Motherland: Fort Salem (2020) s03e02 Episode Script

The Price of Work

Previously on Motherland.
They're using some twisted
version of our work.
Abigail Bellweather,
Raelle Collar, and Tally Craven,
who are all currently fugitives
from justice.
Keep looking.
Not just two moves ahead.
How about five moves ahead?
Well, they saw someone on the roof.
It was me. I was training on the roof.
Training to be stupid and careless?
Remember when we talked
about the lighthouse?
It's a good dream.
Are you worried about Abigail?
Are you starting to like her? Finally.
Raelle can get us into the Cession.
One of the Camarilla said
something about you and Adil,
and preventing the union
of Earth and Sky.
These craven mongrels
call this thing their Mother.
Our scholars believe it to be
the source of their power.
I'll be personally overseeing
the drilling operations
and the administration of the poison.
We have secured their end.
What is it you wanted to show me?
It chewed up that auger bit
like it was paper.
Grew some kind of shell,
looked like roots.
I don't know what this thing is but
it almost feels like it's fighting back.
Of course, it is.
We are trying the platinum bit now,
but if that doesn't work
Now, faith is confidence
in what we hope for
and assurance about what we do not see.
Let the other sites know
that we'll be sending them
the new bits as soon as possible.
Why don't you just let me dynamite it?
I think you underestimate
the size of this organism.
I need something that's gonna spread.
We just need a boat that's big enough.
Okay. What about this one?
That's too loud.
Why do I get the feeling
that you've done this before?
Really glad we volunteered
to stand lookout.
You actually want him
to wake up, don't you?
I'm just bored of running and hiding.
I never had to work
with so many couples before.
You'll get used to it.
If you say so.
I guess this is even harder
for you, huh?
Not having anyone else your same age.
That has been the case
for many years now.
that was one of the nice things
about being with the Dodgers.
Hey, I think this one's perfect.
Yeah. Just you and me?
That's right.
Yeah, straight to the lighthouse.
I'm gonna go see
what's taking them so long.
What if he wakes up?
Pretty sure you can take him.
Yeah, we're definitely
stealing this one.
Come here.
Someday soon we'll go away together.
Just the two of us, all right?
I promise.
Unlike Hearst, Kara Brandt
is very much a public figure.
She's on the board
of half a dozen multinationals,
same with the charities.
Nothing suggests
she's anything but legit.
She seems to be holding the
purse strings on the drilling operation.
Silver and Hearst definitely
deferred to her.
Okay. So we know she's highly placed.
But, none of that answers
the most important question,
is President Wade Camarilla?
Who is that?
He was at the meeting.
That's Wade's Chief of Staff.
I guess the odds of Wade being
Camarilla just went way up.
So what do we do?
Considering she's the President,
we're gonna have a hard time
planting a Fetch on her.
Do you think Sterling
could get someone new assigned
to Wade's detail?
All right. When the car goes,
they have to lift the wards
just long enough for it to drive
through. That's when we go.
Is that enough time for all of us?
It has to be, Tally,
because this time of night,
we don't know when another car
is gonna come along.
When we go, you stick close to me,
'cause the last thing we need
is for the Marshals
to catch wind of us being here,
'cause if they catch us, we'll
be extradited back to the States.
You really need to get over
this whole Marshal thing.
And you have no idea
what you're talking about
so why don't you keep
your opinions to yourself.
I've been in and out of
the Cession for years, decades.
I've never once seen them.
Yeah, well, you can be
sure they saw you.
The Marshals are the best
trackers in the planet.
They're the boogeyman.
Just something they tell you
to keep you in line.
Come on.
It's okay. It's okay. I've got you.
Where are you?
Then sings my soul ♪
My savior God to thee ♪
How great though art ♪
How great though art ♪
Then sings my soul ♪
My savior God to thee ♪
I think I'm lost.
Which way is Vocal Training?
- Hey, where's Raelle?
- Not feeling well.
I'm gonna let her sleep
for a few more hours.
Where are you going?
I'm gonna take the truck into town
and check in with Anacostia.
We can move on tonight.
Or we could put up some wards,
stay here a while,
sneak into town when we need supplies.
Raelle was adamant.
We're not staying in the Cession.
Why not? It's perfect.
The military and the government
can't come here
and people
mostly mind their own business.
I mean, maybe we should listen to her.
I mean, 30 years on the run
and in hiding has to count
for something, doesn't it?
Maybe you should stop listening to her.
Can we argue about this once I'm back?
