Mouse (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Resurfacing Murder Cases

So the eldest son was one of the suspects?
But he was ruled out immediately.
Yes. To be honest,
the boy seemed suspicious,
so we did a lie detector test
on him off the record.
But he passed it.
Don't you know that psychopaths
can pass lie detectors?
So you're saying
that the boy is a psychopath?
No, that's not what I meant.
I meant that all possibilities
should be considered
since the murderer hasn't been caught.
No way.
An 11-year-old boy
couldn't have killed his entire family.
The nightmare of the Headhunter
who put the entire nation in fear
by killing 20 victims
has returned after 25 years.
Oh, no. Mi-jeong.
I'll get you, you psychopath.
Bok-sil, let's eat
Long time no see.
I saw you on television recently.
I see.
I was asked to do an interview,
so I came to Korea.
There's something
I want to look into, too.
Is that your son?
He grew up to be a good man.
I need to get to work now.
I'm sorry I took up your time.
By the way, what happened to that dog?
My son saved this dog when it was dying.
My son's been kind
since he was a little boy,
so he wouldn't pass up any animal in need.
I'll get going.
You were wrong.
Hey, Ms. Choi. What is it?
Personal belongings of the victims
Gym Manager A, Waitress B,
and an unknown homeless man C
have been discovered,
leaving many in shock.
The police have ruled
this case as a serial murder case
and will form
a special investigation team.
On top of the four victims' items,
a man's watch was also found
at the crime scene,
so the police are assuming
that there are more victims.
Dr. Sung Yo-han, please come to the ER.
Dr. Sung Yo-han, please come to the ER.
-Excuse me.
-Excuse me.
-Excuse me.
May I ask where Dr. Sung Yo-han works?
Bring him back to life right now.
Hey. What did you just do?
You better do it properly.
I'm good with knives, too.
How dare you threaten a gangster!
I'd aim here rather than the waist.
There's the carotid,
so blood would gush out like a fountain.
And if I remove this needle,
we could see two fountain shows.
That would be quite a sight.
Move! This is an emergency!
Producer Choi Hong-ju?
Oxygen mask.
Get me an IV.
-Please save her.
-You can't be here.
You can't be in here. Please leave.
Please stay outside.
What happened?
I went to talk to her about
Song Su-ho's case
and saw her jump into the reservoir.
You'll catch a cold.
You're drenched.
She's okay for now,
but you know that she's been
attempting suicide habitually, right?
She'll attempt suicide again soon.
What did you just say?
It's a relief that you found her.
I'm fine.
Why? Does it smell?
-It does?
I only wore it for two weeks.
Damn it.
Don't skip meals,
and don't drink too much.
My gosh.
Oh, goodness. My poor Su-jeong.
My poor Su-jeong.
You know that she's been
attempting suicide habitually, right?
She'll attempt suicide again soon.
-I'll get going now.
-Were you out somewhere?
I went to see you at the cathedral
because I missed your last Mass,
but you weren't there.
Oh, my.
I'm sure he went
to his brother's place with food.
Your detective brother?
Yes. Any update on Chi-guk?
Not yet.
The residents and I prayed together today,
so he'll wake up soon.
I hope so.
So when do you start
at Irae-dong Cathedral?
But I haven't packed all my things yet,
so I'll be coming by here a few more days.
-Hop in. I'll drive you.
Oh, right. Officer Jung.
-What was it?
You need my husband's signature
for increasing patrols, right?
-My husband's home today
because it's Sunday, so get it today.
-He's home?
-He isn't drunk, is he?
-Stay here. I'll be right back.
I told you not to leave food at my place.
I've told you, we're not brothers anymore.
How are we not brothers anymore?
If our parents knew
we aren't on good terms
How dare you speak of Mom and Dad!
Moo-chi, please
Hundreds of times
Thousands of times
I thought about it a million times,
but I just can't understand you.
How can you forgive the bastard
who killed Mom and Dad
and made you this way?
You jerk.
I hate you more
than that jerk, Han Seo-jun.
How will you face
Mom and Dad after you die?
A man's watch was also found
at the crime scene,
so the police are assuming
that there are more victims.
It isn't him.
What are you talking about?
What do you mean it's not him?
Chi-guk's watch was found
at the crime scene.
The grape farm murder case.
What? Whose watch?
It's his, right?
How many times must I tell you?
