Motherland: Fort Salem (2020) s03e06 Episode Script

Book Club

Previously on Motherland.
Why don't you just let me dynamite this?
I need something that's gonna spread.
Meet your personal oversight,
Colonel Jarrett.
Penelope, dear?
- So she's human?
- Essentially.
You cannot tell anybody
that you saw me here.
Not even the Council.
We've come to a decision.
You'll be allowed to leave the Cession,
but none of you can return here ever.
By the blast of God they perish.
Surrender now and I'll let
Raelle's daddy live.
- Edwin!
- Kill them all!
It's not possible.
It's getting worse.
So what does that mean for Raelle?
Ready, turn.
The President kicked
off the World Economic Forum
here in New York this morning
with opening remarks
that were by all accounts,
very well received.
And now, accompanied,
as he usually is these days,
by his friend and advisor Kara Brandt
he will spend the rest
of the day in breakout sessions
with other world leaders
discussing matters
that will affect the course
of the global economy
for years to come.
Ms. Brandt tells us
your Genealogical Registration Program
is a success, Mr. President.
So nice to be able to find
these lost witches
and help keep them safe.
Yes. The test launch
in Northern California
has been very encouraging,
Prime Minister.
No pushback on the collars?
Surprisingly not as much as you'd think.
Making the collars removable
gives them a perceived sense of freedom,
a kind of, uh,
"meeting halfway" gesture.
When do you plan to escalate?
You always place a frog in cold water
before you bring it to a boil.
By the time they realize
what's happening,
it's too late.
Well then, we have a model
we can follow in our own countries.
Send him in.
I apologize for the interruption.
Oh, dear.
Girl trouble, Alban?
It's worse than that.
The Witchbomb is dead,
but somehow Alder has returned.
And she's changed.
She's stronger.
Tell us what happened.
I had them in hand,
until one of the Cession leaders
- And then Alder
- Stop.
Why didn't you lead with the good news?
The Cession Council had the
fugitives and didn't extradite,
a clear violation of the treaty.
Which paves the way for our invasion.
But we need congressional approval.
Don't worry. We have the votes.
These fugitives have proven
quite useful.
They helped turn the tide of
public opinion
against the witches,
and now we can use them
as an excuse to go into the Cession.
A place where witches
and the general populace
live in perceived harmony.
And we definitely can't have that.
Now, we just need to make sure
the invasion
spirals out of control,
and then the Cession witches,
and anyone standing along with them,
will have to fight the military.
Make them kill each other.
And our troops,
who are along for "support,"
can simply mop up afterwards.
What about Alder?
Her power seems to come
from the Mother
the Mycelium.
Then you're just gonna
have to step it up
at the drilling sites, don't you think?
Drown that mushroom.
And this time,
make sure the bitch stays dead.
How is she?
She says the Mycelium can heal her but,
as weak as she is, her only
access point now is at Fort Salem.
And we need to get her there.
Any idea who tipped off
the Camarilla that we were here?
No, but it had to have been
a member of the Council
or one of their staff,
which is particularly troubling,
since I keep hearing rumblings
about an invasion.
When we get to Fort Salem,
I'll talk to my mom.
Find out what's really going on.
I can tell you how to sneak onto base.
And once you're there,
ask Alder what she can find out
- about Raelle.
- You don't wanna come with us?
I need to get Edwin somewhere safe.
That's what she would want.
You and Tally can take care of Alder.
I'm going home.
They came after Edwin.
They know where our families are.
I need to make sure my mom is safe.
Of course.
Are you still obsessing
about your Doomsday prophecy?
Geez, why would I obsess
about the end of the world?
"Doomsday?" "End of the world?"
- What
- It's nothing.
Nicte scrambled her Sight
with Spree garbage-work.
I don't know what Tally saw
but I do know
that the Mother has a plan,
and we must trust her,
for we all have a role to play.
I don't care about her plan.
- I just want Raelle back.
- We all want that.
Right, Tal?
All right, I'll arrange
transportation to Fort Salem.
Get you home, somehow.
And I have a car for you and Mr. Collar.
