Mouse (2021) s01e20 Episode Script

Ba Reum's Final Call

How did you
Dr. Daniel asked me
to kill someone a while ago.
Your next target
This person is the top predator.
This was the address.
You have a great memory.
I was told you had both
the predator and genius genes.
Why are you here?
Were Sung Yo-han and I
your lab mice?
Right. I should thank you first.
Thank you for growing up to be a murderer,
Mr. Jung Ba-reum.
Mr. Sung Yo-han disappointed me.
If only the psychopath gene
fetus abortion bill had been passed
I think it worked out for the better.
It would have been rejected anyway
at the main plenary session.
We needed a long-term plan
to secure passage of the bill.
A long-term plan
So, you asked Daniel
I asked him for the list of women
carrying babies with the psychopath gene.
Daniel was in shock from finding out
that Han Seo-jun had killed his sister,
so it was easy to persuade him.
Is this the right thing to do?
I am not sure either.
But Daniel,
a utopia free of wars and crimes
doesn't just happen.
We must create it ourselves.
Think of Jennifer.
Let's do what we can to make sure
nobody else suffers the same fate.
So your long-term plan
to get the bill passed
involved making sure we became murderers?
You even formed your own
private organization
within the National Intelligence Service?
We observed you since you were
inside your mothers' wombs
and made sure you were born safely.
Be sure to have that child.
Once you two were born,
we assigned an agent to each of you
to observe your behavior
and kept detailed records,
which were analyzed by a group of experts.
Is that why
you got Song Su-ho to kill my family
when my mom tried to kill me?
That was a mistake.
Song Su-ho was greatly distressed by it.
But we didn't have a choice.
The experiment would have failed
if you had died.
You exploited the victims' families.
And you call yourself a human being?
I just helped them to envision
a different kind of world.
A world without any crimes or victims.
Why did you just sit back and watch
when I started killing other predators?
At first, I was perplexed.
That wasn't part of the plan.
But after seeing the people
treating you like a hero,
I changed my mind.
Once people found out the truth
about the hero they adored,
they would grow angrier,
making it that much easier
to get the bill passed.
You used the victims' poor families
and killed innocent people.
You are a monster just like me,
Choi Yeong-sin.
I started out as a scientist.
A geneticist.
Only science can eliminate
crime from this world.
Getting rid of potential murderers
before they're born
and building a peaceful utopia
without murders, rebellions, or wars
Those are my ultimate goals.
In the world I dream of,
psychopathic criminals like you
cannot exist.
I will nip them in the bud.
Go ahead. Kill me.
I must be brutally killed by you
for the world I dream of
to become a reality.
The more society evolves,
the more the psychopath genes
spread like an epidemic.
There will come a day when psychopaths
annihilate the rest of mankind.
The psychopath gene must be eliminated
before that terrifying time comes.
Kill me.
Do it.
What is this place?
Whose house is this?
What is this place?
Is it a vacation home?
Song Su-ho.
Detective Lee.
What is this?
The laptop.
He was killed because of that laptop.
So this is the home of the one
who killed Detective Shin.
Kill me.
Kill me now.
You begged on your knees
for Han Seo-jun to save my life.
Thanks to that surgery,
I've started to feel things
a monster like me shouldn't.
Your lab mouse
can't kill anyone anymore.
Kill me. Kill me now.
Do it!
That is the only way we can build
a world where everyone is safe.
Kill me.
Kill me now.
I feel
sorry for you.
Jung Ba-reum, that bastard.
You have a message.
I'm going to kill the man
who killed my grandma.
I will avenge Father Mu-won, too.
Damn it, Bong-yi.
What are you doing here?
Where is Jung Ba-reum?
Calm down.
Ba-reum did this for your safety.
My safety?
You'll find out everything soon.
Will Oh Bong-yi be taken
and be found dead?
Or will she get to her destination?
I was afraid that they would
hold Bong-yi hostage.
Please don't let Bong-yi leave
until I'm finished.
The rest is in your hands.
You are
not who you used to be.
The fact that you didn't kill
Choi Yeong-sin proves that.
It doesn't change anything.
Jung Ba-reum!
Hey. Locate Oh Bong-yi's phone.
A cat.
Jung Ba-reum, that bastard.
That piece of plastic.
It is from the Goat Man mask.
I found Kim Han-guk's DNA on it, too.
It was Jung Ba-reum.
