Mouse (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Eye for Eye

Did you do it?
You didn't see anything that day?
I didn't see anything.
God never
answered my prayer.
In the end, I became a murderer.
I remember
my first murder being clumsy and tough.
But I still remember
the thrill and excitement of that day.
Early this morning,
Manager A was found burnt to death
at a boxing gym in Seokjin-dong, Moojin.
Even more tragically,
Manager A was a family member
of a victim of the Headhunter,
who caused great terror 25 years ago.
Ever since,
my murders continued.
People with genes that mutated
as society evolved are called psychopaths.
The top one percent among them
are called predators.
Just as it is a lion's instinct
to hunt a rabbit,
to predators, human beings are just prey.
I am a predator.
That is how I was born.
Hey, you. Stop right there.
Stop right there.
Let go!
You jerk.
You have the right
to remain silent, and anything you say
can and will be used
against you in the court of law.
What's going on here?
Are you drunk?
This cop has gone crazy.
Yes, I'm crazy.
I am totally crazy.
Help me.
Is anyone there? Help
Be quiet, you bastard.
How can a murderer like you ask for help?
Come on.
Stay still.
I'll make it quick.
Moo-chi, please. Don't be like this.
Don't ruin your life because of him.
What the heck?
-Damn it.
-Where are you going?
Come here.
Where are you going?
Come down from there.
Everything will be in vain
if you fall from there and die.
Go ahead and shoot.
Go on. I'll just jump and die.
Who said anything about shooting you?
I was just messing with you to scare you.
Messing with me?
You're that guy from before, right?
You told me to run and then tried
to shoot me from behind.
Damn. He has a good memory.
All right. I'll just arrest you.
I'll arrest you.
Come down. I'll just arrest you.
I'll arrest you.
Come down from there. Come on.
But you better think this through.
You know what you'll get
for raping the sisters
and killing them with a hammer, right?
But does this country actually
execute anyone?
It doesn't.
So what will become of you?
You will rot in prison until you die.
That's not all. A pretty boy like you?
Gosh, prison is full
of all kinds of perverts.
Oh, my.
Even if you beg me to kill you,
I won't be able to help you then.
Hey! You punk.
You're really going to jump?
You're not getting what I'm saying here.
What are your ears for?
Do you think I camped out
by your live-in girlfriend's house
for a year just to watch you
commit suicide?
Come down now!
If you jump from here,
all your organs will
burst out of your body.
Think about the one who has
to clean that mess, you selfish bastard.
So, let's end this nice and neat.
All right. Then
You stay right there.
I'll shoot you from here.
Let's say you fell down
and died after being shot.
I should really quit drinking.
Where did he go?
Did he really jump?
Darn it.
That useless punk.
Damn it.
I saw something flash over here
on my way to church at dawn,
so I came to check it out.
How could this be?
She was working hard to raise
her daughter by herself.
This is the smell of alcohol, right?
Damn it.
What the
She keeps moving.
Stay still, okay?
Stop moving.
Hey, Ko Moo-chi.
Did you see that? The body is moving.
How fascinating.
I warned you not to get drunk
and cause a stir
at my crime scene ever again.
That's upsetting to hear.
We're no strangers.
Besides, this isn't your case. It's mine.
He did this.
Look. You can just tell, right?
You called him, right?
Well, he persistently
asked me to call him so
The boxing gym manager's killer.
He has killed again.
-I'll get him out of here.
-Gi-hyeok. Let go of me.
-Come with me.
-Let go of me. Come on.
Come with me.
Gi-hyeok. It's him, he's the killer.
-How much did you drink?
-This is my case.
Come this way.
No. This is new. It still has the tag on.
Come here.
-Watch him for me.
-Yes, sir.
I'm telling you, I'm right.
He did it.
-He has killed again.
-I'm sorry.
He threatened me repeatedly
to call him whenever there was a homicide.
He's doing the interview.
Stop him.
Shut him up right now.
I am certain this homicide was committed
by the killer of the boxing gym manager.
He killed this woman, too.
Perhaps because he holds a grudge
against the man up there.
Or maybe he's seeking attention.
The police are proceeding
with the investigation
under the assumption that the killer
of the gym manager is the culprit,
motivated by hate
towards a certain religion.
You failed again?
I'm going to die of old age at this rate.
I won't let that happen.
Has it been a year now?
You told me that you would kill
the murderer who killed
the sisters with a hammer,
then come in here and slit my throat.
So, what are you still doing out there?
Why the rush?
You'll die sooner or later anyway.
Just wait.
Forget that petty criminal.
I think a real one has appeared.
Ko Moo-chi.
You will fail.
-You can't kill anyone.
I can tell by looking at a person's eyes
whether he is like me
or just an ordinary human being.
