Mouse (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

The Head Hunter

-That's amazing.
-How cool.
Black snakes are
the largest snakes in Korea.
-What do black snakes eat?
-What do black snakes eat?
Black snakes eat frogs,
sparrows, rodents
Oh, I mean mice.
-They eat mice.
-They eat mice?
Black snakes are the ones
that appear in folk tales.
-It's huge, right?
It's bigger than I thought.
-It's especially big.
Oh, it's a mouse.
You're right. It's a mouse.
-You're right.
-It's a mouse.
-Oh, no.
-Oh, no.
Won't it get eaten by the snake?
It was the first time
that I came here on my own.
I wanted to ask him.
Do I look different to you, too?
They say I was different from the start.
They say I was born different.
Thank you.
Hey, Su-ho.
What about Mom? Is she asleep?
It's snowing so much,
so the taxi driver
couldn't drive me all the way home.
I didn't have a choice.
I couldn't leave
in the middle of the welcoming party.
That's okay. Don't come out.
You have an exam tomorrow,
so you need your sleep.
Okay. I'll be home soon.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Hey, little girl.
What are you doing here at this hour?
The car
The car slipped
It ran into a tree and
My dad
Where is he?
Over there.
He'll be fine.
Hold onto this, okay?
Excuse me, sir.
Please don't hurt me.
Please don't kill me.
Please don't let her die.
I'll explain one last time.
Check your equipment again
once you get in the water.
Then deflate your BCD
and descend very slowly.
Due to the low water temperature,
you can easily get into an accident.
Do not wander off on your own, okay?
Another headless body was found.
This time, it was found in the ocean.
-According to the DNA test,
the victim is Ms. Song in her 20s.
She went missing a week ago
on her way home after work.
Based on the degree
of the mutilation of the body
and the markings on the body,
the police concluded
it was done by the same culprit
and is investigating the case.
This now brings the count
to a total of 18 victims
whose heads were cut off
by the Headhunter.
Since there has been no progress
with the investigation over the past year,
the public's fear is turning into anger.
Meanwhile, the President
has canceled all his plans
to visit the National Police Agency.
Here is Reporter Kang Mun-jin
with the news.
It looks like his visit
to the National Police Agency
is to win back the public's support
in the midst of public criticism.
The President severely rebuked the police,
blaming their lax investigation system
for not making any headway
on finding the murderer
and declared to come up
with measures for the investigation.
He also made a nation-wide statement,
promising to bring forward a plan
to prevent violent crimes
in hopes of stabilizing public security
and creating a crimeless society.
Has he landed?
Bring him straight here when he lands.
This is like a sci-fi movie.
This will definitely turn
the public opinion around.
We must get this bill passed
no matter what.
The problem is the opposition party.
I doubt they'll make it easy.
The ruling party is taking a big chance.
They're desperate.
Ratings have hit bottom,
and the President is a lame duck.
This is our golden opportunity.
-We must stop them.
They'll say it's a violation
of human rights.
Human rights?
A similar bill was proposed in the UK.
It stated that the government
would keep track of every citizen's DNA
and identify criminals' genes in advance
to prevent violent crimes.
-Did it pass?
Ladies and gentlemen.
We will arrive
in Gimpo International Airport shortly.
It was opposed
because of human rights violations.
Human rights are more important
than the lives of our citizens?
What human rights do fetuses have?
Hey, Seo-jun. I just landed.
Okay, I'll be there as soon as I'm done.
Thank you.
The criminal is clever and meticulous,
so they say it'll be a long investigation.
He might get caught pretty fast.
Psychopaths like him can get cocky
and could end up making dumb mistakes.
Psychopaths are a result of mutated genes
that occurred as society evolved.
They are born with very few MAOA genes,
which control human emotions.
In particular, the top one percent
of psychopaths, such as serial killers,
do not possess any MAOA genes.
This study shows that we are able
to distinguish the psychopath gene
by conducting a genetic test on a fetus.
This means we can identify psychopaths,
warmongers, and serial killers
before they are even born.
This is the summary
of the New Genetic Project.
Please refer to the papers
I gave you for details.
Thus for the safety of our citizens,
the government wishes to propose a bill
that mandates all fetuses
to undergo a genetic test
and have them aborted
without the parents' consent
should the psychopathic gene
be discovered.
Please give us your opinion on the bill.
I am for it.