He killed my brother.
-Officer Jung?
-Detective Ko Moo-chi.
Detective Ko.
Detective Ko.
Let's have a drink.
I heard that you were good to my brother.
I want to be an older brother
to you like Mu-won.
You despicable jerk.
Did you enjoy it?
Was it fun?
I can't imagine how ridiculous
I must've looked to you.
The way I acted towards you,
with no idea that you killed my grandma
Did you enjoy it?
Are you watching me, Grandma?
Please give me strength.
Please give me courage.
"Eye for eye, tooth for tooth."
Your favorite principle.
You killed my grandma,
so I will kill you.
Go ahead and kill me
just like you killed my grandma.
No, Bong-yi.
I can't let you become a murderer.
My grandma was so good to you.
How could you do that to her?
Bong-yi, I'm sorry.
My grandma
I'm sorry.
I'll turn myself in.
Just let me turn myself in.
Bong-yi, I'm sorry.
Yes, that's right. I killed Kang Deok-su.
I killed him for you.
I killed him in case you got in danger.
I am sick.
But I may be able to get better.
I found a reason to be hopeful today.
Scums like you
don't deserve such an easy death.
Turn yourself in.
Turn yourself in and live in agony.
Let your guilt eat away at you.
I want you to feel such anguish
that you wish you were dead.
Live in hell
and atone for what you've done.
It was you.
You killed my brother.
Detective Ko.
Please arrest me.
That thing you wanted to do
I'll do it.
Stop with the mind games,
you son of a bitch.
Don't throw your life away.
I'll do it.
Shut the fuck up.
Three days since the discovery.
He is doing very well.
He is active and has no problem.
Ten days since the discovery.
His movement has slowed down.
His movements have slowed down noticeably.
Twenty days since the discovery.
He is in a terrible state.
He is barely moving.
Thirty days since the discovery. He died.
Bring my son back to life!
Give me back my son!
Bring him back!
Keep your promise, Jung Ba-reum.
The promise you made to Ko Moo-chi.
We will begin now. Please put her under.
Lift up your head.
We'll administer the anesthesia now.
I'm scared.
I'm scared.
It's sad.
The sunlight shining
through those leaves
Wait a minute.
Psychopaths don't have any emotions.
If he didn't do it,
why was Byeon Sun-yeong's picture here?
Han-guk was hidden here
and then moved to an abandoned hospital.
If there was anything,
the police would've found it.
Producer Choi Hong-ju?
Dr. Daniel Lee.
It was Jung Ba-reum?
If it weren't for Sung Yo-han,
I would be dead already.
I had no idea,
and I gave that tape to Choi Yeong-sin.
Are you free tomorrow evening?
I'll tell you everything tomorrow.
It's my fault you died.
I killed you.
How did the cops miss you?
There's a tunnel here
that connects to the sewage drain.
When the cops came,
I hid there.
I see.
I'll look after you
until you fully recover.
Thank you, Ms. Choi.
I will do everything
to prove Sung Yo-han's innocence.
No. That's not enough.
Jung Ba-reum's lost his memories.
He thinks he's a good guy.
Before his instincts are reawakened,
we must use him
to kill those who deserve to die.
Choi Yeong-sin will eventually reveal
Jung Ba-reum's true identity.
We must beat her to it.
We must reveal Jung Ba-reum's identity
along with the horrible things
that Choi Yeong-sin has done.
I was
used by Han Seo-jun
as bait to lure victims.
I saw firsthand
what kind of a monster he is.
People like him will never change.
We must get rid of everyone
who is a monster like Jung Ba-reum.
We can't let there be
any more victims
like your sister and Yo-han.
I'll need some testing equipment.
Let go of me.
I have to kill him. Let go of me.
I have to kill that bastard.
-I have to kill that jerk.
-Calm down.
You remember how
he killed my brother, don't you?
-Hey! Let go of me.
-Come on.
Let go of me.
Tell us why you were
tied up in that house.
What happened
at the amusement park a year ago?
Please say something.
Do you want a lawyer?
What is it?
Sung Yo-han's mom is
asking to see Jung Ba-reum.
No way. She'll try to kill Jung Ba-reum.
You may go.
She won't do anything. Let her see him.
She wouldn't kill her own son.
Her own son?
Mom, there's a strange kid at my school.
He cut open a rabbit's stomach.
I went to your house
to see if my instinct was right.
