Mouse (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

Sung Yo Han in Me

You're close to the due date.
Once you go into labor,
take a cab and come straight here.
It's been a month
since Han Seo-jun was arrested,
but the police have yet to find
the heads of the victims
other than the couple
from the camping ground.
The Headhunter Han Seo-jun,
the murderer of the century
who killed over 20 victims
and cut off their heads,
has continued to plead the Fifth
and refuses to cooperate with the police.
The police will no longer stand back
What are you doing to this child?
Let go.
-What are you doing?
-You mustn't do this. Come with us.
-Come with us.
You got tested, didn't you?
What are you going to do?
You must not do it.
You must not give birth to that baby.
Don't do it.
Don't give birth to that baby.
-What are you doing? Let go.
Don't give birth to that baby.
Don't do it! You must not do it!
She tried to commit suicide with her son.
That poor boy.
She shouldn't have dragged him into it.
Mr. A, the knot murder suspect,
was attacked and killed
while getting treatment.
We no longer have the right to indict,
so the investigation is now closed.
What is this?
-Are you all right?
-Oh, I'm fine.
What happened to your hand?
Did you get hurt?
Oh, this
I jammed my hand in the door.
Wash up and come on out.
-You cooked this?
We could've gone out to eat.
It's okay.
Thank you.
I'm sorry that it isn't much.
It's good.
Last night, by any chance,
did we get in a fight?
I remember coming here but not the rest.
You came to me, grabbed me by the collar,
and tried to punch me.
So, I had to stop you. I'm sorry.
Don't apologize. I'm sorry.
I should quit drinking.
You should, or you'll drink yourself
into an early grave.
Don't worry. I won't die.
I won't die before I slit his throat.
I understand how you feel,
but he's already on death row.
So what?
He's still alive.
He's eating and sleeping well.
If the government won't do it,
I have to do it. Who else?
What's with my luck?
I chased after that suspect for a year,
but he ended up dead.
I shot a man to death
but was suspended for just a year.
I tried to kill a man,
but someone beat me to it.
Why won't anything go my way?
It's not that you're unlucky.
Father Ko is protecting you.
I've started to recall
things that happened before the accident.
The Father Ko I remember
was always worried about you.
His heart was always heavy
with concern for you.
Don't get that hand wet,
or it'll get infected.
Hey, Bong-yi.
How's your hand? Is it okay?
Yes, it's fine.
No, don't kill him.
Smash him with the rock.
Kill him.
Smash him with the rock. Kill him.
No! Don't do it!
What's wrong with your hand?
Oh, this
I jammed my hand in the door.
Detective Ko was wasted,
so I was trying to help him walk.
But I fell and
You fool.
You should've seen a doctor first.
Let's go see the doctor.
As the doctor said,
be careful until your bones heal.
There's a bad brain inside this mouse.
If you let it live,
it might bite you to death, too.
"A bad brain"
"Bite to death."
Why is it so quiet out there?
I thought the world
would have turned upside down by now.
"The first successful
brain transplant in the world!"
"A serial killer's brain
is inside Jung Ba-reum's head!"
Did you decide to keep
your mouth shut after all?
I'm disappointed.
I thought I would
enter the global spotlight like Daniel.
I think
There's a problem.
I nearly killed a man.
What's happening to me?
Please tell me.
I once attached the frontal lobe
of an aggressive mouse
to the brain of a gentle mouse.
The gentle mouse started
to become aggressive.
And in the end
Are you afraid
that you'll become like that?
I'm curious to find out, too.
You're the first human being
to get a frontal lobe transplant.
Of course, I didn't replace
the entire frontal lobe.
I only replaced the damaged part.
I hope you won't let
Yo-han override your true nature.
I mean that.
I'm sorry, Detective Ko.
I must've
What's the result?
It is Jeong Man-ho's daughter.
It isn't Hyeon-su.
Then where is Hyeon-su?
Detective Park!
Detective Park.
I'm getting many visitors today.
It's great to be on death row.
I get two visitors in one day.
Why didn't you tell me?
Why didn't you tell me
those weren't Hyeon-su's remains?
I never said they were hers either.
Where is she?
Where did you bury her?
I mean
Where did you abandon her body?
I don't know.
It's been a while, so I can't remember.
You can't remember?
My wife's been grieving for 25 years
since you kidnapped our kids.
How dare you say that you can't
remember because it's been a while?
This could have been prevented
if you had chosen your own words
more carefully.
Right. Sorry.
I mean
I am sorry. I apologize.
I'll pull out my tongue if you ask me to.
So please let me bury Hyeon-su properly
in a peaceful place. Please?
I told you that I can't remember.
You're such a nuisance.
You scumbag.
I'll kill you.
You scumbag. Are you even human?
Give me back my daughter! Where is she?
