Mouse (2021) s01e19 Episode Script

Kim Joon Sung's Laptop

Damn it.
I needed an offspring.
I needed a Han Seo-jun Junior.
If this baby grows up
to be like Han Seo-jun
You decided to keep your child.
I'm scared.
I saw a monster.
What if
my baby grows up to be a monster like him?
Look who it is.
Where is she?
Where is she?
That detective has your grandchild.
He'll kill him if you
don't give him his daughter.
Where is she? Tell me where she is!
What grandchild?
You told me that you killed our baby
with your own hands
as soon as he was born.
I'm sorry. I shouldn't have lied.
He's going to kill Yo-han's baby.
Let him. I don't care
if he kills the baby or not.
Don't be like that.
Don't be like that. Please.
Please. Tell me where she is.
He's your own flesh and blood.
Flesh and blood?
That baby has nothing to do with me.
The entire nation is asking for this.
Please save Jung Ba-reum.
My hands are becoming stiff again.
This is the song
I used to play for Blessing.
I must check it out.
Tell her that I've changed my mind.
Wait here.
I'm sorry, Yo-han.
I can't imagine how betrayed you must feel
for making you grow up
as that monster's son.
If I'd never made that decision,
you and your family would've
lived happily.
How dare she lie to me!
How dare she!
Jung Ba-reum
I should've killed him
with my own two hands.
I thought of that monster as my son too.
I was crazy.
So, it was Jung Ba-reum.
Then I must save his life.
I must save Han Seo-jun Junior.
I need an active brain.
What do you mean?
You never mentioned that before.
Where would we even find one?
There is one.
Sung Yo-han's brain.
His vitals are back to normal.
He's recovering.
How many people
are hoping for Sung Yo-han to live?
But he's your son.
He should do at least
one good deed in his lifetime.
I'm sure my son,
Yo-han, would want to be atoned this way.
Still, how could you
I guess we won't
be able to do this surgery.
You took
You took the brain of a living person?
You took Yo-han's brain?
You didn't know?
How could a doting mother like you
not notice?
It was
a wig?
You murderer!
Bring my son back to life.
Bring my son back to life!
Oh, come on.
I did bring your son back to life.
Your son, Jung Ba-reum.
This is my payback for what you did to me.
Sung Ji-eun.
You killed Sung Yo-han.
I'll kill you!
Before the Na Chi-guk incident,
did you draw the inmates' blood
for HIV testing?
Yes. Why do you ask?
The blood samples were here
the day Sung Yo-han came by, right?
Let me check.
The day Guard Na was hurt
Yes. The blood samples were moved
to the testing site the next day.
Any issues with Han Seo-jun's sample?
Han Seo-jun?
One moment, please.
The lab alerted us
to any contaminated blood samples
that couldn't be tested.
Han Seo-jun is on the list.
Why can't some samples be tested?
It could be contaminated
by a foreign object,
or the sample might be too small.
You stepped away from the desk
while Sung Yo-han was here, right?
Yes, I had to due
to an emergency situation.
Yo-han came
to retrieve Han Seo-jun's blood.
Sung Yo-han is not Han Seo-jun's son.
Then what's this?
He brought a strand of hair
and asked if it matched a relative's DNA.
Don't cry, Yo-han.
Don't cry.
"It's just you and me in this world."
"You are the only family
-I have left in this world, Jae-hee."
-I have left in this world, Jae-hee.
Now, it's just you and me
in this world.
There is
something I have to do now.
Once I'm done with that,
I will come and get you.
Let's live happily together.
I hope you won't let
Yo-han override your true nature.
I'm Han Seo-jun's son.
Han Seo-jun knew I was his son.
So in order to save me
Did you put that murderer Sung Yo-han's
brain inside my head?
Live your life
as a good,
righteous boy.
My baby.
You saw it.
Poor Bong-yi.
You rejected me.
So what's with the hugging?
What brought you by?
Detective Ko seems to know
that you killed Kang Deok-su.
I came to tell you that.
I told him.
Did you?
I guess I didn't need to come by then.
I'll get going.
