Motherland: Fort Salem (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Hail Beltane

[WOMAN] Previously on Motherland:
- Witchfather.
- General Alder.
It's good to be home.
[ANACOSTIA] There's going to be
a lot of energy around here
for the next few days,
all the way through Beltane.
Where you're encouraged to
mingle with your
male counterparts.
Oh! [LAUGHS] Sorry!
Hi, I'm Tally, complete virgin
and hot for any part of
you that's available.
[ANACOSTIA] Beltane is all about
the pleasure of connection.
Take the energy, it will
make you better, stronger.
[ALDER] We steal ourselves
for the fight to come.
The Spree are escalating.
I'm Porter. Saw you two together.
She hasn't told you
anything, has she?
[RAELLE] Your ex is here.
I'm filled with an
unbearable sadness.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Stay with me, please.
[ECHOING] Somebody help!
Somebody help! Please!
- [PORTER] I want the truth!
You could have died.
[RAELLE] I couldn't stop myself.
I'm sorry.
We are all
incredibly proud of you.
That kind of bravery
can't be taught.
I keep having these visions.
Fragments. And they feel
like memories,
but they're not mine.
You took on a lot.
The visions will fade eventually.
No, it's not just the visions.
I can
I can feel his feelings.
He was afraid.
I don't think he wanted to die.
General Bellweather, I agree,
Collar's visions deserve
further investigation,
but we do not have any evidence
that Porter's death had
anything to do with the Spree.
You are making a giant leap.
You have to cancel Beltane.
If there's been an infiltration,
the base is at risk.
If the Spree are here,
we are in grave danger.
Witches all over the world respect
what Beltane means to us.
Even with our boldest
enemies in foreign parts,
there has always been a cease
fire during the holiday.
- Beltane is sacred.
- Couldn't agree more.
Of course, Sarah. I trust you
to make the right choice.
Is there anything else?
There is one more thing.
At the attack site, we've found
some kind of residue on mirrors.
We believe
that is how the Spree might be
communicating with each other.
I am personally overseeing
the security during the holiday.
If the general's
information is correct,
we can do a sweep of all the
rooms while Beltane is going on
and see if we find anything.
Excellent. Find Izadora.
Tell her I want to wake Porter.
If this wasn't a suicide,
we need to know.
Beltane is the only time
we have for that kind of work.
Told you he was creepy.
He was such a loner.
[WITCHFATHER] Porter Tippet was
a rare kind of cadet
and his life was cut too short.
We lost an extraordinary man
who served this country.
In honor of Porter, flags across
the base will fly at half mast.
Things have been difficult.
With the Spree attacks
and now this.
We have pushed your bodies
and your minds harder
in preparation for
anything we must face ahead.
Your unit's attendance
at Beltane is mandatory.
However you wish
to participate will be honored.
It is exactly what
the military needs right now.
It will make us unstoppable.
Now, get to work.
I heard she almost died
while trying to save him.
Because she ran outside of
canon like a reckless maniac.
Raelle did not
go outside of canon.
She's naturally gifted,
so don't let me hear her name
out of your dirty,
fetid mouths again. Got it?
- What?
- Nothing.
You're okay.
Tell me you're okay.
Um, I don't know.
I just, I have a lot of questions.
Like what?
Did you know
that he was depressed?
I haven't seen him for years.
I didn't know him anymore.
I don't know, I can't help
thinking it was us.
Stop, Raelle.
There was always
something off with him.
Did you see him last night?
Did he say something to you?
He, uh, he tried. But he couldn't.
His his eyes and his mouth
Look at me. Porter was disturbed.
He was angry.
That's why I left him.
I mean, he killed himself.
You tried to save him,
that was your first instinct.
That's who you are.
You have nothing to be ashamed of.
Let's put him behind us.
No. What was I thinking?
- Help me!
- You're trying too hard.
It's from Gerit.
He he drew his
There's no way he's that big.
Abigail, it's private!
- What you did
- Was nothing.
- You good?
- Yeah, I'm good.
So that's still happening?
Just hope we don't have to dance
around a pole with ribbons
and sing "We all Come
From the Goddess."
