Mouse (2021) s01e11 Episode Script

Kill Him! Kill Her!

What are you looking at? Get lost.
It's a deep cut.
It must hurt.
I said, get lost.
-What are you doing?
-Stay still.
My mom told me that this plant is
good for disinfecting wounds.
Aren't you scared of me?
No one comes near me
since I cut open the rabbit's stomach.
I can't ignore an injured friend.
But killing an animal is
a terrible thing to do.
Don't ever do it again.
Why wasn't I born like him?
I want to become like him.
I want to
become him.
Oh, no.
Oh, no. I think he's dead.
How does it feel?
Thrilling, isn't it?
To kill someone, I mean.
Oh, no.
What do I do? Oh, no. I killed a man.
A man
No. I didn't kill him.
Sung Yo-han.
Sung Yo-han. It's because of him.
Does that make you feel better?
Does blaming me make you feel better?
This is just a hallucination.
It's a hallucination.
No matter how much you deny it,
you're just a murderer.
A murderer.
It was self-defense.
That's right.
Wu Hyeong-cheol tried to kill me first,
so I didn't have a choice.
Be honest with yourself.
You enjoyed the moment
he drew his last breath.
It was ecstatic when you strangled him.
I'm not like you. I'm different!
Look at yourself.
You are a murderer.
Get lost. Please!
-You see this here?
-This is where it stops.
-This is the Ochang IC.
Yes, if you go straight from here,
it's the Ochang IC.
Kim Yeong-hee and Park Hye-won's
bodies were found here.
It's close.
Wu Hyeong-cheol's uncle's house is here.
I came to turn myself in.
-Swipe to the right.
-It's close.
I killed Wu Hyeong-cheol.
It stopped here.
I killed Wu Hyeong-cheol!
Stay here.
Where did it go?
Where did it go?
I guess they're done. Stay here.
We didn't find any blood or Officer Jung
and Wu Hyeong-cheol's fingerprints.
This is not a murder scene.
-He had a brain surgery, right?
It might be a side effect of that.
-Get him to the hospital.
-Okay, good work. Bye.
What did he say?
I'm serious.
I'm not mad. Why would I say
I killed him when I didn't?
Officer Jung.
Wu Hyeong-cheol's car and the truck
I drove are by the national highway.
Go check that. By the national highway
They've located Wu Hyeong-cheol.
His phone must be on.
What? Where?
Yes, it is him. A navy-colored jacket,
black pants and a hiking hat.
Yes, they are all
what Wu Hyeong-cheol was wearing.
It is him.
We looked, but we didn't find
a car or a truck.
There wasn't a report
of a stolen truck either.
Officer Jung.
We found your phone at the house.
Do you want me to go
to the hospital with you?
No, that's okay.
You knew, didn't you?
That Wu Hyeong-cheol killed
the girl and the masseuse.
Have you seen him here?
Why are you asking me this again?
Someone came and asked me earlier.
The detective from TV came by.
You know, the one
whose brother got killed.
Detective Ko Moo-chi?
Yes, I knew. At first, I got worried
after you said that.
I was worried I shot Sung Yo-han
when he was innocent.
But Kim Jin-a's body was a bit different.
Song Su-ho was burned alive,
but Kim Jin-a was burned
after she was killed.
But the crucial evidence was
a bunch of fliers at the victim's house.
The killer came and took them.
I saw those same fliers
in Wu Hyeong-cheol's office.
That's why I had him tailed
so we could arrest him
when he killed again.
But Detective Lee lost him.
You could've told me that you knew.
I went to the substation to tell you that.
But I saw Park Hye-won's video
on your computer
and remembered where I had seen her.
We found Park Hye-won
and Kim Yeong-hee's bodies, thanks to you.
Good work.
I'll get going now.
By the way
Why were you hoping
that Sung Yo-han wasn't the killer?
You looked desperate to me.
Just because.
Just because.
How is she?
Fortunately, she isn't seriously hurt.
Thanks, Ba-reum. If it weren't for you
When I heard that you killed that scumbag,
I knew that you would never do that.
And yet, I was happy to hear it.
A scumbag like him deserves to die.
The actual killer of the knot murder cases
turned out to be the deceased Mr. A's son.
The police suspect that Wu Hyeong-cheol
fled to the Phillippines
and requested assistance
in the investigation.
I'm not mad. Why would I say
I killed him when I didn't?
Officer Jung's been appointed to our team.
But he isn't fully
We'll have him work
at his desk for a while.
I notified Pyeongan Police Substation too.
The Evidence Team?
I see. Thank you.
Will it be okay for me to work there?
