Mouse (2021) s01e12 Episode Script

The Yo Han in Ba Reum

There is a reason
why I take this roundabout way
instead of a shortcut.
I like that it's a secluded route
and there is no one around to disturb me.
Help me.
Help me.
It's on this route
Help me.
I've come across a dying child.
Help me.
It annoys me
because she distracted me from my game.
The news about that child is
all they air on TV all evening long.
People cry while watching the news.
Why do they cry?
You were right, Dr. Daniel
when you told me
that if I don't accept it,
I'll end up killing my family
or the one I love first.
So how do you feel?
It was thrilling.
I feel refreshed.
I feel like a burden has been lifted.
Detective Ko, what took you so long?
The hospital
A mother's love. How heartwarming.
A woman in her 70s
was found dead hanging from a tree
in a park around 10 p.m. tonight.
Her body had been severely beaten.
The police are trying to identify her
by using the handwritten will
found at the scene.
That's when I knew.
The will I saw
wasn't written by Kang Deok-su
but by his mom.
That's when I realized
she'd looked at me with resentment.
I didn't know then because I had
too much on my mind.
Why did she try to kill her son?
That was her last resort method
of trying to stop her son
from committing another crime.
A pure psychopathic predator like that
will commit the crime again
if they've already done it once.
Please don't kill me.
Please let me live.
Who are you?
Hey, what's that?
I didn't touch it
since the forensic team isn't here yet.
Detective Ko.
Hun-seok, wake up. Quickly.
How can you come here without telling me?
Do you know how long
I've been looking for you?
Auntie, it's not his fault.
I brought him here.
You'd left your phone behind,
so I left a note on the fridge.
I guess you didn't see it.
I'm sorry, Auntie.
-Let's go.
I'm sorry, Hun-seok.
Put your shoes on.
I'm sorry, Auntie.
I'm going crazy here too.
I really don't remember.
I lied.
I wasn't drunk. Please don't kill me.
I won't
I won't ever do it again.
You won't be able to do it
anymore even if you want to.
She sharpened this knife
over and over again for ten years,
waiting for you to be released.
But it wouldn't be fun
if the knife was too sharp.
So, I made it a little dull.
I'm not a scumbag
that would do such a horrible thing.
If I did, you can cut my balls off.
"Anyone who injures their neighbor
is to be injured in the same manner."
"Fracture for fracture"
"Eye for eye, tooth for tooth."
Why does this seem
like a déjà vu of that case?
The killer's a psychopath.
It's another Sung Yo-han.
Eat. I know you're hungry.
Once you go back to being Jung Ba-reum,
you will feel a lot of guilt.
It'll be very painful.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
Kang Deok-su has been murdered.
He was found with his private part cut off
at the exact place
he committed his crime 12 years ago.
How could he do this to her?
A girl in the neighborhood was his target.
The girl said
Bong-yi clung on to Deok-su
to stop him from taking her.
You should've stayed by her side
if you wanted to protect her.
You shouldn't have
gone after Kang Deok-su.
-Forget about Han Seo-jun and
-Who are you to tell me what to do?
I understand how you feel, but
Do you really?
I'm sorry I didn't answer your call.
I didn't hear my phone ring.
Have you seen Bong-yi yet?
Not yet.
Brace yourself. She's in a sorry state.
What is it?
I don't know.
I didn't even realize
What are you contemplating about?
It's sad.
The sunlight shining
through those leaves
I'll get going now.
The girl said
Bong-yi clung on to Deok-su
to stop him from taking her.
I'm sorry.
You scared me.
I'll stay by her side now, so you can go.
All right.
All right. Let go.
Let go of my hand.
All right.
Jeez. He's as strong as Hulk.
Was he acting jealous just now?
That punk, he
Yes, sir.
Where are you? Come in immediately.
Ms. B, who was seriously injured
while fighting against Kang Deok-su
to save girl A,
turned out to be the victim who was
attacked by Kang Deok-su 12 years ago.
Meanwhile, growing criticism
about the police's negligent response
has prompted the police to form
a special investigation team
to investigate the case.
