Motherland: Fort Salem (2020) s02e05 Episode Script

Brianna's Favorite Pencil

[WOMAN] Previously on Motherland
We learned about the Camarilla
using hearing tests
to identify witches.
Orsatti's on the move.
Hopefully, toward a higher-up
in the Camarilla.
Felida will be touring
some of the other council nations,
General Sharma has offered
her protection.
There have been reports
of more outbreaks
of that disease they created.
Esterbrook and her witches
refused conscription
So they martyred themselves.
Why isn't General Alder
a bigger part of that story?
She wasn't there when
the martyrdom occurred.
I heard she was.
Fighting alongside a
soldier named Batan.
I blamed Adil for the
death of the Tarim.
That's why he didn't stay.
Your daughters will be safe with us.
[CROWD CHANTING] Not our daughters!
Not our daughters!
Do you really think it was Scylla?
I'd know those eyes anywhere.
The Camarilla came for me,
And I couldn't do a damn thing about it.
- No more lies!
Who is Nicte Batan?
India, unlike the United States,
can provide complete autonomy
for the Tarim people,
should you decide to settle here.
Oh, plus, we have excellent food.
Have you tried the Nankhatai?
Go on.
Finish your proposition.
That is the proposition.
You forgot the part
regarding what you expect us
to give to you.
Khalida, I had hoped
you thought better of us.
I think what my sister's trying to say
is that we know
how militarized nations work.
Do I seem naive, General Sharma?
Of course not.
- Whoo, whoo, whoo!
- General!
Do you like civilian music?
I enjoy it immensely.
Please, sit.
Where did you hear about Nicte Batan?
I know she personally served
under you in Liberia.
During the Martyrdom.
And that messed her up.
I wasn't in Liberia at the time, Cadet.
You can redact photographs
and edit history books
all you want, General,
but I know you were there with her.
The loss of Esterbrook and her rebels
is one of my deepest regrets.
And as Liberia devolved into chaos,
I deemed it more prudent to
obscure my direct involvement.
So why cover-up Nicte?
She deserted shortly after witnessing
what Esterbrook and her
followers did to themselves.
I consider that an even deeper
moment of personal failure.
So hiding her away is just
to protect your pride?
We all have our prideful failings.
For instance
your belief that you can barge in here,
in the dead of night, no less,
to make accusations of conspiracy
and nefarious intent against me.
I just wanted answers.
And what makes you think
you are owed any?
We are connected.
That time has passed.
Then why have I been seeing
these memories?
Ever since the surgery.
I thought they were dreams at first
I'll have Izadora give you
something to make sure
that the connection is
well and truly severed.
Work on those seeds, Privates.
Everything gets real after the break.
I heard about what happened
at the testing center.
Is Bellweather okay?
Yeah, her mom's checking on her now.
Did you know that Scylla
escaped from custody?
Why would I know anything about that?
Maybe, because you're
the last soldier to see her
before she was allegedly
shipped off to jail.
And before you try to get me off this,
I saw her.
At the riot.
Where I found this.
So unless this is another Spree agent
tryna screw with my head
We are aware
that Ramshorn is no longer in custody.
And yes, she was on site yesterday.
And how long have we known
that she's on the loose?
So long as it benefits the military,
and in this case it does,
does it matter?
Is that as much of an answer
as you're gonna give me?
That's as much as I can, yes.
Said more than I should, actually.
How did she get this?
I'm sorry, Collar.
Really wish, I could help.
Hi Bonnie,
it's Justine.
I was just wondering
about this Halloween party.
Are we supposed
to wear costumes, or ?
Jonas, wait.
Okay, great. See you Saturday.
Jonas, It's a suicide mission.
You don't need to do this.
You think I don't know that?
I need you here.
The Camarilla are picking us off
I'm not here for the Camarilla.
I'm here to change things
so that our people can stop
fighting their wars.
Is any of this sounding familiar?
And you think throwing your life away
is going to change that?
Ahh, what happened to you?
You know, out of everyone,
I thought you'd understand.
Used to be a wild animal.
Now you're just soft,
ineffective, comfortable
You're not weak.
There are things worth dying for,
and there are things worth living for.
There's always a choice.
You're up.
Did you get them?
