Mouse (2021) s01e14 Episode Script

The Cat Killer

I think he went that way.
You think you're special, don't you?
Did you come up with this concept
so you can kill people?
You're still just
a psychopathic serial murderer.
Come out.
Come out, you scumbag.
Mr. A, who was sentenced
to five years in jail
for assaulting and killing the rapist
of his stepdaughter,
was found dead soon after he was released.
Mr. A was sentenced to five years in jail
for assault and manslaughter in 2016
We've just received footage
from an unknown person.
The content you're about to see
may be shocking.
But the truth it reveals
is even more shocking.
Please don't kill me.
I did it. I killed them all.
Those dead women in Suseong
I killed them.
The missing girls
from Suseong Middle School
There's a huge boulder
on the hill behind the school.
I buried them there.
The belongings
of the other Suseong victims
are buried there, too.
I've confessed to everything,
so please don't kill me.
Please let me live.
Please don't kill me.
Don't die.
Why are you doing this?
Your name has been cleared.
What's wrong, Bong-yi?
What is it?
You think you're special, don't you?
Did you come up with this concept
so you can kill people?
You're still just
a psychopathic serial murderer.
I'm a murderer.
I've killed people.
I'm not who you think I am.
They are the same shape
as the ones found in the victims.
Same number, too.
"Eye for eye, tooth for tooth."
What happened?
I forgot to ask him a question
during the interview last time.
I heard he was being released,
so I went to see him.
What brings you here?
I'm on my way to interview another inmate.
I noticed you passing by.
You were released today?
Where are you headed?
I wanted to do an interview
somewhere nearby, but
I want to say hello to my mom
at her grave first.
He asked me to take him
to his mother's grave.
I'm actually on my way there.
Hop in. I'll drive you.
Thank you.
Since I needed to interview him,
I had no choice but to oblige.
That is where they found the tenth victim
of the Suseong serial murder case.
This isn't the way.
Is that so? I must've taken a wrong turn.
Do you mind the detour?
It's okay. All I have is time.
You must be hungry.
Help yourself to what is
in the plastic bag.
Thank you.
What is it?
Is it bringing back memories?
What do you mean?
It was you, you scumbag.
How could you go by yourself?
How did you know?
I wanted to become a good man.
Why did you have to instigate me?
Be a good man?
Don't be ridiculous.
You wench.
Did you see him?
I didn't see anything.
At the time, I was gagged and unconscious.
Hey, Officer Jung.
Lee Jae-sik is supposed
to be released today,
but it's being delayed a bit
for some reason.
I need to interview him.
Can you give me Dong-gu's number?
Sure. I'll text it to you right now.
If she ends up in danger
I'd better hurry up.
Mr. A's filmed confession
was confirmed to be true.
The police found the belongings
of the victims on the hill.
The footage sent by Mr. A's killer,
has exonerated Kim Bong-cheol,
who was wrongly imprisoned.
The people are rooting
for the killer of A, the Suseong culprit,
and referring to him
as Judgment Man or Dark Hero.
This is the Blue House's response.
The president has declared
that personal acts of vengeance
are serious crimes that undermine
the foundation of a law-abiding state.
The president has asked the police
to do their best to catch the murderer.
What's with my mood?
Why do I feel so depressed?
Last time, I felt refreshed.
You're still just
a psychopathic serial murderer.
I'm not who you think I am.
He did it because of me.
He did it for me.
Detective Ko Did you like him?
I asked him out once.
But I was quickly rejected.
The timing wasn't so good.
It was right after Detective Ko had
decided to kill Han Seo-jun himself.
He pushed me away
to spare me from being unhappy.
Ba-reum is doing the same thing
as Detective Ko.
Come on out.
This is where I used to live
when I was young.
Come with me.
Watch your step.
What is all this?
You said that you wanted
a personal hideout for Christmas, right?
Your dad prepared this for you
as a surprise Christmas gift.
Didn't you say you woke up
in the middle of the night on Christmas?
