Motherland: Fort Salem (2020) s03e05 Episode Script

Cession in Session

WOMAN: Previously on Motherland.
WOMAN: Speaking of people coming back
Alder, she's back.
ADIL: She's off with Khalida,
looking for the First Song.
- Where's Raelle?
- Dead.
She's not dead.
She's healing.
In the Mycelium.
Stay here and meet with
the council when they arrive.
We need their support for what's ahead.
Why are they trying to kill me?
Because you're a steward
of the First Song.
- I'll take you somewhere safe.
- If you need me
or you're in danger
use this.
Meet your personal oversight,
Colonel Jarrett.
Army versus Spree!
Okay. You're gonna be okay.
I'm gonna get you out of here. Okay.
WOMAN: Sounds like you haven't
found your voice yet, Albie.
It's merely a work in progress,
which I'll harness soon enough.
- WOMAN: I saw her!
- WOMAN: Who?
WOMAN: Raelle.
There was nothing left.
I think she might end the world.
Hurry up, we'll be late.
Cortez, you're the only person
in the world
who gets excited for Mothertongue.
What can I say?
I'm the Mistress of Menishe.
Professor Grafton, what's happening?
Mothertongue has been cancelled today.
What? Why?
Lupe, it
I'll answer that.
What's your name?
Officer Cadet Guadalupe Cortez.
Astarte Coven.
Well, Cadet Cortez, as you know,
myself and my fellow Oversight Officers
are on base to ensure that
witches are no longer seen
as a separate society
in our nation,
to reassure
the American people that witches
are being held accountable
for their actions.
And yet somehow,
a secret language spoken only by
witches seems counterproductive
to those aims, does it not?
But there's so much history and
- cultural significance.
- Classes are postponed
until further notice.
Do you have any more questions?
Anything else?
Enjoy your day.
Maybe we should tell
the council about Wade.
No, she said we shouldn't tell
anyone, not even them.
I mean, she and The Marshal
were both pretty clear
- about that.
- But why?
How do we know
we can even trust The Marshal?
How do you know you can trust
the Council?
You know what? It's not about trust.
We're innocent and that's what matters.
Once we make our case,
they'll recognize that.
You cannot be that naive.
You can't prove Wade's alive.
We've brought a lot of heat
down on the Cession.
The Council can't just ignore that.
Then we'll make them listen to reason.
You can't punch your way
out of this one.
When I said make them listen to reason,
I actually meant reason with them.
Why are you so skittish about
meeting the Council anyways?
I'm not gonna meet them.
You forget my situation
is much different than yours.
And the Spree
how are you gonna avoid it?
They got to drop the wards
when they arrive.
- I'll sneak out the back door.
- TALLY: You're gonna leave us
just like that?
But where Where are you gonna go?
Don't worry about me, Red. You
know I always land on my feet.
They're here.
They're not what I expected.
They represent seven
different language groups,
each with their own unique traditions.
It's like nations within a nation.
I spent a lot of time
in the Cession growing up.
I even went to elementary
school for a while.
Come on.
We need to make our case. Now.
The Council of the Great River
will summon you shortly.
I've got good news and bad news.
Good news is I fixed you.
You okay?
I feel like shit but I'm alive.
What's the bad news?
They wanna cut out our throats.
They've been in there for over an hour.
It's like we're sitting
at the kids' table
while the adults decide our fate.
What is going on in there?
I have to tell you something.
I saw something,
something bad in the future,
something that we have to stop.
I'm sorry, what did you say?
Look, okay.
During Yule,
I saw a vision of the future
where Raelle released a Witch bomb
that was destroying the world.
Well, I didn't see that one coming.
Yeah. I'm sorry
I didn't tell you sooner.
I wanted to, but
Tally, you can't trust
a thing Nicte taught you.
She lies as easy as breathing.
What I saw was terrible.
I mean, it looked
like the end of everything.
I think you're just missing
Raelle so much
that it's scrambling your sight.
