Mouse (2021) s01e16 Episode Script

Was It Really Sung Yo Han?

Why are you crying, Mom?
You monster.
Officer Jung.
Jung Ba-reum!
What happened, doctor?
It looks like he died of a heart attack.
No, that's not possible.
He was fine when I talked to him earlier.
I'm sorry.
He was fine.
Chi-guk, wake up.
Chi-guk, wake up.
You said you wanted to live
happily with your mom.
If you die like this
Chi-guk. No.
Hey, Ba-reum.
I'll bring it back!
Hey. Stop right there.
What's wrong with him?
I got the job done.
67DEO 6264
Did you order food?
You killed Chi-guk, didn't you?
Why did you kill him?
Why did you kill that poor guy?
That's rich coming from you,
you despicable scumbag.
Yes, I killed him, you monster.
I killed an innocent man because of you.
What the
There's been an accident.
Please clean it up.
Where have I seen that?
They cleaned up everything?
That means there are more of them.
They must have moved the bodies
of Wu Hyeong-cheol and Han-guk too.
Yes, Detective Ko?
Where are you?
I can't hear you.
What do you mean? Where are you?
Why can't I hear him?
This place.
This is where I chased after
that OZ mugger.
Detective Ko.
-What's going on with you?
You're acting suspicious!
What did you do to Na Chi-guk?
Chi-guk was killed.
He confessed.
That's him.
I can't see his face.
Any cameras in the parking lot?
The guests don't like it, so
Most people who come here
don't want their privacy exposed.
There's no way we can
confirm his identity.
How do unmanned motels work?
People usually make reservations online.
There's also an unmanned
payment machine here,
so they can pay on arrival.
Show us the payment record for Room 802.
One moment, please.
Room 802 is vacant.
It's been vacant for a while.
I'm certain it's Room 802.
It's definitely that room.
Let's check it out.
There was a laptop,
two jackets, and a suitcase.
I swear they were there.
As soon as the door opened,
I threw jjamppong soup at him.
It splattered here,
but they've even cleaned that up.
How could they
get rid of all that so quickly?
You threw jjamppong soup?
I'm telling the truth.
Run the license plate number of his car.
It's 67DEO 6264.
The car he
Wait a minute. What did you say?
"67DEO 6264"?
It's 67DEO 6264.
This is jjamppong soup.
I told you.
Do you believe me now?
The driver of 67DEO 6264.
He's the petty thief who
knocked me out and stole my wallet.
-That's his license plate number.
I chased him all the way to this motel.
It's him.
He killed Chi-guk.
Why would a petty thief kill Na Chi-guk?
That's rich coming from you,
you despicable scumbag.
Yes, I killed him, you monster.
I killed an innocent man because of you.
He knew who I was.
Chi-guk knew who I was,
and that's why he was killed.
We've got nothing.
You're turning into
the boy who cried wolf.
Somebody is actively covering up
the murders I've committed.
Who? Why?
Has he seen a doctor?
It could be a serious side effect
of the brain surgery.
-Think about it.
I just talked to the blood analysis team.
Na Chi-guk's toxicology screen
came back clean.
Some things don't
show up on a toxicology test.
Let's do an autopsy and
An autopsy requires evidence of murder.
The victim's family must ask for it.
I'll talk to her.
Yes, that's why Ba-reum wants
to do an autopsy.
As you already know,
Officer Jung Ba-reum has been
showing signs of delusion
since the brain surgery.
He once claimed that he killed someone,
but it turned out to be false.
Your son was in such an unstable state
that we were monitoring him closely.
It is common for patients
who wake up from a long coma,
like your son,
to have a heart attack.
If you really want to do it,
I won't stop you.
But as you already know,
an autopsy is quite an invasive procedure.
If it were me
If he were my son,
I would just let him rest in peace.
You just need to sign this.
No more, Ba-reum.
This won't bring Chi-guk back.
But you see
Chi-guk didn't die
from a simple heart attack.
In order to find out who did it,
we must do an autopsy and
I said no more.
Who would kill Chi-guk?
Sung Yo-han is dead already.
So who would kill him?
I don't want his body
to be cut open anymore.
No more.
Let's let him go now.
Let him rest in peace.
But, ma'am
Not right now. I can't die now.
I must kill the ones
who killed Chi-guk first.
Then I'll kill myself.
Jung Ba-reum.
Don't be too discouraged.
Let's find another way.
By the way,
why were you in Na Chi-guk's room?