You said your dad was covered in sweat
and was wet from the rain,
and his pants were stained with mud.
This is why.
It's because he'd been
building this for me?
I didn't know.
I feel so bad.
My poor dad.
It's okay.
My poor dad.
The groom will walk down the aisle now.
Please welcome the groom
with a round of applause.
Feeling good?
Now, it's time to welcome
the bride, the star of today's ceremony.
Detective Shin chased after her
for five long years,
and he is finally marrying her today.
Please clap for the bride.
I'm sorry, Dad.
Don't cry
How come he's out already?
The trial isn't over yet.
He received a special release.
If it weren't for that guy,
he wouldn't be here today.
Why are you doing this?
Your name has been cleared.
Look over here.
Look at this.
Someone help.
He saved Mr. Kim.
He saved Mr. Kim and his daughter.
That Dark Hero.
I've only been away a few days.
How is this place such a mess?
How will you live without me?
Have you forgiven me now?
I hope you weren't too hard on Hun-seok.
Your uncle's been transferred
to the U.S. branch.
I'll be going with him.
Is that so?
That's great news. When?
He has to start his placement
as soon as possible.
There's so much to do.
I don't know where to start.
I have to put up the house for sale
and pack everything.
But I'm so worried about you.
Don't worry about me.
I'll be fine.
Look at the time.
-I should get going.
I left Hun-seok
with our next-door neighbor.
Do you think
Hun-seok could raise that kitten?
He seemed to take a liking to it.
He'll be lonely when he moves to the U.S.
The kitten will make a good friend.
The person you've dialed is unavailable
He pushed me away
to spare me from being unhappy.
If he's pushing me away, I'll pull him in.
Hey, it's me.
I'm in Wonnam-dong for an interview,
and there's a great burrito place here.
Shall I take some to go?
You want to eat lunch together?
I'm busy. I'm on a business trip.
I see.
When will you be back?
I've got time. I can wait.
Don't. I'll be back late.
It's okay. I can wait.
It is not okay.
All right. I'll hang up now.
But you know
I don't care whether you are
the person I think you are.
No matter who you are,
I like you either way.
I wanted to tell you that.
I wanted to tell you in person,
but I guess I've said it now.
Did you two argue?
What's wrong? You two were so lovey-dovey.
I'll make her unhappy.
She doesn't deserve more grief.
Why would you think that?
Why would you make her unhappy?
She's waiting just to see you.
I don't know why you'd think that,
but I've been there.
I wonder what would have been
if I'd just gone for it.
Would my life be different right now?
Would I have a family of my own
and plans for the future?
Would I be dreaming of buying a house?
Is that how I'd be living?
Do you regret it?
I can't stop now. I must keep going.
I have nowhere to go back to.
Don't do anything you'll regret.
Yes. Maybe my life will be different.
If I date Bong-yi, there's a chance
I can go back to being my old self.
Do you want to eat dinner
together tomorrow?
You're not busy?
I'm not busy.
Not anymore.
Let's go to that burrito place
that you talked about.
Go home so you won't catch a cold.
I'll beat this.
Bong-yi, I'm relying on you
to help me.
Bong-yi, marry me when you grow up.
Thank you.
I'll do my best.
I know you will.
Hey, Ba-reum. Are you here?
There was traffic,
so I'll be about ten minutes late.
Okay. Call me when you get here.
I knew there was a reason
you came in all dressed up today.
You smitten kitten.
You have a tip?
It's that persistent kid.
That Boy Detective Conam?
Cut the call short.
That topic isn't suitable for our program.
Why don't you try
the Animal Farm producers?
What? Do you know
what time it is right now?
Go home. Your mom will be worried.
Jeez. He's here in the lobby.
I guess he came to complain
since we blocked his posts.
That kid is something, all right.
Boy Detective Conam?
My wrong decision
Is it okay for me to use him this way?
Yes, I should end it this way.
So you want to clear the name
of your classmate Kkot-nim's grandmother?
That's very cool.
You're a true detective.
Speaking of which,
let me tell you why I came here.
