Motherland: Fort Salem (2020) s02e08 Episode Script


[RAELLE] Previously on Motherland
Was there any place with
other kids around, Tiffany?
- Where are you, Raelle?
- There!
- What is he doing to her?
- That's Witchplague.
- Raelle!
- It will kill you if you go in there!
Tell her I loved her more than
anything in my whole life.
- What are you doing here?
- It's her mother.
- Mom?
- No!
We need to get out of here now.
[ADIL] There has to be
more of them inside.
[ABIGAIL] They're never
gonna stop coming after us.
The asset is in good hands.
- She is a person.
- Cadet
All she is to you is your
precious Witchbomb!
You are out of line [GRUNTS]
[WOMAN] Your heart is black.
You wanted to see me, General?
Yes, Craven.
You're on the Batan mission.
The traitor gave up Nicte's location.
Wheels up in an hour.
I want my unit with me.
We're sending a team to pick them up.
But your connection with
the target and your Sight
make you more valuable
to me on this mission.
You can't find Nicte without me.
I want my unit by my side.
We just got Collar back
from the Camarilla.
I don't want to put her at risk again.
If you really want Nicte,
it seems like having the Witchbomb
along might be helpful.
You'll pick them up on the way.
They'll be useful in capturing her.
The orders are to eliminate
the target, Cadet.
Is that a problem?
No, General.
Good. Carry on.
- Cadet Craven.
General Bellweather.
I understand you're on this mission
to eliminate Alder's attacker.
Yes, ma'am.
I sense you have some
feelings about that.
- I think it's wrong.
- Why is that?
Alder gets to announce the
death of the Spree's founder
as the big victory of all time,
and no one will ever know
what really happened.
This all has to do with that soldier
you asked me about a while ago.
The Martyrdom of the Rebels.
That's right. Nicte Batan.
The woman you're now ordered
to kill, decades later.
You don't have to be
the head of Intelligence
- to know there's a bigger story there.
- Much bigger.
But it'll never see the
light of day now, so
Have a little faith, Tally.
This is for Batan.
I want you to impress upon Abigail
and Raelle how dangerous she is.
Given half a chance,
she will get in your heads
and tear you apart from the inside.
Get that on her as soon as possible.
But if this is a kill mission,
why are we bringing this?
I'm changing the objective.
I'll inform the strike team.
You bring Batan back alive.
You're not alone in wanting
the truth to come out.
Thank you.
Now, you have less than an hour.
Tell me everything you
know about Nicte Batan.
I'm gonna take a shower.
Do you mind? Raelle's thirsty.
What do you think's gonna happen?
You're the big hero now, so
she just forgets what you are?
So I'm a what now, Abigail?
- Get out of my way.
- She needs to rest.
It's okay.
Scylla and I have stuff to deal with.
Fine. Yell if you need me.
I am right next door.
My mom and I had a ritual.
No matter where she was in the world,
we'd figure out a time of day
when we could both be
thinking about each other.
I loved knowing that I was on
her mind right that second.
Sometimes I'd sing to her,
like she could really hear me.
That's what I was doing
the night my dad came in
and told me she was dead.
But that was all just a lie.
Your mother loved you so much.
The hardest thing in her life
was keeping away from you.
She let us grieve her for no reason.
It destroyed my dad!
And for what?
For the Spree?
And you knew the whole time.
I swear I didn't know she was your mom
until I showed up without you.
Raelle, she was devastated.
But not devastated enough
to reach out, apparently.
She wanted to.
But since the Camarilla resurfaced
and attacked our leadership,
she thought you'd be
safer where you were.
She should have given me that choice.
Instead, she gave her life for you.
I'm just thinking.
The two women I've
loved most in this world
were terrorists who did awful things.
What does that say about me?
Does it help that we were doing
what we believed to be right?
My priorities have shifted.
Your mom showed me the way.
I keep trying to tell myself
that what we did was right.
