Mouse (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

Ba Reum's Brain

Don't be upset.
This way, you will continue to live.
Hey, Bong-yi.
I just sent you a picture.
Tell me if it's him.
Yes, that's him.
The doctor who operated on you.
How did Han Seo-jun end up
operating on me?
"F25, 17, S, E, X."
What could it mean?
F stands for female,
and M stands for male.
Then what about the numbers after that?
The victims' ages.
Could the numbers after that be the order
in which they were killed?
But Kim Hyeon-sik was kidnapped
before Ju Mi-hye.
What does sex stand for?
A punctured pinky.
There's a period.
S, E, X.
Some kind of acronym?
Animal testing identification method.
"Each subject is marked."
"Those put through experiments
are marked by punctures in the ear."
Ear tag. Ear puncture.
So, S stands for subject
and EX stands for experiment.
It's short for "subject of experiment."
Song Su-jeong. F for female.
She was 25 years old.
She was the 17th subject.
Subject of experiment.
She didn't have ears to puncture,
so he punctured her finger instead?
What experiment
was he conducting on human beings?
You can't develop
a new sense of smell from brain damage.
Well, there is one way.
You'd need to replace the frontal lobe,
which has the olfactory bulb.
Replace the frontal lobe?
What has he done to the mice's heads?
If you let him live,
you'll end up like that snake.
Is that what you want?
There's a bad brain inside this mouse.
A bad brain
You've changed.
You seem different.
Have you been
inside the psychopath's mind?
What is this feeling?
That's why I have
Sung Yo-han's memories
Did you put
that murderer Sung Yo-han's brain
inside my head?
Did you?
You figured it out too soon.
What a disappointment.
The Headhunter.
The nickname people gave me.
I like it very much.
So you killed people
and cut off their heads because
Sometimes, I cut them open alive.
Everything was perfect.
The murders and the experiments
I was so close to success,
but because of that kid
What's going on here?
He was arrested on-site
for murdering Wu Jae-pil.
He killed Wu Jae-pil?
You really
You crazy jerk. What will you do now?
-What will become of you now?
I ended up in here because of that kid.
Don't look at me like that.
I only sacrificed a few heads
for the sake of greater humanity.
Every achievement comes
with minor sacrifices.
Isn't that right?
People's lives are minor to you?
It's thanks to those sacrifices
you are alive today, Jung Ba-reum.
No, that's a lie.
What happened?
Detective Ko killed Wu Jae-pil?
Let's talk outside.
He killed Wu Jae-pil
to get to Han Seo-jun?
So he could kill Han Seo-jun in lockup?
I always worried he'd do this,
and he actually did it.
That was the reason
he pushed you away.
He knew
he could end up a murderer
by killing Han Seo-jun.
His future was too uncertain
for him to drag you into it.
That's why he decided
not to confess his feelings for you.
He was planning to ask you out that day.
You'll strain your eyes like that. Relax.
Hey, you have a bloody nose.
Talk about being overworked.
You've been up for three days straight.
Get some sleep.
I'll be on the lookout now.
Those sisters
They were raped and hammered to death.
Think about how their parents must feel.
How can I sleep?
I am going to put him behind bars.
What are these?
Hey, come on. Don't go through my stuff.
You're planning to ask out
Ms. Choi, aren't you?
-Yes, you are.
It's obvious by the way you look at her.
It's that obvious?
When are you going to ask her out?
She's taking me out to dinner
for helping her with research.
I think this is my chance.
But what if she rejects me?
To be honest, I am so nervous.
Feel my heart.
The unshakeable Ko Moo-chi,
who isn't afraid of murderers,
is a coward in the face of love.
Isn't her program airing today?
Don't even think about it.
We're working undercover.
You don't have to watch it.
I've found
peace of mind.
I no longer suffer from nightmares.
I feel at ease now that I have
repented my sins to God
and received forgiveness.
I sleep soundly now.
Now that I think about it,
we'll get caught watching this
on the dashcam.
We will be punished for neglect of duty.
It's the anniversary
of the suspect's mother's death,
so he should show up today.
He might be hanging around nearby.
I will take a look around
the neighborhood.
for the peace
of the bereaved families I've hurt,
-I pray
-Peace of mind?
every day.
You sleep soundly now?
I still
live in hell
and have nightmares every day.
You scumbag.
He says he has found peace
after repenting to God
and asking for forgiveness.
Why are you still alive?
-Why haven't you been executed yet?
-How do the victims' families feel?
