Motherland: Fort Salem (2020) s01e10 Episode Script


It's a bowerbird's foot.
It's supposed to keep you safe,
passed from mother to daughter.
Previously on Motherland:
They're innocent.
People are in there.
Your days of leading
our military are over.
Fellow citizens..
I told Petra that Scylla
was being held on base.
- Petra told President Wade.
- I am granting General Alder
full authorization.
Alder puppeted the president.
Can she follow this back to us?
If she does,
you're all in grave danger.
- She did it.
- How many of the Tarim remain?
Less than ten.
The work they possess
is very special.
I know this sound.
It's in my blood.
How did the Spree find them
before we did?
- What if it's not the Spree?
- I rooted out
the last remaining Camarilla
over 200 years ago.
They very much wanted
my voice in here too.
To look this kind
of evil in the face.
The burning times are over, right?
Does something like that
ever really go away?
We are the Spree.
Our ancient enemy has returned.
Our ancient enemy has returned.
Our ancient enemy has returned.
Our ancient enemy has returned.
Our ancient enemy
- What ancient enemy? We had so many.
- Take your pick.
My guess? The church.
The people from the soccer
stadium are still messed up,
even though they're being treated.
Guys, we have other things
to think about right now.
- Ladies, we did this.
- Yeah, we did.
- Wasn't easy.
- Or fair.
- But we made it through.
- Together.
Come on, shitbird.
You have given more
than you thought you could.
You have accessed reserves
of power you never knew existed.
And while graduation marks
an important day in a soldier's life,
this is just the beginning.
Today, some of you will
place at War College.
Others will join their sisters
on the frontlines.
But all of you
will serve this great country
as soldiers
of the United States army.
Make your way outside, ladies.
The ninth bell reveals your fate.
Gr uh
Oh. Guys, I'm so sorry.
Just when you get your hopes up.
- This can't be true.
- No.
I always knew this would happen.
Graduation bells.
They're one step closer
to dying for the cause.
I let you see Raelle.
So let's get started.
Why am I still here, Anacostia?
- I told you.
- You wanted to see if I'm human.
But you already know I am.
- It's something more.
- Do tell.
It's beginning to dawn on you
that, if I'm a human being,
and member of the Spree,
then maybe others in the Spree
are human beings too.
And they might have their reasons,
just like I do,
and then things are not as
simple as you wish them to be.
Your ignorance is stunning.
If only you could hold
on to your pathetic story
- of good versus evil.
- This was a mistake.
It's a children's story,
You're a grown woman,
Even more, you're a witch.
The only thing starting to dawn
on me is just how lost you really are.
Keep fighting it.
Truth always wins.
You know no!
You know nothing about me.
This is not happening.
This has never happened
in American freaking history.
- Not to a
- Bellweather!
We get it.
It's Alder. Think about it.
Yeah, it's because
of what we told Petra.
If Alder puppeted the president,
then she must have glimpsed
Petra in Wade's memories.
- And here we are.
- War meat.
General Alder would like
to speak to your unit.
Khalida and Adil have agreed
to accept my help.
I'm assembling a small strike team
to rescue the remaining Tarim.
- Khalida requested
- Insisted.
Insisted that your unit
accompany us,
given your success
with Khalida's ailments.
There may be others
with the same affliction.
- I will come too.
- No.
It's essential that I must come.
No. We both know why.
Your are the last
of a powerful line.
All the more reason.
It is decided, then.
I will help you find my people.
We leave at 1500 hours.
- Thank you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Pop!
- Hey, kid.
- Did you have fun?
- It was okay.
Old buildings are old buildings.
I'm glad to see
you're wearing that.
Yeah. Sounds like
I'm gonna need it.
I'm deploying today, Dad.
That soon, huh?
I didn't get into War College.
Well, hey, neither did your mama.
Dad, why didn't Mom's charm
keep her safe?
She never brought it
on her last tour.
I thought they sent it
back with her medal.
Nope. It's like she knew
she wasn't coming back.
I know how bad she wanted
to pass it to you.
There's something else.
I've had it a while.
She wanted me to give it
to you when you graduated.
- I love you, Dad.
- You too, Rae.
I'll call you
when I get home from China.
So, you wear that old bird's foot
and you come back to me.
I promise I will.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Everything's going to be okay.
No, it's not.
Alder found out about
what we did, what you did,
and everything backfired.
Alder's retaliating.
