Mouse (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Memory Loss

I can see the head.
Push a little harder.
Give me another push.
Is the baby okay?
Well done.
He looks just like me.
He is indeed Han Seo-jun Junior.
You should hold him too. He's our baby.
Did you have a nightmare?
A nightmare?
What am I doing here?
I found you when I went over
to give you a receipt.
You're lucky I found you.
It could've gotten serious.
I was going to call the police, but
It was your son, right?
You're mistaken.
He was just trying to stop me
from hurting myself.
So don't call the police.
Okay? Don't.
Where's my cell phone?
I brought it with me.
Here you go.
Are you okay, Ba-reum?
Ba-reum, wake up.
Two people down.
Send an ambulance as soon as possible.
-Oh, no.
-The address is
Wake up, Ba-reum.
-It's 356-4, Gudong-ro.
-Detective Ko, please help him.
We're at the rooftop
of the house with the green gate.
What do we do?
Where's Han-guk?
-Yes, Han-guk.
Where is Han-guk, you bastard?
You scumbag. Wake up!
Where's the boy?
A police officer and the suspect
of the Moojin serial murders
got into a physical fight
tonight at around 9 p.m.
They're seriously injured
and were transferred to the hospital.
Breaking news. A man in his 20s
who got into a physical fight
with the suspect of the serial murders
in Moojin who claims to be God
turned out to be Officer Jung Ba-reum
of Gudong Police Substation.
You cannot go in. Stop her.
He's going into surgery. Call the OR.
Mr. Jung Ba-reum is on his way to the OR.
Officer Jung Ba-reum,
who is in a critical state
from the blunt trauma
to the head by the suspect,
is the main witness
of Gudong's old lady murder case.
The police assume that the suspect
broke into his house to silence him.
This is the frontal lobe.
The compound depressed skull fracture
is quite serious.
He is showing no reaction to any pain,
so I doubt the prognosis will be good.
What about Sung Yo-han?
As the bullet penetrated his abdomen,
it seriously damaged the adjacent organs.
I doubt he'll survive.
But we can't know for sure
until after the surgery.
Sung Yo-han
-Where is Sung Yo-han?
Where is my son?
He's in such a critical state,
so he's being operated on.
Please calm down and sign
How bad is it?
I can't tell you for sure yet.
Did you shoot him?
My poor Yo-han
The poor boy
Did you shoot him?
Poor boy?
Your son?
What about Officer Jung?
His skull is fractured
because your son hit him with a hammer,
and he is about to die from brain damage.
But you pity your son?
How will he pay for it?
Where's Han-guk? Have you found him yet?
Have you found the boy yet?
We searched Sung Yo-han's house
and the vicinity, but it was a bust.
He must've moved the boy then.
-What do you mean?
Detective Shin and I stopped
Sung Yo-han's car and searched his trunk.
But the boy wasn't there.
I think we found his car.
Give it to me.
He probably switched cars here.
Check every camera around here
and get a list of cars
that drove by around the same time.
-Check stolen cars, too.
-Okay. Let's go.
You must go through every car
that comes out of this alley.
This car too.
-We found it.
-Put it up on the large screen.
The plate number is 10MO 4219.
Let's track 10MO 4219.
Check every camera that caught that car.
We lost him from there.
Where is that place? Pull up the map.
There's a nursing home
that closed 20 years ago there.
Move quickly.
Hurry up.
Detective Ko. Did you find something?
Those are the clothes from his suitcase.
-This is the place.
-I'll go tell them.
What is this?
Detective Ko, get over here.
Check for blood.
Call the forensics team.
He couldn't have gone far
with the young boy.
It's possible he dumped
the boy's body nearby.
Search the building
and the vicinity thoroughly.
While the surgery is being done on the man
who is considered the suspect
in the Moojin serial murders,
the police are going all out
to look for Kim Han-guk.
They'll do a briefing
in the lobby. Let's go!
Sung Yo-han's surgery was successful.
We removed parts of his organs
that were severely damaged.
We had to clean his abdominal cavity
and conduct a necrotomy.
How is Officer Jung Ba-reum doing?
His frontal lobe and temporal lobe
are severely damaged
from brain ischemia
caused by increased brain pressure.
The brain pressure kept rising,
so an emergency operation was being done
to avoid brain herniation.