It wasn't even visiting hours.
Chi-guk texted me to come.
He did?
Why? What did you two talk about?
He said he wanted
to be happy with his mom.
It seemed like he was being
blackmailed by someone
with his mom as the bait.
I see. That might be why he lied.
But I don't remember the culprit's face.
I was attacked from behind, so
He said he was attacked from behind,
so he wasn't able to see
the guy who stabbed him.
But his wounds show
that he was attacked from the front.
I didn't understand why he'd lie
about not seeing his attacker.
But it makes sense
if he was being blackmailed.
There's one thing that still puzzles me.
I just know someone attacked me
in the shower room.
He was attacked
in the outdoor shower room.
-Shower room?
Chi-guk's blood was there.
But the thing is
he was found in the magic box
in the auditorium.
How was he moved to the auditorium?
I must re-investigate
his case from the beginning.
I want to live happily with my mom.
Turn yourself in.
It'd be selfish of me to let this slide.
That's why you have to do it.
That way, everyone can live.
I'm sorry I couldn't keep
that promise, Chi-guk.
I won't turn myself in just yet.
I will kill the one who killed you
with my own hands.
Then I'll turn myself in.
I've been told I will die soon.
I'll see you soon.
When we
When we meet again
You're here.
You came.
When I heard that Chi-guk was awake,
I was as happy as if
Mi-jeong had come back.
Jo Mi-jeong?
It meant a lot that you
came to see him often.
Song Su-ho's mom?
Jong-ho will greet him up there.
Park Jong-ho's sister.
He won't be alone, so don't worry.
They're the families
of the people I killed.
Come here.
Sit down.
You haven't eaten anything.
You need to eat.
Are you okay? That must be hot.
Why are you bothering me?
I'm just worried about you.
Why would you worry about me?
-Why are you here?
You weren't friends with Chi-guk.
Why are you yelling at Bong-yi?
You should be thanking her.
Hey, Ba-reum.
I'll do it, Bong-yi.
I'll clean it up.
You all came.
Go home.
Ba-reum just doesn't want you
to put yourself out.
Go home, okay?
Hey, Bong-yi
-You should eat.
How did a weakling like you become a cop?
I give up.
Her grandmother won't live much longer.
Then she'll have no family at all.
She doesn't have any friends either.
It means she'll be easy to get rid of,
even if she finds out who I am.
She's the perfect choice
to bear my child.
Don't be sick.
You must be healthy
to give birth to a healthy child.
What should I do, Bong-yi?
What should I do?
Did you get the call?
Yes. I refused.
She came to my house,
so I threw a bowl of salt at her.
The audacity
What call?
I guess she didn't call you, Mrs. Song.
Choi Hong-ju wanted to do an interview.
An interview?
She wants to air a new special.
A Year After the Moojin Serial Murders.
I guess she wants to shed
new light on the case.
Why now?
Why do you think?
She's trying to clear
her son's father's name.
Is the rumor true?
Did Sung Yo-han have a child?
I guess she didn't call you, Mrs. Song.
Choi Hong-ju wanted to do an interview.
She wants to air a new special.
A Year After the Moojin Serial Murders.
The uniform suits you.
Thank you.
It's a leg.
Why would there be just one leg?
Ba-reum, this is a willy, right?
These are legs.
-Let go.
-You can't reach, can you?
Stop it.
Let's keep going.
It must just be a lookalike.
His name and his family's names
are all different.
Right, there's no way.
But come to think of it,
why hasn't Auntie called?
The number you have dialed
is not in service.
The number you have dialed
is not in service.
What? They both changed their numbers?
That is my uncle.
What's going on here?
Thank you.
Who sent it?
His workplace.
Let's go inside.
His workplace is different too.
But how could he look
so much like my uncle?
Did he have a twin?
Park Min-seong. Lee Pil-seung.
They have different last names.
I'm sorry.
Yes, that's it.
That's the car that hit me?
It stops here.
Then it disappears.
Damn it. Where did he go?
The man who killed Chi-guk
is the one who hit me
with his car a year ago.
Is it just a coincidence?
Here it is.
Right here.
-Oh, this number?
The number you have dialed
is not in service.
What? Why is everyone's
number disconnected?
Find out who he is.
One moment, please.
Why is someone else's
license number coming up?
This can't be right.
This isn't possible.
I'm sure they checked
his ID and everything.
What's going on?
He settled it with your aunt.
If it's urgent, you should ask your aunt.
Or you could call the insurance company.
There's no such employee here.
