Motherland: Fort Salem (2020) s03e04 Episode Script

Happy Yule!

Previously on Motherland
The Mycelium has taken her to heal.
I keep sending it so that she'll know
that I'm looking for her
and that I'll never give up.
We're in this together.
To get to Raelle,
I need to tap into the Mycelium.
Let's how much you love her.
She just made you weak.
Raelle's kept me alive.
Prepare the operating room.
Consider yourself lucky
to be making such a great contribution.
But I know you'll always
be by our side. We're sisters now.
- How are you here?
- The Mother,
she brought me back.
The Camarilla are searching
- for the First Song, too.
- Tally!
Explain to me just how long
you thought you could
elude us on our own land?
Doesn't look like a jail.
I hope you all enjoy your stay.
Move my address
to the nation till tonight.
Woodlot. Captain Quartermain, check in.
The breach has occurred.
Go, go, go!
I do solemnly swear that
I will faithfully execute
the Office of the President
of the United States.
And I will to the best
of my ability preserve,
protect, and defend
the Constitution of the United States.
Mr. President.
Thank you.
Congratulations, Mr. President.
Well, thank you.
Let's get to work, shall we?
This will be a closed casket.
I thought I had the right seed.
I was sure I'd get a sign.
She is all right.
We'll find her.
We just have to trust that if
Alder can come back,
Raelle can, too.
I'm sorry, did you say Alder?
Oh, yeah.
Turns out Alder's alive
and scouring the earth looking
for some kind of First Song.
What's a "First Song?"
I'm not totally sure but Tally
has a piece of it in her pocket.
You're sure it was Alder and
not someone wearing her face?
- Positive.
- She's different, though.
Anacostia's been
out of contact for too long.
Where are we on combing
the surveillance footage?
Eighty-five percent complete,
still no sign of Captain
Quartemain or Woodlot.
I want fetches placed on every
one of Silver's cabinet members.
One of them must know something.
The Mycelium's being poisoned,
the President was just assassinated,
my head of intelligence is AWOL.
I need answers now!
General Bellweather.
Happy to hear the urgency.
The sooner we find those responsible
for President Wade's
tragic death, the better.
Sources tell me there's
evidence of the Witchbomb.
It's too soon to tell, we're still
analyzing the bomb site, Mr. President.
Care to introduce me to your companions?
I didn't realize we were
getting new uniforms.
Oh, the witches won't be
getting new uniforms.
These people are part of your
new Civilian Oversight.
- My what?
- Yeah. They will be on base
to help reassure the American people
that things are running
smoothly during the transition.
Meet your personal oversight.
Colonel Jarrett.
I'm always happy to work with patriots.
Witch or non-witch.
I'm so pleased to hear you say that.
Come on, Raelle.
Give me something.
Oh, beautiful ♪
For spacious skies ♪
What a night folks, am I right?
For amber waves of grain ♪
So glad you all could make it.
For purple mountain Majesties ♪
Above the fruited plain ♪
America, America ♪
Our America!
And the dawn will be glorious
upon the earth.
Before we introduce the new
leader of the free world,
let's get to the entertainment.
Our amuse-bouche!
Our first course.
And finally, our savory entree.
I'll give them something to stare at.
That's not regular glass.
- Yeah. I gathered that.
- Hey, hey.
It's to the death
Get up.
- everybody.
- Come on.
And now for the man of the hour,
the one you've all been waiting for
the raison d'etre
for this inaugural event,
your new President!
We gotta get out of here.
Okay. Point ambush,
next time The Marshal makes his rounds.
You're assuming there'll be a next time.
Oh, he'll be back.
What does he want, though?
And what was with the goat?
Tally, we're prisoners.
Who cares about the goat?
General Bellweather. Come in.
You are more than welcome to
join us, Colonel Jarrett,
but I should warn you that there
are frequencies of sound in here
that could alter
certain organs of yours.
Perhaps you'd prefer to join
my oversight in the hallway?
Would either of you like a chair?
We'll stand.
Thought I'd never get right of him.
I know you need to get off base,
but let me show you
something before you go.
Penelope, dear?
Come say hello.
How how did you do this?
May I have a glass of milk?
She was infected with a
different strain of Witchplague,
designed to keep her alive as a host
so she could spread it
throughout the base.
What the Camarilla didn't account for
is that it worked a little too well.
It allowed her to remain alive,
in a sense,
in the atmosphere, riding the humidity,
fully sentient.
I was able to reconstitute her.
So she's human?
Essentially, and becoming
more so every day.
