Mouse (2021) s01e18 Episode Script

Please, Give Me Some Time

Sometimes, I hunt spontaneously.
This unfortunate old lady
saw something she shouldn't have
and ended up becoming my prey.
Prey should desperately fight back
until they draw their last breath.
But this prey doesn't seem to have
the energy to do so,
which makes this hunt
boring and insignificant.
Why wasn't I born like him?
I want to become like him.
I want to
become him.
lab mice.
Lab mice.
lab mice.
If it wasn't Sung Yo-han
Who killed my grandma?
I left Jennifer's picture there.
Jung Ba-reum said he would go get it,
but if they find it first
No. Let's wait and see.
Darn it.
Hold on.
Did you find the picture?
Is there somebody
who shouldn't see that picture?
One day, I received a text
from an unknown number.
A text?
Mom, Jae-min, and my stepfather.
I decided to seek revenge
on the guy who killed my family.
I was hell-bent on finding him.
He's not on the criminal database?
He had a strong punch.
We're closed.
I recognized him right away.
The murder instinct
that I'd kept suppressed exploded.
It was suppressed again
by Sung Yo-han's frontal lobe.
But it was awakened once more
by the crime scene
that was an exact copy of my murders.
Wu Hyeong-cheol didn't do it.
After Wu Hyeong-cheol killed his victim,
the fake necklace and brooch,
and the scent of mint I testified
to smelling on the killer,
were planted on the scene by someone else.
I ended up killing Wu Hyeong-cheol,
and my murder instinct was reawakened.
Who do you think it was?
did they send me Song Su-ho's address?
did they rearrange
Wu Hyeong-cheol's crime scene?
I don't know.
A trigger.
They wanted to trigger my murder instinct.
They gave me prey so I would kill it.
What would they get out of that?
They knew from the start
that I was born with the predator gene.
I remember now what Sung Yo-han
said to me before he died.
He said that we were lab mice.
They knew Sung Yo-han and I were
born with the psychopath gene.
That means you have
something to do with this experiment.
I don't know anything about it.
Don't you?
Why is my diary over there?
Why do you have the burner phone
Sung Yo-han called you on so many times?
Explain that to me.
You see
You knew I was a predator
from the start, didn't you?
I knew everything.
I heard that there was
a serial murder case in Korea
that was thought to be done
by a psychopath.
I was worried that it was
one of the two children,
so I rushed back to Korea.
Back then
I thought you'd killed your own family.
So I was sure you were a predator.
I also tracked down
the other kid, just in case.
You're drenched.
His eyes were filled with jealousy.
It was an emotion
that a predator would never feel.
So I knew then
that Sung Yo-han wasn't one.
I did my best to stop your murders.
You were out of control.
After careful consideration,
I called Sung Yo-han.
No, I can't go to the hospital.
I'll be killed.
Who will kill you?
we must take care of him.
Who is he, and why did he attack you?
Listen carefully to what
I'm about to tell you, Sung Yo-han
So I told him everything.
That's how he was able to help me.
I was treated in the basement
of Sung Yo-han's house
and moved to that abandoned hospital.
You lied to me and used me.
I'm sorry.
I tried to stop it.
Why aren't you doing anything?
We agreed to pull the plug and reassess
if he ever got close to killing.
Why break your promise?
Many people have been killed
and you've just been watching it?
You're crazy. Stop this now.
He's out of control.
You think I'll just do nothing?
Who is it?
Tell me who it is.
Tell me!
Who is it? Who is that scumbag?
What are you doing here?
I have a favor to ask you.
I knew you'd say no
if I asked you over the phone.
I have a guest here, so let's talk later.
It won't take long.
Please let me interview you.
An interview about what?
The Moojin serial murder case?
You're the only survivor,
so I really want to interview you
about what you remember.
I will disclose everything soon.
But not now.
What the
Why haven't you been answering your phone?
It's a good thing
we were talking on the phone.
Let's go to my place.
I'll find you a place to stay.
I must go back to get
Jennifer's picture first.
-I'll get it back later.
-I must get it now.
If they get their hands on that picture,
they will know that I'm still alive.
All right. We'll go there now.
And there is something that you must know.
What is it?
Don't worry.
I am a cop, and I'll protect you.
A cop?
Yu-na became quiet
when I mentioned the word "cop."
