Motherland: Fort Salem (2020) s02e09 Episode Script

Mother of All, Mother of None

I lost you at the end
He's challenging you to a duel.
Previously on Motherland
Blood compass.
I keep a vial of Khalida's around
my neck. And she has mine.
That's Witch Plague. I don't understand.
I have always loved you.
They're never gonna
stop coming after us.
You're not alone in wanting
the truth to come out.
Tell me everything you
know about Nicte Batan.
I think Nicte created the Spree.
Why isn't General Alder a
bigger part of that story?
They already surrendered.
I am so sick of your prattling
peace-maker bullshit!
My mother loved me. She died for me!
Stop it! We have to find Nicte!
Tal? Tally.
You just took down the
leader of the Spree.
Hello, Sarah. You're
looking surprisingly well.
This is still my army.
Don't forget that.
Mr. Vice President,
it wasn't necessary for you to
come all the way out here.
General, it wasn't my call.
Madame President
General Bellweather didn't tell me
that you'd be attending
the interrogation.
I know.
Where is Nicte Batan?
You haven't aged a day.
I could say the same about you.
At least witches don't have to
die to keep me looking young.
It's our hope, Madame President,
that rendition will yield
the names and locations
of Spree leaders and their cells.
And then the threat of the
Spree will be behind us,
and we can focus our efforts
where they should be:
the Camarilla.
Was it something I thought?
I'm more than happy to tell
you what you'd like to know.
Using my mouth.
But I'm going to need Tally
Craven asking the questions
from here on out.
Then we don't have any time to waste.
He deserved it.
I guess the rest of Sekhmet
gets back later today, huh?
You think anyone else tried
to kill each other over break?
Shit you three tried
to kill each other?
Kinda, yeah.
Another little present from Nicte.
All that matters now is that
you three pains in my ass
brought in the founder
of the damn Spree.
- Sure did. We did that.
- Oh, yeah!
Whatever you and Scylla were up to,
brought her and my mom back to me.
And I'm back here with
all of you because of it.
So thank you.
To Anacostia Quartermain.
To Willa Collar.
I hate to interrupt
I need to borrow Craven for a bit.
The prisoner is asking for you.
We're coming, too.
Uh, she was very clear
she'll speak to Tally, and only Tally.
I'll be all right.
Where have you been?
Making the world a safer
place for our people.
You killed someone ?
I know "tradition" forbids
crossing certain lines.
Justify and rationalize all you want,
but violence is not our way.
Sometimes it's the only way.
You liked it didn't you?
They had girls in cages, Khalida.
Girls no older than you.
They think we're animals
that can be slaughtered.
They take our voices
and use them against us.
All the more reason to stay quiet.
In silence, we won't survive.
Then we won't.
And peace
will die with us.
Your dad's really good with Tiffany.
Yeah, he's an old pro.
Um, have you Have you met Quinn yet?
I did. I like her.
She's finding a new home for Tiffany.
Does your dad know?
About us?
Is there an us to know about?
Kinda stepped into that one, huh?
I meant, does he know who I used to be.
I think he knows not to
ask too many questions.
You doing all right otherwise?
I am.
I think I've even made a new friend.
She's briefed and ready.
You don't have to do this, Cadet.
If you don't feel comfortable.
No, I think it's important that
we hear what she has to say.
You can hardly blame me
for stealing that face.
Look at those dimples.
I could winter in one
and summer in the other.
We know a gathering of Spree leadership
was attacked by the Camarilla
earlier this year in Brussels.
How many other Spree cells
are still in operation?
Wipe out one. Wipe out one hundred.
You can't stop an idea.
Names of cell leaders, then.
Failing that, locations.
There's a tenacity there
that Alder hasn't
marched out of you yet.
We could use that on our side.
You're wasting her here, Sarah.
Fighting for civilians
who would just as soon watch her burn
as pin a medal on her chest.
They might have a higher opinion of us
if you'd stop murdering them.
How many witches died
in military engagements
in the last year, globally?
- I'd have to check
- When you do,
run those numbers against
our civilian bodycount.
You expect us to believe
you kill one civilian
for every witch that dies in combat?
