Motherland: Fort Salem (2020) s02e06 Episode Script

My 3 Dads

[RAELLE] Previously, on Motherland
Jonas, wait! The Camarilla
are picking us off.
I'm not here for the Camarilla.
I'm here to change things.
[MAN] In this twilight of the world,
the evil of witch is super abound
Not our daughters
[WOMAN] So, in tradition, cadets,
tonight, we wake the dead!
Valda Esterbrook.
Willa Collar.
Why didn't she come?
Why didn't she want to talk to me?
I need to go pack for the break.
- I need to see my dad.
- Charvel Bellweather.
You are Abigail Bellweather.
And you are vengeance.
Charvel set me straight.
I need to find the people
who took her voice and get it back.
Time to make them feel hunted.
And we start with the
one who killed Charvel.
From our first born breath
to the last song we sing,
we are at war.
There was never a choice.
So, if we must bleed,
let us bleed for freedom.
- With this act,
our war will end.
And your faith in me will be repaid.
Thank you, Jonas.
From our blood,
a new day will rise for all witches!
[GROUP CHANTS] We are the Spree.
We are the Spree. We are the Spree.
We are the Spree. We are the Spree.
We are the Spree!
We are the Spree.
- Wow!
- It's beautiful here, right?
- Um, hey-hey, Tal?
- Mm?
Maybe, just around my dad
don't talk about the Witchbomb.
Or deployment. Or the Spree.
And, yeah, definitely not Scylla.
That's a lot not to talk about.
A couple things before we go in
the house should be empty
except for my grandma.
Will she mind what we have to do?
Oh, Minerva cannot know.
She's the only woman
alive tougher than Alder.
Avoid contact.
Then, as long as we can
get to Charvel's remains,
we'll be in and out quickly.
You okay?
We put our dead right in the earth
and plant a tree to
grow from their body.
You help them turn to new life.
That's not unlike our tradition.
Yeah, but will that be a problem?
As long as I can get a little
bit of Charvel's blood,
everything should be fine.
I thought the house was gonna be empty?
[RAELLE] Yeah, people in the Cession
have never really been shy
in expressing an opinion.
She causes more problems
than she fixes, doesn't she?
Is that what your ghost told you?
More or less.
Esterbrook made me see the truth.
Alder had Nicte Batan
kill the Liberian Front
and make it look like a mass suicide.
She could She could order you
to do something like
that with the Witchbomb.
Well, if Esterbrook
was telling the truth
She showed me. I saw it.
Then, Alder made Liberia worse.
And that fight eventually killed my mom.
So, there's not much worse
she can do to me, is there?
[EDWIN] Rae?
Don't worry, Tal, I'll
always have a choice.
- Hey, kid.
- How ya doin'?
- [EDWIN] Good to see you.
- [RAELLE] Good to see you, too.
I'm starving.
Hi! I am starving.
Thank you!
- Daughter.
- Sweetheart.
Hello, offspring.
What do you think? Hm?
Is there a wedding
that I don't know about?
- Not yet.
They're all here for you.
And this must be Adil. Hm.
Your people are quite the topic
of conversation in our circle.
And you brought him because ?
Because he has no home
to go to for the break.
- Is that an issue?
- Of course not.
We'll make room.
Anton, Fermin and I invited
all your top ranked suitors
here for Fall break.
Seemed like the perfect time
for you to make a choice.
Does my mother know about this?
It was her idea, of course.
Good to see you again!
- Always a pleasure, sir.
- Mm-hm.
Bellweather! [SCOFFS]
Thanks for the invite,
what a pleasant surprise.
A surprise, being the key word.
Right, Claude?
[ADIL] How many fathers
does Abigail have?
Just the three. Average for
a High Atlantic kid. Why?
I didn't understand the
scope of Abigail's family.
[SCOFFS] My friend, this is
just the tip of the iceberg.
All because he was a guy?
- [TALLY] Mm-hm.
- Dad, no dudes. Ever.
- Ever.
Then my mom comes running up
"Don't hurt him! Don't hurt him!
- He's my lawyer!"
[TALLY] Turns out, the guy was there
to help me get my dispensation.
The only guy to ever set foot
in the Sacramento matrifocal
community, and survive.
That reminds me of when Rae was born.
- Mm-hmm!
- Dad
Willa gave birth at Fort Senox
and I had to get special
access to go on base.
So, as I'm walking up to
Willa's room in the infirmary,
this soldier stops me.
Now, she can tell I'm a civilian.
But you were cleared to be there?
But when she found out I was the father,
she went off about how
wrong that was, how
How I'd made my daughter weak.
- That's awful!
- [EDWIN] Yeah, it was,
until Willa stepped out of her room,
still covered in blood from the birth,
holding our baby girl.
