Motherland: Fort Salem (2020) s02e01 Episode Script

Of the Blood

[WOMAN] Previously, on Motherland
[ALDER] Welcome to Fort Salem.
Some of you will place at War College,
others, will join the front lines.
- The Spree are ruthless.
This was your mama's. Wear
it in combat, keep you safe.
[RAELLE] I think my mom
was tired when she died.
- [IZADORA] Did you touch that?
- Is it dangerous?
It's just better if it's left alone.
Let's just say it's part of a mushroom.
- I'm Adil.
- [ABIGAIL] He's cute.
Can I eat my breakfast before
you start planning my wedding?
Awfully nice to meet
your girlfriend, Raelle.
No matter what happens, I'm with you.
I saw a balloon.
- I think Scylla is Spree.
- How'd you get out?
- [SCYLLA] Anacostia helped me.
What if we can send her
back to them to be our eyes?
You were supposed to
bring me my daughter.
Our ancient enemy has returned!
This is the Camarilla!
- She's dying!
- Take me!
- Thank you, daughter.
- You gotta break the link
- or I'm gonna take you with me.
- Not gonna happen, Collar!
Oh, Lord, my God ♪
When I, in awesome wonder ♪
Consider all the works ♪
Thy hands have made ♪
I see the stars ♪
- I hear the rolling thunder ♪
- Mom.
- Thy power throughout ♪
- The universe displayed ♪
Then sings my soul ♪
My Savior God, to Thee ♪
How great Thou art! ♪
How great Thou art! ♪
Then sings my soul ♪
My Savior God, to Thee ♪
How great Thou art! ♪
How great Thou art! ♪
You're okay.
I keep thinking, why not us?
- How is it?
- It's unlike anything I have
I should
I can't sleep.
Come here, come here. [GRUNTS]
That's because we're in the sky
where the majestic winds reside.
She gave me this.
One of the ones we left behind.
Is that why she died?
It's hard to sleep on these things.
My mother used to sing a
song when I couldn't sleep.
A song older than time.
- Why didn't you tell me you were her mom?
- I couldn't risk it.
- How could you send me in blind?!
You burned me with the army
for a personal mission.
And then you sent that charming agent
to choke me into compliance?
And when I don't deliver Raelle,
you send in the troops
to attack a wedding!
That, my dear, was not us.
What kind of strategy is that, exactly?
You are not hearing me!
The attack on the Bellweather wedding
had nothing to do with the Spree.
There is something else
I need to show you.
[ECHOING] We're closed
for a private party.
Two wraiths who just brought
in 61 new agents.
You honor us all!
We are the Spree.
They got half our
leadership in one strike.
- Who are they?
- The ancient enemy has returned.
The Camarilla.
I want you to join me in hunting them.
Our mission is not about
the army, anymore.
- At least, for me.
- And why would I do anything for you?
Because you are a witch!
And these people intend to end us all,
army and Spree.
I'm sorry.
You're more than that.
You're reckless and
vain and out of control.
It's all you want.
You took my girl from me.
Do you have any idea what
this means for my family?
- Abigail is the last viable
- It was Abigail's choice to come,
and a brave one, at that.
I marked you with this, Sarah.
[VOICE BREAKING] I'm so sorry.
Me Me, too.
What say the Rangers and the Tarim?
Nothing conclusive.
The blast radius continues
to warp climate
in ways that are visible to us.
What is most curious is
that, while diminishing,
the blast zone is
noticeably on the move.
General Bellweather, you must
take the time you need
Soldier first, mother second.
I just received intelligence
that the Spree was attacked
a week ago in Belgium, just
before the soccer stadium.
At least six major operatives
were taken down
by weaponized plagues.
The same plague that took our Biddy.
- And almost killed Khalida.
- The Tarim are a lure.
To get me out in the open.
They dressed that poor
woman like my sister.
Burned my soldiers before
my eyes, like the old days.
- The Camarilla.
- I should've believed you.
I was blinded by my own trauma.
They found some way, not
just to dampen our work,
but proximate it.
In a crude but effective way.
- How?
- The vocal chords.
The Camarilla took their voices
and contrived some way to
use the necrotized tissue.
They wanted it to look like the Spree
so they could bide their time.
And harvest our voices
- to use them against us.
- Excuse me, Generals.