I know Alder personally blocked
your placement at War College.
I pulled some strings.
It wasn't hard with the
attacks on our family,
not to mention
the blowback Alder's getting for
what happened after Citydrop.
It was deemed too
risky to send you on
another premature,
reckless deployment.
Instead, I have secured a solo
placement for you at War College.
Just me?
Just you, daughter.
I've already moved you
out of Circe.
But Raelle and Tally are
the last of their lines too.
They should
Some Matrilines are more
important than others.
They don't matter to me.
You do.
Abigail won't
be joining you in Tarim.
How is that even possible?
Petra still has powerful friends.
- That's ridiculous!
- I know.
No, absolutely not!
This is a complete betrayal
of everything you taught us!
I mean, the unit that,
the unit this.
What kind of justice it that?
Some sisterhood.
Every single thing
that we fought for
and bled for has
been a complete joke.
- Are you that surprised, Tal?
- Yes, I am.
- You ladies are wheels up in ten.
- This is so fast.
You need to put this to bed
and get your head in the mission.
Be smart out there. Make me proud.
Is this?
We don't say goodbye here.
Thank you for taking care of us.
I'm going to need the two of you
to come back so you can continue
to frustrate me
and age me prematurely.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Yes, ma'am.
Wherever they're taking Scylla,
can you please make sure
that they go easy on her?
I know she's messed up,
but she's not all bad.
- I'll try.
- Thank you.
I can't believe Abigail would leave
without saying goodbye to us.
This is crazy.
You gonna give me one more chance?
My dead parents.
Better times.
What happened to them?
I'm sure it's all in the report.
Yeah, but I want
to hear it from you.
I was 16.
We were drifting west that spring,
across the cession, undetected.
We were good at that.
Until we weren't.
We found different Dodger families
in sleepy towns all
over the dustbowl.
We got new names.
I was starting school.
They were waiting at our home.
Military police?
My parents surrendered themselves,
but they killed them anyways,
to prove a point.
I was hiding in the garage.
I did nothing.
Now, I fight in their honor.
I lost mine too.
- Your?
- Parents.
Not the plague or storm
or festering war wounds.
No, it was a car accident,
icy road.
Why didn't they just?
Bust out some work
and right the car?
They were on furlough.
My parents were as by
the book as you can get.
No work performed off base
unless engaged
in a military operation.
I had many moms, mothers,
Alder among them.
But I miss my
I miss her voice.
I miss her smell.
I hope their sacrifice
was appreciated.
They were wearing collars and
chains and didn't even know it.
I found my family.
The army became my family.
Is a family that eats
their young really a family?
The Spree gave me purpose.
And a place to put my pain.
I guess we are more alike
than I thought.
You've been kinder to me
than you needed to be.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
- Where's Abigail?
- She's not coming.
- Why?
- Long, terrible story.
Pretty much the saddest
story ever told.
You didn't think I was gonna
let you two have all the fun, did you?
What's up, shitbird?
My dear one.
I deploy to Greenville
in the morning.
I left my charm with Dad.
Soon, you will need it
more than me.
May it keep you safe and sound.
I love you
more than the sky above
and the earth below.
It has pained me greatly
being away from you so much,
but you need to know you have
powerful work in you, girl.
Trust your gift. Never doubt it.
Not even for a minute.
And never forget,
I will always be close,
watching over you.
What is it?
- We're being watched.
- The Tarim?
- I don't think so.
- You need to tell Alder.
- I think we're being followed.
- Tell me more.
Whoever it is, they feel hostile.
It might be any of a half dozen
armies seeking the Tarim.
- Or the Spree?
- Entirely possible.
Stay vigilant.
Would you mind conferring with
the strike team about tomorrow?
Of course.
I believe it's time
we cleared the air.
Would that be clearing the air
on the civilians you had us kill?
Or Libba's death?
Or the fact that you puppeted the
president in order to grab power?
You think you see
everything, don't you?
It does seem like you
owe us some answers.
I owe you nothing.
And I will not justify
my actions to three privates
who barely made it through basic.
But, considering our
present circumstances,
it's important
that we trust each other.
The first time I made a decision
that affected the life and death
of soldiers under my command
was over 300 years ago.
I have made countless
decisions like it since.
Some hurt more than others.
But there is not a single one
that I regret.
But it's always someone else's
life and death that you're playing with.
It's part of being a leader.
And trust me when I tell you
that it never gets any easier.