It's chilling.
I knew this baby was different.
Once he starts crying, he doesn't stop.
-You're back.
I'll watch him now. You can go and rest.
What? Oh, okay.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, my sweet baby.
Good going.
You handed over the key
so he could get himself fired,
and you took that key and ran off.
As the special investigation team leader,
you should have picked me.
Why did you just pick these two?
You even recruited
Detective Lee, but not me.
That's upsetting.
If Kang Deok-su's mom
hadn't brought this by,
not only would you have gotten fired,
but you would've ended up in jail.
So right after she brought this,
she went and hung herself.
When she came by,
it looked like she'd hurt her leg,
and she had some bruises on her.
I think Kang Deok-su beat her.
How could he beat his own mom?
What a lunatic.
You should've handed this over right away.
Why did you take your time
and make this mess?
Who handed it in late?
I gave it to Detective Lee right away.
He's the one who handed it in late.
I don't like that punk either.
So take me into
the special investigation team.
Based on the will,
it looks like she knew
Kang Deok-su was after the girl.
That's why she committed suicide.
She probably thought
that if she killed herself,
he would stop because of the guilt.
She probably thought that was
the best thing she could do.
But people like him never feel guilty.
By the way,
we couldn't reach you all night.
What were you doing?
Answer carefully,
or you'll be our first murder suspect.
I was mugged.
You're awake.
Don't get up.
Where is Yu-na?
Don't worry. She's fine.
She's with her mom right now.
What about Detective Ko?
I don't know.
Oh, Kang Deok-su.
He's dead.
I see.
You knew?
What? No.
How could I have known? I just found out.
It's true.
When I woke up, my wallet was gone.
Who would rob a person like that?
You don't even drive an expensive car.
It's a crappy one.
Right. It's not like he chased you
and caused the crash.
It was raining,
and a truck crossed the center line.
So I quickly swerved left
and saw a tree right in front of me.
So I swerved right
and spun around two and a half times
You don't believe me.
Go check the camera. Go on.
I need to find my wallet.
My only family photo is in it.
-All right. Go.
-Go check the camera.
Go and don't be reckless.
You're a suspect right now.
I wish I was the killer.
I should've killed Kang Deok-su myself.
It's my greatest regret
that I let someone else do it.
Good grief.
Detective Ko
-It wasn't him, right?
-No, it wasn't.
He's confessed to a murder
he didn't commit.
If he did kill Kang Deok-su,
he wouldn't deny it like that.
Moo-chi said the killer
is a psychopath, right?
Yes, he said we had
another Sung Yo-han on our hands.
If he's right,
Moo-chi will try to catch
that psychopath and kill him.
We must catch the killer
before Moo-chi does.
You got that?
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
How dare he take my wallet!
That thief.
Who would rob a person like that?
You don't even drive an expensive car.
It's a crappy one.
It's not like he chased you
and caused the crash.
They're right.
It's strange.
Who are you?
O, Z.
Why did you hand in the statement late
and make me look bad?
-Why didn't you do it yourself?
I guess you were too busy appearing on TV.
Listen to yourself.
How can you forget something so important?
Forget it.
It's a stolen car?
Jeez. All right.
How am I going to find my wallet?
It's the only family photo I had.
Oh, right.
At least I have this.
It's been a day
since Kang Deok-su was found murdered.
The police still don't have any suspects,
and there's a growing public demand
for the special investigation team
to be disbanded.
Meanwhile, some people are
sending in requests to the president
for the investigation
of Kang Deok-su's murder to be closed.
You're here already.
Is something going on out there?
The vibe's a bit
How's Bong-yi doing?
She's gotten a lot better.
What are you looking at?
I have to catch Kang Deok-su's killer.
It looks like the entire nation
doesn't want him to be caught.
They're mistaking him
for some kind of dark hero.
They don't know who he really is.
What do you mean?
He's a psychopath.
He's just like Sung Yo-han
although I need to gather more proof.
Hey, Shin. Where's the evidence?
Do you know how long it's been?
As if I'd believe that.
Did you think I'd let it slide
if you said the president was here?