No. It can't be.
He can't be the only person
with a scar on his arm.
I'm sure it isn't him.
It can't be. There's no way.
I saw a monster.
I saw him
push his mother out the window.
I couldn't say anything.
I couldn't even report it.
Before something tragic like that happens,
we must stop it with our own hands.
What do you mean?
Be strong.
Watch the child closely.
If he turns out to be a monster
please kill him.
My baby
Please take good care of him.
Oh, goodness.
Did you find your baby?
What? What do you mean?
My baby. Was there a report
about a missing baby?
-A missing baby?
A woman got in a car accident
yesterday while carrying a baby.
Can I take a look
at the security camera footage?
Please zoom in here.
What about the baby?
Don't worry. He's fine.
But the guardian
of the baby isn't doing so well.
She took the brunt of the impact,
trying to protect the baby.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Mom.
Mom. Are you awake?
Are you okay?
I'm so sorry, Mom.
I left Hyeon-suk alone.
Because I was too scared.
Because of me, Hyeon-suk
I couldn't face you again.
I wanted to see you so badly, but
I'm so sorry, Ms. Choi.
He took the baby.
Who took the baby?
My dad
Are you his mother?
I'm sorry.
My wife is sick.
That's why she took your baby.
I'm sorry.
If you want to punish her
I'll be punished on her behalf.
Sung Yo-han came
to get Han Seo-jun's blood sample.
He wasn't here to kill Na Chi-guk.
If it wasn't Sung Yo-han
We barely carried the box
together to the auditorium.
How was he able to move
the body to the auditorium?
A grown male who was unconscious.
We chatted a bit and bid farewell.
What if the box was here all along?
After I watched Chi-guk walk away,
I pulled the box into the room.
What if the killer put the body
in the box here and moved it?
There is a slanted mirror in here.
So we place the person behind the mirror.
Jung Ba-reum's statement
is all we have to go on.
We left the magic box
in the corner over here.
If Jung Ba-reum lied to me
Oh, right. We left it unattended
when we went for lunch.
Why would he lie?
There's no reason to lie.
I Chi-guk
What if Jung Ba-reum did it?
Kim Jun-seong said that he hacked
into Finance Team Three.
Finance Team Three?
There are only two finance teams.
You look out of place here.
What can I do?
The commissioner warned me to stay
at least 100 meters
away from Moojin Police Agency.
You shouldn't have beaten him up.
That said
It wasn't Officer Jung, right?
Come on.
Even from a psychoanalytic perspective,
Officer Jung couldn't have done it.
The thing is
Forget it.
What were you going to say?
I hate it when people do that.
-Be quiet. Did you bring it?
-No, I didn't.
You know it's illegal
to take photo evidence outside,
and the presidential election
is coming up.
Not that my dad has a chance.
The soles have been cut the same way.
They're the same size.
He quit over email?
That insolent
Considering Moo-chi's rampage
and Detective Lee's sudden resignation,
I think we should look into Jung Ba-reum.
Check Jung Ba-reum's every move
before and after
Kang Deok-su, Lee Jae-sik,
and Kim Byeong-tae's murders,
down to the last second.
Yes, sir.
I wanted to see him.
I wanted to see Yo-han's baby so badly
I'm sorry.
You know
the suffering your son endured, don't you?
You know that he tried to kill himself
because he was
Han Seo-jun's son, don't you?
There is something you must know.
What is it?
Han Seo-jun's son
It's Jung Ba-reum.
What are you talking about?
Jung Ba-reum wore the baby clothes
that my mom made.
How can that be?
I think the mothers
You watched Yo-han live
in pain all his life.
You didn't say a word.
I won't be like you.
I won't let
my baby live as a murderer's son.
I will put everything right myself.
I was disappointed
with how you left that day.
It's great to see you again.
By the way, what happened to your baby?
Did your father kill him?
My dad isn't a monster like you.
I'm disappointed.
I guess your dad isn't like you.
You're more like me.
Hyeon-su, you go first.
Go now.
No, I can't leave you here.
This may be our last chance.
I'll be right behind you.
