Mouse (2021) s01e13 Episode Script

DNA on the Weapon

Besides, you're far too along
to get an abortion.
Then what am I supposed to do?
Give birth to a murderer?
This is probably for the better.
Please kill me.
Kill me now.
You crazy bitch.
If that's your wish, I will kill you.
Why did you save me?
You should've let me die.
You should've let us die.
Give birth to that child.
Why did you save me?
You should've let me
and the baby die together. Why?
-There was another murder in Suseong.
-It's Suseong again.
Ten serial murders occurred
in the past two years.
The serial murderer of Suseong
has finally been arrested.
Mr. Kim, who worked at Sobong Steel Mill,
turned himself in.
Mr. Kim, the culprit
of the Suseong serial murder case
has been sentenced to life.
You never asked why Bong-yi was released.
Detective Shin found the murder weapon.
Right here.
Not Bong-yi's knife,
but the real murder weapon.
The one that cut off
Kang Deok-su's private part.
That's why Bong-yi's name was cleared.
He thinks Yu-na saw something.
What did she see?
She couldn't have seen my face.
I can't let Bong-yi talk to Yu-na.
What is it?
We sent over the evidence already.
The outfit that Bong-yi was wearing
when she got to the hospital is
different from the one
in the footage from Ms. Choi's car.
Ms. Oh Bong-yi.
Please come with us to the station.
What did you see?
It was you, right?
Is Bong-yi still not talking?
No, she won't say anything.
That will only make things worse for her.
We can't conclude
that Bong-yi's knife is the murder weapon.
Shouldn't we look into it further?
We searched everywhere
near the river but found nothing.
The current was strong
because it rained heavily that night.
If something was swept away,
it would've been pushed to the riverside
due to the centrifugal force
and got caught somewhere down the river.
I found it.
That was caught here?
The heaven's on our side.
We found Kang Deok-su's DNA
and someone else's on the murder weapon.
The result is something
I just can't comprehend.
I'm not sure what to think.
It's the DNA of someone in prison.
What? What do you mean?
The DNA found on the knife
that killed Kang Deok-su
belongs to a man
who is currently behind bars.
Currently behind bars
How could the DNA
of a prisoner be found here?
That's why I'm confused.
It was probably planted here purposely.
By the killer? Why?
It's obvious.
He's trying to mock us.
Planting the DNA of someone in prison
whose alibi can certainly be proven means
he's mocking the cops,
thinking that we will
never be able to catch him.
Do you really think that's the reason?
Why do you cherish that bill so much?
It's nothing.
It's over now. Just have happy dreams.
So what is your dream?
My dream?
I've never had the luxury
of having a dream.
Then you can start now.
Find a dream that excites you
and makes your heart race.
Was it always your dream
to become a producer?
Someone else's dream became mine.
Right. Why don't you join our team?
I never went to college.
I didn't even finish high school.
Your educational background is irrelevant.
No, how could I possibly do that?
I can't.
Think about it and give me a call.
Why isn't Yu-na back yet?
Did she go to the police?
No, she mustn't.
The phone is turned off
Here you are.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
I really have to talk to Yu-na.
But Yu-na isn't here.
She moved away.
She moved?
She wanted me to show this to you.
Bong-yi. I'm sorry for leaving
without saying goodbye.
It was you, right?
I saw this when you locked the door.
Thank you.
I wouldn't be here today
if it weren't for you.
I would be dead.
I will keep it a secret
until the day I die.
I won't tell Mom or Bong-yi.
Pinky swear.
I'm going to forget everything.
Just like this!
Thank you so much.
I went to see you,
but the police officer told me
that I couldn't see you.
Give me your phone for a second.
I'm sorry I'm leaving
without saying goodbye.
We're moving back to our old neighborhood.
Mom, I love my room.
You do?
Yu-na, help me with this.
Mom promised me
she wouldn't drink ever again
and that she would seek treatment.
Once we settle in, I'll attend school.
I have a dream now.
When I grow up, I will become
someone like Oh Bong-yi.
When I grow up,
I'll become someone like you.
She will be my hero that is more awesome
than Goat Man or Ladybug forever.