- Aww
- [EDWIN] Yeah
How did Mom tell this part, again?
- Oh, gosh, I don't know.
- What she said next?
- I don't remember.
- Well, anyway,
Willa Collar looked that
soldier in the eye and said,
"Does my daughter look weak to you?!"
- Wow.
- I'm gonna get this packed up.
[EDWIN] Sure.
Hey, uh, can we get a box?
Thank you.
What are we going to tell her?
Think the truth's a good place to start.
Well, if she's going to disappear,
she might as well know, right?
She's not going on
the run with the Spree.
- She can't go to the army.
- It's the Camarilla
she has to worry about,
not conscription.
This isn't about you. Or me.
This is about her.
The dodgers can keep her safe
just like they did with me,
until she's old enough
to make her own choices.
The Fosterling program
did pretty right by me.
And where are you now?
Out here with me, a terrorist.
I saw you at that mall during the vigil.
You are not the same person
you were a year ago.
Then why did I laugh
when I killed Shane?
You murdered Shane?
Tell me he didn't deserve it,
for what he did to Tiffany?
And what did you do to Brianna
by taking her father away from her?
She shouldn't hear us fight like this.
[WHISPERS] Let's go
for some hot chocolate.
- [RAELLE] Bye, Pops.
- [TALLY] Have a good day!
Tal, can we just relax?
This is our first break, ever.
And it'll be over in a blink of an eye.
Which is why you should
talk to him about your mom.
- I just
I don't wanna upset him.
It isn't him that's getting upset.
Well then, tell me how not
to be upset about Samhain.
Your dead was a total stranger
and showed up with bells on,
and I waited on my own mother
all night, and she didn't show.
He wouldn't want you to
go through this alone.
Yeah, sure, I'll just ask
him, "Um, hey, Dad,
any idea why my mom would
abandon me a second time?"
Hey. Do you recognize that car?
It was outside the diner, too.
Yeah, and on our way into town.
That was a warning.
I know you.
You're military?!
Wait, where's the other two?
We have orders to keep
Miss Special Projects
here out of trouble.
But I remember you from Basic.
You are the trouble, Cadet.
Yeah, well, don't expect me
to invite you in for coffee and cookies.
Do you have a minute to talk?
A minute. Sure.
She inherited that exactness from you.
Which makes for superior
tactical planning, of course.
I'm sorry we sprung this on you.
I know it's all happening so fast.
Surprises I can handle. But I
have other priorities right now.
Such as Adil?
Such as being a soldier.
Having a daughter, goddess permit,
is part of being a soldier.
There's no greater joy, you'll see.
[ABIGAIL] This isn't a time for joy.
A kid shouldn't come
into this world right now.
Your children will be lucky to
have you around to protect them.
And not just them, but
the future of the line
Stop sermonizing, Anton.
Please, keep an open mind at dinner.
[ALDER] You let her get the drop on you,
and now the child that you
rescued is in the Spree's hands?
Ramshorn isn't planning on
keeping Tiffany with them.
[ALDER] You're naive to believe that.
It was a mistake to
work with her at all.
General, it stands to
reason the Camarilla
may have taken other
young witches hostage.
Bring our daughters home safe, Petra,
and spare no one who tries to stop you.
I'll start by tailing
the Exarch Tooms
No. Your time on this operation is over.
General, I'm of more
use to you in the field.
Where the Camarilla's seen your face?
No. Intelligence has this from here.
[PETRA] Things are already in motion.
I'll continue to monitor from Annapolis.
Give Minerva my regards.
This is a dire moment
in our war, Anacostia.
Civilians question my credibility
and the Camarilla are
emboldened with every attack.
You did a fine job. But now
I need you back by my side,
where you can do the most good.
[TALLY] I thought you didn't
wanna talk about your mom.
[RAELLE] Well, I mean, not with my dad,
but Quinn's a different story.
I bring the blind by
the ways they knew not.
I will lead them on paths unknown.
I make the darkness light before them.
[LAUGHING] Get going, Frank!
My favorite troublemaker
just rode in on the wind.
- This is my friend Tally Craven.
- Hi!
I'll get a look at you soon enough.
Quinn was my mom's best friend.
[QUINN] Cheapest babysitter, too.
Mmm oh, this is good!
Ancient Christo-pagan brew.
Allows you to commune
with the Holy Spirit.
[LAUGHING] No, not really.
I cooked this up when we
were stationed in Norilsk.
Willa ever tell you about that siege?
No. Never got the chance to, I guess.
Me and your mom, running
from foxhole to foxhole,
closing wounds. That woman was a force!
Raelle's just like her, but more.
A goddess of destruction!
Or is it creation?
Either way, mushrooms
have been summoned.
All right, that's enough. Sorry.
We're not supposed to talk about that.
