Mouse (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Who Are You?

Officer Jung is number one
on my speed dial.
That scared me.
Sometimes, I hunt spontaneously.
This unfortunate old lady
saw something she shouldn't have
and ended up becoming my prey.
Prey should desperately fight back
until they draw their last breath.
But this prey doesn't seem to have
the energy to do so.
Which makes this hunt
boring and insignificant.
Poor baby.
My poor baby.
Did you find anything?
Not yet.
Sung Yo-han said he was with this friend
when Dr. Lee went missing.
-Go talk to him.
That Sung Yo-han is shady.
Kim Jun-seong.
Did you find anything?
No, it's clean.
Damn it. If only we'd found it
before it started to rain.
And the finger that was in the wine?
It is Na Chi-guk's finger.
What about the other finger?
Yes, sir?
Is that so?
-I'll be right there.
-What is it?
I think we know
who the other finger belongs to.
-Did you bring your car?
Come with me.
Apparently, this was a clothing factory
owned by a religious group
until two years ago.
Oh, my.
What are you doing here?
What happened?
They say he's been dead
for about ten days.
He was missing for ten days,
but no one looked for him.
What a cruel world.
There's something in his throat.
What is that?
I don't know. It's too decomposed.
There's been a homicide.
All right. Give me a call
as soon as Officer Jung wakes up.
I hope he's okay.
Hold up.
What is it?
There's a girl over there.
Are you okay? Do you need any help?
Can you give me a ride
to the other side of this bridge?
Sure. Hop in.
You're going to catch a cold.
Thank you.
I just bought this car last week.
It isn't good
for leather seats to get wet.
Hey, you jerk.
Why were you sitting there in the rain?
My grandma wasn't answering her phone.
So you were sitting there
in the rain like that?
You're not a little kid.
Please drop me off here.
Wait. I should have
an umbrella in the trunk.
Oh, thank you for this.
Take this with you.
Be safe.
Hurry on home.
So this is where she lives.
What? You know her?
Let's go already.
Oh, no.
That was 1 of the 100
limited-edition umbrellas.
I should've asked for it back.
Your parents had you
after ten years of trying, right?
I bet they were ecstatic,
not realizing you'd be
such a materialistic moron.
Anyway, I wonder who was killed this time.
Why won't she answer her phone?
Is she mad at me?
Oh, Ma'am.
Did something happen around here?
We don't know.
We came out because we heard the siren.
This many police cars means
that it's a homicide.
You've been watching too many weird films
since giving up on the exam.
Don't be like that.
Your son's going to be the next Hitchcock.
I want to get a closer look.
I'll be back later. Bye, Bong-yi.
To think I ever rejoiced
after giving birth to a son like him.
Wait. Have you seen my grandma?
No, I haven't.
Come to think of it,
it's strange she isn't out here.
She must be checking out the scene.
She always goes to watch
whenever anything happens.
-I'll get going, then.
-Yes, go ahead.
Now he's even killing the elderly?
She suffered a burn on her hand.
She must've tried
to put out the fire with her hand.
Why did you hold onto this
with your final breath?
My poor baby.
She'll be okay.
It's all my fault.
Please take me and save my little baby.
What is he doing here this time?
This is bullshit.
What? What did you just say?
Are you
What's wrong, Detective Ko?
Did you know the victim?
Why must poor, innocent people die?
What's wrong with him?
What's going on here?
What the
It's you.
Don't go in there.
Why not?
You see
Let's talk.
Let go of me.
Bong-yi, wait.
Let go of me. Let go!
Let go.
Let go of me.
I feel so bad for her.
Wait. That's
Let her go. Let her identify the body.
Come this way.
-Hold it!
-Yes, sir.
You want her to see
her grandmother like this?
-But we must identify
-Move aside.
Why is she like that?
-Get going.
-What is my grandma like that?
-Get going now.
Hold on, Bong-yi. Move it!
-Calm down.
-Leave now.
-Let go of me.
Why is she like that?
Where is he?
What happened?
He needs to rest.
-Get lost.
-Please leave.
What happened?
It's because of me.
If I had only answered her call
Get a grip. Look at me.
Look at me!
Tell me everything you saw.
That's the only way
we can catch him, okay?
While you and I were
at the detention center,
she kept calling me.