You say that because you
don't understand the military.
Oh, Abigail, you know
I love the military.
Beltane is how
we beat our enemies.
How our base heals.
How our unit gets stronger.
Oh, my God, spare me,
it's not my kind of party.
But you'll be there, right?
So the rest of us can partake?
- [ABIGAIL] Listen.
- I heard you.
No. Look.
We're proud of you.
But, um, if my survival depends
on Tally getting laid
she needs a different dress.
- It's true.
Due to the holiday, we have
a very rare opportunity tonight,
an assignment few are privileged
to experience.
Once the body is prepared,
we will wait until the precise hour
when Beltane's energy
is most concentrated.
The combination
of all that energy,
in conjunction
with the precise Seed Sounds,
will allow us
to open a death current.
This death current will allow us
to communicate with this young man
and discover the last things
he saw and heard.
Now, we need to keep
the body cold until the evening.
Who is good with Wind Chill?
You have updates for me?
I was actually hoping to talk
to you about something else.
It is the one thing
the civilians got right.
Tell me about the Tarim Cell.
The one they discovered in Asia.
How do you know about that?
It's classified information.
Sarah, I'm your Head of Intelligence.
I have friends at The Hague too.
- Of course.
I appreciate that.
I just want you to focus
on the Spree for now.
I'm just saying,
it's a lot of boob.
You don't have boobs
like that forever.
General Bellweather. Tally
Craven, Abigail's roommate.
It's an honor to meet you.
Mom, what business
brings you to base?
- Like most things
- It's classified.
I think you knew my mother,
Willa. Willa Collar.
We're gonna be late for training
if we don't go now.
I'll catch up.
And her attitude's because?
She thinks you're
the reason her mother's dead.
She wouldn't be the first.
She almost saved
someone's life last night.
I hope that improved your
rankings because they're
not where they should be,
but I guess you're not
completely to blame.
We're almost where we need to be.
When you're war meat
on the front lines,
"almost" doesn't count.
Look at me.
This isn't a game.
People die every day.
You understand me?
- Yes.
- Good.
And one more thing.
Your cousin's wedding.
- I'll help Charvel as much as I can.
- Bring the unit.
What? You don't know them,
they could embarrass us.
Then get them in line.
The Dean of War College
is going to be there
and this is your chance to prove
to her that you're a leader.
That's what you're becoming,
aren't you?
[WITCHFATHER] Once you're
issued your Scourge,
it must be carried at your side
at all times
and kept in pristine condition.
The quality of these weapons,
especially once they are activated,
can make all the difference
on the battlefield.
Thank you, boys.
It's beautiful.
You guys made these?
Yeah. You'll think of me?
- When you use it?
- [ANACOSTIA] All right, ladies.
Get ready to put
those Scourges to use.
Fall in! Let's go!
Wait until after Beltane.
That's when they
really get their power.
- [SCYLLA] Porter, what the hell?
- I need to talk to you.
- I need some air.
- You okay?
Mm. Step back, ladies.
Bellweathers have been known
to have the hand-eye
coordination of a newborn calf.
You're not even trying to get
into War College anymore, are you?
[PORTER] I need to talk to you.
[PORTER] Scylla?
[PORTER] I want the truth.
The things you used to say,
that's the kind of person
who ends up filling
a balloon with hate.
[SCYLLA] That's not who I am.
- You're late, as usual.
- I know, I know.
I'm just glad you're
feeling better.
Also, damn, you look hot.
I was prepared to glamour you guys,
but I guess we don't need it.
Excuse me.
I can see it on your face.
Whatever else is on your mind,
let it go and get in the game.
Do it for Tally.
I'm here, aren't I?
Hi, boys.
Can I borrow you for a second?
There's always one, every year.
Let me guess. There's someone
in particular you want?
You're very good at your job.
What do I do?
You have to trust the dance.
It knows your pleasure
and your heart.
But what if it doesn't?
Then it wasn't meant to be.
I promise.
It'll work out
the way it's supposed to.
- Tally, you okay?
- I need to talk to you right now.
I'll be back.
- You wanted my advice?
- What?
Less is more. There are other men.