If we can unveil her soon, we
can move towards
exonerating my daughter's unit.
Oh. We're not there yet,
- as you can see.
- But I'm thirsty!
She still has violent impulses.
Hence the mittens.
But we're learning to control those,
aren't we, Penelope?
Our work relationship was getting tense,
both of us always having to fake it.
It's better this way.
Now we can both be real.
You wanna talk about real?
You killed your own daughter
for this freak-show.
I didn't kill my daughter
That was your beloved
Bellweather unit, wasn't it?
enjoy the party.
You had a luncheon at the
Governor of Georgia's house.
Penelope was only four,
but it was her idea.
She wanted those training wheels off.
It only took her one afternoon to learn
because she was so insistent
that she'd be able to show you
by the time your lunch ended.
I can still see her ride in
circles in the driveway,
calling out, "Look at me, Daddy."
So now I'm asking you
look at me.
there are a couple of exarchs
that I would love to introduce you to
before you head to your other parties.
- Of course.
- Good.
That's storm and fury.
It felt more like a baby's cough.
Go to bed!
Whatever that Work was, it hit me hard.
- Same.
- I could barely get out of bed.
Rise and shine, sleepyheads.
Everybody okay?
Y'all have been busy.
Even made the front page of The Trib.
President Wade was assassinated?
Killed by something
called the Witchbomb.
Raelle Collar, is it?
Anybody care to tell me where she is?
Raelle is not in the United States.
Maybe it was her.
You've been looking for a
sign she's alive, you get one.
You don't believe it?
She wouldn't assassinate President Wade.
Yeah. And besides, they're saying
Tally and I were there, too,
and you know that we weren't.
Yeah, right. Y'all too busy
running around
the Cession blowing up chemical plants.
Here's the thing
the Council of the Great River
is interested in meeting you.
That's why I brought you here.
Great. Where are they?
They'll be here after Yule,
after we all eat, drink,
and be merry together.
The goat.
I completely forgot Yule was coming.
As a gesture of trust,
I'll move the wardings
to the outward grounds.
Let you roam around, get some fresh air.
Why would you do that?
'Cause I'm a generous man
during the holidays.
Also, I'm gonna need some help
moving that Yule log in.
That thing gets heavier every year.
Need a refill.
- I don't trust him.
- We don't have a choice.
He's the only one who can tell
the Council we're innocent.
The Council may be more
concerned with the fact
that we're on their land illegally.
They should be concerned that
the Camarilla are here.
You spent more time in the
Cession than the two of us.
What do you think?
From what I remember
and from what Raelle's told me,
the Council is known to be fair.
So we just need to make them believe us,
make them our allies.
Good luck with that.
You have a better idea?
Once a terrorist, always a terrorist.
Well, that was an embarrassing intro.
Sounds like you haven't found
your voice yet, Albie.
Or maybe you're just going
through puberty again?
It's merely work in progress,
which I'll harness soon enough.
Hmm, let's hope so.
It would be a shame if
you mutilated yourself
just to be embarrassed by a bunch of
little girls again.
That won't happen.
Oh, such confidence.
Mom and Dad would be proud.
Actually, I take that back.
Mom and Dad would probably be horrified,
just like they were with all
your other little experiments.
Whatever did happen to all
the dogs in our neighborhood?
Anyway, the company
is starting to think that
your time with us
is coming to an end,
wasting money on your pet projects.
I'm sure you'll prove them wrong,
won't you?
What the
Bigger storm.
I'm ready. I'll go say goodbye to Adil.
Thank you for keeping this.
Where are you taking Khalida?
She'll be safe with the other stewards,
once I find them all.
Look, I know you have this
mission, but stay here.
I mean, meet the Council and you can
help explain everything to them.
I can't do that.
At least tell me how the Song
heals the world and will
Will it heal Raelle, too?
I'm sorry, Tally Craven.
I don't know.
That's the first time you said my name.
Tell me something. Please.
We must trust the Mother.
You don't seem surprised to see me.
Oh, I knew that the esteemed
General Alder would never go off
and do something as pedestrian as dying.
I'm sorry to hear about
your Biddies, though.
They all made great sacrifices
and I appreciate that you
shared that working with me
almost 400 years ago.
Well, great work runs its course.
Like great witches.
Which is just a word they call us.
I assume you're here for the little one?
And this.
Oh, Elayne.
A song was stolen from
one of your people.
Well, plenty of things have
been stolen from my people.
This is of an even older lineage,
and I need to find its rightful steward.
