Mouse (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

The Live Broadcast

It's a shame you don't trust me.
What do you say? Do you believe me now?
Don't forget.
I'll give you until
the end of the broadcast.
If you can't tell me the reason
why I chose to kill this boy,
this boy won't be able
to go back to his mother.
With the victims' families' permission,
we'll reveal the victims' faces and names.
The families have made this tough decision
knowing that your call is crucial
to bring Han-guk back safely
and catch the culprit.
However, in the case of Mr. Kim,
the homeless man,
we were not able to identify him yet,
so we drew up a montage based on
the body and the testimonies
of other homeless people.
Why did you dig up dirt again?
Did you go to the mountain again today?
Dear viewers.
It doesn't matter how trivial it is.
If you have any information,
please do not hesitate to call us.
Sergeant Ko Moo-chi.
There is something distinct
about these serial murders, right?
There was a cross near every crime scene,
and the victims' middle fingers
were twisted toward the cross.
The killer either loathes
or is repulsed by God.
You said that
I am certain that this crime was committed
by the killer of the boxing gym manager.
Gym manager Song Su-ho and Byeon Sun-yeong
may have been killed by the same person,
-and it turned out to be true.
-That's right.
You also said that Song Su-ho
was killed for revenge, but
The killer instinct within him
was awakened.
Then he went and randomly killed
an employee at a bar.
And you said he'll continue
to kill randomly after that.
That's right.
I was certain that out of
the seven serial murder victims,
excluding Song Su-ho and
the old woman in her 70s of Gudong,
who we presume was killed
because she found out his identity,
the other five murders
and an attempted murder
were done randomly.
But the killer called you and
Right. I have a certain criteria
when I choose my victims.
The killer himself revealed that
the five murders weren't done randomly.
After the call with the murderer,
I reviewed the cases from the start.
I tried to find a link among the victims
by combing through their homes,
schools, work, and hometowns,
but I couldn't find any commonalities.
Then I realized that I may have
focused too much on the cases
and decided to look at those
around the victims.
CEO Jang wants to have
just one drink with you.
Do you know how many buildings he owns?
Just sit next to him
and kiss up to him a bit.
I'd rather starve to death
than humiliate my daughter by doing that.
Cherish that body of yours
and starve to death.
She said she doesn't want to.
You won't be the only one
to starve to death.
-Your daughter will, too.
-Come here.
After her husband's death,
Ms. Byeon Sun-yeong became a single mom
and had to support her daughter
by working at a bar.
Mr. Park Jong-ho was
a contract worker
who worked day and night.
This coffee stick was found
at a crime scene.
To Mr. Park, this coffee
was not just a drink he liked.
It was a tool for survival,
used to overcome sleepiness.
The killer took
the victim's cherished object as a trophy,
and they probably knew very well
what coffee meant to Mr. Park.
Prison guard Na Chi-guk,
the only survivor,
was a good and righteous young man.
Those around him said
that he never turned
a blind eye to injustice.
When he was in high school,
he even saved a person
who was being assaulted.
Even Mr. Kim,
the unidentified homeless man,
was quite popular
among other homeless people.
He was quiet
and he
We have an important tip.
The person wants to talk to you directly
but asked for a voice alteration.
The person is afraid
the killer might recognize their voice.
And Ms. Jo Mi-jeong
Hello. This is Mi-jeong.
She was a skinny college student
who weighed less than 40 kg.
Ms. Jo was not well off,
and she worked
as a mukbang creator on the Internet
in order to make ends meet
and pay her tuition.
As you can see, every victim was
second-class citizen yet nice people.
We keep getting calls with information.
Let's talk to one of the callers.
You have something important
to say about these cases?
No, not about the cases.
I have a question
for Detective Ko Moo-chi.
I'll cut to the chase.
Detective Ko Moo-chi.
Do you think you're qualified
to be standing there?
If it has nothing to do with these cases
There's a rumor
you are into illegal gambling
and that you accept bribery
from criminals.
Is that true?
I don't know where you heard that,
-but it's not true.
-Let's say I believe you.
Is it true that your family
was killed by the Headhunter?
-Turn off the voice alteration.
-But we promised to do it for the caller.
Something's off.
I'll take responsibility, so just do it.
I'm asking you.
Is it true?
What does that have to do
with these cases?
Then it must be true.
Turn it off.
I did, but the caller has altered
his voice himself.
