Mouse (2021) s01e17 Episode Script

The Guryeong Family Massacre

We're closed.
So you were a boxer.
No wonder.
Who are you?
Why did you kill my family?
Now you remember me.
This isn't fair.
There wasn't a single moment
I forgot about you.
I've been looking for you since that day.
I became a cop,
hoping it'd help me find you.
Your face. Your fists.
Those were all I knew about you,
so it was difficult to find you.
Come up here. Let me see how good you are.
"Eye for eye."
"Tooth for tooth."
I already beat you enough
for beating my mom.
This is for burning my little brother.
And this is for my stepfather.
What are you going to do about your son?
What are you going to do?
I can't live with him anymore.
Damn it.
He buried his brother in the ground.
I knew he was no good
when he killed my goldfish and Choco.
He will end up killing people.
Stop it. He'll hear you.
Damn it.
Look at those eyes.
You little
Jae-hun, come here.
You need to wash up.
You must be hungry.
What about Jae-min and Jae-hee?
Your dad took them to an amusement park.
Don't be mistaken.
I wasn't going to kill Jae-min.
I just wanted to punish him
for being a tattletale.
I just wanted to scare him a little.
I'm not lying, Mom.
Go ahead and eat.
Why are you crying?
You monster.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I didn't believe you.
I didn't have a choice either.
You were born with a special DNA.
Why only me?
There's another.
There is another child
just like you.
My poor baby.
Wake up. Mom.
My boy.
You're a good boy, right?
Live your life
as a good,
righteous person.
My baby.
He seems to be fine.
That poor boy.
I guess he dodged the tragedy.
-I guess he wasn't home.
-I guess.
Oh, no.
I know.
His entire family's dead,
but he isn't crying.
Even so, if you do that to a little boy
Did you not see anything that day?
No, I didn't.
How dare you mess with my family?
I will go to end of hell if I have to
and do what you did to my family.
It was a revenge murder.
I sought revenge.
Can I borrow this picture?
Why? What is it?
I need to look into something.
I'll tell you why later.
Was Su-ho still boxing at this point?
He quit a little after his sister died.
He was working for a company
around that time.
What company?
It was some kind of a bodyguard agency.
He was having
such a hard time at the time,
so he was being counseled
at a government-funded therapy center,
and I think they referred him
to a job there.
He worked there for about ten years.
He worked diligently,
but one night,
he was bawling his eyes out all night.
Su-ho, what's wrong?
It was the first time
I heard him cry out loud
since his sister was killed.
The next day,
when I was cleaning his room,
I found a receipt
for the Guryeong toll gate.
Soon after that, he quit his job
and started to help out
at his friend's boxing club.
He never told you what happened?
I did feel him out,
but he wouldn't tell me.
Oh, right.
Several days later, a detective came by
and asked a few questions
to Su-ho and left.
A detective
This is Guryeong Lake, right?
I never got an answer out of him.
I never found out why he killed my family.
Was it mugging?
No, then he would've killed me too.
Why did he set the house on fire
after he got me out of the house?
Why only me?
This man
He looks familiar.
Why didn't you let me die?
I knew I've seen him before.
You shouldn't have saved my life then.
Then he wouldn't have been born.
-Why did he spare me only?
-Why did he save me only?
Sung Yo-han attended
an elementary school in Guryeong.
Then this boy is Sung Yo-han?
Then it explains the relationship
between Sung Yo-han and Song Su-ho.
Who are you?
I'm a police officer.
I'm looking into something.
Why would the police
have any business with this house?
It's you, isn't it?
Nation's pride, Officer Jung.
Oh, my.
I saw you on the news.
You were put through an ordeal
because of that scumbag.
I see. You're here because of Sung Yo-han.
Sung Yo-han?
At first, I thought he was Jae-hun,
so I nearly fainted
when I watched the news that night.
What do you mean?
That day, Sung Yo-han came
and stared at this house for a long time.
Sung Yo-han was here?
That day?
The day he was shot.
He came during the day
and stared at the house.
At a glance,
I could tell he was around Jae-hun's age.
So I asked him
if he was Jae-hun.
He told me that I had the wrong person
and left in a hurry.
Is that so?
He then stopped
and asked about the twin daughter.
The youngest girl went missing.
Only three bodies were found that day.
Everyone thought that the eldest son
probably killed his family.
They also assumed that he killed
and hid her somewhere too.
Jae-hun was a really strange boy.
