Motherland: Fort Salem (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Bellweather Season

- Previously on Motherland:
- Hello, Tally Craven.
Am I being an idiot
in thinking that there's
something more here?
- What do I do?
- Trust the dance.
It'll work out the way
it's supposed to.
General Bellweather, I think
you knew my mother, Willa.
She thinks you're the reason
her mother's dead.
- How are things in Kiev?
- Fall back!
You will find them.
Perhaps it's time for
more extreme methods.
- Tell me about the Terim Cell.
- How do you know about them?
I'm your Head of Intelligence.
I have friends at The Hague too.
My cousin's getting married
next week. You wanna come?
The Dean of War College is going
to be there. This is your chance
to prove to her
that you're a leader.
You're supposed to be luring her
to us, not to you.
I have feelings for you.
Not something I'm used to having.
The wedding the Bellweathers
are throwing, get yourself invited.
Oh, we brought the blasting.
We didn't become storm fodder.
Even Anacostia was impressed
with our Windstrikes.
We could end up at the top
of class when basic is done.
That's what I've been
saying this entire time. Focus.
And hear this. Today isn't
just my cousin's wedding.
We have our interview
with the Dean of War College.
It's not an interview, Abigail.
It's an introduction.
- It's a pre-interview interview.
- Guys.
He made every single one
of these moves on me.
- What about Scylla?
- It's not a potluck.
You have to have an invite.
And Scylla's not invited.
We need to focus on ourselves,
not our distractions.
She's not a distraction. That's fine.
I can just stay on base.
- Think Gerit will be there?
- No, Tally.
And how many times do
I have to tell you,
you're supposed to
meet other guys.
My mother and all my fathers
will be there, Raelle.
The Dean of War College.
Military brass.
This is the High Atlantic
function of the year.
It's our chance to show who we are
to the community that matters.
Have you ever seen
High Atlantic Royalty
talk to someone with
a Cession drawl?
No one's gonna
talk to me, Abigail.
Or maybe, you know, I can let it rip
with High Command on how
the peasants at Fort Salem
are being primed
to become war meat.
I bet your mom would
love that, hm?
You should want Scylla to be
there to keep me distracted.
It'll be a nightmare with my family
if you don't come, Raelle.
So that's it?
Your girlfriend isn't included,
so you're just gonna bail on us?
If you don't come today,
you're only hurting yourself.
You know what we should do?
We should run away together.
I'm serious.
- Where's your favorite place to be?
- A beach
named Labor-in-Pain.
That sounds, um, magnificent.
It's actually not far
from the wedding.
Oh, yeah?
I went there once as a kid,
just for a week, but I never forgot it.
There's an abandoned lighthouse.
I would sit on the beach
for hours,
watch the ships leave
for faraway lands.
I think that was
the last place I felt free.
So what're we waiting for?
We'll run away
and live on the beach.
Leave our medals
hanging on the door.
Tell the birds to sing our goodbyes.
- I want to swim in the ocean.
- After the wedding. I promise.
I mean, you shouldn't screw
things up with Abigail.
Don't not go because of me.
I like doing everything
because of you.
I really wish you
could come with me.
Get through the wedding
and then we'll go somewhere safe,
where we won't get caught
and court-martialed.
We're witches, Scylla.
Where is safe?
Um, I wanted to give this
to you at the wedding.
But I figured we could be fancy
and hang out here too, right?
This is for you.
It's perfect.
You like it?
Sexy weird. Like us.
Yeah, that it is.
I have something for you too.
- Okay
- Hold out your hand.
This could hurt.
That was incredible.
What was that?
Just a little piece of work
I cooked up.
I just always want to be able
to say hi to you.
- Wherever you are.
- I love it.
Let me get you back.
Let me know
if Abigail changes her mind.
I'll be ready the moment
she gives her blessing.
Yeah, good luck with that.
She wasn't able to get me
on the guest list.
I don't know what else I can do.
Major Holke.
So glad you could make it.
Edith, what a beautiful home.
You'll soon see
my sister's true calling
should have been
junior matrimonialist.
I won't be able to top this when Abigail
has her handfasting.
So she'll have no choice
but to enlist your help.
