Mouse (2021) s01e15 Episode Script

It Was All Me!

The Lord
save you.
How do I look?
I asked you not to turn me into a monster.
I prayed to you.
But you completely ignored my prayer.
-So how can you call yourself God?
-So how can you call yourself God?
-From now on, I am God.
-From now on, I am God.
Those who believe
your nonsense and follow you
I will judge them all.
I am
a predator.
I was
a predator.
That detective didn't keep his promise.
We must show the detective later
that I kept my word.
A person who does not envy
is a sinner.
It was me.
It wasn't Sung Yo-han.
It was me.
You must've gone
to a medical school, Officer Jung.
Then how do you know this so well?
It was all fake.
All of it.
What the heck are you doing?
-I'm really sorry.
-Are you trying to get yourself killed?
I'm sorry. You see
I think this bird hurt its leg.
It wouldn't fly away, so I just
I scared you, didn't I? I'm really sorry.
You were nearly killed because of a bird.
You're right. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. Drive safely.
I'm sorry.
I had to apologize to him
because of you.
I've changed my mind.
You know you're in the wrong, right?
As a punishment,
I will kill you very slowly.
Very slowly.
I've been acting my entire life.
-You're here.
-Yes. Good morning.
Don't you hate your dad
for abandoning you?
No, I don't.
I'm sure he had his reasons.
Your father might be watching this.
Are you some kind of animal whisperer?
Isn't he cute?
You'll be a fashion queen.
Thank you.
I will help out a bit more and leave.
All those acts
My fake life
I thought those were my real memories.
They were my memories.
Sung Yo-han's memories
never existed from the start.
Ba-reum, Chi-guk woke up.
He's awake!
He just woke up,
so I don't know how he is,
but come as soon as you can. Okay?
This knife wasn't chipped.
Take a look here.
This was taken right after the incident.
It looks fine here.
So Kang Deok-su's blood
was found on the handle?
So Kang Deok-su's killer snuck in here,
killed Kang Deok-su with this knife,
and returned it?
So this is really a revenge killing?
If he killed him
with Bong-yi's grandma's knife
Is that even possible?
How weak can the security
It's not impossible
if it's an insider's doing.
See? I told you it's an insider's doing.
How could he have known
about the cigarette burn on the body?
He must've come in here,
read Kang Deok-su's case file,
and taken Bong-yi's grandmother's knife.
So we looked through
the security camera footage,
but we didn't find any evidence
of a third party coming in here.
That's right.
We looked through the camera footage
at Moojin Police Agency around the time
of the incident but found nothing.
-Any leads on Kang Deok-su's case?
-No, not yet.
There isn't a single lead or a witness.
I'm going crazy.
The higher-ups are pressuring me.
The public is threatening to hurt us
for going after a righteous hero
while the higher-ups are pressuring
us to catch him for threatening
the foundation of a constitutional state.
Anyway, I'm sure it's an insider.
The fact that he took it means
he knew what it was for.
He knew why Bong-yi's grandmother had it.
Only the police would know that.
This is terrible.
So the killer is a cop?
Where are you going?
If a cop's the killer,
I must report to the captain.
-Stay put. Nothing is for certain yet.
-Why are you so hasty?
He's right.
Even if the killer took this knife,
killed Kang Deok-su, and put it back here,
we can't conclude that he is a cop.
Millions of people visit
the Moojin Police Agency.
Then how did he know
the passcode to this room?
Do you not lock the door?
Well, it's not always locked.
The code is my birthday,
so any police officer would know the code.
Everyone in Korea knows
your birthday after
If it is an insider's doing,
we must be more cautious.
If we blabber about this,
he might hide himself even more.
We must investigate this
quietly by ourselves.
Detective Ko, look through
the camera footage
that was taken
before and after Kang Deok-su's murder.
-Detective Kang.
Find out if any officer asked to see
Kang Deok-su's case files.
So these are all the footage
from three days before
and after Kang Deok-su's murder?
Yes. The special investigation team
has already looked through this.
-Why are we doing this again?
-Come on.
Hey, wait.
Rewind here.
This looks weird, right?
What's this? What's wrong with this?
-Did someone mess with this?
Since the special investigation team
took it and checked, no one touched it.
Hand over this file
and the hard drive of
Moojin Police Agency's security footage.
Don't make that face
in front of your client.
Do you want me to teach you a lesson?