He belittled the Headhunter
so I stabbed him.
You only left his underwear on.
Where are his clothes?
I told you that I burned them.
I'm sure it's written on there.
What about the weapon?
You couldn't have burned that.
I won't tell you. Go find it yourself.
Let's see how competent
the Korean police are.
It's not that you won't tell me.
You can't tell me.
Because you didn't do it.
I stabbed that jerk.
Then the gym manager,
waitress, homeless person,
and a female college student
You killed them all?
You're quite talented,
considering you can't leave this cell.
What do you mean?
What I'm saying is Na Chi-guk's watch was
found on the dead college student's wrist.
How did this watch end up there?
Can it walk? Does the watch
have legs or something?
Did you think if you said you did it,
Han Seo-jun would compliment you?
Go kiss that monster's ass.
-Take her to a ward.
-Dr. Sung Yo-han?
-Who is this?
Are you Han Seo-jun's son?
I want to talk to you about
the recent murder cases.
All right. I'll see you then.
We still haven't found
the victim's clothes and the weapon used.
We've been limiting the search
to inside the prison ward,
but we will now expand the search
to the outside of the ward and the places
the visitors can enter, too. Go.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Detective Ko.
If the killer was able to leave here,
don't you think he would've
taken them that day?
In case of visitors,
their belongings were thoroughly searched,
so he couldn't have taken them with him.
It's most likely they're somewhere here.
The weapon aside,
but why is it crucial
to find Chi-guk's clothes?
So far, he has never taken
his victim's clothes off.
The fact that Chi-guk's clothes
were taken off
means that crucial evidence
is on those clothes.
What? How did you do that?
There is a slanted mirror in here.
So we place the person behind the mirror.
-I see.
-Then we show another slot
that looks empty to the audience, and
All right. So you found Na Chi-guk
-where it was supposed to be empty?
That means he was already in here.
It must've been quite heavy
with a grown man inside,
but it went unnoticed?
But the magic box is really heavy itself.
Even if a man over 100 kg goes in it,
it rolls well
because these are specially-made wheels.
Go inside.
One, two, three.
You'll come watch the show, right?
I don't think so.
I was asked to help out with the papers.
Dong-gu would be upset.
Let's have a drink later, okay?
Okay. Good luck and don't be nervous.
-Okay. Bye.
That was around noon.
We left the magic box
in the corner over here
so that it doesn't get in anyone's way.
Was it ever unattended?
Never except when I was up on stage.
All the other members were
with us at that time.
Oh, right. We left it unattended
when we went for lunch.
Oh, that's right.
-All of you went to eat?
They told us to hurry
because the cafeteria was about to close.
So I took everyone with me.
I made sure I didn't leave anyone behind.
How long were you gone for?
Excluding the time going there
and coming back
About 30 minutes? We ate and had coffee.
Is there a security camera in here?
No. There were complaints about it
because visitors get changed here too.
Let's take a look.
When did the members arrive
at the cafeteria?
-It was after we were done eating.
-So around 1 p.m.?
It was 1:10 p.m.
That's when he came out.
Stop. Play it slowly.
One, two, three
It was 1:40 p.m.
They ate for 30 minutes.
A round trip to the cafeteria
takes 20 minutes.
They ate for 30 minutes,
so it took 50 minutes total.
That is enough time to stab Na Chi-guk
and put him in the box.
We're looking for the victim's
navy-colored uniform and a knife.
What is he doing?
What are you doing here?
I told you to leave.
The culprit
You said that he loathed God so much
that he left the body
near a cross and gave it the finger.
But not Chi-guk.
Why was it different with him?
I don't understand that part either.
Bring it on.
Get up. Come on.
What's wrong, Bong-yi?
Are you okay?
Father told me so much about his brother,
but this is the first time
seeing you in person.
You think
this is the first time we've met?
-What happened to the bird?
Do you want to die?
Oh, that.
I'm sorry. I scared you, didn't I?
The bird is still at my place.
It'll fully recover soon.
That's one lucky bird.
If it'd met me, it would've died.
Your brother bragged so much about you.
He said you are an excellent, just,
-and competent detective.
-Don't talk about him.
While we're on that
I want to learn from you.
-Let me in on this investigation.
I want to help you catch
the one who hurt Chi-guk.
You're a police officer, right?
Yes, I work at Gudong Police Substation.
I'm still a rookie.