Let go of me.
Let go!
I'll kill him. Let go of me.
Let go of me!
You'll definitely regret
shooting Yo-han.
You're right.
I'm already regretting it.
If I'd known he was your son,
I would've slit your throat first
before killing him.
I regret killing him very much.
You're not showing any signs of rejection.
Is there a problem?
You see
I can remember Sung Yo-han's memories
as if they were my own.
I think I've become more aggressive, too.
I'm afraid I'll become like Sung Yo-han.
That is why
I didn't want to tell you about the donor.
You started having the symptoms
after finding out his brain
was the one transplanted, right?
But you see
Some recipients believe
that they have inherited
their donors' personalities and habits.
You'll probably feel like that even more
since you got a brain transplant.
I will prescribe something for you,
so make sure you take it.
No police officer in Korea
is as laid-back as you.
I know the chief told you to relax,
but you're taking it a bit far.
-I'll do it.
-Forget it.
Go plant those saplings.
We need some pictures
for the PR materials,
so the chief wants
something nice in the background.
Yes, sir.
Oh, right.
Go take that to the Evidence Team first.
It was missing
from Kang Min-ju's case file.
Oh, really?
-I'll be right back.
-All right.
Detective Ko?
Detective Park?
Here's the evidence
for Kang Min-ju's case.
It's just psychological.
I'll be fine.
What are you doing?
Evidence from Kang Min-ju's case
was left out, so I brought it over.
So? What were you doing on my computer?
I wanted to find
Bong-yi's grandmother's brooch.
She had it with her that day,
but Bong-yi never got it back.
Bong-yi really wants it back.
I didn't see it in the evidence box,
so I was using your computer to check
if it was on the list.
-The brooch.
I'll have a look.
I'll get going now.
Give me a call if you find it.
I don't see the brooch.
Here you go.
The knot serial murder cases suspect A,
who used to be a cop,
worked at a moving company
and raised his son by himself.
He had a good reputation
among his acquaintances.
You wench.
Why must you cause me anguish
by coming back here?
Get out of this neighborhood!
Why don't you leave
if it bothers you that much?
Is being his mom some badge of honor?
What did you say?
Get out of this neighborhood!
Let go of me.
-Detective Ko?
-You're unbelievable.
I've been reading the Bible lately.
"Eye for eye, tooth for tooth."
I don't care how old you are,
if you do this again, I won't hold back.
Where are we going?
Why did you lie to me? That's upsetting.
That girl
grew up into a beautiful woman.
Come on.
Why did you come?
I heard you asked Officer Jung
to find your grandma's brooch.
I went to the hospital to talk about it,
but you'd already left.
Couldn't you have just rested
for a few more days?
Do you think my life is that easy?
So did you find the brooch?
It wasn't on the evidence list.
She must've dropped it elsewhere.
What are you doing?
Don't you know Kang Deok-su was released?
You can't stay here.
Of course, I know. The whole world knows.
His house isn't exactly far from here.
He doesn't live there anymore.
But his mom does.
-Who knows when he'll be back?
-So what?
That's not a good enough reason to run.
Where do you expect me to go?
Should I live on the street?
You think I was happy to come back?
Grandma and I ran away at night
and moved into an empty house
in a redevelopment area.
This is the only place in Korea
where I can live.
My dad built this house.
Come stay at my place for now.
-Pack up your stuff.
Why should I stay with you?
Who do you think you are?
You're not my dad.
Right. I'm not your dad.
Are you even eating properly?
You're not just eating ramyeon
every day, are you?
I can take care of myself.
You worry about yourself.
I'm leaving.
Oh, about Wu Jae-pil
Did he work at a moving company?
That's what the news said.
Yes. That's what I heard too.
Why do you ask?
For someone who did manual labor,
his hands weren't very rough.
They felt soft.
They didn't feel as rough
as they should be.
And when he covered my mouth,
I felt something cold,
like a piece of metal.
A piece of metal?
A ring?
I don't know.
But Bong-yi told me his hands were soft.
Wu Jae-pil worked at a moving company
after leaving the force.
So his hands should have been rough.
Can't we talk about this later?
-I must finish this today.
-You saw him in person.
I thought the nation's pride
didn't need to do menial tasks like this?
-He has an injured hand, too!
Should I get the reporters to take photos?
Come on. Don't put me in a bind.
I already feel guilty enough
around Officer Nam.
Officer Nam told you to do this?
Instead of looking after
his injured co-worker
I'm okay. Please calm down.
I'll do it instead. Take some rest.
I'll get it done quickly.
I just need to plant these, right?
Why are they doing this out of the blue?
I hate doing things for show.
Detective Ko. Do you have
the pictures of where Park Hyeon-su,
I mean, Jeong Su-jin's remains were found?
Wu Jae-pil confessed that he dug the grave
and buried her body himself.