I wonder where he is
and if he is a decent man now.
I hope he grew up to be
a great person like you, Officer Jung.
Thank you.
Why did he come here?
How did he know about Jae-hee?
She went missing in 2005.
She should be 22 years old now.
When she went missing,
her name was Jung Jae-hee.
And she had Savant syndrome.
She could remember everything she heard.
There isn't a missing child
under that description.
I'll ask the protection institutions
for the disabled.
Thank you.
Please find my little sister. Thank you.
He's Jae-hun from Class Three.
He's not Yo-han.
Yes, his name was Jung Jae-hun.
Haven't you heard
about the Guryeong family murder case?
He was the eldest son.
The Guryeong family murder case.
I found a receipt
for the Guryeong toll gate.
He was bawling his eyes out all night.
Several days later, a detective came by.
What happened to Jae-hun after that?
I think his relative took him.
You should ask the police.
That will be faster.
Thank you.
The house still belongs
to the parents on paper.
That's why the house was never sold
and left abandoned like that.
What about the missing twin?
-Oh, the daughter?
We never found her.
-Hey, Jung Ba-reum!
-Detective Ko.
I've been calling you all day,
and you didn't pick up.
I was looking into something.
What brings you by?
I'm Detective Ko Moo-chi
from Moojin Police Agency.
Is the detective who was in charge of
the Guryeong family murder case
still here?
That's me.
You remember this kid, don't you?
Yes, it's the eldest son of that family.
That's the day I drowned Choco.
Was he one of the suspects too?
Yes, he was.
I remember going to Moojin to see him.
Then what happened?
One moment, please.
I need to look at the case file.
He isn't on there.
I looked at all the suspects
as soon as I became a cop,
but he wasn't on it.
He isn't here.
That's strange. Why has he been left out?
I clearly remember writing up
a report on him.
He was left out?
That's strange. Who made such a mistake?
The eldest son is here.
Every detail is written here.
The eldest son? Him?
He was a suspect too?
I thought it was his family.
You see He didn't seem so sad
when his entire family was killed.
It felt so suspicious
that we unofficially did
a lie detector test on him.
-He wasn't guilty.
A 11-year-old-boy
couldn't have killed his entire family.
We were just clutching at straws.
Do you know where that kid is now?
His aunt took him.
His aunt?
Can I get her contact information?
Here it is.
The number you have dialed
is not in service.
The number's disconnected.
Can you run an ID check on the aunt?
One moment.
Why isn't it coming up?
That's strange.
We confirmed her information at the time.
Then run a check on this kid.
It will give away that I am Jung Jae-hun.
What do I do?
His resident registration
has been canceled.
That only means he is dead
or he's moved overseas.
That's not mine.
Auntie told me
she registered me as her kid.
She cancelled my registration
instead of adopting me?
Then where did my current
resident registration number come from?
What are you doing here?
I was looking into
the guy who killed Chi-guk.
I opened the case file to see
if Sung Yo-han had an accomplice,
and there was a record of him
living in Guryeong as a child.
So I just came to ask around.
By the way, where did you get
that kid's picture?
I got it from Song Su-ho's album.
Song Su-ho also had
the OZ tattoo on his arm.
I went to his place
to look into it and found it.
I think Song Su-ho had something
to do with the kid's family's murder.
Song Su-ho was one of them too?
His mom told me
after he came back from Guryeong,
he cried all night.
That's around the time
the family was murdered.
I think this OZ
that Song Su-ho was part of
worked with the psychopath who killed
Kang Deok-su, Lee Jae-sik,
and Kim Byeong-tae.
He's been quiet,
but he'll kill again soon.
A psychopath like him
can't last long without killing people.
Let's go back before it gets too late.
You were born with a special DNA.
There is another child
just like you.
How did Mom know about that?
A special DNA.
You've known the whole time?
That I was a predator?
Would I have asked you to work with me
if I knew it was you?
-I was certain that it was Sung Yo-han.
-What made you so certain?
Because I did the same test
on Han Seo-jun's wife.
How long have I been tailed?
All right.
If Song Su-ho killed this boy's family,
this kid may want to seek revenge.
But this kid isn't Sung Yo-han.
The one who revenge-murdered
Song Su-ho was Sung Yo-han.
What's going on here?
The one who tried to kill
Na Chi-guk was Sung Yo-han.
But once Na Chi-guk woke up,
he was threatened.
The one who killed Na Chi-guk is OZ.
I'm going crazy here.