-Goodbye, Bong-yi.
I'm not anyone special.
I'll become an adult
that Yu-na can look up to.
You call this trash a project proposal?
Is your head screwed on right?
You're a rookie, so work hard like one!
I'm sorry. I really did my best.
I'm sorry.
As soon as you walk in, there is a desk.
That's mine.
It stinks because it's next to a bathroom.
No one wants that desk,
so it ended up being the newcomer's.
But I love my desk.
So what if it smells?
I'm just happy that there's a spot
for me at a broadcasting station.
You love your job that much?
Of course. It has always been my dream.
To become a producer who tells the truth,
is just, and makes a fair world.
I guess I won't be
able to fulfill that dream now, right?
That's not true, Su-jeong.
We will get out of here alive.
Let's make it out of here alive.
Hyeon-su, I'll promise you this.
No matter what happens
I will get you out of here alive.
I'm sorry, Su-jeong.
I wanted to fulfill your dream for you,
but I don't deserve to do that.
Hey, Ms. Oh.
I want to take that job.
I want to find my dream.
What's wrong?
I thought everything worked out well.
I almost killed that young girl.
But you didn't.
That's because she pinky swore
that she won't tell anyone.
That's just an excuse.
You couldn't kill her.
I couldn't kill her?
I was certain
that you wouldn't kill that girl.
If I'd thought you would kill her,
I would've tried to stop you somehow.
How were you certain
that I wouldn't kill Yu-na?
In your brain,
Jung Ba-reum and Sung Yo-han
are still fighting.
The good instinct is suppressing
the predator's instinct right now.
I almost killed Hun-seok.
And the cat I'm taking care of
That's because it was the moment
the murder instinct was awakened,
and you lost control
because it was the first time.
But you relieved that urge
through Kang Deok-su.
It'll remain quiet for a while.
For a while
That means we never know
when it'll surface again.
By the way,
if you weren't trying to frame
Bong-yi for the murder,
why did you kill Kang Deok-su that way?
I wanted to seek revenge with the knife
that Bong-yi's grandma
planned to kill him with.
I went to the Evidence Team's
storage to get it
And I saw it.
"Anyone who takes the life
of a human being
is to be put to death."
"Fracture for fracture,
eye for eye, tooth for tooth."
When I read it,
I wanted to kill him that way.
I think Sung Yo-han made Song Su-ho
read the verse before he killed him.
I guess that verse got my attention
because of Sung Yo-han's influence.
What happened between
Sung Yo-han and Song Su-ho
that he sought such cruel revenge?
He beat Song Su-ho so hard
that the cartilages were worn down,
and he burned Song Su-ho alive.
Then he stabbed a knife
through Song Su-ho's heart.
Did you talk to Lee Jae-sik?
He must be in shock.
He is trembling and can't speak.
Well, his DNA was found
on Kang Deok-su's murder weapon.
-No wonder he's shocked.
-Does he suspect anyone?
He can barely speak.
But I found out that he was
Kang Deok-su's cellmate last year.
Attention, everyone.
Look into those who were recently
released among those
who were in contact with Lee Jae-sik.
And among those who shared a cell
with Kang Deok-su and Lee Jae-sik,
find out if any of them was
recently released.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Do it quickly.
Detective Kang said that he would
return it to me today.
Why are they airing this?
I left it at the scene
when I helped Bong-yi.
The special investigation team wanted
to take a look but found nothing.
They said it'll be returned by today.
A car sped toward me
without its headlight on.
My bike rolled down
while I was trying to dodge the car.
Hey, Officer Jung.
Detective Ko.
Why are you video-calling me?
Take a look at this.
You always ride a bicycle.
Tell me what this is.
What is this?
What? Oh, that.
It's Jiyu Cam's new micro dashcam.
It's quite popular among cyclists
because it is so small.
But I don't think it was released yet.
So this is a dashcam for bicycles?
Whose is it?
A bicycle?
Could it be that bicycle?
If there was a dashcam on that bicycle,
I would be on it.
Hyeong-sik! Come out here.
What is it, Father?