Do the math.
My God
That can't be true, can it?
You told them that you would
answer questions from me.
So answer them.
That isn't why I asked for you.
I wanted someone questioning me
who was interested in the truth.
This is getting us nowhere.
Craven, you are dismissed.
You talked about numbers.
How many civilians died
in the very first Spree attack?
That's easy. One for every one of
Esterbrook's rebels in Liberia.
But the rebels killed themselves.
That's because General
Sarah Alder forced them to
using my Work,
without so much as telling me,
against innocent people.
Is that why she tried to erase
the fact that you ever existed?
That. And, of course,
because I then used that
same Work to start the Spree.
let's have a chat about the future.
General Bellweather,
accompany us, please.
Three hundred years.
Done a lot of good, haven't you?
America deserves nothing less.
Too true.
We should talk about
the lines you've crossed
in order to make that "good" happen.
- War is not a pretty thing.
- Neither is politics.
My many transgressions,
however, have never included
the deployment of untested
Basic cadets against the Spree.
Lives were saved.
And what about being one step removed
from the creation of the Spree?
How many lives were saved then, General?
Everything I have done
and continue to do
- is in the best interest of
- Of yourself!
Just last week, you were attacked
and you neglected to inform
the chain of command.
A regrettable lapse in
judgment on my part.
No more regrettable
than when you took it upon yourself
to "puppet" me
That is what you call it, yes?
And "Pushing" is what you did
when you made me agree to
open the testing centers.
The distinction is accurate.
How do you propose we move forward?
Based upon the strained relations
between the civilian
and witch communities
it is best that no one
outside of this room
be aware of your connection
to the creation of the Spree.
And having delivered a major victory
with the capture of Nicte Batan,
you will step down
with distinction.
I honestly don't know what
else I was expecting to see
when you said "it's a mushroom wall."
Can I touch it?
She'll let you know if you can't.
Cadet Bellweather, this
is a confidential project.
You sent word for me, and I
figured Abigail deserves to see
where the Witchbomb comes from.
Need I remind the two of
you that I'm in charge here.
But even my authority
only extends so far.
Being taken off active duty?
Apparently your unique talents
are needed elsewhere.
So, you're gonna be a show pony?
On a P.R. tour of the States,
trying to convince people
that the testing centers
are a good thing.
"Look at what you can do
if you find your voice."
I guess they think I'm most
useful as a recruiting tool.
Oh, it's just hard to picture you
as the poster girl for conscription.
- Yeah. Have they met you?
- Screw you both.
Have you had any fallout
from questioning Nicte?
No. Not yet, but
the truth is out.
Hey, something's up.
M, what's going on?
Alder's stepping down.
Did they announce why?
- Does it matter?
- Yes.
People need to know why.
You three brought in Batan,
Alder's going out on a high note.
Well, that's not the whole story.
Hey, Red. New shampoo?
Alder's stepping down.
After my execution
how ceremonial of her.
What did you think was going to happen?
Truth comes out.
Alder learns a valuable
lesson about ethics,
everything's all better
with a pretty little bow?
What, and you don't care that
nobody's gonna know the truth?
One way or another,
this was always going
to end with my death.
Don't let this end you, Tally.
I know how much it hurts
to believe in someone
and find out that person isn't
who you thought they were.
Live a life.
Find something to love.
This is not your story.
I need to do something.
And this whole messed-up
system needs to change.
We have to stop fighting each other
and start fighting the real
enemy before it's too late.
Good luck with that.
My death will inspire new Spree
and that crone's not calling
the shots anymore.
I call that a win, Tally.
I'll need to redress the base.
A statement will be provided
by the White House.
After Nicte's execution, power
will officially transfer to me.
What will become of the Biddies?
The program is being
retired along with you.
Did you have any idea
what you were doing,
when you swept Nicte under the rug?
Not at first.
I underestimated the situation.
And soon enough, it became advantageous
for the world to have a common enemy
so we didn't destroy each other.
And the Spree were easy to hate.
You think you would
have done a better job?
How many Heads of Intelligence
do you think I've appointed?