You trust me, don't you?
Just in case we get caught again,
let's leave this here.
I'm surprised you got out of there alive.
I thought you would starve
to death in there.
I'm innocent.
What do you have to say about the head
that was found in the snowman?
You should've killed me that day.
Then Ko Moo-chi would not have gone crazy,
and right now,
your son would have a father.
Don't you want to know why I'm here?
Han Seo-jun.
I'm going to kill you
in the worst possible way.
Look forward to it.
It'll be beyond your imagination.
Beyond my imagination.
Finance Team Three?
There are only two finance teams.
You have a message.
Yo-han. It's me, Jun-seong.
The thing you wanted me to look into
I'm scared.
I think we started something
we shouldn't have.
It's an organization called OZ.
No, it can't be.
How can it be Jung Ba-reum?
He just happens to wear
the same shoe size.
Many people have the same shoe size.
I just need to find proof
that it's not Ba-reum.
I'll find it.
Why did Sung Yo-han kill my grandma?
I think it was because of the picture.
The one she held onto
even in her dying moment.
She took a picture
from Sung Yo-han's house.
It was a picture of Jo Mi-jeong's body.
Here it is.
I guess Detective Ko brought it back.
Bong-yi, come on in.
Bong-yi, what did you come to look for?
The picture she was holding onto
when she died.
Oh, that.
Here it is.
Detective Ko studied
this photo for a while.
Your grandma endured burns on her hands
trying to hold onto this picture.
It was because of this.
Grandma saw this button,
and he was afraid
his cover would be blown.
What is it?
I also haven't
gotten back my grandma's brooch.
Come out here, you bastard.
Jung Ba-reum!
Did you name the kitty?
Yes. Toto.
It's the name of the dog
in The Wizard of Oz. Toto.
If you ever have
any questions about raising Toto,
there's a website called Kitty's Cafe.
She's gone to Grandma's.
Yes, Jeju Grandma.
-Yes, Hun-seok?
Ba-reum's here, Mom.
I need to talk to your mom,
so let's play later, okay?
-No. Right now.
-Go to Seung-ho's place.
Don't leave, okay?
You have to play with me later, okay?
Who the hell
are you?
Seung-ho isn't at home.
Who are you?
I'm an ex-national fencing player.
I was specially hired.
Through a private consultation,
I found out about a private group
called OZ within the company,
and I joined voluntarily.
My first duty
was to take you in.
I heard that my predecessor
was Song Su-ho.
After he accidentally killed your family
while trying to protect you,
he couldn't handle the guilt and resigned.
So I was hastily appointed instead.
Are you Jae-hun?
You poor thing.
My nephew.
Who are you?
I'm your aunt. Your mom's sister.
I was in the U.S.,
so I received the news late.
My heart aches.
Don't worry.
You can live with me now.
My job was to observe
your every behavior and report it.
So you pretended to legally adopt me
and changed
my resident registration number.
That's so funny.
Are you sleepy? Go to sleep then.
I was scared, so I got you
to move out at a young age.
Then I got married and had Hun-seok.
I never imagined
Hun-seok and I would
run into you in the street.
Then my mom got sick,
and I had to rush by her side.
When I found out
that Hun-seok was at your place,
I was so scared of what you
might to do him,
I rushed out immediately, but
My son is at Jung Ba-reum's house.
He might do something to my child.
No. If you go now, you'll ruin everything.
Are you crazy?
What if that monster kills my son?
I'm going. Let go of me.
How can you come here without telling me?
Do you know how long
I've been looking for you?
I quit my job that day
under the cover of being
transferred to the U.S. branch.
My life is
a Truman show.
Did you hit me with a car
when I was going after Sung Yo-han
to stop us from meeting?
We found out that Dr. Lee
had talked to Sung Yo-han.
We thought our plan would be ruined
if Sung Yo-han told you everything.
That was why.
I didn't know that.
To think what I did to him
Even if you hadn't tried to kill him,
even if that detective hadn't shot him,
Sung Yo-han would've been
killed by them anyway.
I heard them saying
they'd just been beaten to it.