I'm right-handed,
so I'd grab the handle with my right hand
while placing my left hand
toward the blade.
Then, the left side of the shovel
would hit the ground harder,
so the left side would be dug deeper.
But look.
If he were left-handed,
the opposite would be true.
You're right.
It'd be dug deeper on the right
because he is left-handed.
Wu Jae-pil is definitely left-handed.
That means someone else did the digging.
I see why it was dug deeper on the left.
The cast.
He had a cast on his left arm,
so he had to use his right hand.
That means he couldn't
tie the knot by himself.
Another left-handed person
tied the knot on Jeong Su-jin
I remember.
The knot on her remains
It's like a child tied it.
It was tied clumsily.
As if a young child did it.
At the time, Wu Hyeong-cheol was
He was 12 years old.
He was a fifth grader.
Wu Hyeong-cheol has an alibi
for when Hong Na-ri was killed.
That's the part we must solve.
At the time of Hong Na-ri's death,
Wu Hyeong-cheol was installing
window guards on that house.
Were you home the entire time
he was working here?
Of course.
Be quiet.
Oh, right. I did pop out
to take Simba to the vet.
When you returned, Mr. Wu was here?
He was just finishing up.
How long were you gone for?
About 20 minutes?
The animal hospital is close
by the main street.
Twenty minutes.
Why did you take him there?
He had a seizure.
He had a hypoglycemic shock.
The vet asked me if I'd given
him something with xylitol.
All I'd given him was dog food.
He must've eaten something
during his walk.
He must've fed something to the dog
to create an alibi.
To get from that villa
to Hong Na-ri's house,
it takes 8 minutes by car,
so 16 minutes in total.
Okay, now strangle me.
That's right, keep strangling me.
Not so hard.
Hey, not so hard.
That's too much.
You'll love the feeling.
You crazy jerk.
I said not so hard!
You were only supposed to pretend.
How could you do that for real?
Untie my hands. Hurry up.
-My hands.
It's been over 20 minutes.
It's impossible
for him to have killed her
and gone back to the villa in time.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
I nearly died, you idiot.
I'm sorry.
Oh, I'm dizzy.
It takes 16 minutes
to get to and from there to Hong Na-ri's.
It'd take five to ten minutes
to tie her up and kill her.
So he'd have needed at least 20 minutes.
But she must've resisted,
so it would've taken
over 20 minutes to kill her and clean up.
Twenty minutes is not enough.
You've been looking pale since earlier.
Eat up and get some rest at home.
It's surprising to see
how much you've changed.
What do you mean?
To be honest, before you got hurt,
you didn't seem cut out to be a cop.
But now
How should I put it?
You seem to be looking
into the mind of the killer.
How can a person change so much?
Maybe I should get brain surgery, too.
I haven't changed one bit!
Damn, that's hot.
It was a compliment.
You're very on edge today.
I'm sorry.
I burned my mouth because of you.
-Get me another can of beer.
Here you go.
Ma'am. Why isn't this cold?
I had to put a pot of beef bone soup
inside the fridge to cool it.
I took the beer cans out to make room.
Oh, come on.
It's still cold. Don't be so picky.
Beer is supposed to be served chilled!
I don't want this. Put it back.
What did you just say?
I didn't say anything.
I know you said something.
Detective Ko.
I found the answer
to the riddle of Wu Hyeong-cheol's alibi.
Have a great day.
It's cold. Go on in.
Did your father's funeral end well?
Yes, thanks to you. What brings you here?
-You have soft hands.
You must be relieved your father died
after covering for you, right?
What are you talking about?
Your father was too naive.
He probably thought
that if he died for you,
you'd turn over a new leaf.
-Excuse me?
-But, too bad.
I am an expert on scum like you.
People like you can
never stop killing people.
It's out of your control.
You're addicted to it.
You psychopath.
Then go ahead and disprove my alibi
for the time of Hong Na-ri's death
before more people are killed,
like you said.
A few days ago,
I had diarrhea.
I drank spoiled milk.
But the milk was in the fridge,
and it wasn't expired either.
So how did it go bad?
I drank that milk at Hong Na-ri's place.
I was going to drink beer
at a supermarket,
but it was lukewarm.
I yelled at the owner
for selling lukewarm beer.
She said she had to take the beer
out of the fridge to make room for soup.
This smart Officer Jung saw that pot
and realized something.
There is something
that doesn't belong in a fridge.
You didn't kill Hong Na-ri that day.
The fridge was colder than usual that day.
The windows were closed,
so it was 27 degrees in the room.
At that temperature,
the body would've started
to decompose within a day.
But it didn't decompose
because it was stored in the fridge.
In order to have an airtight alibi,
you chose to work on the house
closest to Hong Na-ri's.
