Motherland: Fort Salem (2020) s02e10 Episode Script

Revolution, Part 1

Previously on Motherland
You killed someone.
The violence is not our way.
Sometimes it's the only way.
The mycelium is dead witches.
This is where we go when we die.
We live on through the mother
and our power lives on through you.
I think I've even made a new friend.
I call it Morrigan's Whisper.
How do we use it against the Camarilla?
Your boss has finally
come around to having
a witch for a daughter?
He's actually a pretty good guy.
Thank you for taking the time
to talk to the press.
I'm just really proud of you.
I love you, Pen.
With the capture of Nicte Batan,
you will step down.
Nicte was a soldier!
Until the general betrayed her!
And tried to erase her from history!
What's happening to her?
We head to the center of base.
To the Operations Building.
Hopefully your mother and the brass
are mounting a defense.
Goddess protect
What's happening to them?
They're losing control
of their vocal cords.
We have to go back
the way we came. Now!
Abigail, we can't fight them
in the middle of that.
That's suicide.
Along here, and here, and here
Have the prisoner brought to me.
What do we know?
As far as we can tell, the Witchplague
is still confined to isolated sectors,
but it is spreading.
There have been multiple reports
of strike teams harvesting throats.
- Any idea of their numbers?
- Communication is spotty at best.
That'll be major interference
from their tech.
We need to go on the offensive.
Spread the word as best you can:
small groups, stick to the shadows,
and pick your targets wisely.
Let's take back our base.
how can we help?
You and Captain Quartermain
head to Officer's Housing.
Round up who you can.
I'll report back soon.
Thank you, Sarah.
Of course, General.
Good. She's coming with us.
- Coming with you?
- Mm-hmm.
Heads up!
You should go. Just leave me a Scourge
so I can take some of
these bastards with me.
We fight them together. Army and Spree.
This isn't a reprieve.
The Camarilla.
I'm done hiding.
Same. All right.
Cut through the building
and approach from the inside.
Bellweather and I will
engage from the front.
Tal, what is it?
I can see it.
The frequency that's
interfering with our work.
I want to try something.
- Tally!
- Hey, Camarilla!
Match this tone!
"Hey, Camarilla"?
It was all I could think of.
Good work, Craven.
We need to tell
as many people as possible.
Agreed. You three keep
making for Operations.
Shellbark and I will get the word out.
Okay. Be safe.
You, too.
Go. Find Khalida.
They took them in their beds.
We should let General Bellweather know.
How do you want to handle this?
We fight till our very last breath.
Oh, no!
No, no, no, no, no.
Please, tell me what to do
What are you waiting for?
They're waiting for me.
Ooh, you've been busy.
I just wanted to pop by
and pay my respects before
the inevitable.
You must be the Doctor.
Alban Hearst.
I'm very pleased to meet you both.
Miss Batan, I feel that
I owe you a debt of gratitude.
No one in history has done more
to turn the tide of public opinion
against witches.
You helped pave the way
for our return, so
Thank you.
And Mama Bellweather.
This has been a long time coming.
Just so you know, I'll be
paying a visit to Abigail
and her little friend from the Tarim
before the night is over.
The Union of Earth and Sky
must be prevented at all costs.
What do you mean?
Wrap this up and meet me outside.
What are you smiling at?
Are we going to have a problem?
My fight isn't with the army anymore.
I hear your kind
doesn't like to fight back.
Kinda takes the fun out of it for us.
Oh, well.
Step away from my brother.
I'll get to you in a minute.
Tal, what does it look like?
It's strange.
Every little pocket of it is
connected to the others.
Like one organism.
And tracing back to a single source.
Can you pinpoint the source?
Just that it's getting closer.
Guys, we've gotta get out of here.
Did that really work?
Yeah. It did.
Rae, what if you hit the
source with the Witchbomb?
That might do the trick.
Tal, can you lead us to it?
It's close and it's
headed right this way.
Just stay under cover there.
Are you gonna teach me that?
Well, just as soon as you
teach me Morrigan's Whisper.
It's all over the news.
There's some sort of attack
happening at Fort Salem.
Then the war is upon us.
She'll be okay.
That's what I used to
tell myself about Willa
It's here.
Is she the source?
Tally, how come nobody
wants to talk to me?
She doesn't even know what's going on.
Raelle's gonna try and help you.
I can't.
It's too strong.
Tally, please!
But, Rae
Where do you think
you could do it again,
- but keep it contained?
- I can try.
If you can, I might be able to end this.
But we all have to agree.
Your mom is all right.
She'll be addressing the troops soon.
Thank you.
Hey. Are you okay?
Not yet.
But I will be.
Oh, I'm so glad you're safe.
Both of you.
I just I didn't want you to worry.
Hey, I'm always going to worry
about you, Rae, I'm just
I'm so relieved to hear your voice.