But keep your heads down.
Technically, you're all still wanted.
Thank you.
And when I'm done playing travel agent,
hopefully I'll have some time
to track down The Marshal
and your missing president.
We appreciate all you're doing
for us, Thelma.
All right. We have our marching orders.
We need to protect our families,
find our girl, and stop an invasion.
Piece of cake.
We'll meet back here, okay?
It just feels like
every goodbye might be the last.
It won't be.
We won't let it be.
Give us the room, please.
I'm sorry to do this to you now, but I
need more information about that Army.
Any sense of numbers?
A couple thousand that we saw.
But who knows
if they have other facilities.
What's happening?
Silver's about to order me
to invade the Cession.
Congress is making
the final decision as we speak.
But at this point, it seems inevitable.
I imagine those new troops
will be a part of it.
What are you gonna do?
I'm still bound by the Salem Accord,
but so is Silver.
If I refuse the order,
he can have me replaced,
- and even disband the Army.
- Okay.
So the trick is to go along with it?
On the surface.
And then work to prevent a bloodbath.
Until we can get Wade back
and put an end to this whole thing.
All right.
You need to rest and recuperate
and stay out of sight.
I will rest once
we've stopped them, general.
Just don't let Jarrett and his
goons know you're back on base.
Now, tell me anything else
you can remember
about this Camarilla army.
Come on. Over here now.
- Back up.
- What are you doing?
Mom, dad!
We've got our collars.
What's with the red collars?
Witches have to identify
themselves in public.
And they have to be unable
to use their work.
- Keep your head down.
- They're innocent.
But they're wearing collars,
why are they being questioned?
The kids aren't. It's gotten bad.
There's even escorts
and surveillance everywhere.
This is just part of it.
It has nothing to do
with them. They're innocent.
We will stay on this road
about a hundred miles.
Then we'll head west on 36 until Chota,
all right? And Quinn's
new place is outside town.
That's all from memory?
Yeah. I don't forget things.
Got a mind like a steel trap.
Nothing slips through
this noggin, Sally.
Stacy. Sydney.
Stella! Stella.
These next six hours
are gonna be just great.
You, uh, ever do family
road trips as a kid?
We were Dodgers,
so my whole childhood
was one big road trip.
I've been hit by a lot lately and I
Well, I'm a nervous talker.
Oh, uh
Willa liked quiet car rides, too.
I bet you two would've
gotten on real well.
I have no doubt.
Nope, a surprise.
- No way.
- Yes, it was.
You're being serious with me right now.
He tailed her for blocks
and she didn't know?
These collars are great.
Whatever, just open up.
Keeping me waiting is a waste
of both of our time.
You know the drill.
We come in
- and take a look around.
- Oh, damn.
Can you can you give me
a hand with these?
No, I can't give you a hand.
Just a reminder
you have a legal obligation
to call in anything suspicious.
Yes, sir.
Hi, Mom.
What in the name of the Goddess
are you doing here?
The whole country is looking for you!
I came to make sure you're safe.
- I'm perfectly fine.
- You're not fine, Mom.
- You're wearing that thing.
- What, this?
- Oh, this is nothing.
- I need you to pack a bag.
I'm taking you to the Cession.
From what I'm hearing on the news,
the Cession might not be safe for long.
And I am not leaving my home.
Why do you always
have to be so stubborn?
- I'm trying to help you.
- If you really wanna help me,
you can start by putting
the groceries away.
This is an important night.
What could be so important?
Book club.
Book club?
They're recording
our work to use it against us.
How can my mother allow this?
She doesn't have a choice at the moment.
The Salem Accord binds her
to the will of the government.
It's not just words on paper.
It has real power.
You seemed to find a way
around it when you needed to.
And that came at a great cost.
This is no longer a witch's place.
We have to keep going.
We need to get her to the Mycelium.
Based on intelligence,
we know that the fugitives
were last seen
at this Cession chemical plant.
That likely puts them in the Iroquoian,
Algonquian, or Siouan territories.
I want troops ready to move
on those three borders
as soon as the President
makes his announcement.
