Motherland: Fort Salem (2020) s02e02 Episode Script


Previously on Motherland
We don't know how,
but this force protects us
- when we're threatened.
- Just let me in.
I want to know how
someone gets to be you.
The Spree gave me a
place to put my pain.
I guess we're more alike than I thought.
- What are you doing?
- I have no idea.
I warned all witches that
the Camarilla is back.
That's a fetch! She's been trapped!
- I really missed you.
- I thought you were dead.
He's changing. This is not his place.
The bond we shared will endure forever.
We're surrounded.
I have a little surprise.
How can I help? Hello?!
It's been like this for days.
They haven't been able to recreate
the phenomenon at all?
I've thrown everything
I could think of at them.
Sonics, weather work,
physical and environmental stressors.
- Nothing.
- Disappointing.
I've got a delegation
coming from The Hague
and I had hoped to tell them
we had a new weapon in the coming fight
against the Camarilla.
I want to thank you for your
patience and cooperation,
but we're suspending these tests.
We can keep going, ma'am.
For now, it's more important
that you join Cadet Craven
for the start of War College.
But ma'am, in the desert, this weapon
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you, ma'am.
We need to find a different way forward.
Any ideas?
A closer look at the effects of
the event might shed some light.
May I show you something
that just arrived
from the Tarim region?
I always feel so humbled
in her presence.
Direct from the epicenter of the event.
I've never seen anything like it.
Nothing human remains.
I'm confident that my examination
will tell us more
about what it was that happened.
And whether we can make it happen again.
Keep me informed.
Are they going to keep testing you?
Who knows? They don't tell us anything.
I hope so. There's no way
they're just gonna let it go.
What, so you wanna keep being a lab rat?
If it keeps us in the fight, yes.
Don't you want to understand
what happened?
Yes, of course, I do.
But I'd rather we
figure it out ourselves
than have Izadora
poking and prodding us.
How about you?
Any more weird Alder
dreams or snakebites?
It was centipedes.
And no, but I almost
wish I would have one.
It was terrifying, but
also kind of amazing.
All right, Bells.
I know you've been waiting
for this day your whole life.
So what are we in for?
Yeah, when do we meet our Company?
This morning. But nobody says Company.
Just call it our Coven.
Every Coven is named
after a war goddess.
Guys, apparently there are
a lot of rumors going around
about the three of us.
I guess some people are
saying we only got in
because your mom pulled strings.
Let people talk.
We'll show them what
we're made of soon enough.
Is that the VP's daughter?
And they're having her stay
on this side of the base
until basic starts.
Oh, she looks so lonely.
I feel bad for her.
I was still biddied when
her father met with Alder.
He seems freaked out by
the whole witch thing.
It's been a week. What have you learned?
You were right.
While I haven't heard anyone
use the word Camarilla,
it's clear that there's someone
powerful pulling the strings.
These rallies and vigils
are too well funded.
Too well organized.
We'll need more than that.
Thank you.
And, I, uh made friends.
A couple, Bonnie and Shane.
And they seem pretty well connected.
How so?
Well, they always know when and where
the next event is gonna be,
like, before anyone else.
Today they'll be at the mall.
Can you get close to them?
I think so.
The wife she seems lonely.
I think she could use a friend.
Be careful.
Don't lose sight of the mission.
You know what can happen
when you get too close.
Why didn't you reach out to her?
Did you know that when Raelle was ten,
I spent a total of eighteen
days with my family?
Yeah, she said it was like that a lot.
Because they didn't approve
of who I married,
they decided to keep me in
the field and keep us apart.
Every time I walked in the door
and saw that my girl was
growing up without me,
I got angrier.
And that anger grew until
I lost sight of everything
but the Spree's mission.
In the end, she still
grew up without me.
I live with that every day.
Then once we knew that the
Camarilla had returned,
I started thinking she
might be better off
safer in the army.
What about now?
What would I even say?
Welcome to War College, Sekhmet.
I'm your Coven Leader.
Call me M.
Feel free to come to me with
any questions you might have.
You'll have some of your general
classes together as a Coven,
but on most days you'll be following
your individual specializations.
Once you've finished dealing
with your super-cool hair, of course.
Fear not. You're still bunking
together as units.
You'll find your rooms down the hall
if you want to go ahead
and stow your gear.
All right.
Been a while, Bellweather.
Good to see you.
Hi, Gregorio.
Collar, can I borrow you for a sec?
I'm sorry about earlier.
No need to apologize.
I was staring at you.
Your reputation precedes you.
I just wanted to see what
all the fuss was about.
Gossip's a little high
school, don't you think?