But due to severe cerebral hemorrhage,
we had to stop the surgery.
His skull is fractured
because your son hit him with a hammer,
and he is about to die from brain damage.
I felt bad for you because you were
in pain for being a murderer's son.
I saw myself in you.
That's why I
You won't be forgiven even after death.
This is all I can do for you.
There is no progress
in finding Kim Han-guk,
and Officer Jung Ba-reum's surgery
has been stopped
because he's in a critical state.
People are criticizing
the government regarding this case.
According to a survey,
the approval rating for the president
has dropped by 40 percent
compared to last month.
The biggest cause of the decline
is the poor response
to the Moojin serial murders.
The approval rating
of the ruling party has hit the lowest.
The public wants to know whether
the ruling party will stay in power
or the opposition party will take over
with only one year left
until the next presidential election.
You received a package.
Who's the sender?
It doesn't say.
Officer Jung's cerebral edema
has resolved a little bit.
After a discussion with the neurosurgeons,
we decided to try another surgery.
-You can't go in.
-I want to know where my boy is!
-Take her.
-Come with us.
Let go of me!
Please calm down.
Ba-reum is dying, but you're alive?
Die, you scumbag.
The surgery was successful.
On top of the brain damage
caused by the compound skull fracture,
there was secondary damage
from increased intracranial pressure.
Depending on his condition,
we will operate on him a few more times.
Thank you.
It is out of our hands now.
Please pray for him, everyone.
What is it?
Did something go wrong during the surgery?
Is Officer Jung in a critical state?
Sung Yo-han has passed away.
The cause of his death
is acute septic shock.
We removed the contaminated parts
as much as we could during the surgery,
but we think he died of shock caused
by the remaining abdominal infection.
He should've told us
where Han-guk is before he died!
Officer Jung Ba-reum,
who went through three major surgeries,
has not regained consciousness
for over ten days,
leaving many in sadness.
Rallies are held around the country
to pray for Officer Jung's recovery,
and charitable activities
are taking place for him.
Animals aren't allowed in hospital wards,
but the director made
an exception for Officer Jung.
You can hear Eo-beong, right?
Eo-beong's telling you to wake up.
Listen to Eo-beong and wake up, okay?
Detective Ko, I'm fine.
Don't be ridiculous.
Look at yourself.
You look like you're about to faint.
What's the big deal about that?
Because of me, Ba-reum
It's not your fault. So don't feel guilty.
The surgery went well.
He'll wake up soon. Okay?
Take off your shoes and lie down.
-Excuse me.
Forget about everything
and get some sleep.
-Detective Ko.
-What is it?
Thank you.
If it weren't for you,
Ba-reum would've died.
thanks for plucking up the courage.
Get some sleep.
How will I pay for all my sins?
Where's Eo-beong?
-How sad.
-I feel so bad.
Where am I?
How many fingers am I holding up?
And how many are these?
What is this?
It's a pen.
What is your name?
How old are you?
Who is she?
Why can't he remember anything?
His frontal lobe
and temporal lobe are damaged.
Inside the temporal lobe
is the hippocampus.
He could experience memory loss
if the hippocampus is damaged.
But given that he recognizes most things,
I think it is caused
by a temporary shock from the surgeries.
Brain surgeries are straining
for the body,
so his brain may need time
to get back to normal.
You really don't remember me?
Not at all?
Who is she?
Don't look at me like I'm a stranger.
You were
You were an incredibly sweet person to me.
I'm tired. I need to get some sleep.
The hospital is crowded
with people gathered around
to congratulate Officer Jung Ba-reum
for being discharged.
He received three brain surgeries
due to the injuries
he suffered
while fighting a serial murderer.
Here he comes.
-Mr. Jung Ba-reum.
-Here he comes.
Thank you.
One moment, please.
Thank you.
Sit over there.
Get some rest.
-I'll go make some porridge.
I guess I was a good person.
Indeed you were.
You were a good kid
who never caused trouble growing up.
Even now, Ba-reum. You're kind and just.
What a relief.
You were 100 days old then.
Where is my mom?
She died in a car accident
when you were a baby.
I see.
How can I not remember anything?
The doctor said
it's because you had big surgeries.
He told us not to worry.