I found the cat killer.
You did?
You're a great detective.
Who is it?
What matters here is how I found him.
That's the spirit of Conam.
Right. How did you
-How did you find out?
-I found the evidence.
I have conclusive evidence.
But this is the real kicker.
A truth more shocking
than the killing of the cats.
The one and only truth.
Say hello. This is Boy Detective Conam.
Nice to meet you.
Are you going on a date?
Then I shouldn't get in the way.
I'll talk to you later.
You forgot your backpack.
Go home safely, Conam.
Who was that kid?
He came to give us a tip-off.
His classmate's grandmother has been
accused of killing cats,
so it seems his classmate
is being ostracized.
He told me that he found the cat killer
and has evidence to prove it.
Hold on.
I have dinner plans
It's important. You must come now.
What is it? Is it the station?
Is it urgent?
Then let's go out another time.
I just ate some cake,
so I'm not that hungry.
I think I have slight indigestion.
I starved myself all day
to have dinner with Ba-reum.
I'm so hungry.
It's time for the rerun
of Amazing Saturday.
Why is Sin Dong-yeop so bad
at the listening game?
What's wrong with his hearing?
I have something to tell you.
Can we meet tomorrow?
How cute.
Be sure to come alone.
Hey, Ba-reum.
How's your stomach?
Oh, right.
I'm feeling better now.
That's a relief.
I'm sorry about today.
Let's get something tasty tomorrow.
Try to eat something before bed.
Are you going on a date?
Then I shouldn't get in the way.
What are you thinking about?
Why did you ask me to come?
Your next target
This person is the top predator.
I've been wondering from the start
You have a partner, don't you?
Did they give you this target's DNA
and ask you to have him killed?
I heard you were adopted
by a couple in the UK,
which is where you grew up.
You're supposed to be dead,
so you couldn't have purchased
all this equipment and food by yourself.
Who is it that's helping you?
It's not your business.
You're a mysterious person.
Why is a world-class geneticist like you
living in hiding like this?
Why are you pretending to be dead?
You're being chased by someone,
aren't you?
You'll find out in due time. Just wait.
"In due time."
I don't know when that will be,
but I'll wait.
Don't make orders like this anymore.
I'll be the one to decide
who I go after next.
Of course, I know him.
He's the problem-solver at this school.
He even caught the thief
who stole my shoes.
But he's still in class right now.
Oh, school's over.
You're here. Hold on.
You always work so hard.
You should take some breaks.
Sure. Goodbye.
Wait, ma'am.
You have to get out of here.
Ma'am, please.
Oh, no. I told her to come by herself.
Has school ended already?
Why isn't he answering his phone?
Do you know a boy named Myeong Ko-nam?
I saw him in the hallway earlier.
You did? Thanks.
Hey, Ko-nam. Where are you?
It's him
Did I just miss him?
Oh no. Ko-nam.
Four cats.
Four cats.
What the
Oh, Ko-nam. No.
My poor baby.
I can't live without him.
Today, we'll be covering
an unfortunate accident
that happened to a boy detective
who tried to clear his classmate's
grandmother's name.
The boy detective suffered
serious burns on his body
from a concentrated cleaning solution
stored in the cafeteria,
which spilled over
as the cabinet lost balance.
The school never kept
that cafeteria locked.
Anyone could've gone in there.
But the school will not
take the responsibility
Something isn't right.
-It wasn't an accident.
The solution spilled over
-because the cabinet shook, right?
Then, due to the movement of the cabinet,
the splatter should have been bigger.
But take a look.
The splatter is quite small.
So, that means someone
Someone poured it on him to kill him.
Who would do such a thing to a young boy?
We need to find out
which crazy psychopath did this.
Hey, Ma'am.
Hey, Bong-yi.
The footage of the cafeteria
that was aired
When was it filmed?
The morning after the incident?
-I'll check the security footage.
After the incident,
did anyone clean up in here?
No, it was closed off immediately.
The police came and told us
to keep away, so we did.
Is that so?
One moment, please.