He's asking me
what that thing is on the bicycle.
Oh, you're the one who called
after seeing it on the Internet?
I'm a power blogger.
The company begged me
to try it out and review it.
It is automatically uploaded.
-It is excellent.
-Where is it now?
Hey, he's a detective.
Where is it?
It's parked inside. Come with me.
Please find it for me.
I bragged about it too much
on the Internet.
How did they know where I live?
Those thieves!
So you saw it on your bike
just an hour ago, right?
Yes, that's right.
-Someone took it?
-Show me what you uploaded on the website.
There you go.
Hey, anyone could tell this is your place.
Aren't the drawings awesome?
I'm a member of a graffiti club.
This is basically asking
thieves to steal it.
Is it okay for a cop to speak
casually to civilians?
If someone stole this,
even if the killer was caught on camera,
they wouldn't report it.
What brings you here?
I was curious.
-You're here.
-I have an interview. Would you join me?
-Can I?
Did you catch the thief
who stole the bicycle camera?
No. Damn, I knew it.
That thief isn't able to report
the killer because he's guilty.
Why did he steal that, of all things?
So what are you looking at?
Lee Jae-sik's case.
The one whose DNA was found
on the murder weapon.
He saw the man
who was about to rape his daughter
and beat him up to death.
He was sentenced to five years in prison.
Who would just watch a guy
rape his daughter and do nothing?
Stupid law.
You're right. He must feel wronged.
Oh, right. Lee Jae-sik
and Kang Deok-su were cell mates.
He was at Anyang Prison with Kang Deok-su
and was transferred to Moojin
six months ago.
But what has that got to do
with finding Lee Jae-sik's DNA
on the murder weapon?
Kang Deok-su was released over a year ago.
You're right.
He graduated from a fashion institute
and worked at a jean dye factory.
He was a hard worker.
And they sentenced him
to five years in prison?
I wonder why his DNA was planted.
I need to go talk to him myself.
Let me come with you.
Apply for a retrial.
That's only possible
if they find new evidence.
The statute of limitations has passed.
Why won't the real culprit come forward?
Then you would be released.
I'm okay now.
Don't be ridiculous.
Your daughter's getting married
in a few days.
You're upset that you can't be there.
Hey, 5253. You have a visitor.
Oh, right.
Someone from a broadcasting station
came to ask about Kang Deok-su.
I'll be right back.
I'm here to interview Mr. Lee Jae-sik.
-One moment, please.
Hey, Dong-gu.
Hey, Bong-yi. What are you doing here?
How have you been?
Producer Choi.
I'm the youngest scriptwriter
on the Sherlock Hong-ju team.
It's my first day.
Really? How?
Oh, Producer Choi got you in, right?
I think you're making a mistake.
All she knows is how to fight.
-Do you want to die?
A scriptwriter shouldn't use
such vulgar words.
You can't even fight back.
Do you want a beating?
You can't even fight.
-Are you here for an interview?
-Yes. With Mr. Lee Jae-sik.
-Is it about Kang Deok-su's case?
I have to go fill out something.
-Go ahead.
Dong-gu. What is he in here for?
He doesn't look like someone
who would break the law.
You see, Suseong serial murder case
-He's the killer?
Unbelievable. I just got goosebumps.
It's not that.
What a surprise.
-It's like The Usual Suspects.
How could he have such kind eyes?
It's time, Bong-yi. Let's go.
-Go ahead.
-I'll call you later.
Are you okay, Ms. Oh?
What's the matter?
-I'll carry that for you.
Let's go.
Mr. Lee Jae-sik's a diligent man.
He is an exemplary inmate
who's never caused a single problem.
He's been through a lot.
He will be released in a few days.
May we talk to him?
One moment, please.
He's in an interview.
An interview?
I was shocked.
How did my DNA end up there?
I see.
So you shared a cell with Kang Deok-su?
Yes, it was only for a brief time.
-Hey, Oh Bong-yi.
-Detective Ko.
-What are you doing here?
-You see, I started
Hey, get Bong-yi out of here.
-Get out of here.
What is she doing here?
She's on my team now.
