Motherland: Fort Salem (2020) s02e04 Episode Script

Not Our Daughters

Previously on Motherland
Welcome to War College Sekhmet.
I'm your coven leader. Call me M.
And you want me to handfast
with Gregorio Shellbark?
There are things about the army
and Alder that just don't sit right.
Bonnie and Shane, they seem
pretty well connected.
Bonnie said Wersadie pays them
to attend the vigils, too.
Stir things up.
if anyone's a link to
the Camarilla higher-ups,
it's this guy.
Your tribe just laid down and died
instead of fighting the Camarilla.
My tribe was ambushed
and murdered, Abigail.
But what you can do,
I've never seen anything like it.
They're killing themselves.
You stole my Work!
It had to be done. You know that.
They already surrendered.
Your heart is black, Sarah.
If Jem made a Working
that could stop the battle
then maybe it's time
for another Bellweather
to build a Working.
Oh, beautiful ♪
For spacious skies ♪
Your true greatness awaits.
Hundreds of young women
from all over the country
are joining every day.
For purple Mountain's majesties ♪
Destiny calls upon each of us
to protect this great
nation in her own way.
America, America ♪
Join today.
Find your true self.
Find your true power.
With sisterhood ♪
Our voices are stronger together.
Will you answer the call?
And you won't be alone when you answer.
We will meet our great nation's enemies
with storm and fury.
God shed her grace on thee ♪
Join today.
Find your true voice.
I found my voice.
I found my voice.
Find yours.
Grafton has it in for me.
I think your tongue has it in for ya.
Try again.
Don't rush through it.
So Mothertongue for
"library" is "library"?
No, there isn't a word for
"library" in Mothertongue.
So where did everybody keep
their books back then? Hm?
On shelves, one assumes.
You should be careful about assumptions.
Some people might get offended by them.
And maybe, some people just
need to get over themselves.
You know what? I'm late
for Strategic Tactical anyway.
So I should
Does anyone else know this was you?
The weather?
It's best that they don't.
Why don't you just unbreak it?
In case you haven't noticed
by the sexy gravel in my voice
my throat's blown out.
Fixers say I'm on the mend, though.
I was on my way to the mess
to get some tea with honey
if you want to come along.
Actually, I need to go pack my bag.
Why? Where are you going?
Khalida and The Hague think
they may have found a new home
for our people.
That's great.
But you just got here, didn't you?
This has been made clear to me
I'm responsible for the rest
of The Tarim having died.
Look, if that's how you took
what I said, I didn't mean
But you still said it.
And you might not be entirely wrong.
So helping the survivors get settled
is the least I can do.
Good bye, Abigail.
Keep making those noises,
I'm gonna have to
start asking questions.
Are you still not talking to me?
I would only not be talking to you
if I were upset about you
abandoning me at the reception.
Which I'm not.
But sounds like you would
have had your episode
even if I had been there, right?
And you wouldn't have had yours
if you'd just come along with me.
I would've just pushed myself too hard
after you'd bunked down.
Haven't you heard?
I'm stubborn
and opinionated. And
Your turn.
So, when's Adil coming back?
Adil left?
Because your voice isn't sexy anymore?
What about this isn't sexy?
He and Khalida are looking
into where to settle.
Is it not here? What else did I miss?
Tally's gone full obsesso
on the Liberian Conflict.
So, more Alder homework, huh?
All those books, all of them
say that Alder wasn't
there at the Martyrdom.
But I know she was.
I saw her there.
What in the name of the
Goddess were you thinking?
My goal was to have Scylla
lead Anacostia back to her cell.
Once we learned they were
looking into the Camarilla too,
it seemed foolish
not to piggyback on their operation.
Scylla Ramshorn should be wasting away
in Saint Dominique right now.
My orders on that were abundantly clear.
If we followed your orders,
we wouldn't know about the
Camarilla using hearing tests
to identify witches.
At least now, with the testing centers
we stand a chance of
finding our sisters first.
We need to swap out
the test in hundreds,
maybe thousands of schools.