He came back
after Producer Choi filmed in here.
Why did he come back
and move the stuff on the shelves?
That's mine.
Ma'am, that's evidence. You shouldn't
-Give it back.
-It's mine.
How do we get to your place from here?
Officer Jung.
It's been a long time.
Don't you remember me?
We worked together at Gudong Substation.
Officer Kim?
You do remember me!
I heard that you'd lost your memory
after the brain surgery.
I remember almost everything now,
except for my childhood.
What a relief.
Ma'am. Did you take
a packed lunch to school again?
She takes an empty box
to school every day,
saying that her granddaughter
forgot her lunch,
even though the school
provides the meals now.
I don't know where she lives
Let's go, ma'am. I'll take you home.
Let's go. It's this way.
Let's go.
What? This is a fake camera.
Why bother installing a fake camera?
She doesn't seem to be very well.
A few days ago,
she walked around the neighborhood
holding a dead cat,
so the neighbors accused her
of killing cats
by feeding them pesticides.
Oh, that's her?
-The one Ko-nam talked about.
-You heard?
But I think Ko-nam is right.
I don't think she did it.
Do you remember?
There was someone in Gudong
who went around killing cats
and pulling out their teeth.
Oh, right.
He must've moved to this neighborhood.
The cat the old woman was carrying
had its teeth pulled out.
It had no teeth?
An attempted murder?
Take a look at this.
Does this look like splatter
from a spillage?
Someone poured it on him.
-You didn't investigate properly, did you?
Watch it.
Who are you to come here
and tell us what to do?
You didn't even examine the splatter!
Who are you to raise your voice at me?
All right. We'll go check on it, okay?
This is an attempted murder case,
so turn in the evidence
immediately. Got it?
That old woman did tell us
that she saw him
leave the cafeteria and run away.
We can't listen to an old woman
with dementia.
She won't be considered
a reliable witness.
But she was completely sane
when she told us that.
Her testimony was quite detailed, too.
Just stay quiet.
Don't cause unnecessary trouble.
He couldn't have possibly
done that to the kid.
He's a good young man.
Four cats.
Everything's been shoved to the right.
Officer Kim. Who put up these fliers?
Oh. The stray cat guardian
of this neighborhood.
"Stray cat guardian"?
Excuse me.
I'm a police officer.
I have questions about the incident
at Nari Grade School.
I've already given
my statement to the police.
I want to hear more.
Please tell me what happened.
I supply meat to the school
for the students' lunch.
I was unloading meat
from my truck as usual.
I ran over when I heard him.
-You'll get hurt.
I didn't want her to hurt herself,
so I pushed her aside
and covered him with my jacket.
Then I carried him out.
The butcher.
The one who carried Ko-nam
to the hospital.
Welcome. What would you like?
I'm having a barbecue party
with my friends this evening.
What should I get
I love a barbeque party.
-Choose from any of these.
What kind of meat is this?
That's loin meat.
It just melts in your mouth.
But the portions are quite small,
so it's expensive.
If you have many guests, go with pork.
I personally prefer pork.
Hemispatial neglect?
What's that?
Damage to the right parietal lobe
can cause deficits in processing
sensory information
from the left side of the brain.
In severe cases,
the person may only eat food
on the right side of their plate,
or put make-up on or shave
just the right side of their face.
-What brings you here, Ba-reum?
Shouldn't you be at work?
I came to the neighborhood
for an investigation
and stopped by to see Chi-guk.
I'm sorry I haven't been by more often.
It's okay. I know you're busy.
Chi-guk, Ba-reum is here.
Look at that.
This is the CD that Dong-gu
and I brought from his office.
Chi-guk said his father liked this music.
That's right.
I guess you have all your memories back.
You're all better.
Chi-guk will wake up soon, too.
Wait one moment.
My sweet little girl.
I must pack her lunch.
You told the detective you
saw me running away?
Why did you do that?
I give you leftover meat
all the time, damn it.
How could you tell on me?
Kkot-nim likes meat.
What does it matter?