I'm not causing trouble anymore.
I'm a good man now.
How many times must you check?
You'd better not film
such a thing ever again.
If you do, I'll cut off your hands
and toss them in a pigpen.
Mark my words, you punk.
Take a look at this.
I think someone edited out parts of it.
Restore the part that was edited out.
Report back to me
as you work on it one by one.
-Say "Yes, sir."
-Yes, sir.
I guess he's after a porn maker.
I wonder if it's saucy.
It's him.
I poured my soul into restoring it,
thinking it was good stuff.
I guess he's done already.
He's fast, indeed.
It's this guy.
If he was edited out,
does that mean he's the killer?
Who are you?
Who is this?
What's that paper he's holding?
Who are you?
You scumbag.
Let me check the date.
That's the day someone hit me
in the back of my head.
The parking lot.
It's 67DEO 6264.
I should hurry!
Stop right there.
-Zoom in, please.
-Yes, sir.
Where is that?
That robber.
I hope you didn't throw away
my family picture. I'll kill you.
I got you.
What? It's still here?
You scumbag.
Is he a long-term guest here?
Excuse me.
What? There's no one here?
Excuse me!
67DEO 6264
Is anyone here?
Damn it.
Where's it gone?
Are you all right?
Wait. Let's take a break.
Gosh, you're such a weakling.
You just took a break.
How can you be tired already?
How will you catch criminals
if you're so weak?
You should work out.
I really hate working out.
Let's take just a three-minute break.
Isn't this an MP3 player?
Are these still around?
Mom bought me for my birthday
a long time ago.
It still does the job.
I couldn't throw it away
because Mom got it for me.
What's this piece called?
It's a classic piece,
but I don't know the title.
I listen to it
when I need to focus on something.
This music calms me down
and helps me focus better.
I see. It's nice.
You must be nervous
about the performance later.
What's that?
That's where the inmates
used to take showers after exercising.
But they built a nicer one inside,
so that hasn't been used for a while now.
Then it's a detention center's
outdoor shower room?
I've always wanted to see it.
Can I take a look?
Water still runs.
Yes, water was never cut off.
You know what?
You're a bit annoying.
Are you pretending to be Dong-gu?
It doesn't suit you.
We met in tenth grade, right?
We sat next to each other.
I've been observing you since then.
You are too humble.
You gave me credit
for the good deed you did.
So? You find that annoying?
Then I will continue to be annoying.
I've been thinking
About what?
I'll judge you.
Being humble is a sin, you scumbag.
Those scums think they are all that?
Am I a cowardly scum, hiding in the dark,
stabbing fragile and vulnerable women?
Hey, you naked king.
What did he eat? He's so heavy.
What's wrong with you?
He can have visitors now. Let's go inside.
I got a call from Dong-gu too.
Let's go in.
Come on in.
Where are you going?
Chi-guk's awake. Let's go inside.
What's wrong?
Why are you nervous?
Come on. Let's go inside.
Come on. Move it!
Here we are.
-I was
Come on. His arms are getting tired.
What's going on here?
He definitely saw me.
The visiting hours are over.
The patient needs his rest,
so please leave.
Chi-guk needs to rest. Let's go.
He asked me why he's in the hospital.
He doesn't seem to remember
what happened to him.
When a person is severely shocked,
the brain may block out
the memories it can't handle.
Did you tell him what happened to him?
No, I didn't want to provoke him,
so I just told him
that he was in a car accident.
He is quite unstable right now.
He is awake now,
but things could get worse very fast.
We'll keep an eye on him
for the time being.
Ma'am, don't worry too much.
Doctors scare people like that.
They're just trying to play it safe,
so don't let it get to you.
Chi-guk recognized Ba-reum.
-He did?
They had a tearful hug.
He didn't even give me a glance.
He responded when he saw you.
It's upsetting.
You must be relieved, Ba-reum.
Where are you going?
He's out of it because he's too happy.
Those two were soulmates.
Take care, ma'am.
Is something wrong?
We found Chi-guk's uniform and the weapon.
The person you have dialed is unavailable.
I saw the guy who killed the girl
on the news.
What should I do?
I'm right here. Who did she see?
Senile hag.
Here is the message.
Why won't you answer your phone?
Oh, my, Officer Jung.
I'm so scared
that I can't even go to the police.
I got on the bus, so meet me
in front of the convenience store.
