Motherland: Fort Salem (2020) s02e07 Episode Script


Previously on Motherland
Gwen was my mom's best friend.
Raelle tried to summon Willa
and she didn't come.
The requested dead
cannot refuse to appear.
If you can't feel her by your side,
it just means she hasn't
gotten there yet.
You think Nicte gave her
Working to the Spree?
I think Nicte created the Spree.
My voice was easy enough to slice out.
I can't wait to see what
he can do with yours.
Is that how you woo your
women? Splitting boulders?
- Or do you only use your Earth Work in battle?
- We're pacifists.
The Camarilla are emboldened
with every attack.
Being hunted gives you a unique
perspective on surviving.
Time to make them feel hunted.
We start with the one
who killed Charvel.
As long as I can get a little
bit of Charvel's blood,
- everything should be fine.
- Time to hunt.
They've engineered it to become
a self-sustaining hunter.
And once it latches on, death follows.
We have orders to keep Miss Special
Projects here out of trouble.
Petra! Tally Craven is on the phone.
Tell her Abigail isn't home, Claude.
She says Raelle has been kidnapped.
Have the car brought around.
I need to get back to base.
Hold still.
Thank you for staying.
What happened while I was out?
Raelle Collar's security
detail was attacked.
The attackers took her,
they fled the scene.
The MPs out of Fort Deacon
are already running her down.
Who took her?
The Camarilla.
You're awake.
I am surprised, considering the
amount of paralytic we gave you.
I've heard you have a very special gift.
We will have that.
There's only one throat
like that in the world.
Do be careful.
It wasn't always just me and Khalida.
We used to have a big family.
Aunts, uncles, so many cousins.
There are only a few of us that
still know how to make this.
When we got separated,
we would use a tool like this
to find each other.
We call it a
Blood compass.
I keep a vial of Khalida's
around my neck.
And she has mine
just in case.
What do those lines mean?
The big one leads back
to the sycamore grove.
- The smaller one
- To the rest of Charvel.
- How far?
- That way.
Couple hundred miles.
It's okay.
We're gonna make them pay.
Thank you for your help, Cadet.
- Wait, that's it? But
- A BAT will take you back to base.
- It's safer for you there.
- I can't just leave.
- I can help.
- That's all for now.
I deserve to know what's going on.
Now, you know something. You tell me.
- She's my daughter.
- Thank you both for your time.
- We're gonna find her.
- Okay.
Hello? Rae?
- Is it Raelle?
- I'm sorry, Mr. Collar.
This is War College Administration.
I'm looking for Raelle
Collar. Is she there?
I don't know where she is.
Your investigators were
here all morning. Ask them.
They won't tell me a damn thing.
I'm sorry, I
We're too late.
They got her.
Why do they want Raelle?
We can wonder why later. Where is she?
I know who we can ask.
You're not going anywhere.
I won't just lay here while the
military's most valuable asset,
one of my daughters, is
in the hands of the enemy.
And if you set foot outside this room,
we cannot guarantee you won't
be hit with an immediate attack.
- Any word on Collar?
- Not yet.
Transport's on their way
to pick Craven up.
- What else?
- The Vice President is here for you, General.
For the joint statement
about the testing centers.
I suppose I've been preoccupied.
- Clearly, we need to delay it.
- His office is holding firm.
They don't want the nation
stewing any longer
than she needs to about
what happens next.
We can't hold it down here
in the Warding Circle.
Not without revealing its
existence to the entire world.
Including the Spree that attacked you.
They should see that they failed!
We can't risk exposing
you, or the Biddies,
to anyone until the situation
has been resolved.
And how do we plan on resolving it?
I can't stay down here forever.
- We are working on it.
- Work fast, then.
I've prepared a statement.
Join the Vice President in my place.
Tell his office I'm occupied
with a classified matter.
Making my first incision.
I nicked the carotid.
For the gifts
and the calling of God
are irrevocable.
Who's there?
Am I dead?
Wake up!
This wasn't mentioned in the reports.
I've never seen one
that can heal itself.
No, not like this.
For whoever does these
things is an abomination.
This manifestation,
it's triggered by death.
At least we know how
to get it going now.
Ready the Clean Room.
We're going to try something new.
Oh, you're a feisty one, aren't you?
Stupid rookies.
Do you have any idea who I am?
You're the witch from the party.
Yes, I am.