So you brought her
to a place full of criminals?
Let's talk later. I'm doing an interview.
Did you sew this yourself?
The one on your uniform.
Yes, I went to a fashion institute,
so I like making things like this.
Did you sew the one on
Kang Deok-su's clothes?
-I'm interviewing
-That's not important now!
Is it more important
than catching a murderer?
You can't do this here.
Yes, I made that.
The patch on his clothes I made it.
I sewed on a patch with leftover fabric
on the clothes I bought,
and I guess he liked it.
He kept wanting it,
and the day he was released,
he took it from me.
He wanted to wear it on a special day.
A special day?
So that was the special day?
Kang Deok-su, you scumbag.
I'm glad you're dead.
I should've killed him, though!
Why was he so angry?
It's because he cares about you a lot.
He doesn't want you to see
the dark side of the world ever again.
I have a question for you.
What is it?
Detective Ko
Did you like him?
You see
So he kept the jacket
he took from Lee Jae-sik's
for a year to save it for a special day
and wore it that day?
That's why Lee Jae-sik's DNA
was intact for over a year.
The knife that killed Kang Deok-su
was wrapped in that jacket,
so that's why Lee Jae-sik's DNA
was found on the knife.
It's possible if the jacket
was stored well.
So there is no trace
of the guy who killed Kang Deok-su.
-We're back to square one.
-We just wasted time because of the DNA.
Damn it.
So you're a scriptwriter.
It's just manual labor.
If it's manual labor,
you'll win the Cheonsang Arts Award.
No, I should win the Oscars.
That sounds good too.
By the way, that man earlier
Did you see him get worried
when I fell down?
I only bled a little bit
from a shallow wound,
and it looked like he was about to cry.
You were hurt? When?
I'm fine.
Oh, come on.
You reminded him of his daughter.
He told me that you look
just like his daughter.
He asked me repeatedly
to look after your wound.
He was worried
that you thought he was weird.
He was worried about that
when he killed ten people?
It wasn't him.
How can you be so sure that it wasn't him?
At the time,
Mr. Kim was severely tortured
by the police.
He had no choice but to admit to doing it.
The police told him to confess
if he wanted to avoid an execution.
He later confessed
during the trial that he made
false confessions because he was tortured,
but his claims weren't accepted.
You're so gullible.
If he felt so wronged,
why didn't he request a retrial?
You can't request a retrial
unless new evidence is found.
It'd be great if his case
gets the spotlight again.
Who knows?
Maybe new evidence will surface.
Bong-yi, talk to someone at work
and get it to be aired.
If he was wrongfully accused,
why didn't his family step up?
He only has a daughter,
and he hasn't seen her for a while now.
Isn't that terrible? She's his daughter.
Because she's his daughter
I'm sure she felt more betrayed
because she must've trusted him
more than anyone.
Those tears didn't seem fake.
You can't request a retrial
unless new evidence is found.
The injunction's been granted,
so the next week's topic is a no-go.
Is there something we can prepare quickly?
What about this?
This person's classmate's grandmother
has dementia.
She has dementia.
And she is accused of killing
stray cats in the neighborhood.
It's Boy Detective Conam again?
Does he ever study?
He thinks our bulletin board
is his notebook.
He doesn't know when to stop.
What other topics are there?
What about the Suseong serial murder case?
The one who claims to have confessed
falsely because of the police's torture?
That's just what the killer says.
What about this case?
Is there a reason?
It's not that.
If he really is falsely accused,
I want his daughter
to know that her father isn't a killer
but a nice man.
Our show isn't for personal interests.
We aren't working
for the killer's daughter.
I'm sorry.
Let's all think about a new topic
for one more day.
-We'll meet again tomorrow.
Good work.
-I liked the proposal.
A show that wants
the daughter to at least know
her father isn't a killer.
I like the approach.
But how will you make the daughter believe
that her father isn't the killer?
I will find proof no matter what.
No matter what?
All right. No matter what.
-Let me know how it goes.
I know she's a newcomer,
but she is too clueless.
Why? I like that she reminds me
of when I was a rookie.
Year 1995
Rainy day.