We need to be swift and exact
in order to minimize
Swift and exact, but with an iron fist.
All Cession witches
are to be collared, detained,
and then interrogated by one of my men.
Isn't that right, General?
If those are the President's orders.
Please continue.
Our primary objective
is to bring in the fugitives.
The Bellweather Unit is
Disregard what
the civilian is babbling about.
Your only orders
are to contain the situation
and do anything you can
to prevent bloodshed,
witch or civilian, on both sides.
And if the Bellweather Unit is found,
they are to be brought in alive.
abide these orders,
you need to speak up now.
During the operation,
you will be accompanied
by a force of special ops
civilian troops.
They will take lead.
Any questions?
That's, that's, that's all, all
the Cherokee I know, I'm afraid.
And yet you're riding
through Iroquois territory
in a Council car.
Yeah, yeah. Thelma Bearkiller,
she, uh she took pity on me.
She gave me a job as her driver.
And where's Ms. Bearkiller going?
Oh, that's,
that's Council business. I
There's been a lot of strange folk
roaming about the Cession lately.
- Oh, yeah?
- Would you say
that's all been on "Council business?"
You're good to go about your day, sir.
Thank you for your time.
You're good to go about your day, sir.
Thank you for your time.
What the hell are you thinking?
I had it under control.
I, I was just
What if someone was watching?
What if he's got a partner
in that truck,
radioing in what you did?
Well, he didn't.
I saw a problem and I solved it.
There are people out there
who are just waiting
for an excuse to stone a witch.
You can't be so reckless.
Why are you so mad?
Because you're all I have left.
You've got me.
But you got Raelle, too.
Trust me.
I just
I just wanna hear her voice.
I think I might be able to do that.
But we need to find something
on the way.
I was busy. I didn't have time.
That's okay. I made extra brownies.
Hungry, boys?
Don't mind if I do.
We're working.
Move along.
- Suit yourself.
- Okay.
Oh, man.
These are amazing.
You should try a bite.
I would never eat anything
made by one of them.
How's the curry?
Not too hot, is it?
I tend to have a heavy hand
with the spices.
You've made remarkable progress,
I'm very proud.
Izadora, we need your help.
You! You tried to kill me!
Does this mean we can clear our names?
I'm afraid that going public
with her might be premature.
She isn't entirely human yet.
How is it possible?
I saw her die.
We all saw her die.
death isn't what it used to be.
Hello, old friend.
Hello, Sarah.
I don't know how this can be,
but it's good to have you home.
It's good to be
What's happening?
We need to get her to the Mycelium.
Raelle, are you there?
Can you hear me?
Scylla? Is that really you?
It's me!
I love you.
I, I love you so much.
It's hard to keep the connection open,
but there's someone
who wants to talk to you.
Hey, sweetheart, we missed you.
Where are you?
Are you safe?
I think so.
I really wanna come home, Dad.
- I can't
- Leave her!
She is safe with us!
Mom, please! No!
Rae? Raelle?
What, what happened?
Who was that voice?
Was that who I think it was?
How do we talk to Rae again?
It's not Raelle we need to talk to.
It's time for me to go now.
Can you take me with you?
Do not fear, Izadora.
Your time will come.
Your sister will be safe.
I promise you.
Tell her to hurry back to us.
Thank you.
We'll meet again soon.
Please bring Raelle back.
I will do what I can.
I can't relate to that, obviously.
So, speaking hypothetically.
You think she made the wrong choice.
Why couldn't she
waited for him to get back?
Okay. I'm ready.
- You know.
- I'm glad she didn't.
He was a total dud.
Yeah. Right there at all.
Been there, done that.
Yeah, I guess.
But they seemed sweet to you?
And the how about someday
This room is where the records
from the genealogical initiative
are being housed.
If we destroy those records,
we can set back collaring by
This isn't book club, is it?
Ladies, you remember my daughter Tally?
The one who couldn't wait to
join the Army and save the world?
Well, she's all grown up now.
She came home to protect me.
But since she's here,
and stubborn as always,
maybe she could be useful.
Useful for what?
How do you feel about raiding
a government building?