If the Headhunter had never been born,
we wouldn't have lost 18 innocent lives,
and who knows how many more?
It means if Hitler hadn't been born,
there never would've been a world war.
This kind of bill
is the perfect crime-preventing bill
that our society needs
at this current time.
Dr. Daniel Lee.
Is the psychopath gene test accurate?
It is 99 percent accurate.
Ninety-nine percent?
What about the remaining one percent?
The genius gene.
When we compare the genes
of psychopaths and geniuses,
the compositions are so similar
that even I can't tell them apart.
Then isn't there a risk of killing
a potential Mozart instead of Hitler
and Einstein instead of the Headhunter?
Whatever the case,
this is a human rights violation.
Human rights? What human rights?
What human rights do fetuses have?
Abortion is illegal in Korea.
Abortion is considered an act of murder
because we see fetuses as human beings,
which is why it's been prohibited by law.
So you want to let
future murderers be born
and let them kill innocent people?
If you care so much about fetal rights,
why do you disregard
the human rights of victims?
If you care so much about the victims,
why not focus more
on catching the Headhunter
instead of looking for a quick fix?
What? Did you really just say that?
Yes, do you have a problem?
How is this a quick fix?
-It obviously is.
-If you want to talk
We will take a short break.
We will now decide
whether to lay the bill or not.
The government has proposed a bill
to mandate genetic tests on fetuses
and force abortion on those
who possess psychopathic genes.
Those in favor?
Please put your hands down.
Those who oppose?
It's four against four.
That means I have the casting vote.
My vote is
Why do you think he beheads the victims?
It's to delay the identification
of the victims for as long as possible.
Taking off their clothes
Taste this for me, Seo-jun.
They're all done for the same reason.
Why did you cook a feast?
You're pregnant.
There we go.
It's all for our special guest.
He's lived in the UK since he was a kid,
so I wonder if he'll like Korean food.
How long has it been?
About seven years, right?
-Come on in. It's cold out.
It's nice to meet you.
It is an honor to meet
someone as great as you in person.
I wouldn't be who I am today
if it weren't for him.
I owe him for everything.
What nonsense. Come in.
I wanted to attend your wedding,
but I was too busy with my research.
-I'm sorry.
-It's not a problem.
Your Korean is perfect
for someone who grew up in the UK.
My adoptive parents are Korean,
so they made me speak Korean at home.
I see.
By the way, about your sister,
any luck with the search?
Not yet. I'm still looking.
Oh, right.
My mom congratulates you both
on becoming new parents.
Oh, she shouldn't have.
Thank you.
You must be starving.
Will you show him around
while I get dinner ready?
All right.
-Come with me.
Gosh, what's all this?
Ji-eun is a florist.
When I built this house,
I designed this place just for her.
I'm glad to see you're happy.
This is the best Korean food
I've ever had.
You're a great cook.
I'm glad you like it.
-Try this, too.
By the way, this is a beautiful house.
It's like a house from a fairy tale.
He designed it
and built it with his own hands.
It was her dream
to live in a country house.
Oh, right. May I open this?
Yes, of course.
Oh, my.
My mom made it herself.
She loves Seo-jun more than she loves me.
Seo-jun told me
the baby's nickname is Blessing.
I told my mom and she embroidered that.
Oh, my goodness.
Thank you so much.
Please thank her for me.
I will.
How cute.
So, what brings you to Korea?
Drive safely.
I thought the weather would clear up soon.
What's wrong with the car?
Oh, dear.
Why is this car giving me
such a hard time?
I knew something was up
when Yeong-sik lent it to me for free.
You should've rented a sedan.
This is more like a bus than a camper van.
It's embarrassing. Isn't it?
Yeong-sik put in a lot of work
renovating this.
Sure, whatever.
What are we going to do?
Hey, there we go.
Let's go.
How did it turn out?
The President is enraged.
How could you oppose?
Don't tell me
the opposition party talked you into it.
We took a short break.
That's when I got a call from my wife,
saying she was pregnant.
We've been desperately trying
for ten years.
I would never give up my child
even if I were to find out
they had the gene.
Please congratulate your wife, too.
-Thank you.
-But remember this.
You just stole the right of your child
to live in a world
without wars and crimes.
It got denied?
What do you think, Daniel?
I'm just a scholar who does research.
I'm not on either side.
What about you?
I'm all for it.