I brought a picture.
Picture? What is she talking about?
It's me, ma'am. Officer Jung.
Officer Jung.
Goodness, you startled me.
-Be careful.
-Oh, my.
-Be careful.
-Oh, my.
What did you mean you have a picture?
Let me tell you. I was working, and
You know the girl who died
on the grape farm?
-Her picture
is right here.
This is it. Take a look.
It's terrible.
What is Bong-yi's school uniform
button doing here?
Where did you get this?
My baby
My poor baby. Oh, no.
My baby.
Find him.
Find the one who killed
my grandma, you jerk!
Grandma, I
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I'm sorry.
You think you're God, right?
I've seen guys like you.
You branded those
who didn't commit those sins
as sinners and killed them.
But I'm sorry.
You're not God or even a human being.
You're just a horrible monster.
A monster that can never be saved.
You're worse than a piece of crap.
I pity you.
You're done for, you scumbag.
No. You're wrong.
I'm sorry, Father.
Your brother got the wrong answer.
I was right. Where is the boy?
Where's the kid, you bastard?
He's committed the sin
of "wrath," not Han-guk.
Those who aren't wrathful
are sinners.
-I said I'll kill
when the broadcast ends
if you don't get the answer.
-How could this be?
The Headhunter killed
his parents by cutting off their heads
and crippled him.
But he forgave the Headhunter.
It's pathetic.
I'm sorry. It's all my fault.
I was a fool to be so rude to you.
It's all my fault.
Kill me.
Kill me instead.
I'll die in his stead.
Please don't kill my poor brother.
Please spare my brother's life.
Moo-chi, I'm okay.
No matter what happens to me,
it's not your fault.
This is your last chance.
Be angry.
To the Headhunter who killed your parents.
To the world who never executed him.
Unleash your anger at them.
Please, Mu-won.
My dear brother.
I'm sorry for everything.
Mu-won, please
I'm sorry.
You should've let me die then.
If I was my old self,
I wouldn't feel this excruciating pain.
Is this
Is this the divine punishment
you're giving me?
The visiting hours are over.
The patient needs his rest,
so please leave.
There's something going on
between the two.
Did they fight before the incident?
Even so
The Lord
save you.
The body will be damaged
when the house is demolished.
I must return the body
to his mother undamaged.
That's the least I can do.
Where's it gone?
What are you doing over there?
Where are the things that used to be here?
Get out of there!
The house will be demolished.
Where did you move
the stuff that was here to?
We didn't move anything.
Get out of there!
What happened?
What's wrong?
Where's Han-guk's body?
Hand it over. Now!
What are you on about? Han-guk?
You hid Wu Hyeong-cheol's body too.
Give it to me.
I must give it back
to his mother. Come on!
Who's Han-guk?
Is it the child
that Sung Yo-han kidnapped?
Why are you asking me?
You didn't hide the body?
How would I know where he is?
Where is the boy's body?
Did you remember
where Sung Yo-han hid the child?
If he didn't move it, then who did?
There's someone else
who knows who I really am.
Who is it?
Who is it, and why?
Don't kill me.
Please don't kill me.
Don't kill me!
It's okay.
Please don't kill me.
It's me. It's okay.
I was here with Dong-gu and Officer Jung.
I'm Detective Ko Moo-chi.
Detective Ko Moo-chi.
You remember me, right?
Get back on the bed. There.
You must've had a nightmare.
Don't worry about a thing, okay?
The culprit is dead.
Who's dead?
The one who stabbed me is dead?
Your mother said
you don't remember anything yet.
Right. My mom told me.
She said she told you
that you were in a car accident.
Oh, you see
The one who stabbed you?
My memories started coming back.
So do you remember what happened to you?
Well, the thing is
But I don't remember the culprit's face.
I just know someone attacked me
in the shower room.
I was attacked from behind,
so I never saw his face.
In the shower room?
So who is it?
Who died?
He's not asking me who stabbed him,
but he wants to know who's dead?
I'll have Officer Jung
give you the case file.
Why is he so sensitive about Officer Jung?
Get some rest.
Take it easy.
This is the last shower room?
Well, there's a shower room
that's closed down.
-It can't be there, can it?
-It's closed down?
Where is it?
How long has this been closed for?
About two years.
We left the magic box
in the corner over here
so that it doesn't get in anyone's way.
