saw these billboards begging for their attention.
Stores desperate for their business, for their money.
No, these brands were not there to conquer or to colonise, they were there to serve.
I'm here to serve if you're here to win.
[SHE SCREAMS] Good, good.
[HE SPEAKS SPANISH] You're doing great, you're doing great.
You're doing great.
OK, all right? [SHE SCREAMS] Yes! Yes, yes! It's all right.
You got it, you got it.
Push, push.
Push, yes, yes! Oh, honey! You did it.
Yes! You did great, you did great.
You did great.
So beautiful.