I don't want our baby living in a world
with such terrible criminals.
You look a bit tired.
Go and get some sleep.
-He's right.
I'm going to leave
after I chat with him a bit more.
I'm fine.
He's just a bit worried
because I'm pregnant at my age.
You really do look tired.
-Let's go.
-I'm fine, though.
Please excuse me, Dr. Lee.
I'll be back after a short rest.
-Sure, go ahead.
I'm impressed. The Nobel Prize?
You are really fulfilling your dream.
Don't flatter me.
I'm still just a nominee.
He's still at large, isn't he?
It's been seven years now.
I'm sorry.
Why are you apologizing?
It pained me to see you suffer so much
after what happened to Jennifer.
So do you know how happy I was
to hear about your marriage?
And now, you're about to have a baby.
Forget everything and be happy.
I'm sure Jennifer
is happy for you in heaven.
Thanks for driving me back. Go home now.
Sorry I can't see you off at the airport.
If it weren't for the surgery
Once our baby is born,
the three of us will go visit you.
Sure. My mom would love that.
Drive safely in the snow.
Dr. Daniel Lee.
Are we there yet?
It should be somewhere around here.
Did I take a wrong turn?
Mu-won, aren't you sleepy?
A little bit.
We're all good.
We just need to turn left
and drive for ten more minutes.
Oh, jeez.
We're almost there.
Dad, how come there's no one here?
Are we here?
I don't think it's open.
Did you make a reservation?
Yeong-sik told me that I didn't need to.
Oh, jeez.
-Try calling the number.
Put these on. Your hands must be freezing.
It's snowing heavily.
-Mu-won, are you wearing your gloves?
-Yes, we came to do smelt fishing.
The ceiling of the water station
partially collapsed due to the heavy snow,
so they've been closed since yesterday.
Then what are we going to do?
They told me
that we can stay free of charge.
But we'll have to collect water
from the mineral spring
since they've closed their water tank.
Forget it. Let's just go home.
Let's just camp out here.
Please? Mom.
Let's stay.
Even if we leave now,
we'll get home way past midnight.
Plus, I bet the boys are hungry.
Please, Mom?
We're only staying
because it's your birthday, Moo-chi.
-Mu-won, let's go ride a sled.
Be careful. Make sure
the ice is frozen first.
Stop it. Go away.
Oh, that's hot.
Where's the mineral spring?
Oh, right.
Over there. That's where the spring is.
I'll be right back.
Is that fast enough?
Go quicker. Faster.
No, wait!
They're done.
Maybe I should've gone with her.
Stop sledding
and come eat some sweet potatoes.
-Moo-chi, let's go eat.
I'm going to fetch your mom
from the spring.
It's pitch black.
Is it because it's the countryside?
What was that?
Please don't kill me.
Please spare me.
Please let me go.
Please don't kill me.
-Isn't it delicious?
-It is.
It was fun sledding, right?
-Don't you want to do it again?
Get in the car! Now!
-What's wrong, Mom?
Quickly. Hurry up.
What's the matter, Mom?
Come on. Please start.
What about Dad?
Where is he?
Look. There's Dad.
Stay down.
Why are you crying, Mom?
I'm scared.
Listen carefully to what I have to say.
There's a handle beneath the chair
where you sat to snack.
A door will open when you pull it.
Take Moo-chi with you and hide in there.
Stay inside no matter what happens.
Don't make a sound, okay?
-Ko Mu-won.
Look me in the eyes.
Look at me!
You're the big brother.
You know it's your job
to protect your brother, right?
Promise me.
Moo-chi, you mustn't make any noise.
Promise me.
Once I get out of the car,
I want you to lock the doors, okay?
Please look after my babies.
Lock the doors immediately, okay?
Go inside.
Please, no. Just go.
Please just go. Please.
Be quiet.
Mom told us to be quiet.
Let me go.
No, Moo-chi!
Be quiet.
What do I do?
Ko Mu-won, look me in the eyes.
You know it's your job
to protect your brother, right?
Promise me.
Over there!
What happened?
Why are you here?
-I told you to stay out of it.
-What happened?
The owner of the camping ground
made the call.
He went to open the water tank,
and that's when he discovered the scene.
The husband was killed near the spring,
and his wife was killed
in the camping ground.
But their bodies are missing.
What about the boys?
The older one is in surgery
and in a critical state.