Your memories will come back slowly,
so don't worry too much.
Let's move as soon as possible.
We have to move
because of the redevelopment anyway.
I cannot leave you
in this terrible house by yourself.
Just say it was a mistake, okay?
Say that you aimed for his leg.
Just say that Han-guk
reminded you of your nephew.
But I don't have a nephew.
I'm an only child.
My parents tried ten years
before having me.
Just say you have one
-so that you don't get penalized.
-Yes, sir.
Why do you do everything
this troublemaker tells you to do?
You think your dad
will get you off the hook?
Come on in.
I have a nephew
who is around the same age as Han-guk.
That's why I did it. I'm sorry.
Sergeant Ko. Why didn't you
shoot the suspect's leg first?
You should fire a warning shot
and aim for the lower body.
Don't you know the rules?
If he'd done that while the suspect
was about to assault Officer Jung,
Officer Jung Ba-reum
wouldn't be alive today.
Tell us yourself, Sergeant Ko Moo-chi.
It was a mistake, right?
You aimed for his leg, right?
It wasn't a mistake.
I shot to kill that bastard.
So please investigate me for murder.
That crazy bastard.
This is the final decision
on Sergeant Ko Moo-chi.
You used your gun to save
the victim from an urgent situation,
so we find you not guilty.
What are you talking about?
I killed a man.
-Detective Ko.
-I shot to kill him.
-Don't you hear me? I shot to kill him!
-Detective Ko!
I fired the gun to kill him!
Sergeant Ko. You'll get a one-year
suspension and a six-month pay cut.
Senior Policeman Shin,
two months of pay cut.
-That is all for today.
-Wait a minute.
-Detective Ko.
What are you doing?
Send me to him.
-Send me to where he is!
-Let go.
Put me behind bars!
-Are you okay?
He's bleeding.
Oh, no.
We will now begin. Start with anesthesia.
Put your head up.
The anesthetic is going in now.
I'm sorry, baby.
Pictures of the body
of Byeon Sun-yeong, the second victim,
were found in Sung Yo-han's basement.
The police also confirmed
that Sung Yo-han's cell phone
was tracked in places
near the murder scenes
at the time of the crime.
Based on Officer Jung's testimony
and circumstantial evidence
that he tried to kill Ms. A,
we have now concluded
that Sung Yo-han is the culprit
of the seven serial murders in Moojin.
I'm coming.
-I'll throw these away.
I'll take this. I'm studying this again.
I'm studying to become
a prison guard again.
-Prison guard?
I made a promise to Chi-guk
that I'd work with him when he wakes up.
Chi-guk, you, and I
were like the Three Musketeers.
I see.
Go see if there's anything
to pack in the backyard.
We'll throw those away,
so just leave them out.
-Thank you.
Should I load these too?
Just leave them there.
Then we're done.
Come on out. We should get going.
We don't have the right to indict
because Sung Yo-han is deceased,
so the case will be handed over
to the prosecutors' office.
But even after it is handed over,
we will continue our search
for Kim Han-guk.
Bong-yi, be my bride
when you become an adult.
Kang Deok-su, whose sentence
was reduced to ten years
because he was drunk at the time
of his crime, will be released tomorrow.
The police are preparing thoroughly
in case of any emergencies.
The atmosphere is already tense
near Building A in Moojin,
which is suspected to be his home.
The police officers are on guard,
and the residents
are voicing their concerns
as they're witnessing the sight.
Execute Kang Deok-su!
-Execute him!
-Execute him!
Guarantee the residents' safety!
-Guarantee safety!
-Guarantee safety!
Oh Bong-yi. You're not her.
-Amend the law!
-Amend the law!
Guarantee a safe world!
-Guarantee a safe world!
-Guarantee a safe world!
Execute Kang Deok-su!
Oh Bong-yi.
-Execute him!
-Execute him!
-Excuse me.
-Guarantee a safe world.
-Guarantee a safe world!
-Guarantee a safe world!
I'm glad that she isn't here.
Guarantee a safe world!
-Guarantee a safe world!
-Guarantee a safe world!
-You call yourself a human being?
-You're less than human!
Kang Deok-su.
Officer Ko?
You have a good memory.
Yes, it's me.
The one who put you behind bars.
What are you doing here?
I'm here to warn you.
