Motherland: Fort Salem (2020) s03e01 Episode Script

Homo Cantus

Previously on Motherland
We offer up the witch.
[WOMAN] And the Dodgers
can keep her safe.
[SILVER] I'm concerned that
Penelope will become a target.
Can you guarantee her safety?
Don't worry, Mr. Vice President.
We take care of our own.
I then use that same
work to start the Spree
[WOMAN 2] With the
capture of Nicte Batan.
- You will step down.
- They've engineered it
to become a self-sustaining hunter.
- It's here.
- Is she the source?
I have a warrant for the
arrest of your daughter
and her unit for murder.
You guys need to disappear.
We'll head west. Get
lost in the Cession.
We have to take Nicte with us.
Thanks for saving my ass, Red.
It's not every day you
kill your own daughter.
You will be hailed as
a hero, Mr. President.
Okay, who mixed three-hole
with plain letter?
Little too keen for Dodger
of the month, aren't you, Red?
She's right. Bring it
down about 87% percent
- and you'll be in the zone.
I want you so bad.
Here I am.
You're wearing way too many clothes.
- We could just
- Tell me.
[WOMAN] Paul in the office
I know, but if someone would always
[MAC] All right, listen up.
I want all this relabeled
to ship out in the morning.
It's tedious I know, but
why are we doing this?
[ALL] To maintain the appearance
of a robust shipping and
receiving operation at all times.
Uh, why is all that
copy paper over there?
Seems like a good place for it.
[MAC] It's been a month.
You should know by now
that it's not a good place for it.
Because this is shipping
and that is receiving.
- Understood.
- Thanks, Mac.
And why is this important to everyone?
[ALL] Because we're one of the biggest
distribution centers in the area.
[MAC] That's right, we are!
And the better we keep this up,
the longer we stay free.
[ALL] Which is exactly
what Dodgers need to be!
Enjoy your day, everyone!
Don't get too attached to Mr. Funtimes.
We're gonna have to move on soon.
Also, you need to change your faces.
Not gonna happen.
[SCOFFS] My work too dirty for you?
Yes, Batan. In fact, it is.
That goes for me, too.
[NICTE] Do you think
these people want you here?
Looking like that?
Think hard about it.
[WOMAN] You're gonna do great.
I think you're very brave, by the way.
Appreciate that.
Right now, you are living
every father's nightmare.
The loss of a child.
Your beloved Penelope.
What question would you
most like to ask the people
who killed your daughter?
Let's name these people.
Why we be coy here?
I'm referring to Officer
Cadets Abigail Bellweather
Raelle Collar, and Tally Craven
who are all currently
fugitives from justice.
[WOMAN] These young women
have yet to be charged.
[SILVER] They escaped along
the way to their arraignment.
If they were innocent,
why would they run?
Back to the question.
What would you like to ask them?
Why did it have to be her?
Penelope was probably the
most gentle person in the entire world.
She didn't deserve this,
especially not from the people
who promised to protect her.
Did you know there are thought to be
as many as 16,000 unregistered
witches living in the US?
Many apparently hiding in the Cession?
We need to know who they
are and where they are.
which is why I've gathered funding
for a new genealogical research project
to identify those with
unknown witch ancestry
so that we can protect them.
"Protect" with a pile of burning logs.
Are you watching this?
are gonna eat this up.
How are things on your end?
[IN FARSPEECH] The Fetch is planted.
He has a lunch date tomorrow.
[IN FARSPEECH] Girlfriend of the week?
[SILVER] Safety is my main concern.
We believe you. Well, most of us do.
I'll speak for myself.
I believe you're innocent.
You're safe with us
for as long as you need.
Just please
Make sure that we're safe with you.
now that we have to watch out
for the Camarilla as well as the army.
Follow our rules.
The Witch plague
vaccine is nearly there.
It will be ready for a mass inoculation
for all active duty personnel in a week.
- Excellent.