We're looking for the Camarilla
that escaped.
Look harder.
[SCOFFS] You think we aren't?
You and Alder told everyone
it was the Spree.
But it wasn't the Spree
that attacked me.
It wasn't the Spree that tried
to cut out my throat.
It was the Camarilla.
They came after me, just
like they did with Charvel.
Except you survived.
Maybe I shouldn't have.
Excuse me?
I wouldn't expect you to understand.
And why not?
Because you weren't stupid enough
to walk into their trap.
I still can't get the stuff
Izadora gave me
out of my mouth.
Well, at least you can get
a good night's sleep, right?
I guess.
You know, part of me
didn't wanna take it.
Another part just desperately
wanted peace from all of this.
Alder isn't telling the whole truth.
Well, do you know that for sure?
I saw what happened, Rae.
She wasn't surprised
when they killed themselves.
She was
What's with the tables?
Oh, it's for the Dumbsupper tonight.
A what?
For Samhain.
You eat the meal backwards
in complete silence.
Dessert first.
Well, what about the black chairs?
[ABIGAIL] For the dead to join in.
As if the dead actually care about
bad wine and squash casserole.
They're dead.
They don't care about anything.
How did you celebrate Samhain
on the Cession?
Ahh, my mom wasn't really that into it.
We'd just light a candle
to honor the dead,
and then she'd let me go
How you doing, Bells?
Considering I almost got
my throat cut out, again?
Doing great.
I was talking about India.
I'm sorry, I-I
I thought you've heard.
There was a Camarilla attack
on a government train.
That's where Adil went, right?
[TALLY] Abigail?
[GREGORIO] It's all over the news.
General Sharma's dead.
It's never gonna stop.
Izadora's on her way to collect
samples and survey the damage
from the Plague attack in person.
Has there been any word from the Tarim?
Search and rescue teams
are looking into it, General.
To make matters worse,
the Indian military has placed
public blame on the Camarilla.
So much for The Hague agreeing
to keep things quiet.
It was only a matter of time.
What about here at home?
We've got more ground to cover,
but now that we have these tapes,
the Camarilla can no longer
hunt for our kind in schools.
I just got off the phone with Silver.
He's postponing our testing center
rollout until further notice.
Apparently, some states are barking
at sending their daughters
for testing, least the Spree
attack them on their way
into the building.
Have you briefed President Wade
about what happened in India?
Apparently, she's still
under the weather.
But please, get the Vice
President up to speed.
His daughter is one of ours.
We'll take whatever allies we can get.
Ah, civilians and their
mysterious customs.
- I think it looks fun.
I'm gonna have to borrow
Amelia's jumpsuit.
Oh, we share clothes now?
Yes. I'm gonna need that coat, too.
[CHUCKLES] You look amazing yourself.
Oh, hey!
Trick-or-treat, Justine!
Oh, I'm sorry, I don't have any candy.
All I have are witch fingers.
What are witch fingers?
You ladies clean up nice.
You all ready?
Bonnie, you're not coming?
No, I'm-I'm-I'm gonna take
Brianna trick-or-treating.
Mom duties.
Mommy, can Tiffany come with us?
Tiffany's still on vacation,
honey, remember?
Only one block, okay?
Shall we?
You guys have fun!
You're better than this, Cadet.
I think we should go home
with Abigail for Fall Break.
Yeah, but at this point,
do you think, she'd even let us?
[WHISPER] Sing for us
Won't you?
Bellweather! Let's go!
Abigail never taps out.
Where is she going?
Abs, maybe you should sit down.
I'm fine.
You ran out of hand to hand.
I've been attacked
by the Camarilla twice.
They killed General Sharma
and possibly, Adil and Khalida, so
I feel like we've moved
beyond sparring now, no?
W-well, we were thinking
maybe we should both
come home with you for break.
You won't be safe there.
We won't be safe anywhere.
You can't think like that.
We have fought them off before
and we'll keep doing it
for as long as it takes.
What's going on?
[ALDER] So it begins.
Samhain tradition, Cadets!
For the veil is thin.
And tonight
we wake the dead!
As our ancestors have
done for centuries.
This, Cadets, is the
Defending of the Hearth.
It's a pre-Samhain ritual,
here at War College.