Why isn't Detective Ko
answering his phone?
Detective Ko, I heard you found that car.
You bastard.
-You bastard.
-What are you doing?
You're a psychopath, aren't you?
Detective Ko.
Let go of me!
Ba-reum. Detective Ko!
What are you doing?
You killed
Come with me.
Detective Ko.
Detective Ko, don't do this.
-What are you doing?
-Why are you doing this?
What are you doing?
Let go of me.
-Just go.
-Wait a minute.
Ba-reum. Detective Ko.
-You bastard.
You killed them all, didn't you?
Kang Deok-su, Lee Jae-sik,
and Kim Byeong-tae.
Why aren't you denying it?
Did you really kill them?
What are you talking about?
He killed them.
I've got proof right here.
Where did Detective Lee go?
Where did Lee Min-su go?
Lee Min-su.
Come out of there, you jerk.
You're in there, right?
Come out. Right now.
What is it this time?
Where is it?
What are you talking about?
Calm down, Detective Ko.
How did he know?
What evidence is he talking about?
It's too soon.
I must buy time until I find
the one who killed Chi-guk.
I must deny it for now.
I'm fine.
-Let go of me.
-Stop it.
Let him go.
-Detective Ko.
-Move, you jerk.
What are you two up to?
Are you working as a team?
One kills, and the other
cleans up after him?
Oh, come on.
What kind of cleaning up
am I supposed to have done?
Cleaning up?
The dashcam footage
of the staged suicide in car 6264.
You took it from me
and flushed it down the toilet.
Staged suicide?
-You're pretending not to know?
-Come on.
Why do you keep blaming me for things?
Did you see me get rid of something?
-He looks clueless.
-Tell me.
Did you actually see me do anything?
Then what were you doing in the bathroom?
-What do you think?
-Is he one of them, too?
You two are unbelievable.
Detective Ko.
Stop it, Ko Moo-chi.
-But they
-I told you to stop.
-Take them all to the investigation room.
-Yes, sir.
Damn it.
Fine. Let's do an official investigation.
-You too.
-Come on.
Sir, can you please get me out of here?
Detective Shin.
Please let me go.
Calm down and show me your hand.
-My hand's fine.
-It's hurt.
It'll leave a scar
if you don't get it treated.
What's all this about?
I don't know either.
Why was Detective Ko attacking Ba-reum?
Once it's dried, put this bandage on.
Apply this, too.
Just hang in there.
You should be released soon.
Detective Shin.
Hey, why is Detective Ko
accusing Officer Jung of killing someone?
Be quiet. Watch your mouth.
How did he find out?
He can't know that it was Ba-reum.
Calm down and explain it to me.
What's this all about?
Jung Ba-reum, that bastard
I don't know what he's talking about.
The dashcam footage confirmed it,
but Detective Lee took it
during the commotion.
He flushed it down the toilet.
Search the septic tank now.
This is driving me crazy.
I came out of the stall
after doing my business,
and he grabbed me
by the collar and cussed at me.
I saw Ba-reum with my own two eyes
at Kang Deok-su's murder scene.
On the day Kang Deok-su was killed,
my cat gave birth to a kitten,
so my cousin came over to see it.
Detective Lee handed over
the statement late on purpose.
It just slipped my mind. That's all.
For goodness' sake.
He had that organization's tattoo on him,
-and he got it removed.
-I clearly told him
it was my ex-girlfriend's initials.
Name the tattoo studio.
He usually came to get henna done,
but one day he asked for an actual tattoo.
What kind of tattoo was it?
We always take pictures
of the tattoos we do.
-I'll go look for the picture.
-Thank you.
Here it is.
Thank you. Goodbye.
He got the tattoo with his girlfriend,
and it was "OJ," not "OZ."
I knew it. That troublemaker.
Okay. All right.
Your wife's disappeared again?
This happens way too often.
-I was wrong about the tattoo?
He must have bribed the tattoo artist.
How? He was still in interrogation
while Detective Shin checked it out.
Go home.
As if.
Just do as I say.
The video clip of you punching
Ba-reum is all over the internet.
You just had to punch him
in front of civilians and reporters.
Don't you know Officer Jung
is the nation's pride?
You've become the national enemy
for beating up the poor guy.
I don't care about that.
The nation's pride?
I guess the entire nation will be shocked.
You should care.