Just bring it
He hung up on me?
I won't be voting for his father.
Come with me. Bring an empty box.
Don't you know that you must
send the evidence right away?
Please excuse me.
The president's really here.
I told you.
I've never seen him in person.
He cut his jog short to come here
because it's a high-profile case.
These are Kim Yu-na's pictures
from Kang Deok-su's cell phone.
This picture was taken
the day after Kang Deok-su
moved back to his mother's place.
We presume this is when he started
to plot his attack on Kim Yu-na.
Do you have any suspects?
This is a wound on the back
of Kang Deok-su's neck.
It's from a stun gun.
When a stun gun doesn't make
direct contact with the skin,
it leaves a small mark like this.
The fact that the stun gun
only grazed the skin
means that there's a high chance
that a woman did it.
That's right.
On the stun gun found on the scene,
we found the fingerprints of Ms. Oh,
Kang Deok-su's victim from 12 years ago.
Detective Shin also testified
that he handed the stun gun to Ms. Oh.
Therefore, we are regarding this
as a revenge murder
What are you doing?
A revenge murder?
That's not direct evidence of murder.
Yu-na testified that Bong-yi
got in a physical fight with Kang Deok-su.
She probably stunned him then.
Didn't you see Bong-yi?
Did she look capable of killing someone?
Stand down, Moo-chi.
here and here, as you can see,
the wounds on Kang Deok-su's body
clearly match the wounds
that he inflicted on his victim
twelve years ago.
You're wrong. This is a typical
crime done by a psychopath.
Stay out of this.
A psychopath?
-Based on what?
-You see
I will tell you why.
Over here. This wound.
How will you explain this?
What do you mean?
This wound also matches
the victim's wounds from ten years ago.
That's right, but
The other wounds were inflicted
before he was killed,
but these were made post-mortem.
An artery is located here.
If he was stabbed,
there should've been blood splatters.
No splatter means
he must have been dead. Got it?
Watch your tone.
The killer forgot
to inflict this wound until later.
After the murder,
the killer realized his mistake
and came back.
He came back and wounded the body
in the exact same spot. Got it?
Show us the picture of his thigh.
If you look here,
he was burned with a lighter.
See the burn mark?
Soften your tone, Moo-chi.
According to what you said,
the victim from 12 years ago
should have had
the same wound, right, sir?
But there are no such marks
on the victim from 12 years ago.
Why not?
Why did he do that?
You're right. Why did he do that?
If you look closely here,
there is a cut under the burn.
The killer accidentally cut him.
The wound should not have been there.
That's why he used a lighter
to try to cover it up,
like using an eraser to correct a mistake.
But can we say he's a psychopath
solely based on that?
The Unabomber, a well-known psychopath,
crossed out every mistake he made
in the letters he sent to the police,
to the point where the paper would rip.
It wasn't about just correcting a mistake,
it was as if he was trying
to erase his mistake.
Psychopaths like him are
called "power control killers."
I'm certain Kang Deok-su's killer
is also a power control killer
who must have everything
under his control.
He used a lighter to burn off
the wound he caused accidentally
because it wasn't a wound
that was on the victim.
He didn't want to leave
any trace of a mistake on Kang Deok-su.
besides these external wounds,
there were also many internal fractures.
He was careful not to leave a bruise.
His bones were crushed.
Target the body parts without veins.
That won't leave any bruises.
Kang Deok-su was also castrated
while he was still alive.
These are sadistic acts
that were designed
to inflict as much pain as possible.
Sadism is the typical
characteristic of a psychopath.
This is the typical crime of a psychopath,
not a revenge murder.
Then how was the killer able
to recreate the incident
from 12 years ago,
unless it was the victim herself
Unless it was the victim herself?
The entire nation knows.
Those scumbags in the media
revealed every detail for days
in order to get more ratings.
They didn't care about the victim.
But there was something that wasn't aired.
Right here.
The cigarette burn.
No one knew about this
except the investigation team.
This detail wasn't published online.
It was only recorded
in handwritten documents.
How could that be?
It could be an inside job.