The younger one is over there.
He must've seen his mom
and brother getting attacked.
He isn't doing so well.
Hey, kid.
Did you see his face?
Did you?
Get a grip.
Did you see his face or not?
Don't be so harsh. He's traumatized.
All right.
I must catch that murderer.
He took my daughter, you see.
I don't even know if she's alive or not.
So please
Try to remember.
Did you see his face?
Tell me! Did you see his face?
What are you doing?
Get him out of here.
-Come on.
Let go of me!
-Are you okay?
-Hey, kid.
If you didn't see his face,
then what about his build? His height?
-Say something!
-It's okay.
-Let go of me!
-Grab him.
-Yes, sir.
Hey! Let go of me.
I said, let go!
Hey, kid.
Let go. Do you remember something?
Are you okay?
That man
He looks just like him!
He cleaned everything already?
He's so diligent.
You're awake. Did you sleep well?
You should've woken me up.
I didn't get to say goodbye to Dr. Lee.
Did he go back safely?
Yes, I dropped him off at his hotel.
-Would you like a cup of tea?
Bach's music is great for the baby.
I wonder how I'd feel.
About what?
If our baby had the psychopath gene.
Why would you even say that?
I'm just saying
I just tried to imagine
how a mother would feel
if her child was born a psychopath.
Don't be ridiculous.
Blessing, plug your ears.
Your mom should only be
thinking of good things for your sake.
She's terrible, isn't she?
I'm sorry, Blessing.
I shouldn't have said that.
I'll only think of good things from now.
What's with the sirens at this hour?
Was there an accident?
They're stopping in front of our house.
Stay here.
What's going on here?
-Search the place!
-Yes, sir.
What's going on?
Hold on.
What is going on?
Why are you
Don't act like you don't know.
That man
He looks just like him!
You need to calm down.
Mom, Dad
Han Seo-jun.
The Headhunter? Me?
That's ridiculous.
What's going on, Seo-jun?
Why are you doing this?
-Hey, kid.
If I can't get an arrest warrant,
at least get me a search warrant.
We can't wait until tomorrow morning!
What are you going to do if we lose him?
Don't you think we're moving too fast?
We only have the kid's word.
Nothing can stop me now.
I've reached the end of my rope.
Why are you doing this to us?
-Turn this place inside out.
Look for any murder weapons,
missing bodies or heads!
Anything you can find.
-Move in!
-Yes, sir.
You can't just barge in like that!
Seo-jun, what is going on?
Why are they doing this?
I'm not sure.
I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding.
You're going to pay for this.
I won't let you get away with it.
Ji-eun, calm down.
I need you to call my lawyer.
Search every bathroom, toilet, and bed.
Don't let anything go!
Find the knife.
Mr. Hwang, this is Sung Ji-eun.
Damn it.
There's nothing here.
How is that possible?
We didn't find anything.
I told you we were moving too fast.
We relied on the kid too much.
He's a renowned doctor.
Why would he kill anyone?
What are you doing?
What No!
What is it?
We're only staying
because it's your birthday, Moo-chi.
Promise me.
-What is that?
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
The police found two headless bodies
in a greenhouse behind Dr. Han's house
who turned out to be the Headhunter.
The bodies are presumed to be those
of a couple killed at a camping site,
and the NFS is performing the autopsy.
-Here he comes.
-He's here.
He's in the car.
Move aside.
-Bring my daughter back!
-Do you admit the charges?
I am innocent.
What do you have to say about the head
that was found in the snowman?
I didn't build those snowmen.
I don't know how those snowmen
ended up in front of my house.
Breaking news.
The arrest warrant for Han,
the prime suspect in the Headhunter case,
has been rejected.
Han was indicted
because the court questioned
the credibility of the witness.
What are you doing?
Let go of me!
He's the killer. We can't let him go!
You need to calm down.
Where is my daughter?
Tell me where she is!
Where the hell is my daughter?
We're not going to let this slide.
Where is my daughter?
Is she alive?
I beg you.
Please, I beg you!
Dr. Lee.
Are psychopaths capable
of falling in love?
They're not wired that way.
They're only capable of loving themselves.
Seo-jun really loves you.
Trust me.
-Here he comes.
-He's coming out!
There he is.
Why do you have a cut on your face?
Were you subject to physical force?
Yes, a detective assaulted
He is a family member
of one of the victims,
so he got a bit emotional.