This is your time to
explore and grow and
taste all the things you
haven't had before.
- It's so easy for you.
- It hasn't always been.
I don't believe you.
- You're right. I'm lying.
I was just trying
to make you feel better.
Remember, you never
really lose a guy.
Just your turn.
Come on.
Hello there. "Sell when you can.
You are not for all markets."
- Sorry, what?
- Shakespeare.
Sorry, can you not sense my "I'm
not interested in guys" vibes?
Oh, I sensed it.
You can't sense my "I'm not
interested in girls" vibes?
Okay, fair game.
I've been looking
all over the place for you.
- To Raelle Collar.
- How did you know my name?
You tried to save my friend.
Porter. Thank you for that.
- I'm so sorry
- No. None of that.
The faster you drink this down,
the faster this becomes a party.
I just can't wrap
my mind around it.
He wasn't depressed.
He'd been looking forward
to Beltane all week.
The guy I knew would
never have killed himself.
But maybe we never really
know other people.
Hey, um, sorry if this is weird,
but have you ever heard of Scylla?
He said he knew her
from back in the day.
I think he said he was gonna
see her that night.
Thank you for this.
I have to sorry.
- Will you excuse me?
- Yeah.
- Another drink?
- No thanks, I'm good. I'll meet you.
- Can we talk for a second?
- I have to do something right now.
- Can we do this later?
- It can't wait.
I have something really important. I
Scylla, it's about Porter.
So people are saying
he wasn't suicidal.
These are people who
knew him really, really well.
So I'm having these visions,
and they're his visions,
they're his memories.
And I saw you in them.
You were there.
Scyl, I need you
to explain what's happening.
Because I cannot
make sense of this.
Did you see him that night?
Scyl, tell me the truth.
What if I did?
What are you implying?
That I did something to him?
Is that the kind of
person you think I am?
- No, that's that's not what I meant.
- Seriously?
I'm just, I'm confused.
It's not adding up.
- Do you care about me?
- Yes. Yes! You know
Listen, I need you to trust me.
Stop asking these questions.
Please, just don't
go down this road.
- I'm sorry, I have to go.
- Scyl, I
The Reel is not just a dance,
it is a divine ritual
that knows you.
It knows what you want.
It knows things
about you some of you
haven't even figured out yet.
- [WHISPERING] Where is she?
- Don't look at me.
Tonight is about pleasure.
And pleasure you will have.
Whatever that may mean to you.
When the music begins, let go
and let the Reel guide you.
And when it ends,
know that you can trust it.
- I'm gonna kill Raelle.
- You're not getting a fight out of me.
- Thank you.
- I told you I was coming.
- Let's do this!
These eyes straight ahead ♪
No future blood instead ♪
Only one way to go ♪
Moving on up Moving on up ♪
Falling, keep chasing
Fire, never give up ♪
Never give up
Gonna keep climbing higher ♪
Lines drawn in the sand ♪
History in our hands ♪
Pushing past the edge ♪
Our name you won't forget ♪
Only one way to go ♪
Moving on up Moving on up ♪
Gonna keep chasing fire ♪
Never give up Never give up ♪
Higher and higher ♪
Higher and higher ♪
[WOMAN] Time to start.
Pleased you made it back on time.
[TALLY] Maybe the Reel does know
what it's doing.
I don't need the Reel
to tell me how I feel.
- I know that rhymes.
Enough, enough.
Now, you two.
Back to me.
We get it! You're having sex!
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Just have a lot on my mind.
It's not helping my headache.
[CHUCKLES] I hope Tally's
getting what she wants tonight.
She has not stopped
talking about Gerit.
Don't tell me.
- He sent her something via bird.
- Yeah. A flower ring.
How did you know?
We have this thing
called the Codices.
It's basically a how-to
witch sex and romance guide.
- [LAUGHS] Stop!
- Don't tell her,
but I bet he sent her
a picture of his
It's a generic drawing
from the book, by the way.
- Stop. Oh, my God. Serious?
- Yeah.
[SIGHS] For the record, this
is why I'm into girls. [LAUGHS]
If you ever decide
to replenish the troops,
I'd be happy to do it with you.