You think neighborhood patrol is
the same as catching a serial killer?
I know, but when I think of Chi-guk,
it feels wrong of me
to just sit back and do nothing.
Have you ever met a psychopath?
It's beyond your imagination.
They're monsters that a naive person
like you can't even imagine.
Only those with nothing to lose like me
should face them.
Do you know what time it is?
You went to read comics
instead of studying in a library?
Mind your own business.
How's your hand? Is it okay?
Why are your hands so cold?
Do you want to die?
Come with me.
-Let's go.
-Where? Let go of me.
Can't you just come with me?
Let go of me. Have you gone mad?
Don't pick at your food and eat up.
You must eat something warm
to warm up your body.
Eat it like this.
Please call me Officer Jung or Ba-reum.
Will you marry me?
I'll be good to you.
I'm a great cook.
I mean, I'll be a good cook.
I'll clean well, too.
If you ask me to go earn money, I will.
Although I'm not qualified enough.
Is something wrong?
Nothing's wrong. Answer me.
You're like a cute little sister to me.
Eat up.
What a way to turn me down.
Bong-yi. Hey!
What about Song Su-ho's mother?
She was moved to a ward.
I see.
The culprit
of an attempted murder in prison
is Song Su-ho's killer. What's that about?
How did you know?
We're investigating it secretly.
Hey, Ms. Choi.
Would you like a cup of coffee?
You've never made coffee for me.
Hold on. Coffee.
Where are you going?
Jo Mi-jeong.
1,000 WON
What is this?
Are you asking me to seek revenge for you?
When he is released,
I'll kill him for you.
Promise me.
I think that was her.
Why did she come here?
Why are you looking up
that scumbag Kang Deok-su?
That scumbag.
Here you go, Ms. Choi.
Thank you.
That is our last coffee.
Where did you get that?
That? It was on your desk.
Hey, you.
That was the evidence
we found in Jo Mi-jeong's hand.
Oh, that's hot.
You idiot!
How cute.
Where did you come from?
I said I would pluck your tongue out.
It's Oh Bong-yi, not Eo-beong.
I wasn't talking to you.
The bird's name is Eo-beong.
-Stay still.
So this is your bird?
-Is it on my head?
Wait. Hold still.
It hurt its leg.
I let it go thinking it had recovered,
but I guess I was wrong.
-Get it away from me.
I guess Eo-beong likes you.
Animals can tell who's nice.
Nice, my foot.
You meant to say "cute," right?
A cute little sister.
Hey, are you still upset
about what I said last night?
-You see, Bong-yi
You think I said that
because I like you, right?
Protect your bird, you idiot.
Why did you and the members
perform at the detention center, Father?
Were there any new members
among those who went with you that day?
I was there as the guide
of the volunteers.
Ba-reum asked me
to be his assistant for the magic show.
There was no new member.
Everyone's been volunteering
for over a year now.
No one in the group would ever do such
Ko Moo-chi.
I need to talk to you.
So you have
a couch in the office. How nice.
We'll keep that coffee stick a secret,
so keep your mouth shut, okay?
That's the proof
that there may be more victims.
That's not enough proof.
It was in Jo Mi-jeong's hand.
I'm sure it belongs to another victim.
You said other objects
were valuable to the victim.
Who would cherish coffee stick sachets?
Who knows? Maybe the victim loved coffee.
Shut your mouth.
I'm doing this for you.
If this gets out, you and Detective Shin
will get in trouble for being careless.
Got it, Moo-chi?
Do you want to quit your job?
That's why people say
he doesn't belong here.
Be quiet.
Go and tell Hong-ju
to keep her mouth shut, too.
Jeez. I'm sorry.
Any other questions?
We're done.
I'll call you if I have questions.
-Thank you.
Are you all right?
Yes, I'm fine.
-Thank you.
Why go through all that
to perform for those scumbags
only to end up here?
Why ask a handicapped person
to come all the way here?
You could've visited him
to ask him questions.
People are so inconsiderate.
Says the guy who even tried
to shoot suspects.
-What did you say?
-Watch it.
Ko Moo-chi. Show some respect.
Don't you know I'm older than you?
How much older are you?
Age doesn't earn you respect.
Show some respect for the disabled.
Please stop.
You guys are fighting like cats and dogs.
This is the list of visitors
at the detention center that day.
Investigate them all,
starting with ex-cons.
That jerk.
