Mouse (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Ba Reum's Memories

Give it. He's mine.
If you let him live,
you'll end up like that snake.
Is that what you want?
What did he say?
What's wrong?
Did something happen in there?
It wasn't Han Seo-jun.
Han Seo-jun didn't tie that knot.
This knot
I've never tied it,
learned it, or taught it.
He never taught anyone
or even learned how.
You believe him? You're too naive.
It definitely wasn't Han Seo-jun.
The knot on the mouse's head
was pointing to the right.
But look.
This knot is pointing to the left.
There was a suture on the mouse's head?
Guard Kim.
Guard Kim.
Gosh, that pervert.
What has he done to the mice's heads?
Look. The knot is to the right.
If the same person tied it,
the knot should be
pointing in the same direction
even if it's a different knot.
Students' study materials are
all we have on Han Seo-jun's surgeries.
Han Seo-jun is left-handed,
so why are his surgical knots
tied to the right?
Some doctors do that.
You know how in baseball,
some right-handed players
sometimes bat left-handed?
It's something similar to that.
That means Detective Park's daughter
wasn't murdered by Han Seo-jun.
I see two possibilities.
Either it wasn't Han Seo-jun,
or Han Seo-jun is the killer,
but someone else tied the knot.
An accomplice?
Tie her up before she wakes up.
At the time,
there was a dent in this tree,
and the taillight on the car was broken,
which means he faked
a car accident to lure her.
-But isn't it strange?
-What is?
The cab driver testified
that this was where
Song Su-jeong had gotten off.
There was a phone booth here back then.
Song Su-jeong called Song Su-ho from here.
If he dragged her there,
he wouldn't have faked an accident.
Then how did he get her
to the scene of the accident?
Even if there was an accident,
it's unusual for someone
to follow a stranger past midnight.
Plus, she was all alone,
and it was snowing a lot.
What if it wasn't Han Seo-jun?
What if it was someone
she didn't need to be wary of?
So, there was an accomplice.
Let's go to the police substation
that got the call.
They might have a note left from that day.
What's this?
A witness?
This wasn't in the investigation report.
I didn't think a man with a child
would go around slicing people's throats,
so I didn't report it.
A child?
This road is usually deserted,
but a car drove in that night.
I know everyone's car in town,
but I didn't recognize that one.
I couldn't see the driver
because of the headlights.
But I got a glimpse of a boy
in the passenger's seat.
A boy?
But this one seems clumsier than this one.
It's like a child tied it.
He looked like he was about ten years old.
Han Seo-jun didn't have a child back then.
You're right.
No boys of that age
were reported missing that year.
Is this the only list you have
of missing children?
Do you really think Han Seo-jun
used a child to lure his targets?
What if that child grew up
to be just like him?
I'm getting chills just thinking about it.
Nothing's for sure yet.
Let's find a man in his 30s
who knew both victims.
There isn't a man in his 30s
among the victims' acquaintances
who is an orphan or can be suspected
to have helped Han Seo-jun 25 years ago.
There isn't a single common link
between Kang Min-ju and Hong Na-ri.
I don't understand.
I'm sure the culprit knew them somehow.
-You think he knew them?
The security camera caught Kang Min-ju
get in the car with a smile.
No one broke into
Hong Na-ri's house either.
It means she let the person in.
It had to be someone
they both knew very well.
I don't think so.
I think it was a complete stranger.
The culprit definitely enjoyed
committing murder.
If it were me,
I would never target an acquaintance
so that I'd be able to enjoy it
for a long time without getting caught.
Think about it, you fool.
Would you ever get into a stranger's car
with a big smile like this?
And what kind of woman
would welcome a stranger into her house?
I'm sure there's a common acquaintance
that we haven't been able to find yet.
Let's start over.
Let's revisit everything.
When you're stuck,
it's better to start all over.
Someone did open this box.
See? I was right, wasn't I?
Who is that?
She was reinstated a month ago
but is still waiting to get assigned.
Why is this
Here we meet again.
It's nice to see you, Officer Jung.
Why does my heart suddenly ache?