Have they found peace of mind?
We tried to interview
the victims' families, but
If the government won't do it, I will.
-I will kill you myself.
-We sought out Father Ko Mu-won
-I will kill you.
-and learned something new.
Father Ko Mu-won,
who entered the seminary at a later age,
filed a petition for Han Seo-jun
to be exempted from execution.
Forgiveness saved his life.
Wait. Please.
-Have you gone mad?
-Hold on.
Get a grip.
Get a grip, Ko Moo-chi.
If you try to stop me again,
I will kill you first.
You should've let him be fired.
Why did you recruit him
to the Evidence Team?
Why take him to a team
that would give him a gun?
You did it on purpose, didn't you?
You knew what Moo-chi was up to
and used that poor boy, didn't you?
You were hoping that he would
avenge your daughter for you.
You crazy jerk, stop it.
Watch how you talk to your senior.
I'm sorry. He's a lightweight,
but he is too upset
about Moo-chi right now.
Poor Moo-chi.
Yes, he seems quite shaken.
I guess you don't want to believe me.
Why don't you see it for yourself?
What are you doing out here?
Daniel, I walked 400 steps
on my own today.
Good job. The medicine is working.
Time to take your next dose.
By the way, what happened to that patient?
The one who's suffering
from the same disease as me.
Oh, right.
I'm secretly giving this to her.
Cerebral palsy?
The doctors can't even
make the right diagnosis.
-Let's go inside. Be careful.
-You should've told them.
Thanks to him, Dr. Gary,
who was suspicious of me,
quit the hospital,
and I was free
from the suspicions
that I had killed my patient.
I brought a gift for you.
There is nothing I can do
for you except
There are so many mice
in our neighborhood.
Why are you
The university called.
They asked me if I would like
to work in the genetics lab.
They will let me attend
the university, too.
It's all thanks to you.
Thank you.
I was the thankful one.
He was the masterpiece
that let me hide my true identity.
You'll find my lab.
It hasn't been discovered by anyone yet.
Once you open the door,
Pandora's box will be opened.
What experiment
are you doing with the mice?
A brain transplant.
For real?
The brain is connected
by millions of neural circuits,
so it is impossible
to reconnect the nerves.
But I am trying to make
the impossible possible.
I am also looking for a way to prevent
immune rejection in the brain.
Why are you doing this?
Don't you think it's interesting
how a brain that only weighs 1.4 kg
contains a person's entire life?
I could control a person's life.
That would make me God.
Isn't that what it means to be God?
What about you? What's your dream?
I want to find good genes.
I want to find good genes
and create a peaceful world
without wars and crimes.
There's a Korean senior at my lab
who wants to create that kind of utopia.
Why don't you look for bad genes instead?
If you find people with criminal genes,
you could create
the crime-free world you dream of
by preventing crimes altogether.
You're right.
Then, I will find bad genes.
Great. Let's fulfill our dreams.
He said it was here somewhere.
Do you feel confident
that you can face the truth?
After I killed Jennifer,
I returned to Korea
and became the top neurosurgeon.
I let my success make me complacent
and almost forgot about my dream.
Then Daniel
turned the world upside down.
My suggestion had been
a throwaway comment.
How dare he play God?
Damn it!
This isn't enough.
It's not enough.
I assume you haven't eaten.
Would you like some meat?
I'd like some grilled ribs.
I needed brains.
Real human brains.
You may enter now.
Is something wrong?
How can a cop kill a person?
Please make a comment.
Detective Ko?
Everything was perfect.
I was close to doing
a brain transplant successfully,
and Han Seo-jun Junior
was about to be born.
But then Daniel called me.
He said he was coming to Korea.
-Isn't it tough living in the UK?
-It was at first.
He was nothing but a measly prop
I needed to protect my cover.
I couldn't let someone so inferior
steal my rightful place as God.
I became desperate.
I needed more prey immediately.
-One last experiment
-Do you know where it is?
Three brains.
That was enough
for my final experiment.
Here I go.
-Is that fast enough?
-Go quicker. Faster.
-Where's the mineral spring?
-Over there. That's where the spring is.
Please don't kill me.
Everything was perfect.
I'd killed close to 20 people in one year.
I hadn't made a single mistake.
I thought it was a perfect crime, but
Just wait, Han Seo-jun.
Detective Ko Moo-chi killed
the knot murder suspect.
Oh, my.
You did it, kid.
I guess I should prepare to die.
I must talk to her.
I have to talk to her.
I have something to tell her.