If they find out that the evidence
has been damaged, I could be fired.
You know there are
people out to get me, right?
Plus, you're the one who drank the coffee.
So keep it a secret.
Then apologize to me.
Apologize for not recognizing me
and that you regret it.
-Then I'll keep my mouth shut.
-What do you mean?
You really don't remember?
Damn it.
What? You can't say it?
Let's see.
What was Reporter Yang's number?
Do it. Go ahead and make the call.
-Where are you going?
-To catch that psychopath.
Detective Ko.
What are you doing here?
Dong-gu and I are taking turns coming here
so that Chi-guk's mom can rest.
They think his fingers were cut
while defending himself.
He lost two fingers. One was reattached.
The other one was brought back too late,
so it couldn't be reattached.
Why do you think
he left Na Chi-guk's watch
and let us close in on him?
I don't know.
I'm sure the culprit thought
Na Chi-guk was dead.
It's a miracle that he survived.
But you should talk
to the doctor who operated on him.
Is Dr. Sung Yo-han still out?
Yes, we can't get ahold of him.
Please call me when he gets here.
What room is Ms. Oh Mi-sun in?
This is anticlimactic.
I'm working hard to catch the guy
who hurt your son, and look at you.
I promised that I would get him.
Don't you want to see him get arrested?
So why would you
Do this again, and I won't catch him.
Is that what you want?
Please catch him, Detective Ko.
I won't.
I'll kill him.
So don't attempt suicide ever again.
Please kill him.
Promise me.
Good work today. See you tomorrow.
-Thank you.
-It's finally over.
-It's over.
-I'm so nervous.
-I'm so excited.
-She's napping again.
My mom told me not to hang out with her.
-He'll be released soon.
Hey. What should we eat?
-Good idea.
-I'm hungry.
-I'm so excited.
-We're amazing.
-We really click.
-I can't wait.
I'm hungry.
How cute.
Officer Jung brought it for you.
He said that you were fond of it.
He's ridiculous.
I was never fond of it.
Tell him to come and take it back.
I can barely look after myself.
Goodness, what's with her temper?
You're such a clean freak.
What are you doing here, Bong-yi?
Is this you?
Your mother is beautiful.
Do you take bribes or something?
This house is huge.
I bought it with insurance money
after my parents passed away.
Would you like a drink?
Thanks for Eo-beong.
You seemed to adore him this morning.
Take good care of him.
You were perplexed
by what I said the other night, right?
What? Well
I was kidding,
but you took it too seriously.
Right? It was a joke, right?
I thought you really meant it.
I was so worried I hurt you, and
No way.
You see, I felt so bad,
so I cooked this just for you.
You made it yourself?
Try some.
No, I'll
I put time and effort into it. Try a bite.
Ba-reum. Open wide.
Oh, okay.
What do you think?
-It's good.
-It is?
What is this?
-It's marinated chicken.
-Marinated chicken.
Have another bite then.
Gosh. How can the meat be so tender?
It's really good.
Right? Isn't Eo-beong delicious?
Not only does he look cute,
but his meat is so tender and good, too.
I'm unbelievably adorable, aren't I?
I told him the chicken was you,
and that fool believed me.
Oh, that feels good.
But at moments like that,
I find him a bit cute, I guess.
Detective Ko.
There's a problem. Come watch this.
Something ridiculous has happened.
A police officer has eaten the evidence.
This was the evidence
for the grape farm murder scene.
-When A's body was found
-What outed this?
Who was this?
Who leaked this?
Moreover, the police seems to be
-What? OBN News?
-trying to cover it up.
-The police has been investigating
-OBN is where Choi
but have not been able to get any leads.
Don't blame her without proof.
She'd never do such a thing.
I never liked how she always came by
without an invitation.
Even if she did this,
we can't really blame her.
Who's worse? The one trying
to cover it up or the one exposing it?
That's why the public
always badmouths the police.
Will you listen to him?
He's going to be the death of me.
She really tipped it off
because I didn't do as she told me to?
The person you've dialed is unavailable.
You're dodging my call, too, Choi Hong-ju?
What are you doing here?
I was worried
because I couldn't reach you all day.
What is it? Is something wrong?
I'm scared.
I'm scared.
-What is it?
-Just for a minute.
Just stay like this for a minute.
Go out with me, Detective Ko.
We're at the reed bed murder scene
-Go out with me.