And you're going to lead
us to the girls you took.
She's right.
We can't just scatter
every time there's a threat.
There's no hiding from this.
These abductions have
been happening all over.
They found a girl
with her throat cut out
- up by my cousin's place.
- Who's there?
I'm not here to cause trouble.
Stand down. She's a friend.
Raelle's been taken. I know
this is gonna sound crazy, but
It's the Camarilla. I know. I'm sorry.
Lord knows poor Edwin's
already been through enough.
You're dodgers?
- We're free.
- I'm sorry. I
I haven't slept. I didn't
mean to offend
If she's as special as I think she is,
the army's gonna have the best
of the best looking for her.
Tell us what you know.
The Camarilla have learned
to steal our voices.
They have some kind of
sick version of our Work.
The army knows they're
here, but aren't saying.
I think it's 'cause they
don't want to cause panic.
But you need to warn whoever you can.
We'll keep our ear to
the ground for Raelle.
- Put the word out.
- They're sending me back to base soon.
So I'll see what I can do. But Edwin
I'll I'll tend to Edwin.
I hear anything, I'll let you know.
Stay safe.
I just wish we had a plan.
We do have a plan: once
we reach the location,
you kill our visibility,
we penetrate their defenses,
take out the targets, and avenge
our people, in that order.
And you honestly think
that's going to work?
Doubt can't be a factor
if we're going to succeed.
Yeah, but fear keeps us alive.
I'm terrified. But in an ideal world,
Alder wouldn't be sitting on her hands
while the Camarilla tries
to murder us in our sleep.
And we wouldn't be going in on our own.
I have entrusted my daughter
Penelope to the army.
It is our constitutional
and patriotic
Isn't that your mom?
And the vast majority of Americans
have shown great eagerness to comply.
But with many Americans refusing testing
and some states suing
over testing centers,
the nationwide rollout
of the testing program
will be temporarily suspended
as the Military works
with the Administration to
guarantee the public's safety.
Why isn't Alder talking?
To help keep the peace
at existing centers,
seven states have signed on to
the Civilian-Military
Joint Security Initiative.
Father of the year. I can't
believe I voted for him.
We are confident this initiative
will create more understanding
- between our communities.
- What's not to understand?
Witches have like 16 husbands,
they raise their kids to be killers.
That does not look like
a 16-husband kinda lady.
Witches are all inbred,
so half of them are
probably her cousins.
They don't have enough kids,
so they're taking ours.
What does that old hag know
about raising children?
She did just fine with me.
It's all right.
Hey, go find your voice somewhere else.
We have every right to be here.
- Easy
- No, don't worry.
She can't do anything to me
without breaking the law.
I can't do any Work
without breaking the law.
You need to keep your
little witch in line.
Hey. Look, she isn't in the wrong here.
Do you ever regret it?
Going AWOL, joining the Spree?
Only when I breathe.
I thought I was making the
world safer for my girl.
Instead, I just made it easier
for these bastards to take her.
If I would have just brought
her when you ordered,
none of this would be happening.
You actually protected her.
Thank you.
There's a solid chance
she will hate both of us,
after all is said and done.
Can you live with that?
I don't expect her to forgive me.
I just want her to be safe.
- You really love her.
- I do.
- What if it's too late?
- No.
No. No way.
That girl knows how to put up a fight.
A woman who is a witch
shall surely be put to death.
She shall be killed with stones,
and her blood shall be
upon her own hands.
Guess I'm feeling old fashioned today.
Of all the old methods we've
used to deal with your kind,
this one is probably my favorite.
Gravity does all the work.
That wasn't the first
time you died, was it?
Why don't you ask your
team from the Tarim?
Oh, wait, you can't.
I promise you, this is
going to be painful.
What are you going to do to them?
We know your trick can kill.
What I want to know is
can you control it?
Do whatever you want to me,
please don't hurt them.
I won't be the one who hurts them.
I'm so sorry.
What do you want from me?
- Take them back to holding.
- It didn't even touch the kids.
If it won't kill witches,
and she can't die,
what are we supposed to do with her?
We're getting close.
That's the first thing
you've said since the bar.
Sorry, that was just a big deal.
I'm not a soldier.
it's not in my nature.
This is not the time to start
saying things like that.
Because if you lose your nerve,
I might lose my nerve.
And if I lose my nerve,
we don't make it back home.
Punching a guy isn't
the same as killing.