Who would listen
to an old woman with dementia?
Hand it over. I'll give you some meat.
What the
Here it is.
I've been looking for this everywhere.
The nurse lent us this.
Do you remember this song?
I remember our time in high school now.
We listened to this song a lot
when we went camping.
Dong-gu came by yesterday
and told us that Chi-guk
appeared in his dream.
Did he? What was the dream about?
One day, Chi-guk brought
his girlfriend and
The neighbors accused her
of killing cats
by feeding them pesticides.
It's the cleaning solution
from the cafeteria.
This key.
Did he take this from the old woman?
He must've been looking
for something on the shelves.
Was it this?
What is this?
The cat that the old woman was carrying
had its teeth pulled out.
He told me that he found the cat killer
and has the evidence to prove it.
Cats' teeth?
Ko-nam knew these were cats' teeth.
That's how he knew
Kim Byeong-tae is the killer.
So, Kim Byeong-tae found this out
and tried to kill the boy?
He tried to kill a kid over dead cats?
What is this key for?
It's for the music box.
What's this?
What are they burning?
Six-year-old Hwang Min-ji.
Died of a full-body burn.
Victim's friend,
a mentally disabled child,
claimed it was done
by the gas station part-timers.
But the cops couldn't rely
on a mentally disabled child's words.
They were ruled out
from the list of suspects.
Before Min-ji died,
she testified that the culprit
wore a red shirt.
There was no evidence or motive
to prove Han Su-cheol did the crime,
so he was ruled out.
The case remains unsolved.
She was adopted,
but after testifying for that case,
she was summoned by the cops many times,
and eventually she ended up back here.
Her adoptive parents found it bothersome
that she kept talking about the case.
She's been here since then.
I read in the case file
that she was mentally disabled.
No, she isn't.
Angela is deaf.
That's why her pronunciation
is a bit unclear.
But her mental health is fine.
But since she was hard
to communicate with,
the cops must've thought
she was mentally disabled.
He's not coming. My brother.
He won't keep his promise.
He'll be here.
-That's not him.
-Don't worry.
It's just taking some time.
What's going on?
I think Michaela's feelings were hurt.
Last year, her older brother
came by twice.
On his second visit,
he must've promised her that he'd
get her out of here next time.
But I didn't know he was that man.
That man?
Oh, never mind.
You can trust me.
Will you give me a chance?
When I was young
I'm sorry.
-You did it on purpose, didn't you?
Don't you know math?
-I do.
Get back to work.
Get to work.
-I'm sorry, sir.
-It's okay.
My employee keeps messing
up the calculations.
I'll remember your face.
Next time you come,
I'll give you a free car wash.
I'm sorry. Here you go.
Two people?
What is wrong with those
who mess with children?
All child offenders are psychopaths.
Not just murderers but abusers
and rapists, too.
They've given up their humanity.
Two days ago, victim A
suffered serious burns at school
when a cleaning solution fell on him.
Damn it.
If it weren't for that wench,
he would be dead already.
He'll wake up. Don't worry too much.
Will our baby be okay?
They are both predators.
That scumbag.
His airway was severely burned, too.
That means he couldn't have
screamed, right?
Of course not.
Look at the damage.
I heard a boy's scream from the cafeteria.
That scumbag.
Who are you?
Let go of me.
What are you doing?
You can't be the only one to have fun.
I want to have fun, too.
Damn it.
Ko-nam wanted to clear
his classmate's grandmother's name,
so he was going around looking for clues.
Then he saw this.
He realized at once
that these were cats' teeth.
He went and told the cops,
but no one took him seriously.
So he went to the broadcasting station.
Oh, no. I told her to come by herself.
When the old lady saw you,
she was completely sane,
just like when she talked to the police.
If the cops had just
listened to her and checked it out,
you would've been arrested right then.
Please don't kill me.
But there's one thing I don't understand.
I don't understand
why you would try to kill the boy
just because he found out
you killed the cats.
That little brat. Where did he hide it?
The secret of this key.
That music box.
Pandora's box.