I recognized you right away.
Are you okay?
Go home, okay? Hurry!
Just die. You don't deserve to live.
You monster.
I shouldn't have had you.
I never should've had you.
So, that wasn't a dream.
You should've killed me then.
Why didn't you?
For the same reason
we switched you two in the first place.
He did that to Jae-min?
Jae-min didn't say anything.
I'm sure he was too scared to tell you.
I saw him
trying to bury his brother in the ground.
You remember the promise we made, right?
If you don't do anything,
Jae-hun will end up killing his brother.
I beg you.
It's for his own good.
Then you must've thought
I killed my own family.
I went to find you to kill you myself.
But your aunt had already taken you.
I looked for you everywhere,
but I couldn't find you.
When I learned of the cancellation
of your resident registration number,
I hoped it was
because you were dead.
Then I tried my best to forget about you.
Around 8 p.m. this evening,
a woman in her 70s was
found stabbed multiple times
in a deserted house in Gudong Village,
a redevelopment area.
The police have concluded
that it was done
You don't deserve to live.
You monster.
I shouldn't have had you.
I never should've had you.
My intuition told me it was you.
That must hurt.
How could he do this to you?
Why did you marry me?
If you don't love me, then why?
I guess you could say
it was for reproduction.
I needed an offspring.
I needed a Han Seo-jun Junior.
It was like
watching history repeat itself.
She was in love like I was in love
with Han Seo-jun
before I knew his true nature.
Are you okay?
Then why didn't you do anything?
Yo-han beat me to it.
He sought you out first.
After Yo-han died,
I went to see you in the hospital
to end it once and for all.
Where's Eo-beong?
Where am I?
Who are you?
Officer Jung Ba-reum was
discharged after three surgeries.
The doctors at Moojin Hospital say
that Officer Jung is fully recovered
but suffering from partial amnesia
due to temporary shock.
Then, I went to find you
at your new place.
But it looked like
you'd changed into a good man.
Since then, I've kept an eye on you
with hope.
I thought that it could be possible
that you'd actually changed.
That's why
That's why
To me
you and Han Seo-jun are the same.
It's time to be questioned.
Not that it changes anything
but I had no intention of killing Jae-min.
And I wasn't the one
who killed my family.
Arrest me, too.
I killed a man.
I killed an innocent man
to save that scumbag's life.
-Detective Ko, come on.
-Arrest me.
I killed an innocent man.
-Detective Ko.
Hey, call 911.
Stop it.
Did you shoot him?
My poor Yo-han
The poor boy
Did you shoot him?
You didn't kill Yo-han.
So don't feel guilty.
Han Seo-jun killed him.
It wasn't you.
You'll find Han Seo-jun's hideout there.
You can see it for yourself.
So that's why
That's why Jung Ba-reum
became so different.
Is it true what she said?
Who? Sung Ji-eun?
Jung Ba-reum is your son?
So you took Yo-han's brain
while he was still alive?
Yes, that's right.
How is that possible? You're on death row.
There is nothing
Choi Yeong-sin can't do in this country.
She begged me on her knees to do it,
saying that the entire nation wanted it.
She begged me to save
"the nation's pride."
Why do you think that woman begged you
to save Jung Ba-reum's life?
You call yourself a genius,
but you're a fool as much as I am.
You and your kid were used by that woman.
Just watch.
Your son will soon
be pathetically discarded.
Choi Yeong-sin, that wench.
How long have I known?
You monster.
I shouldn't have had you.
I never should've had you.
I wanted to believe it wasn't true.
Even when I was assaulted
for being a murderer's son.
Yo-han, please bring me the beige coat.
I saw a picture of you
holding another baby.
So, I did a DNA test
using your blood and Han Seo-jun's.
You should've called.
What is it, son?
You knew, didn't you?
Knew what?
That your son is a murderer.
How could you do this?
Yo-han, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
-It's all my fault.
-Let go of me.
You're just the same
as your husband, Han Seo-jun,
and your son, Jung Ba-reum.
I won't ever forgive you.
Your son killed my family,
and my only friend, Jun-seong
Jung Ba-reum brutally killed them.
And you didn't do anything
about it when you knew everything.
I am going to kill your son.
I'll kill him with my own hands.
Don't, Yo-han.
He's a monster.
-You'll die.
He'll kill you, too.
Let go.
I brought the receipts
Ms. Sung. Wake up.
