Motherland: Fort Salem (2020) s01e08 Episode Script


- [WOMAN] Previously on Motherland
- Lieutenant Helen Graves.
Give your special Necro a minute
to open up. Bet she's worth it.
- [ABIGAIL] Soon I'll be as good as them.
- You're ignorant of the world.
And you're patronizing and arrogant.
I've been expecting you, Scylla.
The way out is in.
I'm filled with an unbearable sadness.
No matter what happens, I love you.
- Scylla!
[ABIGAIL] Charvel, she's dead.
Scylla's gone too.
You did the right thing by
reporting what you saw, Private.
How can I be a sister to her
and a liar at the same time?
Scylla's alive.
Please don't believe
everything they tell you.
Citydrop starts now, soldiers.
I need you suited and booted.
Listen up. The second we
step off this tin can,
I want your eyes open and
your head on a swivel.
Up here! Let's go!
- Move, move!
- Come on, this way! Stay together!
- Shit!
- Can you stand on it?
[GRUNTING, SOBBING] I think it's broken.
Oh, God, okay.
Okay. It's okay, I got you.
[ECHOING] When you pass
through the waters,
I will be with you.
Through the rivers, they
shall not flood you.
When you walk through the fire,
you shall not be burned.
[TALLY] I saw a balloon.
I think Scylla is Spree.
It was you.
You reported her.
- I can explain.
- You lied to Anacostia.
Tally, I I trusted you!
- I wanted to tell you.
- You watched me suffer.
You knew she was alive this entire time!
No, I didn't know what happened
to Scylla. I swear it!
I didn't know if she was
dead or alive or anything.
Whatever this is, you two need
to stop it and start focusing!
Do you have any idea
what's on the line here?
- Where are you going?
- To fix what she did!
White Phase Evaluation begins now.
Every element of your training
is to be used against the enemy.
That enemy is the Spree.
At any point over the next
two days, you may encounter trip mines
or hostile Spree agents.
Those are our trained officers
and they will be using the same
techniques the Spree are using
to wreak havoc in the world.
Your rules of engagement:
give everything you've got.
Our officers will not hold
back, neither should you.
Trust me, they're going to challenge
you in every way imaginable.
If we have to pull you out, War
College is no longer an option.
You'll be put on the list
for early deployment.
Welcome to Citydrop.
Your first op: clear your
unit's assigned street
of all mines and meet at the
rendezvous point in one hour.
Use your Seed Sounds for
locating and defusing.
Be safe. Stay sharp.
Swythe Unit, Avenue A.
Moffett Unit, Avenue C.
Bellweather Unit, Avenue F.
Amagont Unit, Avenue G.
Habergone Unit, Avenue Q.
Barbet Unit, Avenue Y.
I noticed a little friction
in the Bellweather Unit.
- Anything I can do to help?
- We're doing just fine.
Best thing to do is stay out of our way.
It's no fun to beat you if
you aren't at your best.
The feeling is so mutual.
Got the map. Let's move out.
[ABIGAIL] Tally, you're on Scry duty.
Raelle, defuse.
I'll search. Call out if you
see anything suspicious.
You're wrong about Scylla.
She told me not to believe
what people said about her.
She had specific orders
to take you somewhere called
Penelope Road at 6pm.
You were her target.
But she didn't take me anywhere, Tally.
She was with me right before the
attack telling me she loved me.
I did it to protect you.
Please believe me.
I don't.
All clear over here!
Copy. Is your site secure?
Is your site secure?
Hate me all you want.
But don't lie to yourself.
You saw what I saw.
- Get away the car!
- Scylla is Spree!
Since it was sound-borne,
you're not contagious.
You were just hit with
a mild form of plague.
This is mild?
Tally, I hear it goes
away in a few hours.
It'll be an unpleasant
night before it wears off.
- Or we can send you home.
- Absolutely not.
We'll be putting you here.
Grab a spot anywhere.
Okay, what the hell is
going on with you two?
You realize if this were
a real combat zone,
- we'd all be dead right now.
- So you don't know?
- Know what?
- I reported Scylla to Anacostia
because I saw her talking to
a balloon at the wedding.
What does that even mean?
She was talking to a
balloon in a mirror.
It's how they communicate.
The Spree.
Scylla's Spree, and you brought
her to my cousin's wedding?
Neither of you know the
first thing about her.
I know Scylla, she's not Spree.
[WOMAN] Settle down, ladies.
She was gonna turn you over to them.
That's all I needed to know.
I was protecting you, Raelle.
I don't need your protection.
I need Scylla back.