I didn't know you were an eye doctor,
not a neurosurgeon.
Someone who's capable
of killing has soulless eyes.
But your eyes are full of soul.
There's anger,
and love.
Cut the crap.
It's not something
you can achieve through effort.
It's how you're born.
So don't try so hard.
Shut your mouth, wait for me,
and prepare to die.
I won't take long.
I look forward to it, kid.
Next time, do it right.
Instead of here
stab me here.
A few days ago
I found a Bible at a crime scene.
I read a memorable verse in it.
That verse enlightened me.
"Anyone who takes the life
of a human being is to be put to death."
"Anyone who takes the life of someone's
animal must make restitution."
"Fracture for fracture,
eye for eye, tooth for tooth."
Chapter 24 of Leviticus, verses 17 to 20.
Until now, I thought the man up there
only insisted on forgiving others,
so I've been badmouthing Him.
But it turns out He's onto something.
I will do as He says from now on.
I will repay whatever was done to me.
Slitting your throat shouldn't be the end.
That's what I've come to realize.
Just as you did to me,
shouldn't I kill you
in front of your child's eyes?
That would be a true
eye for eye, tooth for tooth,
as He taught, don't you think?
I'm sorry to burst your bubble.
I don't have a son to watch me die.
I'm sorry to burst your bubble.
I saw him with my own eyes.
Don't lie to me.
I saw your son standing
right by your wife with my own eyes.
He's dead.
To be more accurate
I killed him.
I did hear that psychopaths
feel great affection for their children.
What's wrong?
Do you not want
your throat slit in front of your son?
I guess
that kind of memory lasts forever.
It follows you around all your life.
Just you wait, Han Seo-jun.
I will make sure
your son suffers all his life
just as I have.
I'm surprised.
You willingly came to see me.
What about Blessing?
You should've brought him.
I want to see him.
He's dead.
To be more accurate,
I killed him.
I killed him myself
as soon as he was born.
I came here to tell you that.
He was just like you.
That's why I killed him.
I was afraid he would become
a terrible monster like you.
How dare you!
How dare you kill my son.
How dare you.
My son
is alive?
Cut off all the thorns,
and leave one little branch.
This teacher knows what she's doing.
I've been praised for my handiwork
since attending your classes.
Is that true?
It's crape myrtle.
It symbolizes missing
someone who's departed.
Don't you remember me?
I went to your house once.
My house?
The snowmen.
Give me money.
My older brother.
Thanks to your husband,
he has undergone surgery nine times.
He's scheduled for another one tomorrow,
but if I don't pay the unpaid bills,
they won't do it.
They'll just let my brother die.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I don't need your apology.
-Give me money.
Give me money.
Right now.
This isn't right.
Why must we live like this?
You're living your life
as if nothing happened. So why?
Why must we live like this?
The Headhunter, your husband,
was a famous doctor, right?
He must've earned lots of money.
Give me money. Give it to me!
My brother will die
if he doesn't get this surgery.
Let's go somewhere else and talk
Give me money.
Give me money for my brother's surgery.
What the heck are you doing?
I'm really sorry.
Are you trying to get yourself killed?
I'm sorry. You see
I think this bird hurt its leg.
It wouldn't fly away, so I just
I scared you, didn't I?
I'm really sorry.
You were nearly killed because of a bird.
You're right. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. Drive safely.
I'm sorry.
Is he kindhearted or just stupid?
Oh, right. I've run out of threads.
I will lose my touch if I don't practice.
Don't you know that
thread is a prohibited item?
Besides, medical items aren't
something a prisoner can use
however he wishes.
Bring me some.
The other guards did without a word.
I didn't study my butt off
to pass the civil service exam
and become a prison guard
just to be your servant.
Don't be intimidated, Na Chi-guk.
Be quiet, all of you!
You think you're the king
because everyone's afraid of you?
Don't be mistaken.
You're just a mayfly.
Your days are numbered.
Blackmailing won't work on me.
So I said to him,
"Blackmailing won't work on me."
-What's this?
-You don't know anything, rookie.
Didn't you hear about
the guard who retired
after becoming disabled
from going against Han Seo-jun?
He doesn't ask anyone to do something.
They do it for him.
Just get this to him.
Yes, where are you? Are you on your way?
You forgot to bring your ID?
Stay right there. I'll come and get you.
-Costumes go here.
-You got everything?
-Of course.
-Even the cards?
There you go again.
Are you some kind of animal whisperer?
-Here comes Chi-guk.
Hey, Chi-guk.
Wow. You look like a whole new person.
The uniform suits you.
Thank you.
Get rid of that fake designer watch.
I'm embarrassed for you.
You guys got this for me
when I became a guard.