I didn't have the courage to tell you
because I was afraid
that you would hate me.
My poor son, Yo-han
You may hate me,
but I
I want to be by your side.
Is Dr. Daniel Lee still
pleading the Fifth?
Yes. I don't know why, though.
He's a victim too.
We can't get an arrest warrant
if he refuses to talk.
The Blue House are
intervening to stop the arrest.
They'll do anything to stop it
due to the election.
I know.
Even if we ask for a warrant,
it'll be dismissed.
We must do what we can.
We must get Dr. Lee to start talking.
Turn the volume up.
That's Choi Yeong-sin's lawyer
doing the interview.
My client does not know why the laptop
and the victims' belongings
were at her place.
Jung Ba-reum probably left
them there on purpose.
I knew they'd try this.
What's this?
Hey. Look at this.
This could turn things around.
Breaking news.
Ms. A, who revealed herself to be
a part of the NIS private group OZ,
has called for a press conference.
She claims she will reveal
the shocking truth
about Choi Yeong-sin's deeds
over the past 26 years.
What if Choi Yeong-sin gets away with it
even after I turn myself in?
Don't worry.
Even the invincible Choi Yeong-sin
can't get out of this one.
Hun-seok's dad will come to pick him up.
Once Hun-seok is on the plane,
I'll hold a press conference.
What is it about?
I don't know. We'll have to hear her out.
Jeez. It's been over 30 minutes.
-What time is it now?
-Excuse me.
Detective Kang. Mr. Bok.
Your father killed my parents,
and you killed my brother.
I will kill you.
That's a promise.
Detective Ko. You have to find my aunt.
There's no time. If we want
to clear Sung Yo-han's name
A brain transplant, lab mice
Is this a sci-fi novel?
My client finds this all absurd.
Both Sung Yo-han and Jung Ba-reum
are nothing more
than psychopathic murderers.
That's the truth.
My aunt has evidence
that can prove everything.
Please zoom in here.
Track down Detective Lee's phone.
I'll go over to his house.
-His phone is turned off.
I can't locate it.
They're a step ahead.
But it's strange.
What is?
Choi Yeong-sin's side is acting strange.
They seem awfully tense.
What do you mean Lee Min-su's disappeared?
Didn't you say you got a call
that he was on his way here?
Yes, but they suddenly
can't get a hold of him.
Go find him now.
I'll look for him.
Then should I stay here and do nothing?
I have to clear Sung Yo-han's name.
I have to do it.
We've wasted our time for nothing.
-Let's just go.
-Let's go.
Let's go.
How did you know to come here?
I've already made a promise with Ba-reum.
I will hold a press conference
with all the evidence.
Ba-reum's gone to turn himself in.
I have a favor to ask you.
I'm going to change the topic
last-minute tomorrow. I need your help.
I need to keep this confidential.
You're the only one I can trust right now.
This is the original file
of the interviews I've done.
Watch it and make your decision.
I'll do it.
Someone has to do it.
As you already know,
there's no conclusive evidence.
But let's do our best
to get an arrest warrant.
Excuse me.
That house
Since the sudden arrest
of Chief Secretary Choi Yeong-sin,
the police have been striving to convict
her within the legal holding period.
This being an unprecedented situation,
the police are urgently focused
on detaining Ms. Choi.
We're running out of time.
Has Ko Moo-chi still not found Lee Min-su?
No, not yet.
If the police fail to detain Ms. Choi,
it will be difficult for the investigation
to be taken further.
Lee Min-su.
They found Lee Min-su.
I'm on my way right now.
Did you find her?
We haven't heard from Moo-chi.
It's time to talk to a profiler.
I'm Choi Hong-ju of Sherlock Hong-ju.
"I'm the actual culprit
of the Moojin serial murder cases."
"I'm a serial killer."
The entire nation is in shock
from Jung Ba-reum's confession.
The first murder
What made you do it?
I had been
looking for Song Su-ho for years
for killing my family.
He was my first kill.
Killing him
triggered my murder instinct.
After that
This is the commissioner.
What's more shocking
than Jung Ba-reum's confession
is his testimony that there is
someone who knew all this
but kept it hidden and even instigated him
to carry out the killings.
Dr. Daniel Lee told me
that Sung Yo-han and I were born
with the psychopath gene.
Choi Yeong-sin observed us
to see whether we would really grow up
to be psychopathic killers.
I'll escort you out.