In 1999, there was a case of animal abuse
where a puppy was burned to death
near the school
you and Han Su-cheol attended.
They never caught the culprit.
Since it was an animal, not a human being,
the cops didn't investigate closely.
So you became bold.
Torturing animals became boring,
so you moved onto a human being.
Min-ji is my friend.
-A child.
Then you took this picture
to remember the murder.
But Ko-nam took the key
and saw this picture.
That's why you had to kill Ko-nam
before Ko-nam told the media
or the police.
That was just one drop.
You think that's painful?
How do you think those kids felt?
I bet you can't fathom
the pain their parents
must have suffered after they died.
Psychopaths like you don't have emotions.
So you can't imagine the pain
that other people feel.
So you need to experience it for yourself.
"Eye for eye,
tooth for tooth."
Kim Byeong-tae.
Kim Byeong-tae was killed.
It's him.
He can't have gone far.
Block off all the nearby roads.
Cover one route each.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
You were in charge of the gasoline
terror case in May of 1999, right?
I just sent you a picture.
Check it. Hurry.
-He was a suspect, right?
What about the man next to him?
He was a friend who worked
part-time with Kim Byeong-tae.
Han Su-cheol is in danger, too.
Check where Han Su-cheol is now. Quickly.
Hear me out. Wait.
I don't know anything about it.
I really don't.
I didn't kill anyone.
I'm telling you. It wasn't me.
Who is this?
What? Who is this?
Su-cheol, is that you?
Kim Byeong-tae?
I'm surprised you called me.
How do you know my new number?
I never called you.
It's true.
That's how we ended up
talking to each other.
We agreed to meet up sometime and hung up.
Did you talk to a ghost or something?
I'm going crazy here.
Oh, right.
Someone can prove my alibi for last night.
-An employee at my gas station.
Check my alibi with him.
Excuse me.
He's right.
The employee said he was with you.
That proves my innocence, right?
Let me go. Now.
But unfortunately,
he is mentally disabled.
You know, don't you?
He won't be a credible witness.
That's how you got away years ago.
How ironic.
The tables have turned against you.
It wasn't me.
It wasn't me!
He did it.
The one who killed
Lee Jae-sik and Kang Deok-su.
No way.
All the evidence is pointing toward him.
What kind of killer leaves evidence
in his own workplace?
He staged all this.
You think so?
I don't understand.
Why didn't he kill Han Su-cheol?
I don't know.
Kill him.
Kill him.
He has no remorse
for burning a girl to death.
Are you going to let him live?
There are ways to make him pay
besides killing him.
Sung Yo-han is disappearing from my mind.
I am changing back to my old self.
Back then,
if someone had
killed Han Seo-jun the same way,
how would I have felt?
Would I have been happier than I am today?
It's Mu-won's birthday tomorrow.
You're here.
What did you want to talk to me about?
I am sick.
In what way?
Is it serious?
I may be able to get better.
I found a reason to be hopeful today.
So will you wait for me
until I get better?
I can wait.
It may take a very long time.
I don't care.
I will wait for you
until I am an old granny.
Don't dump me then because I am old.
Once I get better,
why don't we live in the countryside?
I can be a cop there.
That sounds nice.
You didn't have to come.
I know how busy you are.
I won't see you for at least two years.
Of course, I had to see you.
Hun-seok, did you name the kitty?
Yes. Toto.
It's the name of the dog
in The Wizard of Oz. Toto.
That's a great name.
Hun-seok, if you ever have
any questions about raising Toto,
there's a website called Kitty's Cafe.
Can you say it?
-"Kitty's Cafe"?
-That's right.
Type in your questions.
You'll find lots of information.
Isn't Toto's mom sad
to be separated from Toto?
She'll be fine since she knows
you'll take good care of Toto.
We have to get on the bus.
Let's go, Hun-seok.
-Take care.
Let's go.
Who is that man, Mom?
It's nobody.
Let's go. Say goodbye.
Breaking news.