I didn't know until I got to the station.
The person you've dialed
I saw the guy who killed the girl on TV.
What should I do?
Here is the message.
Why won't you answer your phone?
Oh, my.
I'm too scared to even call the police.
I'm on the bus.
Meet me by Chub's Convenience Store.
-I brought the picture.
But the store was closed.
So I called her.
The area is vacant
as it's undergoing redevelopment.
I heard her phone ring nearby.
I thought it was strange.
Are you here?
Did you see his face?
Who are you?
No. It was too dark,
and everything happened too fast.
Anything else? Tell me everything.
Tell me anything that could be a clue!
-Oh, he was left-handed.
Then it's definitely him, right?
You said the culprit was left-handed.
The culprit is left-handed.
The knife is pointing
in the one o'clock direction,
which would only be possible
if they used their left hand.
He is definitely left-handed.
What else?
Anything else?
When we were on the ground,
I smelled something.
What did you smell?
Mint. I smelled mint.
What are you doing here unannounced?
I thought I'd stop by on my way back
from a nearby flower exhibition.
The cleaning lady must be really good.
There isn't a single speck of dust.
Stop sending one over.
I don't like having strangers in my home.
You haven't eaten yet, right?
Try not to skip a meal.
I put your dirty clothes in the washer.
I take it you treated
another emergency patient today.
Why did you have to volunteer
to work in the ER of all departments?
You're always covered in blood.
That's a nice fragrance.
You don't normally use
products with fragrance.
Are you seeing someone?
Do you intend to marry her?
I would love to have a grandchild.
I'll help you raise them.
The mere thought of it is horrifying.
Han Seo-jun the Third?
Did you see the old lady today?
Did she act or say anything
out of the ordinary?
Earlier today,
she was upset because she'd argued
with her granddaughter.
She didn't say where she was going?
I think she said she was going back home.
That's not good enough.
Think long and hard!
Don't give me wishy-washy answers!
Why are you yelling at a patient?
I had to ask some questions
for the investigation.
If you don't mind,
we have to move the witness
to a private room for security.
Take care of yourself. I'll be back.
Around 8 p.m. this evening,
a woman in her 70s was
found stabbed multiple times
in a deserted house in Gudong Village,
a redevelopment area.
The police have concluded that it was done
by the serial killer
behind other recent homicides.
Another suspected victim
of the same killer
was found ten days after their death
in an abandoned factory
that used to be owned
by a religious group.
This brings the total number
of victims up to six.
You don't deserve to live.
You monster.
I shouldn't have had you.
I never should've had you.
How can I make up for these sins?
The police officer
who was hit by a car
while chasing the murderer
is receiving treatment in a hospital.
I'm sorry, Auntie and Uncle.
You had to insist on becoming a cop,
which never suited you.
I will stay here for the night, honey.
Go ahead.
Dong-gu said he would stay here overnight.
I'll be fine. Go home.
Okay. I'll be back early tomorrow morning.
What should I make today?
Was he hurt?
He's not the type
to put on a cute bandage.
Calm down. You can't go inside.
-You can't go in there.
-Let go!
Let go.
You moron.
How can you call yourself a cop?
-You need to leave.
-Let go of me!
Why didn't you answer her call?
Why didn't you answer your phone?
She died because of you.
Because of you, she Let go of me.
Find him.
Find the scumbag that killed my grandma.
Bring her back. Please
My grandma
Bring back my grandma.
Bring her back!
The nightmare of the Headhunter,
which shook the nation 25 years ago,
is happening again.
During the past 2 months,
there have been a series of 6 murders,
but the police are no closer
to catching the killer,
making the public lose trust
and fall into panic.
This looks familiar.
I saw something flash over here
on my way to church at dawn.
Something that flashes
A camera flash.
That perverted psychopath.
He took pictures
after killing his victims?
Where did the old lady
get this picture from?
No security cameras?
This area has been
under redevelopment for so long
that everyone has moved away.
Only a few people still live here.
Then, check the dashcams
of cars parked nearby.
Check every footage
with the old lady in it.
None of the residents
who are still here own a car.
It's practically a ghost town,
so we don't get a lot of visitors either.
Right there. That's her.
Where did she get on?
That's right.
Check all the security footage
at the subway and bus stops
near Gudong Station.