Do something like that again,
or I'll kill you.
I'm sorry.
I will spend the rest of my life
atoning for my sin.
I am on the lookout
to kill someone right now.
So mark my words.
I will do my best to be a decent man.
Where are you, Oh Bong-yi?
The campaign
for the 20th presidential election
will officially begin today.
Lee Gyeong-seon of Gukseondang,
the ruling party
Our Lee Gyeong-seon
-Candidate Number One!
-Candidate Number One, Lee Gyeong-seon
Let me get some sleep!
-Our Lee Gyeong-seon
-Candidate Number One!
-Gukseondang's Lee Gyeong-seon
-It's too early for all the noise!
-Prepared to work for the people
-Candidate Number One!
-Candidate Number One, Lee Gyeong-seon
-Lee Gyeong-seon!
Even if you try to win me over,
I'll vote for the one
who restores the death penalty system.
Did you enjoy your year-long break?
-You have been appointed.
-To where?
I'm so proud of myself
for sticking out in this crappy place.
Those petty jerks.
I didn't even do it on purpose.
How could they exile me
to this place for a year
for punching the commissioner?
Once I get back
to the Violent Crimes Team,
I won't have to wear this uniform again.
Goodbye, Pyeongan Police Substation.
I've been placed
in the Pyeongan Police Substation.
I am Officer Jung Ba-reum.
Hey, Officer Jung.
I heard that you'll be my replacement.
-Nice to meet you.
It's the face
of the Pyeongan Police Substation.
Welcome, Officer Jung.
Come on, Officer Nam. Go bring it.
You know that the entire nation
is rooting for you, right?
Don't overwork yourself.
Think of it as a probation period.
-I will do my best.
-No, take it easy.
Drink this up. It's an herbal tonic.
-Go have a seat.
Put that down and come with me.
There are so many things to teach you.
No. Sit down and rest.
Why? I must train him so I can leave.
We got an order.
He's not himself yet and needs more rest.
He's not recovered?
Then why has he been reinstated?
The election is right around the corner.
You know how the entire nation
prayed for his recovery.
They must show
he's returned to work and is doing well
for the ruling party's approval rating
to go up and for them to stay in power.
I'm sorry to tell you this, but
-What is it?
-He mustn't overwork himself,
so don't make him do anything.
Leave him alone.
Just leave him alone.
If he wants to go home, let him.
If he doesn't come to work,
just let him, okay?
It's unbelievable.
It's like he's the boss here.
Officer Nam will end up
taking on all the work.
I guess that's the perks of having
the entire nation rooting for you.
So are your memories back?
Yes. There are things
I still don't remember,
-but they're mostly back.
-I see.
That's good.
Then you remember Detective Ko, right?
Dong-gu told me a lot about him, but
I don't remember him yet.
Good gosh.
You don't remember Detective Ko?
You're not back to yourself.
It's nothing.
I heard you live around here.
That's right.
I live behind that apartment building.
My aunt asked me to live near her place.
Oh, so your aunt lives here too.
By the way,
I wonder if I got back to work too early.
I'd better do well.
I don't want to be a nuisance.
Yes, you are a nuisance.
I'll be leaving soon, but Officer Nam
-One moment, please.
-What is it?
Please pull over.
Who did this?
Why did he have to run
for president and be humiliated?
I'm going to vote for him.
I had so much spare time
while I was recovering,
so I listened to every candidate's speech
and looked up their pledges.
I think he's the sincerest one
and has a clear plan
for the future of Korea.
I respect him.
Thank you.
What are you doing, Detective Shin?
Stay still. I have my reasons.
What are you doing?
-Detective Shin. Over there.
-He's at it again.
-A thief!
-Stay in the car.
My purse! Oh, no.
Come here.
Hey, stop!
Officer Jung, you shouldn't run like that!
Stop the motorcycle!
Stop right there!
Shouldn't we catch him?
-Let go of me.
-Stay still.
Let me go.
What is this feeling?
Don't just stand there.
There's so much work to do.
You see those over there?
Sort them all out and make a list.
You want me to do this all by myself?
There's no one else besides you and me.
We're the only ones on the team?
They made a big fuss in the media
about creating this team.
You know when something happens,
they create something
to calm the public down
and then once it subsides, they scrap it.