After finding out
that the homeowner had a dog,
you took poisonous food with you
to give to the dog.
Sorry, I'll be back!
Once she left with the dog,
you headed over to her house.
You took her body out of the fridge,
then you messaged her husband,
asking him to come.
Can you come right now?
Why? Because you needed an alibi.
Someone had to find the body
before it started to decompose.
Then all you had to do was quickly return
and install the window guards.
Mr. Wu, I'm sorry. He suddenly got sick.
Is he okay?
On the day of your alibi,
you just had to take the body
out of the fridge.
So five minutes were enough.
Three days before her body was found,
you were free
between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. on the 5th.
You left work early at 4 p.m.,
claiming you weren't feeling well.
It's a 30-minute car ride
from there to your house.
Hong Na-ri's place was on that route.
But the camera caught you
pulling into your driveway an hour later.
Thirty minutes of your day are missing.
That's exactly the time you'd need
to kill Hong Na-ri and clean up.
Are you the Brothers Grimm?
You two should become novelists.
I think that would suit you better.
Should we, Officer Jung?
I prefer documentaries to novels.
-Same here.
-Why don't we show him this?
The DNA that was found in the fridge.
It's a 99% match to Hong Na-ri.
You see this?
Do you have an arrest warrant?
Why don't you get that first?
I am late to work thanks to you two.
What's taking so long?
Get the update on the arrest warrant.
I don't need
an arrest warrant, you scumbag.
-Are you looking for these?
I took them out when you were napping.
Give them back. Hurry.
-Give it here.
-No, Detective Ko.
-Give it here.
-No, I can't.
Stop right there.
-Detective Ko.
You are under arrest for killing
Kim Yeong-hee, Kang Min-ju and Hong Na-ri.
Anything you say can be
used against in a court of law.
How did they know?
You didn't ask for an arrest warrant,
so I called Detective Shin.
Why, you
Detective Ko.
You can thank Father Ko
for watching over you.
Yes, I want another operation.
The prescription isn't working.
It's impossible.
Sung Yo-han died from cardiac arrest,
so we were able to get the brain
before the nerves died.
We don't have another brain to use.
There must be another way.
Please find it.
I'm even hearing voices.
I'm really scared
that something is going to happen.
We couldn't do it
even if there was another brain.
If the public finds out about this,
we all have a lot to lose.
It's too risky.
You think we're at an equal disadvantage?
I could lose my sense of identity.
I could end up being taken over
by that murderer.
If anything happens to me,
it will be all your fault.
You'd better be prepared
to take responsibility.
Another suspect is being investigated
for the knot serial murder.
While the new suspect is reported
to be the former suspect A's son,
the focus is on
how the investigation will proceed.
All right.
The police have filed
for an arrest warrant on suspect A
and decided to reinvestigate
the knot murder cases.
This is Choi Yeong-sin.
I have a favor to ask you.
You're rather greedy for a young girl.
What's this?
Please forgive me.
Take this home and eat it.
Her mom is an alcoholic.
Word is that since her divorce,
all she does is drink.
-The kid lives around here?
I guess she doesn't go to school.
She's always home with her mom.
Since the news of that monster's release,
everyone else with kids has moved away.
I guess her mom doesn't know he's back.
Who's back?
You didn't know?
Oh, you didn't.
Kang Deok-su is back.
Why didn't the cops tell you?
Shouldn't they have told you first?
I'll get going now.
I won't take it from you.
Drink this with the bread,
or you'll get indigestion.
What's your name?
Yu-na, I'll walk you home.
Let's go.
Yu-na, here you go.
Take these with you
and eat them in your room.
Go on in.
You should move away as soon as possible.
Move away?
Who are you to tell me what to do?
Kang Deok-su is back here.
So what?
I can take care of my own daughter.
You move away.
You're her mother.
Aren't you worried about her?
I can take care of my own daughter.
How dare you lecture me!
Who are you to tell me
to move away or not?
What if I'm his victim?
Do I have the right to meddle, then?
You're her mother.
Look after her instead
of just drowning yourself in alcohol.
Bong-yi. Everything will be okay, right?
I'll be okay, right?
Of course.
You will be okay.
Everything will be fine.
-Oh, come on.
Why did you close the case?
Keep your voice down.
There isn't enough evidence.
Hong Na-ri's DNA was found in the fridge.
What more proof do they need?
What else can we do?
We must do what we're told.
They demanded more conclusive evidence.
He is the killer. I'm telling you.
Damn it.
The arrest warrant
on the new suspect A was dismissed.
The public is criticizing the police
for being too hasty
Stop sulking.
Let's find conclusive evidence.
What's that?
Kim Yeong-hee's mom gave me this,
but there isn't much in here.
The woman next to her looks familiar.
Where have I seen her?
Can I take this?
Do you have something to say?