- How goes the transition?
Calamitous. But this
is what I'm made for.
When can we be sure the entire
base is cleared of that poison?
The markings on the trees are harmless.
The base is clear.
At least on the ground.
There's an odd low pressure system
that's been lingering over the base.
I'll dispel it myself.
- I need to clear my head.
- We're on it.
Have you been able to reach Abigail?
And it's not doing good things to me.
[TIFFANY] Does the thing on
the news mean we have to move?
Not necessarily.
I don't want to run anymore.
I know it's so fun to see so
many new places all the time,
but it makes you so tired.
I know. Yeah, my parents
were Dodgers, too.
We started running when
I was about your age.
Is it true that you were in the Spree?
- Who told you that?
- One of the other kids.
They said I shouldn't
talk to you anymore.
I was involved with
the Spree. For a while.
But that's nobody's business,
and you get to pick your own friends.
Is it true that you whenever
you change your face,
it's the face of someone you murdered?
Absolutely not, Tiffany.
It's just a piece of
Work like any other.
It's okay. Remember the drill.
Okay, I'll be back.
[MAN] Let's go.
It's okay, it's okay.
Everything checked out,
Just a new group of
Dodgers looking to lay low.
Ask me, they've got that ex-Spree feel.
Anyway, they're exhausted.
I put them to bed.
[ABIGAIL] Is it bad that I
was kind of looking forward
to a confrontation?
What does that say about me?
- That you're a soldier.
- Nice one, babe.
See you bright and early.
Maybe we can go finish what we started.
Way to make a girl feel single.
We open at twelve!
It was nice while it lasted.
Remember when we talked
about the lighthouse?
You can watch the boats.
Wouldn't have to look over our shoulder.
Where we could buy groceries,
take naps, make dinner.
Return library books.
We sound so exciting.
Normal things are nice.
It's a good dream.
- What's wrong with dreaming?
- Nothing.
It's probably the first time in my life
I ever felt like I had
a future to dream about.
So do you, so
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Haven't seen that face in a while.
One of many.
I saw that picture
of you. Before Liberia.
That's your real face.
This isn't what I look like anymore.
This is what I look like
when I met Alder way back when.
Seemed appropriate to
wear it when we met again.
Does it give you any peace
- that she's gone?
Do I seem peaceful?
I don't even know what that is anymore.
You guys are nuts not
to change your looks.
I know. Let's just say
there's some resistance there.
Would you have recruited
me for the Spree?
Back in the day?
[LAUGHS] No chance.
You have no idea what I'm capable of.
Neither do you.
Talent you've got.
You lack prey drive.
I see exactly how gifted you are.
Your Sight is powerful,
but poking around corners
isn't going to save you.
You need to know exactly
where I'll be in 30 seconds.
We didn't really get
that far in War College.
They don't teach you that juicy,
morally complicated stuff anyway.
Well, how far ahead can you see?
Far enough.
For example, I can see
that a bird's gonna to shit on
your head in about 48 seconds.
- You in?
- Yes.
You sure now?
This kind of Seeing can mess you up.
Try me.
Look behind your eyes.
Find the source of your Sight.
Not your eyes, or your
nerves, or your brain.
I'm talking about the observer herself.
This inner gaze can be aimed forward
and back in time,
as easily as turning your head.
Until you get to a point
that you remember the future.
Remember the future
remember the future
[ABIGAIL] Ever think you'd
miss the food at Fort Salem?
I know this is not your
favorite topic of conversation,
but Nicte brought up changing
our appearances again.
Why are you spending
so much time with her?
Trying to get her to train me.
I want to be ready for
what we're up against.
We will be. No go on the face changing.
Wouldn't it be better in case something
goes down for all these people
Spree Work's not an option for me, Tal.
Sounds like you're deciding for me.
I know we're not at Fort Salem anymore
and I'm trying really, really hard
to adjust to our new reality here.