-You can't.
-I need to
How could you operate on my head?
You're on death row.
I think it was
the day after you were hurt
Someone came to see me.
I'm Officer Jung Ba-reum.
A very important person.
You remember me, right?
Of course, Officer Jung Ba-reum.
I did receive a report
that you were reinstated.
I'm glad to see that you are well.
What brings you here?
I'm sure you have something to tell me.
Hop in.
This shows your brain
when you were injured.
And this is Sung Yo-han's brain.
The damage of your frontal lobe
was so severe
that we transplanted
Sung Yo-han's frontal lobe.
How did you know Han Seo-jun
could do a brain transplant?
The day after your incident,
I received a tape
from an anonymous person.
Shoot over here. Hold the camera steady.
How did you get hold of this video?
I will be blunt with you.
Were you successful?
Your son crushed a young man's head.
The damage is so severe
that there is nothing the doctors can do.
If a brain transplant can be done
Then what?
I'd like you to try it.
You are a dangerous person.
How can you trust me to do the surgery?
I'm sure you know my history.
That man will die either way.
What will you do for me?
If I do the surgery
I mean, if I save that young man's life,
what will you do for me?
What is it that you want?
Give me freedom.
Being locked up in here
for nearly 30 years
is making me rusty.
It's detrimental to the nation
for a talent like me
to stay locked up forever.
Isn't that right?
Then I will save that young man.
Everything is being kept under wraps?
This ward is closed,
so no one can come in here.
If this gets out, we'll all be ruined.
Do not worry.
A minimum number of medical staff
prepared the surgery.
They weren't told
what kind of surgery it would be.
So you agreed to let him go
for saving my life?
You can't? Why not?
I heard that no president
has gone against your words.
I am just the chief secretary.
My job is to serve the president.
Even if I had the power
to pardon a prisoner,
I couldn't agree to your terms.
No deal, then.
I beg you.
Saving the precious life of a young man
is your only chance
to atone for your sins.
The entire nation is asking for this.
Please save Jung Ba-reum.
He's atoned just because he saved me?
Why did you have
to use Sung Yo-han's brain?
Due to transport issues,
the brain we had prepared became unusable.
Just then,
we got a call that Sung Yo-han
had died of acute cardiac arrest.
So, with his father
Han Seo-jun's consent
A criminal is considered a guardian?
This is a crime.
It may sound like an excuse,
but I couldn't disappoint
the entire nation.
It was to maintain your power, wasn't it?
My death would've hurt your chances
in the upcoming election.
You can think what you like,
but I thought losing
a good young man like you
would be like taking away
hope from people.
If it weren't for her,
you would've died.
She begged on her knees
for Han Seo-jun to save you.
Is it okay to let him go like this?
If he tries to
He won't be able to tell anyone.
You think he will tell people
there's a murderer's brain
inside his head?
Han Seo-jun
Why do you think he changed his mind?
Atone for what?
Is it wrong for a lion to kill a few mice?
After saying that,
why do you think he agreed
to do the surgery?
How did you get hold of this video?
Someone anonymously sent it to me.
So, it wasn't destroyed.
Only Han Seo-jun's interview
was deleted from the documentary.
Well, I'm curious.
What was he trying to see?
Could it be
No, he couldn't possibly know.
I should've killed him then.
You only get ten minutes
for the interview.
It's her.
Park Hyeon-su.
So she made the documentary
in order to kill me?
Because of her documentary,
Ko Mu-won was killed.
-What happened?
I'm sorry, something came up
Did Detective Ko Moo-chi
really kill that murderer?
What do you mean by that?
Detective Ko killed whom?
Ms. Choi. What's going on?
Detective Ko Moo-chi killed Wu Jae-pil?
He turned himself in.
The cops at the scene testified,
and Ko Moo-chi was holding
the weapon when they got there.
But something doesn't add up.
What do you mean?
He had a gun. Why didn't he use it?
Why would he kill with a scalpel?
Where's Wu Jae-pil's body now?
There are no defense marks.
It's basic instinct for a person
to defend himself when attacked,
so why didn't Wu Jae-pil defend himself?
I can feel the anger from these wounds.
If Detective Ko did kill Wu Jae-pil,
he'd have done it
to be locked up with Han Seo-jun,
not out of anger towards Wu Jae-pil.
The stab wounds
around the neck are the deepest,
which means the killer
stabbed with intent to kill.
The killer continued to stab him
after he was already dead.
He lost control
due to uncontrollable rage.