They left the place quickly
because Sung Yo-han was shot.
How can someone go that far?
They have an unshakeable conviction.
I once shared that conviction.
Murderers usually look for a target
close to home at first.
Then, they gradually move further out.
Eventually, they travel
great distances to kill
because they become more confident.
Jung Ba-reum lived here at the time.
Then he lost his memories
during the surgery.
So he forgot
that he used to be a serial killer.
But his instincts were still alive.
It's surprising to see
how much you've changed.
To be honest, before you got hurt,
you didn't seem cut out to be a cop.
How should I put it?
You seem to be looking
into the mind of the killer.
If it wasn't Sung Yo-han
If it wasn't Sung Yo-han
I killed an innocent man.
No. That can't be.
Then why did Sung Yo-han
go to kill Jung Ba-reum?
It was because Ba-reum
witnessed him killing his victims.
Why did Sung Yo-han go
to Jung Ba-reum's house?
Where's Han-guk?
-Yes, Han-guk.
Where's Han-guk, you bastard?
He was trying to tell me something.
Base, under, flo?
Is it a girl? You don't know yet?
I really hope it's a girl.
I'll call you back.
Did you look into
Jung Ba-reum's whereabouts?
Yes, I checked his alibis.
He was home with his cousin
when Kang Deok-su was killed.
But I couldn't find out
for the other cases.
-He was probably at home.
Do a better job.
Comb through the footage
of every security camera around his house.
Yes, sir.
He has his own security camera.
If only I could check that footage
I can't. It's illegal.
I can't risk Dad's chance
to win the election.
But his ratings are way below
the top candidate's.
I'll just take a quick look.
Where have they installed
the monitoring equipment?
This looks familiar.
Why is Kim Jun-seong's laptop
in Jung Ba-reum's house?
There wasn't a laptop at the crime scene.
Where are Detective Kang and Mr. Bok?
They rushed out to the countryside.
They thought it was weird
that the witnesses of Kang Deok-su's
murder died in a car accident.
-Is that so?
I have a missed call.
The person you've dialed is unavailable.
The person you've dialed is unavailable.
The person you've dialed is unavailable.
You'll be connected
That's weird.
Fairy tales?
Yes, this is Detective Shin
of the Special Investigation Team.
I need a forensic analysis of a laptop.
I am backed up,
so you have to wait a little.
-I'll call you when I'm done.
-All right.
Who are you?
I'm a police officer.
I see.
Did you find anything strange
when you tore this house down?
No, we didn't.
He asked us the same question.
Who did?
He asked us if we saw anything here.
I think he was the owner.
-Was it him?
Oh, that's him! The nation's pride.
What did he do?
He just stood in a kind of daze
in the basement.
In the basement?
-There was a basement here?
-Yes, over there.
It was a basement with a door
that opened upward.
I needed insurance.
I kept these to protect Hun-seok.
This report was written
by Song Su-ho in 1995.
When Sung Ji-eun was attacked by a mugger,
he accidentally revealed his face
while trying to save the fetus.
Give birth to that child.
Then he switched over
to monitoring Kim Hui-jeong.
Song Su-ho was in charge of Kim Hui-jeong.
They concluded that I was a predator.
They tentatively concluded
that Sung Yo-han was not.
They stopped observing him daily.
Cameras, bugs, burner phones
were tracked regularly.
"Jung Ba-reum is definitely a predator,
but he is strongly suppressing
his murder instinct."
"A trigger is needed."
They decided to use Song Su-ho,
who killed my family,
as the trigger.
That's why Sung Yo-han
I'm scared, Jae-hee.
I can't trust anyone.
Is this the police?
Someone has been stabbed.
I think it's geneticist Dr. Lee.
The people who got there weren't cops.
Are you a reporter?
I have information
about Dr. Daniel Lee's whereabouts.
I'll meet you at the cafe on Odeo Street.
That's why he came to face me by himself.
How long must I wait?
I'm sorry.
I don't think I can do it today.
It's taking longer than I thought.
Bring it tomorrow.
No, this has to be done now.
Is he taking me for a fool
because my dad's going to lose?