I heard the Headhunter
slit your mom's throat
in front of your eyes.
-It must've been traumatizing.
- Check the caller's number. Now.
That murderer who jumped
from the roof of a building recently
Did he really jump?
Maybe you pushed him.
That's not true.
I'm just kidding. Of course you didn't.
A detective wouldn't kill someone.
But deep inside your heart,
you wanted to, right?
You're not answering me.
-That means you wanted to.
-Then is the detective a bad guy?
You're on this broadcast
so that you can find and kill him, right?
You don't actually care
whether the boy lives or dies, right?
You're holding back very well.
I made this call
because I was worried.
The man who can't control
his emotions in front of killers
shouldn't be on a broadcast
to save someone's precious son.
Worry about yourself, you crazy idiot.
-You scumbag.
-Hang up now.
Did you just cuss at me?
You get worked up
by a viewer's sincere advice,
I can imagine how you'd act
in front of a criminal.
You should be calm and cool-headed.
Has he gone mad?
How could a police officer do that?
Detective Ko.
Why didn't you tell us
the Headhunter killed your family?
Why did you have to cuss?
Everyone is asking you to step down.
They don't trust you anymore.
They think you'll put Han-guk
in more danger,
so they want us to end the broadcast.
The bulletin board is filled
with complaints.
What are you going to do about this?
-Let's take a break.
Yes, that's right.
I lost my parents 25 years ago
to the Headhunter, the serial killer.
If I can, I want to kill
my parents' killer with my own hands.
That's how I truly feel.
Yes, I do understand.
You may think that I am up here today
for my personal vendetta.
But please believe in me.
The only reason I'm doing this
is to save Han-guk.
This broadcast is the only way
we can save the boy.
Please let me continue with the broadcast.
I'm sorry.
I won't be swayed by my emotions.
I promise you.
The package is here.
What we presume to be sent by the killer
has arrived at the studio.
We just watched the video clip
saved in the USB
that we think the murderer sent us.
I advise minors and feeble-minded people
against watching this.
Do you believe me now?
I'll give you until the end
of the broadcast.
If you can't tell me the reason
why I chose to kill this boy,
you'll watch something
that will haunt you forever.
We cannot tell if the sender
of this video is the actual culprit.
The child is wearing a mask,
so we cannot tell
if he is actually Han-guk.
This is what I'm talking about.
The child is wearing
the Goat Man mask and the same outfit
that he was wearing when he was taken.
But we can't jump
to conclusions based on this,
so we will confirm with Han-guk's mother.
Is the boy in the video your son?
Yes, that's my Han-guk.
Are you sure?
I know my son.
-I was asked to deliver this.
-That's my Han-guk.
Another package has arrived
for Detective Ko.
What? What are they doing?
That's not what I sent you.
What? What are you talking about?
8 P.M.
It's 8 o'clock.
It's two hours before the broadcast.
It's over.
Let's do the broadcast.
-Let's gamble.
We have nothing to lose.
I remember watching the news
about a murderer getting upset
when the murder he committed
was aired as someone else's crime.
That's right.
They're so full of themselves
that if someone else is in the spotlight,
they can't stand it.
What if we create
a fake one to tick him off?
Fake Han-guk.
9 P.M.
What do you think?
It looks just like him, right?
Gosh, with those clothes and mask,
he looks just like Han-guk.
Dong-gu, you're good.
-Where did you find that boy?
-My girlfriend teaches acting to children.
He is very good at acting scared.
You'll pay cash, right?
You must keep this confidential.
Of course. A boy's life is at stake.
Can you do it?
I'll ask you a question
when the video plays on the screen.
I just need to say
that it's my son, right?
That's right.
Let's go. We only have an hour left.
You can pull this off, right?
Yes. Don't worry.
It's a shame you don't trust me.
What do you say? Do you believe me now?
He just left.
What is he doing,
making us wait like this?
That's not the video I sent.
It's different.
Something did seem off.
The delivery guy.
It's him.
Camera No. 3. Focus on Producer Choi.
What's going on here?
We just watched the video that
we think the murderer sent.
Detective Ko has left to verify it.
We will continue to accept calls.
It isn't me. I'm just a delivery guy.
Just call the company and ask.
Then why did you run away?
Because I was scared.
I watched the news
after I made the delivery.
I was afraid
that I got myself involved in a crime.