- We need you to authorize
- Petra.
Give us the room.
So you work for Petra now?
You set the bar for breaking
protocol pretty high.
Before the Tarim mission,
you did what you had to do
to make sure President Wade
saw things your way.
And thought them your
way. And said them
your way.
I didn't give you permission
to speak freely.
I didn't ask.
Do you judge me, for what I've done?
I think I'll leave the
judgements to history
You put a fetch on that
Camarilla courier, yes?
General Bellweather was planning on
bringing him in for interrogation.
I'm going to lead the operation
to swap out the hearing tests.
- We just need your okay so that we could
- Oh,
now you need my okay?
You stay on the courier.
Petra can handle the schools.
If the Camarilla's power structure
is the same as it always has been,
he'll report to one of their Exarchs.
We need their leadership
identified and eliminated.
All due respect, but
this is Petra's operation.
And it's my army.
The answer is no.
Our cell disagrees. She
won't be happy about that.
Then the feeling is mutual.
Good bye.
Trouble with that other cell?
They're being short-sighted.
I can't stop anyone from going
on whatever suicide
mission they're planning
but I won't be a party to it.
This isn't the military.
And yet, here I am
with an update on my
mission with Anacostia.
Orsatti's on the move
with those hearing test results.
Hopefully, toward a
higher-up in the Camarilla.
Good. Stay on him.
You can keep the photo, by the way.
I miss her, too.
I found my voice.
After today's pilot launch
the military in conjunction
with the civilian government
will open more testing
centers across the country.
As you can see, our
tools are non-invasive,
and the accommodations,
far from medieval.
The military understands
how frightening and exciting
this time can be in
a young woman's life.
Prospective recruits will be
given the utmost privacy
and consideration during
the verification process.
Don't you mean "prospective
witches", General?
Witch or Civilian,
we're all American.
And I have no doubt that this
will bring us closer together
than we've ever been.
We got it. Thank you.
Find your voice! Find your voice!
Not our daughters! Not our daughters!
Viable candidates are
starting to thin, Abigail.
I hear Gregorio Shellbark
is in high demand.
That's because he's a
safety school with a penis.
Isn't finding and fighting the Camarilla
a little more important
than handfasting right now?
There's more than one
way to fight the enemy.
And our family has to fight back
any way that we can.
After Charvel.
Raelle, excellent work at
the weapon's test, by the way.
The brass were very impressed.
It's all a blur, but thank you.
Savor it. History is
being made, after all.
Oh, speaking of history,
I'd like to pick your
brain about Liberia.
You served there, right?
The forever-front?
You just invited us to keep your mom
from bugging you about
Gregorio, didn't you?
Can you blame me?
I'm really starting to dig
into the Martyrdom of the Rebels.
Oh, before my time, I'm afraid.
All I know is from the
same books you've read
Esterbrook and her witches
refused conscription
when the US came knocking.
So they martyred themselves
to make a statement to
the rest of the world.
So why isn't General Alder
a bigger part of that story?
Why would she be?
She wasn't there when
the martyrdom occurred.
Oh, I heard she was.
Fighting alongside a
soldier named Batan.
It would have been one or
two classes before yours.
Where are you getting your information?
She's been reading so many books,
it's hard to say.
Though, Intelligence does
often have a hard time
keeping track of the
General's comings and goings.
You may want to find a
source closer to the story.
- Thank you, Ma'am.
- Mm-hmm.
You know, I gotta give
it to the Imperatrix
for at least throwing in a
couple of shortish brunettes
to try and trip me up.
You alright, Bells?
I'm great.
I just keep failing at
absolutely everything.
The Witchbomb,
About the Witchbomb,
I mean, there's no
failing or winning at dumb luck.
As for you and Adil,
I-I mean
Did Tally fail with Gerit?
Did I fail with Scylla?
You definitely didn't win.
Well, what I'm trying to say
is Tally's stronger for
having gone through
what she did with Gerit.
And I'm stronger for
having experienced Scylla.
You'll come out stronger from Adil, too.