You've been relieved of duty
by the commissioner.
You're to be excluded
from the investigation.
Damn it!
Where are you going now?
To go search the septic tank.
I will find that memory card myself.
So Lee Min-su was part of OZ, too?
The dashcam footage
of the staged suicide in car 6264.
How much was on that footage?
Go home and rest.
Where's Detective Lee?
I sent him home, too.
Gi-hyeok. Let her go.
You must never assault a police officer.
Where's Ba-reum?
I'll be right back.
I'll go get it.
No, I'll go get it.
One of us needs to stay alive.
That must be you.
You need to finish this.
Poor thing.
You poor thing.
Where is it?
You're alive, Dr. Lee.
What happened?
I left her alone for a second to buy meat.
She left her jacket behind.
CONTACT 010-477-1740
Let me take a look at the footage.
-She went out that way.
Please hang in there.
It's almost D-Day.
Where's Officer Jung?
Oh, you stink.
Did you really search the septic tank?
Did you find it?
-It's too small.
-You stink.
Go wash up. Take that with you.
-Where's Jung Ba-reum?
-I sent him home.
Why? What if he gets rid of evidence?
-Where's Lee Min-su?
-He sent an email asking for days off.
-Days off?
-Don't come near me. You stink.
See? He ran away.
Min-su won't let this slide.
He said that he would sue you.
The one who killed Chi-guk.
Detective Lee.
What the
What are you doing here?
Oh, did you two arrange to meet here?
I was dismissed for beating up
"the nation's pride."
Answer me.
If not, I will bash your head in
with this and go to jail.
You know how I long to go there.
It was you who took
Bong-yi's grandma's knife, right?
You, me, and Mr. Park
were the only ones caught
on the Evidence Storage Room camera,
not because the killer hid well,
but because you were the killer.
Bong-yi's murder request fee
You and Detective Shin were
the only ones who knew about it.
You took it to kill him, didn't you?
All the pieces are falling into place now.
Answer me, you jerk.
You're right.
I killed him.
I took the knife
and put it back.
It was me.
Bong-yi was in danger.
I killed Kang Deok-su
so he couldn't kill Bong-yi.
Does Bong-yi know, too?
That's why we broke up.
She told me that she was okay with it
but it was too hard for me.
But as for Lee Jae-sik
and Kim Byeong-tae
I don't know what you saw, but
were you at the detention center
when Lee Jae-sik got out?
Oh, that's what he saw.
Producer Choi called me.
-Choi Hong-ju?
She asked me for Dong-gu's phone number.
She thought that Lee Jae-sik
might be the actual killer,
and she wanted to check it out.
But if she was right, it meant
Lee Jae-sik was dangerous.
So, I went there
because I was worried about her.
Then what about Kim Byeong-tae?
Why were you at his place?
I must've been filmed
going in or coming out of there.
When I ran into the old lady
at the cafeteria,
she told me Kim Byeong-tae
had poured something on the kid.
I dismissed it as nonsense at first.
But it bothered me,
so I snuck into Kim Byeong-tae's house.
I know it was wrong.
I didn't find anything, so I just left.
I will accept my punishment
for killing Kang Deok-su.
I was going to turn myself in, but
Just give me enough time
to catch the guy who killed Chi-guk.
Then how do you explain this?
When I was on my way to save Bong-yi,
OZ stopped me with a truck.
The one who was after you.
I don't know.
That's driving me crazy, too.
I don't know who they are.
Is he lying right now?
Or is there really someone
who's pretending to be him?
What kind of cleaning up
am I supposed to have done?
he did look like he was in the dark
about Detective Lee.
I beg you.
Please give me time
just until I find the ones
who killed Chi-guk.
Then I'll turn myself in.
Detective Ko.
I know I'm shameless and despicable,
but please give me time.
After I catch them,
I will accept my punishment.
I need to see if his story checks out.
Officer Jung?
Yes, I called him
to confirm the release time.
Why do you ask?
Well, I
Did you say anything else to him?
I told him that Lee Jae-sik might
be the Suseong serial killer,
and since Lee Jae-sik's DNA was found
on the knife that killed Kang Deok-su,
he might be the next target.
That's what I said to him.
You should've told me that.
Why did you tell him
If I had told you, you would've
tried to kill Lee Jae-sik yourself.
I have to go. I have a shoot.