My mother says that
if it ever gets easy, walk away.
Your mother and I don't often see
eye-to-eye, but on this we agree.
It is tragic what
happened on that highway.
To Libba, and the innocents
in that truck.
We weren't ready.
And you made us into murderers.
I made you into soldiers.
And in the end, you were ready.
Many thousands of lives
were saved that day.
- Hold onto that.
- And what about the president?
Whose life were you saving there?
How are we any different
from the Spree
if we just puppet
whoever gets in the way?
Taking the body and will and
voice of another is a violation.
It is against our code.
But I had no choice.
If you knew what was at stake,
you'd understand.
You should all get some rest.
It's there. Near that tree.
Not a tree.
Do you know her?
She's one of our elders.
They dress her like my sister.
Take her down.
Be gentle.
The Spree are taunting us.
Taunting me.
I have to get to the cave.
Get the Bats close.
Tell them to stand by
for extraction.
Let's find your people.
This could be a good thing.
It's a solid wall of rock.
How is that good?
Hopefully, this means my people
put this up to protect themselves.
Our songs, the ones you
so desperately want to learn,
can reshape the earth itself.
We can even create new land
where there was none.
Move mountains, shake the earth,
split stone.
This may take a few minutes.
You're really worried for them.
The desert is crawling with
people that mean to harm them.
The Spree would rather kill the
Tarim than have them join us.
And contrary to what you believe,
this has never been
about gaining power.
I really want to believe you.
But I don't.
You are young.
You haven't seen
the hardships I have.
I grew up in hiding, on the run
from those who hated our kind.
The church, the Camarilla,
countless others.
I saw friends and family
hung, burned,
and stoned to death.
We lived in constant fear
and that terror
followed me to the new world
and hunted me relentlessly,
until the day
I decided to fight back.
The Tarim and their songs,
they're the last surviving link
to something I thought
was gone forever.
So much was stolen from our people
over years of persecution
and attempted genocide.
Scattered to the winds.
But if we can find these people
and convince them
to share their songs,
this power can be used
to make a better, safer world.
Follow me.
While you're working all
this out, that boy is dying.
Ask and it shall be given you.
Seek and ye shall find.
Knock and it shall
be opened up to you.
Your prison transport
is scheduled in two hours.
I haven't packed yet. I don't know
what bathing suits I'm gonna
Shut up. You'll die there.
- What are you doing?
- I have no idea what I'm doing.
Against every piece of wisdom
that I know and hold dear,
I'm giving you a fighting chance.
'Cause I think you deserve it.
Do not make me wrong about that.
The place is crawling with guards.
You're on your own there.
Gonna have to make this look
look good.
Thank you.
Hold onto the part
of you that's good.
You should be very proud
of yourselves
for the work you've put
in the past few days.
When we get back to Fort Salem,
we're going to have
to discuss your future.
There are people outside
waiting for us.
Let's move.
That storm is not
our kind of work,
and it's certainly not natural.
Whatever it is, it's moving fast.
- Private Craven?
- They're nearby.
All around us.
But it isn't the Spree.
They're not witches.
Move out.
Why aren't the engines started?
The pilots are gone.
Our ancient enemy has returned!
The Spree was trying to warn us!
This is the Camarilla!
They're using some twisted
version of our work.
Let's go!
- Go, go, go!
- Here!
On your right! Two o'clock!
Keep it up, Craven!
Behind you!
They're coming from both sides!
We need to fall back!
She's dying!
Take me.
Thank you, daughter.
It's my honor.
We need to leave now!
Let's go. Come on, Tally.
We're going home. Come on.
I didn't know what else to do.
You did good, Tal.
I'll get him.
- Damn it!
- Bellweather!
- We can't wait long.
- Understood.
I know what you need.
See this? See this?
Watch. This will keep you safe.
- Rae, we gotta go!
- Okay, buddy?
Take him.
It's okay.
It's okay. I've got you.
You need to let me go.
You need to shut up
and let me concentrate.
I can't move her!
You gotta break the Link
or I'm gonna take you with me.
Not gonna happen, Collar.
General, we need to go now!
Go, go!
You always gotta be the hero,
huh, Bellweather?
I love you, shitbird.
Grab onto something!
What what was that?
I have no idea.
The way over is under.
The way out is in.
How did you get out?
- Anacostia helped me.
- Good work.
- I'm guessing you're hungry.
- Very.
You were supposed
to bring me my daughter.
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