Motherland: Fort Salem (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Mother Mycelium

Previously on Motherland:
A small nomadic sect of witches
was recently discovered
in the desert region.
Adil, I am glad you and
your sister are safe.
Once Khalida is well, we won't
trouble you any longer.
You're welcome here for
as long as you need.
The songs your people sing, I would
very much like to learn them.
The songs were never meant to
be released into the world.
- We are the Spree.
- I know Scylla is Spree.
I know Raelle loves her,
and I cannot pretend
that nothing happened.
You will say nothing!
How can I be a sister to her and a liar?
Stop! Did you touch that?
No. I'm looking for my girlfriend.
- Scylla was killed.
- Where's Raelle?
- I can't take you off base.
- Raelle is my sister.
Let me save my girl and bring her home.
Stop! Stop! She's alive!
Hello, Scylla.
How did the Spree find and target
the Bellweather Matriline?
Sarah Alder. The one who fought back.
The one who changed the world.
The great heroine.
Didn't they make you wear
something like this?
Eat, please.
You bound us to people who
hate us, who hate you.
You forced us to fight
their petty battles,
when we both know there's
only one battle.
The one between us and them.
That's the only war.
- The last war.
- Eat. I know you're hungry.
- I'm fighting for freedom.
- You're a murderer.
You fight for The End,
and I cannot allow that.
Tell us what you know
while there's still time
left to right your wrongs.
Thank you ever so much for lunch.
So refreshing.
This will only be as
hard as you make it.
Just let me in.
Get out of my head!
There's nothing you can do.
We won't stop until
there's total liberation.
Ignore it.
None of them would've had
the guts to do what we did.
- That's a good way to look at it.
- Agreed.
That was Scylla's room.
Wherever I look, there she is.
Grief is wild, remember?
You told me that.
Time will help.
Come on.
I heard she took too much Salva.
Stole it from her own unit.
Goddess forbid the Bellweather Unit have
to take responsibility
for their failures.
May I?
You just twist this right here
and stop when your bowl is full.
Thank you.
We don't have this where I'm from.
- Where's that?
- Tarim Basin.
Quite the conflict zone.
You made it out safe.
That's definitely cause for cereal.
I'm guessing she didn't come with you?
I'm told she's supposed to be my guide.
If you ever want to ditch her,
I could take you around base.
I'm Adil.
Bellweather. Abigail.
He's cute.
Can I eat my breakfast before
you start planning my wedding?
Hey, I'm finished. I'm
gonna go for a walk.
- You okay?
- Yeah. Just restless.
- Training's in
- Half an hour. I know. I'll be there.
There are Necro reports from The
Hague, past couple of months.
Terminal cases like this
in various war zones.
It's something new.
Unnatural. Maybe human-made.
The vibrations cause a pleurodesis,
ensuring we protect her lungs.
Colonel Wick!
What's happening?
It may have wrapped
around her vocal cords.
Get out!
Morning, soldiers.
I'll be filling in for
Colonel Wick today.
She may be the best
Fixer in the country,
but I should be able to handle a
little first-aid in her absence.
I need a volunteer.
Let me be clear.
You can blast clean through a mountain
and know the whisper
of an oncoming gale.
But without a Fixer,
you'll likely end up in
the ground just the same.
Today, we learn Linking,
an essential combat skill.
Breathing, if you listen closely enough,
is a kind of song. Our
hearts beat a rhythm.
Master this music,
and you can become attuned
to your target's life force,
blood flow, organ function,
even cellular composition.
Linking is the touchstone of Fixing,
and soldiers, as you can see,
it often means life or death.
Thank you, soldier.
Why don't you go take a rest
before jumping back in?
Advanced Linking even allows a glimpse
into another soldier's
mind and memories.
This is a pairing exercise to
Link and synchronize heartbeats.
- Swythe and Bellweather.
- I'll go with Glory.
Fine. Craven and Moffett.
Collar and Treefine.
I have to Link with the Salva freak.
Lucky you have a Bellweather
in your unit to protect you.
Shall we?
- Begin.