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to deceive you.
Don't you know what happens
if you tamper with evidence?
You were caught on camera,
so don't try to deny it.
I saw the photos and noticed the wound
on Hong Na-ri's wrists.
I could tell she was tied by something,
so I went to her house to check it out.
That's when I overheard you
and Officer Jung talk.
The MO is different
from Kang Min-ju's murder.
Kang Min-ju was kidnapped, murdered,
and abandoned in different places.
-So I went to see the knot on Kang Min-ju.
-Why is that your business?
Here you go.
Does it have something to do with that?
I just wanted to see if the knots
on Kang Min-ju and Hong Na-ri
were the same as the knot found
on that detective's daughter.
How did you know
that the knots from the two cases
were the same as Park Hyeon-su's?
I was going through
the Headhunter case for my show,
and I remember seeing the knot
on the girl's remains.
It was an unusual knot,
so it was hard to forget.
And I started investigating it
after I recently saw the same knot.
Don't lie to me.
The press may have published
that Kang Min-ju was tied,
but not the shape of the knot.
So how did you know?
Be straight with me.
I didn't see Kang Min-ju's knot.
Kang Min-ju may not have been
the first victim.
You're adorable.
The killings may have begun a month ago.
Good boy.
Soon after I was reinstated,
a woman came to see me,
saying that she thinks
her daughter was murdered.
Oh? Hello.
The police saw it as a runaway incident.
-A runaway incident?
Even though her dog was killed
and hung on a tree?
Kim Yeong-hee
was suffering from depression.
The police thought
her depression got worse
and assumed that
she killed her dog and vanished.
They closed the case
after reporting her missing.
They saw it as a runaway case
even after they saw the knot?
It wasn't found with the dog.
A wagon went missing
from the park that same night.
The killer probably didn't realize
that the knot had gone loose
because the dog had gnawed at it.
It was found here.
The police missed it
because it was quite far from the park.
Why did you keep it
instead of giving it to the police?
Hand it over.
I'll give it to you under one condition.
-What is it?
-I want exclusive coverage.
I want to bring back Sherlock Hong-ju.
So I want to know everything
you come across during the investigation.
-No, I feel uncomfortable around you.
-You think I don't?
I can't just sit back and wait
only to end up getting fired.
-What's your real reason?
You think I don't know you?
You want to catch him.
Why are you desperate to catch him?
Do you know who Producer Choi Hong-ju is?
Of course.
She worked with you at your place
when you guys were after Sung Yo-han.
Do you remember something?
By any chance
Why are you so hesitant?
Just tell me already.
Did I like her?
What? You?
You're unbelievable.
You can't do this to Bong-yi.
Are you talking about Oh Bong-yi,
that girl you keep telling me about?
Are you serious?
Listen to yourself.
You remember Ms. Choi but not Bong-yi?
That's just wrong.
Bong-yi was so worried sick about you.
It's not like I don't want to remember.
I just can't.
What was that memory about?
-Are you looking for something?
I was wondering if I had any photo albums
from back when I was in kindergarten.
Why all of a sudden?
I feel like I'm remembering stuff
from back then.
Really? That's good news.
I probably have some photos at home.
I'll bring them by next time.
-That'd be great.
What's this birdcage for?
Oh, that?
You briefly had a pet bird
before the incident.
I see.
I feel like I remember.
-Where's the bird now?
-You haven't eaten yet, right?
I made cheonggukjang, your favorite.
What's wrong? Is it the smell?
-I'll put it away.
I'm sorry.
Your taste in food has changed.
You used to love cheonggukjang.
Yes, this is Jung Ba-reum.
Oh, the redevelopment office?
Kim Yeong-hee, Kang Min-ju, and Hong Na-ri
were all killed by the same person?
Ask the forensics team
to see if they find a skin tissue here.
All right.
I will catch this scumbag.
Why would you go after him?
You're in the Evidence Team now,
not Homicide.
You know I'll always be
a homicide detective.
I can't stay in the Evidence Team forever.
I need to earn brownie points to get back.