This jerk.
-It's a burner phone.
You. Where did you get the package?
It was left in a locker
at Simjeon Station.
-Simjeon Station?
May I go now?
We'll let you go once we confirm it.
I'll go check the security camera.
You should go back
to the broadcasting station.
-Can you handle it?
-Of course.
-Go with him.
Give me a call once you confirm it.
We'll talk to the next caller.
I am not too certain based on the montage,
but I think I know the homeless man.
You do?
Can you please tell us how you know him?
I think he's the one who sponsored
our orphanage every year.
After a big incident a few years ago,
he disappeared.
He donated all he had to charity.
If he was a sponsor,
do you have a picture of him?
Yes, there is one picture
he took with the children.
Please send it to us.
Detective Ko, I just sent it to you.
Please check it.
We identified the homeless man.
Homeless man Kim turned out to be
Chairman Kim Seong-gyu,
the CEO of one
of the top three logistics company.
After he lost his family
to an accident five years ago,
he donated his assets
to society and vanished.
He was known
to be a philanthropist, and
Thanks to your calls,
-Send it over.
-we were able to identify Mr. Kim,
which the police failed to do until now.
Any small information you have
may lead us to find
Someone said they saw Han-guk.
Let's talk to the caller now.
-You saw Han-guk?
-I'm finally back on air.
How dare you hang up on me?
I was giving you information.
Why didn't you let my call go through?
How can you treat me
like a mentally-ill drunkard?
Excuse me.
Detective Ko Moo-chi,
have you calmed down?
You can be punished
for making a prank call, so
This is not a prank call.
Do I get punished for calling
to ask questions?
The video is fake, right?
The video with the boy.
I'm sure it's fake.
It's not fake.
-The video was sent by the murderer.
-I don't believe you.
Think about it.
Why would the boy's face
be covered with a mask?
It's because he's not Han-guk, right?
I will prove that the video was
indeed sent by the murderer.
We have the person
who left the envelope with the USB
in the locker on camera.
Take a look.
In order to keep his identity hidden,
the murderer made Han-guk place
the envelope with the USB in the locker
and used a burner phone
to call the delivery company
to send the envelope to me.
Do you still think it's fake? Do you?
It's not fake?
-That's my Han-guk.
-That's my Han-guk.
One moment please, ma'am.
Don't just stand there.
Get her out of there.
-Why did you lie to me?
-Please calm down.
Switch to commercials.
Please call 911.
That was our mistake.
We should've told her in advance.
You didn't have the time to.
What happened?
Good work. Where's Officer Jung?
He's searching the vicinity
of Simjeon Station with the police.
-He's looking for witnesses.
-What about you?
Right here is more suitable
for the future Hitchcock, right?
Hey, how can you leave
your injured friend by himself?
-Hey, Hong-ju.
-Hey, Min-jeong.
About Byeon Sun-yeong
I think we called her daughter
on our broadcast once.
I think it was about two months ago.
I think she sent in her story
to our broadcast, I Confess.
So the broadcasting station clock
at their house
Yes, we sent a clock to her.
Her story was quite popular.
Commercial is ending in five seconds.
Three, two, one, cue.
Something unexpected occurred.
Han-guk's mother was shocked
at Han-guk in the security camera footage.
She is being treated at a nearby hospital.
Park Jong-ho
-Park Jong-ho, a power blogger.
-I'm sure you were shocked like his mom.
Jo Mi-jeong, a mukbang creator.
Kim Seong-gyu,
a chairman of a small company.
We will do our best.
-Na Chi-guk.
-Right now, calls from the viewers
-Na Chi-guk. It's not him.
-mean so much to us.
He doesn't fit.
We will look into
every report you send us.
I got it.
-And we'll find Han-guk.
-The common factor.
You have my word.
Now it's time to confess. Please confess.
Mom, thank you for raising me.
When I grow up, I'll earn lots of money.
Be with me for many years to come.
I love you, Mom.
Min-ji's story touched the listeners
and got very popular.
Mr. Park Jong-ho was Mr. Ant,
a power blogger with 50,000 visitors.
His blog was open to the public.
Ms. Jo Mi-jeong was
a mukbang creator on the Internet
with 30,000 subscribers.
Homeless man Mr. Kim
who turned out to be Kim Seong-gyu
created a buzz
when he donated all of his assets.
Have you seen this boy?
-What is it?