There'll be something.
Hey, Officer Jung.
Detective Ko.
What are you doing here?
I'm looking for the guy
who killed the old lady.
I take it you checked
with the bus company, too?
Look at yourself. Go back to the hospital.
I have to find him.
Maybe that camera caught it.
I'll go check.
Hey. Officer Jung!
Where do you think she went?
I know it's an old area,
but how could there not be
a single security camera?
I'll look around.
Go back to the hospital now.
She died because of me.
I'm going to catch him.
I'm with the police.
Is there a security camera nearby?
Have you seen
No, I haven't seen her.
Excuse me. I'm a police officer.
I'm not sure.
-I'm with the police.
-I don't know.
I'm with the police.
Yes, hello.
Did this old lady come by
yesterday afternoon?
What is this about?
You know there was
a homicide here last night, right?
Oh, dear. Was she the victim?
We checked the security camera,
and she was seen walking into this alley.
She didn't come in here.
If anyone who comes by here
says they've seen her,
please ask them to call the police.
It's not like I can report her
for stealing our yogurt.
Excuse me.
Who was that?
Remember the news
about the homicide last night?
They were asking if the victim
had come by here.
Is that so?
I see.
This old lady
-This is her?
-Yes. Why?
She's the one who took all our yogurt.
I should call it in. Oh, my goodness.
Have you gone mad?
What if they find out about us
hiring illegal immigrants?
Damn it. Don't do anything.
Don't get us in trouble.
But a person is dead.
Be quiet.
Do you want our office to be shut down?
Okay, fine.
Get in. I'll drive you to the hospital.
What is it?
It's nothing.
I know it's dirty. Just get in.
I hope you're not overexerting yourself
with an injured leg and all.
Thank you for coming.
She wanted him to be
her grandson-in-law so badly.
He's living up to the standard.
He took care of everything
related to the funeral,
even though he's injured.
I feel so bad for Bong-yi.
I don't think she has a single relative.
We've already searched
the area thoroughly,
but we might've missed something.
Team One, search the offices
in this building again.
Team Two, search every area
connected to this alley.
Team Three, search the end of this alley
and the buildings across from it.
-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!
Let's take a look at that one again.
I heard you paid for her burial.
It must've been expensive.
I could've cremated her.
I scattered my parents' ashes at sea,
so I don't have a place to go to
when I want to cry.
You're saying
you were afraid
I wouldn't have a place to go
when I miss my grandma?
She didn't drink.
That's not true.
She used to love drinking makgeolli.
The last thing
I said to her was something
that I never
should have said to her.
I became like this
because I've been too good.
What did you say?
If I hadn't been a good girl,
I wouldn't have gone out
to buy makgeolli that day.
Then that wouldn't have happened
It really
kills me to think about it.
Grandma, I
I am sorry.
I am so sorry.
Please forgive me.
I am so sorry.
Don't worry.
I asked Dong-gu to feed him every day.
Get some sleep.
Don't think about anything else.
Get some sleep.
Does it make you happy
to eat boiled pork all by yourself?
You don't think I like boiled pork, too?
What would you like for dinner?
-I don't want anything.
-What do you mean?
Tell me what you want to eat.
Would you like boiled pork?
I don't want anything.
Bong-yi. It's gone bad.
Bong-yi, what are you doing?
I told you it's gone bad.
What are you doing?
Stop eating that, Bong-yi.
No, don't eat it.
Let it go.
Oh, my.
My poor baby.
My poor child.
My grandma.
Grandma, don't worry about me.
I have someone looking after me.
There's no one.
Did you find anything?
No, not yet.
I even sent you backup.
You sent backup
to someone who's been suspended?
Be quiet.
Did you check the visitor log
at the detention center?
I did. I checked the entire list,
including the guards and visitors,
but there wasn't anyone suspicious.
Are you sure?
Did you check every single one?
You didn't miss anyone?
If you don't trust me, check it yourself!
I asked if you missed anyone!
What is wrong with you two?
You two used to be inseparable.
What? The security camera?
She was captured on it?
Send it over now.
Have you got a lead?
I'm with the police.
Have you seen this old lady?
No, I haven't.
Excuse me. I'm a police officer.
Have you seen this old lady?
No, I haven't.