Today, it has to be.
It's 10,000 years of
tradition for my people,
all gone with my actions.
How many thousands of years of tradition
were lost when they
murdered your elders?
Your line ends with you.
My line ends with me.
Here we are, Tarim and Bellweather.
And we can either lie
down in the dirt and die
or we can take back all
the life the Camarilla have
already taken from us and live.
Looks abandoned.
Lot of security for a
place that's abandoned.
Tally would be useful right
now. She could see inside.
This should help.
It would be best to enter here.
So does that mean you're coming?
Exarch, back so soon?
Got two new volunteers eager
to meet the surgical team.
Where are you, Raelle?
Come on.
They're preparing for war.
Or a genocide.
We'd better find a way around.
I can get us through.
Be ready.
This is taking too long.
Breach! Sound the alarm!
Find my daughter.
I found the intruder!
She'll do for target practice.
You might want to start with someone
a little more challenging.
You get them out of
there. I've got this.
I think one of you has something
that belongs to my family.
Hey, cuz.
Nice of you to come all the way out here
to let me finish the job.
It's done, Charvel.
I didn't know you could do that.
Neither did I.
I saw an emergency exit
a few hallways back.
- We need to get those girls out of here.
- Not yet.
They say there's one more witch
in one of the Clean Rooms.
- A blonde girl that can't die.
- Raelle?
They've got Raelle?
I have good news, and bad news.
The good news is it would
seem your comrades in arms
have infiltrated our facility.
Well, that sounds bad for you, Doc.
Nonsense. I'll be fine.
The bad news is that I'm going
to have to watch this next step
from somewhere farther away.
Every generation gets a little stronger.
Oh, he's a frisky little
bugger, isn't he?
I must confess, I love this little guy.
They're in the security booth!
Why isn't this working?
Because we're professionals.
- Where is she?
- There! She's in the Clean Room.
- What is he doing to her?
- That's Witch Plague.
That's the same thing
they did to us in Brussels.
- Raelle!
- No! It will kill you if you go in there.
Once it touches you,
you're done in seconds.
- She's fighting it.
- For the moment.
You need to step back.
Tell her I loved her more than
anything in my whole life, okay?
Ask and it shall be
given unto you.
Seek and ye shall find. Knock
and it shall be opened unto you.
Ask and it shall be given you.
Seek and ye shall find. Knock
and it shall be opened unto you.
Ask and it shall be given you.
Seek and ye shall find. Knock
and it shall be opened unto you.
What are you doing here?
I'm here for the same reason you are.
- Who is that with her?
- It's her mother.
No, no! You'll die too, Abigail.
There's my baby girl.
- Mom?
- Hey.
- Mom?
- Hey
- Mom!
- I'm okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
Stay with me. You need to keep fighting.
Is that really you?
That's my girl.
That's my girl.
Mom, I've missed you so much.
- Does this mean that I'm
- No.
No, but we don't have much time.
I thought I would have longer
to tell you everything.
To explain.
Leaving you behind,
it was the biggest mistake of my life.
- I am sorry, Raelle.
- Leaving me? What
- Mom?
- It's okay.
- Mom!
- Hey, it's okay.
Look at me. You are gonna
have a lot of questions,
and I'm sorry I won't be
there to answer them.
I need you to know,
all I ever wanted was
to make a world where you could be free.
Mom, I don't understand.
I have always loved you,
more than anything.
I hope one day you'll forgive me.
Mom? Mom, please!
Help me. Help me!
Okay, go, go. Okay.
- Over here!
- Whoa.
He's with me.
We need to get out of here.
We can handle this from here.
Well, I'm coming.
There has to be more of them inside.
They're never gonna
stop coming after us.
Come in, Craven.
No need to be alarmed.
This is the Warding Circle.
It's standard protocol for when
security hears whispers of a threat.
- What's going on?
- Raelle's safe.
It was the Camarilla. As we had feared.
- Where is she?
- Western Pennsylvania.
- Abigail called it in.
- Abigail? But how?
That is a mystery for the moment.
We just wanted to put your mind at ease.
- The asset is in good hands.
- Asset?
She is a person, that
means nothing to you.
- Cadet
- All she is to you is your precious Witchbomb!
You are out of line, Craven
- General?
- It's happening again.
Get Major Verger.
This shouldn't be possible.
Not within the Warding Circle.
It's okay.
You're safe now.
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