I believe you'll want to see this.
is a day Vice President
Silver and his family
will not soon forget.
A day his daughter, Penelope, found out
that she has a very special gift.
the rolling thunder ♪
Thy power throughout ♪
Imagine not knowing what you are.
Just like those last Bellweathers
who were attacked
when they got Charvel.
Silver's daughter will
need to be tested.
Goddess knows how many
more are out there.
We need to find them.
We need to get to them
before the Camarilla does.
[ABIGAIL] Quite the blast radius.
Gotta be at least ten miles, shit-bird.
You know, if you keep calling
me shit-bird every two seconds,
it's not gonna be special, anymore.
And I really want it to be special.
- Shut up. [CHUCKLES]
I think the outpost is
60 miles past that ridge.
Sun's going down, we should keep moving.
We did this.
We have to show this to someone
as soon as we get back.
[SCOFFS] You're assuming
we're getting back.
They must have Rangers looking for us.
Not if they think we're dead.
We have an obligation to show Alder.
And then what? We spend the
rest of our lives in a lab?
I don't want that, Abs. No way.
I don't think you're appreciating
how big this could be.
We could be canon, Rae.
Canon, huh? Sounds impressive.
See? What did I tell ya?
I'm Abigail Bellweather,
Private First Class.
- This is Raelle Collar.
- Stand down, soldier.
We'll see who you are
and whose faces you might be wearing.
Until we do, you ladies are in custody.
What happened here?
We found him like that.
Follow us.
Sit down.
- Have I done something wrong?
- Not at all.
What you've done for me,
the sacrifice you've made,
can never be repaid.
I am so grateful!
[BIDDIES IN UNISON] We are so grateful.
You're welcome.
Becoming a Biddy
is something people usually
have years to prepare for.
Years of training and careful evaluation
- to identify traits.
- I can catch up.
I would like to offer you
something very rare.
An opportunity to resume
your life as it was.
I made a decision and I stand by it.
This is my way to serve.
It's not an order, it's an offer.
I want you to think about it, carefully.
This process is not
without serious risks.
But you're strong.
I've seen that, first hand.
They're alive!
Abigail and Raelle are about
to board transport home.
[CRYING] They're alive.
Yes, my answer is yes.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you, so much.
I'm saying something about what we did.
Even if you don't.
It's the right thing to do.
Thank you.
Don't Bellweather me.
You don't get to decide
what's the right thing to do.
Abigail, why should we
trust Alder with this?
Do you trust me?
Because I basically just
followed you into death, sis.
Lieutenant, we have something
we'd like to discuss
You two must have been up
to some really wild stuff.
I've just been ordered
not to debrief you.
Off you go.
- Goddess help you.
Vice President Blanton Silver.
How's your daughter?
The picture of bravery and composure,
- as per usual.
- Hm.
Unlike me, on the other hand. [CHUCKLES]
So, I need you to explain
to me one more time,
What is What is this matriline?
Our men are born with the work in them,
just like their sisters,
and some of them are quite powerful.
But they don't pass
it to their offspring.
So, our government tracks witch-hood
along the maternal line, the matriline.
So, you're saying that my
wife was, um one of you?
- But she didn't know
and she definitely didn't melt
any windows. [CHUCKLING]
So, how exactly does that work?
There are many reasons why people
lose touch with their histories.
Some choose to hide from their duty.
Your wife probably had some
inkling that she was one of us.
Well, unfortunately, we can't ask her.
I'm sorry for your loss.
But we won't know for sure
until we test Penelope.
All of this is a bit premature.
I'm sure you understand
how delicate this is,
considering who I am.
You've already met Sergeant Quartermain.
She helps new conscripts
It's probably best just
to get to the point.
I'm concerned that Penelope
will become a target.
We appreciate your concerns.
But if we do find the work in Penelope,
she must deliver herself
bodily to Fort Salem
for training in the military arts.
- It's the law of the land.
No exceptions.
So, you're asking me to
give you my daughter?
And my daughter's
daughters, in perpetuity.
As our kind have done for centuries,
to keep this country safe.
And you can keep Penelope safe?
Can you truly guarantee her safety?
Don't worry, Mr. Vice President,
we take care of our own.
- I'm sorry
- Don't.
I am so very proud of what you did.
It was a classic Bellweather move,
against the odds, in
the face of oblivion,
full of grit and the kind of sisterhood
this army was built on.