But the accident was registered
under his name.
My aunt settled it with the driver.
Take a look here.
What was the plate number again?
It's 67DEO 6264.
I was injured in that accident.
There's no record of an accident
involving this car.
The police
What's going on here?
-What are you looking at?
-The audacity
That wench Choi Hong-ju.
You said she was awesome before.
No, she isn't.
Of all the men in the world
She posted on my old neighborhood
forum for young moms
that she's looking for a babysitter.
That poor Han-guk was found without lungs,
and she's looking for somebody
to look after her baby?
There's been a flood of comments.
I'm tempted to write
something terrible, too.
But I can't think of anything.
Peek-a-boo, Eun-chong.
-Shake the toy.
Is this Producer Choi Hong-ju?
Yes, that's right.
-It's a waste of your time.
She doesn't deserve the attention.
Don't read these.
It's not good for your mental health.
Ring me up, please.
MY NUMBER IS 010-233-4457
I'm calling in response to your message.
I think I've seen you before.
You look familiar.
I have a generic face.
I get that a lot.
Your face isn't generic.
Have you babysat before?
No, I've never looked after
someone else's child before.
But I raised my son,
so I know how to take care of a baby.
I see.
One moment, please.
Are you hungry? Here.
Do you live with your son now?
He was in an accident.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry.
Do you have a plastic bag?
Hold on.
Here you go.
When I was raising my son,
I did this whenever he cried.
He'd stop crying right away.
And he isn't crying right now
because he's hungry.
He needs to have his diaper changed.
I see.
It's okay. I've got you.
Can you start tomorrow?
Of course.
The truth is, the previous babysitter
Hang on.
Okay. Let's talk later.
Can you start today?
Of course.
I'll take good care of him.
Don't worry about a thing.
Thank you.
You have his eyes.
And his nose.
This is Su-ho's mom.
Hello. How have you been?
I saw you in front of my place last night.
I see. Well, I just
I heard from the other families
that you're working on a special.
-I'll do it.
I'll do the interview.
There's something I want to say on TV.
All right.
When are you free?
Should I go to your place?
No, not my place.
I'll meet you tomorrow
at the broadcasting station.
All right, then.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I wonder what she wants to say.
He went in alone and left alone.
He marched in and received something.
Who is this other person?
It looks like he's handing over
a piece of paper.
This scumbag is an insider.
New evidence.
That little
Isn't that Kang Deok-su's mom's statement?
Hey, Shin.
Hey, I've been meaning to talk to you.
Thank you for helping us out
with the ceremony.
I brought a souvenir for you.
It's really cute.
I'll give it to you later.
When did you say you gave
Kang Deok-su's mom's statement
to Detective Lee?
The day I went on Sherlock Hong-ju.
I gave it to him
as soon as she gave it to me.
I see.
Can you believe he forgot to deliver it?
He is ridiculous.
If he'd handed it over right away,
you would've come out
of the holding cell sooner,
and Bong-yi would not have gotten hurt.
There's only one good outcome
from his mistake.
Kang Deok-su being killed.
I'm just saying
Mr. Bok.
What time did Detective Lee hand over
Kang Deok-su's mom's statement?
I don't know the exact time.
I was yelling at Gi-hyeok
because he told me he'd released you.
That's when he gave it to me,
saying it slipped his mind.
He gave it to you after I was released?
He told me he'd forgotten
I'd given it to him.
How could he have shown someone else?
To an outsider, too.
Okay. Detective Lee
showed the paper to OZ at 8 p.m.
And he kept the statement.
Then you let me out at 10 p.m.
That's when he gave it to Mr. Bok. Why?
There was no reason to hide it
because I'd been released.
This OZ guy, who read the statement,
tried to crash into me with his truck
when I was on my way to help Bong-yi,
and I got in an accident trying
to dodge that truck.
When I got out of my car,
he hit me in the head.
He took my wallet as a cover,
to make it look like a mugging.
So you're saying
he knew you would go straight to Bong-yi
and waited for you there?
If I'd gotten there on time,
Kang Deok-su wouldn't have died.
So OZ and Kang Deok-su's killer
were working together.
He bought the other guy
time to kill Kang Deok-su.
It's a bit far-fetched.
Then the guy who killed Kang Deok-su is
Detective Lee?
It must be! You said
the killer might be an insider.
That's why we came here
and went through every footage.
No. I looked through
the camera footage again,
but he was here
when Kang Deok-su was killed.
Right. He was with me.