I'd rather work
in Transportation or Civil Affairs.
You're here because they didn't want you.
-Who do they think I am?
-A troublemaker and a time bomb.
In other words, no one wants you.
So stop complaining and get to work.
-Then I quit.
-Don't you have work to do?
The Evidence Team.
Don't you know
the Evidence Team members have guns?
-But it's a back office job.
-Says who?
Sorting out evidence
is only a part of our job.
At times, you'll have to go out
and collect the evidence yourself.
A special provision of guns.
You may have better chances here.
I have a wife to take care of.
If it weren't for her,
I would've done it myself.
I mean, the thing you plan to do.
There's no wallet or a phone.
It's a homicide by a robber.
No, it isn't.
-It's just disguised as one.
Who are you to say such nonsense?
How do you know if it's nonsense or not?
-How dare you!
-How old are you?
-I'm old enough. So what?
Detective Kang! We found tire tracks here.
From there to here.
You were right. No wonder you have
the entire nation's support.
There are tire tracks
and traces of the body being dragged.
That means someone drove here
with the body and dragged it there.
What kind of a robber would kill a person
and leave the body
and her purse over there?
Don't be ridiculous.
-Come on.
-It makes sense.
Her belongings are gone,
but the killer had
the murder weapon prepared.
He took the phone and wallet to make it
look like a homicide by a robber.
Right. Seeing how she was killed
with her face down,
the victim must've known the killer,
and the killer must've held a grudge
against the victim.
Identify the victim
and look into people around her.
That's not true.
It wasn't a revenge murder.
What's wrong with you?
I'll talk to him. He hurt his head, so
You know, right? He fought Sung Yo-han
and got brain surgery.
Go guard the area
so no one contaminates evidence.
-Come here.
-But Detective Shin
Just go.
This is the Hurricane limited edition
that you begged us to get you.
Your dad stood in line
early in the morning to buy it for you.
Happy birthday, Moo-chi.
If anyone messes with you,
I'll teach them a lesson.
No, let's just camp out here.
Please, Mom?
We're only staying
because it's your birthday, Moo-chi.
Sort these, too.
Han Seo-jun case's been ruled
by the Supreme Court already.
Why do we have the evidence kept here?
The prosecutors' office
were about to discard them,
but I brought them here.
Evidence from the Han Seo-jun case
is still a great reference
for investigations to this day.
Our job isn't
to simply store and sort evidence.
Our main task is to collect and archive
investigation research materials.
You make it sound like
an incredibly important team.
Then send me more men.
I can't do all the work by myself.
No one wants to work here.
Then you should recruit some.
I hope Chi-guk wakes up soon
and recovers like you have.
He will.
Don't ever lose hope.
It's my wedding invitation.
You'll be the host. You know that, right?
I can't host a wedding.
No one else can do it.
Chi-guk is bedridden.
Of course, you have to do it.
It was my first day at work today,
and I could see how tough
it must've been for Chi-guk.
Was it that tough?
There's a gangster's lackey
in my area of responsibility,
and he keeps harassing his cellmate
when he's old enough to be his grandpa.
He was taking it too far,
so I told him to stop.
And now he is harassing me too.
He calls me "Dung-gu."
I've been called other names,
but "Dung-gu"?
He belittles me for being a rookie.
-I just wanted to
-Did you punch him?
-Are you crazy?
-No, I read his palm.
He has the palm lines of a criminal.
You and your jokes.
Be careful. You could get in trouble.
It'd be nice
if Bong-yi came to my wedding too.
Where has she disappeared to?
I guess you don't remember her yet.
How was your day?
Tell me how it was to be back at work.
I saw a dead body.
A dead body?
-Did you wet your pants?
-Don't be silly.
It felt rather strange.
-My heart was racing, and
-Your heart was racing?
I guess you were shocked.
You did say your heart was racing
when you saw a dead cat.
It wasn't like that. It was more like
Yes, it was.
You threw up all day that day.
It's probably nothing.
-Over here.
-Good evening.
-Hello. Please have a seat.
Thank you.
I worked on a movie with him.
And this is Lawyer Wu Hyeong-cheol.
He helped me with my scripts.
-You all know Ba-reum, right?
-Of course.
And this is my fiancé, Ms. Kim Seul-gi.
