Mouse (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

The Donkey and Goat

The Lord
will save you.
How do I look?
I asked you not to turn me into a monster.
I prayed to you.
But you completely ignored my prayer.
So how can you call yourself God?
From now on, I am God.
Those who believe
your nonsense and follow you
I will judge them all.
Over here.
Here he comes.
-It's a woman.
-Right, it's a woman.
Excuse me.
Sorry, coming through.
Excuse me.
That scumbag
knew we would head
over to Irae-dong Cathedral.
He's not a human being.
He's a monster.
You could lose your most beloved thing.
Most beloved thing?
I already lost it all
when I was eight years old.
You were there.
So I have nothing more to lose.
-Hey, Moo-chi.
-Let go.
Let go.
-Come here.
We have received a video from the culprit.
Kim Han-guk was
in the three-minute-long footage.
After an emergency meeting,
we decided to publicize this footage.
"When the farmer only gave
tasty food to the donkey,
the goat became envious."
He stole your place.
What do you think?
You hate him, don't you?
You want him gone, don't you?
Tell me that you're jealous of him.
I brought him here
because you didn't answer me.
How does it feel to see him here?
Don't lie. Only bad boys lie.
Just say it, and I will get rid of him.
I don't envy him.
So let him go home.
A person who does not envy is a sinner.
I pity you.
"So the goat came up with a plan to get
the farmer to hate the donkey."
"The goat said to the donkey,
'You're tired
from working hard all day, aren't you?'"
"Collapse on the floor,
pretending to be sick."
"Then you can rest at ease."
"The donkey pretended to collapse
just as the goat told him
and got bruises all over his body."
I found this bread
where Han-guk went missing.
Hansel and Gretel.
Anger towards the witch who ate children.
Anger towards his dad,
who never came looking for him. That's it.
"The concerned farmer asked
the vet how to cure the donkey,
and this is what the vet said,
'Boil a goat's lung down
and give it to the donkey.'"
"Then the donkey will recover."
Goat Man, make your decision.
If you want to live,
you must kill that donkey.
If you don't kill the donkey,
the goat will die.
The reason why the kidnapper
wants to kill Han-guk
is because he didn't feel envy
like the goat in Aesop's fable,
The Goat and the Donkey.
The Fact Check team found out
that the boy in the footage
who was captured along with Kim Han-guk
has returned home safely.
The experts are cautiously speculating
that there is a low chance
of Kim Han-guk's survival.
Where's Detective Ko Moo-chi?
They had to tranquilize him
to get him here.
We will now say good-bye
to Father Ko Mu-won Marcellinus.
People of Korea,
I stand here with a devastated heart.
An innocent person was killed mercilessly
in front of the whole nation.
I'd like to extend
a sincere apology to you
for I am sure you are still suffering
from the shock and fear.
We will utilize every resource
to catch the culprit as soon as possible
and prevent any more people
from being killed.
They just found a body
that they presume to be Dr. Daniel Lee.
I'd like to extend
my condolences to the families of
-Are they sure?
-Not yet.
The body is too decomposed
from being underwater for so long.
To prevent any more sacrifices,
in the near future,
I promise to devise
with a homicide-prevention measure
so that every citizen can live
in a crimeless world.
May he rest in peace in God's loving arms.
Detective Ko.
Open the door. It's been days.
You'll starve to death.
Please open the door.
Please, Detective Ko.
Let me at least see your face.
Oh, she's awake?
There's no damage to the cornea,
and your hands will be fine too.
Was he caught?
Did you see his face?
I was an idiot.
I should've checked his face first.
Then he would've killed you.
By any chance
Haven't we met before?
Oh Bong-yi, are you okay?
Why did you go there by yourself?
You're so reckless.
-The man who killed Grandma was there.
-Still, how could you go there alone?
You've learned some martial arts,
and you thought you could face a murderer?
Should I have stayed quiet
while he was killing Father?
Should I have just watched?
Imagine how upset your grandma
would be if she knew how hurt
What about Detective Ko?
How is he doing?
How do you know Detective Ko?
Are you okay?
You could've been killed
if we got there a bit later.
Everyone else was headed
to Irae-dong Cathedral.
How did you know to go
to Gudong Cathedral?
Sir, please take me
to Irae-dong Cathedral. Please hurry.
I was headed to Irae-dong Cathedral too.
Grandma, I'm on my way to kill him.
I saw the same candlestick
in Grandma's picture.
It was the candlestick
in Gudong Cathedral.
Sir, take me to Gudong Cathedral. Hurry.
-You should've called the police first.
-I did.