So what is going on?
We should question Detective Lee.
We'll get something out of him.
We must be prudent.
If we're too rash,
he might get rid of all evidence.
You keep an eye on him
and look for that 6264 car.
Let's keep this between us for now.
I think the guy who killed Kang Deok-su
has something to do
with Na Chi-guk's murder, too.
Na Chi-guk was murdered?
Yes. There's no proof,
but Officer Jung saw something.
I think that guy killed Na Chi-guk, too.
Why would he kill Na Chi-guk?
I think he was blackmailed.
The place Sung Yo-han killed Na Chi-guk
is unusual.
What do you mean?
Did I make a mistake?
What are you talking about?
What mistake?
What if it wasn't Sung Yo-han?
What if it wasn't Sung Yo-han
who tried to kill Na Chi-guk?
Don't you remember the live show?
Sung Yo-han mentioned Na Chi-guk.
He said he'd punished Na Chi-guk
because the naked king had no pride.
But what if it wasn't Sung Yo-han
that I talked to on the phone?
What if Sung Yo-han isn't
the Moojin serial murderer?
No way.
Sung Yo-han crushed Officer Jung's head.
The picture of Byeon Sun-yeong's
body was found at his place.
How could it not be him?
There's no doubt about it.
It's an open-and-shut case.
Something doesn't feel right.
The fact that they cleaned up
so quickly
means they're professionals.
Put a rush on it, please.
I found him right away
on the ex-con database.
This is him?
Please wait outside.
It is him.
Who are you? Are you family?
I work for an architecture company.
It's my uncle.
We have no record
of a Park Min-seong or Lee Pil-seung
leaving the country.
What about Kim Hui-jin
and Park Hun-seok?
They are my aunt and cousin.
They're not on the record.
All right.
Excuse me.
That place is empty. They moved.
Did a boy named Hun-seok live here?
I am his cousin.
I can't get a hold of them.
I guess you didn't hear that they moved.
They did leave very suddenly.
As if they were running away.
I did wonder if they were
in some sort of trouble.
Running away?
When was this?
Let me think.
Hun-seok went missing one day.
She looked for him everywhere.
She brought him home the next morning.
Later that day,
a moving truck came, and they left.
That was the day he spent
the night at my place.
Who lived here with them?
It was just the two of them.
Hun-seok and his mom.
What about his dad?
He doesn't have a dad.
I heard that they got divorced
when Hun-seok was a baby
and he moved to the U.S.
Let's think.
Auntie used to live in my neighborhood.
I moved here close to her place
after the brain surgery.
What do you think? Your uncle and I
worked hard to buy this place.
It's more than 50 years old.
We remodeled it ourselves.
It was tough.
I'll fix up your place, too, Ba-reum.
I work for an architecture company.
Leave it to me.
-Let's eat.
Hun-seok wasn't there.
It was just the two of them.
You don't remember Hun-seok, do you?
You practically raised him
when he was a baby.
That was all a lie?
Everything around me was a lie?
Here is Kim Man-ho's family certificate.
Mom didn't have a sister.
Are you Jae-hun?
You poor thing.
My nephew.
Who are you?
Jae-hun. I'm your aunt.
Your mom's sister.
I was in the U.S.,
so I received the news late.
It's annoying how people
look at me weirdly.
I must pretend to be like everyone else.
I need to avoid attention.
My heart aches.
Don't worry.
You can live with me now.
Come on in.
This is where you'll live from now on.
Nice to meet you, Jae-hun. I'm your uncle.
I'm going to legally adopt you.
Then I want a new name.
What kind of name?
It means "righteous."
The hourly wage is
This is decent.
Darn it.
I left all my stuff
at the broadcast station.
I can't exactly ask them to mail it to me.
I didn't do anything wrong.
I can drop in.
I'm running a bit late.
Song Su-ho's mother should be
waiting for me in the lobby.
-Have her wait for me in the office.
Where's the assistant director?
I'm so busy today.
Bong-yi, what's going on with you?
You ghosted us.
I'm sorry. To be honest
I'll listen to your excuses later.
Bring the guest in the lobby cafe up here.
I'm sorry, but I just came
to get my stuff today.
It's Song Su-ho's mother.
She's a family member
of the Moojin case victims,
so be extra respectful, okay?
The Moojin case
What is she doing here?
She's agreed to do the interview
for the special episode.
Why that topic again?
I don't know either.
Producer Choi likes
to stir up controversy.
Go get her, okay?