[WOMAN] Lights out!
Raelle? Raelle.
Oh, my God!
I don't understand!
They're gonna tell you
horrible things about me.
- No!
- No!
- You can't just leave.
- I need to find Anacostia.
You think she went outside?
You knew Scylla was responsible
for Charvel's death
- and you didn't tell me.
- Abigail
If you knew Scylla was Spree, why
didn't you tell me right away?
It was your responsibility
to give me that information.
What would you have done? Stop her?
I went to Anacostia,
and she gave me an order
not to say anything after.
What about our unit, huh?
We have to trust each other.
- What's going on?
- Windstrike won't work.
- Hand-to-hand only!
[HELEN] Soldier!
State your business.
Helen. Lieutenant Graves.
It's Raelle Collar.
You want to tell me how you
know my name, Private?
From Fort Salem. We did
guard duty together.
You know my girlfriend, Scylla Ramshorn.
I have no idea who you are.
I don't know a Scylla Ramshorn.
And it's been years since
I've had to walk guard duty.
You better get your story
straight, Private Collar.
We met. How else would I know your name?
I intend to find out.
In the meantime, you're AWOL.
Return to camp directly,
or I'll report you as such.
Bellweather, stand down!
- Abigail! Hey! Look at me! Abigail!
Look at me. Look at me!
You're okay.
You're okay.
It's over.
Our first enemy combatants defeated.
Bellweather Unit.
What you just did is not how you
conduct yourself in the field.
When the threat is
neutralized, you stop.
When you're in battle,
you represent nothing less
than the American military.
You act accordingly.
Down to business.
Your next op: there's a high school
one click east of here.
You're after the Spree agents inside.
Cordon and search.
Beware the mines they've laid.
Go room to room.
Bring them back alive,
and this time with no more
than a Windburn on them.
Yes, Lieutenant.
All right, move out.
Try and save some of that
bloodlust for the actual Spree.
Don't burn yourself out on Citydrop.
Let's fan out. We can cover more ground.
You two can blame me, but
we're here to do a job.
Fine. I'll navigate.
Abigail, watch our backs.
Raelle, identify and apprehend.
Raelle on Spree watch?
Great, she brought one
to my cousin's wedding.
I'm sure she'll be able to find more.
She had nothing to do with
what happened, Abigail.
- She came because of me.
- What if there was another reason?
What if there was another reason?
- Thanks.
- Defensive work only.
- Let's go hunting.
- Love to, if you can keep up.
Come to me, all who are
weary and burdened,
and I will give you rest.
Glad to see you two fighting
someone else for a change.
[ALDER] Izadora, what's our status?
Strike team reporting.
They've finished recon.
They can confirm that this
is a Spree installation?
It's confirmed.
The sixth floor is an armory.
Where is your intel coming from?
We're ready to breach.
- Give the order.
- Yes, General.
That's a go. Move in.
Private Collar.
We need a minute.
Tell me about the person you
thought was Lieutenant Graves.
We've recently learned the Spree
can change their appearance.
Apparently, one of them took mine.
Well, why would a Spree agent
want to talk to me?
That depends. What did you talk about?
Um, Scylla, mostly.
You, or whoever, said
to give her a chance.
You were encouraged to be
in a relationship with her?
Just put aside the
questions I had about her.
What sort of questions?
She wouldn't tell me
anything about herself.
But you explained her parents
were killed by the army,
- and that she was vulnerable.
- What about Porter Tippet?
Is it possible she had something
to do with his death?
Please tell me it isn't true.
She said she loved me.
She told you what you needed to hear.
Why would they destroy their own armory?
Because they didn't need it anymore.
We need to find those trucks.
We have a confirmed sighting.
They're headed for Boston.
Where is the closest strike team?
En route, but they won't make it
before the trucks reach the city.
New intelligence.
They could be heading to the airport.
Giving us even less time.
- Citydrop.
- General, I feel I have to protest.
- Involving the cadets would be
[IZADORA] And what about President Wade?
If she should find out
The cadets are the only
ones close enough.
They aren't ready.
I've had my eyes on them.
They are capable of a
lot more than you know.
Tell Quartermain.
- Are you refusing the order?
- No, ma'am.
I'll contact Sergeant
Quartermain at once.
I hope you know what you're doing.
Citydrop ends now.
The Spree have two trucks full of mines
making their way southbound to Boston.
And we are going to take them out.
This is not an exercise.
This is what you have been training for.
I believe you're ready.
Now it's up to you to prove it.
Your rules of engagement:
You have been cleared
to use hostile Work.
This is a full combat situation.