She starred in my short film.
-Congratulations on your wedding.
-Thank you.
-Thank you!
Thank you.
-I need to use the restroom.
Be careful.
Dong-gu, it's not too late.
Reconsider marrying Seul-gi.
Cut it out, you punk.
She will never give up
on becoming an actress.
You think she'll settle
with being a civil servant's wife?
She will never.
She'll leave you
if someone gives her a role in a movie.
Will you stop?
-Stop it, you bastard.
-Calm down.
Stop it.
You may be drunk,
but don't cross the line.
Do you know what they say about her?
They say
she's an opportunist serial flirter.
Everyone in this industry
knows except him.
It's so upsetting.
You're too naive.
You're such a pushover, Dong-gu.
-You jerk.
You run your mouth like that
whenever you drink.
-You jerk.
Let go of me.
Are you okay, Ba-reum?
You jerk!
Let go of me!
Are you okay?
Are you hurt?
It's just a slight scratch. I'm fine.
You scraped your forehead.
By the way, I didn't know you could fight.
You even sucked at Whac-A-Mole.
On today's Sherlock Eung-nyeo,
we will cover the suicide case
of a college student in her 20s.
According to the police,
she was economically distressed
and committed suicide in her room, and
Here's the evidence
from a murder in Pyeongan-dong.
Have you eaten?
That jerk.
These jerks.
You left out two pieces of evidence!
The rope and the weapon aren't here.
Bring them here now.
We're busy.
But you aren't, so come get them yourself.
How dare he hang up on me?
This punk.
Where is he?
This is called the Highwayman's Hitch.
It is the quickest knot
you can make while hiking.
You can fix the rope tightly
without tying it.
Then is this a knife for hiking too?
Yes, it is.
Then we'll have to see if there was
a hiking expert around the victim.
Wait a minute.
This knot is a variation.
This isn't how it's supposed to be tied.
It's quite peculiar.
It may have been purposely modified
from the Highwayman's Hitch,
-or maybe it was a clumsy mistake.
-I see.
So this is not
standard Highwayman's Hitch?
That's right.
What are you doing out there?
Why ask the obvious?
I was told to come myself, so here I am.
You can take them back
after signing this and rewriting the list.
That brat.
What did that officer mean when he said
the culprit wasn't
the victim's acquaintance?
It was nonsense. Don't worry about it.
He isn't in his right mind
because he hurt his head.
Is he the one who hurt his brain
while fighting against a murderer?
I guess Officer Jung is back.
Pyeongan Police Substation
It should be around here.
You crazy bastard!
Officer Jung?
I'm sorry.
This rolled away
while I was throwing out trash.
I scared you, didn't I?
I'm really sorry.
You haven't changed, Officer Jung.
Do you know me?
Are you trying to get yourself killed?
You were nearly killed because of a bird.
What is it? Does your head hurt?
Detective Ko Moo-chi.
Detective Ko!
Sir. Oh, my.
-This is all we have.
-Thank you.
How are you doing?
Yes. I've been getting treatment
and have gotten much better.
When one piece of memory
about someone comes back,
other memories of that person
come back too.
I'm grateful you remember me.
I should've remembered you sooner.
How did you know that I was here?
-Did Detective Shin tell you?
The Violent Crimes guys
were badmouthing you.
-They said you talked nonsense
about how the killer wasn't
the victim's acquaintance.
Please take a look at this.
Look at this knot.
With a knot like this, the victim
must've been able to move her hands.
And the knot can come untied easily too.
Right. They said
it's the Highway knot or something.
So they were looking for
a hiking expert around the victim.
If he was an expert, why did he use
this knot to tie up the victim
when he knew it could be untied easily?
Take a look here.
You can see that the victim
moved around her wrists a lot.
You're right.
Then why did he tie the rope this way?
-He did it for fun.
He tied the rope this way for fun.
The victim probably thought she could live
and tried to untie the knot.
The culprit must've watched
her struggle for fun.
If he watched her die for fun,
why did he stab her in the back?
Look at this.
It's not a deep stab wound.
He didn't stab her deep enough to kill her
and enjoyed watching
the victim suffer in pain.
Then in the end, he strangled her.
Only a psychopath would do such a thing.
It wasn't his first murder.