Give me a chance.
I will bring him right to you.
Don't look at me like that.
Only until the result comes out.
What are you doing?
It'll get demolished
before the presidential election.
Hi, Eo-beong.
Oh Bong-yi.
-Oh Bong-yi.
-My gosh!
I'm sorry.
Oh, my baby.
Officer Jung.
I'd really appreciate it
if you could check up on Bong-yi
every now and then.
She hasn't come to school
since her grandmother passed away.
It's a pity.
She was so close to graduating.
I give up.
Will you marry me, Bong-yi?
We can get married
after you graduate.
Where are you, Bong-yi?
Hold on.
Hold on a second.
It must've been tough.
She will need a cozy place
to give birth to her kittens.
Hang on. I'll build you a nice home.
Hang in there.
I'll have it ready in no time.
Why did you want to see me
so early in the morning?
Over there.
I took these photos yesterday
at Kim Yeong-hee and Kang Min-ju's homes.
The houses are very old
as well as the neighborhood.
The wallpapers are moldy
with cracks here and there.
-So what?
-But look.
Don't the window guards look brand new?
You're right.
These look new, too.
So, it was the guy who installed these.
That's why they weren't suspicious of him,
and he wasn't considered
a mutual acquaintance.
The city signed a contract
and distributed this model.
It was a campaign for women
living alone in crime-prone areas.
-Who installed the window guards?
We did the campaign with members
of the Korea Security Association.
Excuse me.
Does that dog live here?
Yes, it was abandoned.
The volunteers take turns
looking after it.
Wasn't Kim Yeong-hee's dog also white?
Sir, could you check if the fur found
on Kim Yeong-hee's headband
also contained fur
from other breeds as well?
Do you have a record
of who installed the guards?
It was a one-time event,
and we had a lot of volunteers.
We don't have a record
of every installation.
A lot of our volunteers
are actually well-known people.
We have company CEOs and
I can't tell where the photo was taken
because it's completely zoomed in.
Do you have
the original copy of this photo?
-What about this place?
-It's in front of Hong Na-ri's place.
How can you tell?
This right here.
Hong Na-ri's neighbor
had a cabinet on the balcony,
and there were turtle stickers
stuck on the side.
How did you know this?
I saw them on the way out
when we came here the other day.
-And you remembered?
Did the brain surgery
turn you into a genius?
Dong-gu told me
I wasn't so clever before the surgery.
He's right.
I'm Producer Choi Hong-ju of OBN,
and I'm filming a documentary
about crimes against women.
I'm doing it for my daughter
who's in college and living on her own.
I have five daughters.
It worries me when I hear
about crimes against women.
I participated for my daughter.
Beautiful, right? It's a girl.
Now that I'm going to be a father,
I wanted to take part in making this world
a safer place for women.
That's why I participated.
Thank you for participating.
We prepared a small gift for you.
You didn't have to.
Jeong Man-ho and Kim Baek-gi
both made knots pointing to the left.
I think it's Jeong Man-ho.
He was expressionless.
I participated for my daughter.
Hey, you don't have a daughter.
He lied, too.
What is it? What's on your mind?
The culprit brutally killed
Kim Yeong-hee's dog.
-What about it?
-Thank you.
Can I talk to some of them a bit more?
-Kim Baek-gi and Jeong Man-ho.
-All right.
Also, Wu Hyeong-cheol.
What is this about?
Please wait here.
They're setting up the camera.
How cute.
She'll be here soon. Have a seat.
It has to be Jeong Man-ho, right?
It's clear that he hates dogs.
Wu Hyeong-cheol?
I'm sure of it. Take a look.
All the other volunteers
including Kim Baek-gi and Jeong Man-ho
speak with consistent hand gestures.
But Wu Hyeong-cheol's gestures
are more big and exaggerated.
Particularly here.
When he said he wanted to take part
in making a safer place for women,
he speaks with big gestures
as if he's acting.
It's like he's explaining something
he doesn't understand.
I feel it's too rash to say
solely based on that.
That's why I wanted to confirm it.
Can I talk to some of them a bit more?