I thought you quit.
What are you doing here?
Oh, I
I came to get my stuff.
At this hour?
Okay then. Goodbye.
Why isn't he answering his phone?
Detective Ko?
Oh, Da-seul.
It's a girl?
I can't believe it!
Okay. I'll be right there.
-Detective Shin.
Let's go have a drink.
Let's drink to celebrate me quitting.
I'm sure there will be a farewell party.
Come on.
My wife is waiting for me.
I just heard our baby is a girl!
Once she is born,
I am going to shower her with love.
I'm off.
Then let me buy you
a congratulatory drink.
Thanks, but I really have to go.
Why are you acting so strangely?
I'm sorry. Let's drink some other time.
He just left with it.
Can you tell me what this is?
I wonder if something's wrong.
How cute.
Who are you?
Senior Policeman Shin,
the son of candidate Shin Seong-min,
was stabbed to death.
-Moo-chi, stop.
-Come on.
-Which bastard did this?
Which scumbag did this?
-Calm down.
-Stop it.
Who did this?
At the scene
of Senior Policeman Shin's murder,
Kang Deok-su and Lee Jae-sik's
Kang Deok-su's stuff?
Jung Ba-reum, you bastard.
The police have requested a DNA test.
Mr. Bok and I failed to answer his calls.
We happened to be away.
You said that Kang Deok-su's
stuff was found on him?
Kang Deok-su's lighter.
Lee Jae-sik's button.
Kim Byeong-tae's piercing.
Jung Ba-reum, you son of a bitch.
Sang wanted forensics done on a laptop.
But no one can find it.
It's nowhere on the scene or in his car.
Security camera.
Security camera.
Why isn't he answering his phone?
Detective Ko?
It's me. Ba-reum.
You left several missed calls.
Where are you?
I'm on my way home. What's going on?
He was killed
because of that laptop.
What was he doing with it?
I told him
to check the cameras near
Jung Ba-reum's house.
Jung Ba-reum, that bastard.
It's not him.
I looked into it.
Jung Ba-reum was in Jeju when it happened.
He came back this morning.
-Are you sure?
I have his flight record
and camera footage from the airport.
You're here.
I didn't think you would go,
so I asked him to come here.
Get your hand treated.
My hand isn't the problem here.
-Just get it treated. Okay?
Your emotions are out of control
because of these pills.
Why would you take something like this?
What is this?
I picked it up off the floor
the other day.
I thought it was yours.
So he'd have needed at least 20 minutes.
Twenty minutes is not enough.
Aren't those painkillers?
That's what it says on the bottle,
but the pills inside aren't.
They stop the secretion of serotonin.
Serotonin helps to suppress aggression,
so when serotonin isn't secreted,
you lose control of your emotions
and start to grow aggressive.
Why does Jung Ba-reum take these?
-You cannot go inside.
-I just have a few questions.
I'm Detective Ko Moo-chi
from Moojin Police Agency.
Thank you.
Who's the doctor who prescribed this?
I prescribed these for Jung Ba-reum.
He complained of frequent headaches.
Is that so? That's strange.
I heard that taking these pills
makes a person
more emotional and aggressive.
That can't be.
We prescribed the right pills.
Maybe the patient switched them himself.
A doctor wouldn't
prescribe pills like these
to a patient suffering
from headaches after a brain surgery.
Thank you. Goodbye.
I forgot something.
Oh, you're on the phone.
-I'm done.
-I was just wondering
Can somebody buy these
without a doctor's prescription?
Let's talk later.
I've been called down for an emergency.
No, I didn't call.
Did a police officer come by?
I'm a police officer. I have a question.
These pills don't match
what's written on the label.
Who prescribed these?
They're for Jung Ba-reum.
We didn't prepare these here.
The director brought them himself.
All we did was hand them over.
All right.
I'm going to send you a number.
Locate the base station for me.
It's a burner phone.
There are three base stations.
Give me their location.
Keep tracking down that number.
How did you
Dr. Lee asked me
to kill someone a while ago.
Your next target
This person is the top predator.
This was the address.
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