- Ask and it shall be given you.
Seek and ye shall find.
That Christo-pagan nonsense
is not how this is done.
Well, that's how I learned it.
And how'd that work out for Porter?
Ask and it shall be given you.
Seek and ye shall find!
Knock and it shall
Since I'm still awake,
I'm guessing you didn't learn
Sleep Induction in the military.
What did I just do?
Forced everyone to take a little nap.
Listen to me.
Right now, you're a slave
to your emotions, Raelle.
And in combat, that's disastrous.
Master your feelings
and you will be free.
Lean on us, our Canon will not fail you.
That's what Scylla said. To
let the army make me strong.
She was right and smart.
I am going to have to reprimand you.
Work outside of Canon
is strictly forbidden.
What Raelle did is very dangerous
and could have hurt someone.
- What happened?
- She happened.
She can't control herself.
Back off, Treefine. She's one of mine.
In case you didn't notice, she
just put you on your ass.
I assure you,
you will learn the proper way
to Sleep someone very soon.
And yes, waking up too fast will
make you sick to your stomach.
Return to your partners to start
the Linking exercise again.
Beth Treefine is an embarrassment
to all High Atlantics.
And you took her down.
Good job.
Listen up!
Citydrop is being expedited.
So when you're not eating or sleeping,
you're at the workshop,
building and modifying weapons.
General Alder.
Let's walk.
I'm glad you called us back, Sarah.
Everywhere we went, the way
the civilians looked at us,
the pitchforks were almost
out, if you get my meaning.
A police officer roughed
up one of my men
at a gas station, no reason given.
And between us, I've heard whispers
about a growing debate in
Congress to revoke the Accord
and disband the army.
How could they justify that?
Fear, mostly.
The Spree are getting more
creative in their reign of terror.
But when we strike against them,
we'll gain the upper hand.
Indeed. And the Tarim Cell?
Were they worth it?
Am I in some kind of trouble?
Only with The Hague.
I never needed The Hague's
approval for my actions.
I simply extend the invitation
to accept my rulings.
Relax, Glory. Let him come to you.
You sound like Berryessa.
What if Gerit comes and finds you?
I'll say hi and wish him well.
Are you sure about that?
I'm fine. It's fine.
- Gerit. Hi.
- Hey.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't know you would
be at the wedding.
I tried to tell you as soon as I could.
But, you know, before I
could we were kissing.
And then everything went to shit.
Can we at least still be friends?
Open invitation at the Lodge for dinner.
Inspection in two minutes.
A lot going on. Another time.
Hey. It's funny.
I've been looking for the
grumpiest girl in the room.
And I was wondering where that
annoying ray of sunshine was.
Oh. What's that?
It's, um I slammed it in the door.
It's nothing.
Well, maybe you should get
that nothing checked out.
It looks infected, maybe necrotic.
Be more dramatic?
I'm just saying maybe
you should just try
taking this thing more seriously
I will be. Thanks.
We're at your service.
Whatever you need.
I just want to be alone.
Thanks, boys.
I see you managed to evade your guide.
How'd you do that?
Perhaps I'll show you sometime.
It's an ancestral symbol,
a blessing to the earth for its service.
What's that?
A sacred symbol,
also known as a face with a smile.
Are you collecting flowers for someone?
My sister Khalida is very sick.
Your sister's in the
best place possible.
Trust me, Colonel Wick once regrew
37 frostbitten legs after
an ice attack in Bulgaria.
What happened to the 38th leg?
Take a walk and I can tell
you the rest of the story.
The story of the frozen leg.
I'll walk for that.
- It is.
- No, it's not.
It is.
Impressive, isn't it?
Soon, I'll be as good as them,
grinding iron into ore,
mountains into dust,
and crushing our enemies.
Hey, wait, Adil. What?
What just happened?
All that weather you
fight with has a cost.
Floods, failing crops, famine.
Every war people starve.
We contract horrible plagues,
like the one attacking my sister.
We use our work to save lives
and protect the weak.
And yes, there may be some side effects,
but the good we do far
outweighs the bad.