There isn't much I can find
on the Internet.
Gosh. This is where you store
the evidence boxes?
It's so big. The evidence
from all over the country is stored here?
Not just evidence,
but also handwritten investigation records
from years ago.
We could call it the history
of the crimes in Korea.
Officer Jung.
You hold a key position, don't you?
In what order are they sorted?
By year and name.
Serious crimes are over there.
Parricides are over here.
And this is the serial murder section.
Bong-yi, let's get out of here.
This is a restricted area.
I'm with the South Station.
There's a piece of evidence
I must check with the victim's family.
I see.
Oh, that
-Were you here all night?
-You read all these?
Bong-yi, come here.
- Wait.
-You must get out.
-Something's odd.
-What is?
-This apple.
-What apple?
The professionals are saying
that it was too neatly done
to be his first crime.
First murders are usually done
in a clumsy manner, right?
-So I looked through every murder case
and attempted murder case near Suseong.
Look at this.
Look at this.
This is an attempted murder that occurred
in Guryeong two years
before the Suseong case.
If you look here,
a man held a pregnant woman in captivity
and ate an apple.
Pieces of an apple were found
in the victims in Suseong, too.
Aren't they similar?
Yes, you're right.
But this guy was never caught.
So the culprit
of the Guryeong attempted murder case
is the culprit in
Suseong serial murder case.
That means Mr. Kim
may truly have been falsely accused.
If he is falsely accused,
do you want to make it right?
Of course.
He isn't the killer,
but he was imprisoned for over 20 years.
Of course, he should be released.
If Mr. Park finds out
that I copied the case files,
I will be fired.
You did a great job
for the good of the nation.
You're awesome, my friend.
At the tenth crime scene,
five strands of body hair that weren't
the victim's were found.
The forensics test suggested
that the blood type was O
and a large amount of cadmium was found.
So at the time, police thought
that the killer worked
at Sobong Steel Mill,
where a large amount
of cadmium was released.
At the time, Kim Bong-cheol
was one of the employees there,
and his blood type was O.
Also his house was within 10 km
of all murder scenes.
Also, the murders occurred on the days
Kim Bong-cheol worked overtime.
At the time, the forensics tests
weren't as accurate as they are today,
so the results can't be trusted.
And Mr. Kim can't be the only one
whose blood type is O
and who was exposed to cadmium.
That's exactly my point.
But Kim Bong-cheol's confession
was the final blow.
So he was sentenced to life.
In the following trials,
he said that he had no choice
but to make a false confession
because he was tortured,
but it wasn't accepted.
So he needs new evidence
to request a retrial, right?
Then we must find new evidence.
The attempted murder case in Guryeong
If we are right, that survivor
may be the only survivor
of the Suseong serial murder case.
Then shouldn't we talk
to the survivor first?
-Ba-reum will find her for us.
The address is from 26 years ago,
so it won't be easy.
All right. Let's start with the address.
Officer Jung!
Are you Ms. Sung Jin-a?
Who are you?
I'm with a broadcasting station.
One moment, please.
The place is too messy.
-One moment, please.
You're so cute.
What brings you here?
Well, I am here
because I have some questions to ask you.
Would you mind telling me
about what you went through in 1995?
I'd like to know the details.
In 1995?
You were kidnapped by a man.
Oh, that?
Why do you ask about that?
To tell you the truth,
there are some questions to be answered
about the Suseong serial murder case,
so I'm interviewing people.
The Suseong serial murder case?
The killer was caught a long time ago.
Yes, that's right.
Is there
a connection between the Suseong case
and what I went through?
No, it's not that.
I just wanted to check something.
If it's all right with you,
can you tell me what happened?
Let's start.
I was nine months pregnant at the time.
I was on my way home.
This is probably for the better.
Please kill me.
Kill me now.
You crazy bitch.
If that's your wish, I will kill you.
That's all.
He was wearing a military uniform,
and he sliced and ate an apple.
Do you remember anything else
that stood out about him?
To be honest, when I saw the news,
I felt like the Suseong case
was similar to what I went through.
So I talked to the police too.
The detectives
of the Suseong case came here?