Anyone heard of the Lost Regiment?
The French and Indian War?
Specifically, the Battle of La Tuque.
Commodore Hastings and her troops
were sequestered deep
in the forest during winter.
They couldn't light a fire without
giving away their location.
But when temps dropped
too low, they couldn't resist.
They decided to light one.
Just one fire.
And it proved fatal.
The enemy's attack was swift and brutal.
And none survived.
Every Samhain since,
the Regiment wanders these very woods,
desperate to extinguish the flame.
It's our job to stop them
and keep the fire burning
until the last stroke of midnight.
What happens if we win?
You'll get to speak to the
dead witch of your choosing.
From the Lost Regiment?
From anywhere.
I don't have time for games.
Earlier, you said the dead don't care.
What if this way, we can find out?
We can't use any Work.
Then we'll improvise.
if tonight goes well, we'll be set.
These people, they're on another level.
The Camarilla.
They take care of their own.
Investment funds,
private schools, real estate.
Plenty of cops and judges
in their pocket
Thanks for including us.
It's too bad Bonnie's
missing out on all this.
[CHUCKLING] No. Bonnie's
not cut out for this.
Too weak.
But I feel like you ladies
will do what it takes
to bring about a world with no witches.
Light 'em up. [CHUCKLES]
I have a lighter.
It's not a lot of familiar faces
from the Movement here.
How'd you get on the list?
[SHANE] I did provide a little gift.
What kind of gift?
You'll see soon enough.
I'll see you in there.
If everyone's wearing a mask
how are we going to take
the Exarch's face?
We'll improvise, huh?
If we make it to midnight,
who are you gonna talk to?
The upside of being last of my line
is that there's no shortage
of people to talk to
on a night like tonight.
It's true.
What about you?
Valda Esterbrook.
The Martyr?
[TALLY] Leader of the
Liberian Front, yeah.
You're gonna burn your Samhain
on someone you've never even met?
I need answers.
Who better to ask than one of the
only other people who were there?
I need to talk to my mom.
I don't think I've ever needed
anything more.
Visibility's low. Trust your ears.
You won't see the arrows
until they're within a few
yards of the hearth,
but when you do
do what I just did!
Scourge, Windshear, whatever you can.
Just one arrow douses the flame.
And whatever you do, don't get hit.
Ladies and gentlemen,
may I have your attention?
[SCYLLA] The Exarch's that cop
from the testing center.
[ANACOSTIA] Guess, we found our mark.
Yeah. Now we just have to figure
out how to get close to him.
but I've asked the staff to
arrive a little bit later tonight.
so that we can start
this party with a bang.
Allow me to begin by saying
what an honor it is
to have you all here
on this special night.
Special, because tonight
we will be reinstating
a long-held ritual
performed by our ancestors
on All Hallow's Eve.
We just have to make it to midnight.
They're not gonna make that easy.
[GASPS] Gregorio!
Collar, we need a Fixer.
Collar! We need a Fixer!
Tally, get over here!
Go, go, go.
Sorry about this.
In this twilight of the world
the evil of witch is super abounds.
Ladies and Gentlemen
we are about to rid the world
of some of that evil.
[SCYLLA] That psychopath.
He kidnapped Brianna's friend.
Come on, Tiffy, it's just a party.
[ANACOSTIA] She's the gift.
My friends
tonight we offer up a witch.
[ANACOSTIA] I'm gonna try to
kill the power to the dampeners.
When I do, get the girl and get out.
[M] That's the first chime to midnight.
Rae, how is he doing?
Come on, we could use the help out here.
Is it over?
It's about to be.
- [M] That's six!
[RAE] We need to win this.
- [M] Seven!
[MAN] The hell do you think
you're doing?
Goddess, not you again.
Do I know you?
We've met once or twice.
Does that jog your memory?
Everyone, take one.
Plenty to go around.
Can I help you?
Take me, not her.
Why would we do that?
Because I'm a witch.
Justine, what are you doing?
My name is not Justine,
you ignorant rat carcass.
Exarch, I don't know
what she's talking about.
Not only am I a witch,
I am the Spree,
and I've killed thousands of civilians.
And I enjoyed it.
Every. Single. Time.
The little one can watch
while we deal with you.