Hey, Yo-han.
The police are here. What should I do?
Just say what I told you to say.
You're Mr. Kim Jun-seong, right?
I have a few questions to ask you.
Do you know Dr. Sung Yo-han?
Yes, he's a friend of mine.
Where were you between last Sunday night
and the following morning?
Last Sunday night
Yo-han wasn't feeling well,
so I went over to his place.
Yo-han wasn't feeling well
Where's my cell phone?
I must've left it in my car again.
May I borrow your phone real quick?
Thank you.
Wow. This is the new model.
I've heard great things about it.
Did he leave?
You said what I told you to, right?
He's not answering.
Is it because it's a new model?
The quality of the sound is impressive.
I'll call you again
if I have more questions.
Hey, Yo-han.
No, I didn't call you.
Detective Ko, I think you're right.
That Sung Yo-han is shady.
What should we do?
Whatever's necessary.
Get the dashcam from Sung Yo-han's car
and find out where he was at that hour.
That's illegal.
If I get caught, it could derail
my father's career as a politician.
He's planning to run
for president next year.
Is that so?
I don't have a father,
so you're wasting your breath on me.
I'll hang up now.
I'm busy running an illegal investigation.
This is the police.
Have you seen this lady?
I'm with the police.
Have you seen this old lady?
-I'm a police officer.
Have you seen this old lady?
I'm not sure.
-What is it?
-Where are you? Get back here.
I'm busy.
Come back right now.
What does he want?
I don't even have time to eat.
He's always ordering me around.
What? Why would I do that?
The murderer's started
a game of cat and mouse with you,
so everyone's attention is on you.
The entire nation has their eyes on you.
I thought I was off the case.
I've been suspended.
You should be the one
to do the press release, not me.
You're being unfair.
It was the commissioner's order.
I had no choice.
Do you want to be fired
for insubordination?
Why did you have to blabber
about the serial killer on TV
and make yourself his target?
You have plenty of time until 8 p.m.,
so stay here and get ready.
Don't go anywhere.
I haven't eaten anything.
I'll get you food.
Darn it.
We'll go on one more ride
after a short break, okay?
-What is it?
I want that Goat Man bread.
I'm hungry.
Just wait.
They are going to buy us
something to eat afterward.
Ma'am. Can you come here real quick?
Wait here. Mommy will be right back.
Around 3 p.m. this afternoon,
Kim Han-guk, the boy who starred
on OBN's Hope to Children
and moved the public to tears,
went missing during a shoot
at an amusement park.
Wake up, Ko Moo-chi.
Wake up, Moo-chi.
Here you go.
All you have to do is read this, okay?
The public sentiment is bad.
Whatever the reporters say,
don't lose your temper. Okay?
How long were you asleep?
Your hair is a mess.
It's going to be aired live,
so you can't make a mistake.
-Are you listening to me?
I'm hungry.
Eat this.
Fortunately, we have acquired
witness testimonies
and security camera footage
pertaining to the case of the last victim,
a woman in her 70s,
which is driving
the investigation forward.
Based on the fact
that other victims' belongings were left
by the killer at the murder scene
of the college student,
we have concluded these are serial murders
committed by the same person.
Taking the gravity
of these cases into consideration,
we are investigating
them from multiple angles,
from the killer's motives
and relationships with the victims
to the possibility of an accomplice.
Please understand
that I cannot provide any more details.
Please also note
that I will not be taking any questions.
We'll strive to secure the public's safety
by catching the murderer
as soon as possible.
That is all.
There have been
6 innocent victims in 2 months.
What have you found so far?
Haven't you been too complacent?
We cannot answer questions
about an ongoing investigation.
We heard that the killer left
a message for you
at the murder scene
of the college student.
Why did he leave a message
specifically for you?
Why don't you ask the killer?
I'm dying to know the answer, too.
You said the killings were random.
Do you still stand by that comment?
You said there are 6 victims,
but aren't there 7?
According to a source, the serial killer
also tried to murder the prison guard.
That's classified.
How can you call it random
when they went to the detention center?
Are you sure there isn't
a link between the victims?
Is the investigation
even going in the right direction?
We've done a thorough investigation.
There wasn't a single link
among the victims.
Maybe among the victims
What is it?
Maybe they had criteria
when choosing the victims.