It's as good as the real thing to me.
It's my fault for leaving it up
to that fool to buy the gift.
How can a cop be fooled
by a fake goods website?
The eagle has a willy.
Anyone can tell it's fake at a glance.
He can't tell the difference
between the letters R and N.
There's no brand named "Anmani."
How can you pay one million won for that?
This isn't a willy. It's a leg.
But that's how you see everything,
don't you, Dong-gu?
No wonder your nickname is Porn Dong-gu.
Why would there be just one leg?
Ba-reum, this is a willy, right?
These are legs.
-Let go.
-You can't reach, can you?
Stop it.
So how is it?
How do you like your new job?
I try my best not to look like a pushover,
but it isn't easy.
Ba-reum, did you bring the sewing box?
-You don't see it?
Oh, no! I left it at home.
We can't do the performance
without a thread and needle.
-Look again.
Would these work? They're for medical use.
-Yes, they will work.
-Yes, that's fine.
What a relief.
Hey. Have you met the Headhunter?
-I heard that he's here.
Let me meet him just once.
I even joined his fan website.
I wondered what kind of fool
would do that, and you're one of them?
A fool?
You think murderers are awesome
because you watch
movies like Hannibal, right?
Murderers like him continue
to emerge because of fools like you.
Haven't you watched the news?
A woman who struggled
to raise her daughter by herself
was stabbed a total of 20 times to death.
It's because of people like you
that those scums think they are all that.
All right. That's enough.
That cowardly scum, hiding in the dark,
stabbing fragile and vulnerable women
All right! I take back my request.
You think you're all that
because you're a guard now?
-Unbelievable. Hey, Dong-gu!
Dong-gu gave up on the civil service exam.
He's pursuing his old dream
and writing a script.
I think the story is about a psychopath.
He joined the fan website to do research.
He's on about becoming
a movie director again?
He'll be a good one.
Make amends with him
over a drink later, okay?
Can you help me out?
Lift it up higher, Chi-guk.
Oh, my. This is heavy.
Why are we carrying this
when it has wheels?
It's to protect the wheels.
If the wheels break
because of this stone path,
it'll be a problem
during the performance later.
I'm sorry.
Let's take a break.
-Is it exercise hour?
You see
Before I came here,
I thought convicts on death row
spent their last days like a monk,
praying for forgiveness
in solitary confinement.
they eat three meals a day,
which we pay for in tax,
and spend their days doing nothing.
When I look at them,
I can't help but think
how angry the bereaved families
of the victims would be
if they knew these prisoners
lived freely and comfortably
without repenting for their sins,
knowing that they will never be executed.
just for a brief moment today,
I was intimidated by one of those scum.
How embarrassing.
What do you mean?
To be honest,
the thread and needle
I gave you earlier
That's him.
That's the Headhunter.
He looks just like us.
You thought he would look
like Thanos or something?
So that means
there's a monster inside him.
I'll rough Na Chi-guk up.
Look someone up for me.
Big feet.
What's taking him so long?
Why are you ignoring my calls?
I've texted you many times, too.
You've been on the hunt for a year,
and you finally caught
the two sisters' killer.
Oh, right. He killed himself, didn't he?
But they're still giving you
credit for catching him, right?
I'm impressed.
I didn't recognize what
a great detective you are.
No matter how much you flatter me,
I'll never cooperate.
Oh, there's another reason
to congratulate you.
You're all over the internet.
"A drunk cop conducts an interview?"
"A pathetic cop who goes after alcohol
instead of murderers."
And they covered it up by saying
you were high on cold medicine.
Look here.
Did I drink and drive?
I wasn't even on duty then.
Can't a cop have a drink
when he's off duty?
When you said it was the one
who killed the gym manager, Song Su-ho
Don't you know that I blabber
when I'm drunk?
I was drunk. That's all.
You know I never let go like a pit bull.
You didn't say it because you were drunk.
What are you basing it on?
I can't find a link,
no matter how hard I try.
The neighborhoods and MO are different.
What are you basing this on?
Come here.
What is it? Tell me.
Get lost.
Hey. Detective Ko!
Why did you go there drunk?
There's a blood stain
on this grain of rice. Get it tested.
Are you listening to me?
What? The same killer?
Oh, come on. Why don't you quit your job
and write stories for a living?
You could write a bestseller.
I'm getting sleepy
just by listening to you nagging.
I need to doze off for a bit.
Gosh, you troublemaker.
Forget it. Why do I bother?
More stress just causes more hair loss.
Why would he care about his looks?
-Excuse me.
I'm a driver of the No. 12 bus
in Geumsin-dong.
-Tell me the truth!
-I seriously
There's a witness
who places you there at that hour.