And I get it.
I have yet to have a night
where I didn't dream about her.
Maybe you're right.
One thing at a time, okay?
Let's get through today
and then we will get Raelle back.
Then we can worry
about whatever else comes next.
Whatever it is, we'll take care of it.
And what can we do?
I don't know.
Wait, have you ever tested it?
Seen something
and then tried to prevent it?
There you go.
It's time.
You coming, Baby Spree?
My place is with them now.
And with Raelle.
I really do hope you get her back.
We're ready for you now.
Follow my lead.
Esteemed members of the Council
of the Great River,
I'm Abigail
We know.
We thank you for the opportunity
to prove our innocence,
but first
Wow. Mothertongue.
MILLY: Well, would you listen
to that handsome songbird sing.
ABIGAIL: We'd respectfully ask
to be sheltered on your land
until it is safe for us to return home.
What are you, a lost kitten?
I don't think you understand, soldier.
We've already made up our minds.
We're sending you all back
to where you belong, to D. C.
I don't understand.
Why did you wanna meet with us
if you're just sending us back?
Because we need answers.
But need is a bit, hyperbolic, Pauline.
Let's make this quick, huh?
- I've got bingo tonight.
ABIGAIL: Ask us anything you want.
Let's start with why you destroyed
private property on our land.
We didn't intend to destroy anything.
But we had to stop the Camarilla.
I know I look good for my age,
but I'm too old for fairy tales.
Unlike the U. S.,
our people don't fall for that
Euro-Inquisition gobbledygook.
Witches and non-witches
live in harmony here.
There are no Camarilla among us.
ABIGAIL: You're wrong.
And we don't want you
to realize it too late,
after they wreak havoc like they
did in India and Fort Salem.
The only havoc we've seen
was caused by you
and your ragtag friends.
ADIL: We're telling the truth
about the Camarilla.
They hunted my people
to near extinction.
They hunted all of us.
You're Tarim.
My heart breaks for you and your people.
PAULINE: Still, we have a treaty
to uphold.
And your government seems to think
that you assassinated President Wade.
- Which is a lie.
- We know that.
Our Marshal was holding you
when it happened.
I'm more interested
in why they think that.
Blanton Silver.
He's Camarilla, now,
the leader of the free world.
First he blamed us
for his daughter's death
and now Wade?
He's using us
to stoke hate against witches.
The Camarilla don't care
about borders or treaties.
And they're an enemy to all witches,
those in the Cession included.
THELMA: If that's true, then
you're the ones responsible
for bringing them
right to our front door.
All the more reason to send you
back in a big red box
with a big red ribbon around it.
No, no, no, you got to broil 'em frozen.
That way they stay tender in the middle.
You gotta rethink
everything you know about cod.
We heard you were special.
You look like any other witch to me.
What are you doing?
You've been holding out on me.
I picked up a thing or two from
my time working with Scylla.
TALLY: The Great War
with the Camarilla isn't coming,
it's already here.
We know how to fight them.
We can help you fight them, too.
[SCOFFS] We don't need you to save us.
MILLY: I think they're asking us
to save them, cousin.
And if what they're saying is true,
then sending them back to the US
is a death sentence.
THELMA: So what, we risk war
with America for harboring them?
MILLY: Who said anything about war?
Oh, you always jump to the worst
possible conclusion, Bear killer.
And you always jump
to the easiest, cousin.
PAULINE: It appears that
we are no longer in agreement
about extraditing the fugitives.
I suggest that we call a new vote.
Please wait outside while we deliberate.
You'll have our decision shortly.
Forgive me,
but it seems like you're debating
whether to have us extradited
or allowed to be sheltered here
and I have another option
for you to consider.
What are you doing?
Trust me.
My parents were Dodgers,
so we were always on the move.
And when we needed a safe place to hide,
the Cession welcomed us.
The best years of my childhood
were spent here.
Honestly, it's the closest thing
to a home I ever had
until I found my true home,
the woman I love
who is also from the Cession.