Or yours.
You always did keep the
best office at headquarters.
- Cheers.
- To this Bellweather affair.
Pass this around.
I can't believe you're here.
- That's a very nice corsage.
- Well, thank you.
- It was a gift.
- How the hell did you get here?
You can't crash this wedding.
Did you tell her to come anyway?
No, Abigail. I
How did you get here?
I'm glad you came.
You are not going
to mess this up for us.
Abigail. How wonderful to see you.
- Major Holke. Hi.
- Is this your unit?
Yes. Mostly yes.
Wait till you see what your Aunt Edith's
done, it's just magnificent.
Family. I hope everyone's
well and ready.
Hi, Mom.
You barely made it on time,
and that's as good as being late.
Couldn't be helped.
Shitbird issues.
You don't have those
issues here. Not today.
Please introduce your unit
to everyone.
Um, Bellweathers, meet my unit,
Tally Craven and Raelle Collar.
- It's a pleasure.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
- Lovely to meet you.
This is Scylla Ramshorn.
She's my guest.
Nice to meet you, Scylla.
Tally, Raelle, please consider
yourselves part of the family.
We'll be starting soon. Abigail.
Thanks for introducing me.
Wanna bail later
and go find the beach?
That's okay, I'll just hang out.
Well, you can come too
if you want, Tally.
It's okay. I should stay here
and meet other guys
and be all rah-rah,
unit-unity, like Abigail said.
Who is the girl Raelle brought?
- Another shitbird.
- Hm.
Well, let's stay positive.
Lots of people to impress.
I'm prepared.
Remember that darling boy from summer
camp who used to pull your hair?
- Raf?
- That's the one.
He's here.
And the Sorcells are here.
The wedding is about to start.
Make sure I introduce you later.
A blessing on the Bellweathers
for their matriline to
continue on with this union.
As rising moon and setting sun.
This knot connects all the
ribbons that were passed down
from mother to daughter,
dedicated to the
daughter yet to come.
The ties that bind here will
strengthen your union for five years.
Do you, Charvel Bellweather,
and Ciro Hood, seek to
enter this contract?
- We do.
- Charvel and Ciro,
will you honor each other
as equals in this union?
We will.
And so the binding is made.
- Hey, how are you?
- Great.
Are you guys enjoying yourselves?
Maybe you wanna slow down?
Our interview with the
Dean is very soon.
If we make a good impression here,
it'll be a breeze getting
into War College.
Aye-aye, Captain.
Abigail, relax. We
have at least an hour.
- I'm good.
- Suit yourself.
So, um, there's a beach nearby?
- A private beach.
- They have lobster.
General Clary.
For Lieutenant Clary, who
fulfilled her pledge with honor.
May she journey home
and sing the Song of the
Spiral with our fore-mothers.
So kind of you, Abigail.
Why don't you mingle, dear?
Be sure to say hello
to the Sorcells.
Of course. No problem.
She seems to forget I have
friends at The Hague too.
Her hubris.
General Alder's had plenty of time
to do something about the Spree.
Maybe it's time for a change.
Just ignore her.
Be here with me.
Or we can head down to the beach.
She's gonna try and kick you out.
No, I'm not taking her crap today.
Her name wouldn't be on the list.
You're not supposed to be here.
She goes where I go.
Scylla's my girlfriend.
A unit-unity thing has come up.
And I
I need you.
You okay?
I'm not afraid, if that's
what you're asking.
I expressly told you
to stay away from her.
I couldn't.
I have deep feelings for her.
And she does for me.
Don't take this out on Raelle.
I take full responsibility
for disobeying your orders.
You disobeyed my orders and you've
taken advantage of a new recruit.
She's been improving in
training since we've met.
- I've been a positive influence on her.
- Raelle doesn't need you.
She has her own gifts.
I suggest you end it
sooner than later.
Or I will make life very
difficult for you, Ramshorn.
Yes, ma'am.
What, Tal?
- What's going on?
- Gerit's here.
I can't believe he didn't tell me.
I can't believe he didn't tell me.
I should say hi, right?
- No!
- Yes!
- Yay!
- This is a disaster.
What's your problem, Bellweather?