Isn't this the evidence box
from Sung Yo-han's case?
-Why did you bring it?
Detective Ko is worried
Sung Yo-han may not be the culprit.
I can't just sit and watch.
I will go through
every evidence in this box
and show him
that Sung Yo-han is the killer.
What happened to the fingerprint
on the statement?
I checked.
-They did find another print.
But it's too smudged
to identify whose it is.
Where's Detective Lee right now?
Am I doing the right thing?
What brings you by unannounced?
You lied to me.
This is so annoying.
The Security Team's blaming us
for damaging the security camera footage
-that we checked the other day.
-What? Damage?
Apparently, Detective Ko thought
the footage was edited out
and took it to look into it.
What are you talking about?
The fact that I have a special DNA
and that there's another kid like me
How did my mom know that?
That's you?
You're Min-gyu's son?
Park Min-gyu and Kim Hui-jeong's son?
Yes. My mom is Kim Hui-jeong,
and my birth father is Park Min-gyu.
I was certain
that your mom would've gotten an abortion.
Are you looking for this?
Where's Detective Lee right now?
He must be out smoking.
-Hey, Shin.
When Detective Lee comes back,
let him know that I know that the lobby's
security footage was edited out.
-I want to see with my own eyes
how he reacts.
Are you looking for this?
Are you afraid of the video
with your face in it being restored?
What are you talking about?
Then why would you go through my desk?
Come with me.
What the heck are you doing?
Show me your hand.
Here it is.
You were in a rush, right?
You must've been shitting your pants.
Who are you? A group of psychopaths?
Who are you?
What are you talking about?
I had a tattoo of my girlfriend's initials
and got it removed
because we broke up a few days ago.
I see. What about
the edited security footage?
You showed Kang Deok-su's mom's
statement to OZ.
What the heck are you on about?
That footage has been restored.
I'll show you! Come with me.
Is this what we're talking about?
I dropped the statement in the lobby.
Someone picked it up and gave it to me.
And I never edited out
any security footage.
A cop's salary isn't enough.
Right? You can't make ends meet.
Do they pay you a lot?
What are you talking about?
You spineless scumbag.
I do this out of a sense of duty.
Where did you get this jacket?
It looks nice.
Let me see. What brand is it?
Oh, that must be hot. I'm so sorry.
Take it off.
-I'm sorry.
-Are you okay?
-You should've been careful.
-I'm okay.
Did you get a burn? Let me take a look.
It turned red.
-I said I'm fine.
This jacket must be waterproof.
It reeks of coffee, though. I'm sorry.
Do you want to sell it to me?
As if I would.
I'm sorry!
Did you get a look?
-Detective Ko.
It is a burner phone.
It was tracked
in the Ministry of Science and ICT.
Shouldn't we bring him in for questioning?
For what? Removing a tattoo?
Or using a burner phone?
He tampered with the security footage.
There's no evidence that he did it.
And that video isn't enough proof
that Detective Lee's working
with those OZ guys.
If we go after him without clear proof,
we could face a backlash.
Then why did you mess with him?
You can be in danger now.
But I am more certain.
Let's keep an eye on him.
Keep an eye on whom he meets and talks to.
You are still looking for
the stolen car 6264, right?
I am,
but it's hard to find it
unless the car is in an accident.
By the way, where is Officer Jung?
Let's keep him out of this for now.
There's something off about him.
Your father was part of my research team.
In order to help with our studies,
he talked your mother
into doing the DNA test on the fetus.
It turned out the fetus
had the psychopathic gene.
I had to tell them the truth.
I recommended abortion to them,
and they agreed to it.
That's why I didn't know
that she had her baby.
But psychopaths only care
about themselves.
The fact that I killed
Song Su-ho out of revenge
shows that I had affection for my family.
That wasn't out of affection.
You were angry
they messed with what's yours
and that they invaded your territory.
It was a punishment on that.
I killed an innocent person
because of you!
I found him in the ex-con database.
-I'm your aunt.
-My mom didn't have a sister.
His resident registration
has been canceled.
The witness who saw me
killing someone and ran away
I was determined to find him
and get rid of him.
Hey, Officer Jung!
Detective Ko.
But I ran into Detective Ko
and failed to find the witness.
When I saw Detective Ko's jacket,
I remembered the witness' jacket.
Right. I brought Kim Jun-seong's laptop.
I took pictures
while they were still alive,
but these were taken after they died.
These are the pictures I saw
in Sung Yo-han's house.