In War College, gossip is intel.
There's only one thing I've
heard that concerns me.
That had to suck.
Yeah. It did.
- It still does.
- I just want to make sure
that is all in the past.
No more secrets
that are going to come to
light and reflect poorly
on this Company?
Well, believe me
I'm all done with secrets.
Who is he?
That's Gregorio.
You've heard about him before.
My Cavalier.
- Oh, yeah. At your debut?
- Mm-hmm.
Wait, the one that Libba stole from you?
No one stole me.
I'm not a possession.
You should see your faces.
Look, the whole thing
was a misunderstanding.
Libba and I were actually
together back then.
- I'm sorry. I never knew that.
- No one did.
We were keeping it secret.
And then High Atlantic Tradition,
and the stars, dictated
that I be your Cavalier.
Libba was never big on tradition.
Well, unless it was the
tradition of giving you shit.
- She was fond of that one.
- Yeah.
You know, she would've
liked your eulogy, though.
You were there?
I thought it was beautiful.
And it was fun watching
your mother squirm.
And now you're a male
witch at War College.
- That must be exciting.
- Yeah, you could just say witch.
- Oh, I didn't mean to
- Hey. Kidding.
Is she always this serious?
Sekhmet! C.O. on deck!
I just wanted to wish you all well
on your first day of War College
and impress upon you the
importance of the journey
that you're on.
It's not just about the Spree anymore.
We are now, all of us,
facing the return of an enemy
that I thought was gone
from this world forever.
An enemy that wants nothing less
but the eradication of our kind.
I want the thought of that enemy,
the Camarilla,
to be in your mind always
as you continue your training,
driving you to excel,
and develop the skills that
we will need to destroy them.
I also want to encourage you to embrace
the foundational principles
of War College.
To know
you must be constantly
seeking the truth,
no matter where it leads you.
To dare
to be utterly fearless.
Not just in facing the enemy,
but also what lies inside you.
To will
to effect change in the world around you
with total control and
conscious intention.
And to keep silent.
You spoke the words in your oath:
All Secrets Keep.
It is this veil of silence
that allows us
to do what needs to be done
to keep this Nation safe.
These are the pillars on which
your curriculum is built,
and the precepts by
which I live my own life.
Take them to heart,
and they will serve you well.
And with that,
I'll leave you to get on with your day.
If you're gonna bring intrigue to class,
you're gonna have to make sure
that there's enough to share.
I think this is the part
where we keep silent.
Carefully now.
It looks like the Mycelium.
It doesn't just look like it.
This is part of our Mycelium.
Somehow, she colonized a body
that was half way around
the world at the time.
How is that possible?
Through Raelle.
That must have been
her voice it was using.
Raelle is the only person
who has touched the Mycelium
and walked away more-or-less unscathed.
They're still connected somehow.
I'm pleased you've all turned
out to pay your respects.
But we must also raise our voices
and let the powers that be
know that we demand justice.
We demand that the monsters
responsible for this
be held accountable!
For too many years, the Spree
have been waging a war.
The victims of this war are not witches
but decent God-fearing Americans.
Let's not let their
sacrifice be in vain.
Thank you.
Justine. I was wondering
if I'd see you here.
Yeah, no, I wanted to come
and pay my respects.
Shane is very inspiring.
- He's good, right?
- He certainly is.
I lost both my parents in this attack,
and, uh
I think about them all the time.
And there's this
hollow ache inside me
where they used to be.
It's okay.
I know it's hard to hear these stories.
I think about all of the
ups and downs of life
that I'll never get to share
with them and for what?
All because they were
in the wrong place at
So, yeah.
I think about them, but
But I also think about
that person, that witch,
and I wonder: does she feel remorse?
Does it keep her up at night,
thinking about what she did?
Is there anything human left in her?
What the hell are you doing?
I can ask you the same thing.
Revisiting some of your old haunts?
Feeling nostalgic?
You've been following me.
That fetch that was you.
Why haven't you arrested me?
'Cause that's not what this is about.
Mm. This is part of
your quest to save me.
To capitalize on the remorse
that you think you felt
when you linked with me.
I'm sorry to disappoint,
but you were wrong.
You mean the remorse that's
been written all over your face
from the moment you walked in here?
Look, you're right.
That's how it started.
But I've been watching you for weeks.
It's got me curious.
You're trying to infiltrate
this movement.
Figure out who's behind it.
It's more complicated than that.
You think it's the Camarilla?
Our ancient enemy has returned.
Has the Spree changed his focus?
Some of us have.
Why reveal yourself now?
I saw an opportunity and I took it.