Yes, I thought
the culprit might be the same person,
so I told them everything I saw.
But they never reached out again,
so I thought it had
nothing to do with my case.
They left it out on purpose.
Did you find the person
who saved your life?
He wasn't from around here.
So it wasn't easy to find him.
I told him to kill me,
and he called me a crazy bitch.
Yes, let's go with this.
I'll go get the director's approval.
Bong-yi, I'm impressed.
Thank you.
-It makes you that happy?
This is all thanks to you.
It's because you found her for me.
-I wonder why she did that.
-What do you mean?
She said that she was
nine months pregnant then.
So why did she ask him to kill her?
Don't pregnant women
usually beg to spare their lives
to protect their babies?
I wonder why.
I'm sure she had her reasons.
Even so
I just don't get it.
I should go, Ba-reum.
Why? Why won't they allow it?
The case was ruled a long time ago.
If we mess with it, it could affect
the police, prosecutors, and the court.
They said it'd be
too much for us to handle.
What are they scared of?
If they are so sure, they shouldn't care
whether we go on air or not.
The police, the prosecutors, the judges,
and those in the media
They're all the same.
They only care
about their vested interests
when those who are
wrongfully accused just die out.
Damn it.
Is it that upsetting?
If he really is wrongfully accused,
I feel so bad for him.
How would broadcasting it
make a difference?
At least
his daughter would know he's innocent.
I promise to increase the budget
for medical facilities
for dementia patients.
A new beginning,
the beginning of a change.
It starts with Candidate No. 8,
Shin Seong-min.
Please leave.
You can't interview us.
You didn't have to push me like that.
Reporter Seong.
Oh, you're the one
who got the brain surgery.
I did hear that you were reinstated.
I guess you were assigned here.
I'm working on the Evidence Team.
What brings you here?
I wanted to see if you found
anything on Kang Deok-su's case.
Have you heard anything?
I accidentally came across something
while sorting the murder case files.
Unbelievable! Did you watch the news?
Candidate Shin Seong-min's
future daughter-in-law
turns out to be the daughter of Mr. Kim,
the culprit
of the Suseong serial murder case.
For two years since 1997,
Mr. Kim murdered ten women
and put the entire nation
in shock and fear.
Of course I knew.
I've liked Da-seul since college.
When I proposed to her,
she wanted to break up with me.
I begged her to tell me why,
and she told me.
That her father is
the culprit of the Suseong case.
Your parents knew too?
I tell my father everything,
so I told him.
Your father is on television.
Yes, she is my future daughter-in-law.
What was I supposed to do?
Should I have told my son to dump her?
She is an upright, lovely girl.
She didn't do anything wrong.
She's been in pain all her life.
You don't have to give her a blessing,
but please don't condemn her.
I got the approval.
The Suseong serial murder case
is trending now,
and the entire nation is
focused on this because the daughter
is Shin Seong-min's
future daughter-in-law.
He'll vouch for us against any opposition.
We are busy preparing for the show.
I feel bad for Detective Shin,
but I don't have a choice.
It turned things around.
That's great. Congratulations.
Good luck, Bong-yi.
The owner of the blue toothbrush
Is he your next target?
I must prepare before Sung Yo-han's
instinct is awakened again.
Who is he?
Where am I going to find this scumbag?
I have to find him before he kills again.
Yes, that's right.
He took those pants from me.
What about this? It's Kang Deok-su's.
I've never seen those clothes.
The patch on the elbow part of the sleeve
wasn't sewn by me either.
So the killer did plant the DNA.
Today, I would like to talk about
an attempted murder case
from 26 years ago.
This Guryeong case in 1995 occurred
a little after Han Seo-jun,
the Headhunter, was caught.
The entire country was focused
on the Headhunter case,
so no one paid attention to this one.
First, let's hear the testimony
of the survivor who got out alive.
I was wearing knee-high tights
and socks on top.
He took them off and tied
my hands with the tights,
took out an apple and a pocket knife,
and ate the apple in front of me.
He sliced the apple
in the shape of a crescent moon.
I can still vividly remember
the pieces of the apple.
