Motherland: Fort Salem (2020) s03e03 Episode Script

Oh Elayne...

Previously on Motherland.
Long ago, six sisters
embarked on a sacred mission
to bring the power of speech to man.
This common tongue is the root
of all of the world's languages.
I'll be personally overseeing
the administration of the poison.
Yeah, with my work on the Hill.
And thanks to my fundraising efforts.
We have secured their end.
Just a little piece of work I picked up.
Nothing ever really dies.
I just always wanna be able
to say hi to you wherever you are.
I know why Raelle is sick. No!
- Scylla!
- Don't go!
We shouldn't worry.
The Mycelium has taken her to heal.
That's gotta be what they're using
to poison the Mycelium.
New orders.
Are there any of them left?
It's Hearst.
I noticed blondie isn't with you.
Is she feeling all right?
I'll have to fight Khalida.
- They won't be able to see me.
- We need to go. Now!
The last thing we need
is for the Marshals
to catch one of us being here.
It's just something they
tell you to keep your mind,
there's a boogeyman.
She must've hidden somewhere.
Unless the Marshals took her.
Then we'll use the Blood Compass
to find her.
That didn't sound like nothing.
Raelle told us
not to underestimate them.
They catch us, they take us back
to Washington in chains.
It's time to make our stand.
Our fight is not with the Marshals.
- You have another option?
- I might.
You're a couple short.
Go. Find Khalida. Take them.
We know our way around
the Cession, we can lose them.
Love your confidence, Ramshorn.
The plan stays
the same. We meet out west.
When Rae comes back,
how will she find us?
I might know a way to contact her.
Tally, this will really make us fly?
If it kicks in fast enough.
It will. Stay with me as we drop.
You'll be okay.
Told you it'd work.
You okay?
Never again.
I've almost lost her
so many times, Abigail.
We're going to find her. I promise.
She's heading north. Fast.
You're saying he killed
his own daughter?
Imagine what else he'd be
willing to do for the Camarilla.
And you're positive about this?
I tracked the plague's rate of growth
to determine the exact moment
she was poisoned.
Right before her TV interview.
Silver brought Alban Hearst
directly to Penelope.
And my own Chief of Staff is with him?
I'm afraid so, ma'am.
We need to discuss how we're
going to proceed.
I want to move my Address
to the Nation to tonight.
Alert the press and move
whatever it is you have to.
That is how we will proceed.
You're going to publicly move
against Silver tonight.
I will announce my veto of his bill
and place Blanton
under criminal investigation.
All due respect, Madam President,
but that's not what
General Bellweather had in mind.
Silver is just a puppet
for the Camarilla.
Come at him now and the true leadership
will slither back into the shadows.
You tell Petra that I'm sorry,
but I will not abide by this betrayal
in my administration.
They're not gonna let you
take him down without a fight.
And you should know by now
I like a good fight.
We need to get back to Fort Salem.
Preparations to be made
in order to secure your safety,
Madam President.
Madam President,
Pauline Marten from The Council
of The Great River is here
demanding to speak with you
about the incident
at the chemical plant.
You might wanna stay for this,
Captain Quartermain.
Here you go.
Sometimes fate smiles on us.
- What are you talking about?
- Two faces for us to wear,
we can keep the parents to drive us.
No more civilians, Nicte.
You need to get Raelle's voice
out of your head.
Let's just get on this bus.
You're giving the orders now?
Please, I just need to get
somewhere safe
so I can try to reach Raelle.
And if she doesn't answer?
She will.
We're gonna need two tickets
to the border.
Pauline, Biindigen.
Kelly, Aaniin.
Your Ojibwe is improving.
Since you're here, Captain Quartermain,
I'll assume you've made
the President aware
of the attack in the Cession
by the Bellweather Unit.
You have proof it was them?
The security footage
from the plant is a little dark,
but your Vice President seemed sure.
You've spoken with Blanton.
He offered any and all assistance
to bring them to justice.
This is a personal matter for him.
I'm willing to make the same offer.
Grant the military access to the Cession
and I guarantee you I will personally
bring them back to Fort Salem.
I'm curious to know what these soldiers
have to say for themselves first.
What they have to say is
a matter of national security.
Pauline, the United States
and the Cession
help each another to flourish,
don't they?
Not all on the Council
would agree with you,
but I do.
Because I would hate to see
anything get in the way of that,
especially this.
We'll contact you as soon
as they're apprehended.
These are some of the most
formidable witches I've ever met
and yet you seem fairly
confident you'll catch them.
You would be too, if you had
the Marshals after them.
We'll be
approaching the US-Dakota border
in about 20 minutes.
I'm sorry, folks.
This will just take but a minute.
How did he find us?
Stay calm. He hasn't found us yet.
How do you do, ladies?
Wait, Adil,
we can't just walk into town.
We're going too slow.
Khalida hasn't stopped once.
I don't think we can go any faster.
What if it wasn't the Marshals?