Who are you?
You are good, Detective Ko.
You've been wrong before,
but I'm still impressed.
That means
You're right. I have a certain criteria
when I choose my victims.
So why did I choose that boy?
Why will he die? What did he do wrong?
You little
You like to be on TV, right?
What was the name of the show
where you called my killings "random"?
Find out why I'll kill the boy
and say it on that show.
Don't be drunk this time.
Take it seriously.
A person's life is at stake.
What, you psycho scumbag?
If you don't get it right,
I'll kill the boy
in front of the entire nation
as soon as the show ends.
-I promise you that.
-Who was that?
-Who is the "psycho"?
-Who were you talking to?
-Please tell us.
Was that the killer?
Did you talk to the killer?
You're right. I have a certain criteria
when I choose my victims.
So why did I choose that boy?
Why will he die? What did he do wrong?
Who's that bastard
going to kill this time?
What's going on here?
Serial murders and kidnapping
He came to Korea to find his father.
When his story went public,
he received a flood of warm support.
No leads were found at the scene.
Could it be?
So why did I choose that boy?
Why will he die? What did he do wrong?
The kidnapper called Han-guk's mother
and asked for life-saving money.
This is a typical kidnapping
motivated by financial greed.
"Life-saving money"?
Don't we usually call it "ransom"?
Yes, but the kidnapper
specifically used the term "life-saving."
How much did he want?
He hasn't told me the exact amount yet.
You recorded the call, right?
Have the life-saving money prepared
by Friday 11 p.m. sharp.
If you don't do as I say,
Han-guk will die.
Friday 11 p.m. sharp.
You like to be on TV, right?
What was the name of the show
where you called my killings "random"?
As soon as the show ends.
-Friday 11 p.m.
-By Friday 11 p.m. sharp.
That's when Sherlock Hong-ju ends.
Will airing the show as he demands
aid the investigation?
At this point,
our priority is to save the boy's life.
Do we even know if the boy's still alive?
He is definitely alive.
The boy has to be alive
for the killer to show off his existence.
"Bind, torture, kill."
The murderer
who identified himself as BTK,
for binding, torturing
and killing his victims,
killed at least 10 people
in the span of 30 years,
starting with a family of four in 1974.
He also sent letters
and the victims' belongings
to a broadcasting company
as if to mock the police.
As you can see,
psychopathic serial killers
like to brag about the cruelty
of their murders
and show themselves off.
They take pleasure in bragging.
We must air the show
in order to catch him.
BTK, a civil servant
who kept his identity a secret,
was finally caught after 30 years
because of the letter
he sent to the press.
He left his DNA on the letter.
He left his DNA?
It wasn't on purpose.
He was so full of himself
that he made a fatal mistake.
That's right.
When I was working on my last piece,
Dr. Daniel Lee told me
that psychopaths like that
usually get so cocky
that they make ridiculous mistakes.
Yes, that's how Han Seo-jun
was caught 25 years ago.
He killed 20 people in 1 year
and didn't leave a single trace or witness
until he mistook a family of four
for a family of three.
He got caught
because he failed to kill
the youngest boy.
He was so full of himself
that he made a fatal mistake.
Next slide, please.
His desire to show off
is at its peak right now.
If I take this to the stage
as he requested,
he will most likely walk into our trap
and make a fatal mistake.
He dreams of a theatrical crime.
We will run a theatrical investigation.
If we take to the stage,
we may learn new information
about the killer as well.
Doing this show
will help our investigation.
So, can you find the answer?
You only have four days left.
I will find out no matter what.
The public will protest
if you grant the killer's request.
That is why we must keep this classified.
Please trust me on this, Commissioner.
All right. Let's do it.
The commissioner and the director?
And Detective Kang?
-What's going on?
-What do you mean?
Come on. Don't play dumb.
Why did the director of OBN come here?
The commissioner, too.
They both looked very serious.
Do I look like your personal spy?
If you're curious, find out yourself!
Jeez. Come on, Detective Kang.
There are a total of seven victims.
Song Su-ho was killed out of rage,
so he is excluded.
We think the old woman
in Gudong was killed
for taking a photo that could expose him.
So she's excluded.
I said that the remaining
five victims were killed randomly,
but I was wrong.
We must find out why he chose these people
before the show airs.