Contain these trucks, eliminate
any Spree you encounter.
- Are we clear, soldiers?
Your unit moved well in there.
Because you led them well.
- Thanks for backing me up.
- You're welcome
Everyone knows the alpha
needs to protect the young
and feeble of the pack.
Gracious as a hagfish, Libba,
but with half the brains.
I know.
Collar, a word.
Do you know why they targeted you?
The Spree want the same thing we do.
- And you have it.
- I don't feel strong.
I see you trust your unit.
They'll get you through.
Drop zone approaching. Salva up.
We got this.
Drop, drop, drop!
Hold steady, ladies.
As one!
Collar, I want you out in that field.
Make sure no one walks
away from that crash.
Craven, I need eyes
inside that second truck.
- Do you have your Scry?
- Don't need it.
They're arming the mines.
Keep an eye on the Spree. Let
me know if they start to move.
- Hi, Raelle.
- It can't be you.
Of course it is.
I've been trying to find you.
You know what?
Even if it is you
Everything about you is a lie.
- We are the Spr
Listen up, ladies. That truck
is now a ten ton bomb.
It is not enough to just
knock it off the road.
We have to destroy it completely.
There are civilians inside.
They have hostages.
We have a situation.
General, they have hostages.
The mission hasn't changed.
Just like in the rough room, ladies.
We're gonna grind it into dust.
What are you doing?
There are innocent people inside.
The Spree are just
making you see things.
My intel says there are
no civilians onboard.
- No, I can see them. I can
- Craven.
My intel, my orders, come directly
from General Alder herself.
Do you understand?
Now, step aside.
It won't work unless it's close enough.
On my mark!
Is this going to work?
It has to.
Easy. Easy, Bellweather.
You took a nasty hit to the head.
Tally and Raelle are fine.
On the way back to the base.
Not everybody made it.
Get up, Swythe.
You heard me. Get up, Swythe.
Piece of debris sliced up
her heart too bad to fix.
Come on, you dirty Swythe! Get up!
- She's gone. Let her
- Get up!
I'm so sorry. It's all right.
[RAELLE] Are you okay?
It's a dumb question.
None of us are okay.
But at least we're still
together, we're still here.
Libba's not.
But she died with honor, so
Pledge fulfilled.
What if it wasn't honorable?
Why would you say that?
There were civilians
inside the second truck.
The one we destroyed.
Tally, the people in that
truck were the Spree.
We wouldn't have been ordered to
take out a truck full of hostages.
I know.
Forget it.
Tal, what did you see?
It's more what I felt.
They didn't wanna die.
And I told Anacostia.
And she didn't care?
She said that intel came
straight from General Alder.
And that there were no hostages.
Alder wouldn't send us into a
mission without all the facts.
She sent us in before we even
finished basic, Abigail.
I believe you, Tal.
We'll figure this out.
I'm sorry we couldn't
give you more warning.
But the cadets were needed immediately.
It's what the operation required.
I understand.
I mourn for the Swythe family.
I will tell them Libba died a hero.
I'll begin preparing the memorial.
Given that a cadet was killed
during an improvised operation
I will be making a statement soon.
The world is a safer place
for what you did today.
I should return to my cadets, General.
Come in.
Something happened out
during your exercise?
So many things.
We lost someone.
What happened?
Citydrop was almost over,
and then we were called
into a real operation.
None of it should have
happened like that.
No one should die like Libba died.
That was her name.
I'm sorry.
Someone once told me I was
ignorant of the world.
I'm a little less so now.
Whoever said that sounds like an idiot.
A moment first for the fallen.
Earlier this morning, our forces
intercepted two vehicles on Highway 93,
having tracked them from a
Spree armory in Vermont.
That armory was subsequently
destroyed by the Spree
in a massive explosion,
resulting in the loss
of over a hundred military
and civilian lives.
The vehicles themselves
were loaded with munitions,
and, tragically, civilian hostages.
We believe that they were
hell-bent on committing
a massive coordinated attack,
starting in Boston
and spreading to nations
around the globe.
After our forces intercepted them,
the Spree reacted as they always do.
With shocking violence and destruction.
They chose to execute the hostages,
and our troops suffered a further
loss in the ensuing battle.
We must take solace in the fact
that several agents from the
Spree were neutralized,
including members of their leadership,
along with their entire
munitions stockpile.
A disaster of worldwide
proportions was prevented.
So now we must rebuild,
and continue our fight to end
the Spree once and for all.
A blessing on the families of those
who lost loved ones to this tragedy.
A blessing on this great nation.
I will take questions now.
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