-You need to come with me.
They took the security camera,
and they're trying to rip open the locker.
-Come on. Quick!
Every victim had this common link.
Except Guard Na Chi-guk.
But Producer Choi Hong-ju
had the key to this mystery.
I still remember it vividly
because it was my first interview.
A student was seriously hurt
after he was attacked by a mob.
The doctor said
that the student would've died
if he got to the hospital a little later.
The victim survived
because two students saved him.
One of them is this young man.
I hesitated because I was scared.
But my friend ran over to the bullies
and stopped them.
He's the true hero.
I don't deserve this award.
This young man is Guard Na Chi-guk.
I interviewed him eight years ago
after he received the Citizen Hero Award,
and the interview
was aired nationwide that evening.
The one who saved your life
in high school
Please help.
That was Chi-guk.
So please save Chi-guk this time.
I'm begging you. Please, sir.
If he's the Headhunter's son,
the psychopathic blood
flows inside his body, too.
Shouldn't we cut off his head, too?
Look at his eyes.
Those aren't a human being's eyes.
They're monster's.
That's right.
A murderer's blood flows in this body.
So don't mess with me
unless you want me to kill you.
You scumbag.
Let's become heroes today.
Kill him.
Hey, you. Over here!
Over here. Please help us.
Damn it.
Are you okay?
Oh, no. I think he's dead.
No, he's still breathing. Call 911.
-Chi-guk, hurry.
Did you notice?
All victims, whether voluntarily or not,
had their private lives
exposed to the public.
The murderer listened to the radio,
looked through blogs,
watched mukbang videos,
-watched the news
-It's for real.
to choose his target.
Why did you lie to me?
This word Han-guk's mom said
is becoming a trending topic.
What's that?
The Fact Check team has gotten
a tip about the video being fake
and has stepped up to verify it.
We got our hands on the video
that was aired a month ago
on OBN about Han-guk's story
and compared it to the child
in the supposed killer's video.
I miss you.
I love you.
Then we found something very shocking.
In the broadcast
that was aired a month ago,
there is a 1 cm-long burn scar
on Han-guk's neck below his ear.
But there is no scar on the boy
in the video that is claimed
to be sent by the killer.
This boy isn't Han-guk.
Why did the murderer who took Han-guk
use another boy to film the video?
The only conclusion we can draw is that
the Sherlock Hong-ju team filmed it.
We'll give OBN's Sherlock Hong-ju team
a chance to refute my claim.
What's going on?
Choi Hong-ju! Did you make a fake video?
You unbelievable brats.
I will refute. Please connect me to her.
You'd like to refute?
The murderer did
send the video that we aired.
We just proved that the boy isn't Han-guk.
Then we need to check
if your video is authentic.
So you're saying the video you just aired
wasn't made up by your team?
That's right. I already told you
that the murderer sent it.
Camera No. 1.
Zoom in on Detective Ko Moo-chi.
Yes, sir.
I am on the phone
with someone very important.
Let's talk to him. Hello?
The boy with the mask
in the video is my son.
I got a call
from his acting academy teacher,
so I took him with me.
I promised to keep quiet
until the end of the broadcast
in order to help save Han-guk.
But this is wrong, Detective Ko.
So you met Sergeant Ko Moo-chi?
Of course. That lady was there, too.
So you are saying
that Producer Choi and Sergeant Ko
asked your son to play a part.
That's what you're suggesting.
We understand.
Why did you make a fake video
and fool the entire nation?
I never fooled anyone.
Sergeant Ko Moo-chi seems worked up.
We cannot talk to him
on the phone in this state.
-Thanks for your rebuttal.
Damn it.
Wait. Don't hang up.
-Switch to commercials.
We'll be back after the commercials.
I am going to send you two video clips.
They're the documentary video
and the video we played.
Let me know if it's the same boy.
It means that the video wasn't sent
by the kidnapper.
What do you think happened to Han-guk?
Once 48 hours pass
after a child is kidnapped,
experts think it is most likely
that the kid is dead.
Put me on the screen
once we are back on air.
You have five seconds left.
Three, two, one, cue.
Yes, I admit it.
Like the boy's father said,
we made a fake video.
We thought once the fake video was aired,
the kidnapper would call us.
It was to lure him out here
in case of an emergency.
Yes, Detective Ko Moo-chi admitted
to deceiving the public.