What did the doctor say?
He didn't find anything wrong.
He thinks that it may be
due to too much stress.
Okay. Come to work tomorrow.
All right. I'll see you tomorrow.
Kitty. Come out and eat your
I'm sorry. I won't do that again.
All right.
Think of your babies.
I'll leave it here, so make sure you eat.
Finally, some quiet.
What's this?
Is this a hallucination too?
Oh, the bird?
I told your aunt then,
but I guess she never told you.
My aunt?
The kids from the children's ward
found it in the flower bed.
They cried so much that I buried it
in the backyard and made a grave.
I killed it.
I did.
Then Wu Hyeong-cheol too.
Yes, it was here.
It wasn't a hallucination.
Then somebody is
I think he caught on.
What should I do?
This stop is North Police Station.
The next stop is Daon High School.
If you wish to get off
What should I do?
They'll think I'm crazy
even if I turn myself in again.
No, but I still need to turn myself in.
Are you going to turn yourself in?
Will you turn yourself in,
Mr. Jung Ba-reum?
-Oh, my.
-Are you all right, sir?
This isn't my phone.
Who is this?
You're wondering why
his body disappeared, right?
Who are you?
I'll tell you more in person.
But remember this.
This should remain a secret to everyone.
Not only to the surgeons
who operated on you but also to your aunt.
Promise me.
The surgeons and my aunt?
He knows everything about me.
Who could he be?
Where should I go?
You're the one from the bus stop.
Dr. Daniel Lee?
You were killed by Sung Yo-han.
I'm sure you want to ask something else.
Something like
where Wu Hyeong-cheol's body went.
Did you get rid of it?
No, but
I saw him get on a smuggler.
Did you check the face?
No, but his clothes and shoes
What if someone who's similarly built
dressed up as Wu Hyeong-cheol
and got caught on camera on purpose?
Technically, Wu Hyeong-cheol was
on that boat with someone.
Although I'm sure he's
at the bottom of the ocean now.
Then who?
Let me cut to the chase.
When you killed Wu Hyeong-cheol,
how did it feel?
It was a mistake.
He was trying to kill me,
so it was self-defense.
Be honest.
When you ended Wu Hyeong-cheol's life,
I'm sure you felt that thrill
you didn't even know about.
murderer Sung Yo-han's frontal lobe
overtook a large portion
of your brain in the past year.
It is overtaking your brain
even as we speak.
In the end, your brain will be
swallowed whole by Sung Yo-han's brain.
What do you think will happen after that?
Murder is an addiction.
By killing Wu Hyeong-cheol,
the urge to kill inside you was awakened.
The switch has been turned on.
As time goes on,
that urge will become stronger.
You can't stop it now,
no matter how hard you try.
How about releasing that urge
in another way?
By killing the top-one-percent
psychopathic predators
like you killed Wu Hyeong-cheol.
If you bring me the DNA, I can confirm
if they're a predator or not.
You're telling me to kill people?
But if you do,
no more innocent people will be killed.
You're crazy. You're insane!
I'll go turn myself in.
I will pay for what I did
to Wu Hyeong-cheol.
How? There's no body or evidence.
In order to try to get them
to believe you killed him,
you have to tell the world
that Sung Yo-han's brain
has taken over your brain.
Are you okay with that?
Even if you tell the world,
who would believe you?
Even if someone believes you,
you'll live the rest of your life
as a lab mouse.
Are you okay with that?
There's no time.
That switch will be turned on again soon.
You're crazy.
Absolutely crazy.
You'd better listen to me,
Jung Ba-reum.
If not, you'll end up killing your family
or the one you love first.
Yes, Auntie?
Are you home? How do you feel?
I left carp juice for you.
They say it's the best when you feel weak.
Why didn't you tell me that Eo-beong died?
You didn't even recognize me
when you woke up.
Of course, I couldn't tell you then.
All right.
The switch is turned on?
No way.
No way. That's not possible.
Officer Jung.
You're finally here. Congratulations.
Thank you.
It's evidence
from the Wu Hyeong-cheol case.
Are you going on a blind date?
You're dressed up.
A blind date?
I'll be off the market in a few days.
Detective Ko agreed to host the ceremony.
You're getting married?
Oh, I didn't give you
the wedding invitation.
I'll bring yours and Mr. Park's next time.
What do you think? I look good, right?
I bought myself a new suit
for my appearance on television.
Oh, you'll be on television?
Tonight at 10 p.m.
on Sherlock Hong-ju Returns.
I'm the first guest
of the first broadcast.
The hero of Moojin Police Agency,
Senior Policeman Shin Sang.
Producer Choi is back?