Yes, the tights and the apple.
These are the two trademarks
of the Suseong serial murder case
with ten victims.
And we confirmed another trademark
that wasn't released to the public.
Let's hear from the doctor
who did the autopsy.
I still remember because the shape
of the pieces of apple found
in the victims were unique.
They were all in the shape
of a crescent moon.
The piece of the apple she saw in Guryeong
was also crescent moon-shaped.
Is this a coincidence?
Let's listen to her statement again.
I asked him to kill me,
and he called me a crazy bitch.
Then he said,
"If that's your wish, I will kill you."
Mr. Kim,
who is currently imprisoned
for murdering people in Suseong,
was born deaf with a speech disorder.
But when the kidnapper heard her
ask him to kill her, he cursed.
And he told her that he'd kill her.
If he's deaf and has a speech disorder,
how did he hear her talk and say that?
According to the survivor
of the attempted murder,
the kidnapper was a man in his 20s
wearing a military uniform.
That doesn't add up because Mr. Kim
was in his 40s at the time.
If the attempted murderer of Guryeong
is the same person
as the killer of the Suseong case
Why did you save me?
You should've let us die.
Who was it?
Who was it that he saved me and just left?
According to our research,
the professionals
believe the forensic test result
from back then is inaccurate,
and the body hair found on the scene is
not a match to Mr. Kim's.
Near the crime scenes
of the Suseong serial murder case,
there were many other factories
that released cadmium besides
Sobong Steel Mill, where Mr. Kim worked.
First of all, there was
an accessory factory
near the fourth crime scene,
and Sobong Steel Mill,
the seventh crime scene.
There was a jean dye factory
that released cadmium,
although it was far from the crime scenes.
A jean dye factory.
Currently in his mid-40s?
Lee Jae-sik
The Suseong serial murder case.
A jean dye factory.
Even if the killer turns out to be
someone else,
-he won't be punished.
-What's this?
It's because the statute
of limitations has passed.
Maybe the police,
the prosecutors, and the judges
imprisoned an innocent man
-and let the real culprit
I should call the police.
-get through the statute of limitations.
I wonder how much
they'll pay me for this information.
Good work.
-Thank you.
-Well done.
-We got great response.
-Yes. Good work.
Good work.
Thank you.
Detective Ko!
Hey, Bong-yi. What brings you here?
Did you watch the show?
Yes, I did. I heard everything
from Officer Jung.
I'm proud of you, Bong-yi.
I didn't do much.
It was all Producer Choi.
What's this?
I heard the news.
You'll host Detective Shin's wedding.
I didn't want you to dress like this.
What's wrong with my outfit?
Why are you being so nice to me?
What do you mean?
There's no reason.
I have a job now, and I got paid.
I don't think I'll be fired anytime soon.
So I used several months' pay
to thank you for looking after me.
I look more handsome
than Officer Jung, right?
No, of course not.
You're definitely blinded by love.
Bong-yi, Officer Jung
seems to like you a lot.
I am so relieved and happy
that a nice guy like him is with you.
He must be a gift from your grandmother.
Be happy now, Bong-yi.
Be the happiest version of you for her.
Here she comes.
You should answer this.
He has something for you.
-Is that so?
Producer Choi Hong-ju speaking.
Is that so?
Then let's talk in person.
Can you give me your number?
Come by my office by 7 p.m.
I'll let the reception know.
There's a video clip about Kang Deok-su's
case that'll turn the world upside down.
He's saying it'll be a scoop.
I have an interview tonight,
so I won't make it.
-Why don't you meet him?
Don't get your hopes up.
We get many calls like this.
The show got positive response.
How does it feel?
It still feels unreal,
but it feels good
that people seem interested.
Good job, Bong-yi.
Thank you.
It's the police briefing.
Your daughter must've watched the show,
given she came to visit so soon.
Don't be nervous, okay?
Tell her that you love her.
We looked into it,
and we didn't find any problems
in the investigation process
in the Suseong serial murder case.
We are disappointed
in the Sherlock Hong-ju team
that confused the public
by making it seem like
the Guryeong case was done
by the same person.