Are you sure you're coming back?
You and Raelle
aren't just gonna take the truck
and run away?
Yeah, I heard you at the docks.
Ugh. More drama.
What a surprise.
Abigail, it was just a daydream.
Daydreaming while you're on the run
is a good way to get us all caught
or worse.
Yeah. And Rae never used to dream
about running away.
She dreamed about it
a lot more than you know.
I'm not sure we trust you
to take the truck.
For once, I find myself
agreeing with the Spree.
Okay. Knock it off. All of you.
- You're gonna wake Raelle up.
- All of you.
Scylla takes the truck,
and you go off and stew about it.
End of discussion.
- You doing all right, Red?
- I'm fine.
I just couldn't take
the bickering anymore.
- Yeah, I get that.
- Do you?
'Cause you usually seem to be
in the center of it.
Fair enough.
But now I'm trying to help.
You need to be careful.
You can change the world
with what you can do,
but Work like that comes at a price.
You're the one who's been
pushing me to develop it.
Sure. But just because you can see
- a few minutes into the future
- Try a few hours.
Then it's even more important
that you not use it irresponsibly.
Coming from the founder of the Spree?
Yes. Because no one else on Earth
understands this the way I do.
The price I paid was terrible.
You have to trust me.
Trust you? How?
Everything about you is a lie.
Even your face.
You want to see my real face?
You wanna see the real price of Work?
Is this what you want?
That's what 30 years
of using work without thinking
will get you.
Why are you smiling?
That is what I saw
up on the roof days ago.
It's not possible.
No one can see that far.
No one but me apparently.
Silver's bill could seriously
curtail witches rights,
and he's got a lot of support.
But he can't get it passed without Wade.
I was really hoping to know
that she was an ally.
Sterling was able to get M
placed on Wade's detail,
so we'll be able to step up
our surveillance.
It's a good idea
but it could take too long.
Wade and Silver will be at the dinner
I'm giving for the
Washington Historical Society.
I want a plan in place
to determine her loyalties
once and for all.
Yes, ma'am. I'll get to work.
You should let Izadora know
about the drills,
that they're targeting the Mycelium.
Already done. She's monitoring
the Mycelium's health
and will update us soon.
What about the chemical plant
in the Cession?
If the poison
is being manufactured there,
we need to act.
I can reach out to
the Council of the Great River,
see if they'll investigate,
but their principle relationship
was with Alder.
There are witches on that Council.
If you let them know
that Camarilla and Hearst
are doing business in the Cession
And that wherever Hearst shows up,
witches end up dead.
It's worth a shot.
There is another option.
Abigail and the others should
have made it to the Cession by now.
- We can put them on it.
- It's too risky.
If they get caught, it could spark
major conflict with the Cession,
not to mention what would happen
if the Camarilla
- got a hold of them.
- I know it's not ideal
but I don't think we can ignore
this intel.
- Are you all right?
- I don't know.
Between Raelle wanting to leave
and Tally being obsessed with Nicte,
there's not a lot of unity in this unit.
Your bond is stronger than you know.
Lately it doesn't feel that way.
Well, no matter what happens,
you have us.
We're family.
There's something
I need to ask you both.
Have you ever heard of something called
the Union of Earth and Sky?
No. What is it?
My mother heard about it
during the attack on Fort Salem.
Apparently, the Camarilla
are desperate to stop it.
She thinks it's why they went after
the Tarim and the Bellweathers.
So it's about us?
Yeah. Maybe.
Sounds like something they made
up to justify their hate.
You shouldn't worry about it.
If my life's light ceases to shine ♪
And they lead me to the other side ♪
I will have shown you
my memory to keep ♪
Don't you cry now, baby ♪
Don't you weep ♪
I need to keep this quick.
I just wanted to say
that we made it to the Cession
and we're gonna keep heading west.
There's been a change of plans.
- Raelle!
- What's happening?
I know why Raelle is sick.
- No!
- What's happening?
- What's going on?
- Don't let her go.
- Raelle, hold on.
- Help me!
- Raelle.
- Don't let me go!
Raelle, hold. Come on.
- Hold on.
- Scylla!
- Come on, come on.
- I love you.
Don't go.
- We shouldn't worry.
- Are you kidding me?
The Mycelium has taken her to heal.
- How do you know?
- Are you sure?
Yes, I'm sure. I know this world.
This is how the Mycelium works.
She's healed Raelle many times.
- That's all this is.
- Heal her from what?
You said you knew why Rae was sick.