I pet the dog the exact same way
in front of each person.
I pet both sides of the dog's neck,
the side, and underneath the tail.
Jeong Man-ho didn't seem
to want to pet the dog at all.
Kim Baek-gi and Wu Hyeong-cheol
may have seemed like they were
petting the dog with affection.
Kim Baek-gi pet both sides of the neck,
the sides, and behind its ears.
Wu Hyeong-cheol pet both sides
of the dog's neck, its sides,
and he even pet the dog
underneath its tail.
What about it?
Most dogs don't like to be touched
underneath their tails,
so people who love dogs
usually don't touch that part.
Then why did Wu Hyeong-cheol do it?
Because of me.
I pet the dog underneath its tail
in front of them.
Wu Hyeong-cheol saw me do it,
and he did everything I did
exactly in the same order.
He copied me.
He didn't pet the dog
because he actually likes dogs.
He only did it to make me think
that he likes dogs.
-I'm sure it's him.
-What about the knot?
His knot was pointing to the right.
He knew this interview was fake
from the start.
That's why he tied the knot differently
from the way he usually does it.
Take a look at this.
This is when Wu Hyeong-cheol was on TV.
The wishes of the bereaving families
were reflected
The pen is in his left hand.
He is left-handed.
But he tied the knot to the right
to make it seem like he's right-handed?
Did you do some research
on psychopaths or something?
How can you be so certain?
I just
-I can just tell.
-There you go again.
It's as if you know how psychopaths think.
I saw on the news that you were released.
It's all thanks to you.
I'm grateful.
What do you mean?
I stepped down
as soon as I found out about you.
If you stuck with it until the end,
I could've gotten released sooner.
Why are you here?
Do you know where that girl lives?
Who do you mean?
-Don't tell me
-Don't get me wrong.
I just want to get on my knees
and apologize in person.
But my lawyer won't tell me where she is.
I really just want to apologize to her.
I don't know.
I shredded all the documents
when I resigned.
And I wouldn't tell you
even if I knew where she was.
Oh, well, then.
I can't go around looking for her
with this on my ankle anyway.
It's too bad, but I guess
I'll just have to stop looking for her.
Who was that?
Hey, Dad.
Yes, sir.
Did you check on the fur
on Kim Yeong-hee's headband?
Yes, they found
two different types of fur.
Two different breeds?
Two different types of fur?
"Psychopaths use big hand gestures
when they explain something abstract
and emotional such as family relations."
He speaks with big gestures
as if he's acting.
"Particularly, they use
a lot of beating gestures."
It's like he's explaining something
he doesn't understand.
It didn't seem like
it was something he read in a book.
What's gotten into Ba-reum?
Gosh, I'm exhausted.
I'm so tired.
Hey, Shin.
If you're free tomorrow, help me out.
-Officer Jung.
Would you like to join our team?
-Officer Jung?
Surprisingly, you seem to have
great detective instincts.
Don't waste your talent
in a country substation.
Check if this matches the fur
from Kim Yeong-hee's headband.
And find out the whereabouts
of the volunteer workers
on the day Kang Min-ju
and Hong Na-ri were killed
-and Kim Yeong-hee went missing.
-Yes, sir.
By the way,
Officer Jung hasn't fully recovered yet,
-so I doubt he can work with you.
-I'd love to.
Will I be called "Detective Jung" now?
-He can't
-Come here, Detective Jung.
Mr. Wu?
Yes, he would often
take the dog out for a walk.
He borrows the car
when he goes to volunteer, right?
-Do you keep a log?
-Of course.
Then, let's see
Can I look at the log for March 8?
-You can reach out whenever.
-Bye, then.
-Thank you.
-Good luck.
-Good luck.
Please come in.
Have a seat.
Who was that girl?
He does pro bono counseling
for runaway teenagers.
You have a beautiful wife.
I guess you sometimes
go to nice places without her.
I didn't know you were a detective.
What brings you here?
The log on March 8 shows
that you took the volunteer car.
Can you tell us where you went?
He came that day
and installed the window guards.