Besides, I'm not convinced
you two are done.
Orders coming down from the General.
If it helps, I really think
Adil's going to miss you, too.
Shouldn't you be worrying
about your own blossoming relationships?
My mother tells me you have
plenty of available options.
You sound surprised by this information.
Orders just came down
from General Alder herself.
Things are getting tough at
the testing center opening.
Alder wants us there with bells on
to make the new witches feel at ease.
What if we have other things
that are more important
than Parade Duty?
You heard me say "orders", right?
We're moving out in fifteen.
Except for you two teacher's pets
Collar, you'll be on Alder's
personal security detail
once we get there.
Guess, it's the price of fame, huh?
And me?
You won't be taking the bus.
Gonna stare at that all day?
You've been on base.
How is she?
Keep your mind on the mission.
Looks like Orsatti's on the move.
Not our daughters! Not our daughters!
This is ugly.
This is America.
Mind on the mission.
What are you guys doing here?
Just some more pro-Movement work.
Rile the crowd up.
Keep things interesting.
Oh, you guys should put these on.
We heard that the army is
trying to identify protestors
so they can target them.
- Thank you.
- Not our daughters!
Not our daughters! Not our daughters!
Tally, I wanna say thank you
for taking Penelope under your wing.
I honestly wouldn't have
the first idea what to do with her.
Do with me?
I'm not some broken toy.
I'm your daughter.
I never said you were broken.
Oh, but I'm different now, right?
Than me and a lot of other people? Yes.
But America thrives on diversity.
Don't talking point me.
I think, your father
was trying to say
Look, I'm the exact same person I was
before what happened at the church.
Only now with the help of Tally
and everyone else at Fort Salem.
I know more about who I'm
really supposed to be
Who you're supposed
to be is my daughter.
I am.
And I'm also a witch.
If you can't accept that,
then you're no better
than the protestors
waiting for us at the center.
It's a scary adjustment.
For anyone.
Even if they know they're a witch
before conscription.
Same goes for soldiers' parents.
Well, here's hoping that
your performance today
makes everyone feel
a little, uh, less intimidated.
On both sides.
You've got this.
Not our daughters! Not our daughters!
Lot of Movement people here.
Agent Provocateurs mixed in
with regular, witch-fearing citizens.
Orsatti's been busy.
He isn't chanting, but
he's not leaving, either.
It's almost like he's
waiting for something.
- We need to go.
- We haven't learnt enough.
We're more in than we're out now,
and Orsatti isn't moving.
We keep a low profile
and ride this out.
The songs we sing are songs of freedom.
Songs of protection.
Of justice and sisterhood
and patriotism and pride.
And no matter what may come
of today's verifications,
I ask that each of you
honor your country
by letting these young women
discover who they truly are
with warmth and support.
Our first prospective recruit.
Please show her respect.
This can't be easy.
Time to find your voices, ladies.
Not our daughters!
Not our daughters! Not our daughters!
Have you ever seen anything like this?
Too many times, Cadet.
No matter how remarkable our service,
there will always be those who hate us.
Okay, Shireen. That's it.
You don't have to take blood
or anything? To confirm it?
We have everything we need.
And we have a place waiting
for you at Fort Salem.
You-you're absolutely, absolutely sure
there's no such thing
as a false positive?
Welcome, daughter.
I've always felt like I was different.
Now it all makes sense.
Thank you. So much.
Billy's gonna lose his mind.
This way, dear.
Have them bring the next batch.
What is he waiting for?
Feels like something's about to go down.
Keep an eye on Orsatti.
Let me know if he moves.
Join today.
Basic's gonna eat her alive.
It's just 'cause she's
upset about leaving
her boyfriend behind?
People leave, people die.
That's life.
Abs, you don't have
to be okay about Adil.
I'm not.
I blamed him for the death of the Tarim.
That's why he didn't stay.
Shit. He couldn't control that.
Why would you do that?
I don't know.
I know I'm the last person
you wanna hear from right
now, but I need you to listen.
The Camarilla have at least
one operative on site
and have put something in motion
with the Movement and law enforcement.