Where are those handwritten case files?
They are archived
in our evidence storage room.
Check them and give me an updated report.
-Yes, sir.
-I must get going now.
Is it you? Candidate Shin's
That's when I got a call from my wife,
saying she was pregnant.
We've been desperately trying
for ten years.
Your father is an impressive man.
I'm sure you follow in his footsteps.
Thank you.
You're our nation's pride,
Officer Jung Ba-reum, right?
Yes, I am Officer Jung Ba-reum
with the Evidence Team.
I am glad to see
that you are healthy and well.
Thank you. It's all thanks to you.
Even if Kang Deok-su deserved to die,
murder is still a serious crime.
No violation of the law is justified.
I have faith in all of you.
I urge you to act quickly
so we may demonstrate
the power of law enforcement.
Yes, sir.
Detective Park
We need to check the security camera here.
What is this about?
There's nothing special here.
An inside job?
How can you say that
in front of the president?
Use Bong-yi's credit card and cell phone
records to track her movements
from two nights ago
to the time Kang Deok-su was killed.
No one knows about that wound
except the detective in charge
and the doctor.
Was it really Oh Bong-yi?
That can't be.
What if it was her?
If Oh Bong-yi truly killed Kang Deok-su,
are you going to sit back
and let her be arrested?
No way. She's been through so much.
Her life
Then, get moving before they do.
Don't just stand here. Go help him.
I'll clean up here.
Yes, sir.
I'm going through withdrawal
from quitting drinking.
I did a terrible thing to Bong-yi.
I felt so bad
that I decided to quit drinking, but
Let me do that for you.
I saw the video of your statement
to the other policeman.
I came here today
because I have some questions.
Would that be okay?
-This will be taped.
You said a pair of shoes were left
where you were hiding.
Can you tell me more?
Please don't kill me.
Right then, I heard a noise.
I climbed inside in a hurry, and
Someone locked the door?
Why didn't you scream?
It could have been Kang Deok-su.
No, it wasn't him.
You didn't see his face,
so how do you know?
If it were him, he would've opened
the door and taken me.
He wouldn't have locked the door.
You're very smart, Yu-na. Good job.
I was really scared
So I just stayed still.
I don't know how much time passed.
Eventually, I heard someone
unlocking the door.
But I was too scared to go outside.
A pair of shoes were left there?
A plate
I'll go get one.
Think hard.
By the way
What is it you want to say?
What? Me?
No, I have nothing to tell you.
-Mom, I'm sleepy.
She's tired. Let's stop here.
-She needs a nap.
Isn't it strange?
Oh, yes.
A psychopath protecting a child
and kindly leaving her shoes
It doesn't make sense.
Was it really Bong-yi?
What is it, Detective Ko?
We saw that you bought a knife
with your credit card,
so we went and checked it out.
According to the store owner
What are you doing to an injured person?
-It's not Bong-yi.
-Get him out of here.
-Get out.
Bong-yi, it wasn't you.
Tell him that it wasn't you.
You didn't kill him.
Why isn't Bong-yi telling them
that it wasn't her?
Why is she keeping her mouth shut?
-Detective Ko
-I think she did it.
She could've left behind
incriminating clues,
so let's get rid of them first.
It'll be over if she confesses.
We must hurry.
Why are you going this far for Bong-yi?
It's not like you're family.
If you were in my shoes,
you would've thought the same thing.
She's lived a tough life.
She even lost her grandmother.
She has the right to be happy now.
Even if she did kill Kang Deok-su,
I support her decision.
You can stay out of this if you want to.
I'll help.
I'll go talk to the one who called it in.
You go talk to Choi Hong-ju.
Question her without her realizing it.
I think it was around midnight.
I was on my way home
from having a drink with a friend.
You weren't answering your phone,
and Detective Ko was in a holding cell.
So I went to Bong-yi's house,
but she wasn't there.
I went as far as the bridge
to look for her.
I found her there
and drove her to the hospital.
Right when I was
about to cross the bridge,
a car with its headlights off sped past.
My bike rolled down
while I was trying to dodge the car.