Unlike her,
your vocal chords are
perfectly ripe for harvest.
Find a dark place.
And light your candle.
Say the name of the witch
you want to speak with.
As the wax melts, your
messenger will be freed
and will bring forth
your requested dead.
How long do we have?
Till the candle burns out.
- That doesn't seem long enough.
- It never is.
I'll tell Libby you said "hi".
Give her my best.
You all right?
Yeah, I just
There are so many things I
could ask her about, you know?
Like the-the-the last thing
she said to me before she left.
Or the letters she left me.
It's just, I
I don't even know where to start now.
You'll know when you see her.
Willa Collar.
Valda Esterbrook.
Charvel Bellweather.
[SHAKING] H-hi, you
Y-you don't know me.
Tally Craven, United States Military
Time is short, Conscripted.
Char, is that you?
[CHARVEL] You're a failure.
I know.
I should have been there to save you.
I live with it every day.
And it's just this pain
You didn't fail me.
You failed yourself.
Why did you martyr yourself?
[WHISPERING] You think I did this?
By choice?
My brothers and sisters.
General Alder's army is here.
We are surrounded.
I had no choice but to surrender.
You've let yourself be victimized
again and again and again
by the animals that slaughtered me.
The Camarilla used you against me
to throw me off balance,
to try and take my voice.
The enemy used your own
insecurities against you.
You complain about others
not getting the job done
that you should be
getting done yourself.
I'm a soldier. I can only do
what I'm told.
I thought that, too.
Then I got murdered.
Stop! Don't!
You need to stop worrying
about being a soldier,
and start worrying
about being a warrior.
I just
I don't wanna be afraid anymore.
Then get rid of that
which terrifies you.
What are you saying?
You are Abigail Bellweather,
the last of our line.
And you are vengeance.
Mom, please.
She didn't come.
You know, I've gone
over the conversation
in my head,
so many times.
And I thought about what I'd say to her.
and how I'd say it and
what she'd say back,
and how she probably
tell me I needed a haircut.
Why didn't she come?
Why didn't she wanna talk to me?
I don't know, Rae.
I need to go pack for break.
I need to see my dad.
Okay, I know we said we would
go home with you, but
No, believe me. I get it.
Please come, too.
Charvel set me straight.
I need to get back to being me.
I need to find the people who
took her voice and get it back.
And bathe in their blood.
I added that last part.
Uh, how would you even find them?
Where would you start?
I haven't gotten to that part yet.
Why are you looking at me like that?
Because even if you
do manage to find them,
you're basically just
offering yourself up.
Think about what you're saying.
You're right.
I am.
Yeah, I guess, I, uh
I was just excited because of Samhain.
Besides, I'm sure my mother
won't let me out of her sight
the entire break, so
We were just talking about you.
Mom, what is it?
[PETRA] It's about Adil.
Thank Goddess you're okay.
When I heard about the train
Khalida and I were the only survivors.
It's good to see you, too.
[CHUCKLES] Uh, where is she?
Um, she'll hate it,
but I'll give her a hug, too.
She's still with The Hague.
I was gonna stay with her,
but she could tell how much
I needed to see you.
I'm so glad you're here.
I haven't stopped shaking since India.
Hey, you made it out.
That's what's important.
[SIGHING] All I could
think about was you.
Look, I know, they've come
for your family before
And they tried again.
Being hunted gives you a unique
perspective on survival, doesn't it?
Time to make them feel hunted.
And we start with the one
who killed Charvel.
You want breakfast?
I just dropped off Brianna at school.
Denver omelet. Extra ham.
She forgot her favorite pencil.
Are you sure that's all you want?
Well, now that you mention it
You know,
Tiffany is still not in school.
You don't think something bad
happened to her, do you?
Of course, not.
And anyway, we talked about this, Bon.
Even if something bad did happen,
it's just one less witch in the world.
[CHANTING] Not our daughters,
not our daughters
Not our daughters.
Justine! I didn't know
you were coming over today.
Oh yeah, I was just dropping
something off for Shane.
Have a coffee with me?
I can't today, I'm sorry.
Next time.
Find something to live for.
Something that's beautiful and real.
Like your daughter.
Otherwise, hate is gonna eat you whole.
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