But, Tally, there have to be some things
you just don't budge
on, or it's all awash.
I know, but with Silver
turning up the heat
Can we please talk about something else?
Did you ask Mac about calling your mom?
They're paranoid about the
phone lines, which I get
Hey! Petra knows we're okay,
Scylla and Anacostia
check in, I'm sure
It's not the same,
getting it second-hand.
I need to know what's going on,
how long we have to hide here.
I need her to tell me what to do.
Which is really funny
considering how much
I usually try to avoid that.
They won't let Abigail call her mom.
Now they won't let
me call my dad either.
Quinn's caught him up.
I can have him call base.
I just need to talk to my mom.
- All right. I hear you.
Everybody, this is Vira.
Vira and I used to run
together before I conscripted.
Oh, is that what we did?
I didn't know that was called running.
Well, if it isn't the
most wanted soldiers
in dead Alder's soon-to-be defunct Army.
Hi, Vira.
Abigail Bellweather.
Oh, I I know, I met you last night
with the rest of the country.
You guys were all over the TV.
What In the name of the Goddess,
are you still doing wearing those faces?
You might want to strongly consider
minding your own business.
[SCOFFS] I'm serious.
Everybody's looking for you out there,
Which is why they're
staying put in here.
Until it's safe for them to move on.
Okay, I'm just saying what every
Dodger in this place is thinking.
Speaking of faces
It's been too long.
You guys, it's a reunion.
Is there some place we can talk?
- Sure.
- Okay.
Let's go over here.
That bitch just ate my tomato.
We're gonna need more of those.
- You are insatiable.
- [KARA] Okay, back to drilling.
[SILVER] Uh, that's a
little bit later, isn't it?
[KARA] Focus.
I mean, we are talking
about $165 million
of my family's unearned
inherited wealth, after all.
For six drill bits
and a few hundred thousand
gallons of fungicides, so
Here's hoping it works.
It will.
Ah, Alban Hearst in the flesh.
[KARA] Alby, you're
looking entirely too well.
That guy was part of the crew.
The one who signed onto base twice?
None other.
Oh. They're coming back.
[VIRA] Sorry I was such a bitch.
[CHUCKLES] Vira's short for Virago.
It's like my mom knew.
[VIRA] Anyway, I won't
mention this again,
but the face thing
doesn't hurt and it's
pretty easy to learn.
- Hey, uh, where are you going?
- To find Adil.
So, Vira and crew are taking off.
Yeah, no offense, we just
we don't need this
kind of heat right now.
I mean, you guys and Batan?
Uh, wish you well though, for real.
Yeah, it's going to
be tough to see you go.
You're so sweet.
I'm sorry we didn't get
the chance to hang out.
- Come
- Okay.
Try and make it quick.
Mom, hi.
- We need to go.
- What?
Now. Come on.
Back to Silver. Mining equipment.
industrial fungicide and
a mysterious benefactress.
It's a lot to untangle.
We'll know more soon. But I'm
certain this is about the mycelium.
My gut says the same.
If only more than that.
Surveillance has been compromised
from some new sort of
dampener they're employing.
Ah, the latest Camarilla toy.
Yeah, but I'll find a workaround.
Do you know where Wade is
on a geneological initiative?
She's not blocking.
[PETRA] I need you to get closer.
You need to see if they got her.
How did Abigail sound?
Exhausted. Scared.
Hard to say, it was so short.
Civilian authorities are hunting them.
Military police as well, but
our people have been instructed
to contact me the moment they find her.
If they find her.
- They haven't made any progress.
- That's good.
Means they're staying well hidden.
[PETRA] I miss her, too.
[CHUCKLES] Does that surprise you?
Not at all.
It was time for her to move on.
But not like that.
What else have you learned?
We have a name. Alban Hearst.
He was on base the night of the attack.
[PETRA] I met that monster.
He was the one in charge,
said something ominous
about Abigail and Adil.
You guys left.