So he watched me killing people
and took pictures after I killed them?
And he didn't even report to the police?
He is an OZ.
Sung Yo-han tried to kill me.
If he was an OZ,
why did he try to kill me?
Unlike the other OZ men?
Even Song Su-ho killed my mom
to save my life.
Then why did Sung Yo-han try to kill me?
Let the kid go first.
Han-guk. He's right below your feet.
He was trying to save Han-guk.
If he was an OZ,
he would've gotten rid of Han-guk's body
and covered up my killing.
What was he trying to say?
What did he say?
I must find out.
Whom did he speak to from this building?
Kim Jun-seong,
Sung Yo-han's friend, worked here.
Does this have anything to do with that?
Was Kim Jun-seong part of OZ too?
There wasn't one.
Are you sure?
Officer Jung. My job is
to examine dead bodies thoroughly.
Are you doubting my memory?
There wasn't one.
Did you do an autopsy
on Sung Yo-han's body?
No, his mom didn't want one.
Kim Jun-seong wasn't one of them?
Then what about Sung Yo-han?
Officer Jung did?
Yes, he asked me the same question.
He asked if there was an alphabet tattoo
on Kim Jun-seong's body.
What is he looking into?
There was no time to look for that.
He came in with a gunshot wound
in his abdomen.
I didn't have time to look elsewhere.
Is there a doctor who was close enough
with Sung Yo-han to have seen his body?
He was cold and kept
his distance from everyone.
How should I figure this out?
There isn't a video recording
of the surgery.
There isn't?
It was the world's
first brain transplant surgery.
There's no way it wasn't recorded.
Han Seo-jun asked
for complete confidentiality.
He didn't want any videos,
and he didn't let anyone else in the OR.
He didn't want to let anyone else
know about the technique,
even though it wasn't like he could
take the knowledge with him when he dies.
That kind of medical technique
should've been shared.
It's a shame.
And even if the surgery was recorded,
it was a brain surgery.
Other parts of the body
wouldn't have been recorded.
All right.
Is your headache better?
I will prescribe you some meds.
Pick them up before you leave.
He really is crazy.
I can't believe he did it.
It's too bad. If he hadn't killed people,
he would've become the world's
I guess he was able to do brain transplant
because he killed people.
How ironic.
Don't try so hard to die.
You don't have much time left anyway.
You'll die soon too.
I'm tired.
Why are you like this to me?
You're really dense.
Do I have to spell it out for you?
I'm sick of you now.
Don't burden me like this.
Go home.
It's because of Kang Deok-su.
I know everything.
I know you killed Kang Deok-su.
That's why you're avoiding me.
I don't care.
Kang Deok-su deserved to die.
If you hadn't killed him,
Yu-na would've been killed.
-Yes, that's right.
I killed Kang Deok-su.
I killed him for you.
I killed him in case you get in danger.
Look at what I did because of you.
I should've looked the other way.
I became a murderer because of you!
Looking at you reminds me of that moment.
It's utterly horrifying!
So please get out of my sight.
If you show up here once more,
I'll turn myself in for killing
Kang Deok-su and go to jail.
If you don't want to see me
rot in jail for the rest of my life,
don't show your face
before me ever again. Okay?
All my memories are back.
Help me.
Help me.
Back then
Help me.
Back then, I
Help me.
What should I do, Bong-yi?
What am I going to do?
If this kid is the killer,
not Sung Yo-han,
he would've blackmailed and killed
Na Chi-guk for knowing that.
Then why did Sung Yo-han
try to kill Officer Jung?
Why were pictures of the victims
found in Sung Yo-han's house?
It doesn't add up.
Maybe Producer Choi found something.
Why is she doing a broadcast
on the Moojin serial murder case again?
The killer was found and killed already.
Why are you doing a broadcast
about the Moojin case again?
You found something, didn't you?
I didn't.
I just heard that the killer
of Kang Deok-su, Lee Jae-sik,
and Kim Byeong-tae left the same trademark
as Song Su-ho's case,
so I wanted to look at it all over again.
She is hiding something.
All right.
I made this.
Keep it in your car, okay?
I didn't want any innocent person
to be killed like you again.
But in the end, I
Who is prank-calling at this hour?
Get a grip. You can't lose this phone.
That's where it was.
I've been out of it recently.
I'm a bit busy today,
so I'll go get the phone tomorrow.
It looks like Jung Ba-reum
has been using a burner phone.