I had seen him on TV before,
so I remember him clearly.
Detective Ko.
I talked to all of them. He has an alibi.
Are you sure?
See? I told you
that Officer Jung isn't well yet.
So, Wu Hyeong-cheol has a solid alibi?
Yes, will you trust me already?
All right.
Then check Kim Baek-gi
and Jeong Man-ho's alibis, too.
Detective, I'm positive
that it was Wu Hyeong-cheol.
That's enough.
I guess it was just a coincidence.
Try calling everyone
who applied for the window guards.
There may be other victims
besides those three women.
I'll make the calls.
So you looked into it, right?
He had a wound. His eyes were narrow.
And there was a wound.
How did it go?
I was just about to call you.
Remember the fur we got
from that white dog?
It doesn't match the fur found
that was on Kim Yeong-hee's headband.
What? He was wrong about that, too?
-Good work.
Detective Ko.
Jeong Man-ho's cell phone was pinged
near Hong Na-ri's place
around the time she was killed.
Jeong Man-ho?
I swear it wasn't me.
Then why were you there
around the time Hong Na-ri was killed?
My friend's woodworking shop
is in the neighborhood.
I went there to make a toolbox
for my friend's birthday.
Can anyone vouch for that?
The woodworking shop was closed that day.
So, you just happened to be there alone?
I'm going crazy here.
Oh, wait.
I took a photo of the completed toolbox
and sent it to my friend.
Show me the photo.
I deleted it.
Your storage room
just happened to be full?
It's true.
What's that thing called again?
Do a forensics investigation.
Give us your friend's number then.
-I'm sure he still has the photo.
Where's Jae-pil's number?
Did I save him as "Hyeong-cheol's dad"?
Are you talking about Wu Jae-pil?
What? Do you know him?
Oh, right.
He used to work
as a homicide detective in Guryeong.
He's not answering.
Is anyone here?
Is anyone home?
Sir, let me speak to Jeong Man-ho.
-This is for you.
I was right, wasn't I?
Jae-pil has the photo
of the toolbox I sent, doesn't he?
Did Wu Jae-pil also do volunteer work
and install window guards?
He wasn't on the list.
He sometimes went with Hyeong-cheol
when he wasn't busy,
but he wasn't an official volunteer.
He tagged along?
Who took the photo of you guys
in front of Saetbyeol Villa?
Jae-pil did.
He was always our photographer.
Two, three.
Very nice.
Let's stand up this time.
It wasn't the son. It was his dad.
So, nothing strange happened?
Did you see anyone suspicious?
All right.
Oh Bong-yi?
Bong-yi. It's me, Ba-reum.
Give me a call.
This place has no lights
or security cameras.
It's too dangerous.
That bastard.
Stop right there, you bastard!
Be quiet.
Do I look like a robber to you?
Stop barking so I can think.
It's a white dog.
What are those things?
Wu Jae-pil.
Did you really kill those women?
Park Hyeon-su.
Did you also kill
Detective Park's daughter?
Tell me.
-Let go of me.
-Talk if you want to live.
-Calm down, Detective Ko.
Ko Moo-chi, you
-Tell me.
What are you doing?
-He deserves to die!
-Let go.
He killed Park Hyeon-su.
What are you talking about?
Calm down and talk.
He just confessed
that he killed Park Hyeon-su.
Jae-pil, did you
Where's Bong-yi?
She's in the ER.
You brat.
I've been looking all over for you.
I can't believe
you were in that neighborhood.
Who is he?
He looks familiar.
Where did the patient go?
She just left.
I tried to stop her, but she insisted.
It was raining cats and dogs
on the night of the incident.
So, whenever it rains, that poor child
Sorry it took me so long.
I'm sorry I remembered you so late.
Let's go.
Where did you get
such a childish umbrella?
Hurry up.
I figured you might not want me
walking beside you.
My arm hurts.
Let's go.
The murderer who's been
targeting women living alone
tried to commit
another crime in Ansin-dong
but got caught thanks to a brave woman.
Hi, it's me.
Does she live in your neighborhood?