Hey. Watch where you're going.
I got a strange feeling,
so I came back out at dawn.
Did you see anything else?
I see.
I don't know how much time passed.
Eventually, I heard someone
unlocking the door.
A psychopath protecting a child
and kindly leaving her shoes
Bong-yi, it wasn't you.
Tell him that it wasn't you.
It wasn't you.
Drag marks.
Hey, Officer Jung.
I figured it out.
I know how Kang Deok-su was killed.
Yu-na said that there was a noise.
So Kang Deok-su turned around,
and she threw dirt at him.
It was probably the killer
who made that noise, right?
The one who killed Kang Deok-su.
When Yu-na hid inside this cabinet,
the killer locked the door
so that she couldn't get out.
And look over here.
Look at this.
He moved this pipe.
After he prepared everything,
he waited up there for Kang Deok-su.
Where did you go?
Are you in here?
Where are you?
Bong-yi's ribs and wrist were fractured.
How could she pull Kang Deok-su
from here to the bridge?
Bong-yi weighs 50 kg
and Kang Deok-su weighs 70 kg.
The killer was a strong, healthy
man in his 20s or early 30s.
Look over here. You see these drag marks?
He pulled up Kang Deok-su from there.
You still think it was Bong-yi?
She's been through enough already.
You're okay now.
They won't harass you again.
Thank you, Detective Ko.
There's no need to thank me.
They shouldn't have suspected you.
Go ahead and rest.
Detective Ko?
At 11 a.m. this morning,
the president visited
the special investigation team in Moojin.
Upon the president's surprise visit,
the special investigation team
briefed him about the case.
The president ordered them
to do a thorough investigation
and encouraged the detectives to
I know I put it here.
It's a request fee for murder.
A kid gave it to me,
asking me to kill a bad man.
I'll do it.
This money is for me.
Where did I lose it?
Right then, I heard a noise.
This is for Officer Jung.
Where is everybody?
You're in a good mood.
It's great news
that Bong-yi is off the hook.
By the way, don't you think
Bong-yi and Da-seul are
similar in some ways?
You think so? Maybe.
Of course, Da-seul is much prettier.
Where did Officer Jung go?
I came by to give him
my wedding invitation.
Does he know we're not
accepting congratulatory money?
I'm sure he does.
The presidential candidate's son
is getting married.
I didn't have a choice.
I wanted to hold it off a bit, but
"I don't want to wear a dress
when I'm showing."
That's what she said.
Oh, right.
Here. Look at this.
It's our Lucky.
I can just tell
that Lucky is going to be an FI.
What's a FI?
Oh, you boomer.
Do you know what you are?
-A FT.
-A what?
A fashion terrorist.
I hope we'll have
a sweet daughter like her.
But why are you watching
Yu-na's testimony again?
Stop meddling in our case.
To be honest, I hope
the killer isn't caught.
I'm sure this little girl
doesn't want that either.
That's strange.
Why does it look like she is lying?
-Look closely.
She keeps covering her mouth
with her hand.
Kids do that when they're lying.
She also keeps looking up to her right.
That's another clue that a kid is lying.
-Is that so?
I told you. I majored in child psychology.
So touching her nose
That's also a sign of being dishonest.
When a person lies,
catecholamine is secreted,
and that makes their nose itch.
I think Yu-na saw something.
She saw something?
You saw something, didn't you?
Don't worry.
I am a cop, and I'll protect you.
A cop?
I know Yu-na saw something,
but she won't say a thing.
Go talk to Bong-yi.
She's the only one Yu-na will open up to.
Yu-na could be in danger,
so I'll stay here.
He thinks Yu-na saw something.
Since she wouldn't say anything,
he told her
she could trust him as he's a cop.
But that made her even quieter.
Is that so?
Did she see Detective Ko?
She must've seen me.
Yu-na mustn't say anything.
The only one who can convince
Yu-na to talk is you.
That's what he said.
I'll talk to her.
She'll tell me everything.
Then I'll bring her here.
Let's go to Yu-na's place, Bong-yi.
The doctor said that you can
be discharged now.