Locate the phone.
Find out who he's been talking to.
He's off to work now.
He went to work at Moojin Police Agency.
I've located his hideout too.
Welcome to the mousetrap, you dirty mice.
I can't hear you.
-Where are you?
Why can't I hear him?
My phone has been cloned.
I recommended abortion to them,
and they agreed to it.
That's why I didn't know
that she had her baby.
He always knew
that my mom gave birth to me.
You tested my DNA.
And if OZ has been following me
around since I was young
because they knew
I had the psychopathic gene,
that means you were one of them.
Then I need to know
why you are living in hiding now.
If OZ is looking for you,
I will use you as bait.
The best way to catch a mouse
is to place an appetizing bait
on the trap.
That's where it was.
I've been out of it recently.
I'm a bit busy today
Tell me. Who are you people?
You know who I am, right?
I'm sure you know
what kind of a monster I am.
If you don't tell me,
I will slit his throat, open up his head,
and chew up his brain.
Will Oh Bong-yi be taken
and be found dead?
Or will she get to her destination?
It's up to you.
Damn it.
It should be okay, right?
Where's it gone?
I left it there.
How did it go?
I lost them.
-What is it?
I think I left a picture there.
A picture?
What picture?
A picture of my sister, Jennifer.
If that is found
I'll go get it.
I'll go get it. Stay here.
I'm certain. They're after him.
They even know about his family.
Whose is it?
Dr. Daniel Lee?
First message.
Yo-han. It's me, Jun-seong.
This is Sung Yo-han's phone?
Did Daniel and Sung Yo-han
talk on the phone often?
The thing you wanted me to look into
I'm scared.
I think we started something
we shouldn't have.
It's an organization called OZ.
Let's talk in person.
That means Sung Yo-han
and Kim Jun-seong weren't part of OZ.
What is this doing here?
Then that day
Stay here.
That day, I found out my diary was gone.
October 17th. A sunny day.
I cut open a rabbit's stomach.
I wanted to see if it got fat
or if it was pregnant.
I didn't get the highest score this time.
"This student receives this award
for receiving an excellent mark
in the math competition."
Good job.
It's because of the new student
who pretends to be good.
He is strange.
Everyone avoids me,
but he's different.
That's why I hate him even more.
But I want to be that kid.
I want to be like him.
The new boy. I hate him.
So what if he's the smartest in school?
He's a fool who doesn't know
that he's being stalked.
Someone was stalking him.
He was being tailed and watched.
No way.
It's been a year since the Moojin case.
How are you doing?
I'm doing fine.
To be honest, I tried
to kill myself several times.
I couldn't even breathe.
I wondered what I've done so wrong
in my past life
to deserve losing
both my children like that.
But I'm okay now.
I'm doing all right.
It's all thanks to that person.
The one
who gave me the will to live.
It's my fault for saying
bad things about her child.
Let's go apologize about that.
You're not even a resident here.
Why did you tie your dog
I'm sorry.
I couldn't leave her at home alone.
Bok-sil's usually really tame
Jeez. Get it out of here right now!
My dear Baby was startled
because of your limping dog.
Your limping dog? Watch your words!
Your mouth and ears
must be filled with dung.
Fancy meeting you here.
I went to see you the next day,
but you had moved away.
Oh. I had my reasons.
Tell her to get rid of the dog right away!
She's unbelievable.
How have you been?
Please get rid of the dog.
She's the vice representative
of the residents.
I can't get on her bad side.
I'm sorry. The baby's mom said
she'll be back soon,
so let us just stay 30 minutes.
No, you can't. Please get it out of here.
Then I will go take Bok-sil
for a walk for 30 minutes.
Bok-sil, let's go for a walk.
Thank you.
I'll leave her to you then.
The mom will be back soon.
Don't worry about a thing.
Can you give this
to the resident of Unit 805?
-Unit 805?
Come here. Let's go!
-Are you okay?
Bok-sil, it's okay.
-Shouldn't you go see a doctor?
-No, I'm fine.
Bok-sil, did you enjoy the walk?
-Thank you.
-It's not a problem.
It was nice taking a stroll.
I hadn't done it in a while.
I'll get going now.
Come have dinner at my place.
No, it's okay.
It's close by.
I'll be eating by myself anyway.
Come eat with me if it's okay with you.
You're so cute.
I think it is that puppy.
Dinner is ready. Come.
I live alone,
so I don't have a lot to offer.
It's more than enough.