But we never aired the fake video.
To be more accurate,
the video that the kidnapper sent
arrived before we had
the chance to air the fake clip.
The video we played was
indeed sent by the kidnapper.
They made the fake video,
but they never aired it.
It's like saying you drank
but never drank under the influence.
Okay, we understand.
So we have another piece
of evidence in hand.
That's right. Let's take a look.
In this footage that OBN aired,
Han-guk putting
the envelope in the locker.
And this footage that we just got
shows the deliveryman
taking out the envelope.
Han-guk put the envelope in locker No. 14.
But the delivery man took the envelope
from locker No. 13.
Han-guk left the envelope
in the No. 14 locker
at 9:50 p.m.
The time the delivery guy arrived
and took the envelope
was 20 minutes after that at 10:10 p.m.
Then did you confirm the time
and the person who put the envelope
in locker No. 13?
As you can see here, at 9:40 p.m.,
ten minutes before Han-guk arrived,
both No. 13 and 14 are empty.
Then a train comes in, passengers walk by,
and the lockers aren't visible.
After the crowd is gone,
locker No. 13 is in use.
Has the content of the envelope
in No. 14 been confirmed?
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do that
because of the police.
But how is it that the video OBN made
and the envelope the killer
asked Han-guk to leave in the locker
both at Simjeon Station?
They happened to be
right next to each other.
Could that have been a coincidence?
So, in short, the kidnapper knew
that OBN made a fake video
and left it in the locker.
-So he got Han-guk
to leave another envelope
in the locker right next to it.
So isn't it safe to think
that the kidnapper made this to tell us
that the video aired is fake?
when the captor is offended,
there is a very low chance
that the hostage comes back alive.
I truly hope
Han-guk is still alive.
We'll be back after the commercials.
Yes, sir.
So the kidnapper filmed a fake video
and sent it to us?
-I need to confirm it, but I think so.
-Why would he do that? Why?
Maybe this is
what he wanted from the start.
Maybe he did this so we can't
see this broadcast through.
He's the one who asked us to do it.
Maybe the broadcast itself
wasn't what he was after.
Maybe he wanted to make it dramatic
and show off his presence.
Or what?
What if this is
what he planned from the start?
-Detective Ko.
I stopped the reporters from opening up
the locker next to locker No.13
and found another USB.
USB? Check what's on it.
-I think the file is damaged.
I can't see anything.
Then take it to Moojin Police Agency.
It's only takes five minutes by car.
Take a cab. Go!
Thank you.
Hurry up and answer.
I'm going crazy here.
I'm sending over another footage.
Restore it ASAP. We need it urgently.
Finish up the broadcast.
It's the president's order.
What are you talking about?
We still have 15 more minutes.
Everyone is upset
that you deceived the public.
The president is furious.
Once we are back, wrap up the broadcast.
Turn off every camera
except the one for the closing.
What are you doing?
Do you want to be fired?
Do what you're told to do.
I'll wrap up.
Sir, please drive faster.
I'll be the director.
Detective Ko will host by himself.
Just go back out there and wrap it up.
We can't continue.
We're almost there. Please.
You're putting us in a bind.
It's the president's order.
Honey, let's think as if this is
about Saet-byeol.
Think about Saet-byeol
and let's help her do this.
You better take responsibility
if I get fired.
Thank you, Ms. Oh.
Thank you, sir.
-We're restoring it now.
Okay. Do it as quickly as possible.
I also sent two video clips of Han-guk.
Ask them how far they got.
He's asking about comparing
the two clips Han-guk.
Oh, that? We just finished.
Hey, open the door.
Open the door!
We're back in five seconds.
Focus, Ko Moo-chi.
I just confirmed that
the boy in the footage that we aired
wasn't Han-guk.
But the footage that we aired
was indeed sent by the kidnapper.
The fact that the kidnapper
made this fake video
and got us to play it ourselves
was probably a trap that he set up
to see us give up on the broadcast.
Open the door.
But I will not give up.
I will finish see this broadcast through
and save Han-guk.
Please zoom in here.
Do you see that?
Come on out, you scumbag.
Stop messing around and show yourself.
You know my number, right?
Call me now.
I have it.
-What do you think you're doing?
Do you want to be fired?
-We're almost there.
- Get them out of here.
-We must save Han-guk. Sir!
I will kill the boy in front
of the entire nation
as soon as the broadcast ends.