It breaks my heart that we
brought our problems here,
to this place that has given me so much.
If you let us go and help us
get out of the Cession,
we will leave immediately.
Where would you go?
California, it's where I grew up.
We'll consider your request.
Please wait outside.
You'll be safe here.
Is traveling in this place always so
It feels less and less each time.
Are you another shepherd?
No. My name is Khalida.
I was hoping you were another shepherd.
Sorry to disappoint you.
What is this place?
This is where I grew up.
Why did you bring us here?
While I find the remaining stewards,
I need to keep you all safe.
This was the last place where
I knew what that felt like.
My sister and I were about your age
when our mother taught us
to sew right over there.
And we used to sing to our father
after dinner by the fire.
Our family was happy here.
And that,
that's where our parents
were murdered by the Camarilla.
After that day, any thoughts of sewing
and singing were behind me.
I needed to make sure we lived,
so we ran,
and life was never the same again.
Every Spring,
my brother would take me high
into the mountains
to see the snowdrop flowers bloom.
It was what I most
looked forward to each year.
I loved how strange
and beautiful they looked,
the way they fought their way up
through the snow to reach the light.
One Spring,
as we'd done many times before,
we left our parents to go see them.
And when we returned,
they had been killed.
There was no time to grieve them
because in that moment,
I became our people's leader.
I know something of your pain.
They burned this house
in the name of their god,
and drove us from here.
New shores proved just as dangerous.
These moments could have destroyed us,
but they did not.
And we need not endure this pain alone.
We are stronger together.
We've come a long way.
We're survivors.
It was only a matter of time
before we earned each other's trust,
We've come to a decision.
You will be allowed to leave the Cession
and we will give you whatever
resources you'll need to do so.
But none of you can return here ever.
That is the condition of your freedom.
And before you ask,
yes, this decision applies
to Raelle Collar as well.
How's it going in there?
We're a little busy.
How about in here?
You're gonna be okay.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Looks like it was quite a party.
Sorry I missed it.
We got a lot of good stuff though.
We're getting deeper
into the sub-sonics.
Should be able to update
our newest modules.
Alban's implant is already
better than the modules.
I worry about him.
Me, too.
Could you imagine putting
their flesh in your body?
The man's a hero.
He'll make any sacrifice
to cleanse the world of them.
ANACOSTIA: Now you're gonna
show us the way out of here.
This is so terrible.
You seem like good kids.
I was in your corner.
Remember that.
Their corner?
What about the Sioux who elected you?
Mind your own business, Thelma.
I'm in charge of getting
you safely across our border.
Not my idea of a good time
either, soldier.
Me and my guards will be
on the grounds tonight.
We leave in the morning.
The wards will be going back up,
in case anyone feels like running,
and you'll have to wear these.
Are those really necessary?
We're not criminals.
Yeah. Well, I'm not as trusting
as The Marshal.
Wish it didn't have to be this way.
A couple of you were starting
to grow on me.
I really don't like her.
I never would have picked that up.
Damn. Sorry.
What is it?
This isn't a win.
Not even close.
- We did our best.
- Did we?
Because it seems like all we did
was save our own skins.
We told them about the Camarilla.
We warned them.
We couldn't even get them to trust us,
let alone believe
that the threat is real.
My whole life has been about
training to be a soldier,
protecting people.
Then I think about all the people
that I've failed to protect,
Charvel and Penelope.
- And even Raelle.
- Hey.
Raelle is not lost.
Do you hear that?
A buzzing.
Are you seriously telling me
you can't hear that?
There! Hello?
ANACOSTIA: You're gonna be okay.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
- Hello?
What is she doing here?
Maybe she and your mom have a plan.
Anacostia's downstairs.
Come on.
Looks like Anacostia
got the drop on him.
Well, then where is she?
Sorry. Anacostia's not gonna make it.
I'm sure there are more of them nearby.