Talk to the bereaved families
and their friends again.
If we look into the victims,
we'll find the link.
How long have you known Na Chi-guk?
We've been friends since high school.
Then you must know him well.
Tell me about Na Chi-guk.
Anything is fine. Whatever comes to mind.
Why do you ask?
Will this help you catch who did it?
Well, that's
Detective Ko, you need to see the news.
Here's the recording of the call
between Detective Ko Moo-chi
and the murderer,
attained exclusively by SBC.
This recording has not been edited.
Why will he die? What did he do wrong?
You like to be on TV, right?
What was the name of the show
where you called my killings "random"?
Find out why I'll kill the boy
and say it on that show.
Don't be drunk this time.
Take it seriously.
Damn it.
What's shocking is
that it doesn't stop here.
We received a tip
that the Special Investigation
on the Moojin serial murder case is
secretly preparing to air the show.
Is it really the best thing for the police
to give in to the killer's demands
and do the broadcast?
It is up to you to decide.
Is it true?
Are you preparing to go on air?
Is it true the police are
working with a murderer?
-Please say something.
-Detective Ko!
-Please give us a word!
Ko Moo-chi.
Do you remember me?
Did you see his face?
Tell me! Did you see his face?
I don't.
Don't go on the air.
Lieutenant Park Du-seok.
Why do you think I continue to do
this dirty detective work?
Han Seo-jun.
I'm going to kill him myself.
He killed my mother and father.
He killed your children.
To get to him,
I need to kill a psychopath like him
so that I can get locked up.
Even if the whole world is against me,
you shouldn't be.
Do you know
why Han Seo-jun killed my children?
I didn't know what kind of a man he was
and took jabs at him on television.
Don't make the same mistake.
This killer
isn't human.
He's a monster.
He may be even worse than Han Seo-jun.
Okay. That's good.
That's the kind of opponent
worth fighting against.
Don't you understand?
You may lose what is most valuable to you.
Valuable to me?
I lost everything when I was eight.
You were there.
I have nothing more to lose.
The killer cast his bait,
and the police fell for it.
Even if a kidnapper takes a hostage
and asks for money,
the police should not succumb.
So the killer took a kid hostage
and asked the police
to broadcast his reason
for killing people on air.
The police must not
let themselves be manipulated.
But we don't have a choice at this point.
He's demanding it to be aired.
Are we certain
the police will get it right?
What if they give the wrong answer?
Wouldn't the kid be in more danger?
What's more important than saving a life?
We must find the right answer
and save the kid first.
Listening to a psychopathic killer
and throwing out answers on air
like some kind of game
Is that the best solution the government
can come up with to save a child?
Don't go on air.
-Stop the show!
-Stop the show!
The commissioner has ordered us to stop.
As you already know,
the public isn't on our side.
If we go ahead with it and the kid dies,
we won't have a way out.
I know how you feel.
Let's find another way.
What is this?
You think your best option is to quit?
Do you know what I did to cover for you?
Are you happy now?
Please say a word.
Detective Ko.
The team will find another way
to get Han-guk back.
Detective Ko!
The patient discharged himself
this morning.
The doctor tried to stop him,
but he insisted.
356-4 GUDONG-RO,
You've come a long way. Come in.
What are you doing?
The show is going to be canceled.
Detective Ko.
What are you doing here?
Han-guk's mother.
Please do the show.
Please save my baby.
I'll do anything.
I'll do anything. Please
-Did you guys bring her here?
-I'm begging you
I feel the same way.
Please don't give up.
We have to catch the guy who hurt Chi-guk
and Bong-yi's grandmother.
Get her out of here.
Please, sir.
Please stand up. This won't help anything.
Please save my baby. Please
Please save my baby.
Let's do it.
Let's do it.
I'll talk the director into it somehow.
Let's give it a go.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Please stand up.
Detective Ko.
Please, sir.
We can't do it here.
They put a stop to it.
Where are we going to go?
Come on in.
It's okay.
-Don't you remember me?
I interviewed you.
What's going on?
My first interview as a rookie
was about a high school student
who had received a Good Citizen Award.
I guess that was you, Officer Jung.
He refused to do the interview at first,
saying it was all his friends doing.
That's all he said during the interview.