You're probably the only woman
who asks a guy out at a crime scene.
No? Why not?
You're not my type.
You make me feel terrible.
Is it not even worth considering?
You're a jerk.
You can spot criminals so well,
but you don't realize how great I am.
You'll regret it someday.
Did you find Han Seo-jun's son?
I will make his son live the same way.
Just as I have to live with these
terrible, unforgettable memories,
so will his son.
What's on your mind?
What is it?
Don't you hate your dad
for abandoning you, Han-guk?
No, I don't.
I'm sure he had his reasons.
Your father might be watching this,
so why don't you say something to him?
I miss you.
I love you.
If you ever meet your dad,
what would you like to do with him?
Amusement park.
I want to go
to an amusement park with him.
He's such a good boy.
The number is 070
I'd like to sponsor Han-guk
Why can't I get through?
It's a rerun.
-Oh, it's a rerun.
How can a guy be so teary?
Come eat some porridge.
Abalones looked so fresh
at the market today.
Can you pack some for me?
I want to give some to Chi-guk's mother.
Hands off. Don't you know
that you're off the case?
What are you talking about?
This is my case. It's
You're suspended,
so you should go take a nap.
Wait a minute.
Was it you who told the reporters?
You're being suspicious.
Hey, Shin.
How are you?
The air is nice down there, right?
Why would I be busy? I'm suspended.
I have lots of free time.
Thank you for coming all the way here.
No problem.
What would I do in the office all day?
I can get fresh air this way.
I am so unlucky.
I've just been transferred,
and I got a murder case.
-I thought it was a missing person.
-No, it's a murder.
There's no body yet,
but the higher-ups are hushing up.
The missing person is Dr. Daniel Lee.
You know him, right?
He was a Nobel Prize nominee.
The janitor came to clean
before the park opened as usual.
Everything was turned off,
but this Ferris wheel
was going around on its own.
So he came, and it was left like this.
How did you know this was
Dr. Daniel Lee's blood?
We found a car nearby.
We ran the plate,
and it was the car rented
by Dr. Daniel Lee through his hotel.
So we compared the DNA
left in the driver's seat in the car
and the DNA in the blood.
They were a match.
But the body is gone?
If he was at an amusement park
after it was closed,
that means he was
secretly meeting someone.
What's this? It looks like a zip.
It was found in the Ferris wheel.
It looks like a zip from a jacket.
We checked the hotel security camera,
and he was wearing a suit that night.
It may be from the culprit's clothes.
Where is his hotel?
This way, please.
We checked, and there were
no signs of breaking and entering.
Let me see this once more.
Find this woman
and find out the call history.
What's going on?
Oh, my. Hello.
Are you a gangster?
How can you do this to her face?
Apologize to her right now, Bong-yi.
You could be expelled for school violence.
Oh, no. Expelled?
She's about to graduate soon.
Please, ma'am. Please forgive her.
I'm so sorry.
I will apologize instead.
-Please forgive
-What are you doing?
Jeez. Please.
Please forgive her.
She's been through so much.
I wasn't able to do much for her.
Please forgive her.
-Stop it, Grandma.
-I beg you.
Be quiet.
Did I teach you to be a gangster?
Apologize right now.
Kneel down and beg for forgiveness.
Why should I?
She keeps spreading rumors about me.
I don't want to come to school anymore.
I'll just quit this school.
She is so uneducated.
What is wrong with her?
What rumors did you spread?
What did you say about my Bong-yi?
Well What I heard from my mom.
What do you mean?
How dare you run your mouths like that!
I'm fine. Let's go home.
What's wrong with your leg?
It's asleep. That's all.
What do you want to eat?
What would you like for dinner?
I don't want anything.
What do you mean?
Gosh. Tell me what you want to eat.
Would you like boiled pork?
I don't want anything.
I am offering to cook meat for dinner,
and you're refusing?
You never listen to me.
What will you become in the future?
I became like this
because I've been too good.
What did you say?
Am I wrong?
If I hadn't been a good girl,
I wouldn't have gone out
to buy makgeolli that day.
Then that wouldn't have happened
Your phone keeps ringing.
The phone is turned off.
You will be connected to voicemail.
After the beep, you will be charged.
Where is she?
DECEMBER 13, 2019
Yes. It's only two months away.
No wonder she's so worried.
Don't worry about a thing.
I will take care of everything.