Wait. It hasn't been 48 hours yet.
So get that arrest warrant.
You can't do it, can you?
Your only proof is
the words of a crazy scumbag.
Don't keep her here
if you can't request a warrant.
She has state matters to attend to.
Don't be so hasty.
We still have five minutes.
Moo-chi still hasn't called?
Choi Yeong-sin used
a national organization
to conduct illegal surveillance
on two kids and their families.
She was able to do this
because she has the power
to influence higher authorities.
Mr. Bok!
Don't just stand there. Move.
We still have a minute left.
Bok Ho-nam, move aside now.
We'll go ahead
and request the arrest warrant.
-Your request is denied.
That's ridiculous.
The request only just went through.
He can't have read it thoroughly.
Good day, officers.
Currently, it's Jung Ba-reum's words
against the words
of Chief Secretary, Choi Yeong-sin.
But I recently learned
that the arrest warrant
for Wu Hyeong-cheol,
the killer of the knot murder case,
was abruptly denied.
I inquired about the reason.
No comment.
Two more women were killed
after Wu Hyeong-cheol's
arrest warrant was denied.
Don't you feel any regret?
It wasn't my fault.
I didn't want to do it.
But I was ordered by the higher-ups.
I was demoted for arguing against it.
We got an order from above.
They said something
about "national collective trauma"
and other fancy things like that.
But let's be honest, it was strange.
We can't disclose these things
because we're acting on orders from above.
That's not me. He looks nothing like me.
-It's obviously you.
-Be quiet.
Why did you have
the arrest warrant rejected?
Was it your order?
The dismissal of Wu Hyeong-cheol's
arrest was planned,
and his crime scenes were rearranged
to imitate the Moojin serial murder case.
What could be the reason?
That's an absurd accusation.
Let's say she did dismiss
Wu Hyeong-cheol's arrest,
how would that incite
Jung Ba-reum to kill?
How is that in her control?
In 1995,
the nation was greatly shaken
by the Headhunter serial murder case.
There was a discussion
to pass a bill that would
allow the government to legally abort
fetuses with the psychopath gene.
When the bill was dismissed,
Choi Yeong-sin asked me
to hand over the list of fetuses
with the psychopath gene.
I did as she asked.
On that list were
Jung Ba-reum, Sung Yo-han,
and a child who had already been born
with the psychopath gene,
Wu Hyeong-cheol.
I went to Choi Yeong-sin
and asked her to stop.
But she said
The more people are killed
by Jung Ba-reum,
the angrier people will be.
You're crazy. Stop this now.
He's out of control.
Just a little longer.
Just until the presidential election.
I will get this bill passed.
I never received such a document.
It's a baseless claim by Dr. Daniel Lee.
Is it really a baseless claim?
Are Jung Ba-reum and Dr. Lee both lying?
It's all true.
He found her.
He did it.
They're a step ahead.
Choi Yeong-sin's side is acting strange.
They seem awfully tense.
Detective Lee must be off the grid.
Detective Lee must have taken her
then disappeared.
I'll look for him.
There was a picture
at Detective Lee's place.
I saw a picture of him
with the agent we chased at the motel.
6264 OZ?
It was a picture of him,
Detective Lee, and a woman.
If Detective Lee didn't take
my aunt to Choi Yeong-sin,
there must be a reason.
Yu-jeong was stalked for seven years
and was killed by some guy
disguised as a delivery boy.
Do you know this man?
Oh, Min-su?
Min-su and Yu-jeong were
best friends in high school.
I see.
Do you happen to know
where Yu-jeong's ashes were scattered?
Lee Min-su.
Where are they? The boy and his mom.
You jerk. You didn't
Who is that man, Mom?
Don't yell at him.
He agreed to take us
to the broadcasting station.
I'm sorry.
They promised to make a world
without victims like Yu-jeong.
Let's go.
You scared me.
It's airing tonight?
Isn't this confidential?
I trust you.
I trust you, too.
That's why I brought them here.
I can't trust any of the cops.
After I joined the company in 2005,
I was appointed to join
Choi Yeong-sin's private group OZ.
Song Su-ho had killed
Jung Ba-reum's family,
so I was to act as Jung Ba-reum's aunt.
I guess this was Moo-chi and Ba-reum's
final work as a team.
Since then, it was my duty to report
Jung Ba-reum's every move.
Oh, this is
I do not know her.