The Mycelium is being poisoned
by the Camarilla.
Your mother wants us
to check out a chemical plant.
It's not far from here
and it might be connected.
How does that help us get her back?
Because that is our only priority.
If we can find out what
they're doing and stop it,
Raelle and the Mycelium
will be able to heal.
So we're backing to taking
orders from the military?
If it helps Raelle, yes.
What were the orders?
Anacostia said surveillance only.
No engaging with the enemy.
Nothing that could reveal
our presence in the Cession.
Well, I guess that all depends
on what we find.
- Agreed.
- What if Raelle comes back
- while we're gone?
- I can stay here.
I'll keep the wards up
and watch for her.
Thank you, Khalida.
Okay. We need to go.
It'll get dark soon.
Hey. We can handle the surveillance
if you wanna stay.
No. Thank you, but I need to do this.
I need to do something.
The receptacles have all been prepped
and will be placed strategically
throughout the house.
We'll need to capture some
sort of baseline statement to start.
Something we know to be true.
Then I'll use the tuning forks
to reduce her voice
to its essence and
I don't need to know how it works.
I just need to know that it's reliable.
It's infallible. But you need
to be close enough to her
that we can isolate her voice.
Don't try to do it
around the dinner table.
There will be too much chatter.
Fermin will show you where to set up.
I've got a room all ready to go for you.
I'm not Alder.
I don't wanna change Wade's mind.
I just want to know it.
That is a slippery slope.
It is.
And if I start to slip,
I'm counting on you to stop me.
Of course.
Anything else, General?
Yes. My mother.
There is some sort of bad blood
between her and Wade,
some incident from back
when mother was a general
and Wade was still a senator,
and neither of them will talk about it.
I've informed her
what we're doing but
it could be problematic
if they get into an argument.
I'll be sure to keep them apart.
Maybe Quartermain's intel was wrong?
It's gonna be okay.
This is how we help her.
- I know.
- You two need to focus.
If something is here
and you're distracted,
it could get us all killed.
You know the Vice President, of course.
Thank you for coming,
Mr. Vice President.
And this is Kara Brandt.
Your home is so beautiful.
And so are you.
Oh. Well, thank you very much,
Ms. Brandt.
If you'll excuse me.
Thank you so much
for showing us in, Fermin.
Anton. But you're welcome.
Right. Please enjoy the cocktails
and hors d'oeuvres,
but save some room for dinner.
Claude has outdone himself.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Well, excuse me.
Thank you, Madam President.
All right.
Madam President.
You got a bit of a smudge there.
- Oh. Thank you.
- Uh-hmm.
I swear these events rattle me
more than actual combat.
Oh, that's lovely.
- Family heirloom?
- It is, yeah.
Can I get you a drink, Madam President?
I would love a martini.
Two olives, please.
I'll have the same.
I'll be right back.
All right.
- Let me show you the house.
- Oh. Wonderful.
I suppose we should talk.
Long overdue.
This way, please.
We're not to be disturbed.
That's gotta be what they're using
to poison the Mycelium.
And yet we're just supposed to sit here
on our hands and do nothing?
Those were your mother's orders.
That's before we knew about Raelle.
You guys.
Anyone else thinking what I'm thinking?
New orders.
Get the others!
Nicte, Scylla, get Hearst.
Hey. Um, girl to girl,
what is the deal with the three fathers?
Because I feel like
I could get behind it
but it's also a lot, you know?
- Well, in some parts of witch
- Oh.
Hold that thought.
I need to go rescue Blanton.
He hates that guy.
How is Ms. Brandt?
Laying on the ditzy a bit thick.
Good. That means she doesn't realize
that we know who she is.
What have you got for me?
Wade really wanted that martini.
- So we have our baseline.
- Uh-hmm.
Just hope my mother remembers
why we're here.
In a few seconds, a big group
of them will be coming out.
We got it. I've got the right,
you take the left.
Was that
Earth and Sky?
Nice of Hearst to leave a trail
for us to follow.
You ready to back me up, Ramshorn?
Glad to see you haven't gone
completely soft.
I didn't see Hearst in there.
Listen. He's trying to leave.
Is that one Claude?
Does it really matter?
They should just number them.
Make it easier on everyone.
I don't know how much more
of them I can take.
Can I please rip his face off now?
You're gonna have to get in line.
Will we be serving dinner soon?
Veal Prince Orlov
is unforgiving of delays.
Well, we can't have that.
Let me see if I can move things along.
Step aside, please.