- You're ignorant of the world.
- And you're patronizing and arrogant.
Maybe I am.
I'm a sixth generation Bellweather.
I know more than the
smartest cadet in basic.
I see. Now, who's arrogant?
It's just one of our Bats bringing in
Are you ready to tell me the how and why
of the Bellweather wedding attack?
There is no reason to
protect them now, Scylla.
Spree protect their own.
We are nothing like you.
We'll see.
This is Fort Salem.
We don't fold either.
Any ideas?
Honestly, I haven't seen
anything quite like it.
Could be ague or breakbone, perhaps.
What are those?
Better you not know
until we can confirm.
I'll let you know when
test results come back.
In the meantime, keep it clean.
You disappeared without saying anything.
- Literally.
- It was the helicopter.
- The Bat?
- That's what you call them?
- It sounds so innocent.
- What would you call them?
They're like the first crack of
lightning before the deluge.
Whenever my family hears them,
we have to hide before the storms hit.
And death always follows after them.
Why are your people under siege?
Who's doing this?
Take your pick.
Many governments want what we have.
I know that feeling. Being targeted.
- Feeling helpless.
- I don't mind the hiding.
It's when I hear the elders cry,
when my friends are
taken from me forever.
I'm so sorry.
The fear of losing someone you love
and not being able to do
anything about it, it
It's the worst.
They're preparing Khalida's Fixing.
- Want me to wait with you?
- It could be a long time.
Thank you, though. Maybe after.
Find me.
What happened?
It didn't work.
My sister's gonna die
surrounded by strangers.
- Don't say that.
- Coming here was a mistake.
- There must be something.
- There's nothing.
Please, don't give up.
I know someone who could help.
I need to talk to you. Where's Tally?
I need her too.
I don't know. She's been avoiding me.
- Fine. We'll find her after.
- After what?
We all saw what you did in
Linking training, Raelle.
Tally has a golf ball growing on the
back of her head because of it.
Abigail, I already said sorry to her.
My point is you're weird and reckless
and have put all of us
in danger several times.
- Wait, Raelle.
- What?
What I'm trying to say
is you're powerful.
You can do things that no one else can.
And I need your help. Please.
Okay. I'm listening.
You wanna tell me what's
going on with you?
What do you mean?
You've been acting weird.
No, I haven't.
Tally, seriously, why have
you been avoiding me?
I I'm sorry. I just have
my own stuff going on.
Attention this way, please.
Tally, stand watch.
Something's here.
I don't know what it is exactly,
but it's moving towards us.
- You saw us.
- I I don't know how.
Raelle, Tally.
This is Adil and his sister, Khalida.
You are truly gifted with sight, Tally.
Thank you.
How long has she been like this?
Several weeks. Your
Fixers tried everything.
Raelle can do more.
You should know, two healers back
home died trying to cure her.
Whatever this thing is
that's afflicting her,
it won't let go without a fight.
When you pass through the
waters, I will be with you.
Through the rivers, they
shall not flood you.
When you walk through the fire,
you shall not be burned.
Oh, my God! Ask and it
shall be given you.
Seek and ye shall find.
Knock and it shall be opened unto you.
Wait! Look!
It's gone. You did it.
Where did it go?
- Where am I?
- Fort Salem.
We tried everything at home.
- Raelle Collar.
- How do you know my name?
You're the witch who saved my life.
Thank you.
I'm so grateful.
You too, Raelle, have
extraordinary gifts.
- It was nothing.
- It was far more than that.
Told you our work could do some good.
I need food and water.
Of course.
- I'll come and find you later.
- Yeah.
Something went wrong. This isn't right.
What do you mean?
I always take on the illness.
Even if it's just a little bit. Always.
- I don't have any webbing.
- Exactly. It's gone.
It's because you're getting
better, Raelle, stronger.
No, I I don't know.
I do.
See what happens when
you apply yourself?
He says she just woke up like this.
Says it was a miracle.
There are no such things as miracles.
Gerit. Hi.
Is this another time?
Another time for?
When I asked you about having
dinner, you said another time.