Must be at least a dozen.
How many conflicts do
you think I've fought?
On the ground.
Eighty-one wars.
Each more brutal than the last.
You can't even imagine what I've seen
The Bay of Bengal
running red with British blood
as far as the eye could see
the whole of the Anatolian plateau
swarming with just-woken dead so thick,
you could not see the ground.
A glacier cutting through
downtown Vienna
in the height of summer.
130,000 died in an afternoon.
All the horror
all the glory
gone for good.
You're ambitious, Petra.
And foolish.
I'm human.
Somewhere along the way,
I think you forgot you are, too.
Welcome back.
Hey, we're not supposed to be in here.
- Not yet anyway, but we'll get there.
- Privates.
I knew we shouldn't have done this.
At ease.
Tally, uh, this is my unit.
We're very excited to start Basic.
The day you find your unit
and your unit finds you,
is a good one.
I'll catch up with you, guys.
There's an execution today.
That's insane, right?
The first one in, like,
two hundred years?
It's quite something.
Are you going?
Don't really have much of a choice.
I wanted to congratulate you.
This is a momentous day.
Not only for our family,
but also for the country.
Now get to class.
That's an order.
There's more than a few
things I need to get settled
before the transition tonight.
I'm not going to class.
And where, pray tell, will you be going?
To the front lines of the
fight with the Camarilla.
I understand
and a-appreciate your enthusiasm.
But there isn't even a
"front" to speak of yet.
You're wrong.
I was there, ma'am.
I've been there every
day since the wedding.
There's something Adil and
I didn't say in the debrief.
What is this?
What they took from
Charvel at the wedding.
It belongs with her, back in the Grove.
You have done our family proud.
But I can't just jump my daughter
over the rest of War College.
How would that look?
It would look like you
were acknowledging
that the rest of War College
hasn't taken out a Camarilla facility.
With all due respect,
we can't wait any longer
for the fight to come to us.
Tell me what you need to get started.
We need to talk about
the publicity tour.
After class, Cadet.
All right, I'll wait.
Hello, sweetheart.
What's happening?
How are you here?
- Are you still dead?
- Yes.
But part of me lives on.
What part?
The strongest part of me.
My love for you.
I'm sorry I had to leave you.
But it was the only way.
What else was I supposed to do?
You were supposed to stay.
One of us wasn't walking
out of that room,
and we needed you to live.
What "we"?
We need you to see how everything began.
How what began?
This, my daughter
is the day we were born.
She helped the Militia push
back the British to the sea.
When she returned, she found this.
The Camarilla took everything from her.
Again and again.
They took her sister, her first coven.
And yet she kept fighting
so that none would ever have
to endure the grief she has.
What does this have to
do with the Mycelium?
Her song of Grief
is how we came to be.
She built Fort Salem on this very spot.
So that no matter how long she lived,
she would never forget about Us.
The Mycelium is dead witches.
That's how you're here, talking to me.
Is this where we go when we die?
We live on through the Mother
and our power lives on through you.
So that our Ancient Enemy
can finally be defeated,
and the Great War can be won.
I can still smell them burning.
Can't you smell it?
They're right there.
And they're all around us.
My mom's with them.
And they're a part of me.
So she's with me.
They all are.
She gave me this gift,
and I'm not gonna let anybody
tell me how to use it.
Is this about the recruitment tour?
I'm not going on any tour.
That's above both our pay grades, Cadet.
No, it isn't.
Nice bars, General.
Yours aren't bad either,
Captain Quartermain.
Thank you for the promotion.
How's your "special initiative"
against the Camarilla shaping up?
I'm afraid that's "need to know".
Intelligence suits you, Captain.
Sterling Woodlot, what
are you doing here?
Well, clearly not moving
up in the world like you.
I'm on Silver's detail now.
Stop pretending like you
don't keep tabs on me.
How's life?
Busy. Strange.
This Batan situation is a mess.
It's worse than you think.
See, I'm in Intelligence now.
If I told you, I'd have to kill you.
Well, then I'd die a happy man.
- This is Morgan.
- Hey.
- Sarah.
- Hi.
