Motown Magic (2018) s01e14 Episode Script


-["ABC" playing]
-[children singing]
You went to school to learn, girl ♪
Things you never, never knew before ♪
Like I before E, except after C ♪
And why two plus two makes four ♪
Now, now, now, I'm gonna teach you ♪
Teach you, teach you ♪
All about love, yeah ♪
All about love ♪
Sit yourself down and take a seat ♪
All you gotta do is repeat after me ♪
A, B, C ♪
Easy as one, two, three ♪
Or simple as do, re, mi ♪
A, B, C
One, two, three ♪
Baby, you and me, girl! ♪
A, B, C, it's easy ♪
-It's like counting up to three ♪
-One, two, three ♪
-Sing a simple melody ♪
-Do, re, mi, A, B, C ♪
That's how easy love can be! ♪
[Ben] Meet my Uncle Rod.
He's an inventor.
Yes, indeedy!
My new invention's
gonna change the world, Benny.
Now, did you bring it?
Mama's favorite Bundt cake pan!
[Rod] Pee-erfect!
Um, is it safe?
Are you kidding me?
The Create-o-Maker 3000 is safe as houses.
Now, all I have to do
is press this little button here,
and we will see.
-[Rod sniffing]
Do you smell that?
Well, um, that was unexpected.
What? Blowing up your shed again?
No, the blast radius was smaller
than I calculated,
but I did carry the four and and
Uncle Rod, where's the shed roof?
-[shed roof falling]
Right there.
Thanks for putting me up, sis.
It shouldn't take long
to rebuild my place,
at least not as long as the last time.
Or the time before, of course.
[laughs] Say, you think
you can hold off on inventing
while we're here, ol' Roddy, old pal?
[laughs] No sense in destroying
two houses, right?
That might be right
for the non-creative type,
but asking me not to invent
is like asking me not to breathe.
Yeah, Dad, don't stop him from breathin'.
Hey, Uncle,
want to see the diorama I made?
Sounds good, Benny.
Just let me unpack my personalus effectus
in Ella's room.
[laughs] That's Latin
for "personal effects"
-and, uh, English, for Ella's room.
-[both laugh]
Eh Oh, wait.
If you're staying in Ella's room,
then where is Ella staying?
Benji, looky!
Bonnie is the president of Motown.
Ella, I made that for school,
so please be super-duper Ugh.
Oh, can I play your guitar?
Uh, wait! That's my most revered,
uh, prized, um
It's way too special!
[Ella laughing]
[Ella laughing]
Oh, uh, Ben.
Why can't Ella stay in your room, Mom?
[Rod] I was not expecting that.
Oh, honey, can't you just work things out
with your sister, please?
Uh, Rod, what's going on?
'Cause you're supposed to be fixing
-your roof.
Work things out? Okay.
What ya doin', Benji?
Dividing the room in half.
This side's mine and that side's yours.
I'm on your side, I'm on my side.
Your side, my side, your side
[Ben] Oh! Oh, oh!
[laughs] You look funny.
Hmph! Hmph!
Time to take it up a notch.
So, that's it. Now flip the switch.
So what do you need
a force field for anyway, Benster?
-For, um, for cats.
Ugh, cats. I hear ya.
[laughs] Hm!
-[force field hisses]
-[Harmony] Meow! Meow!
How about that?
It is safe for living things.
Uh, which I already knew of course.
I mean [laughs]
Do these make ice cream?
It's a force field.
A field? Like for playing on?
No, it splits the room,
so we don't get in each other's way.
Don't worry. This will fix everything.
Here, I'll show you.
Ella, turn it off!
Ha ha ha! You look so funny! Ha ha ha!
Ella! Please!
Sowwy, don't wanna be in your way.
I think I'll go play your guitar.
This means war!