I bet our kids would be so cute.
Uh, I have a question.
Have you ever been in love?
- At least once a week.
- [LAUGHS] I'm serious.
What would you do
if you were so in love
with someone,
and maybe they'd done
something wrong?
Something unforgivable.
We all have our fatal flaws,
don't we?
I know I do.
But honestly, I guess you'd
have to decide
if that person is worth it,
and then fight for them.
That's all you can do.
- Quick!
- Oh, my God!
Oh, yeah!
Check every mirror for residue.
Let's open the death current
using Seed 46,
the sacred Seed of Anamnesis,
and Seed 59,
the Seed of Restoration.
The window is closing.
Did you kill yourself?
Who was the last person you saw?
[RASPING] Witchfather.
Did your death have anything
to do with the Spree?
Why did you do it?
[RASPING] I was filled
with an unbearable sadness.
- The window is closed.
- Do you like my hair like this?
- I'm ignoring you.
- Rae, what do you think?
- Sorry, I can't really tell.
I'm too blinded by that
shiny mark on your neck.
Oh! Oh, no! Is it
is it visible?
Do you see what you've done?
Don't feed the
"I finally had sex" monster.
- Hey, how's your head?
Feeling any better?
Actually, I didn't
even notice. It's gone.
- Completely.
- Beltane.
- Beltane.
My cousin's
getting married next week.
- You wanna come with me?
- I love a wedding.
- Can Gerit come?
- Tally, no!
I'm the guest
and you're my plus ones.
Well, twos.
Fine. But I'm not wearing pink.
Or whatever it is you
High Atlantics wear.
We wear our uniforms, as a unit.
- Don't.
- I didn't say shit.
[SCYLLA] I'm sorry, I
I want to tell you the truth.
I did see Porter that night.
He wanted to get back together,
and I didn't.
And I want to tell you
some other truths.
Wait. Just
Don't say anything.
I need to get this out of me
before I freak out
and shut down and run away.
I like you, okay?
I have feelings for you,
and they're not something
I'm used to having,
not something I'm
used to dealing with.
I'm a Dodger,
which means no attachments.
Because things go away,
we go away.
I haven't learned to get
past this, but I'm trying.
I don't know if I'm ever
I'm in this with you,
and we're gonna figure
it out together, okay?
Whoever you are,
whoever you were, I'm in.
No matter what happens, no
matter what anybody else thinks,
I'm with you.
- [BYRON] Here.
- What's this?
Only one way to find out.
[LAUGHS] You didn't!
- Is this the Codices?
- Yeah.
Now you'll know all our tricks.
I'm gonna miss you.
Before we leave, there's
something I wanted to give you.
What's this?
It's the Scourge Porter made.
It's clear no other witch
deserves it more than you.
I can't think of any other way
that would best honor his memory.
Thank you.
[SIGHS] You made the right call.
[ALDER] I know.
Who are we without our customs?
Our way of life?
If we can't take the risk
of being who we are,
we've already lost.
Beltane matters.
And see, no attacks.
For now, Sarah.
[ANACOSTIA] All right, ladies.
You have ten minutes to get
to the rough room for training.
Actually, make that five.
Let's go!
So where's Abigail?
The homunculus has returned.
Here to practice lassoing
for the life of a cowhand?
The stink would suit you.
Do us all a favor
and take up as a mannequin.
I mean, what else could
a Swythe hope to achieve?
Blood and glory
on the battlefield?
And given your unit's numbers,
Bellweather to clean up after us.
Delusions will
get you nowhere, Libwit.
Let's let the Scourge
do the talking.
- You didn't see your boys off?
- I already got what I needed.
Uh, something tells me you're
gonna do better than me today.
What are you talking about?
A win for me is a win for you.
We're a unit, remember?
Sure you know how to use that?
I guess she does
know how to use it.
Thought you had training.
This is a pleasant surprise.
You're supposed to be
luring her to us, not to you.
You already made one mistake
we had to clean up.
We won't put up with another.
Porter. Who do you
think cleaned that up?
The wedding the Bellweathers
are throwing, get yourself invited.
And Scylla
don't mess this one up.
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