But I don't think I'm gonna
be sleeping anytime soon.
You're not being fair to yourself.
We saved those kids, Raelle.
And we killed people
who were hunting us.
- Hold onto that.
- I'm trying.
But I don't think my sister
will see it that way.
Hey. No matter what happens,
we've got each other.
It's not about fighting
conscription anymore.
Or liberation at any cost.
Or proving a point by
taking innocent lives.
The people who took you,
and did what they did to you,
they're the only enemy that matters.
You got any Spree food
in that Spree kitchen?
I would have loved to
have seen Izadora's face
when she realized that,
after all those years
of yearning for a connection,
the Mycelium chose you and not her.
Actually, um, I don't know how
much of a gift this really is.
From the sound of it,
you're now one of the most
powerful witches ever.
Seems like a gift to me.
I just wish I didn't
have to carry it alone.
How are you alone?
You've got Abigail and Tally.
They're always gonna be your sisters.
The three of you together,
you're a you're a force.
That's our ride. You should
probably make yourself scarce.
No. I don't care what happens.
I'm not walking away from you again.
We should go wake the kids up.
Oh, another transport's
coming to take them back.
Adil, you're supposed to accompany them.
Just Adil?
There's been a slight change of plans.
Yeah, a lot has happened.
So wait, my mom told you to ignore
- Alder's direct order?
- Sure did.
She's becoming quite the revolutionary.
Exactly what the army
needs more of, I'd say.
- Agreed.
- Okay.
What do we know about
where Nicte's holed up?
- I think
- You're not a part of this.
Are you so stubborn you'd ignore
the one person who has
a chance of helping you?
We're going up against
the founder of the Spree.
You don't think Scylla
being one of her followers
- is kind of a conflict?
- She had my back in that lab.
You saw that.
Abigail, we aren't familiar
with Spree Work. Scylla is.
Yeah, a little too familiar.
Tal, please talk some sense here.
I'm not happy about this,
but she has a point.
Seriously? You're the
one who turned her in.
Yeah, and yesterday, she
helped save Raelle's life.
That's all the proof I need.
- People change.
- We need her.
The first false move you make,
I'm ending you, Necro.
Remember the briefing.
Batan will be throwing all kinds
of Off-Canon your way.
Stay alert.
Cadets, you stay behind us.
Let's go!
Sure, we'll stay behind.
Remind me who on this mission
has actually faced the Camarilla
on multiple occasions, and won?
There's the Abigail Bellweather
we know and love.
Oh, I hate bats.
[WILLA] Dinner's almost ready, Rae.
Why don't you come help
me set the table, Rae?
I hope you're hungry.
Come on, kid.
What are you waiting for?
A nice family dinner, it'll be a
good memory to take with you.
You two really believe
that I'm thinking about you
in the middle of a war zone?
How selfish can you be?
Don't answer that.
[SCYLLA] Raelle, this isn't real.
Remember this morning.
I said don't answer it.
Willa, I never stop thinking
about you when you're gone.
And I never stop thinking about you.
Mom, what did you do?!
Dad! Dad! Oh, Dad!
Ask and it shall be given,
seek and you shall find.
You know, Rae,
I thought marrying your father
was the thing that ruined my life.
But it's not.
You are.
Mom! I love you.
Why are you saying that?
[MAN ON RADIO] What's your
pleasure, Scylla Ramshorn?
[SCYLLA] Raelle, this isn't
real! Nicte is doing this!
Remember, we're on a
raid! This isn't real.
What the hell was that?
It was Nicte, getting into our heads.
Oh, that was so real.
How did you get out of it?
You've used this Working before.
On a larger scale.
We need to find Tally and Abigail.
If they're caught in this
Guys, I'm not seeing anything.
- What?
Forget about that for
the moment, Craven.
I summoned you here to
talk about your behavior.
You've made some pretty strong
accusations against me.