What she did to me wasn't enough?
She's harassing other families?
His fingerprints might be on it.
Kang Deok-su's mom's statement.
Kang Deok-su.
Kang Deok-su.
I told Jung Ba-reum
to keep things more organized.
Hi, ma'am.
It's me. I have a question to ask you.
Where are you?
I came out to do something.
Where are you?
I'm at the OBN broadcasting
station to do an interview.
What? An interview?
Okay. I'll be right there.
What is this about?
Are you here to see Choi Hong-ju?
Don't do the interview.
Don't let her use you.
I'm the granddaughter
of the old woman from Gudong.
The one Sung Yo-han killed.
Choi Hong-ju knew I was
related to one of the victims
but approached me
while pretending to be clueless.
There must be a misunderstanding.
Ms. Choi isn't a bad person
Yes, she is. You don't understand.
When Su-ho was killed,
I tried to kill myself several times.
One day, I jumped in the river,
and she jumped in to save me.
She nearly lost her life, too.
But she stayed up all night
at the hospital taking care of me.
I guess she had a bit of conscience left.
Do you know who she is?
She's Sung Yo-han's ex.
She even gave birth to his child.
I know. I heard.
I wondered why she was so nice to me.
I realized that she felt guilty
for dating Sung Yo-han.
Sung Yo-han is the bad guy, not her.
Things must've been tough for her, too.
We must be sympathetic
No, she's a terrible person.
She will take advantage
of anyone when she needs to.
So don't let her use you,
and don't do the interview.
I called her first
and offered to do the interview.
There's something I want
to get off my chest.
It's been bothering me.
About what?
Sung Yo-han
I don't think he's the killer.
What are they doing here?
Why are you waiting for me here?
-You see
-Let's go.
Choi Hong-ju.
We said no,
so you coaxed Su-ho's mother?
No, it was me who
We told you not to do it.
You should have listened.
Why are you breaking
our hearts all over again?
I'm not taking anyone's side.
It's about the truth
The truth?
What an absolute joke.
You're trying to take advantage
of naive Mrs. Song
to clear your baby's father's name
through the special.
You just want to prove
your child's not the son of a murderer.
Watch what you're saying.
You shameless wench.
How could you date a man like that?
Don't say anything you'll regret.
What did you just say?
-Don't do this.
-You wench.
Let me go.
-We won't let this happen.
-You're shameless!
What's going on?
You're using my daughter to save your son?
Bring my daughter back!
I don't think Sung Yo-han is the killer.
Damn it.
When I first heard
that Sung Yo-han killed my son,
I was so shocked that my mind went blank.
But as time passed by,
I started to think
it couldn't have been him.
So I wanted to tell her
about the Sung Yo-han I knew.
What do you mean?
I'll say it in the interview.
So you're saying
you believe that Sung Yo-han
isn't the killer?
I fought him myself.
Did you see his face?
Was it really Sung Yo-han?
not in that moment,
but I clearly saw him trying
to kill Ba-reum by striking his head.
And the victims' pictures
were found in his house.
I don't understand that part either.
That's why I was going
to keep my mouth shut.
But I wanted to tell her what I saw.
What's she playing at?
This is so annoying.
Why are you covering this again?
I don't get it.
Are you really doing this
to exonerate Sung Yo-han?
Don't do this if you care about me at all.
Let's go. I'll drive you home.
-What about the interview?
-Let's go.
Why did you call?
I wanted to see
Song Su-ho's childhood pictures.
Why do you want to see those?
I want to check something.
Oh, that boy?
He was so strange.
He brought a mouse and fed it to a snake.
It was crazy.
His mother practically begged,
so we didn't kick him out.
But I heard that even in elementary school
he kept getting in trouble.
I think he attended Guryeong Grade School.
Today, you can draw whatever you want.
Does your arm itch a lot?
Stop what you're doing
and go see the nurse.
Why did you kill the rabbit?
I wanted to know if it had gained weight
or if it was pregnant.
Who is this?
Jung Jae-hun?
Jung Jae-hun.
It was me.
I killed my entire family.
Why are you crying?
You monster. Die!
Song Su-ho?
How long have I been tailed?
The one who tried to kill
Na Chi-guk was Sung Yo-han.
The one who killed Na Chi-guk is OZ.
I do this out of a sense of duty.
Who are you?
A group of psychopaths?
Who are you?
Let's keep him out of this for now.
There's something off about him.
My sister, Jennifer.
Welcome to the mousetrap, you dirty mice.
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