That's great news.
Where's Detective Ko?
Why are you working alone?
-Do you need help?
-No, I can do it by myself.
Well, I guess I don't want
my new suit to get dirty.
-Then I'll go buy you a beverage then.
-No, thanks.
Are there any coins lying around?
Detective Ko left this here.
-I'll take this.
-Stop right there!
You got in trouble by taking
the coffee stick from my desk,
and you still haven't learned your lesson!
Why would you touch this?
Is this evidence too?
It's a request fee for murder.
What? A request fee for murder?
A kid gave it to me,
asking me to kill a bad man.
It's a type of a deposit.
Today, we reviewed
the gasoline terror case,
one of the top three
unsolved cases in Korea.
Next week, we will be
looking into the current status
of child sex offenses upon the one year
anniversary of Kang Deok-su's release.
See you next week.
Good work.
-Thank you.
-Well done.
Thank you.
-You were great today.
So the theme for next week
is child sex offenses.
It wouldn't be a bad idea for a detective
who specializes
in child psychology like me to
Great. I'll tell the scriptwriter.
Should I ask Detective Ko to come too?
-Detective Ko Moo-chi?
He's the one who arrested Kang Deok-su.
That is why he is still fond
of that victim.
Can someone stay with you for a bit
for about a month?
So that was why.
Once I find a new place,
I'll come get you.
Be a good girl until then, okay?
Okay. Promise me you'll come back.
Whenever you miss me,
use this to call Bong-yi, okay?
I'll run over
and put your mom on the phone.
What should we eat?
Let me know when you're ready to order.
Hey, it's her.
-We're ready to order.
What would you like?
It's you, right? Oh Bong-yi.
-Please forgive
-What are you doing?
Please sign.
This is your tip.
If you don't want it, forget it.
I just felt sorry for you.
-You're here for Bong-yi?
Wake up. Oh Bong-yi.
Oh, my dear Ba-reum.
You're so righteous.
But what's the point?
You don't even remember
asking me to marry you.
You fool.
Why did she drink so much?
I think they were her old classmates.
They talked about that incident
and how they pity her.
Then they ended up in a fight.
That incident
Oh, my.
You look so handsome when you eat.
Oh, my.
I miss you, Grandma.
Tempting, right?
You want to press down
on that neck, right?
Try it.
Feel how soft it is.
Feel it. Do it.
Why are you hesitating?
Press it down. Now.
You'd better listen to me.
If not, you'll end up killing your family
or the one you love first.
Murder is an addiction.
As time goes on,
that urge will become stronger.
You can't stop it now,
no matter how hard you try.
But what's the point?
You don't even remember
asking me to marry you.
How embarrassing.
Ba-reum! Your phone!
Your phone.
My phone.
I left it at Bong-yi's.
Kang Deok-su?
Are you okay?
I sent her
to go buy alcohol for me
And she ended up going through that.
It's all my fault.
-It's all my fault.
It's not your fault. Don't blame yourself.
My poor baby.
My baby.
Officer Jung.
Please take good care of Bong-yi.
They live in the same neighborhood?
If you bring me the DNA,
I can confirm if they're
a predator or not.
What did he say to you?
He didn't say anything.
I just fell because my shoe came off.
Ms. Oh, you shouldn't ignore this.
Are you here to interview me?
I know who you are.
Why? You want to air it?
Don't. You make it provocative
to get more ratings.
You don't care about the victims.
Don't pretend to be just.
That's more cruel.
To me,
you and the offenders are all the same.
You're mistaken.
I'm not here to interview you.
Detective Ko was quite worried about you.
-He asked me to take you in
Why would I? Am I the criminal here?
He's the criminal,
so why should I be on the run?
I'm not a little child anymore.
I can protect myself now.
So please leave.
Please go.
Try to find the psychopathic gene.
Are you testing me?
He's new. How dare he skip work?
He didn't even sort these out.
Where's he gone?
Well, he isn't fully recovered yet.
Let's try to be understanding.
What brings you here?
Kang Deok-su approached Bong-yi.
What? Where?
In the neighborhood.
He's back in the neighborhood?
That scumbag!
This is my dashcam footage.
That scumbag.
Why aren't you doing your job?
What is it now?
Kang Deok-su approached his victim.
Kang Deok-su requested
to move to this neighborhood.
Then you should keep
an eye on him 24 hours a day.
He's within the jurisdiction.
This isn't against the law.
So it's okay if he threatens his victim
as long as he's within the jurisdiction?
It is legally unproblematic.
Kang Deok-su isn't obligated
to stay away from his victims.
Whose is this?
That's none of your business.