I'm sorry. I was upset about Raelle.
I know that's not an excuse.
Your willingness to speak your mind
is a measure of your strength.
I haven't come across many like you.
Oh, well
Thank you.
I've had many Biddies
over the centuries,
but our connection was very unique.
Very powerful.
And, clearly, not easily broken.
Where where are the Biddies?
I know you've felt it.
I've felt it.
That connection.
I've come to realize that
to sever it was a mistake.
- Now, you will rejoin my Biddies.
- What?
I hope that you know that your sacrifice
will never be forgotten.
- No.
No. No. No. No, please.
I don't want this.
- Yes, you do.
- No.
It's what you've wanted since
you arrived at Fort Salem.
No. No
You want to be me, Tally.
[RAELLE] Tally, listen
to me! Use your Sight!
Look through it, Tally!
This isn't real!
Let go! Let go! Tally!
Come on, come on.
Where's Abigail?
That's it, Abigail!
Now braid them together!
That's it!
Brilliant, Abigail!
Jem would be proud!
- Abigail!
- Abs!
- Wake up!
- Abs, we're here!
Look at me!
I can't control it anymore!
- Abigail!
- No!
Wake up!
Abs, look at us!
She'll kill us all! You need
to get through to her now!
Remind her what's real!
Wake up! Wake up!
- Wake up!
- Abigail, we're here!
[RAELLE] Abigail, listen to me!
Whatever you're seeing isn't real!
Abigail, please!
Abs, look at us!
Wake up!
Snap out of it, shitbird!
Pull yourself together and focus! Focus!
Look at me! Look at me!
Now, what is your name, soldier?
I'm Abigail Bellweather!
What happened?
Nicte. She pushed us.
All of us.
I could have killed you.
But you didn't.
And once in your life, you actually
listened to somebody else.
We need to find the
Strike Team and regroup.
Then find Nicte before
she tries something else.
What can she throw at us
that's worse than that?
You don't want to know.
If you hadn't pulled me out,
this would have been us.
And now we're all that's left.
We should have gone the other way.
This is just taking us back
towards the drop point.
Well, this kind of Work is localized
and takes a lot of energy to maintain.
Nicte can't be too far away.
I guess if anyone knows the
details of that kind of Working,
it's a member of the Spree.
Oh! I'm so sick of these bats.
Yes, Tally, bats are
our biggest problem.
Okay, I don't like things
flying in my face!
Are you sure you were unbiddied, Tally?
'Cause you're still
acting like an old lady.
[ABIGAIL] Tal, can you see anything?
No. Nothing.
So what do we do?
We carry out our mission.
[WHISPERS] Still nothing.
We should go around back.
See if there's another way in.
You aren't calling the shots here.
- Clear!
- Clear!
Oh, no, no, no.
This is where she did it.
Where Nicte tried to kill Alder.
I told him not to go.
I told him not to go through with it.
Told him this wasn't our fight anymore.
He was Spree. He got
what was coming to him,
and you will, too.
We wouldn't be alive
if it wasn't for her.
Yeah? Well, you wouldn't be alive
if it weren't for me and Adil breaking
you out of the Camarilla lab.
You weren't there for me.
You just swooped in at the end
and tried to take all the credit.
Typical Bellweather.
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
- Guys, come on.
- Tally, quit whining.
What it means is you are constantly
putting yourself in the spotlight
and trying to remind everyone
how fancy your name is.
But that's all it is.
- Just a name.
- You want to talk about names?
Yours was worthless even before
your mother joined the Spree.
It took a bunch of fungus to make
you stand out from the crowd.
I knew you were still mad about that.
I'm not mad about it.
I feel sorry for you.
The Witchbomb is all you have,
and it's not even yours.
No wonder your mother abandoned you.
Abigail, think about what you're saying.
I'm so sick of your prattling
peacemaker bullshit!
My mother loved me. She died for me.
But you wouldn't know
anything about that.