They could kick us out for this, Abs.
Where are we gonna go?
I tried to find out what's
going on back on base
and in DC with the charges against us.
We had to cut it short.
- [RAELLE] What happened?
- There was a protest.
Not Our Daughters.
[ABIGAIL] Cops were
checking people's faces
with this weird flashlight.
Checking for Work.
They're getting closer.
You ready to let go of all
that cuteness for a while?
Abigail and Raelle
aren't budging. [GRUNTS]
And you, do you need their permission?
But we decide things together
and it usually ends up
being better than anything
we would decide on our own.
Bad choice, Red.
You should have seen that coming.
It's getting better.
Keep looking.
Not just two moves ahead.
How about five moves ahead?
I need you to see the end of the fight
when we're at the bar
afterwards, having a good time.
- having a good time.
- Is this what you want?
Does anybody know any Mothertongue?
Why don't we learn
how to say Mothertongue
in Mothertongue as a start?
- [ALL] Menishe.
- Very good.
The story of our language
is as old as people.
Long ago, six sisters
embarked on a sacred mission
to bring the power of speech to man.
This common tongue is the root
of all the world's languages.
Thanks for making the time.
Of course.
What's on your mind?
Sehkmet was my first coven.
And now half of them are dead,
and most of the other
half are fugitives, so
It would be fair to say I'm feeling
A little directionless
and could really use a new challenge.
Thank you for being candid.
Your conduct during the attack
was exemplary by the way.
Thank you.
I took this meeting as an opportunity to
review your transcript from War College.
You had exceptional marks
and physical infiltration.
Yes, ma'am.
Shame to waste such
a spectacular talent.
Hey, Shelby.
Hey, Dwight.
I really like your vest.
It's the same one you have.
But on you, wow, you look so pretty.
Well, thank you, Dwight.
The things you say are
very romantic in nature.
Ah, I mean, you better stop it,
you're making me feel shy, Shelby.
But you're so outgoing.
Well, here's the thing, Shelby.
my feelings for you
are growing every day.
And sometimes
I don't feel like I can hold them in.
Why is that?
Because you're Corn
Queen of Aberdeen County.
[LAUGHS] Yes, I am.
Ah, But, Dwight, I feel
the same way about you.
Because I think it's time
for us to start a family.
Are you being Dwight still?
Well, uh, Shelby
Shelby doesn't know
how to feel about that.
What about Abigail?
My supervisor should be out any moment.
Look, we just need to
do a quick walkthrough.
We received a complaint.
That's the cop who almost got us.
I don't mean to be rude, but we
don't have a lot of time here.
Can someone show us how
you get up to the roof?
Somebody saw somebody
messing around up there.
We'll be in and out.
Hey, officers. Oh, you look
like you could use some coffee.
We'll make a pit stop
on the way to the roof.
That won't be necessary.
- Lead the way.
- Wonderful. Follow me.
[SUPERVISOR] This is one of our busiest
distribution centers in the region,
processing over 16 tons
of paper every quarter.
We distribute your
everyday office paper,
paper for the food service
and medical industries.
That's a whole lot of paper.
Any vandalism?
Anybody hanging around
when they shouldn't be?
No, sir. We run a pretty tight ship.
Twenty-four hour guards.
We don't get a lot of that.
Well, the coast is clear.
You let us know if you see anybody.
Will do! How 'bout some
coffee for the road?
- Next time.
I go for a food run and
there's cops when I get back?
They were just checking a complaint.
What kind of complaint?
Well, they saw someone on the roof.
It was me. I was training on the roof.
Training to be stupid and careless?
Because I think you made it.
- It gets worse.
- It always does.
One of the cops had some device.
Camarillo attack. I'm
guessing Dave's work.
He saw past the bulletin board.
All of the beds.
And we took a huge risk
hiding you and your friends.
I can't do that again.
I wish you all well,
but you're on your own.
This place is burned, we're on the move.