But they said all candlesticks
in cathedrals are the same.
But thanks to your call,
you are alive today.
Did you see anything?
It was too dark.
And I got candle drippings
splashed in my eyes.
So you didn't see anything?
He was really strong.
Anything else?
Do you remember anything else?
Anything will suffice.
He wasn't left-handed.
-Wait. He isn't left-handed?
He was left-handed when he attacked me.
We're certain
that the knife on the cathedral roof
was stabbed by a left-handed person too.
No, he isn't left-handed.
I'm certain he's right-handed.
Do you remember anything else?
I'll think about it some more.
Give me a call if you remember anything.
Since I'm here,
I'll go check in on Chi-guk.
The person you've dialed is unavailable.
Yo-han, I'm in Moojin for an errand
and came to see you.
But you aren't picking up.
That must hurt.
How could he do this to you?
It doesn't hurt.
I made a promise to your grandma.
A promise?
She asked me to check in on you
when she is no longer by your side.
And I promised her that I would.
So if anything happens to you,
I'll be too ashamed to face her.
Get some sleep. I'll go bring
your toiletries and other things.
Oh, right.
I think I slashed his arm with a knife.
Which is it?
Did you or do you think you did?
You see
When he grabbed my hair,
I swung a knife at him.
I think I slashed something.
-Where? Which arm?
Let's see.
I think it was his left arm.
-His left arm.
Okay. I'll relay this to Detective Kang.
Get some rest.
Left arm.
Die. A boy like you must die.
You monster.
I should've killed him then.
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
Who was that?
I don't know. She must be unwell.
-We'll be late. Let's go.
This fake Han-guk
is Han-guk's half brother?
Have you met him?
Yes, but he didn't see anything.
Someone covered his mouth
when he was playing in front of his house,
and when he woke up,
he was back in front of his house.
Did the murderer
leave anything with Father Ko?
He left something related to fables
with the other victims.
Come with me.
Did Detective Ko see this?
He wasn't in the right mind then.
I don't know how to tell him about it.
I didn't know at first either.
But Father
His body seemed off
Detective Ko is
still shell-shocked, right?
I'm worried he might die at that rate.
-What are you doing?
Hey. Dong-gu.
I just thought of it while I was pooping.
He knew we were making a fake video
and made one himself.
How did he know?
According to my sharp instinct
-A bug.
-A bug?
That's right.
The bug wouldn't still be here.
You've been away for days
to look after Bong-yi.
So I'm sure he took it already.
But how would the murderer
know where I live?
Come on. All it takes is to tail
Producer Choi and Detective Ko.
That's true.
You didn't go run your mouth, right?
Who do you think I am?
Producer Choi.
It's not because one of us ran our mouth.
Think about it. It was only
two hours before we went on air
that we decided to go with it
and make the fake video.
We didn't have the time
to talk to anyone then.
Did he really plant a bug?
Kim Han-guk has been missing
for ten days since he was kidnapped
in an amusement park in Moojin.
Based on the video from the kidnapper,
the police are searching the vicinity
of Simjeon Station and his friend's house,
but no progress has been made.
He didn't even touch it.
If he keeps drinking on an empty stomach,
he could die of acute alcohol poisoning.
We must get him to eat.
What should I cook for him?
You are too kind.
He has no will to live.
Even if you cook for him, he won't eat.
I must get him to eat something.
What's this?
-This is it.
-What is it?
I forgot about this.
Detective Ko.
When we met at my place
to prepare for the broadcast,
you enjoyed japchae, right?
I didn't make that japchae.
Father brought it.
I lied because I was afraid
you wouldn't eat it.
I asked him why he made so much japchae,
and he told me it's your favorite food.
He wanted you to eat lots of it.
He also said that you don't like carrots
so he didn't put any carrots in.
This is the last batch.
Whether you eat it
or throw it out is up to you.
Father wouldn't want you to be like this.
Breaking news. The kidnapper sent
another footage of Kim Han-guk.
This is how Goat Man dies.
Where are you, Detective Ko?
Are you going to give up on Han-guk?
If you fail to find me within three days,
the entire nation will see
Han-guk's lungless body.
You have until midnight,
three days from today.
The murderer's called Detective Ko Moo-chi
to the public eye again.
The public has their attention
on whether Detective Ko
will overcome his trauma
of losing his brother and find Han-guk.
Slow down, or you'll get an upset stomach.
It's a bit bland, right?
No matter how hard I try,
I can't make it as good as Mom's.
I'm sorry, Mu-won.
It's my fault.
It's all my fault.
It's not your fault.
Back then and even now,
it has never been your fault.