I can't let you do this.
This is exactly why I didn't tell you,
to avoid this conversation.
Listen, I know Silver's
witch program is repulsive,
but you're not trained
for this like I am.
Tally, waiting around is not an option.
What, so the Army
can come to our rescue?
Look what they've done
to help us so far,
- nothing!
- It's too dangerous.
Wow. Deja vu.
I'm a soldier,
I know what I'm talking about.
Well, now I'm fighting,
- and it's you who's afraid.
- I am not afraid.
If you had any idea what I've seen
I have to go.
Well then, there's just no way
I'm letting you do this alone.
So it's Willa that's holding her?
Yes and no.
Willa didn't die in Greenville.
She faked her death
to fight against the Army
and to protect Raelle.
I met her
I met her in the Spree.
Oh, Willa.
The mission she gave me was
to get Raelle out of the Army.
Willa knew all this was coming.
She died, for real,
less than a year ago.
Saving Raelle.
I'm so sorry, Edwin.
I've been wanting to tell you
for so long.
Please say something.
So how is it
that Willa is holding her now?
There's this power
that can bring people back
And she dwells in the earth,
it's good ole Mama Mycelium.
Well, whatever secrets and lies,
I don't give a shit.
On Raelle and her general health
and wellbeing,
Willa and I are united.
So how do we talk to her?
They don't teach Farspeech
much anymore, huh?
Sometimes Units get the training,
but I was Necro, so
Well, back in the day, we all got it.
Tricky work.
You do it enough with the same person,
you imprint.
And it can't be undone.
Came in handy on all
of the sloppy, shit-for-brained
tours they threw us on.
I've talked to Willa across oceans,
through 16 feet of granite.
If there's a part of Willa
that's still Willa,
she'll hear me.
Hello, General.
What is so important that it
couldn't wait until morning?
I thought I told you to rest up
in the infirmary?
It seems like no one
is obeying orders these days.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I know your orders
were to stay in the Cession,
but Alder needed the Mycelium.
I don't need any more hoo-ha darlin'.
Willa Collar.
Sure has been a long time.
Hello, Quinn.
Now is not really a good time.
Is that any way
to talk to an old friend?
It's about Raelle.
Got a couple of people here
who need to talk to you.
Where's Raelle?
Far from those who would harm her.
Who? Who are you keeping her from?
Those who hate her for what she is.
Those who poison us out of fear.
She's a part of us now.
Part of the change
that was foretold long ago.
Her place is here.
With us. With me.
A mother cannot knowingly
let her daughter come to harm
or she is not a mother.
Yeah, honey. It's me.
I'm so sorry.
I let you grieve.
I thought I was
making the right choices.
You understand, right?
They tried to kill our little girl.
Raelle has a new family now,
who can protect her.
She's got a woman who loves her.
She's got a whole new life now.
We need to let her go
so she can live it.
Please, Willa.
I'm begging you.
Send her back to me
and I swear I will protect her.
But if you don't let her come back,
then take me with you
because I can't go on without her.
I'm so sorry.
I have to go.
Goodbye, my love.
Should we just burn it here?
Would be better if we could avoid
setting off any alarms.
Let's get it out of here
and into the van,
and we'll burn it later.
This new Sight you have,
you'll be able to see
if the guard is coming back?
- I will.
- That must come in handy.
All right.
You're on watch.
Everyone, keep loading.
You and I need to go to the basement.
There's something you have to see.
Trust me.
You heard my daughter.
We'll meet you at the van.
- There were twelve Sarah Alders?
- Uh-hmm.
What about Wade? Is she safe?
The Marshal and M left with her
before Hearst got there.
Thelma Bearkiller's out
looking for them.
She thinks The Marshal might have known
that there was a traitor on the Council.
Bearkiller will find them.
She's formidable.
But, in the meantime,
what are we gonna do about
Silver's plans
to invade the Cession?
- I have my orders.
- I understand.
Is there any way we can turn
this situation to our advantage?
Well, our best chance
at that remains returning Wade
to power as soon as possible.
Thelma should have Wade
by the time we get back.