Because the only value you have
to your mother is your womb!
Stop it! We have to find Nicte!
It's your fault we're
even on this mission.
You're so self-absorbed, Tally.
Says the most self-absorbed
person on the planet.
Screw this.
You can tear each other apart.
She's using the bats.
Yes. She is.
Do you like my choir, Tally Craven?
They've learned my songs so well.
Where's your Witchbomb now, weakling?
Will it go off when I break your neck?
That's funny, coming from the girl
who has a complete meltdown
anytime someone says the word Camarilla.
So this is what your precious
army sisterhood looks like?
- You two are pathetic.
- You keep your mouth shut, murderer.
I'd rather be someone who stands
up for what they believe in
than Alder's puppet.
I should have strangled
you in your sleep.
I'm not here to kill you.
I'm so relieved.
You're brave, Cadet Witch.
I'll give you that.
Sarah Alder must be
so very proud of you.
Be careful with that.
I'm taking you back to Fort Salem.
And how do you propose to do that?
With the help of my unit.
Your unit is tearing themselves
apart as we speak.
Let them go, and I promise
you will be treated fairly.
The world will finally
get to hear your story.
The truth about what Alder did to you.
You really are the sweet one.
And that Sight you have,
that's a new shiny thing.
It's a shame I'm gonna
have to snuff that out.
If you were gonna kill me,
you would have done it already.
You're using too much power.
You can't kill me.
Not unless you release my unit.
You're right.
What the hell just happened?
Nicte happened, again.
I got swept up too this time.
So why did she stop?
She released us.
Why would she do that?
- Tally.
- I think it came from this direction.
- Raelle, wait.
We need to find Tally.
This might just be Nicte
playing with our heads.
If she has our sister, that's
a chance I'm willing to take.
She couldn't have been too
far. Not if we heard her.
Maybe Scylla's right, this is
just Nicte messing with us.
- That was not Tally.
- This way.
Oh, shit.
Tal? Tally.
We've got you, Tal.
You just took down the
leader of the Spree.
She almost killed me.
No. Let me do it.
Hey, hey, um, um
What happened at the cabin, I
Nothing that happened,
nothing that was said matters.
Yeah. Okay.
You know I can't come back with you.
So, um, what are you
gonna do? What next?
There's this new witch, Tiffany.
She's just a kid.
Her parents were killed
by the Camarilla.
I was going to find her a new family,
but I didn't get the chance.
Then that's what you should do.
You should find a home for the girl.
Maybe a Dodger family or something?
That's what I was thinking.
Right. And and and after that?
Um, after that, I'm going to continue
what your mother and I started:
hunt down the Camarilla,
make sure they don't put
any more of us in cages.
Of course. Right.
Get her onboard.
Be careful with her. She's dangerous.
Thank you. We couldn't
have done it without you.
Yeah. Thanks.
You're very welcome.
Guys, can we have a minute?
Why don't you take
Tiffany to the Cession?
You can stay with my dad
and have pancakes in the morning and
I just, I think it would
be good for both of you.
Are you sure?
Yeah. I'll let him know you're coming.
And, um
that way I'll also know
where I can find you.
- Stay safe.
- You, too.
I hate what I said to you in that cabin.
It's okay. I hate that
I tried to kill you.
Abs, let's be honest.
We've thought most of
those things before.
We have to live with that.
But sisters, that wins out in the end.
Every time.
We're together, and that's what matters.
This is feeling a little medieval.
What is this?
Be careful, General.
You have an audience.
I knew nothing.
This is a momentous occasion.
We have captured Nicte Batan,
the founder of the Spree.
For the civilians she's killed.
For the witches who lost their
lives in defense of those civilians.
This victory will go down in history,
and it belongs to all of us.
Nicte will pay for her crimes.
This is still my army.
Don't forget that.
The only one who's gonna pay is you.
Hello, Sarah.
You're looking surprisingly well.
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