Hey, uh,
there's, uh, somebody here
who wants to, uh,
wants to talk to you.
Hang on.
How's my dad holding up?
He'll be better now that
he knows you're all right.
We both will.
How bad is it there?
It's it's bad.
And I think it's just the beginning.
Oh, I wish I was there with you.
During the attack,
I kept thinking that
I may never see you again.
And that was the worst part of it.
I love you, Scylla.
I I love you, too.
I don't understand how she's holding on.
She's too stubborn to die.
I think she's trying to say something.
She's asking for
Raelle Collar and her unit.
And she wants us
to take her to the Mother.
We've never needed words.
All these years,
we've just always known.
And now that I need the words,
they won't come.
I don't know how to do this
any of it without you.
You do.
You should come and say your goodbyes.
I spent my whole life looking up to you.
You showed me
what it means to be a leader.
To follow one's will
for better and for worse.
And don't worry
we're going to be
just as hard on my mom.
You pushed me to look inside myself
to dare to face my darkness.
If you hadn't, I wouldn't have
learned to use the Witchbomb,
and last night would have
gone very differently.
So thank you.
You told me to follow the truth,
no matter where it led.
But I don't think either of us imagined
it would lead us here.
I may never understand
some of the choices you've made
but I am beginning
to understand the burden
that those choices placed on you.
And I don't know how you
carried it for all these years.
But I want you to know
that you can set it down now.
We will carry it from here.
Thank you.
81 more, General.
The infirmary is at capacity.
Open up Memorial Hall for triage.
How many vocal cords were harvested?
How did the Camarilla get on base?
Aside from security,
we have wards in place
to prevent this kind of breach
Wards that were intricately connected
to Alder's very health.
Perhaps when she stepped down.
- Or when she was
- I don't need "perhaps".
I need answers.
You're on this.
I'll have something for you soon.
Start re-warding the Northgate,
moving west along the North Wood,
counter-clockwise until you
get to the Unknown Soldier.
Has anyone seen Colonel Raston?
How about Major Colys?
Captain Alegar?
All fallen, General.
For those who dwell in the earth.
Sorry, General, there's
someone to see you.
Mr. Vice President.
General Bellweather.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
I take it you haven't seen the footage.
We are dealing with
tragedy of unthinkable scope,
the largest attack on an active
military base since the first World War.
You'll forgive me if I haven't seen
The camera crews caught everything.
They were on base for
Penelope's interview.
And I guess they just
I guess they just kept filming.
Did you know that this Witchplague
took her just minutes after I left?
Can you imagine how that
feels for a father?
Penelope was one of many
who were taken
You were supposed to keep her safe.
The footage clearly shows
your daughter's unit
taking her out with
some sort of a spell!
The army is conducting an investigation.
This is a lot bigger
than an investigation.
This is now a criminal matter.
I have a warrant for
the arrest of your daughter
and her unit for murder.
They'll be arraigned in D.C.
Get me the president.
We all heard what you did.
You took the life of an
innocent young witch,
her whole life in front of her.
That was not an easy call to make.
And it is a decision
that will haunt your days.
But it was the right call to make.
Because in so doing,
you saved the lives of thousands.
I am here standing.
We are all here breathing
because of you three.
It took bravery,
clear thinking in the face of oblivion.
A sense of duty and honor.
I am proud to serve
in this army alongside you.
She looked at me
right in the eyes.
She was so, so scared.
And she begged me in that last moment.
We saved lives, Tal.
Just like M said.
There's no other way to cook it.
Officer Cadets Abigail Bellweather,
Tally Craven and Raelle Collar.
You are hereby remanded
into custody in connection
with the murder of Penelope Silver.
Step aside, Sergeant.
I'm sorry.
Stand down.
This will be over before you know it.
There you are.
We picked one hell of a weekend.
Silver's here. I'm headed back with him.
Maybe we could, um
try this again sometime?
Come here. I want to show you something.
This is the log
from Eastgate last night,
two hours before the execution.
Looks like you signed off
on the news crew
for Penelope's interview.
Yeah, I signed off on them.
I even walked them to Penelope's room.
You know how civvies
always get lost on base.
Is there a problem?
Turns out two more TV crews
entered from Northgate
and Westgate
all signed off on by you.
Care to explain that?
I only signed in the one crew.
These two aren't my signatures
I believe you.
Why D.C.? Why aren't
we being tried here?
It's not a trial.
Hopefully it won't even get that far.
It's just an arraignment
where they formally charge us.
Well, can't your mom make this go away?
She's on her way to D.C. right now.
It'll be clear in the evidence
that we did what we had to do
to stop the attack.
Penelope was a human bomb.
We disarmed her.
We just need to explain.
I don't know, ladies.