I'll return to the Cession with Abigail,
get Wade,
and bring her back here myself.
And I'll slow-play
the invasion to buy you time.
Just a little motherly pride.
Carry on, soldier.
These don't come off.
We have to destroy them.
We're not getting
all these crates out of here.
No, we burn them.
I got this.
Let's go.
What's wrong?
They'll just send more collars
and more men.
All we've done is slow them down.
This is how you win a war,
one battle at a time.
And tonight, we won our battle.
Let's celebrate that.
Goddess, protect.
Is there a problem?
There was trouble at a building in town.
All accounted for.
Why don't you
wrap up this little meeting?
You're cutting it close to curfew.
Of course.
Same time next week?
- We'll be here.
- Wouldn't miss it for the world.
Have a good night.
Thank you.
Don't worry.
There is a way to get her back, and
I won't stop searching until I find it.
I know.
And if you find out anything,
you let me know.
Good or bad.
There's no need to protect me.
I will never keep a secret
from you again. I promise.
Hey, look, uh
whatever choices you made
before you met Rae,
I don't judge.
I know how you feel about her
is real and, uh
I trust you.
Thank you.
That means a lot.
No matter what,
the things you've done for Raelle,
- I'll never forget.
- Of course you won't.
You have a mind
like a steel trap, Edgar.
Um, Eli?
See? Admit it, you're gonna
miss me on this trip.
But I just promised
to always tell you the truth.
Oh, ouch.
Of course, I'll miss you.
Be safe.
So, what are the boys doing?
One is asleep and the other
is reading Tempest Bay.
Whoa, I guess I better read it myself
in case he asks about it.
Remember the last time you cooked for me
and you threw it in the sink?
You should try it yourself.
It's good for relieving tension.
It does feel pretty good.
It does, doesn't it?
I'm sorry.
Well, it's just a plate.
I have plenty,
if you wanna break some more.
No, I'm
I'm sorry I blamed you for everything.
I know you were just trying
to protect me.
I've never known you to apologize
for what you believe in before.
I guess I
I just understand now
what it's like to be afraid
of a future that
that's out of your control.
I saw something, Mom.
Something I have to prevent
and I don't know if I can.
That girl I saw last night,
that warrior?
She'll know what to do.
You just have to trust yourself, Tally.
And get back into the fight.
One battle at a time?
I can't believe how much you've changed.
I don't think either of us
have changed much at all.
I love you.
I love you, too.
And I'm gonna miss you.
Book club just won't be
the same without you.
My fellow citizens, at this hour,
the United States military,
along with an elite civilian force,
are preparing to invade
and occupy the Cession,
with one intention,
to root out the traitors
who assassinated
our beloved former President,
the great Kelly Wade.
This administration will not
tolerate any acts of terrorism,
domestic or abroad.
You must be Captain Quartermain.
You must be Bearkiller.
Abigail and Adil?
We drove all night.
I told them to get some sleep.
May God bless
the United States of America,
and may He bless all who stand with us.
So that's it then.
General Bellweather will do her best
to control the invasion.
But we need Wade, now.
Have you been able to track her down?
She's gone.
There's no trace of her or The Marshal.
I've been trying to Farspeak with M,
but so far, no response.
Okay. So how do we find them?
If The Marshal doesn't
wanna be found, then we don't.
And now, if you'll excuse me,
we have an invasion to prepare for.
Who are all these people?
I knew this day would be coming.
If it wasn't Silver and the Camarilla,
it was someone else eventually.
So I took precautions.
You built a militia?
You and Bellweather and the others
are welcome to stay.
You're welcome to go.
But you're going
to need to choose right now.
Was this the last of the drilling sites?
It was.
We'll be able to heal now.
This wasn't just for us.
This was for Raelle.
You're off to find the rest of the song?
Two pieces remain.
But there's something I need
to do first.
Did you see?
Cadet, what's going on?
It's General Alder. She's alive!
That can't be, can it?
I intend to find out.
Have faith and fear not.
This will always be a witch's place!
Do not lose hope.
Move! Get out of my way!
Move! Out of my way!
Move, damn it! Move!
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