Their life is in danger.
Will you help me?
Do you know whose song this is?
We just searched half the
Cession trying to find you.
And now you're leaving with Alder?
I don't expect you to understand,
but I do expect you
to honor my decision.
I always honor your decisions.
But we're family, us and Abigail.
And my leaving doesn't change that.
Please trust that I know what's best.
We will see each other again.
If you need me or you're in danger
use this.
I don't think we should tell
Nicte that Alder was here.
- Tal?
- Hmm?
- Did you hear me?
- Yeah, fine. We won't tell her.
Are you okay?
My Sight needs to get better.
I need to see further, see more.
If I can see Rae, then
Oh, thank Goddess you're okay.
- President Wade was assassinated.
- I'm aware.
Silver's in charge? What is going on?
What how could this happen?
We need to do something.
We need to fight back.
Oh, that's exactly what I plan to do.
Thank you.
Glad to refresh as needed.
Oh, we knew the president was in danger,
so Izadora created a golem
and we allowed the
assassination to take place.
And thanks to M's strategic timing
and excellent work under pressure,
they were able to sub the golem
for me before the explosion.
Just doing my job, ma'am.
Wait, where's Raelle?
- Dead.
- She's not dead!
She's healing.
In the Mycelium.
Probably dead.
Excuse me, but who are you?
Hi. I'm Louise.
I'm the chef in this joint.
How convenient.
Perhaps you should get back
to the kitchen, Louise.
I hear a timer going off.
General Bellweather.
The plan for all of you is to
stay here with President Wade,
under the protection of
The Marshal and M,
and meet with the Council
when they arrive.
We'll need their support
for what's ahead.
Hopefully soon,
all of you can come back.
Speaking of people coming back,
we we have to tell her.
Tell me what?
Alder. She's back.
Oh. I will have that refill now.
What do you mean back? Where?
She's off with Khalida
looking for the First Song.
An all-powerful song that will
change the world as we know it.
The takeaway here is that
she doesn't want her old job back.
Okay. Well, speaking of jobs,
I have to get back to Fort Salem.
Wait, you aren't staying for Yule?
I wish I could, but I've been
gone too long already.
Everything's going to be okay.
Let President Wade
do the talking with the Council.
It's perfect timing. I need a sous.
If I ever hear you say that
Raelle's dead again,
you'll be the one to end up in a grave.
Hm. I like when you're angry.
You're stronger.
This isn't anger, Nicte.
This is love.
And you're too lonely and miserable
to even tell the difference.
Noodin! You're alive.
How do you know my name?
The Marshal told me where to find you.
I thought maybe I was too late,
but it appears you've
handled things on your own.
You know these people?
Why are they trying to kill me?
Because you're a steward
of the First Song.
What are you talking about?
Your family's song was stolen
from you many years ago,
when you were only a child.
I've come to return it.
Please, listen.
I know this song.
It's been so long.
It's yours.
And the time will come soon
for you to sing it once more.
They tried to cut out my throat.
That's why I'm here.
I'll take you somewhere safe.
Otherwise, they will come back
until they succeed.
There's no time to waste.
I had a feeling you could whittle.
Hmm. I'm a quick learner.
Hmm. There.
That's your sigil. Do you see anything?
What's he supposed to see?
It's a game we played as kids,
trying to see "visions" of our
futures in the Smoke-Veil.
My mom used to laugh when
I always said I saw new sneakers.
Forget visions.
I'm gonna need everybody's help.
I don't know if it'll work,
but it's worth a try.
It's for Raelle.
On this, the longest night of Winter,
we offer up a heartbeat to Earth,
to bring forth new life.
May darkness bring light.
May cold bring warmth.
May death bring life.
Is something supposed to happen?
The Yule Song is powerful,
but I've never seen it
used like this before.
It's cold. Let's go back to the fire.
I just need a minute alone.
Show me that you're out there.
Happy Yule!
I'm happy for them.
Wish I could contact my family.
I've got four beautiful
grandchildren that I adore.
This is gonna be their
first Christmas without me.
Just gonna have to buy 'em
double the presents next year.
I bet you're pretty handy with that.
I'd be happy to show you later.
Yeah, hey, hey ♪
Get it on me, if you want it ♪
Baby, get on it ♪
Mistletoe. It's for
I know what it's for.
You know I want it ♪
So, come on get it ♪
Before I can change my mind ♪
Get it on me ♪
If you want it, hey! ♪
Get on this love of mine ♪
Wow. I mean, look at you.