The Camarilla could've taken her.
- She might not even be
- If they did take her,
then I feel bad for the Camarilla.
We're losing her.
We need a new strategy, now.
Can you get us to where
Khalida's going to be?
I can't.
But you've seen days ahead, haven't you?
I've only seen my own future.
And even then, I didn't know
when exactly that was.
Okay. Maybe you can see ahead to,
to after we've found her.
We can work backwards from there.
Tally, please.
Please try.
We're walking up to this place.
- Busy night.
- Could be a trap.
Two Rivers Road House.
What about Khalida?
No. I don't see her.
Please, Tally, Tally.
Like I said, it wasn't safe.
Please, please, keep going.
Take your medicine, Tally Craven.
You've got work to do.
What is it? What are you seeing?
Do you see her?
Abigail, you may want to slow down.
I saw Khalida.
Was she all right?
Yeah, she was, uh,
we were inside the Road House.
You saw Khalida in a bar?
I mean, it was not like
she was drinking,
I think. I don't
We passed through a town
called Two Rivers
on the way to the chemical plant.
It's not far.
You're late.
You look awful.
My apologies.
It took longer than I'd hoped
to get out of the Cession.
You must be tired.
Please, sit.
Oh, I just can't imagine
what you've just been through.
They caught us completely unaware.
I don't know how they knew
about the processing.
My, my.
Now, I'm no fancy doctor like you,
but I believe those girls
broke your nose.
You swore that running our operation
out of the Cession
would be less trouble.
Is that how you would
describe your mess?
- I'm so sorry.
- Tell me, Alban,
after they finished slaughtering
your men yet again,
after they had you running
for your life like a coward,
how do you feel?
- Like a failure.
- Uh-hmm.
I failed you.
I failed the cause.
We all stumble sometimes, Albie.
But with our crusade finally at hand,
we cannot afford any more
of your failures.
Do you understand me?
It won't happen again.
Now, there have been
some critical developments
at the White House.
Poor Blanton is gonna need
my guidance now more than ever
and I cannot babysit the both of you.
- Hello, sir.
- Prepare the operating room.
And bring our top specimen.
It's time.
Let's rest here.
We should keep moving.
I'm sure you've dealt with worse.
Look, there's a moldy old mattress there
with your name on it.
All right. You've got first watch.
If you hear so much as a twig snap
I've got it. Don't worry.
It's all right.
It's going to be all right.
Busy night.
Could be a trap.
Maybe you should look ahead again?
No. This is precisely what I saw.
We walk right through
those doors no problem.
Then let's not wait any longer.
And round there,
searching for a little more ♪
And if you don't come back ♪
I'm gonna camp out ♪
May I have a straw, please?
Come on back now darlin' ♪
Come on back to me ♪
- Are you all right?
- What happened?
Drink these.
It'll make this easier.
I'm good.
Suit yourself.
How are you here right now?
The same as you.
I came through the front door.
But we saw you die?
There will be a time for questions.
But now is not that time.
- That's new.
- Mm.
Help me understand.
If you don't try these,
you may regret it.
How did you How did you find Khalida?
Why bring her here?
I said ♪
Hello, you beautiful people!
Are you ready for Elayne and the Band?
Let's leave our troubles
out there in the dark
and have ourselves a good time tonight.
They call me the voodoo woman ♪
And I know the reason why ♪
They call me the voodoo woman ♪
And I know the reason why ♪
Lord if I raise my name ♪
You know the sky begins to cry ♪
They call me the voodoo woman ♪
I look through water
and spy dry land ♪
They call me the voodoo woman ♪
I look through water
and spy dry land ♪
I tell all you men ♪
If your woman's got another man ♪
What are you doing?
To get to Raelle,
I need to tap into the Mycelium.
How does he keep finding us?
Every sound leaves a trace.
He's tracking our vocal signatures,
our echoes.
- So every time we spoke
- Shh.
We just need to give them
a different sort of echo to trace.
This way!
Over here.
Come on! I'm sure it's this way!
You better watch your step now, baby ♪
Something bad might happen to you ♪
You better watch your step now, baby ♪
Something bad might happen to you ♪
Ooh, you got moves, Craven!
Oh, you know I reserve
my best moves for the lucky few.
Yeah, but few being the keyword.
I mean, when is the last time
that you had your mark shined?
Okay. It is not easy
being America's most wanted
and not have your paramour
on the run with you.
Paramour, yeah.
It has been way been too long. Look.
You can use your Sight
for something useful for once.
- Stop.
- There has to be
at least one worthy specimen
in this bar.
Take your medicine, Tally Craven.
You've got some work to do.
Abigail, you may want to slow down.
Thank you very much, everybody.
Good night!
Tally, what just happened?
I've never heard work like that.
Hey, where's Alder?
You need to tell me
what is going on. Now!
All right.
Let's go talk to Elayne.
After you.
Okay. Thanks.