I know you well. What is it?
It's nothing big.
Can you take someone in for a while?
For about a month?
Who is it?
Just someone I know. Don't ask me further.
I can't.
What about just for a week?
I wonder who it is.
He isn't the type of person
to ask for something like that.
The person you've dialed is unavailable
-Excuse me.
-Thank you.
Are you okay?
How can a big man like you be so quiet?
I'm so sorry. Oh, no.
Be gentle.
Wu Hyeong-cheol was released.
Be careful at night.
He didn't look very strong.
You saw how strong I was, right?
You practiced fighting
instead of studying, didn't you?
What's this?
Who is Sung Ji-eun, and why does she
send you so much money every month?
Are you a pimp?
No, you don't have the face of a pimp.
What's wrong with my face?
With that money,
you can afford to rent a small place,
preferably in my neighborhood.
Or I can go house-hunting with you.
Why would I accept your money?
Take it. I'm just lending it to you.
-And this isn't my money.
Running away from him
won't resolve anything.
I'm going to overcome this.
Even if I run into him,
I will make him run from me,
not the other way around.
Fine. You're so stubborn.
But if anything happens,
promise to call me first.
You got that?
You're all grown-up now.
Oh, about Ba-reum
Is something wrong?
Why do you ask?
He just seems a little troubled.
You're right.
He doesn't seem like himself these days.
He's been a little on edge.
don't let anything happen to me.
Please don't
let me turn
into that monster, Sung Yo-han.
Please protect me, God.
Detective Shin. To what do I owe
the pleasure of this call?
I called to give you great news.
I think you will be assigned
to the Evidence Team.
Shall I call you
Detective Jung from now on?
I should call Detective Ko and thank him.
No. You should thank Detective Kang.
Detective Kang?
He wanted you to stay
close to Detective Ko.
He looks out for Detective Ko
more than anyone.
In any case, congratulations.
Hold on.
A murder case?
Okay. I'll be right there.
Has he come back to life?
He did call himself God.
Officer Jung.
Sung Yo-han's trademark
was found at a crime scene.
The finger and the cross.
I have to get going.
I'll be there, too. Text me the address.
How can someone be crazy
enough to copy this?
I was worried when I heard
about a Sung Yo-han fan club
being formed.
Get the names of the fan club members.
-Identify the victim, too.
The crime scene is organized.
It was done by a professional.
When we were on the ground,
I smelled mint.
It's his scent.
Why do I smell that here?
It can't be
Did they identify the victim?
Yes. A 17-year-old girl in high school.
She lived with her grandfather.
Attention, everyone.
-This is everybody?
This case will be briefed
as a simple murder case,
so don't tell the media
about this being
a Sung Yo-han copycat or whatnot.
Why not?
As you all know,
the entire nation witnessed a murder
live on air last year,
leaving them traumatized.
They're only just starting to forget it,
so let's not scare them again
with talk of a copycat.
We were ordered to keep
the case closed to the public.
It'll become a hassle
if the reporters catch onto us.
Keep everyone hushed
and relay this message
to anyone who isn't here right now.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Right, the brooch.
Detective Ko.
Did you find Bong-yi's grandma's brooch?
No, I didn't.
She must've dropped it elsewhere.
I've already told Bong-yi.
Can you show me the pictures
of Sung Yo-han's basement?
Please just show me. Quickly.
Show me the video that he sent
while the program was airing.
That's it.
Detective Ko. Oh, hey.
What are you doing here?
You're here, too, Officer Jung.
Then he must've told you everything.
Tell me what? What is he doing?
It's different.
Then the one who sent this
might not be Sung Yo-han.
Then it's possible
that Sung Yo-han wasn't the killer.
Right. I only have memories
of hitting, not killing.
Punching people doesn't
necessarily mean he killed them.
If someone else is the killer,
the brain I have in my head
isn't the murderer's brain.
What's this about his trademark?
Some crazy scumbag copied
Sung Yo-han's murder style.
I don't think it's a copycat.
I think the real killer is someone else.
Take a look at this.
These two basements are different.
This isn't the basement
at Sung Yo-han's place.
I think you might be right.
Maybe it looks that way
because he rearranged the furniture.
No, take a good look.
It's not just the furniture arrangement.
I guess
Bong-yi's grandmother's brooch
wasn't listed as evidence.
Neither was Father Ko's necklace.
Sung Yo-han killed and took
his victims' belongings.
Then why didn't we find
the brooch and the necklace?
That makes sense.
Then what about Dr. Daniel and Han-guk?
They were never found either.
Maybe the items are hidden with them.
-Maybe, but
-If Sung Yo-han isn't the killer,
why did we find pictures
of Byeon Sun-yeong's body there?
And why did Sung Yo-han smash your head?
Why would he smash you
with a hammer if he wasn't guilty?