Why would she still be here?
She left a long time ago.
Why would she want to stay?
All right, I get it.
There's no need for you to yell.
Mom, should I go over to your place?
Why would you come here?
Just let me live my life in peace.
I'll pack some food and visit you soon.
Don't ever set foot
in this neighborhood, okay?
She sounds suspicious.
Mr. Kim.
It's your day off tomorrow, right?
Well, then
Could you help me out?
Did you tell him?
Why are you two standing there like that?
We caught the guy who killed Hyeon-su.
What did you just say?
Well, you see
It's not true, right?
My Hyeon-su
There's no way.
It's true. I killed her.
What are you talking about?
Han Seo-jun was the one
who kidnapped Hyeon-su.
I actually found her
while we were searching Guryeong Mountain.
Maybe she had gotten away from him.
She was curled up
and sleeping in the forest.
You were always a better cop than I was,
and I hated you for being so cocky.
I was actually happy
when I heard that Han Seo-jun
had kidnapped your kids.
Seeing you cry your eyes out
when Hyeon-suk was found
and how incompetent you became
after Hyeon-su disappeared
really made me gloat.
So when I saw
that Hyeon-su was still alive,
I just killed her
without giving it much thought.
Even if her body was found later on,
I knew people would think
that it was Han Seo-jun.
That's what I told myself.
You bastard!
You're a monster.
Die, you monster!
Just die!
You damn bastard!
Stop. Let go of him.
Get off me!
Go to hell, you piece of crap.
Why did you lie?
You didn't kill Park Hyeon-su.
It can't be
The murderer of Detective Park's daughter
turned out to be a fellow detective
instead of Han Seo-jun,
and the news is quite shocking.
Ms. Oh
That old wench lied to me?
Hey, Bong-yi.
We're supposed to meet later.
You haven't forgotten, right?
Of course not.
See you at the theater at 6 p.m.
By the way, I have a favor to ask you.
What is it?
My grandma was
wearing the brooch I made for her.
I still haven't gotten it back.
Detective Ko.
YEAR 2018, YEAR 2019
It's not here. Is it in another box?
This man
What's going on?
Why am I getting flashbacks
of the man who got killed by Sung Yo-han?
What are you doing there?
How did you get in here?
That belongs to my baby.
Give it back. That's my baby's.
Give it back.
That belongs to my baby! Give it back!
Why are you suddenly asking
about Song Su-ho?
I'm just curious.
He was burned to death.
Was he beaten?
I guess you wouldn't know
since he died in the fire.
Actually, all of his bones were fractured.
He was beaten so much
that his cartilages were torn off.
He was beaten until he was almost dead.
When did she leave?
She must've left
while I was cooking in the kitchen.
Detective Park's daughter,
a presumed victim of the serial killer,
Han Seo-jun,
who made everyone in the country
tremble in fear 25 years ago,
-Ma'am, are you okay?
-was actually murdered by someone else.
Where do you live?
Due to his ill health,
he is being treated at a hospital
Why is this happening?
Why do I have memories of the man
that Sung Yo-han killed?
I'm guessing you read a lot of files
about Sung Yo-han's victims
before you got into an accident.
Yes, probably.
Apparently, I was working on the case
with Detective Ko.
You are mistaking
the faces you saw in those files
as your own memories.
Oh, I see.
Don't worry.
You'll soon be able to differentiate
your actual memories
from what you read in those files.
I see.
Can stuff like this happen
with childhood memories, too?
Like memories from kindergarten.
Of course.
You could mistakenly remember things
from books or movies as past experiences.
I see.
You're still taking your medicine, right?
Of course.
Then let's try switching the medicine.
-Here's your prescription.
Take them 3 times a day
30 minutes after every meal.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
This medicine looks familiar.
Suspect A, who is at the hospital,
will be taken to the police
tomorrow morning for questioning.
It's now or never.
With concerns of people's opposition
Detective Ko.
Remember Jo Mi-jeong,
one of Sung Yo-han's victims?
May I see the evidence from her case?
That's medicine for bulimia.