Yes, that's him.
He was at the bus stop
when she got off the bus.
I got a good look at him
because I thought it was strange.
-I wanted to ask her out.
-I'm sure it's him.
So, I followed her.
But she got scared and ran off.
I have my pride.
I just went home. I'm serious.
Get him out of here.
Get an arrest warrant.
I didn't kill her.
I didn't kill her.
-Come with me.
-Let go of me.
Detective, it really wasn't me.
Please release me.
-Come along.
-Detective, I didn't kill her.
I saw you on the news.
-Detective. It really wasn't me.
You said on television that the one
who killed that gym manager did it.
Don't step on my shoes!
I waited in line to get these.
-It wasn't me!
It's not him. His feet are too small.
There's a witness.
The bus driver?
He saw the man at the bus stop,
not him killing her.
He has five convictions
for assault and rape.
But none for murder.
Maybe he killed her because she resisted.
There were no signs of rape or resistance.
-Ko Moo-chi.
Don't cross the line.
Go work on your own case.
You can't even find a suspect.
I told him he's not the one.
Why won't he listen?
Then who is it?
You're still here?
You have that much free time?
I'm very busy.
If you're so busy, get to work,
Producer Choi Hong-ju.
I am working, but you're not cooperating,
Detective Ko Moo-chi.
The program about the murder
of the gym manager is to be aired,
but there's no suspect and the detective
in charge isn't cooperating.
-At this rate, we'll be canceled.
-Then find a new topic.
Who asked you to cover my case?
Like when you covered
the murders of the two sisters,
I know you're going to badmouth me
and make me look incompetent again.
Are you out to ruin my life again?
Get a new topic? That's humiliating.
I'm award-winner Choi Hong-ju,
and I've drawn a sword.
So I should at least stab a pumpkin
or your beer belly, shouldn't I?
Go ahead and stab me, then.
Then I don't have a choice.
The program is about to be canceled,
so I need a new topic.
Good thinking.
There are so many cases to cover.
I'll be sure to watch it. Good luck.
What about this then?
A cop who's into illegal gambling.
That hurts.
A junior producer is doing
a series on illegal gambling sites.
I coincidentally saw you
while helping out with editing.
It's a good thing he didn't recognize you.
If this is aired, you'd be
Should I cover a cop
who's into illegal gambling?
Or should I stick to the murder
of the Seokjin-dong gym manager?
You decide and let me know.
Producer Choi.
How annoying. You're like a leech.
Why are you so obsessed
with the gym manager murder case?
He was Song Su-jeong's brother.
Isn't it terrible?
Two murder victims in one family.
I want to catch the murderer
for their bereaved mother's sake.
That's the only reason?
Your sympathy is the only reason?
It's not sympathy.
I feel like it's my responsibility.
Byeon Sun-yeong was killed here last night
between midnight and 1 a.m.
Here? But the news said
it was by the drainage.
Byeon Sun-yeong left work
with leftovers to feed her daughter.
I found the bag here.
This is where she was killed.
I found the footprint here, too.
Footprint? So did you
Don't step on anything.
So you've found something?
He's good.
He removed the soles of his shoes
so that his shoeprints
couldn't be identified.
Then why was the body
found in the drainage?
She was attacked here
but died over there while running away?
Look at this.
Scratch marks.
He killed her here,
and dragged the body for about 100 meters.
All the way to the drainage.
That's exactly my question.
Why did he go through the trouble?
Oh, come on.
We saw you switch it.
-Oh, come on.
-Oh, come on.
They don't sound happy.
Move on to the next one.
I must be nervous.
I'm sweating.
Oh, my. There's a hole
in my shirt by my armpit.
I will need to sew it up
with this thread and needle.
It's a big hole.
Wait a minute. I'm hungry.
-Do you have anything to eat?
-No, Mr. Magician.
Then I'll have to eat this thread.
-Oh, come on.
-Oh, come on.
What the heck?
Come on.
-It's really gone.
-It's really gone.
Now that I'm full, I'll get back to
Oh, excuse me. It's coming out from
Oh, my goodness.
Sit there.
Go on.
What are you doing?
This is exactly how the body was found.
This is awkward.
I feel like I'm giving the finger.
Look where your finger is pointing.
A building. That looks like a church.
A cross.
The killer was cursing
at the cross with the finger.
You said her ring was gone.
Maybe he twisted her finger
while taking it off.
Come with me.
Now, it's time for today's highlight.
I will show you the best magic trick
that would even make
David Copperfield jealous.
May I ask for a volunteer
-I'll do it!
May I put these on you?
Handcuffs? Really?
I'm sorry.
-All right.
He will now vanish into thin air.
Shall we?
-Oh, come on.
-What's this?