He said the box was
in the waiting room the whole time.
The auditorium is
about three minutes away from here?
After attacking Na Chi-guk,
the culprit put him in the box.
He carried Na Chi-guk,
who was covered in blood,
to the auditorium?
That doesn't make sense.
If I just die
If I don't do anything about this,
she will look for Han-guk
for the rest of her life.
Yes, I must confess.
Hello. My boy
-I must tell her.
-Please find my boy, Kim Han-guk.
Thank you.
Officer Jung.
Are you better now?
What brings you here?
Don't look for him anymore.
What do you mean?
To tell you the truth, I
Breaking news. The body of Kim Han-guk,
who went missing a year ago
and was thought to be dead,
was found in an abandoned factory
in Gyeonggi-do.
Who put it here?
It was that scumbag, Sung Yo-han.
He killed Han-guk!
That psychopath.
There was no way for us to find him
when he was kept in a place like this.
Can you tell when he died?
I can't tell the exact time
since he was kept in formalin.
I'll have to do an autopsy
to find out more.
The watch.
We must show the detective later
that I kept my word.
You have until midnight,
three days from today.
Are you going to give up on Han-guk?
If you fail to find me within three days,
the entire nation will see
Han-guk's lungless body.
The time given to save Han-guk
has passed at midnight,
so the experts are assuming the worst.
This kid
Does he have lungs?
That terrible scumbag.
How could he do this to a kid?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Han-guk.
I killed him.
I was busy drinking.
I gave up on him.
I just gave up.
I killed him.
I'm sorry, Han-guk.
I'm sorry.
The kid was found in an abandoned factory?
Where's Han-guk's body?
Hand it over. Now!
I think his real memories are back now.
I must stop him before he causes trouble.
Give me my gun.
Give me my gun.
Why on earth are you doing this?
It was me.
It was me!
I was the killer, not Sung Yo-han.
Bong-yi's grandmother,
Father Ko, Chi-guk
I killed them all.
All of them.
Don't you understand?
Song Su-ho, Byeon Sun-yeong, Jo Mi-jeong,
Kim Seong-gyu, Park Jong-ho
All of them!
They were kind, innocent people,
but I brutally killed them all!
I'm not a human being.
I'm a monster.
So don't get in the way
of me killing myself.
Don't try so hard to die.
You don't have much time left anyway.
About 21 years ago,
I briefly came to Korea for a seminar.
I was staying at a colleague's lab.
That's when I received a package
sent by an unknown person.
Who sent this?
I found out that Han Seo-jun
succeeded in a brain transplant then.
He wanted to tell me
that he had succeeded.
I was curious to see
what would happen to the mouse.
So I started writing an observation log.
Three days since the discovery.
He is doing very well.
He is active and has no problem.
Eating and defecating very well.
Weight, 120 g.
Ten days since the discovery.
His movement has slowed down.
His movements have slowed down noticeably.
He isn't eating or defecating properly.
He is eating way less
than he did on Day Five.
Twenty days since the discovery.
He is in a terrible state.
He is barely moving.
He weighs 70 g less
than he did when I first got him.
He isn't eating.
He has lost weight significantly.
Thirty days since the discovery. He died.
In the end, Han Seo-jun failed.
You will die soon too.
You've kept that a secret?
How much have you been
keeping it a secret?
You've known it this whole time?
That I was the predator?
Calm down.
Would I have asked you to work
with me if I knew it was you?
I was certain it was Sung Yo-han.
What made you so certain?
Because I did the same test
on Han Seo-jun's wife.
The result said that the baby
inside her was a psychopath.
Right after the DNA test,
I went back to England,
and I never heard from her again.
Then one day, 25 years later,
I got a call from a producer
of a broadcasting station.
Yes, this is Daniel.
Hello. I'm Producer Choi Hong-ju.
I am covering a serial murder case
that has been occurring in Korea recently.
I have some questions
about the psychopathic gene.
That's when I thought about that kid.
I quickly came back to Korea
and looked for Han Seo-jun's child.
I finally tracked his wife down
and went to see her.
That's where I saw a dog
that looked like it was abused years ago.
One of the biggest characteristics
of a predator
is abusing animals as a child.
So I became worried.
I went straight to her son's workplace.
Bring him back to life right now!
I'm good with knives too.
There's the carotid,
so blood would gush out like a fountain.
That would be quite a sight.