The day you get released
is the day you will die.
This is the last one, right?
Hang in there just a little bit more.
Oh, my.
Why are you doing this, Officer Jung?
-You don't work for the moving company.
-Of course, I should help.
I'm sad to see you go.
You're right.
We're the last one from this alley.
Thank you for helping out
despite your busy schedule.
I will help out a bit more and leave.
Oh, my.
Officer Jung.
Drink this. Here.
How's your leg?
It isn't as swollen as it used to be.
-You're still icing it, right?
I told you to put
a new bandage on every day.
It won't heal fast otherwise.
What's the occasion today?
You look so nice.
Oh, I had to go to Bong-yi's school.
I see.
You should dress up like this every day.
I'm about to go blind
because of your dashing beauty.
But that's an eyesore.
-I'll buy you a nicer one next time.
You must have bad eyesight.
I won't give it up
for millions of dollars.
Bong-yi made this for me on my birthday
when she was a little girl.
Oh, I guess she was good to you
when she was young.
She would cling on to me like a koala.
You have no idea how cute she was.
Gosh. I can't even imagine it.
Officer Jung.
May I ask you for a favor?
If you don't bring settlement money,
your granddaughter
will be expelled and end up in jail.
Even young people
can't find jobs these days.
No one would hire an old lady like you.
-They'd feel uncomfortable.
I may look old on the outside,
but I'm actually not that old.
It looked like you were limping
when you walked in.
You see
I fell down on my way up the stairs.
I'll get better soon.
I will only charge half
of what other people charge.
-Please help me out.
Drink this and go.
Where are you going?
-The restroom.
Drink it and leave, please.
Oh, my.
This is good for Bong-yi's constipation.
I'll take some, okay?
Oh, that scared me.
Hello, she just went to
Is that so?
Then I will send someone over right away.
What is the address?
Yes, go ahead.
Stop it.
That's all for today.
You've gotten so much better.
Thank you.
I heard it wasn't Eo-beong.
You came all the way here to ask me that?
Your grandma was worried
because you weren't picking up your phone,
so I told her I'd look for you.
Go home and stop worrying your grandma.
Don't be ridiculous.
You're a cop, so you can fight, right?
Good. Come on up.
Bong-yi. No!
Hey, Bong-yi.
Hey, Bong-yi.
I give up.
I feel bad for the residents
of Gudong Village.
How can they rely on someone
like you for safety?
How did a weakling like you become a cop?
Hey, Bong-yi.
Do you know why your grandma
was late that night?
Who cares? I don't want to know.
She was rushing,
and she fell in the rain
and sprained her ankle.
It was swollen.
She's old, too.
If you continue to mistreat her
that way, you'll regret it.
Be good to her while she's still here.
Don't regret it later.
Officer Jung.
Mind your own business.
Do you really want to marry me?
Don't be ridiculous.
Who are you?
Who else? I'm here to clean your place.
The one who used to come here got sick,
-so I came instead.
Excuse me.
Oh, you have a guest.
Don't worry about me
and do what you were doing.
I think Mom sent her.
She does this sometimes.
-I'll get going now.
Gosh, this place is huge.
Do you pay monthly rent or annual rent?
You don't own this place, do you?
It looks like my mom sent you,
but I don't like to have
a stranger clean my place.
I'm sorry, but please leave.
I will make this place so shiny
that you will slip and fall.
Just you wait.
Get back to your business.
Leave me to do my work.
I'll go get changed.
Why must I turn in
every piece of evidence?
-Then how can I investigate?
-We were told to turn in everything first.
That's ridiculous.
Why are you yelling at me?
That troublemaker.
Stop napping and answer the phone.
Damn it.
Yes, this is Troublemaker.
I found out whom Dr. Lee spoke to last.
You did?
Good. Tell me.
Sung Yo-han?
Sung Yo-han?
But you should talk
to the doctor who operated on him.
Is Dr. Sung Yo-han still out?
Didn't he operate on Na Chi-guk?
What does the police want with me?
Oh, my goodness.
I must've dropped it while cleaning.
Give it to me.
Isn't it pretty?
My granddaughter made it for me.
Finish up here
and lock the door when you leave.
You're going out like that?
No way. It's too cold out.
This will be warm.
You must put this on.
Put this on.
He's so cold.
Oh, my goodness.
This is a lot of money.
Oh, my.