I pray that they catch the killer
as soon as possible
so that he can find his daughter.
Can you confirm
that you didn't build those snowmen?
I did not build them.
I've said this before,
but I do not know how those snowmen
ended up in front of my house.
I sincerely pray that the Headhunter,
who did such unspeakable things,
gets apprehended by the
Please move out of the way.
I'm sorry I put you through this.
Everything's been cleared up now
It was you.
You built those snowmen.
Did he build those snowmen?
Your dad must be building
a snowman family.
Daddy snowman.
That must be you.
And that must be me.
This is breaking news.
He's the Headhunter!
That's crazy.
I can't believe this is happening.
Damn it.
I'm almost home.
All right, Daniel. Get some sleep.
Do you know
where Oseong Camping Ground is?
Turn left up there
and drive for another ten minutes.
Thank you. Be safe out there.
It's a great weather to hunt.
So he's the murderer?
You really are clever.
Why did you marry me?
I was told that psychopaths
can't love anyone but themselves.
That's how they were born.
Tell me.
Why did you marry me?
If you don't love me, then why?
I guess you could say
it was for reproduction.
I needed an offspring.
I needed a Han Seo-jun Junior.
-You bastard!
-Arrest him. Hold her back.
You crazy jerk!
-Arrest him.
-You jerk!
Lock him up.
You bastard!
What are you doing? Open the door.
-Get the key.
-Yes, sir.
Open the door!
What's taking so long?
Is it not there?
Go get the key right now.
Did you do it?
Did you kill her?
Did you kill my sister?
I thought you two were mugged
while you were on a picnic.
Did you kill her and stage it
as if you guys were mugged?
No, right?
Tell me I'm wrong.
Human lives can be surprisingly durable.
Don't you agree?
I think it was about 20 times.
That's how many times I stabbed her,
but she still tried to run away
as she was bleeding.
I'm sure it hurt a lot.
So this is what I said to her.
"If you don't come out right now,
I will drive over to your house,
tear the limbs of your mother and brother,
and filet their body parts."
"Make your choice."
"Come out right now
if you don't want
to witness your family cut in pieces."
She eventually crawled out
from behind a rock covered in blood
before I even finished counting to three.
Do you know how ridiculous she looked?
Why did you kill her? Why?
She loved you so much.
So why?
She aborted my child.
Without my permission.
She told me she didn't want a child.
How could she dare
abort my baby?
What do you think you're doing?
Even as she was taking her last breath,
she begged me to keep my word
and spare you and your mother.
The way she looked at me
as she begged was very sexy.
Shut your mouth.
One of my colleagues from the UK
works at a lab here.
Would you like your baby to get tested?
You're here.
One moment.
It is in that direction.
Come on in.
What's the result?
It can't be
Are you all right?
I want an abortion.
I'm not a doctor.
Besides, you're far too along
to get an abortion.
Then what am I supposed to do?
-Give birth to a murderer?
-They might not turn out to be one.
You said it's 99 percent accurate.
You want me to bet on that one percent?
It's Han Seo-jun's offspring.
Yes, I'll be right there. Okay.
There's someone here
whom I must see urgently.
I'll be right back.
You got tested, didn't you?
I thought so seeing that you were pregnant
and came to see Dr. Lee.
Did you also
My husband took part
in Dr. Lee's research back in the UK.
He wanted to help with the research.
I was six weeks pregnant at the time,
so I volunteered to get tested.
The results came out a few days later.
My husband told me everything was fine.
He said our baby was normal.
I see.
But it turned out
to be a lie.
Our baby
apparently has the psychopath gene.
My husband kept it from me
because he was afraid
that I'd get shocked.
How far along are you?
I am now 23 weeks pregnant.
That's fortunate.
You can still get an abortion.
You can always have another child.
My husband
died last month in an accident.
He tried to save a child
who ran into the street
chasing after a ball
and got hit by a truck.
I loved him more than I loved myself.
This child
is the only thing I have left of him.
That's the type of man he was.
He was always willing
to sacrifice himself for others.
He was a righteous man.
The offspring of such a man
can't possibly be a psychopath.
There's no way the baby
will be born a murderer.
I'm going to have this child.
I'm going to have this baby
and prove that Dr. Lee is wrong.
What are you going to do?
I wish you luck.