Detective Ko would have
only stabbed to kill.
Please sign here.
The police took every footage
of Detective Ko Moo-chi.
We actually want to check something else.
What's that shiny thing?
I'll zoom in.
-Let's see
-The hospital? How?
I can't see very clearly.
Hold on. I'm sure it was captured
on another camera.
I think I know who did it.
I'll get going now.
I'm going to see my baby.
I'm going to see my baby!
Let's go see our baby.
One minute, honey.
You see
She's on her way to turn herself in.
She'll get scared if you arrest her here.
I did a terrible thing.
I hoped that Moo-chi would kill
the man who did that to our child.
I don't expect you to understand.
Where is your daughter's grave?
We've got you! Come out right now.
-What are you talking about?
-Stop talking and come on out.
If it weren't for Officer Jung
What? Officer Jung?
Yes. He went to get Detective Park
to catch the killer.
How did he know?
Know what?
That Detective Park's wife killed him.
Mrs. Park killed him?
Jeong Man-ho.
What are you doing
in front of my daughter's grave?
It's not your daughter.
What are you talking about?
The girl who's buried here
What are you talking about?
It's my daughter.
My daughter.
My baby Su-jin.
What was Jeong Man-ho doing there?
Two identical hairbands were found.
The hairband Park Hyeon-su
was wearing in her hair
when she was kidnapped by Han Seo-jun.
The DNA test on the hair
found in the hairband
was confirmed to be Park Hyeon-su's.
once Wu Jae-pil admitted
to killing Park Hyeon-su,
for some reason, Jeong Man-ho,
who was good friends with Wu Jae-pil,
killed him out of rage.
Why did Jeong Man-ho kill Wu Jae-pil?
I did it for my daughter.
You don't have a daughter.
What if it wasn't a lie?
What if he really did have a daughter?
In Guryeong in 1994,
there was a missing girl.
One moment, please.
This girl What are her parents' names?
Only her father's listed.
His name is Jeong Man-ho.
My Su-jin.
Hold on.
Wait. What are you doing?
You mean Jae-pil is the murderer?
What is that doing there?
We have a critical situation.
A man with a weapon is causing
a scene on the first floor.
It's not, right?
It's not my Su-jin, right?
What was her necklace doing
on the knife found in your house?
What was it doing there?
Tell me.
Why are you closing your eyes?
Open your eyes.
Open your eyes and tell me.
Back then
Please help me find my daughter.
You were as desperate as me
to find Su-jin.
More desperate, even.
The cops are looking for her too,
so we'll find her soon.
I'll hand these out over there.
You were even more desperate
to find Su-jin.
Tell me.
Tell me it isn't my Su-jin.
I'm sorry, Man-ho.
Why are you apologizing to me?
I've felt guilty all my life.
Please believe me.
What did you say?
Your daughter
They'll do the DNA test again.
Once they do, we'll know
if the girl in the grave is
Hyeon-su or Jeong Man-ho's daughter.
Good work.
No problem.
-By the way
How did you know Jeong Man-ho
was the actual killer?
You see
I happened to see it
on the security camera.
I see.
If I tell him I found this there,
I'd have to tell him I have
Sung Yo-han's brain.
Officer Jung.
Producer Choi.
Thanks for catching the killer.
Why are you thanking me?
Because Detective Ko is released?
He probably hates me for it.
I'll get going now.
Check you out, Guard Gu.
You look different in a suit.
I put in extra effort today.
I am meeting my in-laws
this evening for dinner.
You're not married yet,
and you're calling them
your in-laws already?
It's great to be in love.
By the way, about Mr. Kim
I heard that he shouldn't
be locked up here.
That's what everyone thinks,
but what can we do?
The Supreme Court gave its verdict.
There's a situation.
An inmate is causing a commotion
with a sharp object.
Rapid Patrol, please get to the scene.
I told you not to take his side.
Why would you take the side of a man
who killed ten innocent women?
Put that down. Right now!
Please calm down.
I will kill all of you.
Everyone here knows
that he didn't do such a thing.
Please stop harassing him.
Don't move!
Thanks for catching the killer.
Did I like her without Dong-gu knowing?
That startled me.
-Jung Ba-reum.
-Oh, you reek of alcohol.
I'm completely wasted.
Why did you get so drunk?
Did you have an argument
with Seul-gi again?
What's this? Are you hurt?
You know that gangster's lackey?
Yes. The one who kept harassing Mr. Kim?
That lackey harassed Mr. Kim again
and sliced another inmate's arm.