By the way,
Bong-yi bought Eun-chong a gift.
Did she?
Bong-yi feels bad
about treating a baby that way.
She was just upset.
I understand.
Officer Jung's statement checks out.
Is someone really imitating him?
-My baby
-What are you doing?
Let me help you up.
-Take me to my baby.
-Are you all right?
Where is your child?
That's Choi Hong-ju.
Are you Choi Hong-ju's mother?
Her number's on the list
of journalists, right?
-Call her and escort this lady to her.
-Yes, sir.
This man will
call your daughter and take you to her.
-Take her to Choi Hong-ju.
-Let's go.
-My baby.
Does Bong-yi know, too?
That's why we broke up.
She told me that she was okay with it
but it was too hard for me.
It should be here.
Who are you here to see?
I'm here with Ms. Choi Hong-ju's mother.
Producer Choi's mother?
Do you know her?
Excuse me.
Someone's brought
Producer Choi's mother here.
-Her mother?
I think she said she was an orphan.
One moment, please.
The number you have dialed
Excuse me. What are you doing?
It's for my personal social media.
Don't mind me.
-Delete it now. How could you?
-It's my baby.
-Don't be so uptight.
-How precious.
Wait, ma'am.
I'll have your face covered.
Ms. Choi isn't answering her phone,
so until I can reach her, I'll
Where did she go?
-Where did she go?
-She was just here.
Where's Eun-chong?
Why did Officer Jung dump you?
Were we ever in a relationship?
I guess he got sick of me.
Are you happy now?
Is that right?
why did you punch Ba-reum?
There was a misunderstanding,
and I apologized to him.
I see.
I see
Oh Bong-yi.
You have to be happy.
If you're heartbroken,
your grandma will be very sad.
You know that, right?
Be strong.
By the way, why were you
at the station earlier?
You called me several times, too.
The student who saved my life,
the one who covered me up
with his uniform jacket
I found him.
-You did?
-But you see
It was Sung Yo-han.
I confirmed it. It was him.
Isn't that strange?
Psychopaths are great actors.
He was putting on a nice guy act.
He was just acting.
No, it wasn't an act.
It was genuine.
When I was on his back,
I was unconscious.
I came around for a brief moment
and heard him muttering desperately.
Think of your family.
They will be devastated if you die.
Your mom, your dad
There was no need for him to put on an act
since I was unconscious.
It wasn't an act. He was sincere.
But how could a psychopath be like that?
It doesn't make any sense.
What if
Just what if
What if Sung Yo-han wasn't the killer?
Then it means someone else
killed my grandmother and your brother.
That's ridiculous.
It was Sung Yo-han who killed my brother.
I guess everyone has gone home.
Meanwhile, I'm still here slaving away.
It must be nice to be so carefree.
Should I believe Ko Moo-chi or not?
Why is this under Detective Shin's desk?
DONATION 2,000,000 WON
The House of Virgin Mary?
He's not coming. My brother.
He won't keep his promise.
After he came back from Guryeong,
he cried all night.
That's around the time
the family was murdered.
It can't be.
This is the police.
-Did you report a missing person?
I just sent you a picture.
Can you please check it?
Yes, that is my wife.
Where are you located?
We'll drive her to your place
to avoid any confusion.
Wait for us there.
What if Sung Yo-han wasn't the killer?
Then it means someone else
killed my grandmother and your brother.
Thank you. Goodbye.
Honey, where did you find this kid?
He's our baby.
-Our baby.
Where did you find my wife?
Come on out.
Honey, they picked you up around here.
Do you remember where you found this baby?
Whose baby is this? Tell me.
His mother must be looking for him.
We'll get in trouble.
He is our baby.
Let's take him
to the nearest police substation.
-Give him to me.
-Was there an accident?
I think she was seriously injured.
Oh, no.
-You can't pass through.
-My baby.
Wait. My baby. Oh, no.
Wait. My baby
Oh, there it is.
When did he take this?
Do people think the Evidence Team archive
is a snack bar or something?
Everybody comes in and
We have plenty of evidence
that Sung Yo-han is the killer.
I will go through them all
to eliminate any doubts
that it was him.
"Moojin detention center
turned out to have admitted HIV patient."
"All inmates' blood tested."
What was this?
What's this?
How are they?
The baby is fine,
other than being a little shaken up.