We will restart the investigation
if there's new evidence
to the Suseong case.
Yes, he worked here for about two years.
There was a murder case
near here back then.
The Suseong serial murder case.
Of course, I know. I was questioned too.
What about Lee Jae-sik?
He was one of the suspects.
He and I were released
because our blood types weren't O.
He accidentally killed a man
who tried to rape his stepdaughter.
Oh, it was his stepdaughter.
The number is 088-8974
The person you've dialed is unavailable.
Hey, Shin. I need to ask you for a favor.
Lee Jae-sik has a daughter.
Find out where she lives.
I wish you luck.
Thank you.
Let's have a drink if we meet out there.
Sure. I wish you the best.
That night, I woke up
to go to the bathroom,
and you weren't there.
I stayed up waiting for you.
A little later, you came home.
You were soaked with blood,
and your pants were covered
in mud and wet grass.
The next day
I saw the news
about the tenth victim being found
near our house.
But I couldn't
tell anyone.
Is it true?
If I tell the truth,
can you stop him from being released?
We don't have to be on the run anymore?
Lee Jae-sik is the one
who tried to rape me.
That guy who had a fling with me
tried to save me, and
He was
That scumbag smashed
a brick into the guy's head.
Then you should've told the cops
what happened then.
I was too scared.
He threatened to kill
me and my mom if I told the truth.
I was too scared.
Is Lee Jae-sik really the culprit
of the Suseong serial murder case?
Dong-gu, where's Lee Jae-sik now?
He was released earlier. Why?
Damn it!
Where could he have gone?
Where could he have gone?
Detective Shin. There is a place
out of the Suseong case scenes
-that hasn't been developed yet, right?
-Hold on.
Yes, there is.
Jomyeongri grassland. The 8th
and 10th victims were found there.
-It hasn't been developed.
-Jomyeongri grassland.
He said he would be here by 7 p.m.
Where is he?
Have you seen Producer Choi?
She left earlier for an interview.
An accident?
Yes, he's being transferred
to the Moojin Hospital ER.
Okay. All right.
What? He's from our neighborhood.
There's a video clip about Kang Deok-su's
case that will turn the world upside down.
Detective Ko?
He was forewarning
that Lee Jae-sik was the next target.
That psychopath scumbag.
This one.
He's a predator too.
What's going on?
Detective Ko Moo-chi is a predator?
Damn it.
Are you looking for something?
It's a culprit's toothbrush
that was stored here,
and I can't find it.
Is that so?
For which case?
A foul play.
It's not a murder case,
but we can't lose it.
I see.
I'll look for it too.
It's a blue toothbrush.
This must be it.
You found it?
-Is this it?
-Yes, that's it.
There it is.
What a relief.
I can breathe again.
If he accidentally killed a man
while trying to save
his stepdaughter from being raped
Then he can't be a predator.
He got a job in Suseong
and moved there in 1997.
He lived in Suseong for eight years
and moved to Chunju in 2005.
Suseong serial murder case?
But the killer was caught.
Year 1997 and 1998.
From 1997 to 1998
That's when Lee Jae-sik worked in Suseong.
It's sad enough
that Mr. Kim was falsely accused.
Hey, Dong-gu.
Can you get me a strand of Mr. Kim's hair?
The NFS is testing the evidence
from unsolved cases again.
You said that you don't think
Mr. Kim is the real culprit.
I wanted to confirm it by sending it in
along with other pieces of evidence.
Will we know for sure by testing this?
Well, I will ask for the test.
I don't know if it'll be accepted
since it's not an unsolved case.
Did I leave my tie
after I had a drink here?
Oh, that.
It got blood on it,
so I sent it to get it dry-cleaned.
-I'll get it back to you tomorrow.
-Bye. Let me know about the result.
Please test this.
It's the DNA of a normal person.
You can retrieve DNA
from this blood, right?
Please plant it here.
I thought I would die of boredom
waiting for you to be released.
Please spare my life.
Spare your life?
I'm sure your victims said the same thing.
But what did you do?
One ample of atropine, please.
Please book an OR.
It was you, Ba-reum?
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