Motown Magic (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Dancing Machine

-["ABC" playing]
-[children singing]
You went to school to learn, girl ♪
Things you never, never knew before ♪
Like I before E, except after C ♪
And why two plus two makes four ♪
Now, now, now, I'm gonna teach you ♪
Teach you, teach you ♪
All about love, yeah ♪
All about love ♪
Sit yourself down and take a seat ♪
All you gotta do is repeat after me ♪
A, B, C ♪
Easy as one, two, three ♪
Or simple as do, re, mi ♪
A, B, C
One, two, three ♪
Baby, you and me, girl! ♪
A, B, C, it's easy ♪
-It's like counting up to three ♪
-One, two, three ♪
-Sing a simple melody ♪
-Do, re, mi, A, B, C ♪
That's how easy love can be! ♪
Thanks, Uncle Rod.
This is the best science project ever!
And you were the brains
behind it all, Benny!
So what does it do?
Well, it's a solar-powered racing car,
so it, uh, races.
-Can we see it go?
-Sure thing. Stand back.
-Awesome, huh?
Nice going, Benster! Give me a high five!
Um, do you really think
this will beat Stephanie's project?
Oh, yeah.
She always wins the Science Fair.
[Stephanie laughing]
You're right, Ange.
We've got a lot of work to do
if we're going to beat Stephanie.
Mom! Mom!
Angie and I need to
[both coughing]
I'm Mom's helper. I'm helping Mom!
[coughing] Ah, Ben,
can you help Ella help me?
Sorry, Mom. Angie and I have to
get to work on our science project.
And we might be up all night.
Hot cinnamon rolls, coming through!
Cinnamon rolls!
-[all] Ella!
Well, looks like you're not the only ones
who'll be working all night.
Hey, Bill, great news.
Since I'll be busy baking a new cake,
you get to look after the kids tonight.
Wait, what?
But I have a security job tonight.
And we have to work on our car.
[laughs softly] Anybody got a better idea?
[Bill] Okay, kids, no touching,
no running, no climbing,
and definitely no riding on the dinosaurs!
[Bill sighs]
Ben, my main man,
I'm counting on you
to keep Ella out of trouble
while I'm doing my rounds, okay?
I'll see you back in mañana.
That's Spanish for "ten."
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Oh! Oh, whoa.
Okay, Ella.
Just sit there and do, uh, nothing,
while we work on our car.
Oh! Can I help?
Sorry, what you call help,
we call destroying.
But I can't just do nothing!
[sighs] Okay, you can, um,
draw in my sketchbook.
And do not touch Master Piece.
To beat Stephanie, our car
has to do something really exciting.
[gasps] I know!
We can make it go beep!
Ben, get serious.
We need to do way better than beep.
Uh, where did Ella go?
[gasps] She's taken Master Piece!
Did you smile at me, Mr. Wobot?
You wanna come out?
Okay, A, C
easy as, um, C, B
um, X, Y [sighs]
ABC, easy as one, two, three!
Ella, stop!
Phew, that was close.
Ella, you don't know
how much power you're messing with
Uh, whoa!
[Angie and Ben whimpering]
Ella, what have you done?
She just set me free!
You are my hero!
What's your name, little dudette?
Ella Love.
What's yours, Mr. Wobot?
Back in there, they called me 386MJ2.
But out here, I need something
that's like the true me. Something
[singing] Automatic, systematic ♪
Full of color self-contained ♪
Tuned and gentle to your vibes ♪
Captivating, stimulating ♪
Ooh! ♪
Filled with space-age design ♪
Dancing, dancing, dancing ♪
He's a dancing machine ♪
Bam! You nailed it!
I give you the Dancing Machine!
That's great, Mr. Machine.
But if my dad sees you,
we're in big trouble.
Yeah, about that.
-Oh! Whoa! Oh, whoa.
Oh! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
You kids hear that big bang just now?
-Daddy! That was the wobot!
[stutters] The wolar-power-powered car,
she means, Mr. Love.
[laughs nervously] Yeah.
I, uh, dropped it in
while we were working on it. Silly me.
Just let me know
if you hear anything else unusual.
Whoa! Oh, oh, oh!
Okay, let's get funkadelic!
No! You need to get back
in the painting right now.
Chill out, brother!
I'm not that robot anymore.
I'm a
[singing] Dancing, dancing, dancing
He's a dancing machine! ♪
Go, robot, go!
Rhythmetic, acrobatic ♪
He's a dynamite attraction ♪
At the drop of a coin
He comes alive ♪
Yeah ♪
He knows what he's doing ♪
He's superbad now ♪
He's geared to really blow your mind ♪
Dancing, dancing, dancing ♪
He's a dancing machine ♪
Oh, baby ♪
Dancing, dancing, dancing
He's a dancing machine! ♪
Huh? Uh, whoa!
No need to thank me.
All in a day's work for
Dancing, dancing, dancing ♪
Wait. Why would I thank you?
We are gonna lose to Stephanie, again,
and my dad is gonna be so mad
when he sees all this.
When he sees all this?
Yeah! [laughs]
[both gasp]
I was an auto-factory robot,
till you set me free, sister!
-[Ella laughs]
-[Dancing Machine] Ha ha!
Uh, about that.
You, uh, really have to go back
in the painting. I'm sorry.
[gasps] But he's my friend!
You wouldn't put Angie in a painting!
He's right.
I can't stay in your world,
but thanks to you,
I did what I dreamed of.
I danced.
[laughs] I totally danced.
Please don't make him go back.
There's gotta be another way, Ben.
Maybe there is.
Oh, time to go!
Where's Ben?
Oh, yeah, he's gonna meet us out front.
You are the man!
I'm gonna love living
in this funky dance palace!
-Here comes Dad! Don't move.
You forgot our science project.
-Cheer up.
There's always next year.
[laughs] Hi, Mr. Wobot!
Or maybe we don't have to wait that long.
Behold, the extreme awesomeness
of my solar speedster!
[tires screeching]
[children cheering]
Well, it looks like
Stephanie has won again, so
[Angie] Hold that victory speech, Steph!
Presenting the incredible Dancing Machine!
[children laugh and gasp]
[singing] Automatic, systematic
He's super bad now ♪
Dancing, dancing, dancing! ♪
[laughs] Amazing!
We have a new winner.
[sighs] Uh, actually,
we can't accept this, Ms. Hernandez.
We had some
No, a lot of help from a friend.
Stephanie deserves to win. Again.
Well, thanks for being honest, Ben.
-And congratulations to Stephanie.
-[children] Yay!
Sorry, Ange.
[laughs] Uh, Ms. Hernandez,
I don't suppose we can have another dance?
[children] Yay!
Dancing, dancing, dancing ♪
He's a dancing machine ♪
Oh, baby ♪
Care to dance, Benjamin?
He's a dancing, dancing
Dancing machine ♪
So throw your hands up ♪
Right on the scene ♪
A, B, C, it's easy ♪
-It's like counting up to three ♪
-One, two, three ♪
-Sing a simple melody ♪
-Do, re, mi, A, B, C ♪
That's how easy love can be! ♪
Come on, come on
Let me show you what it's all about! ♪
A, B, C, it's easy ♪
-It's like counting up to three ♪
-One, two, three ♪
-Sing a simple melody ♪
-Do, re, mi, A, B, C ♪
That's how easy love can be! ♪
A, B, C, it's easy ♪
-It's like counting up to three ♪
-One, two, three ♪
-Sing a simple melody ♪
-Do, re, mi, A, B, C ♪
That's how easy love can be! ♪
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