You may be the greatest
Bellweather yet, my daughter.
Is there any chance we could see Tally?
[CHUCKLES] Uh, come along,
that's where I'm taking you.
We-we don't have much time.
I won't take the second
chance for granted.
I love you, daughter.
I love you too, Mom.
Are you real?
- Hm.
- Hi.
- Hi!
What happened?
We wanna ask you that.
You're You're you.
She let me out.
Did you mess up?
God, she promised it wasn't that
and I am trying to believe her.
I guess you dream for
years to be a Biddy.
- Could you hear her thoughts?
- Sort of?
Surface stuff. Like, directives,
I could hear loud and clear.
Not so much memories.
And I could hear the Biddies, too.
It was like being in a car
with the same people
on a road trip that never ends.
No privacy, like, ever!
Okay, so, does she really not eat?
No, not a morsel.
Loves her wine.
Why are we talking about wine? [LAUGHS]
You guys are alive!
That explosion, that was you two, right?
How did you do that?
Uhh, we don't know, exactly, but, um
- it was definitely us.
- It was so big.
- You guys are a bomb.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, but, uh, Rae doesn't think
we should tell Alder what we can do.
Well, we just We-we don't
even know what it is yet,
you know, or-or if we can do it again.
So, don't you think we should wait?
And also, Alder's Alder,
- let's not forget
- Meaning?
Wow, a little defensive.
I know she's complicated,
but I believe in her.
Look, complicated or not, she's
the head of the Armed Forces.
Who else are we gonna
show what we can do?
Uh, how 'bout no one?
Those people who ambushed us
are the same people that killed Charvel.
- And how do you know that?
- They had the same tech.
This sonic shit that blocks vocal work.
This thing we can do
can help us fight them.
I thought you were dead.
We thought you were old.
[KHALIDA] You're tired.
When you're recovered,
we should continue to search for home.
[SIGHS] Why not here?
You know how I feel about this place.
After everything Alder's done for us,
for our people and what's left?
[SCOFFS] Why is this the worst place?
Is this because Abigail's back?
It's more about not
wanting to run anymore.
We should at least consider our options.
You're right.
Come on.
[ADLER] So, the Camarilla
agent stabs you,
and then, you link with her.
Yes, ma'am.
But Raelle was too messed up to move.
I was just keeping her
alive at that point.
I told her to break the link with me
or else I would pull her into death.
- And you maintained the link?
- Correct.
There was another Camarilla
Is this the person who stabbed Raelle?
No, I don't think so.
It's very important that
we get the details right.
We could definitely do that.
We could break everything down to powder
and put it in neat little piles.
Or, we could cut to the chase.
The blast was us.
We don't know how,
but this force protects us
when we're threatened.
While we don't understand this
work yet, we will master it.
Let's continue to break this down
to powder.
Yes, ma'am.
How many did they get?
Women I've known for years.
Bright, brilliant, dangerous women,
gone, like that.
The leadership that remains
is none too happy with what I did next.
After Brussels, I was put in charge
of the attack on the soccer stadium.
You don't know any of this?
No. Well
Thanks to your mission, I was locked up.
I switched it up.
- I traded catastrophe for information.
I warned all witches everywhere
that the Camarilla is back.
I hope they heard me.
That's a fetch.
[WILLA] We're on the move.
She's been tracked.
Is there anything else you
soldiers want to share?
It's all we can remember.
I want you to train them to wield
this new gift, immediately.
Actually, I had a few questions.
For example?
I wanna know who those people were.
The Camarilla.
And I wanna know how they're
connected to Charvel's death,
because I know that they are.
Abigail, I'm going to order
you to stand down on this.
They attacked my family.
They almost killed me.
I wanna fight these people
with everything that I have.
You need to let more experienced
soldiers handle this.
How can I stand down?
[ADLER] By putting that passion
into your training, cadet.
Master this new weapon as promised.
Then we can talk about the Camarilla.
That's an order.
- I really missed you.
- Me, too.
I thought you were dead.
I'm so happy to see you.
I don't think I've ever been this happy.
I know. Me, too.
[KHALIDA] I have something for you.
Thank you, so much.
This was my mom's.
I know. And I know you saved that boy.
Just like you saved me.
Can you save my brother, too?
He looks pretty happy, to me.
He's changing.
He's seen too much suffering.