Let her have her happiness.
- Gerit's engaged.
- What?
High Atlantic custom.
All the betrothed men wear sashes.
This is gonna be bad.
What are you doing here?
How come you didn't tell me?
Listen, I have to tell you
about this sash.
- I know about the Codices.
- The Codices? What about them?
I read them.
So you're just trained
to be funny and poetic
or are you really like that?
- I'm just me.
- Oh, so it's a game?
You just do whatever
the playbook tells you to do?
No. Not with you.
Tally, I've spent my whole
life with High Atlantic girls.
You're like a breath of fresh air.
Yeah, right.
This is not a game.
Even though we met at one.
Don't mess with me,
Gerit Buttonwood.
I don't blame you for doubting me.
And honestly,
I'm a little surprised myself
because this is
all happening so fast.
But I want to be with only you.
But, Tally, we have to talk.
I'm you see
Sorry I left you with her.
Just Tally's about to
get her heart broken.
- You okay?
- Yeah. Anacostia is intense.
She said something
interesting, though.
Evidently, you're
a very gifted student.
There's no way she said that.
- Thank you for what you said.
- What did I say?
- You know.
- What, the girlfriend part?
Yeah. The girlfriend part.
Are you having fun?
This'll help.
Oh, is this how you've been
getting through today?
Mm-hm. You know me too well.
Witches' tears in there?
Okay. What is it?
I'm meeting with the Dean today.
With my soup kitchen of a unit.
- Do you have any advice?
- About what?
What to say,
how to make a good impression.
"Last name Bellweather,
first name Abigail."
What more does she need to know?
Um, something about me?
You seriously can't
be sweating this.
All you need to do is show up,
Little Bells.
- I'm more than my name.
- Let the Dean do all the talking.
And besides, I'm more interested in
you helping me into my dress
than managing your privilege.
Meet me in the upstairs guest room.
I left the dress there.
I should tell you,
I'm here with someone else.
I only need you
for an interview energy boost.
Ten minutes, max.
Then I'll be good.
- We should go inside.
- We can't.
Tally, I wanna be with you. I do.
I love you.
And you have to believe me,
no matter what happens.
I love you too.
Um, I will explain
everything after.
We have an announcement to make.
Okay? I promise.
Wait, after what?
And finally,
- What's going on?
- Our last union to recognize today.
Gerit Buttonwood will be out
of circulation for the next five years.
Sorry, ladies.
He and Hilary Saint went
on a trial run last season
and decided to make it official
with a five year contract
based on healthy issue.
to the new couples!
'Tis time. The Dean of War
College, Coral Hallmote,
meet my daughter,
Abigail, and her unit,
Tally Craven and Raelle Collar.
It's an honor to meet you.
For all of us.
Feel free to use the den
if you want some privacy, Coral.
- Thank you.
- Abigail knows the way.
Are you all right, dear?
I'm sorry. Excuse me.
Excuse me, I should go help.
- Well
- I could apologize,
but I know I have a lot
of work to do with them.
Don't worry about that.
It was nice meeting you, Abigail.
Dean, shouldn't we talk about
my credentials for War College?
You're Petra Bellweather's
War hero, mistress of blasters,
a leader of witches.
Even sleepwalking,
we'd let you in.
We owe your mother
at least that much.
Now have you tried the lemon
cakes and grilled calf's hearts?
The caterer really got the traditional
pagan grub right this season.
Hey, Tal. Tal!
I just need to be alone, okay?
Let me know if you need me, okay?
So I hope it won't be too long
before we all gather together.
I have big plans
for Abigail's handcasting
once she finds her intended.
We never have enough
time to get together.
I really enjoy
I just wanna say thank you.
Excuse me, excuse me.
I've been wanting to have a conversation
with you for a while.
Yes, of course, Raelle.
I heard a lot of things went wrong
with my mom's last mission.
And a lot of things could've
been done differently.
Willa Collar was one
of the bravest soldiers I knew.
She was the fixer every unit
wanted to deploy with.
Your mother's unconventional
methods delivered incredible results.
Countless lives were saved
because of her work.
And from what I understand,
you have followed in her footsteps,
trying to save a young man's life.