He doesn't have any bruises. He was lucky.
That's good.
What about my wife?
It seems she took the brunt of the impact
while shielding the baby.
Tonight will be critical.
You see this mark? Find out what it is.
It's so small,
I don't know if I can do it.
Say "Yes, sir."
Yes, sir.
I'll run it, but it'll take some time.
I'll find out whom this baby belongs to.
Please take care of him tonight.
Excuse me!
Where's my baby?
He was in an accident nearby.
One moment, please.
I'll look into it for you.
That was Sung Yo-han's child?
Where is my baby?
Han Seo-jun, that bastard
My whole family
Not just Hyeon-su and Hyeon-suk,
but my wife, too.
Is the baby okay?
Is Eun-chong okay?
Go tell your husband
that if he wants to save his own blood,
he had better tell me
where he buried Hyeon-su.
If not, his grandson will die.
I will
kill him.
Not the child.
He's done nothing wrong.
What did my children do wrong?
I just want to find Hyeon-su's remains
before my wife dies.
So go tell Han Seo-jun
that I have his grandson
and I'm willing to trade him for Hyeon-su.
Don't do this. Please.
Ms. Choi.
You called many times. Is something wrong?
No, everything's fine.
What about Eun-chong? Is he asleep?
He's here.
Prosecutor Yun Dong-sik.
You're the one who dismissed
Wu Hyeong-cheol's arrest warrant, right?
What are you doing?
No comment.
Detective Ko.
Wake up.
Come on.
Take a look at this.
What's this?
Song Su-ho sponsored us for over ten years
and provided extra care for Michaela.
Did he ever come here himself?
He would come at times
and watch Michaela from a distance.
I still can't forget those eyes.
They were filled
with so much pain and regret.
That's how he looked at Michaela.
After he came back from Guryeong,
he cried all night.
That's around the time
the family was murdered.
I'm home.
We have a problem.
The kid's mom tried to kill him,
and while I was trying to stop her
His parents
Yes, Jae-hun is fine.
All right.
I didn't know they were in there.
I didn't know the kids
were inside the house.
I killed your family
because your mom tried to kill you.
If you died,
we wouldn't be able
to create the world we dreamed of.
A world without victims like my sister.
Why did Sung Yo-han come here?
It's me, Jae-hun.
Do you remember me?
What happened?
"Don't go."
"Don't look. Don't make any noise."
What? What are you talking about?
-Jae-hee, don't look.
-"Jae-hee, don't look."
-Don't make a sound.
-"Don't make a sound."
That's why Jae-min
That's why he
"I'm scared
and lonely,
and I want to cry."
"I want to be comforted
But there's no one by my side."
"I'm scared."
"I'm scared, Jae-hee."
What are you saying?
Who said that to you?
What the hell?
I think he came here
shortly after the tragic news
of Song Su-ho.
He came by twice.
The second time he came,
he looked exhausted.
He asked to speak to Michaela alone,
so I escorted him there.
I think he just thought Michaela
was mentally challenged.
I don't think he knew
that she has the special gift
of remembering every word and action.
It's this way.
Since you've reunited
for the first time in 15 years,
you must have a lot to talk about.
Enjoy your reunion.
Thank you.
"I'm scared
and lonely"
and I want to cry.
I want to be comforted
But there's no one by my side.
I'm scared.
I'm scared, Jae-hee.
Sung Yo-han cried?
What else did he say, Jae-hee?
He talked about me?
"Everybody was scared
of that kid and stayed away."
-Dong-gu, don't
-Let go of me!
"In that moment,
I saw the kid
from 15 years ago in his eyes."
It was a surprise attack.
A person under attack
automatically defends themselves.
The fact that he has
defense wounds on his fingers
means the killer attacked
before he could raise his hands.
If that is the case,
the attacker must have been
standing close.
Apparently, one of the inmates
who adores Han Seo-jun
He confessed that he did it
because Na Chi-guk was
rude to the Headhunter.
Someone very close
Was it him?
We need to talk
about the recent murders.
What's that got to do with me?
I know who did it.
He's very dangerous.
I wanted to see if he was that boy.
If him crying in Choi Hong-ju's arms
wasn't an act
If he was sincere
What's on your mind, Mom?
Your eyes look so sad
when you stare up at the sun.
So, I also feel sad
when I look at the sunlight.
I'm not sad.