Sung Yo-han showed
the typical traits of a psychopath.
There was no doubt.
You were wrong.
you remember everything now?
I remember everything so vividly.
That's all the more reason
why you shouldn't kill yourself.
If you care about the dead victims at all.
What can I do?
I tried to turn myself in,
but the body disappeared.
The only thing I can do is kill myself,
but if I can't
Do what you can do.
Get rid of the other predators
who have the same gene as you.
Make sure there aren't
any more victims like the ones you killed.
That's the only way
you can atone for your sins.
You think I can be forgiven?
Don't be ridiculous.
Will you go kill yourself?
That's the easy way out.
But if you kill yourself now,
what about Sung Yo-han?
He was framed
as a psychopathic killer because of you.
Aren't you going to clear his name?
If you kill yourself,
the truth will forever be buried.
Sung Yo-han will go down in history
as a serial murderer
while you remain the nation's pride.
Sung Yo-han was shady too.
There was something off about him!
He didn't report me
and came to kill me himself.
You said he had the psychopathic gene too.
He was the other one percent, a genius.
Sung Yo-han was a normal person
who had the will of a kind man.
Because of my prejudice
against him for being Han Seo-jun's son,
I mistook him for a predator.
Based on what?
How can you be so sure?
You're the proof.
You're in pain because of guilt.
If Sung Yo-han was a psychopath,
you wouldn't feel anything right now.
Guilt, pity, empathy, and regret
Psychopaths can't feel such emotions.
But look at yourself.
You're in pain. You're miserable.
Now I realize
that they weren't his memories.
Sung Yo-han's frontal lobe
wasn't ruling your brain with memories,
but with emotions.
That's why you now feel
a normal human's emotions
that you never felt.
I wish
I wish I didn't have these emotions.
People nationwide are
mourning Kim Han-guk,
who was found a year after he was
kidnapped by serial killer Sung Yo-han.
A special incense altar was placed
where he was kidnapped from.
Let the kid go first.
Han-guk. He's right below your feet.
He knew Han-guk was there.
He was framed as a psychopathic killer
and died a wrongful death because of you.
Aren't you going to clear his name?
Let me clear Sung Yo-han's name
before I kill myself. He was innocent.
that's what Sung Yo-han wanted to do
after being placed in my brain.
I'm sorry, Han-guk.
I caught the guy too late.
To make sure no one
is sacrificed like you,
I will go after every psychopath
in the world.
I promise.
That's how I will
make it up to you, Han-guk.
I want an iced Americano.
Me too.
What time is the meeting?
This week
Oh, let me go get my phone.
I thought things finally quieted down,
but then a body was found.
Don't let it get to you.
Hi. How's Eun-chong doing?
He's napping.
He looks so beautiful when he naps.
It's okay. Take your time.
She'll be late.
I feel sorry for that mom.
Her son was found dead after a year.
How can he kill a child
so brutally like that?
So he is that murderer's child, right?
I know the child is innocent,
but I don't want to look at him.
He'll be a handful when he grows up.
You know what they say.
Like father, like son.
Of course.
-What was that?
-Oh, come on.
Just sleep! Jeez.
Isn't it horrible?
She couldn't have known who he was, right?
She wouldn't have had his child
if she had known.
I know it's her kid,
but wouldn't it still be horrifying?
It's a boy, right?
But is he really Sung Yo-han's son?
Who had Sung Yo-han's son?
Choi Hong-ju.
He was napping very well until now.
He's finicky like a certain someone.
I'm so tired.
I'm sorry. Please take good care of him.
Just a little.
Okay. Bye.
Why did you cry, Eun-chong?
Are you hungry?
Have some.
Okay. Let's take a look.
You don't have a fever.
Why is he crying so much?
I'll sing for you. Okay.
Stop crying.
Stop crying.
Drink this glass of milk and sleep.
If you don't listen to me,
the Headhunter monster
will come and get you.
You're scaring me. When is Mom coming?
If you're scared,
remember the song Mom would sing for us?
Let's sing it together.
Then you won't be so scared anymore.
It's Mom.
I heard the car slows down when it turns.
Wait until then, and when I open the door,
jump out of the car with me.
I'm scared, Hyeon-su.
It's okay.
I'll hold your hand when we jump.
Have faith in me.
-Help us!
-Help us!
-Help us!
-Help us!
-Help us!