What are you doing?
What do you think?
I'm looking for my badge and my gun.
-What? You resigned.
-It hasn't been finalized, though.
-You've been too busy to finalize it.
-Well, that's
Tell me when it's finalized.
I'll return them then.
Hey, you
Do you think I became a cop
to cover for you?
I'm sure this model has been discontinued.
You've taken great care of it.
You must be into cars.
The last call Mr. Kim Jun-seong made
before he died was with you.
You two used to talk every day
at least once.
Why didn't you call him for a week?
During our last call,
he told me that he was going on a trip.
So I thought he went overseas.
The only person who proved your alibi
in Dr. Lee's missing case was killed?
I told you that I was home that day.
You were home when Dr. Lee went missing,
and you were home
when Mr. Kim Jun-seong was killed.
You must be a homebody.
Yes, I'm an absolute homebody.
What's this?
Where did the old lady get this picture?
There was no bag?
What are these?
-I know.
-Excuse me. I'm with the police
It's not like I can report her
for stealing yogurt drinks.
Why are you going through
our fridge without permission?
Let me check your security camera.
You see, that old woman
came here looking for a job,
but I turned her away.
Who would hire an old grandma
as a housekeeper?
Why didn't you say so back then?
Why did you say she didn't come?
Well, she had left
when I came back from the restroom.
I'm not lying.
What time was that?
-Well, it was
-What time did she come here?
Run a check on the number I sent you.
Give me the address of the caller
between 4:10 and 4:20 p.m.
Officer Jung. What are you doing here?
We get a free pass, thanks to you.
What brings you here?
There's this CD
that Chi-guk often listened to.
I couldn't find it at home,
so I thought maybe it's here.
Oh, that? I know about it.
The jazz album
he'd listen to during breaks, right?
-You know about it?
Why are you looking for it?
I want to play it for Chi-guk.
It was his late father's.
His father loved the singer so much
that he recorded it
when the singer performed in Korea.
Chi-guk would wake right up
when he heard the song.
We thought it might help.
Thank you.
I think I've seen you before.
Do you?
I don't exactly have a unique face.
You know housekeeper agency
near Gudong Station?
Last Friday, on the 15th,
you called that place
between 4:10 p.m. and 4:20 p.m.
Yes, I needed a housekeeper.
But this is Gangcheon.
Why would you call an agency in Moojin?
Whom did you talk to?
It was an old lady.
Did she come here?
There was a housekeeper
who used to work for us, but that day
One minute, please.
Bok-sil hasn't eaten yet.
I need to feed her first.
I've seen her before.
It's crape myrtle.
It symbolizes missing
someone who's departed.
DEPOSIT 3,000,000 WON
Give me money. Give it to me!
My brother will die
if he doesn't get this surgery.
DEPOSIT 1,200,000 WON
That's Han Seo-jun's wife.
So she's been sending me money
every month since then.
Han Seo-jun.
I found your son.
Can I get the document
from Moojin Police Agency?
One moment, please.
She changed her name.
That's why I couldn't find her.
Sung Yo-han?
Hey, Shin. It's me.
Are you okay? I was worried
because you never answered my call.
You know,
have you looked into Sung Yo-han's family?
Kim Jun-seong has been murdered.
-Sung Yo-han's friend.
He turned the place upside down.
Here you go.
Severe beating
seems to have taken place too.
It's as if he was tortured.
-Did you talk to Sung Yo-han?
He said he didn't
call Kim Jun-seong for a week
because he said he was going on a trip.
I confirmed he had a flight
to Switzerland the day after his death
and checked his suitcase.
I think that Kim Jun-seong
was planning to flee overseas
and the killer waited
for him here to kill him.
The estimated time of death
is 8:10 p.m. on the 28th.
Wait. At that time
I had a press conference that day.
It's the time that scumbag called me.
We've done a thorough investigation.
There wasn't a single link
among the victims.
Maybe among the victims
Sir, Sung Yo-han only has a mother.
She is a florist in Gangcheon.
-Her name is
-Sung Jin-a.
What? How did you know?
You like to be on TV, right?
What was that show where you said
the killings were random?
Find the reason why
I'll kill this boy and say it on the show.
Don't be drunk this time. Do it properly.
A person's life is at stake.
Find the reason why
I'll kill this boy and say it on the show.
If not, I will kill him
in front of the entire nation
when the broadcast ends.
Han Seo-jun.
He killed my mom and dad.
And you, his son, killed my brother?
Just you wait.
I will kill you
and kill your father in prison too.
If there aren't any suspects
among visitors,
that means it must be
one of the employees here.