If it had been his first time,
he would've been too flustered
to clean the crime scene.
But the crime scene was too clean.
There wasn't a single fingerprint
or a strand of hair.
If we don't catch him soon,
he'll kill again.
How are you so sure?
I can
I can just feel it.
You can feel it?
It seems like you've changed a little.
You seem different from before.
Do I?
The victim probably thought she could live
and tried to untie the knot.
He did it for fun.
He tied the rope this way for fun.
Mr. Bok is questioning the suspect.
The pub owner testified that you'd been
hitting on Kang Min-ju for a month.
That's him?
This is the tire track
we found at the crime scene.
And this is the tire of your car.
I've never been there.
There are millions of cars
with the same tires.
I think you have the wrong guy.
There's no way he's a psychopath.
These are the things
we found at your place.
I didn't kill her!
I don't think it's him.
Why are you so sure
that the culprit is a psychopath?
-Don't be ridiculous.
-Just tell me
where you were at the time of the murder!
You see
National Forensic Service called.
The semen found in the victim's body
is a match with his DNA.
See? You're the one who got it wrong.
He can feel it?
I listened to a man
with a brain injury like an idiot.
Gosh, I'm unbelievable.
The police arrested Mr. B,
who stalked Victim A, a pub waitress,
as the prime suspect of her murder.
He claims that it was consensual sex
-It's not him.
-and is denying the charge.
Here's evidence from Nojin-dong murder.
Hey, stop there.
You didn't leave out
any piece of evidence again, did you?
I'm asking you a question.
No, I didn't.
Stay right there until I confirm it.
What's with the injury on the wrist?
-Isn't there a rope or anything?
-There isn't?
Wait! That brat.
I don't see it.
Did an army officer hung the clothes
or something? Why are they so neat?
The clothes aren't even washed.
If we don't catch him soon
He'll kill again.
Officer Jung was right.
When Hong Na-ri was found,
her front tooth was cracked,
and her forehead was bleeding.
Based on the blood
on the shattered mirror,
the killer probably smashed
the victim's face with it,
which cut her forehead
and cracked her tooth.
The door lock is intact.
There are no signs
of her trying to escape.
She must've known the killer.
Damn it.
Why is there no water?
What's strange is that the MO
is different from Kang Min-ju's murder.
Kang Min-ju was kidnapped, murdered,
and abandoned in different places.
But Hong Na-ri was found at her home.
The body wasn't moved.
And he didn't leave the murder weapon.
It's different from the Kang Min-ju case.
And Hong Na-ri was lying
on her side, not facing down.
Was it done by someone else?
No, it was the same person.
How are you so sure?
The mirror.
The killer smashed her face
with the mirror on purpose.
On purpose?
To watch her die in pain in more detail.
He tried to watch the victim die
in more detail using the mirror?
In order to watch the victim
die in pain in more detail
Right here.
This is where he killed her.
Then the victim's husband came
and did CPR on her.
Yes. There were signs of CPR on her body,
so her husband was arrested.
They weren't on good terms
and were separated.
That's enough motive for murder.
No, the CPR must've been done
by the killer too.
So what you're saying is
that the killer's a psychopath
who kills for fun.
Then why did he try to save her?
Did he change his mind?
He didn't change his mind.
He wanted to bring her back
to kill her again.
He wanted to enjoy watching her
die in pain as long as he could.
His MO is getting worse.
It's more violent than the last time.
I think he's experimenting
to find a fun way to kill people.
If we don't catch him soon,
countless more people might get killed.
How can you be so sure of that?
It's just
I thought about what I would do
if I were the killer,
and this is what I would do.
He was afraid
that the police would catch wind of him
if this knot was discovered,
so he used the clothesline to kill her.
Then he probably put it back
after he killed her.
And I'm sure the clothes were hung
in the neatest possible way.
Right. How did you know that?
I just know.
And I am sure
the killer is a perfectionist.
Officer Jung.
Let's catch him together.
What? You'll catch him?
-We must hand this over to Violent Crimes.
-No, things are different now.
According to you,
he already killed two people.
But you said he could've killed
more people in the past.
That means there could be more victims.
That means he is
a psychopathic serial murderer.
You see
I have to catch someone
who deserves to die with my own hands.
I failed the last time,
but I will succeed this time.