Ladies and gentlemen.
What do you think this is?
We can't be sure as it's too decomposed,
but it looks like an insect.
Here is entomologist Dr. Lee Pil-seong.
Dr. Lee.
What exactly is this?
Please take a good look.
Is it a locust?
A locust has wings
that are longer than its body.
Then is it a Korean grasshopper?
A Korean grasshopper's wings
are as long as its body
and has bumps on its chest.
-That doesn't have bumps
-Then is it
A grasshopper?
Oh, yes. I see its spike.
It has a light brown line.
It must be psyrana japonica.
Thank you.
That's right.
This is psyrana japonica,
a kind of grasshopper.
It was found in victim
Mr. Park Jong-ho's throat.
The murderer shoved it
in there after killing him.
What comes to your mind
when you think of a grasshopper?
Yes, we think of the story,
The Ant and the Grasshopper.
All five deaths are
related to children's fables.
Detective Ko.
I see a reflection
in the eye of the kid's mask.
It's a wall.
They are pictures and newspaper clippings.
But I can't see clearly.
There are pictures, too.
Or is that cartoon?
I don't think it is.
I'll zoom in and send it over to you.
What is this?
Wait. Let me think.
Hi, ma'am.
Was Ms. Byeon Sun-yeong
wearing a hat when she left work?
She was?
What color was the hat?
Are you sure?
I got it now.
The reason Na Chi-guk was found naked.
Ms. Byeon Sun-yeong was wearing
a violet hat when she left work.
But when her body was found,
she was wearing a red one.
Mr. Na Chi-guk was found naked,
unlike the four other victims.
Until now, I thought it was because
the killer's DNA was left on the clothes.
But there was no DNA left
on his clothes from the start.
That's not all.
The hand axe that was used to kill
Chairman Kim Seong-gyu
was left at the scene of his death.
The murderer went through the ordeal
of moving Ms. Jo Mi-jeong's body
to a greenhouse on a grape farm
that was 10 km away.
Why did he do that?
Listen carefully.
You're watching this, right?
I will tell you why you chose
to kill those people.
Byeon Sun-yeong. Little Red Riding Hood.
Park Jong-ho. The Ant and the Grasshopper.
Na Chi-guk. The Emperor's New Clothes.
Kim Seong-gyu. The Honest Woodcutter.
Jo Mi-jeong. The Fox and the Grapes.
You killed people
and made it look like children's stories.
-He called.
-Trace it.
You're smarter than I thought.
I can't believe you figured it out.
I'm glad you called.
What took you so long to call?
Talking by myself is boring.
I was quite frustrated,
but I'm happy
that you're getting closer to the answer.
I wanted to give you a compliment.
I thought you were just pretending
to know what was going on.
Gosh. Ms. Choi.
You should've told us
if you'd already figured out the answer.
Tell me if Han-guk is alive.
He's alive and well.
Tell me the answer that you found.
I found shocking facts from the endings
of the fables you mimicked.
Every fable had a lesson.
The Ant and the Grasshopper
teaches you not to be lazy.
The Honest Woodcutter
teaches you not to be greedy
like the woodcutter
who wanted both gold and silver axes.
The Fox and the Grapes
warns about gluttony.
Okay, what about Little Red Riding Hood?
The wolf's dirty sexual desire.
It's a warning against sexual desire.
What about The Emperor's New Clothes?
It mocked the king
for failing to see that he was naked
because he was blinded by power.
Interesting. So what's your conclusion?
Little Red Riding Hood is about lust.
The Ant and the Grasshopper, sloth.
The Emperor's New Clothes, arrogance.
The Honest Woodcutter, greed.
The Fox and the Grapes, gluttony.
They are the seven deadly sins listed
in Dante's The Divine Comedy.
We found the signal.
Not bad.
But did the people I killed
commit those sins?
No, so why did I kill them?
You killed them because you are
We found the signal. Buy us some time.
I'm sure you know that my parents
were killed by the Headhunter.
That's why I know psychopaths so well.
I did a lot of research on them.
They are very thorough. But you
You weren't.
You were clumsy and left traces.
Guess where you left your traces.
Here's a hint.
It happened about two weeks ago.
Detective Ko Moo-chi.
Are you trying to stall for time
to track down this number?
Or are you talking nonsense
because you don't know the answer?
Time's almost up.
Hurry if you want to save the boy.