We gotta get out of this building.
We can't get past the wards.
Then we need to find a way
to get Thelma's attention.
Bear killer! Open up!
Maybe the wards block out
the sound, too.
Or the Camarilla already got her.
We need to get control
of this situation before
I could give away that I feel ♪
But I won't be [INDISTINCT] ♪
From above ♪
You are just like a dream to me ♪
Just like a dream ♪
To me ♪
Abigail, I love what you've done
with your hair.
I knew we should have killed you
when we had the chance.
Let's not make that mistake again.
"By the blast of God they perish."
HEARST: "And by the breath
of his nostrils
are they consumed."
That can't be good.
So what do you think, girls?
Can I join your little club?
It can't be possible.
I wasn't sure it would work either,
what with your kind's impure blood.
But it seems to have taken hold nicely.
You're sick.
Sick? Brilliant?
It just kind of depends on your
perspective, don't you think?
HEARST: You might wanna say
your goodbyes, you two.
Your little romance is about
to come to a tragic end.
Let's hope it works.
SCYLLA: Looks like you popped
a stitch there, doc.
These old pipes'll hold long enough.
My collar!
I'll see you soon.
I'm going after him!
How long do we have to stay here?
It's impossible to say.
But the Mother will let
My brother.
I'll go.
Stay with them.
He's gone.
Now, do you understand the lengths
these people will go to kill us?
All of us.
And now they're gonna see
the lengths we'll go to
to avenge spilled blood.
HEARST: Sisters!
Why don't you come outside and play?
There's something here
I think you really need to see.
He did not just call us sisters.
Let's put an end to this.
HEARST: There you are.
You know it's rude to keep
your company waiting.
- No more talking.
- I agree.
HEARST: You gave it
the old War College try,
but all things must pass.
Surrender now, and I'll let Raelle's
dear old daddy live.
You have my word.
And not so much as a syllable
from any of you.
I'll do the singing tonight.
Leave him out of this.
HEARST: Normally, I shy away
from hurting humans,
but I needed some Witch bomb insurance,
just in case Raelle had recovered.
I guess she didn't make it, huh?
What's he talking about?
Where's Raelle?
Oh, he doesn't know?
Raelle got a hold of a bad mushroom.
- Poison, actually.
- Shut up, you bastard!
Scylla? What is he talking about?
HEARST: She's dead.
The spawn of your unnatural
alliance is gone.
So, what's it gonna be?
- Don't do it.
- I have to.
Take me, but you let him go now.
Oh, that is so sweet.
But you misunderstand.
I'm gonna need all of you to surrender.
Earth and Sky.
The Ginger.
Kill them! Kill them all!
- Hurt him!
- No, stop!
It's not possible.
It's okay. You're okay.
His voice at the party. The bandages.
It all makes sense.
And now we know what that
sick party was really for.
What now?
End of the line.
I don't have the code for this door.
I guess you won't be needing your hand.
All right, all right, all right,
all right!
I do this and you let me go, right?
You need to be worried about
what I'm gonna do if you don't.
We'll decide what to do with you
once we get out of here.
Don't even think about it.
Hey! Hey!
I guess he made the decision for us.
We need to know what they're doing here.
- How does it look?
- SCYLLA: It's okay.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, yeah. Don't worry.
You were very brave back there.
And a bit stupid.
Well, when it comes
to the people I care about,
I can be a bit of both.
Hey, you really think Rae
is gonna be okay?
She's alive.
And we're gonna get her back.
I promise you.
You all are mixed up in some wild shit.
Is every day like this for you?
Pretty much.
You still wanna kick us out
of the Cession?
I should probably say yes, but
we have a war to fight.
And we're gonna have
to fight it together.
And the first thing we need to do
is figure out how the Camarilla
knew you were here.
Is this because of the poison
they're using
against the mycelium?
It's getting worse.
So what does that mean for Raelle?
[PANTING] Alder!
MAN: Platoon, right turn!
Left turn!
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