Now what you're doing
to help Tiffany is, uh
it's no small thing.
Here, look, I I don't know
what kind of trouble
you've gotten yourself into, but, uh
when this is done,
you're feel free to
stay on at the house
for as long as you like.
I've imposed too much already.
Look, if you're a part
of my little girl's life,
then you're a part of mine, too.
She'll be safe with the Dodgers.
The Community saved me, too.
- So you remember me, okay?
- Thank you, Tiffany.
Come on, Tiffany, I'll,
uh, I'll walk you out.
Would you mind going for a walk?
There's something I'd like to show you.
Twisting in the shadow ♪
Anything more ♪
Promises are hollow ♪
Whoa-oh-oh ♪
Twisted games ♪
Twisted games ♪
Whoa-oh-oh ♪
Twisted games ♪
Twisted games ♪
Twisted games ♪
It's a twisted game ♪
What do you call it?
I call it Morrigan's Whisper.
How do we use it against the Camarilla?
I take no pleasure in
ending a witch's life.
But this woman is no mere witch.
Nicte Batan is a murderer.
Her crimes against the citizens
of the United States
cannot go unanswered.
With her death,
we send a signal to Spree
cells around the world
that we will hunt them.
We will find them.
And we will end them.
She will not be burned,
because even our most rank, vile enemy
deserves better than that.
With three strikes,
Nicte Batan will meet the Goddess.
One for the heart.
One for the head.
And one for the soul.
What are you doing?
General Bellweather,
I do not know what this is,
- but do something about it.
- I can't.
I've never seen a
witch invoke it before.
This is between the two of them now.
Craven, I don't want to hurt you.
You're going to have to,
unless you want to tell everyone
why we are really here.
And one for the head!
Nicte is guilty of every crime
she was accused of,
but the world needs to know
why she did what she did.
Tell them.
Nicte was a soldier, just like us.
Until the General betrayed her,
and tried to erase her from history.
She started the Spree,
and plunged us into twenty years of war;
witch against witch.
If Nicte is executed, it's
one less witch in the world.
And that's just what
the Camarilla wants:
for us to keep killing each other,
while they sit back and watch.
Nicte should pay for her crimes,
but not like this.
And she is not the only guilty one here.
General, if you don't do this, we
will just carry it out ourselves.
I know.
My fellow soldiers
I am sorry I brought us to this place.
Our Ancient Enemy has taken advantage
of the conflict between us
to fester and spread like an infection
that threatens to kill us all.
On my watch.
I was worried
that I was leaving you
unprepared for the future.
But you are more ready to
face it than I ever was.
Do not make the same mistakes I have.
And please, never forget
that we are also human.
We will meet the Camarilla
with storm and fury.
With storm and fury.
With storm and fury!
Let's try and get a white balance.
We good?
- Ow.
- Yeah.
Sometimes it gets you. Sorry.
Oh, she'll be fine.
She's made of tougher stuff than that.
Give us the room, will you? Please.
So I wanted to check in with you
before I went back to Washington.
Thank you for taking the
time to talk to the press.
Yeah, it's a big night.
Are you okay
considering everything that's happening.
Yeah, there's no place I'd rather be.
Are you okay?
I'm just, uh
I'm just really proud of you.
That's all.
I love you, Pen.
You're gonna do great.
Did we just change the world?
It feels like a start, doesn't it?
I guess the question is
what happens next?
Next we start focusing
on our real enemy.
Looks like your boss
has finally come around
to having a witch for a daughter.
He's actually a pretty
good guy, for a civilian.
- Sterling and Silver
- Oh.
That's kinda cute.
It's purely coincidental.
Shouldn't you be keeping an eye on him?
He already left.
And, um
I have the whole weekend off.
- Is that a fact?
- Mm-hmm.
And what are you planning
on doing to me
on your whole weekend off?
we've been infiltrated.
- Something I said?
- It's Farspeech.
All units
It's garbled, but it sounds
like something's going down.
Go. Go. I'm right behind you.
- We need a Fixer!
- What's wrong?
I don't know. Front step,
come on, let's go!
Over here!
What's happening to her?
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