Are you serious?
What is he still doing here?
One more time.
All right.
He will vanish for real this time.
Let's open it up.
One, two, three.
-What is this?
-What's wrong with him?
-What the heck?
-What is this?
Come stand behind me and look.
When I got there,
the victim's arms were
tied behind his back.
His finger was propped up, too.
The body was burnt.
His flesh was charred,
but the finger was propped up.
That means the finger was broken.
Besides, Song Su-ho didn't wear any rings.
It was done on purpose.
Look at this.
There's a scratch mark
under the soot, not on top.
That means the chair
was moved before the fire.
The window was open when I got here.
According to the gym members,
the window lock was broken,
so they never opened it.
So the killer left it open?
Look again.
Look where my finger is pointing.
A cross.
Yes. The killer opened the window
and moved the chair
to where the cross was visible
to flip off the cross.
Then he set Song Su-ho's body on fire
as if he wanted to show it to the cross.
There is another common factor
between the two cases.
You mean the toy ring
that was taken from Byeon Sun-yeong?
Her daughter bought it for her
at a stationery store as a gift.
But according to the report,
nothing was taken from Song Su-ho.
We missed something.
Something was taken from here.
Have a guess.
How would I know what it is?
Something valuable.
Those boxing gloves?
Song Su-ho sparred with those gloves on
up until the day before he was killed.
The day his sister Song Su-jeong
got those gloves for him,
she was killed by the Headhunter.
Because of that,
he cherished those gloves very much.
The fact that he collected trophies means
that the culprit of both cases
is a dangerous psychopath.
People like that think of
human beings as hunting targets.
He may be hunting somewhere right now.
Is he dead?
Who is that?
Please help. Help us.
Guard Na is seriously hurt.
You need to come to the auditorium.
Someone must be hurt. I'll be right back.
What's going on here?
Please help.
Is he dead?
Please turn on the light.
Turn on the light!
-We need a doctor!
-I called the doctor.
Who the hell did this?
-Please help us.
Come on. Damn it!
Bring me a thread and needle.
-You used them for magic.
That's him. The Headhunter.
Don't touch him.
Don't touch him. Get away.
Where's the doctor? Please call a doctor.
-Right here.
-I'm here.
-One moment, please.
We need to get him to a hospital.
He is bleeding excessively in the brain.
He'll die if he doesn't
get treated right now.
That's not my specialty.
Are you going to leave it up to him?
I guess that's it, then.
I thought I would warm up
my rusty hands a bit.
Please help him.
Don't you know who he is?
Let him help.
He's the only one
who can save Chi-guk.
Turn him over.
In the name of the Father,
and of the Son
So in other words,
a psychopath that despises
God, religion, or the cross
randomly hunted down
Song Su-ho and Byeon Su-yeong?
He had a clear motive to kill Song Su-ho.
What motive?
Song Su-ho was burnt to death,
but the autopsy showed
he had multiple fractures
from his head and ribs to his thighs.
He took a severe beating before he died.
The killer struck him in the places
where a person feels the most pain.
He was beaten so badly
his cartilage was torn off.
The pain must have been immense.
It must've been so painful
Please kill me.
He probably begged to be killed.
But the killer didn't do
as Song Su-ho asked.
The killer watched him
suffer in agonizing pain
until he drew his last breath.
He killed Song Su-ho for revenge.
It was an act of rage.
Revenge? Can you prove it?
I found something crucial.
The test showed
Song Su-ho's saliva
was mixed with the blood.
So it was from Song Su-ho's mouth?
He left the Bible on Song Su-ho's lap.
Why did he do that?
To show that Bible passage to Song Su-ho?
He might have even made Su-ho
read it out loud.
"Eye for eye"
-Right index.
-Is that his severed finger?
Left middle finger.
Why is there only one finger?
Two of his fingers were cut off.
Go find the other one.
I'll go.
After he killed Song Su-ho,
he put back the Bible.
He didn't leave it upside down by mistake.
He either wanted us to find it
or wanted to see
whether we would find it or not.
"Fracture for fracture, tooth for tooth."
So, the killer wanted to make Su-ho suffer
as Su-ho had made him suffer?
Did Song Su-ho
burn someone related to the killer?
I don't know.
By all accounts,
Song Su-ho couldn't even kill a fly.
You can never truly know a person.
By the way, did you find
Han Seo-jun's son?
-The favor I asked you.
Oh, well
You see
I told the director,
but he wanted to avoid sensationalism.
I'm looking for him myself anyway.
And if you do find him?
Will you harass him
instead of Han Seo-jun?
I understand how you feel,
but must you go that far?
His son doesn't deserve that.
"His son doesn't deserve that"?
Then, did I deserve it?