- That was reckless.
- Scyll, easy.
There's nothing easy about this.
I need you to be strong.
What if the next place
is better than this one?
Unlikely. The place before
this was an old grain silo
full of rotting sorghum
and there were bugs
in my sleeping bag.
This place was nice.
We had bathrooms, the kitchen,
and we even had school some days.
I know.
You know what I learned
from all the running
I did when I was a kid?
Is that home isn't a place.
- It's the people you love.
- Maybe.
But your friends
remember what we have here
and now we have to run for our lives.
[MAC] We need to leave now!
Come on, guys, focus.
Yeah, um
Seatbelts, everybody.
Silver and Hearst just walked in.
We need to know what they're planning
and how much of Wade's
cabinet has been compromised.
This place is stacked with dampeners
Roof's the only access to ventilation.
That's what you have me for.
They just cleared the lobby.
- You have less than two minutes.
- Already gone.
There, the inoculation is complete.
[FLOWERS] Oh Lord, my God
when I, in awesome wonder ♪
Consider all the worlds ♪
- Thy hands have made ♪
I see the stars ♪
My stranger gods than thee ♪
How great thou heart? ♪
How great ♪
Thou heart ♪
[PENELOPE] I suppose
it's a little late for me.
[HEARST] We all know the truth
that witches are the
enemy of all that is good,
wholesome and natural.
[ALL] Hear, hear.
But even in our wildest,
darkest dreams, we couldn't imagine.
Ah, wait, that depends
on who's dreaming.
Because I happen to know that you
Alban dear, are particularly dark.
Dark enough to get the job done.
[KARA] Don't know about that.
I think Blanton has
earned that more than you.
We've discovered
That their influence has
spread deeper than we thought.
There is rot in the land.
An Abscess.
Neither plant nor animal,
sucking the strength
and nourishment from
this Earth and these
craven mongrels
call this thing
their mother.
Our scholars believe it to
be the source of their power.
I'll be personally overseeing
the drilling operations.
As well as the
administration of the poison.
And with my work on the hill.
And thanks to my fundraising efforts.
We have secured
their end.
Tal, it's okay.
Oh, if you ever need
anyone to ruin everything,
I am available.
- No, seriously.
Alder, Penelope, now this?
I may just be the
Camarilla's greatest weapon.
Whoa, Tally.
I broke the rules, too. Okay?
I just didn't get caught.
[SCYLLA] Sorry I came
down on you before.
Mac's an old friend.
I was frustrated.
What's next back there? A pillow fight?
Just drive, Batan.
Nice job with the cops earlier.
"Can I get you guys some
coffee for the road?"
I know Spree Work is
a sore subject for you,
but I know a way you could
actually see your mom.
Everything's slow motion ♪
Slowly breaking open ♪
I'm not sure of anything anymore ♪
I think I know what this is for ♪
Mom, are you there?
Abigail. Where's next?
Raelle can get us into the Cession.
We'll get lost for a while
and wind up in Norcal in a few weeks.
When are we gonna be exonerated?
That's still complicated.
The Camarilla infiltration is
more widespread than we thought.
It's still not safe to turn you over.
I'm so tired.
I know.
But rely on your unit.
They have your back.
There's something else.
One of the Camarilla
said something about you and Adil.
and preventing the
Union of Earth and Sky.
The what?
Bellweathers are known for Weatherwork.
the Tarim is known for Earthwork
- It's about our Work.
- I don't know.
- Or the other kind of union.
- Entirely possible.
- That's crazy because Adil just
- Adil what?
- I have to go.
- Be careful.
- We will.
May the Goddess protect
you. I love you, daughter.
I love you, Mom.
Oh, oh ♪
My love I'm coming home ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
My love, I'm coming home ♪
The light is breaking ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
The light is breaking ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
To seek me out ♪
I think he's gonna save me ♪
Save me ♪
Save me now ♪
The light is breaking ♪
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