Why would I be sad when I have you?
Visitor for No. 4440.
He refuses to see you.
I have to talk to him.
Please ask him just once more.
we can't do anything
when an inmate refuses.
Please. I beg you.
I'm sorry.
Please tell him it's about Yo-han's child.
"I couldn't believe
what Dr. Daniel told me."
"That's why I asked Jun-seong"
to look into Finance Team Three,
since he worked there.
-I want to check something.
I need to see if it's true or not.
Finance Team Three?
There's a third team?
Is this it?
I'll look into it.
I'm a skilled hacker, after all.
That's why Kim Jun-seong
Yo-han. It's me, Jun-seong.
That voice message
The thing you wanted me to look into
I'm scared.
I think we started something
we shouldn't have.
It's an organization called OZ.
Dr. Lee was telling the truth.
This is chilling.
How could he do such a thing?
Since he's a psychopath,
he probably doesn't even know
what he's doing.
What will you do?
I must wait until he wakes up.
Let's just tell the police.
How can we trust the police?
-What about the media?
-We're up against the nation's top powers.
If we report it,
they could quietly kill us off.
We don't know how far up this goes.
What should we do then?
let's wait until Dr. Lee wakes up.
I'm scared.
If they find out that I hacked
into their system
Get out of the country for now.
What about you?
I'll get moving
once Dr. Lee wakes up.
Don't worry. He'll wake up soon.
If she turns me in,
her life could be in danger, too.
I think she got off here.
This is where Jung Ba-reum lives.
If she goes to the police
Jung Ba-reum can't find out yet.
If I hadn't worn
Jun-seong's jacket that night
Jun-seong was my only friend.
When everyone else hated me
for being the Headhunter's son,
he was always by my side.
But because of me
I will kill Jung Ba-reum
with my own hands.
That's why my pictures were
found in Yo-han's house.
Why did Sung Yo-han have
Jung Ba-reum's picture here?
A search warrant
on the suspect has just been issued.
A search warrant?
Dr. Lee. Are you all right?
If it wasn't Han-guk in that car
then whose blood was it in the car?
Whose blood was it?
It's just you and me
in this world.
It can't be Sung Yo-han,
no matter how much I think about it.
If only there was a way to confirm it.
Oh, that stings.
Right. The knife wound.
He only had a gunshot wound.
He must've had a scar on his left arm.
A knife wound around here.
There isn't one on his left arm.
Are you sure?
-See? There isn't one.
-There isn't?
Then why were you so sure
that Sung Yo-han was the killer?
I was very clear about this.
What are you talking about?
It's not in your statement.
That can't be. I know I mentioned it.
Oh, right.
I think I slashed his arm with a knife.
I think it was his left arm.
Okay. I'll relay this to Detective Kang.
Whom did you tell? Are you sure?
Who didn't report it?
Are you sure you slashed
the killer's arm with a knife?
Well, I
I might be mistaken.
I'll look into it and let you know.
Did he forget to relay that part?
How could he forget to mention
something that important?
The phone is turned off
Sung Yo-han came to get
Han Seo-jun's blood,
not to kill Na Chi-guk.
If it wasn't Sung Yo-han
who was it?
We barely carried the box
together to the auditorium.
We chatted a bit and bid farewell.
After I watched Chi-guk walk away,
I pulled the box into the room.
How was he able to move
the body to the auditorium?
A grown male who was unconscious.
Excuse me.
No. 4440 has agreed to see you.
I have something to ask
You look awful.
What if the box was here all along?
What if the killer put the body
in the box here and moved it?
There is a slanted mirror in here.
So we place the person behind the mirror.
We left the magic box
in the corner over here
so that it wouldn't get in anyone's way.
Oh, right. We left it unattended
when we went for lunch.
Jung Ba-reum's statement
is all we have to go on.
If Jung Ba-reum lied to me
Why would he lie?
There's no reason to lie.
What if Jung Ba-reum did it?
He quit
over email?
Check Jung Ba-reum's every move
down to the last second.
Officer Jung?
I'm going to kill you
in the worst possible way.
Look forward to it.
It'll be beyond your imagination.
Jung Ba-reum.
Jung Ba-reum!
Did a police officer come by?
Keep tracking down that number.
I will put everything right myself.
Kim Jun-seong said that he hacked
into Finance Team Three.
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