At least his father is a murderer.
My mom and dad were good people
who never once broke the law.
What I meant is
I will make his son live the same way.
Just as I have to live with these
terrible, unforgettable memories,
so will his son.
That's only fair.
That's the true meaning
of eye for eye, tooth for tooth.
-Detective Ko.
You say that, but you'd have
found him already if you really wanted to.
You aren't doing it on purpose.
If you kill Han Seo-jun
in front of his son,
another Ko Moo-chi would be born.
You wouldn't do such a thing.
Yes, I would.
I want to know
how he's living his life.
Why did you save my life?
Why didn't you let me die with my baby?
Oh, Su-ho.
If you really want to die,
next time, stab yourself here
more than an inch deep.
That way, you won't fail.
Or sever your artery.
You must cut your arm off
if you want to sever the artery.
That way, you will die for sure.
That's too
You call yourself a doctor?
-Dong-gu, don't
-Let go of me!
Apologize to her right now.
What should I apologize for?
-You jerk.
No. Don't, Dong-gu.
Hey, don't.
If we weren't at the hospital
My baby Su-ho
-I'm sorry.
-My baby Su-ho.
Who's the next patient?
-The next patient is
-Oh, my baby.
I don't know what this is about,
but I'm sure the doctor was
very upset as well.
I'm sure that was just his way
of urging you to be resilient.
I have Na Chi-guk's finger!
Prep him for surgery.
Call neurosurgery and ortho.
Where did you find it?
Behind the stage in the auditorium.
Thank you.
His guardians must sign a consent form.
His parents aren't here yet,
so I've signed it.
Doctor Park's surgery will take
another 30 minutes.
What should we do?
That will be too late.
-Doctor Sung Yo-han.
Scrub in and assist
until the head of neurosurgery goes in.
Excuse me.
Could a different doctor
Don't worry, he's experienced in treating
patients with brain damage.
He is bold but thorough.
Most of all, he knows
the human anatomy very well.
He knows where to stab someone
to kill them instantly or slowly.
It's as if he has studied human anatomy.
He's very good with a knife.
What happened to Chi-guk?
The surgery went well,
but he was in such a critical state,
we'll have to wait and see.
Whoever treated him did a good job.
Who was the detention center doctor?
There is an inmate
who used to be a doctor.
His name is Han Seo-jun.
Han Seo-jun? That's
The Headhunter?
He was there?
That's fortunate. Jeez.
Ba-reum, they caught the guy.
Who was it? Who did it?
Apparently, one of the inmates
who adores Han Seo-jun
He confessed that he did it
because Na Chi-guk was
rude to the Headhunter.
We are still looking to find out
if Han Seo-jun ordered him to do it.
Are you going to the academy today?
-Shall we go to karaoke?
-Good idea!
Come. It's going to pour.
Hurry up and come.
Why isn't she answering?
I'll just cross it.
-Don't do it!
-Who are you?
-Hey, you.
Ma'am! It's me.
I'm Officer Jung.
It's me, ma'am.
What are you doing here?
Oh, my baby.
Oh, wake up.
Oh, my child.
My little girl.
I made it go away.
Everything is fine now.
It's okay, sweetheart.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Ma'am. Bong-yi.
Oh, come on. Hey.
I'm sorry. I did call her name though.
I didn't know what had happened,
but you had blood on your clothes,
so I completely got the wrong idea.
Are you hurt?
I'm fine.
You must be quite worried.
Your friend will recover soon.
Don't worry too much, okay?
Go on in. I'll get going now.
You can't go looking like that.
-Come in and wash up.
-That's okay.
I can shower at home.
You can't go around looking like that.
If you run into old women
in the neighborhood,
you'll give them a heart attack.
-Come on in.
-It's okay.
-I'm okay.
-Wash up before you go.
It's okay. Ma'am.
-Come and wash up.
-It's okay.
Take off your clothes. I'll help you.
Let me. It looks heavy.
This looks great. Thank you.
Eat up.
How many times
must I tell you that I was late
as I was helping
Dong-gu's family make kimchi?
I'm sure you were busy eating boiled pork.
Listen to yourself.
Fine. So what if I stayed
so that I could have some boiled pork?
Does it make you happy
to eat boiled pork all by yourself?
You don't think I like boiled pork, too?
Why aren't you eating much?
Is it because of your friend?
You must eat well
so that you have more energy.
That will make your friend
recover quicker, too.
Have some of that omelette.
Just for you, I put in a lot of cheese.
I don't like omelettes.
You look so handsome when you eat.
Everyone looks the same when they eat.
Are you hurt?
You scraped your hand.
That must hurt a lot.
It might get infected.
Let go of my hand.
Why do you care if I'm hurt or not?