You must stop him.
A pure psychopathic predator like that
will commit the crime again
if they've already done it once.
They cannot be stopped.
They'll probably commit a worse crime.
The psychopaths' crimes evolve over time.
Don't worry.
I'll be sure to catch him.
After Dad passed away,
Grandma began to drink a lot.
Even on that night,
she ran out of makgeolli,
so she told me to get some more.
Oh, my. Again? At this hour?
That's the daughter of Mr. Oh,
who died at a construction site.
You're leaving already?
My mom is at home alone.
Someone had a dog tied on the bridge,
so I was trying to untie it.
That was why.
No. Don't fall asleep.
Don't fall asleep, kid. Okay?
I'll catch that scumbag.
Who is it?
Why are you doing this to me?
I don't remember anything
because I was drunk.
Defendant, give your closing argument.
I'm going crazy here too.
I really don't remember.
I may do terrible things when I'm drunk,
but I'm not a scumbag that would do
such a horrible thing to a little child.
If I did,
you can cut my balls off.
I feel terribly wronged.
The MO was cruel,
and given the defendant
has committed the same crime,
he shall be severely punished.
But his claim of being
under the influence is partially accepted.
The court sentences Defendant Kang Deok-su
to ten years in prison
and probation for ten years.
What? Ten years?
You scumbag!
You didn't do it?
How dare you!
You deserve to die!
I think of you whenever it rains.
Will you marry me?
I'll be good to you.
What is this?
Are you asking me to seek revenge for you?
When he is released,
I'll kill him for you.
Oh, run!
When I heard that you killed that scumbag,
I knew that you would never do that.
And yet, I was happy to hear it.
A scumbag like him deserves to die.
What brings you here?
What did you say to Bong-yi?
There's a video of you
at the crosswalk, so don't lie.
I didn't say anything.
I just ran into her by chance.
You bastard.
What did you say to her?
Say it.
I really didn't say anything.
It was just a greeting like this.
You son of a bitch!
I said I would kill you!
He was about to shoot me. I'm not lying.
I didn't do anything, and he just
You didn't do anything?
Do you know what he said to Bong-yi?
Sir, he
I really wasn't doing anything.
Say something, Mom.
You saw everything.
That's right.
My son wasn't doing anything,
and he just
Don't bother to ask!
Of course, his mom is on his side.
This isn't fair.
I've been repenting my sin
for the past ten years
and was planning to spend
my life atoning for it.
Please calm down and go home.
We'll call you later.
What do you mean?
-Let's go, Mom.
-He's putting on a show!
Don't lie, you jerk.
You can't send him back home!
Damn it.
Detective Shin. Come here!
What is it?
I think I walked into his trap.
He got me worked up in order
to keep me away from Bong-yi.
I think he's up to something.
He can't do anything.
He has the anklet on.
That's not true. Bong-yi is in danger!
Let me go. Please!
Where did Officer Jung go?
I asked him to stay close.
Then do me a favor.
Hey. Wake up!
I was wrong.
Kang Deok-su isn't a psychopath.
Even if he was in the past, he isn't now.
He's changed.
He's repenting.
Kang Deok-su,
the offender of Ms. Oh's case,
attempted suicide.
Some say it was due
to the pressure from society.
But seeing how his sentence
was reduced for drinking
-I want one!
-Buy it for me!
-I want one.
-Who is this?
You don't remember Hun-seok, do you?
You practically raised him
when he was a baby.
Buy me one. I want one!
I'm your cousin.
I hurt my head,
so I don't remember you. I'm sorry.
I want one.
He wants a cat.
-You should get him one.
-Buy me one!
I'll buy you a stuffed cat.
I want a kitty.
-Hun-seok, do you want to eat something?
-I want a cat.
That will be 27,000 won.
Go ahead and eat.
I have a kitty at home.
Do you want to see a picture?
I want to go see her.
Would you like that?
Then come over
once she has her kittens. I'll call you.
Really? Pinky swear.
Pinky swear.
Now eat.
I got this for you instead of a real one.
Yes, I can overcome it.
I'll show Dr. Lee that he's wrong.
I will not lose to Sung Yo-han.
Detective Ko assaulted Kang Deok-su,
so he's in a holding cell.
He wanted you to keep this
with you at all times.
This is the weather forecast.
There's high pressure in China
and low pressure in Kyushu, Japan.
These two will create strong winds
on the East Coast.
Therefore, there will be
thunder and rain this weekend.
That's all for the weather.
Wait for me.
I'll come visit you when it rains.
-What's with the pouring rain?
-Gosh, I know.
Whenever it rains
Is it raining? Is it?