Sounds like the pitchfork brigade
is motivating out there
"Burn, witch, burn
- Burn, witch, burn".
- Easy, Batan.
Soon enough they'll be
knocking on people's doors
in the middle of the night,
rounding up witches and
anyone else who's different.
Can you lighten up for one minute?
She's right.
The civilian government will execute me,
and I'll get a martyr's death.
I'm just sorry that it's not
gonna end so well for you.
Heady times, huh, Red?
Any chance that
you could stop calling me Red?
You're no fun.
I keep thinking about
something one of them said.
He thanked me.
He said I showed humanity
the true nature of the witch.
That I made their job much easier.
So much as I'm loathe to agree
with that genocidal piece of shit,
he had a point.
You did what you believed was right.
So did Alder.
And so did we, when we killed Pen.
And now they're gonna turn you
into monsters for it watch.
Have we played a part
in something awful?
Alder steps down,
they almost wipe us out.
I mean, have we helped them?
Because from where I sit, they've won.
Battle's not over, Red.
The truth is finally out
and none of it matters.
I was trying to change things.
But we've stepped so far back.
Alder had to go.
You know that.
If you say so.
Looks like you brought
the storm with you.
Please sit.
I can appreciate
Vice President Silver's grief
and bewilderment
but let's be clear here.
My daughter and her unit saved the day.
By murdering a girl.
Penelope was the source
of the contagion.
Abigail's unit had no choice.
Many more would have perished.
We just need to
understand what happened.
Then let me perform
my own investigation.
I haven't even had time
to debrief them fully.
It looks like the coup de grace
was Abigail's.
Not our daughters
will use Penelope's death as a symbol
and it will take hold.
Their numbers are already
growing so fast,
we can hardly track them.
And the nation needs to see
that the army's
more pointedly, that witches,
are held accountable for their actions.
You know, I'm noticing that
every time I say something
that you don't like,
the storm gets worse.
They'll be moving me
into my bunker soon.
I'm urging you to reconsider.
With what? Storm and fury?
You'll know when
the storm is one of mine.
There has been a huge outcry,
a demand for justice.
What would you have me do?
I will see they are treated fairly.
Thank you for your time,
Madame President.
At the ready.
- Hello?
- Edwin.
Hi, I'm a friend of Raelle's.
Is Scylla there? It's urgent.
Are you worried about Abigail?
Her mom's powerful.
She promised us
this whole thing is just
a formality.
Abigail should be back by the weekend.
Are you starting to like her?
Thank you for saving my life by the way.
Seeing that man
about to murder you
Something broke in me.
And it won't go back together.
It's no crime to defend yourself
or those you love.
I saw the hate in his eyes.
The kind of hate that never stops.
I'm sorry I judged you.
I wasn't putting myself in your place.
I couldn't until
I was about to lose you.
I'm here.
I don't want to run anymore.
I want to stand and fight.
Abigail's in danger.
You two can move the earth, right?
- Hold it.
- Holding it down.
Holding it down.
You just keep getting better.
Do you like that?
You saved my life
Least I could do.
I don't want to be
apart from you anymore.
Me either.
Like, ever.
Might need to make
the reunion short and sweet.
Let's get to my truck.
Oh, this weather's government-issue.
Nobody's getting through that.
We got incoming.
I'm scared, Mom.
Me, too.
What did you say?
I said I'm scared shitless.
What have I done, daughter?
Your moment came
and you seized it with both hands.
And the world fell apart.
All the better to remake it
in our image.
Quite the militia.
You guys need to disappear fast.
And you're gonna have to
stay gone for a while.
We'll head west.
Get lost in the Cession.
How about you?
Petra and I are gonna head back to base.
Back to the belly of the beast.
I worry for the beast.
We'll be in touch.
Yes, ma'am.
We have to take Nicte with us.
Not a chance.
There's no way we're
handing her over to them.
- I don't like it.
- Neither do I.
People change.
Maybe she can keep them safe.
I suppose you ladies are gonna blame
this prison break on the Spree?
You just love doing that.
Protect them.
With everything you've got.
I'll see what I can do.
All right, let's go.
Thanks for saving my ass, Red.
Couple times.
Don't look so glum.
You wanted all this.
Chaos, death, destruction
and becoming a fugitive?
The revolution.
The last shall be first.
And all the good stuff.
Here we go.
Sometimes they get you. Sorry.
I think I was rather
convincing, don't you?
Maybe the baseball hat was too much.
Oh, no, you were great.
Don't lose heart now.
It's not every day
you kill your own daughter.
Your sacrifice was not in vain.
The dawn will be glorious
upon the earth.
It will.
Free from the stain of witches.
It had to be done.
Someday, very soon,
you will be hailed as a hero.
And Wade Wade will pay
the ultimate price
for collusion with the enemy.
Now how does that sound
Mr. President?
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