That's nonsense.
Right. No one would do something
so reckless at their workplace.
I will talk
to Guard Na Chi-guk's co-workers.
Sure. This way, please.
Producer Choi.
Officer Jung. What are you doing here?
I'm here to get Chi-guk's thing.
-I see.
-Are you here to talk to people?
Yes. There isn't a suspect
among the visitors,
so I wanted to talk to the employees.
I see.
What about the visitors
who didn't sign in?
You can't enter
if you don't sign in first.
What? We got in without signing in.
We didn't have our ID with us,
so we came in Guard Kim's car.
That's because my car is registered here.
If a person comes in
through an employee's car,
their name might not be
on the visitor's log, right?
We check the ID card once more
in the visitation room,
but if you enter
through the employees' entrance,
your name might not be on the log.
Let's go over the list once more.
That's strange.
There was a visitor in the nurse's office.
When Guard Na was found
Guard Na is seriously hurt.
You need to come to the auditorium.
I'll be right there.
Someone must be hurt. I'll be right back.
I'll get going too. I need to get to work.
I'm sure someone was there.
Where is that doctor now?
I can't breathe.
I quit doing this a long time ago.
How can you make me do this
when I'm trying to be a decent man?
You told me not to do this ever again
when you arrested me.
You're saving lives.
-Are you done?
-It looks like a zip.
-It was found in the Ferris wheel.
You went in, didn't you?
You brought it from there,
threw it in here, and called me.
-No, I didn't.
-Yes, you did.
Sung Yo-han isn't an idiot.
You think he'd throw away
crucial evidence here?
If you took this without a search warrant,
it won't be accepted in court.
Based on my knowledge of psychology
I didn't bring it out!
Just request a search warrant.
Sir, this is
You punk. What if Han-guk is in there?
What if Han-guk dies before we find him?
There's no time. We only have one day.
All right.
Some culprits are so dumb they throw away
crucial evidence like this.
I guess he wanted to be caught.
Hey, Shin.
I mean, Detective Shin. Thanks.
If your father runs for president,
I'll vote for him.
Should I be thanking you?
Once I confirm that this is
Dr. Daniel Lee's blood,
I can get a search warrant.
You seem to be fine.
Do you know Sung Yo-han?
How do you know him?
Was he here that day?
I mean, the day the rookie was hurt.
How did you know?
I'm sorry to interrupt you,
but a visitor wants to see you.
One moment, please.
Sung Ji-eun, that wench.
The day Guard Na Chi-guk was hurt
someone was here, right?
My friend from college was here.
He wanted to talk to me about something
and insisted on coming.
So I told him to come.
But he forgot to bring his ID card,
so I went to pick him up with my car
and came here together.
Why didn't you tell the police about him?
Well, it slipped my mind.
But there's no way
Yo-han could be the culprit.
Oh, his name is Sung Yo-han.
Sung Yo-han?
Sung Yo-han
Sung Yo-han. Didn't he operate on Chi-guk?
Yes, that's what I heard.
I'm scared.
I'm scared.
Detective Kang.
A visitor didn't sign in
on the day Chi-guk got hurt.
Detective Shin.
How's the search warrant coming along?
What? Not yet?
Damn it.
All right.
What is Producer Choi doing here?
A bug?
The bug wouldn't still be here.
You've been away for days,
so I'm sure he took it already.
I guess he threw it away.
When did you get here?
It was him? Sung Yo-han
And if you do find him?
Will you harass him
instead of Han Seo-jun?
Must you go that far?
His son doesn't deserve that.
Choi Hong-ju has known
about Sung Yo-han this whole time.
Is something wrong? You came unannounced.
I just wanted to see you.
Let's go downstairs.
-Drink this.
Are you free tomorrow evening?
Yes, I am.
Why? Is something wrong?
I'll tell you everything tomorrow.
One moment.
Are you okay, Detective Ko?
I'm busy right now
A search warrant
on the suspect has just been issued.
A search warrant?
Who's the suspect?
They're leaving in 30 minutes,
so if you want a scoop, come now.
I have to go.
I'm sorry. I'm a novice driver.
It's okay. You can go.
Come on.
I once did that
and was accused of a hit-and-run.
Please wait. I called the cops,
so they'll be here soon.
I told you it's okay.
I was careless and crashed into his car.
It's okay.
May I go now? I have an urgent business.
I heard something
from the passenger's seat.
I think it was a kid moaning.
A kid?
You should check it.
With everything going on
What is that?
I'm on my way to do medical volunteering.
These are my clothes
and some medical supplies.