Look, I want in on what you're doing.
That's bullshit.
What's really going on here?
There are things that I've seen lately.
Things about the army,
and Alder in particular,
that just don't sit right.
Including the decision
to just throw you away.
It just has me wondering if there
might not be a different way.
There you are. We thought
maybe you had left.
Bonnie and Shane, this is, um
Hi. I'm Amelia.
Your speech was so moving.
- So sorry for your loss.
- Thank you.
It's hard being here.
So, uh, you two know each other?
- Yeah.
- Um, we've seen each other
at rallies the past few weeks.
Feels like we're kindred spirits.
I'm so sorry, this is
all a bit overwhelming.
Does anyone else need a drink?
Are you okay?
Yeah, it's just my dad.
I get it. With me, it's my mom.
We can't get through a call
without it ending up in tears.
Tal, we're gonna
be late for class.
Don't worry.
It'll get better.
Sorry I'm late, cadets.
My name is Channing Grafton,
and I will be your instructor
for Mothertongue.
I've asked Adil, our
guest from the Tarim,
to sit in since, unlike
most American witches,
he grew up speaking
Mothertongue from birth.
How many of you are wondering
why you need to study this at all?
Isn't it just for The
Hague, at this point?
Or High Atlantics?
No offense.
I lost you at the end.
Will you Will you stand ?
He's challenging you to a duel.
There's no comparable term for it
in English but, uh, right of proxy
is the closest.
It's a tradition that's, uh, fallen
out of favor in the recent times.
So, besides being the root
of all known languages,
which I personally think is pretty cool,
uh, there's certain work
that can only be done
using Mothertongue.
And, uh, ask yourself this:
how is it that Adil is able
to speak perfect English,
a language he's never studied?
I see I finally have your attention.
Excuse me, General.
May I have a moment?
Craven. What can I do for you?
I've been thinking a lot
about Penelope Silver.
What about her?
I'd like your permission to tutor her.
To get her up to speed
and ready to start Basic.
Your empathy, as ever, shines through.
You have my blessing,
- Thank you.
- General?
The Hague delegation has
arrived and are waiting for you
in your office.
Carry on, Cadet.
Hello, General Alder.
What are you doing here?
Discussing where Adil
and I might settle.
In the interest of finding a
permanent home for the Tarim,
Khalida will be touring some
of the other Council nations.
General Alder,
I am forever grateful to you,
but you know my feelings
about us remaining here.
If this is what you want,
I'll arrange for a security detail.
That won't be necessary.
General Sharma has
offered her protection.
I wish you would reconsider.
Talk to your brother.
He was there, in the Tarim.
He saw what the Camarilla is capable of.
There have been reports of skirmishes
with the Camarilla from
several Council nations.
And more outbreaks of that
strange disease they created.
We've been calling it the Witch Plague.
Apparently it does not harm civilians.
No. It's clear that the Camarilla
have engineered it
as a weapon of witch genocide.
The Camarilla have found a
way to replicate our work,
using technology powered by the
stolen vocal cords of witches.
It's an abomination!
Sarah, how can they have risen again
without any of us knowing?
I don't know.
But what is important now
is that we come together
to stamp them out,
and remove the stain of their blood
from this Earth forever.
I will root them out and
destroy them in my country.
Can I count on you to
do the same in yours?
Should I be offended that your mind
is clearly focused on something else?
I'm sorry.
Khalida wants me to come
with her on her world tour.
Are you going to go with her?
I don't know.
I hear you had lunch with Gregorio.
Can I ask you something?
What is a Cavalier?
It sounds intimate.
Frequently, it is.
But not with me and Gregorio.
We just never clicked that way.
I'm glad you're making friends, though.
Maybe that'll give you
another reason to stay.
The work you did, with the bottle.
What was that?
Something of my own.
It's definitely not Canon.
Maybe it could be?
I don't think The Hague would approve.
But you saved our skins,
and for that I am grateful.
I'm happy to serve you, General.
I've been watching you.
What you can do is
rare, but it's too wild.
You need to put that power
in the service of your will.
Maybe you could help me with that?
I think I could do that.
I am Major Magda Verger,
and this is your introduction
to Off-Canon work.
This sort of work is forbidden to you,
but our enemies will not
hesitate to use it.
And neither will I.
Let me be clear:
you will not be learning
how to use Off-Canon work.
This is about learning to recognize it,
and to resist it.
Ma'am, is there any way we
could turn that radiator down?
What radiator?
There are sounds all
around us, at all times.
Both above and below the
range of our hearing.
And all sorts of nastiness
can be layered into those sounds.
They can make you see,
and do, terrible things.