And thank you.
Thank you so much for coming out today.
You've done your nation
proud, regardless.
Is everything okay?
Keep the Negatives inside
with the others for a bit.
And get me General Bellweather.
Using Provocateurs is very
modern for the Camarilla.
Their tactics are evolving.
So, too, must ours.
If we sound the alarm,
then the public not only knows
that the Camarilla are back
But that they've also
got us on our heels.
For today
we lie.
What did you have in mind?
We'll say it's the Spree.
What are you doing?
You heard the General.
The Spree are on-site.
I need to leave now and
you're coming with me.
I'm the face of this entire thing.
What kind of example do I set
for everyone involved if I run?
Running and falling back
are not the same thing.
No. But it looks the same to
the people you leave behind.
Penny, it's
Once you're trained and deployed,
there is nothing that I
can do to keep you safe.
So pl
just let me protect you
today while I still can, okay?
Not our daughters! Not our daughters!
Please repeat
prepare Sekhmet
for crowd escalation.
Well? What are our orders?
No clue. Farspeech just glitched out.
Abigail, it's me, Charvel.
That doesn't sound like Alder.
That's because it isn't.
Abigail, where are you?
No, no, no.
Bells, who is it?
Abigail, I need you.
No, it can't possibly be her.
Where is that coming from?
Whatever glitched the Farspeech
is screwing with my Sight.
Abigail! Help me!
- Charvel!
- Abigail.
- Charvel!
- Abigail.
- I need you.
- Char?
I've been waiting for so long.
For what?
To finish what
we started at the wedding.
- What is that?
- Don't touch it.
It looks like a bomb.
No, it's definitely not.
Sekhmet! Start moving
everyone back. Now!
- Clear the area.
- Moving out!
I'm gonna need you all to
please move away from the building.
This is for your own
safety, so please
Our daughters will never be safe!
Take a step back.
You'll take them from our homes!
You'll send them away to die!
Please, step back!
Some of your daughters may be called.
But they will be in great company.
And they will do things
that they never thought were possible.
Someone once told me
that I had to let the
army make me strong.
And she was right.
The army saw something in me
that I didn't even know was there.
Your daughters will be safe with us.
Please, move back.
We're here to help you.
Not our daughters! Not our daughters!
Not our daughters! Not our daughters!
Please step back! Please step back!
Who did that?
Where's Abigail?
My voice was easy enough to slice out.
I can't wait to see what
he can do with yours.
Sing for us, won't you?
No! No!
I'm gonna enjoy this!
Okay. Are you okay? It's fine.
It's done.
It's done.
- Time to go.
- Yeah.
Though the attack was first thought
to originate from the War
College cadets on-site,
it has since been
attributed to the Spree.
Izadora's already working to crack
those Camarilla mines we recovered.
Have her forward her findings to
The Hague, as soon as possible.
They attacked Abigail. Again, Sarah.
I know you want blood.
So do I.
But fighting angry won't do us any good.
Make sure Sehkmet knows that, too.
And that the truth about
the attack is need-to-know.
Do you really think it was Scylla?
I do.
Tally, I'd know those eyes anywhere.
But that doesn't matter right now.
What doesn't matter now?
Hey, careful.
You've been sedated.
Should've used stronger medicine.
You okay?
Not really.
The Camarilla came for me,
just like they came for Charvel.
And I couldn't do a damn thing about it.
You were outnumbered.
I walked right into their trap.
Because of Charvel.
Because I failed at saving her, too.
look at me.
Don't put that on yourself.
It doesn't matter.
Uh, are we at war with
the Camarilla now or what?
Alder's been telling
everyone it was The Spree.
To keep panic from spreading
in the witch community.
She said we didn't have to
worry about the Camarilla.
She told me to let it go.
One lie after another, huh?
They're hunting her.
Tally, all Alder does is lie.
You said it in the Tarim.
Alder does what Alder does.
It's always someone else's
life she's playing with.
Where are you going?
No more lies.
Who is Nicte Batan?
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