That wasn't me. It was Chi-guk.
What? That kid was Guard Na Chi-guk?
I watched the interview, too.
He gave me credit for everything.
He's like that.
He's too humble.
That's right.
Right. The person we saved that time
I saw her by chance the other day.
We've lost two days already.
We only have a day left.
Let's hurry. Get a move on.
They were of different regions and ages.
What did they have in common?
Why did he choose to kill these people?
What is it?
Inspector Park. It's me.
Did you find out what it was
we found in Park Jong-ho's throat?
An insect?
-Are you well?
The neighborhood has been
so quiet since you left.
How's the new cathedral?
The building is nice, right?
I still miss Gudong very much.
I'll be back next week to move my stuff.
I'll see you again then.
What are these?
I brought some food, including japchae.
It's for all of you.
Why did you make so much japchae?
Moo-chi loved japchae as a kid,
so I brought a lot for him.
I didn't put in carrots
because Moo-chi hates them.
Don't tell Moo-chi that I made it.
He won't eat it.
Officer Jung.
Please take good care of Moo-chi.
We have nothing on Byeon Sun-yeong.
An insect was in Park Jong-ho's throat.
Na Chi-guk was found undressed.
Homeless Mr. Kim was found
with a hand axe, the murder weapon.
Jo Mi-jeong was found
in a vinyl greenhouse.
Did you make this, Officer Jung?
-It's so good.
-It's good.
Thank you.
You don't seem cut out to be a cop.
Why don't you quit and become a chef?
I'll think about it.
You're all done, right?
We won't find the answers here.
Let's meet the victims' acquaintances.
Will you be okay?
Of course.
I told you to stay home.
I'm fine.
I'm Detective Ko Moo-chi.
I called earlier.
Byeon Sun-yeong, early 30s.
She worked in a pub kitchen.
Park Jong-ho, mid 20s.
He was a temporary subcontractor.
Do you know him?
Mr. Kim was presumed
to have been in his 50s.
He was homeless,
so his identity is unknown.
Jo Mi-jeong, a college student
in her early 20s.
She was a mukbang YouTuber.
Na Chi-guk, mid 20s.
He was a prison guard
at Moojin Detention Center.
He is the only survivor
and is unconscious.
This isn't it.
The point wasn't to find the link
among these victims.
I need to find out
why he chose these victims.
I must think from his point of view.
His point of view
Let's think of why he chose these victims.
All right, we have five seconds.
Three, two, one.
I'm Producer Choi Hong-ju
of Sherlock Hong-ju.
We were planning to air
our story on the reality of diet pills,
as shown in the previews last week.
But we'll be airing
a special live show today instead.
I'm sure you're all aware
of the serial killer's call
that shook the nation.
He requested this show to be aired
by using a boy's life as collateral.
Many people opposed,
and we were going to cancel the show.
But Han-guk's mother
desperately pleaded for us to do it,
and we couldn't ignore her request.
That is why we've decided
to play the killer's game.
Here is Detective Ko Moo-chi,
whom the killer specifically asked for.
He's been dead for several days.
The 28th
Wait. 8:10 p.m. on the 28th?
That's when Detective Ko
did the press release.
So he killed Kim Jun-seong
and he called Detective Ko from here?
Let me ask you, Detective Ko Moo-chi.
Did you find the answer?
Can you save Han-guk?
I'll ask again.
Did you find the answer?
Yes, I did.
Then why did the killer
choose these victims?
I'd like to confirm something
before I answer that.
You're watching this, right?
You wanted me to figure out
why you chose these victims.
If you want to hear my answer,
call me and prove to me
that it was really you who called
and that Han-guk is still alive.
That's only fair, right?
You know my number, right?
Then I will go ahead and tell you
why you chose to kill those people.
The only reason I'm doing this
is to save Han-guk.
This broadcast is the only way
to save the boy.
What we presume to be sent by the killer
has arrived at the studio.
I advise minors and feeble-minded people
against watching this.
Na Chi-guk.
Na Chi-guk. It's not him.
I got it. The common factor.
Stop messing around and show yourself.
You're not God or even a human being.
You're a monster that can never be saved.
Someone said they saw Han-guk.
Let go of me.
Turn it off, you crazy jerk.
It's a shame you don't trust me.
Do you believe me now?
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