I wish she could have
been here with us today.
She would be so proud of you.
I wish she could have
been here too.
It's like a thousand aftershocks
have been set off by
your bridal glory.
That's what I said when I saw it.
It's not just the dress, though.
Something's missing.
Where are my earrings?
You're supposed to be
getting me into all of this.
You're so demanding.
In the best bridal way.
- I'm happy for you, cousin.
- Me too. I'm so happy for me.
Do you think you'll make it
five years with just one man?
Of course not.
And that's not
the point of the ceremony.
What about the part
where you vow to give
five years of your youth
and beauty away?
More of a lend than a give.
Anyway, it's nowhere near as
limiting as they make it sound.
You'll see when it's your time.
Besides, this is
what Bellweathers do
when we're not winning wars.
- Ciro's a fine choice.
- In every way.
What a family.
His mom's a Brigadier General.
Goddess permits, you'll be
deploying with a full belly.
Wasn't Edith pregnant with you
During the Siege of Khartoum? Yes.
- But I turned out okay.
- Just okay?
Now you're being modest.
I just want to get to the part
where I can show off this dress.
Look at it.
We don't get to wear
a lot of dresses.
You'll be a hard act
to follow at War College.
Dean's List every year.
You'll be on there too, dear.
Don't fret.
Another pull?
Okay. So how did it
go with Dean Hallmote?
You look pinched.
You're not still worried about getting
into War College, are you?
You were right.
The briefest of introductions,
and then she made
a break for the buffet.
I told you the deal.
Bellweather. End of story.
I just want to do well.
Make a name for myself.
We all do, but the name
is what people remember.
The sooner you accept it, the sooner
I can have a perfect wedding.
- You're stressing me out.
- Sorry. This is your day.
It's okay, biscuit.
I love you to the moon
and back, cousin.
You too, Char.
I need to be more like
you when I grow up.
I wouldn't go that far.
You mingle. I'm gonna soak my feet
so I won't wobble around
in my high heels all night.
And then we're gonna
grab ten minutes
so I can reintroduce you
to the Dean,
get you on her list before
you even leave Fort Salem.
I have her.
Awaiting instructions
on extraction point.
I need to know she will be safe
once I get her there.
Should I wait with her?
Something happen
with Abigail's mom?
Um, no. It's nothing.
It's just, um
my mom and her mom
Just a lot of moms around.
Come with me.
Have that walk on the beach.
Actually, can we dance
for a minute?
Of course.
Excuse me.
Good news. The Dean was very
impressed with you.
With me? Not so much.
Impressed with your medals
and the Bellweather name?
- What are you talking about?
- She didn't even pretend to care
about what I had
to bring to the table.
Shouldn't being a good soldier
mean more than coasting
on a reputation and legacy?
Abigail, everything I've done
has been with you in mind.
So you could
have every opportunity.
To make yourself look better.
- Have you seen Charvel?
- No. Have you seen Tally?
Leave her be.
You'll only make it worse.
Just just stay away from her.
Yes, I agree.
I think the bride and groom
Excuse me, Private Craven.
Sorry, it's urgent.
And private.
Will you please excuse me?
What is it?
I saw a balloon.
I think Scylla is Spree.
Scylla, what's wrong?
You look pale.
Nothing. I'm good. I'm fine.
- You sure?
- I'm good.
Let's just dance.
No matter what happens,
I love you.
Charvel, it's me.
Follow lockdown protocol.
Secure the perimeter.
Everyone clear out. Move inside.
- What's happening?
- Let's remain calm
and move inside, everybody.
Let's go.
Party's over. Move inside.
Let's go!
- Where's Abigail?
- I don't know.
- Go back and help.
- Oh!
You okay? Get inside.
Get inside, stay inside.
- Where's Abigail?
- I haven't seen her.
- Where's Abigail?
- I don't know, where's Scylla?
What the hell is happening?
We are the Spree!
These fixers will see to you.
I'll find your sister.
There's still no sign
of Abigail and Scylla.
Do you think she's hurt?
What do you think happened to her?
You're hurt.
- Abigail.
- Charvel.
She's dead.
Scylla's gone, too.
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