Headhunter Han Seo-jun,
the notorious serial killer
who brutally killed 20 innocent people
and mutilated their bodies,
was sentenced to death in the final trial.
With this, the execution
of Han Seo-jun has been confirmed.
Come in.
How's the preparation
for the seminar going?
Good, thanks to you.
Thanks for letting me use your lab.
It's nothing.
You helped me out a lot in the UK.
This package is addressed to you.
How did they know you'd be here?
It must be from a hardcore fan.
No way.
See you later.
-Thanks for everything.
I wonder who sent this.
Black snakes eat frogs,
sparrows, and mice.
Oh, they eat mice.
Oh, it's a mouse.
Does your arm itch a lot?
Stop what you're doing
and go see the nurse.
It's the
The rabbit
Why did you kill the rabbit?
I didn't mean to.
Then why did you cut open its stomach?
It had gotten fat.
What did you say?
I wanted to know if it had gained weight
or if it was pregnant.
That's why you did that to the rabbit?
Why are you scratching your arm so much?
The kids are annoying me,
but I can't take it out on them.
So I'm taking it out on myself.
But there's no one around.
You're annoying me.
You're looking at me strangely.
I am?
Okay. You may go.
His mom is busy with work,
so I came instead.
Did you know that Jae-hun
wants to become a doctor?
Yes, he mentioned that.
We did an IQ test last month,
and his IQ was over 160.
I see.
If I may ask, is everything okay at home?
Sorry? What do you mean?
Jae-hun drew these drawings.
I wanted to talk to you
because it looks like he needs therapy.
Are you implying he has a mental illness
because he drew a few unsettling drawings?
Did you really cut open
a rabbit's stomach?
Honey, you need to come home right now.
That's not important right now.
Do you know what your son did?
I was so humiliated.
It's time to eat.
Choco, look at you.
What is that, Jae-hun?
It's ammonia.
The fish will all die
if I pour this in here.
No, don't kill the fish.
Dad really likes those fish.
That's why I'm killing them.
No, don't do it.
I feel bad for them.
Don't tell Dad that I took Choco.
And don't tell him about the fish.
Tattletales are the worst.
Do you understand?
Jae-min, Jae-hee, I'm home.
What's wrong with them?
What did you do?
Tell me right now.
Jae-min, you're a good boy.
Why are the fish dead?
"What is that, Jae-hun?"
"It's ammonia."
"The fish will all die
if I pour this in here."
"No, don't kill the fish."
"Dad really likes those fish."
"That's why I'm killing them."
I can't believe him.
What is that?
Oh, my.
You punk.
You little crook.
Get up.
Get up, you punk!
Move. Let go!
-Please stop.
Do you want to go see Choco?
We never got to say goodbye.
Close your eyes and pray.
Wish him a safe journey to heaven.
I told you that tattletales are the worst.
I didn't say anything.
It wasn't me, Jae-hun.
You're a liar, too.
You need to be punished.
Go home, okay?
Just die.
You don't deserve to live.
You monster.
I shouldn't have had you.
I never should've had you.
A monster.
Do I look different to you, too?
They say I was different from the start.
They say I was born different.
They say I was born a monster.
That day, I prayed to God.
I begged him not to let me
become a monster.
Early morning,
at a grape farm in Gyeonggi-do,
the body of a female
college student was found.
When she didn't return home
after she went for a walk on the 5th,
her family reported her missing,
but she ended up being found dead.
The police consider this
a serial murder case
and will expand the investigation.
God never answered my prayer.
In the end, I became a murderer.
He's kind, handsome, and polite.
Didn't he also receive
the Good Citizen Award?
-Ma'am. I really
-Come and wash up.
I could get arrested, you know.
She's 18.
Bong-yi, wait.
I'll pluck out your tongue
and use it as a jump rope.
And you better say my name properly.
I'll make it quick.
Are you drunk?
You're one crazy cop.
Yes, I'm crazy.
I'm completely insane.
If you jump from here,
all your organs
will burst out of your body.
Did he really jump?
Why should I apologize?
-You jerk.
No, don't.
You know I never let go like a pit bull.
Come here.
-Get lost.
The fact that he collected trophies means
that the culprit of both cases
is a dangerous psychopath.
You will fail.
-You can't kill anyone.
He may be hunting somewhere right now.
There's no church. There's no cross.
There's no trace it was moved.
That's him. The Headhunter.
So there's a monster inside him?
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