You've been holding out
on me all this time.
I had to wait for the right moment.
You know, after seeing my mom,
- I've been thinking about family.
- Mm-hmm.
And the whole
"union of earth and sky" thing.
I don't know what if it's about
what Dwight and Shelby were discussing?
- Vests?
- No dummy. Offsprings.
I don't know.
But I wouldn't mind
testing out that theory.
Well, slow down, Witchdaddy.
Let's worry about clearing our names
and achieving world peace first.
- Deal?
- Deal.
Woo, ha, ha, woo, ha, ha, woo ♪
Why don't you try? You might like it ♪
Food was delicious.
They could really use your
skills over at Fort Salem.
I have a feeling I won't be
invited back there anytime soon.
I'm sorry about
what I said in the kitchen.
It was cruel.
No. No, you're right.
I am miserable.
It's worse on Yule.
Why is that?
My mom dodged when I was five
and left me with my grandma.
The crankiest witch you have ever met.
She told me that if my mom
was ever gonna come back,
it'll be on Yule.
And that all I had to do
was sing the Yule song
until the sun came up.
I always fell asleep.
It's the longest night of the
year, what kid wouldn't, right?
Did she ever come back?
Raelle's lucky to have you.
Hmm, bed time.
Faster I fall I asleep,
the faster this day will be over.
Hey, Nicte?
Thank you for joining in the song.
Sure, Baby Spree.
For now it is over ♪
Go for it.
I can already see that you like it.
Okay, Super-Seer extraordinaire.
Hmm. Hardly.
There is a lot going on right
now that I didn't see coming.
Yeah. That makes two of us.
Sometimes I feel like
I'm in-between worlds
without belonging to any of them.
Sounds familiar.
When I conscripted,
there wasn't a clear place
for someone like me.
I had to choose.
It was either weapons-building
with the men or Basic with the women.
And neither I was the right fit.
That must have been so hard.
it was kind of traumatic.
I always knew that one day,
I'd have to choose
but it didn't make that day
any easier when it came.
M, I am so sorry that you
had to go through that.
It got better.
Alder noticed me.
She urged me to go for War College.
And eventually, I became a Coven leader,
I met good witches.
They see me for who I am.
I see you for who you are, Tally.
You're the one true constant.
And you can count on yourself.
And you got us.
I'll toast to that.
Doomsday is close at hand ♪
I'll book the marching band ♪
To play as you speak ♪
I love you.
And I'll never lose hope.
I'll feel like throwin' up ♪
You'll sit and stare like ♪
A damn machine ♪
I'd like to plan out my part in this ♪
But you're such a narcissist ♪
You'll probably do it next week ♪
I don't get a choice in the matter ♪
Why would I? ♪
It's only the death of me ♪
Only the death of me ♪
You're alive!
Rae! Raelle!
Rae, stop!
Oh, my God.
I saw her!
What? Who?
Tally, look at me. It's okay.
There was nothing left.
What are you talking about?
I think she might end the world.
This is inhuman.
Yeah. Even some of these monsters
are having a hard time watching it.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
We're gonna get out of this.
Stay calm, okay?
- Remember your training.
- Yeah.
Now, we have
a very special treat for you.
Something I've been wanting
to see for quite a while.
Army versus Spree!
We don't need to fight.
We can make our own plan.
Plan is you die and we live.
Make sure the mics in the cube are hot.
This Spree Work is something special.
Not so fast, soldier.
Okay. You're gonna be okay.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
We stand here today,
bearing witness yet again
to a wickedness that is
plaguing this world,
a wickedness that cannot be
contained or bargained with
a wickedness that knows no compromise
and requires forceful retaliation.
I stood back when
they murdered my daughter,
because President Wade asked me to.
This great country cannot thrive
while the decay of witches
is allowed to run rampant
in our midst. Now
This isn't a eulogy,
it's an inaugural speech.
That beast.
I will guide our great
nation towards a new world
- We gotta go.
- "Go"? Where?
It's not safe for me here.
My mother said you'd meet
the Council with us.
Plans changed. You cannot tell
anybody that you saw me here.
Not even the Council.
The Council needs to know
that you're alive.
I'm putting the words back up.
More to keep things out.
- Are you serious?
- You did not.
Soldiers, stand down.
The patient hunter spends most
of his time in the blind.
is now. And the time to fight is now.
On my word, I will bring the
binds of this Salem Accord
and I will lead these great
United States
towards a better world.
Free from the sin
and corruption of witches.
And together, we will silence
their songs of murder and chaos
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