-Help us!
Is anybody there?
My legs hurt, and I'm bleeding.
Hang in there. Just a little more.
I don't want to go anymore.
We have to go. Hurry.
Stay here.
Don't make any noise, okay?
I'll go and bring the police.
Don't go, Hyeon-su.
Don't. I want to go with you.
You must be in a good mood.
You didn't get dirty.
Your face is so clean
that there's nothing to wash off.
I know.
She doesn't go digging around anymore.
I guess she's given up.
Our baby
isn't underground.
She comes to see me.
How scary.
I knew the baby was strange.
Once he cries, he doesn't stop.
Where's it gone?
I know I kept it in the pocket.
That too?
That is the only evidence
that proves I'm the culprit.
I must find it.
It's the proof that I did it,
not Sung Yo-han.
How did Sung Yo-han have pictures
of the victims I killed?
Why didn't he turn me in
and come to save Han-guk by himself?
It looked like he was trying
to say something.
-Yes, Ms. Choi?
-Is Ms. Oh sick?
Why do you ask?
She didn't come to work,
and her phone's turned off.
I'm worried about her.
If you're free, can you go check on her?
I'm sorry. I'm busy right now.
The shoot is in the afternoon, right?
I was worried that you were sick.
Your phone is turned off too.
You don't look so well.
Ms. Oh.
It's not true, is it?
The man who killed my grandma
It's not true, right?
I guess it is.
Is that why you found me a job?
Did you think that'd make you
feel less guilty?
Ms. Oh, it's not that.
You knew who I was.
You knew that Sung Yo-han
killed my grandmother.
So how could you?
Just how could you?
Were you with him
the night he killed my grandmother?
Ms. Oh.
That scumbag's son
I will curse him forever.
Can I borrow your phone, please?
Did you get the result?
Yes, it is Na Chi-guk's blood.
Where did you find it?
So he was attacked at the shower room.
The real culprit
of Moojin serial murder case
isn't Sung Yo-han.
It's me, Jung Ba-reum.
Yes, this mint smell. It was you.
I killed the wrong man.
I wondered why Kim Jun-seong never talked.
It was because of you.
He wanted to spare your life.
That fool.
What's that picture about?
How do you have that picture?
Let the kid go first.
-Han-guk. He's right below your feet.
Oh, you're here to save Han-guk?
And Oh Bong-yi?
Let the boy go. I beg you.
I'm sorry.
It's too late.
Ko Moo-chi lost the game.
He failed to meet the deadline.
He was shocked by the rock
found in his brother's body,
so he was busy
drowning himself in alcohol.
It's a pity. I agree.
But I didn't have a choice.
A promise is a promise.
I punished the kid
as soon as the time was up.
A person who does not envy
is a sinner.
You crazy scumbag.
Yes, those eyes. That's it!
I love those eyes of wrath.
You are qualified to be one of my people.
Did you come by yourself without the cops?
To kill you myself.
Are you that angry
that I killed your friend?
Reporting to the cops won't do anything.
If I don't kill you myself,
you'll kill countless more people.
What are you saying?
Let me kill you.
That's the best ending for you.
Why are you looking at me like that?
You and I
We are pitiful people.
You pity me?
You son of a bitch.
Say it again. I'm pitiful?
I am God.
How can God be pitiful?
You are just a psychopath
with a mutated chromosome.
Die, you monster.
Sung Yo-han
died a wrongful death while he was trying
to save Han-guk and Bong-yi from me.
So please don't condemn
Sung Yo-han and his family.
I don't know how to apologize
to the victims and their families.
Please do not forgive me.
Lord, please
Don't ever forgive me.
There are a lot of cuts
around this stab wound.
Yes, that wound particularly.
That means he fought back
while holding the knife.
I was attacked from behind,
so I never saw his face.
That's not possible.
Na Chi-guk is lying.
How are you feeling?
It was you.
I want to
I want to live happily with my mom.
That's all.
Turn yourself in.
Sung Yo-han died instead of you.
I feel so bad for him.
I am so scared,
but it'd be selfish of me
to let this slide.
That's why you have to do it.
That way, everyone will live.
Officer Jung!
Na Chi-guk!
Are you okay?
Jung Ba-reum!
Open the door.
We must go look for Han-guk together.
It's no fun
if you lock yourself up like this.
Come crawling out
so that things get fun for me.
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