War, yeah ♪
Come on, y'all ♪
What is it good for? ♪
Absolutely nothing ♪
Say it again, yeah ♪
-War, yeah ♪
-Whoa ♪
What is it good for? ♪
Absolutely nothing ♪
-Say it again ♪
-War ♪
Has shattered
Many young men's dreams ♪
Time's much too short and precious ♪
To spend fighting wars each day ♪
War can't give life
It can only take away ♪
-Oh, oh ♪
-War, yeah ♪
-Come on, y'all ♪
-Yeah ♪
What is it good for? ♪
-Absolutely nothing ♪
-Say it again, yeah ♪
I'm gonna need help.
Lots of help.
Jimmy Mack? Dancing Machine.
ABC, easy as one, two, three!
The loop! It's mine, Dancing Machine!
[Dancing Machine]
No, wait, Jimmy, it's mine!
Whoa, guys, what's going on?
I told Dancing Machine
I'm gonna race
on that new loop-de-loop,
but he says he called dibs.
Yeah, dude, where else am I gonna practice
my zero-gravity moonwalk,
you cranky carburetor?
Uh, maybe you guys can share.
[laughs] But that would
just give me one loop.
I need all the loops!
This funkadelic tape will stop him.
[Ben] Whoa!
Thanks for the lift, Skywriter.
[chuckles] No sweat, Benny-Boo.
Let's get up above the fray, okay?
Why are they doing this, Skywriter?
This is out of control.
They're gonna destroy the whole guitar.
Come on, we gotta stop it.
-War, yeah! ♪
-Come on, y'all ♪
What is it good for? ♪
Absolutely nothing ♪
Say it again, yeah ♪
War, yeah ♪
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing ♪
Say it again ♪
Peace, love and understanding
Tell me ♪
Is there no place for them today? ♪
They say we must fight
To keep our freedom ♪
But Lord knows
There's got to be a better way ♪
-Hey, oh ♪
-War, yeah ♪
What is it good for? ♪
Look out!
[tires screeching]
Are you guys okay?
Oh, oh, oh, man! What did we do?
[whistles] We destroyed the loop-de-loop!
You know, none of this would have happened
if you guys just shared.
Oh, I guess I gotta fix everything now.
Chillax, dude.
If we just work together,
it'll take half the time.
Uh, big Benny-Boo, where you going?
I gotta do some fixing of my own.
Ella? I know you're there.
-Wait! Truce!
I think we've been kinda selfish.
And when I say "we,"
I mean [sighs] me.
Anyway, I don't want
to fight with you anymore.
You don't?
-Look out!
Whoa! It's raining goop!
Okay, family, I'm ready to move on.
[laughs] Uh, Rod, sweetie,
there's still a big hole in your roof.
Oh, don't worry about that.
Like I said, no problem is too big
for the Create-o-Maker 3000.
Everyone, run!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Chill, Ben.
I worked out all the kinks.
Uh, at least, I hope I did.
What is it?
It's my patented, next-generation
3-D spray printer. Watch this.
Dip, dip
Bo, bo, bo ♪
Dip, dip
Bo, bo, bo bo ♪
Dip, dip ♪
What the
Look at that, it works.
And nobody got hurt. [laughs]
Uh, exactly as I expected it to work.
Well, I guess
Ella can go back to her room now.
That's what you wanted, right?
Yeah. I guess I'll
I guess I'll go now.
Yeah, if you want,
you could hang out in my room,
just for a bit.
Okay, Benji, I'll stay.
Great. Wanna play something
-together instead?
A, B, C, it's easy ♪
-It's like counting up to three ♪
-One, two, three ♪
-Sing a simple melody ♪
-Do, re, mi, A, B, C ♪
That's how easy love can be! ♪
Come on, come on
Let me show you what it's all about! ♪
A, B, C, it's easy ♪
-It's like counting up to three ♪
-One, two, three ♪
-Sing a simple melody ♪
-Do, re, mi, A, B, C ♪
That's how easy love can be! ♪
A, B, C, it's easy ♪
-It's like counting up to three ♪
-One, two, three ♪
-Sing a simple melody ♪
-Do, re, mi, A, B, C ♪
That's how easy love can be! ♪
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