It's been a while
since I had a home-cooked meal.
By the way
You told me that your son
found and brought
Bok-sil from a bridge, right?
Which bridge was that?
It's the Ansin-dong Bridge.
We lived in Ansin-dong briefly years ago.
Then wasn't it
Wasn't there an incident
in that neighborhood then?
Right. The Kang Deok-su case.
How did you know?
Then Bok-sil is
Your son
Where is he now?
You see
He died in an accident.
I see.
Thank you so much for today.
No. Thank you for the dinner.
Get home safely.
Okay. Bye.
Detective Ko.
At the time of the incident,
wasn't it you that found me
and carried me to the hospital?
I did carry you to the hospital,
but I wasn't the one
who found you. I got a call.
Yes, this is Ansin-dong Police Substation.
I'm under the Ansin-dong Bridge
Is somebody hurt?
Please come quickly.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
She's seriously hurt.
Please come this way.
Bring a warm blanket
-and call for a surgeon.
Your grandma and I took
the uniform to school,
but no one stepped up
to say that it was him.
So we never found him.
Why do you ask?
I met that boy's mom.
It was a coincidence.
Talk about fate.
he's dead.
Oh, no.
I found the stolen car. 67DEO 6264.
Okay. Sorry, I have to get going.
Did you identify him?
He didn't have an ID or a phone,
so I lifted his fingerprints.
Let me know once you find out.
The dashcam was taken?
This wasn't a suicide.
It was set up to look like one.
The phone is turned off
Hey, Shin.
I'm sending you a number to check.
Track its location too.
He hung up a personal item
on a car that's not his?
What is this?
Two memory chips?
He's smart.
He prepared a backup.
You're the girl from that incident?
I just confirmed it at the police station.
Your son found me at death's door,
called the police, and carried me.
Your son saved my life.
I see.
My son
He never told me, so I had no idea.
Thank you.
I should've come sooner to thank him.
I wish I could've thanked him in person.
My son
That's the kind of person he was.
He was such a kind soul.
Why did she move the pictures?
I think she moved
her son's picture then too.
She seems to have a reason.
I think it was around here.
Something's written here.
But I'm okay now.
I'm doing all right.
I'm eating well too.
It's all thanks to that person.
The one
who gave me the will to live.
It's Doctor Sung Yo-han.
Sung Yo-han was the one who saved my life?
The one who saved my life
and the person who took in
an injured puppy
killed my grandma?
Yes. He was a psychopath,
so he could've acted.
I'm sure he was acting like
he was a good person.
Don't die.
Stay awake.
Don't die.
Think of your family and hang in there.
Think of your family.
They will be devastated if you die.
Your mom, your dad
He wasn't acting.
He was sincere.
Can a psychopath be so sincere?
It doesn't make sense.
As time went on,
I came to think that it wasn't him.
No way.
There's no way.
There was clear evidence.
He tried to kill Ba-reum.
I know he slammed
Ba-reum's head with a hammer.
If it wasn't Sung Yo-han
Who killed my grandma?
The phone was tracked in Yongja-dong?
All right.
I was right.
He got killed while he was trying
to call me last night.
I think it's him.
Here you go. Take a look.
Thank you.
Sung Yo-han.
The one
who treated my hand was Sung Yo-han.
He was quite smart when he was young.
I can't believe he became a murderer.
I guess you can never
really know a person.
It says he was compulsive here.
What does this mean?
I'm not sure. Teachers normally don't
say things like this.
Does Sung Yo-han's teacher
still work here?
He was following around Officer Jung?
This is near the Ansin-dong Bridge.
What is this?
Who are you?
You were Sung Yo-han's
homeroom teacher, right?
I'm busy.
I'm busy preparing
the science club kids for a competition.
Please excuse me. I'm a police officer.
Let me ask you a question.
You wrote "compulsive" here.
Do you remember it?
Yo-han kept saying
that somebody was following him around.
He received psychotherapy too, but
Both Sung Yo-han and I were tailed
when we were young.
The kids will arrive soon. Please leave.
Thank you.
What are those mice for?
Those are lab mice
that the kids will use for a competition.
Each mouse is given
either carbohydrate or protein
What did you say?
Jung Ba-reum.
Why were you at the murder scenes
of Kang Deok-su, Lee Jae-sik
and Kim Byeong-tae?
Jung Ba-reum.
Was it you?
What did you say?
They're lab mice.
Lab mice.
Lab mice
lab mice.
lab mice.
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