-I'm not done talking, you scumbag.
-We lost him.
Seeing how you hung up,
you must feel guilty about something.
Yes, I'm talking about the woman
that just crossed your mind.
The one you let go about two weeks ago.
I got it now.
The reason Na Chi-guk was found naked.
You should answer this call.
It seems important.
Hello? What is this about?
I'm not certain,
but I think
it was him.
Him? The murderer?
I used to work part-time at a supermarket.
About two weeks ago,
I was working late by myself.
Someone put a knife to my throat
and told me to eat everything
that was in front of me.
He said he'd kill me if I didn't.
So I just gulped down
everything in sight.
Then I glanced behind me,
-and no one was there.
-Why didn't you report to the police?
I was scared.
How much do you weigh?
About 38 kg.
Are you on social media?
No, I'm not.
Have you been on television?
Were you ever exposed to the public?
I strive to be a model,
so I was in a few fashion magazines.
What did you find
in Jo Mi-jeong's stomach?
Hold on.
Her stomach was empty.
But I did find food residue
in her esophagus.
In her esophagus?
He killed her because she couldn't eat.
She threw everything up.
We found these pills
in Jo Mi-jeong's drawer.
It's medication for those who are bulimic.
Five bags of ramyeon.
One plate of tteokbokki.
Two whole fried chickens.
She became a mukbang creator
in order to make ends meet,
but she was scared of gaining weight,
so she threw up
everything she ate after the stream.
She was bulimic.
She was not gluttonous.
That was why.
Why did you kill them?
I don't know why, but you have
many grudges against God.
You killed people and used
their fingers to mock the cross.
You want to rebel against God.
So you despised those
who didn't commit the seven deadly sins.
Those who didn't commit
the sins of lust, sloth, pride, greed,
gluttony, envy, and wrath!
You decided that those were
the seven deadly sins!
That's why you killed them!
The phone's ringing.
-You'd better not hang up again.
You are indeed smart,
Detective Ko Moo-chi.
That is why I'm a fan of yours.
Stall for time.
Stall for as much time as possible. Okay?
Byeon Sun-yeong.
She took care of her daughter
without ever falling for temptation,
which is why you killed her.
For not having lust.
That stupid woman.
She was pretty.
She should've slept around
and had some fun.
How could you kill
a hard-working man like Park Jong-ho
and shove a grasshopper down his throat?
He wouldn't have died
if he was just a bit lazy.
What's the point of striving
to make ends meet?
He died like an ant
being trampled to death.
But I had a great time
because he resisted to the end.
What did you say?
Don't get worked up.
Buy us a little more time.
What about Jo Mi-jeong?
She would throw up
after the camera was turned off
and pretended to be someone
who doesn't gain weight.
As for Na Chi-guk
From the moment I watched his interview
where he acted all humble,
I was dying to kill him
and free him from his sin.
That poor old lady.
Why did you kill her?
Why did you kill her, you scumbag?
Oh, her.
She was just unlucky.
You think I enjoyed killing that old lady?
They must fight back and resist
for me to enjoy killing them.
It was so boring.
Do you even hear yourself?
Did you ever think about her family?
And you call yourself a human being?
I got his location.
Good. Go get him right now.
We found his signal. Just a little longer.
Hang in there just a little longer.
He's stopped. It's 123, Seongho-dong.
We got him.
But that's not the question
I asked you to solve.
Time's almost up. Why should this boy die?
I found this where Han-guk went missing.
I'm sure you used this bread
to lure Han-guk.
But in the end,
Han-guk never returned home,
even though the birds didn't
eat up his bread.
That's right. You used the story
of Hansel and Gretel to name his sin.
So what's the boy's sin?
We're almost there. He's surrounded.
There are only two sins left out of seven.
Envy and wrath.
Play the VCR.
Don't you hate your dad
for abandoning you, Han-guk?
No, I don't.
I'm sure he had his reasons.
Your father might be watching this,
so why don't you say something to him?
I miss you.
I love you.
-You watched this.
The ending of Hansel and Gretel.
The children shoved the witch
in a cauldron and killed her.
Full of wrath. Out of raging anger.
You thought Han-guk
should've been mad at his dad.
He should've been furious.
We've arrived.
You are about to kill an innocent child
for this ridiculous reason.
I got the answer.
Stop this nonsense and let the boy go.
He is inside.