Get me out of here!
Hey, Shin! Mr. Bok!
Oh, I should feed her.
You had your kittens.
How cute.
Hey, Hun-seok.
It's you. Where's your mom?
She's gone to Grandma's.
She was crying because Grandma's sick,
but she left her phone here.
-Yes, Jeju Grandma.
Jeju Grandma?
Then you're home by yourself?
No, I'm with the babysitter.
She's fast asleep in the room.
Hun-seok, look.
How cute.
-I want to come over.
-You want to come?
I'll go pick you up then. Get dressed.
What's your address?
-Hold on.
It's Unit 301, Building One, Moojin APT,
Moojin-dong, Moojin.
Moojin-dong? Wasn't it Pyeongan-dong?
It's strange.
I'm on my way to the shoot now.
I looked so puffy on TV last time.
I'll call you later.
Ma'am, what brings you here?
Please let that detective go.
Deok-su lied.
The detective came over and got angry,
so my son got mad and lied.
The detective didn't do
anything wrong. Let him go.
I'm sorry. I failed to raise him
to be a decent person.
I wrote a statement just in case too.
-I'll get going now.
Detective Lee!
Please hand this to Mr. Bok.
I have to go. Thanks.
Auntie, I'll take Hun-seok to mine.
Give me a call when you read this.
Twelve years ago, on that day,
it rained like it is today.
It's been a year
since Kang Deok-su has been released.
I'll cut to the chase.
Are kids safe if he is wearing the anklet?
Since the Kang Deok-su case,
they amended the law
and tightened the surveillance.
Those with high risks
of repeating the crime
can now be on one-on-one surveillance.
There hasn't been a problem
for a year since his release.
Can we be relieved?
They are closely watched
for the first six months.
But after a year, like in this case,
the watch gets loose.
People start to believe
that they've turned over a new leaf.
That's what they waited for.
When the leash on them is loosened,
they commit crimes again.
That's when it's the most dangerous.
Slow down.
How cute!
They are, right?
I don't think the kitty likes you.
She's just like that
because she just had her kittens.
You must be hungry.
I'll make you something.
Yes, sir.
I'm at a pharmacy.
I ran out of the prescription
that the doctor gave me.
Sex offenders' movements are
monitored 99 percent by phone calls.
-Is it good?
-Thank you.
What's wrong? Are you sick?
No, Hun-seok.
I'll cut more pieces for you.
I'll show you why I've been
training martial arts so much,
Kang Deok-su.
What? Damn it.
This is the probation office.
Kang Deok-su's anklet is damaged.
We need backup.
Kang Deok-su's phone is
headed the same way.
He is exiting the Muchang IC.
Breaking news.
Child sex offender Kang Deok-su,
who was released a year ago,
has cut his electronic anklet
and is on the run.
They tracked down his location,
-and he is headed towards Jeongseon.
He ran off?
You're watching Sherlock Hong-ju.
I'm Choi Hong-ju's fan.
I saw in the interview that she is
an orphan but studied really hard
to get to where she is today.
Oh, right. Yu-na came by earlier.
Yu-na? When?
Around dinner time.
She bought some bread for her mom.
-Most child sex offenders
never change.
They are only interested
in little children.
What's your name?
Ba-reum, come play with me. Kitty.
One moment, Hun-seok.
Ba-reum! Play with me.
Let's play hide-and-seek.
I'll go hide first.
Count to 100 and come look for me.
How annoying.
Good work.
I could've done better.
Where's Detective Ko?
You see
He's in a holding cell.
A holding cell?
Gi-hyeok. Hey!
Please get me out of here.
I'm telling you, Bong-yi is in danger!
Please. Just this once.
There's no one here.
I'll tell them
I stole the key and let myself out.
I'll say I stole the key.
Thank you.
The moment you grab that key
and walk out that door to save Bong-yi,
you'll have to resign.
It's your choice.
Will it be Han Seo-jun or Oh Bong-yi?
Ready or not, here I come
He really sucks at seeking.
He's a fool.
Can the rain be the switch?
Ma'am. Where's Yu-na?
Whenever you miss me,
use this to call Bong-yi, okay?
It was never me.
He was after Yu-na the whole time.
It's 52, Ansin-dong. Please come quickly!
Kang Deok-su took a child.
Yu-na Not Yu-na.
What do you want at this hour?
We got a call that a child went missing.
My child?
She's asleep over there.
Who would make a prank call?
Take Yu-na.
Please don't kill me.
Yu-na Take Yu-na.
You'd better listen to me, Jung Ba-reum.
If not, you'll end up killing your family
or the one you love first.
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