This is not his place.
[EDWIN] So, was it exciting?
Um it was pretty routine. [CHUCKLES]
[EDWIN] Ah, classified, huh?
Over my clearance? I get it.
Well, I am so glad you're back.
When am I gonna see you?
You know, um, I don't even know
what our situation is, yet.
So, I guess we could
get redeployed soon.
Uh-huh. You sound just like your mom.
You know, um I thought
I lost Mom's charm,
but somebody brought it back to me.
[EDWIN] Well, I'm not
surprised, in the least.
That old thing will find you anywhere.
That's how hard your mom loved you.
As soon as I know where we're
off to, I'll call you, okay?
Okay. Hey, hey, uh
whatever happened to
that girl you liked?
We broke up.
Her great loss, I'm afraid.
I love you, Dad.
You too, Rae.
Talk soon.
Black water fills the room ♪
All around me ♪
Voices in my head ♪
Tell me not to lose control ♪
- My fingers turning red ♪
Don't know how to let it go ♪
I can feel the pressure ♪
I can feel it heavy on my soul ♪
- [ADLER] The earth is restless, tonight.
- Hi!
Everything where it should be?
- Yes. Thank you.
- I hope I'm not disturbing.
No, no, not at all.
I just wanted to see how you're feeling.
I'm okay.
What is it?
This is gonna sound strange,
- and definitely inappropriate.
- Say what's on your mind.
I've missed you so, so much.
Like I've never missed anyone in my
life, and it's only been, like
[QUIETLY] Sorry.
This will pass.
What you've been through
is very destabilizing.
You may even feel like
you've lost a child.
Or a mother.
The bond we shared will endure forever,
in some small way.
I'm okay with that.
I'm afraid you have no
choice, at this point.
Let's move on to vocal.
Let the sound fill you.
Let it shake your teeth
and thicken your blood.
Gather it into yourself,
and when you are full
This young woman is of the blood!
[ALL] Goddess protect her!
Your call to service should
come any moment.
My call to service?
When you say the oath.
I don't know the words.
You'll know what to say.
The words are in your blood.
Welcome, daughter.
This was the site of a Spree
attack, six years ago.
We need to figure out why
these people are gathering.
It touches my heart to see so many
of the same faces every year.
And each year, I meet new friends, too.
More and more people affected
by the violence of the Spree.
More and more people
who are disappointed by
our army's ambivalence
to doing something about them.
- [CROWD] Yes. Yes.
- And like me,
more and more of you have lost family
to senseless attacks
on unarmed citizens,
and still, our army does nothing!
- And how can that be
in a free and just world?
Yeah! Yeah!
Well, maybe, they don't
wanna defeat the Spree.
Maybe, they can't be trusted
to fight against their own!
Hate is a disease.
Find patient zero.
I'm in.
[LAUGHING] So, that
earthquake was you guys?
That Tarim earth work is strong.
- Alder and I totally felt that.
- Oh, yeah? You and Alder?
I She came to check
on me, no big deal.
So, how great was it?
- Did you quake, too? [LAUGHS]
- I always quake.
- But, um
no, it's more than sex with this one.
More than just chargin' up, you know?
It's deep, and
- feels like destiny, or somethin'.
- Mm.
Do I need to start planning
the hand-fasting?
- That boy loves you.
You should've seen him on that plane.
- Destroyed.
- Oh, God.
- Medals!
What did we do now?
What haven't you done?
Congratulations. You've changed.
You've all grown so much
and I am very proud of you.
- Craven?
- Yeah. [LAUGHS]
No cadets deserve this more.
And the best part of it all?
Now, you're Alder's problem.
- Cheers to that!
[DISTORTED] We're surrounded.
- [DISTORTED] They're herding us to the swamp.
We're gonna let them do that.
I have a little surprise.
How can I help? [BREATHING FAST]
[DISTORTED] Show yourselves!
- Yah!
Tally? Tally? Tally, what's wrong?!
What's wrong?
- Tally!
- What's wrong?
- I was
I was in the jun jungle.
Alder was there. There we
There were these worms, they were
- [GULPS] stinging me.
- It was a dream. Look at me.
- It was a dream. You're okay.
[GASPING] Are we?
Go to bed.
- Whoa
- Tally! Tally, it wasn't real.
It wasn't real!
Tell me those aren't real.
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