Explain that.
He's right. Your imagination is
That's true, but
You remember the mint scent
that I told you about?
The scent I smelled when I fought
Bong-yi's grandma's killer.
I smelled it at the crime scene earlier.
Mint is a very popular fragrance in Korea.
Why are you desperate
to exonerate Sung Yo-han?
Are you trying to say
that I shot an innocent man?
-Is that what you want?
-No, I
Leave. Why did you come here?
Get lost. Go back to your substation.
-He does make
-You too.
Get lost. Go.
Who do they think I am?
He's here again.
You should hand over the evidence
as soon as a case comes in.
Must I come to get it myself?
Where is it?
Is this it?
This is everything?
I could hear you complain from miles away.
You seem happy to be
part of the Evidence Team.
Was she burned alive?
No, she was killed first.
Yes, this is Officer Jung Ba-reum
at Pyeongan Police Substation.
A suicide?
What's taking so long?
Watch the body.
I'll see if the ambulance is coming.
It doesn't make sense
that a person who hung herself
tried to get herself out of the rope.
That means
someone hung her
and she tried to free herself
before he tightened the rope.
This is a homicide.
All the fingers except
the middle finger are freed.
After she died,
somebody freed all her fingers
except the middle one.
The victims' middle fingers
were twisted toward the cross.
It can't be.
I think he's right.
I thought about it,
and what Officer Jung said makes sense.
What are you talking about?
You're so gullible.
Oh, come on.
I think we should at least hear him out.
Go away. You're distracting me.
Hey, Officer Jung.
You found what?
What is it?
It's true.
I am certain
Father Ko Mu-won's cross necklace
and Bong-yi's grandmother's
brooch were here.
But when I came back with Officer Nam,
they were gone.
That's right. I rushed in here
after Officer Jung told me,
but they were gone.
So the only person who saw
the necklace and the brooch is you,
-Officer Jung.
And you toppled off the chair
and hit your head?
I saw them before I hit my head.
I'm sure the killer came and took them.
So you're saying
the killer placed them here
and took them back?
Officer Jung.
Aren't you too obsessed with the idea
that Sung Yo-han wasn't the real culprit?
They were definitely here.
Check the security camera.
You must be having fun without your wife.
Check the security camera by the entrance.
We did, but it isn't working.
They were definitely here.
Are you sure it's homicide?
Did you ID her?
-A masseuse at an illegal spa?
Please tail Wu Hyeong-cheol.
What are you talking about?
You do nothing by the book.
-To tell you the truth
The real killer is someone else.
Fine. I will catch him myself
and prove that Sung Yo-han's brain
inside my head
is the brain of a normal person,
not a murderer.
From the start of the alley to here,
it took three minutes.
This is
where he grabbed her.
That means he knew
Kim Jin-a would come this way.
That means he knew where Kim Jin-a lived
or had been stalking her for a while,
or he'd visited her house at least once.
Hi, Detective Ko.
Where are you? You're not at your desk.
I came to look into something.
What is this about?
I have something to tell you.
Let's talk in person. Hurry back.
Does he have OCD?
I don't like it.
Looking at this is making me
feel uncomfortable.
He's really desperate to prove
Sung Yo-han's innocent.
They were mother and daughter.
She got along great with her daughter.
Oh, she was close with Sun-yeong.
That's her.
Yes. When Yeong-hee quit,
she introduced us to Hye-won.
Where is she now? Park Hye-won.
She quit almost a year ago.
She had a tough time
after Sun-yeong was killed.
Then she said she was getting married.
Married? To whom?
I think she said she was
marrying a lawyer.
A lawyer?
She texted me a year ago
that she was moving out.
She said she was going overseas
and asked me to move her stuff out.
She never came back
to recollect her deposit.
I called her many times,
but she never answered.
It was odd as she was
very meticulous about money.
Hye-won texted me
that she was going overseas,
so she would be off the grid.
When was that?
I think it was almost a year ago.
Wait, let me check.
That's right.
But it was odd.
She wasn't the type to use
perfect grammar in her texts.
Her text felt strange.
There's no record of her
leaving the country?
All right.
That scumbag.
He killed Park Hye-won, too.
But how did Wu Hyeong-cheol know
that Park Hye-won worked at that bar?
Take a look at this.
This is when Wu Hyeong-cheol was on TV.
I think it'll be best for us
to look into everything
before handing it all over.
I was right.
If she was alive
and struggled to free herself,
there wouldn't be just
a single line on this dusty railing.
That means
the killer hung her up after she died
and placed her fingers that way
to make it look like a suicide.
She was strangled to death.
Damn it. How did I miss that?
Are Kim Jin-A's autopsy results out yet?
She was Wu Hyeong-cheol's fiance?
No one knew she was missing
because she was an orphan.