[CHUCKLES] It's no surprise
to hear that you have gifts.
Willa always said.
Yeah, I know. She always
said it in her letters, too.
You say that like it's a bad thing.
No, I just
Sometimes letters
aren't enough, you know.
But I was there in the mud with her,
I watched her write to you.
There's nothing but love on those pages.
And that's never going away.
Raelle tried to summon Willa
on Samhain, but she didn't come.
On the hallowed ground of Fort Salem,
the requested dead
cannot refuse to appear.
I guess it's more of a
suggestion than a rule,
because she didn't show.
on the other hand,
my line's been fully vetted
to join the Bellweathers.
Yeah, but, uh on the other other hand,
[CHUCKLES] wouldn't it be kind of weird,
you know, having been
engaged to her cousin?
Um, would it be so weird to bond
over the love and memory of Charvel?
Yes. It would be very weird.
I'd be more than happy to
stay with our child full-time,
until your second spouse joins us.
And what would you
contribute to our line?
That isn't why I'm here.
As Abigail explained, I just
needed a place to stay.
It had better be unique because
she already has incredible Weatherwork.
You wanna know what
physical traits I have to offer?
How else are we to know what
sort of soldier you'd produce?
It's like you're talking
about breeding stallions.
Mares, but you're starting
to get the hang of it.
We'll also be taking stock
of your temperament,
intellect and your family's standing.
So, all-all of you
with Abigail's mother?
We each contributed the
best of us to make Abigail.
At the same time?
Whatever the general wants.
It was a delicate process.
So, what would you bring to
this very hypothetical union?
I don't know. I wasn't planning
on having an official
union with Abigail.
On behalf of my daughter,
thank you all for coming.
Sorry to be tardy, but the
world waits for no woman.
Is there something we need
to talk about, Abigail?
This residence isn't your
personal drop-zone, Peti.
Do you remember where
Brianna's dad took you?
He took me lots of places.
Was there any place
with other kids around?
Can you remember what it was like there?
It's important, so we can go help them.
It was dark. I could
hear someone crying.
And it smelled funny, like dog food.
[TIFFANY ECHOES] And it smelled funny,
like dog food.
[WHISPERS] I'm proud of you, Tiffany.
Sleep tight.
They're keeping them in
a vet's office. In cages.
Never thought I'd live to see a
Collar speaking Mothertongue.
You're War-College fancy, now.
Were you there? The day she
No. God, Greenville was chaos.
It was a lot of those
mines to deal with.
What type?
Uh, Weaponized Pushing. In bottles.
Do you know when those bottles
first started showing up?
I believe it was '94? Sudan.
Then a year later, in Minsk
during the Belarus partition.
They tweaked it, somehow.
It got a whole lot worse
than just bottles.
The two conflicts weren't
connected, though.
As much as I love a good history lesson,
it is getting late and you
ladies have tired me out.
Okay, but
- [RAELLE] Come on.
- [TALLY] Bedtime for Tally.
So, wait So, the suicide bottles
moved halfway across the world
in the two years after the Martyrdom.
Nicte invented the Work.
No one had seen anything like it before,
not even Alder. So,
it had to have been
taught to them by her.
And then
- And then what?
- Everything changed.
The first confirmed
Spree attack was in '97.
So, you think Nicte gave
her Working to the Spree?
I think Nicte created the Spree.
[SPREE LEADER] It's okay to be scared.
We'll be with you to the very end.
I'm not afraid anymore, Nicte.
Were you able to get
Abigail on the phone?
The guy who answered said
that she was unavailable,
at some dinner event.
I think he was their butler.
Do you think Alder's known
about Nicte this whole time?
If you figured it out,
I'm sure she has, too.
[TALLY] No wonder she was redacted.
Alder can just blot
out all her mistakes.
I'm surprised she hasn't
tried to blot out the Spree altogether.
It's another war she's gotten us into.
I mean, how many fronts
are we supposed to
fight at the same time?
We'll survive whatever Alder
or anyone else throws at us.
I don't wanna just survive.
Not if I can change things.
[SOFTLY] Yeah.
This might be my least favorite
part of the matching process.
Is it the same with your
people in the Tarim?
- Not exactly.
It must be difficult for you
to compete with us like this.
- I'm not competing.
- [WYATT] Oh!
Think you're a sure thing?
Don't underestimate him.
Have you seen his earth Working?
He could split a boulder in a blink.
[CIRO] Is that how you woo your women?
Splitting boulders?
Or do you only use your
Earthwork in battle?
We're pacifists.
And as for wooing
We tend to go on very long walks.
The Imperatrix and I
can at least agree on
Gregorio's viability.
[CHUCKLES] I suppose,
if humor is the trait
you care most about
adding to the family line.
[MUTTERS QUIETLY] We could use it.