I see that he is talking
on the phone as he's watching TV.
Keep his attention on you
so that he doesn't notice.
You think you're God, right?
Good. Keep stalling for time.
You branded those who didn't commit
those sins as sinners and killed them.
You were caught up
in this delusion that you are God.
But I'm sorry.
You're not God or even a human being.
You're just a horrible monster.
A monster that can never be saved.
You're worse than a piece of crap.
I pity you.
Is it the Headhunter again?
Is the head cut off again?
People have lost faith in the police
for failing to catch the Headhunter.
Why is it so difficult to catch him?
Is he someone
that unbeatable to the police?
That scumbag?
He is a mutated monster
that should never have been born.
A worthless piece of crap.
I did what you asked
in exchange for saving the boy.
Keep your promise.
The boy is inside. Be careful.
Make sure the boy isn't hurt.
Capture the culprit alive.
Don't move. Get down!
-Don't move.
-Don't move.
Damn it.
We got him.
You're done for, you scumbag.
No. You're wrong.
Honey, what's wrong? What's going on?
-What's going on?
-Why are you doing this?
What is this?
Time's almost up.
Hurry up if you want to save the boy.
-Calm down, Detective Ko.
-I was right with "wrath."
I was right. Where is the boy?
The footage from the locker
has been restored.
Where's the kid, you bastard?
Come out here right now.
-Put it on the screen.
Put it on the screen!
Are you mad? No.
Do it unless you want to be fired.
You crazy
Grab her. Get her out of here.
-Let go of me.
-Where's the boy?
Over there.
He's committed the sin
of "wrath," not Han-guk.
Those who aren't wrathful are sinners.
-Turn it off, you crazy jerk.
-Zoom in on Ko Moo-chi's face.
I said I'll kill when the broadcast ends
if you don't get the answer.
Time's up.
-How could this be?
The Headhunter killed
his parents by cutting off their heads
and crippled him.
But he forgave the Headhunter.
It's pathetic.
Of course, I lived with rage in my heart.
I'm probably alive today
because of that rage.
But after I decided to forgive him,
everything changed.
I must live my life to the fullest
for my younger brother.
The day I told Han Seo-jun
that I forgive him,
I slept like a baby.
It was the first time
I slept so well since that day.
You bastard!
I'll kill you if you mess
with my brother, you scumbag!
Wrath is a sin? Why?
Not being wrathful is a sin.
Be angry at him. Unleash your anger.
Then I will forgive your sin.
Go ahead and unleash your anger.
Come on.
Do it. Curse him.
He killed Mom and Dad.
You want to kill Han Seo-jun too.
Then be mad at me.
Be mad at me. I made you that way.
In that camping car
If I hadn't made that noise,
you wouldn't have gotten caught.
He was beating you,
but all I did was watch.
I made you that way.
I'm sorry. It's all my fault.
You forgave him because of me.
So please be mad at me. I'm begging you.
I never resented you for it.
No, please resent me.
Please do.
You being ruined
You being ruined over revenge
I don't want to see that.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Please let my brother go.
It's all my fault.
Oh, no.
-Is he going to die?
-Oh, no.
It's all my fault.
I was a fool to be so rude to you.
-It's all my fault.
All right. Thank you.
Sir, please take me
to Irae-dong Cathedral. Please hurry.
Kill me.
Kill me instead.
I'll die in his stead.
I will die in his stead.
Please don't kill my poor brother.
Please spare my brother's life.
Moo-chi, I'm okay.
No matter what happens to me,
it's not your fault. Okay?
This is your last chance.
Be angry.
To the Headhunter who killed your parents.
To the world who never executed him.
Unleash your anger at them.
Please, Mu-won.
My dear brother.
I'm sorry for everything.
Mu-won, please
I'm sorry.
You think you're God, right?
I've seen guys like you.
You branded those
who didn't commit those sins
as sinners and killed them.
You were caught up
in this delusion that you are God.
But I'm sorry.
You're not God or even a human being.
You're just a horrible monster.
A monster that can never be saved.
He knew we were making a fake video
and made one himself.
How did he know?
Did he really plant a bug?
The last call Mr. Kim Jun-seong made
before he died was with you.
Are you all right?
The day Guard Na Chi-guk was hurt
someone was here, right?
Was he caught?
Did you see his face?
Bong-yi's grandmother's DNA
was found at the doctor's place?
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