I think everyone thought
she went overseas.
Why did he kill Park Hye-won?
Wu Hyeong-cheol met Park Hye-won
when he took on Sung Yo-han's cases
because she testified for Byeon Sun-yeong.
He found out that she worked
at the same bar
where Byeon Sun-yeong used to work.
Then what about Kim Yeong-hee?
Did he kill her just
because she was Park Hye-won's friend?
Kim Yeong-hee worked at that bar first.
She got Park Hye-won
to replace her when she quit.
-That's why he killed her.
-What was the reason?
He's been killing women
whom he thinks aren't pure enough.
He saw Kang Min-ju as a gold digger
after seeing her enter a motel with a man.
He also saw Hong Na-ri with another man
before her divorce
from her husband was final.
Then why did he try to kill Oh Bong-yi?
Wu Hyeong-cheol
once represented Kang Deok-su.
But he resigned,
and another lawyer took his place.
But he would've had all the files
on Kang Deok-su's victims.
But Bong-yi being Kang Deok-su's victim
has no relation to the criterion
by which Wu Hyeong-cheol
chose his victims.
Also, why didn't he display Park Hye-won
and Kim Yeong-hee's bodies?
At first, he wasn't confident enough.
But then he started to gain confidence
and began to display the bodies.
We must find Park Hye-won
and Kim Yeong-hee's bodies.
Or the murder weapon.
That is the only way we can
arrest him at this point.
Let's look at people around
I must get going.
Thank you.
-The prescription, please.
-Here you go.
-Thank you.
Let's go.
Mr. Wu.
-Please come in.
You've been through quite an ordeal.
Damn those cops
for going after an innocent person.
Here are the iron supplements
you asked for.
How's your wife's morning sickness?
Much better now.
Wasn't that Producer Choi Hong-ju?
Yes, that's right.
Really? I thought she was single.
There is a rumor going around
since Sung Yo-han died
that murderer Sung Yo-han
and Choi Hong-ju were dating.
It was me who tipped off a reporter.
I heard it at a bar.
There are so many men out there.
Why did it have to be him?
Is that so?
You found traces of acetone?
Acetone is highly volatile,
so a little spark could
instantly ignite a fire.
It isn't as dangerous
as hydrochloric acid,
so it can easily be bought in bulk.
Wasn't strangulation the cause of death?
If she were strangled,
there would have to be fractures
in the hyoid bones or cartilage.
But there weren't any fractures.
There may not be
any fractures if the killer used
something wide like a towel, right?
Please check to see
if there's venous obstruction.
Officer Jung.
Venous what?
-Venous obstruction?
-Yes. What's that?
Oh, that.
When a person is strangled,
pressure is applied to the jugular vein.
Blood stops flowing to the heart,
and the face turns red.
Because of the carotid arteries
in the face and skull,
the face becomes congested.
Then that causes congestion in the skull
and increases pressure
on the vertebrae in the skull.
The increased intracranial pressure
is proof of strangulation.
You must've gone
to a medical school, Officer Jung.
No, I didn't go to college.
What? Then how do you know this so well?
Aren't these all technical terms?
You see
I just know.
You just know?
You're smart.
Because Sung Yo-han was a doctor.
So Jae-pil is innocent,
and I killed him?
I'm sure Wu Jae-pil knew
what his son Hyeong-cheol did.
Why did Hyeong-cheol kill Su-jin?
Can you tell me anything
about Wu Hyeong-cheol?
Anything that could provide a clue.
His mom tried to kill him
and herself once.
The ambulance came and everything.
How did she end up with a murderer?
Oh, right. A little before that happened,
I heard that Chang-su took
Hyeong-cheol's mom to Guryeong.
His mother's brother.
He lived in the neighborhood, too.
I'm sure he still lives there.
-Officer Jung.
You were right.
It's faint, but there is
some blood congestion.
That means somebody did strangle her.
I found ashes in the bronchial tubes,
so I didn't think of that.
If it weren't for you,
we would've missed it.
I'm impressed.
It was snowing heavily that day.
She asked me to take her to a hotel.
I was waiting in the car.
Oh, it's cold.
It looked like she was talking
to someone in the lobby.
It looked like she was begging.
She seemed anxious after that.
She asked me to drive her
to Seoul once more, so I did.
Did you go to that hotel again?
No, some research institute.
Either way
She was in a complete daze
when she came back.
She tried to poison herself
and Hyeong-cheol,
and in the end, she jumped off a building.
What are those flowers?
Those are hydrangeas.
My sister loved purple hydrangeas.
Hyeong-cheol is a good son.
He comes by to visit
his mom's grave from time to time.
I see they aren't all purple.
Some are blue.
For purple hydrangeas to bloom,
you must sprinkle lime in the dirt.
I guess there wasn't enough lime.