Can you open it up for us?
You're here for a car accident,
but you're asking me to open my suitcase?
As you know, the whole country
is in fear because of that murderer.
-Please cooperate.
If you don't, you'll have to come
to the station with us.
She knew about Sung Yo-han all along?
Why aren't you answering your phone?
Sorry. It's out of battery.
-What about the search warrant?
-It was dismissed.
Dismissed? Why?
The blood on the shoe wasn't Dr. Lee's.
It isn't Dr. Lee's?
We compared it
to the other victims' blood too,
but there was no match.
Then whose blood is it?
There's no time.
Let's go and bring Han-guk out.
What if Han-guk isn't there
and I'm wrong again?
I lost my brother
because of my recklessness.
If we move carelessly
and he catches wind of it,
he might kill Han-guk before time.
And if he gets rid of all evidence
before we save Han-guk,
even if we arrest him,
he'll get away with it.
Then what should we do?
The warrant was dismissed,
so there's no other option.
Once tomorrow comes
If we can't go in,
we'll make him bring Han-guk out.
Hey, Producer Choi.
A search warrant
on the suspect has just been issued.
They're leaving in 30 minutes,
so if you want a scoop, come now.
What are you talking about?
Your girlfriend lives nearby, right?
Tell her to bring her car.
We'll stage a fender-bender.
Open it now.
You're dead meat once we save Han-guk.
Han Seo-jun.
I will kill your son,
and I will come and get you too.
Han-guk isn't here.
What? He isn't?
Are you happy now?
I'm busy, so may I go now?
I think the noise came from the trunk.
Please open the trunk.
Please cooperate with us.
Are we done now?
What's going on here?
We don't have much time left.
Follow that car.
Follow his car!
What? You lost him?
Damn it.
Sir, I need you to track a car. Hurry.
The DNA we collected from the skin tissue
on the bandage isn't Han-guk's.
We are comparing it
to other victims' DNA just in case.
Why did you lie to me?
Why did you tell me
that the search warrant was issued?
You've known this whole time, didn't you?
You knew Sung Yo-han
was Han Seo-jun's son.
That's why you said
Han Seo-jun's son doesn't deserve that.
You knew, and you still
Do you know what kind of a scumbag he is?
What are you talking about?
What happened to Sung Yo-han's car?
-Did you find it?
-No, not yet.
There's no time.
We have to find it, or Han-guk will die.
Do you think we're slacking off?
We're all doing our best.
What's that?
What's wrong with Mu-won's stomach?
These came out of his stomach?
The furious Mommy Goat
cut open the wolf's stomach,
took out her babies' bodies,
filled it back with rocks
and sewed it back up.
Those who aren't wrathful are sinners.
Father Ko Mu-won. I will judge you.
The time given to save Han-guk
has passed at midnight,
so the experts are assuming the worst.
The police failed to find
any lead on the kidnapper,
-and the case is still unsolved.
-It must be devastating.
We have the result.
Damn it.
All right.
The blood on Sung Yo-han's shoe
matches the DNA of the body
found in the ocean recently.
-It is him.
It is Sung Yo-han.
National Forensic Service just called.
The DNA on the Goat Man's bandage
matches Oh Bong-yi's grandmother's.
Go get a warrant.
You should've called.
What did you want to talk about?
What is it, son?
You knew, didn't you?
Know what?
That your son is a murderer.
-Oh, my hands.
-I'm sorry.
Be careful.
This won't do. Hop on my back.
Just listen to me and come to my house.
Never mind.
This isn't new
but bear with it just for tonight.
I'll wash it clean tomorrow.
I forgot to feed Eo-beong.
Then I'll bring him here
while I get your clothes too.
-I'll be right back.
Yes, Detective Kang?
Detective Ko? He isn't home?
Bong-yi's grandmother's DNA
was found at the doctor's place?
-Search the area.
-Yes, sir.
The person you have dialed is unavailable.
Come on.
Detective Ko.
He's here.
Where are you?
Go up.
Go, Bong-yi.
No, come with me.
I'm going to get him with my own hands.
He killed your grandmother.
I'm going to get him.
Go call the police. Now!
Detective Ko!
-Detective Ko, hurry.
-Ba-reum is
-Where is he?
Detective Ko.
Finally, some quiet.
Kang Deok-su.
Do something like that again.
Or I'll kill you.
Don't you know
the Evidence Team members have guns?
You didn't find Han-guk?
I'm sure he switched cars here.
You won't be forgiven even after death.
Then send me more men.
I can't do all the work by myself.
Then you should recruit some.
Don't ever lose hope.
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