Victim A, the boy detective
who suffered serious burns
at the school cafeteria
from a cleaning solution that fell on him
has miraculously overcome the crisis
and is now recovering.
Meanwhile, A
Are you celebrating your birthday?
With Mom and Dad?
Without me?
Let's not see each other again.
Let's never see each other again.
You jerk.
I hate you more
than that jerk Han Seo-jun.
I'm sorry, Mu-won.
I'm really sorry.
I miss you, Mu-won.
I miss you.
Hey, Bong-yi.
I made a reservation
at a nice place for dinner tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
What brings you here?
Let's have a drink.
Detective Ko.
Is something wrong?
It's my brother's birthday.
I was drinking soju alone
and felt sorry for myself.
Then I thought of you.
That's why I came here.
It's good you came.
I heard that you were good to my brother.
I'm not sure about that.
He took good care of me.
He talked about you a lot.
He was always worried about you.
Do you know why
I hated my brother so much
and refused to see him?
Because he wanted to forgive Han Seo-jun.
No, that was just an excuse.
It's because I felt guilty.
He was hurt because of me.
He lured Han Seo-jun away to save me.
It drove me crazy every time
I looked at him.
Because of my guilt,
I didn't want to see him.
I avoided him for my own peace of mind.
I'm sure he also knew
that it was out of guilt,
not hatred.
Do you want to see him as a boy?
This looks just like his necklace.
Yes, I told you my brother
had the same necklace.
Yes, he always had it on him.
Mom must've made two.
I didn't see this necklace
among his belongings.
It's hard to see because it's so small.
That's Mu-won.
-Isn't he handsome?
He was always a good student.
He got good grades, too.
You two looked the same
when you were young.
You think so?
You must have many memories with him.
I wish I had siblings.
Hey, Officer Jung.
Do you want to be my little brother?
-Your little brother?
I want to be an older brother
to you like Mu-won.
You're all alone, too.
I am.
Yes, be my brother.
That sounds nice.
My little brother Jung Ba-reum.
How about that?
Let's toast to celebrate us
becoming brothers.
Let's drink.
Let's get absolutely wasted.
Where's the bathroom?
Damn it.
That's strange.
I don't see his necklace here.
This is just like his necklace.
He always had it on him.
Did it get mixed in
with the other evidence?
Was this knife always like this?
Isn't this blood?
He left this precious necklace here.
I compared the blood from the knife
to the blood samples of both
Oh Bong-yi and Sung Yo-han,
but none of them matched.
Then whose blood is it?
Run it through the system to see
if you can find a match.
When did I get this scar?
Good morning.
So, I would like to check on the evidence.
Oh, it was sent to the Evidence Team?
Can you go talk to Detective Park
in the Evidence Team?
I want to check something
about Kim Byeong-tae's case.
Did you get the result?
It's strange. It's Kang Deok-su's blood.
What? Kang Deok-su's blood?
What is Kang Deok-su's blood
doing on that knife?
From that knife
Oh? Ba-reum.
Oh, this? Do you remember this?
You gave it to me before the accident
That day
Were you wearing this
the day you met Ko-nam?
Only one.
Wait, that
This? Isn't it pretty?
The guy I really like made it for me.
-A guy?
Here he comes.
Hey, Bong-yi.
He recognized it.
He recognized they were cats' teeth.
It seemed like the same guy
killed this cat, right?
It has no teeth.
Show this to your friends.
If there are any witnesses,
ask them to come and talk to us.
What's wrong, Ba-reum? Are you okay?
What is this doing in my house?
They're going to tear
everything down tomorrow.
It's a farewell forever.
No. Don't.
Don't open it. Please.
No. Don't do it.
It was me.
It wasn't Sung Yo-han.
It was me.
Ba-reum, Chi-guk woke up.
He's awake!
Chi-guk's awake. Let's go inside.
How do I look?
I asked you not to turn me into a monster.
I prayed to you.
But you completely ignored my prayer.
So how can you call yourself God?
From now on, I am God.
Those who believe
your nonsense and follow you
I will judge them all.
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