Blue hydrangeas bloom on acidified ground.
Wait. That means
there's a lot of iron in the dirt.
Hey. You're ruining the flowers.
Iron means metal,
like a metal weapon.
Excuse me.
I'm a police officer.
Did your granddaughter ever
run away from home?
Jin-A ran away from home a year ago
and hung around with those truant boys.
It caused me great heartache.
I thought she'd finally
grown out of it, but
Was there someone
who counseled her to get her to come back?
That's right.
That wonderful man talked to her
and brought her back home.
That wonderful man
Is this him?
Yes, that's him.
-Call me anytime.
-Who was that girl?
He does pro bono counseling
for runaway teenagers.
He's sent many teens back home.
Hey. Where's Wu Hyeong-cheol right now?
We lost him. We got in an accident.
I told you to keep your eyes on him.
Put an APB out on him
and locate his phone and car.
From a runaway teen
to a masseuse at an illegal spa.
He killed women whom he thought
weren't pure enough.
Who's the next target?
Why haven't you answered
your phone all day?
Hey, Dong-gu.
I sent you the script for tomorrow
and you haven't opened it.
I wanted to give you your suit,
but you wouldn't answer my calls.
Oh, right. Tomorrow's your wedding.
"Oh, right. Tomorrow's your wedding"?
Do you have a death wish?
Let's get inside. Hurry up.
I spent a lot on this suit
because you don't own one.
You jerk, forgetting about my wedding.
-I'm sorry.
-Let me see.
You look like a different person.
You look good in a suit.
-Come on.
-Is this necessary?
Stay still.
Why isn't Seul-gi checking her messages?
She isn't answering her phone either.
It isn't too late.
Reconsider marrying Seul-gi.
She will never give up
on becoming an actress.
Where does Seul-gi live?
Choi Hong-ju.
What is it?
Dong-gu got into a fight with a co-worker
and he's been indicted.
Is he hurt? Where is he now?
Let me come in,
and I'll tell you everything.
Come on in.
What's this about?
It's nothing. What a relief.
Seul-gi, are you there?
Call 911 and go get a plier
from the guard.
You're awake.
I should've killed her.
You ruined it.
I must keep him talking.
He won't kill me while he's talking.
You killed them all, didn't you?
Yes, I did.
Why did you kill them?
I had to punish them.
They were all
too dirty.
-Did you have fun today?
You look so pretty when you smile.
I wish I had a daughter like you.
-Don't spend it all.
Come by often.
-Thank you.
Hey, Hyeong-cheol.
I'm busy right now, so I'll call back.
I think she's dead.
I was practicing the rescue knot
that I learned in Boy Scouts.
It was an accident.
What do I do?
I shed some tears and he believed me.
Slightly twist the left hand
with the right,
and raise the right hand.
I guess my acting felt real.
Your father wanted to believe
that it was an accident.
Honey, I think
What? He said it was an accident.
What are you trying to say?
At the time, everyone's attention
was on the Headhunter.
So your father came up with an idea.
The same clothes and shoes
as Park Hyeon-su
I'm sure it was easy
for him to get the DNA
from the detective in charge.
He made her look like Park Hyeon-su
so that even if the body was found,
no one would suspect them.
That wasn't my dad's idea. It was mine.
-My idea.
-You killed your mom, too.
I guess she gave
the late Dr. Daniel my hair.
He told her
that I was born a psychopath.
Why did you kill Su-jin?
Because she looks like you.
She has dimples like you
and shorter pinkies like you.
She's your daughter, isn't she?
You had an affair with Man-ho
and had her, didn't you?
Am I wrong?
Forget it then.
Don't worry.
I'll join you.
No. Come here.
Park Hye-won was just like my mom.
How dare she dream of becoming my wife.
That's why I killed her.
Those dirty, lewd women.
I punished them under the name of God.
What about those other victims?
Oh, right.
Oh Bong-yi?
Don't you get it?
You scumbag. Are you kidding?
What kind of nonsense is that?
You crazy scumbag.
Song Su-ho, Kim Seong-gyu,
Byeon Sun-yeong,
Jo Mi-jeong, Bong-yi's grandmother
Why did you kill them? Why?
What are you talking about?
Sung Yo-han killed them.
Don't lie to me. You killed them.
Sung Yo-han died covering for you
just like your dad did.
You made it look like Sung Yo-han
killed them to not get caught.
You made it look like
someone else did it, right?
What are you on about?
That brain surgery
has turned you mad.
Don't lie to me.
You killed them all.
Father Ko's cross necklace
and the old lady's brooch.
You placed them there.
It was Sung Yo-han.
It was Sung Yo-han.
Kill him.
A guy like him must be killed.
Yes. More.
Oh, no. I think he's dead.
How does it feel?
It's thrilling, isn't it?
To kill someone.
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