-Oh, it's his blood.
He was imprisoned for assault,
but he's a good man.
He was imprisoned for going after
the man who raped his daughter.
Was he seriously hurt?
Fortunately, no.
But Mr. Kim, despite his old age,
stood up to that lackey and fought back.
Meanwhile, what did I do?
I was so scared
that I might get hurt.
Hey, you're only human. Of course
Chi-guk wouldn't have frozen like me.
Damn it, I'm late.
You should've woken me up. Bye.
The police got consent from the families
and took DNA from the buried remains
to do the DNA test.
Whether the buried remains
belong to Ms. A or not
has the public on the edge of their seats.
He knew he could end up a murderer
by killing Han Seo-jun.
His future was too uncertain
for him to drag you into it.
That's why he decided
not to confess his feelings for you.
He was planning to ask you out that day.
I'm sorry.
When I asked you
to find Han Seo-jun's son,
why did you pretend
not to know who he was?
Were you afraid
I would hurt your boyfriend?
If you'd cared about me even a little,
you could never have dated him.
I'm sorry, Moo-chi.
Why Sung Yo-han, of all people?
There are so many men out there.
Why did it have to be Sung Yo-han?
What about him did you like so much?
The resemblance.
Resemblance to whom?
He resembled me a lot.
That's why I was attracted to him.
How exactly did he resemble you?
Have you killed people like he did?
Is that it?
Get lost.
You're making me lose my appetite.
Don't touch me.
Don't you dare touch me!
It turned out that A,
the suspect of the knot murder,
wasn't killed by the detective
but by A's good friend B.
It is believed that A killed B's daughter,
who went missing 26 years ago.
The police will investigate B's motives
and request an arrest warrant.
The victim almost died.
Why did you do that to a friend?
A friend?
How could we be friends
with the Headhunter's son?
Whose son?
No. You can't!
Let go of me!
Are you in more pain than those people?
The families of the victims
that your father killed.
They go on living, too.
Live your life and show them
that you are not like your father.
Be careful.
She got caught out
doing research on a cult
and got bitten by a dog
while running away.
You're really something.
-That hurts.
-You're hardly dying.
Actually, people can die from a dog bite.
You look familiar.
Don't you remember me?
How disappointing. I saved your life.
It's me, Choi Hong-ju.
OBN producer Choi Hong-ju.
Thank you.
It turned out that A,
the suspect of the knot murder,
wasn't killed by the detective
-I'm back.
-but by A's friend who was
-Our nation's pride, Officer Jung.
-the father of A's victim.
I'm impressed. You caught the killer.
I didn't exactly catch him
I'll do that, Officer Nam.
This isn't a job
for a people's champion like you.
Please, let me.
Excuse me.
Our upstairs neighbor cursed at my sister
and followed her to our house.
What if he had followed her in?
We did pay a visit last time
to check it out.
He told us that he was at home.
Are you accusing me of lying?
No. It's not that.
There are some high-quality
door cameras nowadays.
Why don't you install a security camera?
We barely get by. We can hardly afford it.
We will go on patrol more often.
Right, Officer Jung?
Yes. We will do our best to help you.
Are you okay, Officer Jung? What is it?
Please excuse me.
Here's the kindergarten picture of you
that you asked for.
It wasn't me.
They're Sung Yo-han's memories, not mine.
Is Officer Jung Ba-reum
He didn't look so good,
so he was told to go home and rest.
Is that so?
-Thank you.
There's a bad brain inside this mouse.
If you let it live,
it might bite you to death, too.
Bad brain
Sung Yo-han's brain is
Be quiet.
I said shut it!
Detective Ko.
What are you doing here at this hour?
You jerk.
Who are you to do that?
Why did you drink so much?
Who told you to catch the killer?
You idiot.
Oh, come on.
How long will you keep whining?
You're so immature.
What do you know?
Did you witness your family get killed?
Did you ever witness
your family being killed?
This is all because of you,
Ko Moo-chi.
Father Ko Mu-won's cross necklace
and Bong-yi's grandma's brooch were here.
But when I came back with Officer Nam,
they were gone.
Officer Jung.
Aren't you too obsessed with the idea
that Sung Yo-han wasn't the real culprit?
The increased intracranial pressure
is proof of strangulation.
You must've gone
to a medical school, Officer Jung.
You jerk, forgetting about my wedding.
Damn it. How did I miss that?
The crime scene is organized.
It was done by a professional.
The real killer is someone else.
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