You'll help me, right?
Thank you for the offer,
but I have things to do
at Pyeongan Substation, and
No, you don't have to handle
the substation's work.
-I heard from Detective Shin.
You don't have to do anything
at the substation.
What do you mean by that?
-You don't have to go to work. Come on.
-What do you mean?
What did I eat?
My bottom's so sore.
I'm sure
the killer was acquainted
with the victims.
But the victims didn't have
any mutual acquaintances.
What am I missing here?
He did it for fun.
He tied it loose on purpose.
I've seen this before.
Eleven Ga.
Detective Park's wife kept saying
she must find her baby.
You see
He is a mutated monster
who should never have been born.
That comment instigated it.
He broke into Detective Park's house
and kidnapped Hyeon-su and Hyeon-suk.
Hyeon-suk was found
30 km away from his house
early in the morning the next day.
He was hit by a car.
He must've run out into the road
while running away.
Search the area thoroughly.
Even soldiers were brought in
to find Hyeon-su, but she was never found.
And about five years after that,
they started constructing
Guryeong Mountain Tunnel.
They found clothes and shoes
that Hyeon-su was wearing
when she was kidnapped.
They tested the DNA
using the hair found on the hair tie,
and it was a match.
He still hasn't accepted
that Hyeon-su is dead.
That's why he keeps digging up the ground
to find Hyeon-su's body.
The MO is different
from Kang Min-ju's murder.
She was kidnapped, murdered,
and abandoned in different places.
But Hong Na-ri was found at her home.
Hello, Detective Shin.
About the victim
of the pub waitress murder
May I see the knot
that was tied around her hands?
The Evidence Team?
Right, this is a variation
of the Highwayman's Hitch.
It does seem like
they were tied by the same person.
But this one seems clumsier than this one.
It's like a child tied it.
Excuse me.
YEAR 2020, YEAR 2021
How did Han Seo-jun know about this knot?
Surgeons usually make knots
when they operate,
but this is a knot that hikers use.
Han Seo-jun probably learned it
from someone.
-The one who taught Han Seo-jun
Or Han Seo-jun could've taught it
to someone else.
Someone who learned from him.
That person would be the prime suspect.
Let's talk to Han Seo-jun first.
What is it?
Someone must've been here.
This wasn't placed like this
when I came in.
-What are you talking about?
-It's different.
You think you're a genius
that can remember the angle of every box?
Hurry up. We must get there on time.
-Hurry up.
-It's different, though.
-Han Seo-jun refuses to see you.
He doesn't want to see
the one who killed his son.
You wanted to see me?
It's you.
I heard you nearly died because of Yo-han.
I wanted to apologize on behalf of my son.
We've met before, right?
I'm disappointed
that you don't remember me.
I guess the surgery wasn't so successful.
What a shame.
But your eyes seem to have changed
after the surgery.
Do they?
Don't let him intimidate you.
You remember this, right?
It's the knot you tied on Park Hyeon-su,
Detective Park Du-seok's daughter.
This is similar to the knot
that hikers use in rescues.
-Who did you learn it from?
-I never learned it from anyone.
Is that so?
So you're saying
that you came up with this yourself.
Did you teach it to anyone?
I've never taught it.
Then has anyone seen you tie it?
Try rummaging through your memory.
This is very important.
I've never tied it,
learned it, or taught it.
I told you.
Don't lie.
If you didn't teach it to anyone,
how is it possible that someone
made the same knot
you made when you killed
a child 26 years ago?
Why are you asking me that?
I had no expectations for you anyway.
I will not accept the fake apology
that you made on behalf of your son.
I said it's not a lie,
but you don't believe me.
You don't understand
what I'm trying to say?
It's not him.
He didn't kill the child 26 years ago.
Say hello to my friend before you go.
Say hi.
This is my cellmate.
What is this memory?
A witness?
It wasn't in the investigation record.
Or Han Seo-jun is the killer,
but someone else tied the knot.
An accomplice?
Did the brain surgery make you a genius?
Do you know Producer Choi Hong-ju?
Was I in love with her?
That child
I was wondering if you know
where she is now.
You look well.
It's nice to see you, Officer Jung.
Why does my heart suddenly ache?
-Officer Jung.
Do you want to join our team?
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