Sitting in the sunshine ♪
Keeping my lifeline ♪
Consider yourself lucky to be making
such a great contribution to the cause.
Sir, are you sure you wanna do this?
The other enhancements
would be less permanent.
You think I'm afraid to make
this sacrifice, is that it?
I come into you,
the destroyer of the unclean.
I am sent in the midst
of wolves undaunted,
for I have become the lion
and learned the ways of the beasts.
You don't belong to me ♪
I'm standing on the corner ♪
I'm not afraid.
What beautiful songs you have.
Well, thank you, sweetheart.
They got autographed records at the bar.
How did you come to wield
such powerful Seeds?
Don't know what you mean.
Haven't done anything wrong.
No need to be afraid.
We're all witches here.
What has your mother told you
of your lineage?
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
But, you know, you look real familiar.
Your lineage and the sacred vow
to protect your piece of the First Song.
You know what Elayne thinks?
Y'all had too much to drink.
Time to leave me be.
I said leave.
Before I sing a song
you're not gonna like.
You can have it. You can have it.
We needn't concern ourselves
with the thief,
only the song she stole.
All of these vessels have songs in them.
Some more dangerous than others.
Only one matters though.
The Seed we heard Elayne sing tonight.
I can find it.
Not until you answer my question.
How are you here?
She brought me back.
The Mycelium?
The Mother.
She took Raelle.
You, you didn't know?
Then things are a lot worse
than I thought.
- We haven't much time.
- Time for what?
To find the pieces of the First Song
whose music will heal the world
and end this eternal war.
And Rae?
Will she be okay?
If it is the mother's will.
That's all I get?
She doesn't tell me everything.
Please hurry.
So Alder didn't
tell you how she's returned?
She simply walked into our camp
and asked for my help.
But you've never trusted her.
And you left, just like that?
You remember the stories mother told us?
About the six daughters and
the pieces of the First Song?
I'm a steward of one of those pieces,
and so is Alder.
She sang her piece for me
and now I know her mission is pure.
But what if that mission
puts you in danger?
I'm not afraid.
For so long it was only Adil
and I protecting each other.
But I know you will always
be by our side.
We're sisters now.
That's not gonna fool them for long.
We have to go!
Let go, Nicte.
It is sweet how much you love her.
But it has made you weak.
Raelle is what's kept me alive.
And she wouldn't want you
throwing your life away.
If you wanna go, then go.
I'm so close!
I'm trying to help you.
You sure you wanna do this?
Bring it.
Is that all you got?
I could've reached her.
I enjoyed that last bit.
Oh, it's been decades since
anybody's pulled one over on me.
I'm sorry, did I interrupt something?
Yeah, you kinda did.
Fun time is over.
It's time to go.
There's something I have to tell you.
The Camarilla are searching
for the First Song too.
Then there's truly no time to waste.
Are you all right?
Well done.
Thank you.
There's no point in struggling.
It's stronger than any Work
you might wanna try.
So don't bother resisting, Tally Craven.
What should we do?
In this solemn moment,
the very union of our country
will be tested,
a union that was formed
in the face of tyranny
so long ago by statesmen,
scholars, warriors, patriots.
No one enters this room but me.
And among them, witches.
But today, we face a different tyranny.
It's only a matter of time
before they make their move.
- Remember, once it starts
- I know.
I'll be fast.
Good luck.
Check in every five minutes.
Renegade is secure.
Everyone's in position.
I never liked this part.
Waiting for the enemy to go first.
Hey, at least this time,
we'll see them coming.
Stay close, all right?
I always am, boss.
Elayne, that stage
ain't gonna strike itself.
Elayne, you all right in there?
What the hell?
This thing's cutting off my circulation.
Don't care.
Doesn't look like a jail.
Astute observation.
You must be the smart one.
I am.
And I would just love
to learn that Whistle sometime.
I know who you are.
You think you're special because
you started a revolution?
My dog is a better pack leader than you.
And she can whistle.
Probably not the reunion
you were hoping for, huh?
Just give us a moment to explain.
Yeah, explain to me just how long
you thought you could elude us
on our own land?
We never intended to bring
trouble into the Cession.
That's exactly what you did.
What are you gonna do with us?
I hope you all enjoy your stay.
Who's he kidding?
I'm not spending a single night here.
And good luck with that.
The place is warded.
Even Adil and Khalida couldn't
blow a hole through the walls.
Not for lack of trying.
Looks like you'll have
all the time in the world
to look for your missing girlfriend now.
Back off, Batan.
None of us planned for this.
Oh, that's obvious.
Hey, you okay?
What happened out there?
She got us caught, that's what happened.
What about Raelle?
Were you able to contact her?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Woodlot, check in.
Woodlot, now is not
the time to go silent.
Captain Quartermain, check in.
The breach has occurred.
Hold your positions and be ready.
I need our exit path cleared now!
Renegade stays in place
until I say otherwise.
It's the camera crew.
Find them, now.
Going to live coverage in four, three
Stay with us, as the President
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