You must learn to recognize
these sounds, and resist them.
Learn to identify,
and destroy their source.
Ma'am, has the army ever used
this sort of work in combat?
This is the domain of our enemies.
The Spree, in particular.
What is this?
How the hell did we get here?
It's an exercise.
What, so we have to find a way out?
No, I don't think so.
How many clocks does one room need?
What is going on?
We have to find
the source of the working.
Found it!
That's not it.
Why aren't you doing anything?
I am.
This way.
You guys you guys are killing me.
I'm so glad we did this.
Me, too!
It's been great to meet you both.
You know, the movement
the movement has been
a bit of a boy's club.
You know what I mean?
You've never complained before.
Oh, I'm I'm not complaining.
I just think It's so nice
having some ladies around.
Speaking of the ladies,
that's where I'm headed.
Excuse me.
- Well, here's to new friends
- Oh!
and to ridding the
world of monsters.
I can definitely drink to that.
- Guys
- Oh!
I'm gonna get us some more beer.
Be right back.
This has gone way too far.
Either you leave now, or I will.
I don't think that's a good
idea. You said it yourself.
There's a lot at stake here.
That does not mean I want
to work with the army.
And I don't want to work with the Spree,
You sure you want to pull the plug
just when it's getting interesting?
It's in here somewhere.
I hate these things.
Screw this place.
Can this be over now?
Behind you! Behind you!
Very good, Craven.
No one has ever beaten The Dollhouse
on their first try before.
I could see it.
I could see sound.
Really? Interesting.
Good job.
It was the gas in here,
but, uh, what was the
source in the first room?
Th-there was no first room.
We were here the whole time.
Well done.
Where's Abigail and Raelle?
- Hello?!
- Hello?!
- Hello?!
- Let me out!
- Abigail?
- Rae?
You touched her.
And now you have to pay.
Izadora, please no!
Izadora, please! Please no!
You have no idea what you've done.
The years of research
that you've ruined!
Years of my life that you stole!
Abigail! No!
You are an abomination,
and you will die!
It's conclusive.
The phenomenon comes from
Raelle, and Raelle alone.
What else?
As we suspected, it's protective.
The fear and the danger had to
be real in order to trigger it.
Thank you for approving the test.
It was a risk worth taking.
How did Abigail handle it?
She took a swing at me.
Not surprising.
She recovered fine,
but I think she's disappointed
not to be a part of this.
Well, Bellweathers are
nothing if not ambitious.
So you'll continue testing Raelle?
Yes, ma'am.
Good. Be careful with her.
She just became one of
our greatest assets.
These people are all
so damn manipulative.
They couldn't care less
what happens to us.
That's part of being a soldier.
What they did to us today
has nothing to do with being a soldier.
At this point, the only people
I trust are you two.
What does it feel like,
when it goes off?
This time it felt like me
wanting to kill Izadora.
It's not like anything I've ever felt.
It's exciting but it's terrifying.
I felt incredibly powerful,
but also like it was completely
out of my control.
Sorry. I I don't I don't even
think I could do it justice, honestly.
What happens next?
More tests, apparently.
Just what I was hoping to avoid.
You okay?
Yeah, I, uh I'm just really tired.
I'm gonna go back to the room.
So it was catch and release?
I'm sorry.
I I should have been more careful.
What about her working alone?
Do you believe it?
I don't know.
It's always very personal
with Anacostia.
Stay the course.
But be careful, she's army.
You can never really trust them.
Khalida, uh, have you seen your brother?
It's my brother that
I want to talk about.
I'm going to my room if
you want to talk there.
This will only take a moment.
I've agreed to let Adil stay here
while I search for a
home for our people.
Oh, good.
I think he really likes it here.
I'm grateful to you, Abigail,
and I don't want you to get hurt.
But you have to understand
that this is not a permanent situation.
In the end,
my brother will always
choose his people,
just as you will always choose yours.
Okay, to truly understand the army,
and our place in the world,
you have to know our history.
And knowing is one of the
four principles, right?
Oh, we are going to have you
ready for Basic in no time.
So where do we start?
At the very beginning.
With Sarah Alder herself.
Is she really three hundred years old?
Oh, she is. More than, in fact.
My dad says that's why
he doesn't trust her.
He thinks that someone
who lives that long
couldn't really care
about regular people.
It's okay.
A lot of people feel that way about her.
I didn't always trust her myself.
Tally, what is it?
There's something wrong with this photo.
What do you mean?
Some sort of working
has been used on it.
Do you do you see a person there?
No. There's no one there.
It's her.
She's real.
And someone's trying
to hide her existence.
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