Good idea. We'll go to her place.
-I'll let Detective Ko know.
Wait here.
I'll get you discharged
as soon as possible.
What did she see?
She couldn't have seen my face.
What is it?
She'll tell Bong-yi everything.
I can't let Bong-yi talk to Yu-na.
What is it?
We sent over the evidence already.
You see
The outfit that Bong-yi was wearing
when she got to the hospital is
different from the one
in the footage from Ms. Choi's car.
I happened to notice it
while going over the evidence.
Look here. They're different, right?
What's this?
I found the murder weapon.
Bong-yi, they are backed up
in the discharge department.
I'm almost done now.
You're Jo Mi-jeong's mother, right?
I wanted to request
an interview for the special
on the Moojin serial murder
I'll take Eun-chong out for a walk.
-I'll do it.
Producer Choi Hong-ju.
Where did you hide them?
-Hide what?
-Oh Bong-yi's clothes.
You made her change
into a similar outfit in the parking lot.
They were so similar
that everyone missed it.
The clothes covered
in Kang Deok-su's blood
and this knife that she was holding
Where did you hide them?
Are you okay?
Hand them over.
Do you know how serious it is
to destroy evidence?
You can be imprisoned
for up to five years.
Do you want this child
to grow up without a mother?
Ms. Oh Bong-yi.
Please come with us to the station.
How many times did I tell you
that it wasn't Bong-yi?
We found Kang Deok-su's blood
on Oh Bong-yi's clothes
and the knife that she bought.
I'll go buy some garbage bags.
Pack these books
and put away the newspapers, okay?
You're moving?
Mom doesn't want to be harassed
by the reporters anymore.
Let me help you.
I heard that you saw something that day.
What did you see?
It was you, right?
I saw this when you locked the door.
In the end
Sung Yo-han will take over
my brain completely, won't he?
What am I going to do?
How will I handle it?
I'm scared.
I'm scared.
What are you doing here?
You're upset because of Bong-yi, right?
I'm scared.
I'm scared.
I'm scared.
What? Where did they go?
This is it, right?
Why did you call me first?
I was afraid Bong-yi's DNA
or fingerprints might be on it.
To be honest,
I don't think Bong-yi should be
punished even if she killed him.
I've left comments
all over the internet anonymously.
Is the result out?
What's this?
Bong-yi's been released?
Ba-reum. Detective Ko.
You've been through so much.
-Let's go get something to eat.
-Let's go.
-Come on.
I'm sorry. I didn't have a choice.
I have a child.
If anything happens to me,
my child won't have anyone
to take care of him.
I understand.
What about the thing I asked you to keep?
Oh, right.
Do you think
I killed him?
At first, I did.
That's why I hid the knife
and your clothes.
But then I realized that it wasn't you.
How did you know
that it wasn't me?
I just knew.
Get some rest.
Thank you.
For not doing anything.
Help me.
Help me.
Please help me.
He deserved to die.
Come on. Let's go.
Aren't you curious to know
why Bong-yi was released?
You never asked.
Oh, why was she
Detective Shin found the murder weapon.
Right here.
Not Bong-yi's knife,
but the real murder weapon.
The killer must've thrown it away
wrapped in a raincoat.
It was raining hard that night.
He probably thought
it would drift far away
because of the strong current.
But God was on our side,
and it was found here.
Detective Shin found it.
We found Kang Deok-su's DNA
and someone else's
on the knife and Kang Deok-su's clothes.
It didn't match Bong-yi's DNA,
and that's why she was released.
I think the killer got hurt
as he stabbed Kang Deok-su.
The result is something
I just can't comprehend.
I am confused.
I'm not sure what to think.
In your brain,
Jung Ba-reum and Sung Yo-han
are still fighting.
The good instinct is suppressing
the predator's instinct right now.
What about the Suseong serial murder case?
Officer Jung seems to like you a lot.
Be happy now, Bong-yi.
I must prepare before Sung Yo-han's
instinct is awakened again.
The owner of the blue toothbrush
Is he your next target?
What's going on?
Detective Ko Moo-chi is a predator?
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