He is rich and generous.
If I work a bit more,
I'll have enough for the settlement.
Yes, this is Officer Jung Ba-reum.
Yes, hi.
Na Chi-guk's finger
that couldn't get sewn back
You don't have it, do you?
I'm sure it's at the hospital.
I was hoping to find
the culprit's DNA on there,
so I asked the hospital to keep it.
The Evidence
wants us to turn it in as evidence.
I'll look into it.
Mr. Sung Yo-han.
You know Dr. Daniel Lee, right?
-Every doctor knows him.
-So you don't know him personally?
Wait a minute. It's 010
Answer it.
Dr. Daniel Lee called this number.
I did receive a call
that was not meant for me.
But you talked on the phone
for 3 minutes and 23 seconds?
I hung up immediately,
but I guess the call didn't get hung up.
If you're done, I'll get going now.
What did you do on Monday?
I came to see you to talk to you
about Na Chi-guk,
but you didn't come to work.
I was out sick that day.
I'm still on sick leave.
-What did you do Sunday evening?
-I was sick.
What do you think I was doing?
I was home resting.
Can someone prove your alibi?
Why are you doing this?
Dr. Daniel Lee is missing.
We think it's a murder case.
I was with a friend.
Please leave your friend's name
and number here.
On the left. Please write it down.
If you have any more questions,
summon me officially.
Mr. Sung Yo-han.
Mr. Sung Yo-han!
Thank you for storing this safely.
What? This is weird.
Officer Jung.
Detective Ko.
Where are you off to in a rush?
This evidence
It isn't Chi-guk's finger.
We went fishing
about a week before the incident.
A fishing hook got caught in his finger.
There should be a scar,
but there isn't one.
So this is someone else's finger?
He left someone else's finger
there on purpose?
Then what about Chi-guk's finger?
I don't know.
-There was a cathedral in lockup, right?
The cross.
Detective Ko!
What's that?
I should clean everything while I'm at it.
I must score some points.
That way, I can continue
to work here, right?
Oh, this must be the way down.
Oh, my.
Is it locked? The key
How do I open this?
You're back.
What do you think?
It's nice and shiny, right?
Oh, my.
Look at the time.
I must get going now.
You left this.
When Ms. A failed to come home
after a walk on the 13th,
her family reported her missing,
but in the end she was found dead.
Oh, my.
I'm so scared.
I will let my grandson-in-law
take the credit.
She fell in the rain
and sprained her ankle.
It was swollen.
-Who is it for?
It is?
This would be nice, too.
What do you think?
-This one?
What about this one?
She's old, too.
If you continue to mistreat her
that way, you'll regret it.
-Be good to her while she's still here.
How much is this?
I'll search around here.
Officer Jung. What's going on?
-I'll explain later.
What are you looking for?
Oh, Father.
Hello, Father.
Officer Jung.
Let's come back after the Mass.
Detective Ko.
Let's come back after the Mass.
This is an urgent matter.
Who cares about those jerks
attending Mass?
-Come on.
-They killed people.
Do their crimes disappear if they pray?
-Do they go to heaven?
-How can you say such a thing?
What did I say?
Please be quiet. Please.
This won't resolve anything.
-Detective Ko.
What's this?
Go bring a ladder.
Go now.
All of you, take this and drink.
This is the cup of my blood
that binds us anew and forever.
This is the blood I shall shed
to forgive your sin.
-Remember me
-Detective Ko.
-and act as I tell you.
-Detective Ko.
What is it?
What do you see up there?
Oh, my. Why are they closed?
Where is everybody?
What? He came after me?
What do I do?
Oh, no.
Is something wrong?
Is it your friend?
We found Chi-guk's uniform and the weapon.
You did? Do you have any leads?
Not yet.
They'll notify me if they find anything.
The person you've dialed is unavailable.
You'll be connected to
I'll be right back.
Are you here, ma'am?
Are you here, ma'am?
Who are you?
-Oh, no.
-Who is it?
Oh, no.
Are you hurt?
What are you doing here? Hop in.
Did something happen around here?
That perverted psychopath.
He killed people and took pictures?
Say what I tell you to say.
You're right.
There's something fishy about Sung Yo-han.
What should we do?
Are you saying this serial killer is also
a psychopath who's full of himself?
We must find out
how he chooses his target
-Ko Moo-chi.
-before the program airs.
Who are you?
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