It was found on Jo Mi-jeong's desk.
Hello, ma'am.
This is Officer Jung Ba-reum.
I wanted to ask you something
about your daughter.
Did your daughter
ever undergo brain surgery?
Two years earlier,
she fell from riding a bicycle.
Is that so?
Do you remember the name
of the doctor who operated on her?
Doctor Park Min-jun?
Yes, that's right.
It wasn't bulimia.
It was the aftereffect of the surgery.
The accident caused her
to damage her frontal lobe,
and she lost her sense of smell.
So, that's why she lost so much weight.
But Sung Yo-han thought she was bulimic.
It was a real pity
when I found out on the show.
Can it go the other way?
Can a damaged brain cause someone
to suddenly develop a new sense of smell?
Why do you ask?
Apparently, before the surgery,
I used to love cheonggukjang.
But I can't even stand
the smell of it now.
I was wondering if the brain surgery
had anything to do with it.
No, I doubt it.
It's impossible to suddenly develop
a new sense of smell.
But there is one way for that to happen.
Thank you, sir.
I'll come by again.
Bong-yi, what are you doing here?
I came to have my injury checked out.
-I see.
-What about you?
I came to see the doctor
who operated on me.
He's the one who operated on you?
No, he isn't.
Yes, that's him.
The doctor who operated on you
was a bit older.
How do you know that?
Well, you see
He must have a strong will to live
seeing that he's still alive.
It's a pity, but there is no other way.
Jung Ba-reum's surgery must be successful.
He's not here.
These doctors are the only neurosurgeons
at this hospital.
Excuse me.
This lady seems to be lost.
I think she's a patient here.
Yes, where is she now?
Moojin Hospital?
-What brings you back?
You see
You operated on me, right?
Of course.
Why do you ask all of a sudden?
I was wondering if someone else assisted.
No, I did the surgery by myself.
I don't mean to brag,
but when it comes to brain surgeries,
I'm known to be the best in Korea,
and I also consider myself the best.
Gosh, okay.
Sorry to bother you.
I'll get going now. Bye.
He's lying.
Jung Ba-reum is suspicious.
Why is he lying?
Why would he lie?
Damn it.
This is an emergency.
A man with a weapon
is causing a scene on the first floor.
I need backup on the first floor.
Just you wait, Han Seo-jun.
I'll kill you after I kill Wu Jae-pil.
Moo-chi, what are you doing here?
He's not here.
The doctor had a scar on his face.
He had a long scar right here.
A scar?
What has he done to the mice's heads?
I heard he used to be
a famous neurosurgeon.
No way.
How could a man in prison operate on me?
Why does he have to be a neurosurgeon?
Hello, Guard Kim.
Yes, I am doing well.
I was wondering if I could get
a recent photo of Han Seo-jun.
We're not allowed
to leak photos of inmates.
He once did an interview
for a documentary show.
Why don't you check that?
Oh, I see. Okay.
Just say I killed him.
Please help me get to Han Seo-jun.
I'll make him pay
for Hyeon-su and Hyeon-suk.
I'll avenge the death of the victims
for all the victims' families.
I killed him. Arrest me.
He's dead.
Arrest me already.
Arrest him.
No, it wasn't him.
Moo-chi says
he's going to kill the guy
who killed Hyeon-su and Hyeon-suk.
I know what I'm doing is terrible.
But let's go along with this.
Let's look the other way
just this once.
Han Seo-jun's interview?
Yes, well
I noticed in the documentary
that his interview was deleted.
The victims' families complained
after the program aired,
so we deleted that part.
Why do you ask?
Well, I just got a bit curious.
I mean
I'm also kind of curious to find out
why Detective Ko is so enraged.
-I'll look for it.
Bong-yi, I just sent you a photo.
Tell me if it's him.
A photo?
It's a photo from a video clip,
but take a close look.
That child grew up to be a beautiful girl.
Yes, this was the doctor
that operated on you.
What did you do to my head?
What did you put in here?
Did you implant
the brain of that murderer,
Sung Yo-han, inside my head?
Did you?
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