-I'm done.
You wench. Come and eat more!
She is unbelievable.
Fine. Starve yourself to death,
then you'll learn to appreciate
You know
It's not true.
She may talk like that,
but she's very thoughtful.
Of course.
-Eat up.
It's because she's embarrassed.
She's embarrassed.
She's shy.
Shy? Why?
Because the man she likes
is sitting in front of her.
Think about it.
The man she likes grabbed her hand.
Why wouldn't she be shy?
I don't think that's how
she feels about me.
Have you thought about what I said?
Ma'am, I
I'll get arrested.
Please stop kidding around.
Everyone in this neighborhood
has the wrong idea.
I'm not kidding.
Do you know how old Bong-yi is?
Don't reduce her age.
She's 19 years old.
She may seem scrawny from the outside,
but she's actually "glama."
You know, what's the word
Glamorous. Like this.
She has an hourglass figure.
She has the right curves here and there.
Thank you for the meal.
I'll get going now, I have to.
-I'll take that.
-Put it on.
That's it. There you go.
I'm not kidding here.
Think about it carefully.
So he killed Song Su-ho for revenge.
Then what about Byeon Sun-yeong?
There didn't seem to be
any emotion behind her murder.
It was random.
A 100% psychopath like the Headhunter
I think he acted on impulse.
A psychopath
Daniel Lee.
Edmund Kemper
shot his grandparents in the head
and brutally stabbed them to death.
He said that he only did it
because he was curious to know
how it would feel to stab her.
After the first murder,
the killer instinct in him was awakened.
In most cases,
the psychopathic instinct is dormant
until it is triggered
by a single incident.
The killer
for some unknown reason
was motivated by revenge.
He killed the gym manager
for personal revenge,
and the killer instinct within him
was awakened.
Then he went and randomly
killed an employee at a bar.
The murder cycle will become shorter,
and his methods will become bolder.
It looks like he's just getting started.
there are more victims
that we don't know about.
A body of a homeless man
in his 50s was found
in a construction site in Guo-dong,
and the police are investigating the case.
The body was decomposed severely,
and it is presumed
that he's been dead for 15 days.
We must consider
the possibility that this
may be a serial murder case.
The killings will not stop.
If these are really
the acts of a psychopath,
even at this moment,
they will be looking for their next prey.
I'm not feeling well today.
So, I've decided to pick an easy target.
A target who's small
and clearly vulnerable
She is an ideal target.
Of course, it is rash to assume
that the murders
of the gym manager and the waitress
were done by the same person.
if the killer of the gym manager
in Seokjin-dong
did kill the woman found
in the drainage in Geumsin-dong,
if he truly is a psychopathic killer,
we must stop him
to prevent more innocent deaths.
This is what the Zodiac Killer,
the serial killer of the century,
wrote in his last letter.
"Please help me."
"I cannot stop myself."
If the killer is a psychopath
just like the Zodiac Killer,
he may be desperately desiring our help.
Good work.
-That's a wrap.
-Good work.
Come on.
Zorro, where are you going?
Zorro, come here.
Where did you go?
I don't think Officer Jung
is cut out for this.
You're right.
It seemed like the same guy
killed this cat, right?
It has no teeth.
You're right. It's been dead for a while.
It's been awfully quiet these days.
Did he move?
Officer Jung.
If you're like this over a dead cat,
what will you do if you see a dead body?
I'm sorry. I'll work on it.
It's not something you can work on.
You'll find leftover fliers
down at the station.
Go post those fliers
around the neighborhood.
You're moving so slow.
Yes, sir.
When Ms. A failed to come home
after a walk on the 13th,
her family reported her missing,
but in the end, she was found dead.
Oh no. That's terrible.
You should try to get home before dark.
I'm a senior in high school.
That's impossible.
That's a flimsy excuse.
Eat and wash up. You'll be late for Mass.
It's Father Ko's last Mass
in our neighborhood.
He's going to Irae-dong Cathedral.
I'm busy.
I'm going to the library
with a friend later.
Anyone would think you were
a top student at your school.
If I were to become
a top student at school,
could you afford
to pay my college tuition?
So you get bad grades for me?
What a great granddaughter you are.
I won't tell you to study,
so at least get a diploma
and find a way to marry Officer Jung.
Don't be so rude to him
when he comes over.
I'm so sick of hearing about Officer Jung.
Do you know how much older he is?
-You want me to marry that oldie?
Oldie? That's ridiculous.
He is in his 20s.
-That makes him old.
-Come on.
Let's be honest. He's the perfect husband.
He is absolutely adorable and handsome.
He's not handsome. He's so pale.
You don't even need a fist
to knock out a guy like him.
One palm strike, and he's out.
Is that all you think about?