I'm afraid I can't do that, General.
If I let you in there, ma'am,
I won't be on the President's
detail for long
and there goes our surveillance.
I see we chose the right soldier
for the job.
Carry on.
- Is Hearst on there?
- I can't tell.
We can't let him leave.
He's not going anywhere.
You're welcome.
I would like to propose a toast
to our lovely hostess.
Thank you for a truly enjoyable evening
in celebration of the Washington
Historical Society.
Thank you, all.
And thank you for taking time
out of your schedule to be here.
I know you've been very busy
with the new legislation.
- Part of the job.
- Oh, Blanton is being modest.
He's been working very hard on this bill
and it's gonna make
a world of difference.
I know it's controversial
with your people
and certainly not something that
could have happened during Alder's time,
but I just think
that we're all gonna
get along so much better
when we don't have to worry
about the voting.
Don't you?
There are voting restrictions
in this bill?
It's one of the things
that we're discussing, yes.
You think we should fight
and die for this country
but shouldn't have a say
in how it's being run?
What I think is that, for too long,
witches have lived as a separate society
within this nation
and it's time for that
to come to an end.
And for that to happen smoothly,
there needs to be a system of checks
and balances put in place.
I do hope you're playing nice.
I want to be perfectly clear
and it's fitting
that I should be saying this
in a room full of historians
because I believe this
is going to be one of the most
important moments
in the history of our nation.
- Madame President
- I will not be
signing the bill, Blanton.
And if that legislation
comes to my desk,
I will veto it.
As the 45th elected President
of this nation,
I will be working to ensure
that the rights of every US citizens,
witch and non-witch,
are legally protected.
It's been a long time coming
but the time is now.
Let's enjoy this dinner
I've been hearing so much about.
Shall we?
We need to get out of here.
- Now.
- We can pick up Khalida
and head straight
for the Western border.
We have to make sure the job
is done first.
Are there any of them left?
I can't see any.
If they take me, get to Miss Brandt.
Carry on with the drilling
and the hunt for the First Song.
It's Hearst. He's still alive.
I'm very sorry, everyone,
but a situation
has arisen that requires
my immediate attention.
Is it something
I should be concerned about?
No, Madam President.
All right then.
We will talk tomorrow.
Of course.
And, uh, General,
thank you very much
for a wonderful evening.
Thank you for coming,
Mr. Vice President.
Thank you.
Well, this is a pleasant surprise.
Hi, doc.
Remember me?
What do we know?
There was an incident
at the chemical plant in the Cession.
Nothing confirmed.
But there was a large explosion.
Damn it.
Any word on Abigail?
There are no reports
of any US military personnel
having been captured or killed.
My sources are working to find out more.
Keep me posted.
The President made her position clear,
but just to be safe,
did Izadora finish her analysis?
She did. Wade was sincere.
She is not Camarilla.
Which I told you
from the very beginning.
Kelly and I might not see eye to eye,
but that woman has integrity to spare.
What happened in that room
tonight, Mother?
Please tell me you didn't push her.
Of course not.
Kelly and I were rising through
the ranks at the same time.
A witch and a civilian.
Both Black women
and both a little stubborn.
And at the time, neither of us could see
that we had far more in common than not.
But we've put that to bed tonight.
Just like that?
Think of it this way, Petti.
You didn't like Alder,
but imagine the conversation
you'd have with her now, hmm.
One can always find common ground
over a glass of bourbon.
Wade is on our side.
But that raises another problem.
She just became the Camarilla's
number one target.
We ready to go?
Would you rather talk about the drilling
or the First Song?
You have no idea what
you're talking about, do you?
I keep sending it to her
so that wherever she is, it'll reach her
and she'll know that I'm looking for her
and that I'll never give up.
None of us will.
I know it hasn't always felt like this
but we are in this together,
and we are gonna find her.
Thank you, Tally.
I noticed Blondie isn't with you.
Is she feeling all right?
Hello, Penelope.
Welcome back.
Thank you?
Where am I?
You're at Fort Salem.
You're home.
Where are the crickets?
The wards will hold him.
I don't see Khalida,
but there are people here.
A half dozen or more.
It's the Marshals.
How did they find us so fast?
I'll get Khalida.
They won't be able to see me.
Adil, wait
Goddess, they can see him.
We need to go. Now!
We're not leaving him alive.
No. We don't have time.
Come on!
You're sick.
You need your rest.
Sick? What are you talking about?
Never mind about that.
Mother is going to take care
of you from now on.
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