What was that?
I could use some sleep.
You're excused,
as soon as you tell us
who you're gonna pick.
I need more time to decide.
I'm sorry Abigail,
but we're out of time.
The Camarilla's made that very clear.
You're right, they have.
Which is why we need to fight back.
Rest assured, we are.
Alder said the same thing.
I am not Alder.
I have agents spreading
out across the country,
- even as we speak.
- The army won't stop them
by staying on the defensive,
waiting for their next move!
We need to bring this war to them.
Abigail, I have my duty in
this war and you have yours.
We have other things to discuss, Peti.
You can deal with this later.
When you run from your responsibilities,
you bring shame on all Bellweathers,
- going back to Jem
- [SLAMS CANE] Enough!
You scold Abigail for
all she has yet to do.
I am reminding her what's best.
And what about you?
You promised me a
Bellweather at the top.
That you would answer to no one.
Since we lost Charvel,
I've been thinking
it won't be long until I'm with her.
My sycamore will grow beside
hers in the family grove.
I go, content with all
that I did for this family.
My choices, my sacrifices
and the victories we all
share because of them.
What will yours be?
Oh, that! That fire in your eyes.
Follow it to the ends
of the earth, Abigail.
Don't let us stop you.
Don't let anyone stop you.
Make your mark, not your mother's.
Not mine, not Jem's.
[ABIGAIL] Glad to see
you survived the dinner.
[ADIL] It was certainly enlightening.
[ABIGAIL] This is Jem.
And this is Charvel.
You may wanna look away.
If we're gonna do this,
I can't look away.
Time to hunt.
One song. I promise
to never tell Abigail.
The book of love is long and boring ♪
No one can lift the damn thing ♪
It's full of charts
and facts and figures ♪
And instructions for dancing ♪
But I ♪
I love it when you read to me ♪
You ♪
You can read me anything ♪
[EXHALES] I'm gonna take a walk.
I miss your songs.
The ones you'd sing with Mom.
Well, we could never agree
on which one to play.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah. She always
liked the happy ones.
You, not so much.
What's eating at you, Rae?
If there's one thing Collars do
well, it's speak their minds.
Tell me the truth.
Do you remember, um
Mom's letter you gave me
before I deployed to China?
She said she loved me more than
the sky above and earth below.
And that she'd always be close.
Sounds like her.
The last day that she was with us,
when you went to work
- We fought.
- 'Bout what?
She'd been leaving the
house at night, all week.
Who knows where. It was weird.
And when I finally asked her about it,
she denied it, and
[CRYING] Dad, I got so angry.
- Rae
- I called her a liar.
I said that
if she kept secrets from me, then,
she didn't really love me.
And then, the next day she was gone.
And I just keep thinking that
that the moment she died,
my words were ringing in her ears.
Come here.
Raelle Collar,
you are the toughest girl
on this green earth.
And it was your mother
that made you that way.
And there ain't a thing you could do
to break your bond with her. So
if you can't feel her by your side,
it just means she hasn't
gotten there yet.
You give her time.
[WHISPERS] Give her time.
[IZADORA] This is the only
active sample I could retrieve
from the wreckage of the
train attack in India.
[IZADORA] They've
engineered it to become
a self-sustaining hunter.
It can lie dormant
until the witch is near.
And once it latches on,
death follows in only minutes.
How far can it spread?
As long as the contagion
has prey to feed on,
it can self-replicate.
It has no limit.
Then, how do we stop it?
Aside from total incineration,
I have no idea.
This is your top priority, Izadora.
And if we must burn
this evil from the earth,
then, so be it.
Thank you.
Is it hot Oh!
[SCREAMS] General!
Exarch, no one told us you'd be coming.
Been a tough day. Always cheers me up
to see the good work
we're doing for the cause.
You're all dismissed.
Sir, where's your security detail?
Don't worry. I always come prepared.
Don't try to speak, General.
You've suffered severe injuries.
If not for your Biddies sharing the hit,
you would've been dead three times over.
I've never seen Off-Canon like this.
It was a remote attack.
Sympathetic Work.
- [ANACOSTIA] Camarilla?
- Not a chance.
They can only mimic
our Work up to a point.
Spree, then.
And there may be more attacks to come.
[GASPING] Stay with me, Anacostia.
There's gotta be another room somewhere.
We're too late.
They've already moved them.
They really believe
we're less than human.
Not less. More.
They're terrified of
what we're capable of.
I was feeling generous.
Goddess, protect her!
You should be getting behind me.
[SCREAMS] Raelle!
[RAELLE SINGS] The book of love ♪
Has music in it ♪
In fact, that's where
music comes from ♪
Some of it's just transcendental ♪
Some of it's just really dumb ♪
But I ♪
I love it when you sing to me ♪
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