You can search high and low,
but you won't find anyone like him.
He's kind, handsome, and polite.
Didn't he receive
the citizen award last time?
When I fell over
while picking up discarded paper,
he showed up
and carried me to the hospital.
If it weren't for him,
I wouldn't even be here.
Why did he carry you to the hospital?
All he had to do was call 911.
If you don't use your head,
you suffer the consequences.
You wench.
Why'd you hit me?
Can't you see I'm eating?
You should think about what you did wrong.
She's always talking about Officer Jung.
Eo Bong-yi.
Eo Bong-yi!
Stop before I pluck out your tongue
and use it as a jump rope.
It's not Eo Bong-yi. It's Oh Bong-yi.
All right.
Show this to your friends at school.
If there are any witnesses,
ask them to come talk to us.
You still haven't caught him?
You slack off
with our tax money, don't you?
Why haven't you caught this crazy jerk
who's been killing cats
and pulling out their teeth for months?
There aren't any witnesses
Oh, and this is for you.
It's to stop it getting infected.
Mind your own business.
Oh, my grandson-in-law.
Are you here to pick me up?
-Yes, hop on. I'll drop you off.
But I won't make it to the Mass.
I have to go see Chi-guk
after I drop you off.
Father Ko will be disappointed.
He dotes on you.
Are you hurt?
No, I'm fine. My foot just fell asleep.
Hold on.
What happened to your ankle?
You fell down on your way
to pick Bong-yi up, didn't you?
And that's why you were late.
Well, the thing is
Bong-yi thinks you were late
because you were eating boiled pork.
Don't tell Bong-yi.
I don't want her to worry.
Try to move it a little.
Can you move it?
It hurts.
There we go. I don't think it's broken.
I think you sprained it a little.
You got hurt here, too.
It'll get infected
if you don't take care of it.
How upsetting.
It'll sting.
-Isn't he cute?
This is Goat Man. He's the "kidsident."
He's the kids' president.
If you go around wearing this bandage,
you'll be a fashion queen.
What about the goat? And fashion what?
What does that mean?
I'll go from now on.
What? Go where?
I'll pick Bong-yi up when it rains.
So just stay home.
Oh, my. I can't make you do that.
You're busy enough serving the country.
That's not true.
Helping the residents is my job.
Bong-yi is a resident, and so are you.
Is that so?
Then could I ask you to do it
until my ankle gets better?
But why can't she cross
the bridge when it rains?
Oh, that. Well, you see
Bong-yi doesn't look that way,
but she's afraid of a lot of things.
So whenever it rains,
she gets scared
she'll be swept away by the river.
She's just scared.
What? Really?
But that night, Bong-yi
I think she said something about a puppy.
What did that mean?
That's because
When she was young,
she lost her puppy,
so she went out to look for it.
Oh, dear. I'm going to be late.
-Let's go.
You're just like him.
-How can you petition to spare his life?
-Let go of him.
Don't do this to the priest.
How could you say
that you forgave him on television?
-Who are you to say that?
-Are you okay, Father?
Please comfort her.
There are some things
you just can't forgive.
Do you believe in God?
It's been a long time, Bong-yi.
Do you believe in God?
Of course.
When we give our hearts to God,
He listens to our prayers.
When we face hardship,
He saves us.
No, He doesn't.
He didn't.
That God you believe in
I hate Him.
Darn it.
Damn it.
Where is it?
What? I'm off duty today.
We'll see each other again soon.
You're Doctor Sung Yo-han, right?
There's someone who wants to see you.
Song Su-ho's gloves.
Byeon Sun-yeong's ring.
You said the homeless man's
shoe was missing, right?
I looked into it, and they are his.
So whose watch is this?
Number 4440. You have a visitor.
You wanted to see me?
I was curious
to see how my son grew up.
There's no church. There's no cross.
There's no trace the body was moved.
He drew the cross inside her mouth
and put her finger inside.
Take her away.
the personal belongings
of gym manager A,
waitress B, and unknown homeless man C,
who were all recently found killed,
has shocked the public.
The police have determined
this case as a serial murder case
and will form
a special investigation team.
Mom told me
that there is another kid
with this monster gene besides me.
A man's watch was also found
at the crime scene,
and the police are assuming
that there is an additional victim.
I was always curious.
What happened to that child?
Did he grow up to be a predator like me?
Or did he grow up to be
an ordinary human being?
Last night
You see, Bong-yi
You think I said that
because I like you, right?
It must've been quite heavy
with a grown man inside.
Go inside.
Chi-guk's watch was found
at the crime scene.
What? Whose watch?
I want to learn from you.
Let me in on this investigation.
How did you know?
We're investigating it secretly.
Detective Ko, what's this?
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