How about now?
Look, Gerit.
You mentioned being friends earlier.
And I've been thinking a lot
about that word lately.
What it means. Friends tell
each other their dreams,
their burdens, their secrets.
- Tally, you can tell me anything.
- I really can't.
- Why not?
- You have to go.
You can tell me everything or
nothing, it doesn't matter.
I'm here for you.
- Isn't it beautiful here?
- I've seen better.
You have not!
Yes, it's a very nice military base.
So now what? Are you gonna stay here?
I wish I could say yes,
but now that Khalida is better,
she'll be wanting to leave.
You can't leave too soon, she
still needs a lot of rest and
Well, probably.
And with everything happening back home,
you can't return there right away.
Or easily
I want to thank you for what you and
your friends did for my sister.
- You don't need to thank me.
- Please.
So this is what you do.
It's as if I'm everything
and nothing at once.
Right now
you are everything.
Can you imagine what we
could do with this power?
What the military could achieve?
Yes. Unfortunately, I can.
Adil, I'm sorry, I didn't mean
I didn't mean
Raelle. Raelle.
This can't be real.
- You're dead.
- It's me. It's really me.
Oh, my God!
Did they hurt you? Did they hurt you?
They're gonna tell you
horrible things about me.
- Who?
- All of them.
Please don't believe
everything they tell you.
So why would they do this to you?
'Cause they want something
I can't give them.
I don't understand.
This is all you need to know.
I love you, Raelle.
And I would never do
anything to hurt you.
Please believe me.
I believe you.
I believe you.
I love you.
I love you. I'm so sorry.
The way out is in.
Sixth floor, huh?
Never actually been on the sixth floor.
There is no sixth floor here.
There is no sixth floor here.
The way out is in.
The way over is under.
I've been expecting you, Scylla.
We'll get you started right away.
Do I get to choose my own vessel?
Everyone gets a balloon first.
What was that?
That, my darling, is the
sound of suffering.
Gotta break a few eggs, right?
Don't be nervous.
Now is the moment you stop
being complicit in their evil.
Now is the moment you stop
being complicit in their evil.
The way over is under.
We are the Spree.
Sorry, Scylla.
"Gotta break a few eggs."
Excuse me, ma'am.
Glad I was able to catch up with you.
Do you have a location for me?
An armory embedded in a
domestic factory building.
Baylord Auto Plant. Middlebury, Vermont.
There is a considerable
civilian presence.
That is to be expected.
They hide in plain sight
and live among their prey.
Good work, Anacostia.
Is there something else?
When I Linked with Scylla,
I sensed a a trace of regret.
She wavered.
You always had a soft spot for orphans.
We have more pressing matters.
Oh, God.
- Tally, wake up!
- What is wrong?
- What time is it?
- Scylla's alive.
I was in her jail cell.
She's being tortured.
The army is holding her.
Look at you, you're sweating.
Raelle, it was just a dream.
No. Abigail, it was real!
After Charvel died, every
nightmare felt real to me too.
I wasn't dreaming. Oh, God!
Citydrop starts now, soldiers!
I need you suited and booted.
Citydrop's now?
Pull it together, Collar.
We're wheels up at 0500.
Let's move!
Citydrop is your crucible, ladies!
The ultimate test of your
fitness to be soldiers.
All of your training has led to this.
You will be pushed to your limits,
and you will succeed or fail as units.
Fail, and you can kiss
War College goodbye.
Make me proud!
Khalida. Are you feeling better?
I would've accompanied
you on your walk here.
Much better, thank you.
You had us worried.
Especially your brother.
- He's very protective of you.
- Adil's work is done.
Well, I'm very pleased
that we were able to help.
I will do everything in my power
to protect you and your people.
You've done too much already.
What can I do for you?
Teach me your songs,
and I will use them to make
the world a better place.
Listen up! From the second
we step off this tin can,
I want your eyes open and
your head on a swivel.
Remember, we are storm. We are fury!
We cannot fail.
- Got a problem, Bellweather?
- Good speech.
Hey. It's gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Stay close.
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