Do you have evidence
that backs up your statement?
I swear none of it is true.
All the evidence is in here.
I've never seen these. These are fake.
He still hasn't taken any action?
Text Song Su-ho's address to Jung Ba-reum.
Yes, ma'am.
Song Su-ho's address
Let's cast a bait.
How many people has
Jung Ba-reum killed so far?
Five, including the grape farm murder.
That's not enough.
Let's wait
until the presidential election.
-Can you explain this?
-Can you explain this?
Go arrest Choi Yeong-sin again.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
What a shame.
The evidence is stacked against you.
Step out of the car.
Get out of the car.
Come on.
I got this for Detective Shin's baby.
I didn't know it was a girl.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will
Why did you keep silent until now?
There isn't a single organization
that is free of her influence.
That's probably why
Sung Yo-han went straight to Jung Ba-reum.
Then was Sung Yo-han truly innocent?
Or was he a cold-hearted murderer
like Jung Ba-reum?
He's the one
who gave me the will to live.
I'm not asking you to forgive him.
I'm saying you should live
until the day comes
when he begs you for forgiveness.
That was Dr. Sung Yo-han.
The middle school student who carried me
to the police when I was dying
was Sung Yo-han.
Sung Yo-han saved me when I was
almost killed by Choi Yeong-sin.
He treated me.
Sung Yo-han saved my life.
While preparing for this show,
I found this video clip by chance.
I look forward to hearing
what you have to say.
Are you going to propose?
I cooked dinner for you.
Enjoy! I'll see you later.
According to Dr. Daniel Lee,
psychopaths do not
put on an act when they're alone.
I'm also
deeply involved in this case.
I asked Dr. Lee to use Jung Ba-reum.
Dr. Lee told me everything,
but instead of turning Jung Ba-reum in,
I used him to kill off psychopaths
like Kang Deok-su.
I plan to pay for what I've done
after this program is over
and will fully cooperate with the police.
Here she comes.
Did you directly get involved
in the killings?
-I am a murderer.
I killed a person 26 years ago.
Excuse me.
My dad
Where is he?
Excuse me, sir.
Please don't hurt me.
Please don't kill me.
I've lived with this guilt all my life.
I sincerely apologize
to Song Su-jeong's mother.
-Detective Kang.
Please let me do it.
Why did you take so long to return?
I'm sorry, Dad.
I couldn't allow myself to be happy
after what happened
to Hyeon-suk and Su-jeong.
Let's go.
Dad, what about Mom? Isn't she coming?
She's going to meet us later, okay?
What were your motives?
Everything about OZ has been revealed.
It has been revealed
that Chief Secretary Choi Yeong-sin
illegally surveilled and killed civilians
through her private organization
to create a crimeless world.
The people are loudly demanding
a thorough investigation
of the organization she created
to fulfill a personal objective.
As the result
of the 20th presidential election,
candidate Shin Seong-min
has become the new president.
Thank you for voting for me.
I believe my late son, Sang,
would have been happiest of all.
The bill to mandate psychopath gene
testing and elimination by abortion,
which was dismissed
because of me 26 years ago,
will be decided by a public referendum.
Today's the first trial of Jung Ba-reum,
the serial killer of the century.
Even though the trial has yet to begin,
you can see rows
of condolence wreaths sent by the public
along the walls of Moojin Police Agency.
The public referendum
for the mandatory genetic testing
of the psychopath gene,
which has seized the spotlight,
is now over.
As a result,
the bill was passed by a landslide.
Execute Jung Ba-reum!
The verdict hearing
of serial killer Jung Ba-reum
will be held at 3 p.m. today.
Rather than whether he is guilty,
the focus is more on how severely
Jung Ba-reum will be punished,
what charges he will be sentenced for,
and the likelihood
of the verdict being broadcast live.
Defendant Jung Ba-reum
shall be sentenced to death.
Jung Ba-reum has been sentenced to death.
The court reasoned that the pain
the victims suffered is insurmountable
and Jung Ba-reum should be
permanently isolated from society.
Jung Ba-reum, who was once
considered the nation's pride,
shocked the entire nation
by confessing that he was the true culprit
of the Moojin serial murder case.
Murderer Jung Ba-reum
will not file for an appeal.
This means that he is set to be executed.
It's back.
That look in his eyes.
Your meal is ready.
Out of those whom I resolved to kill,
you're the only one who has survived.
You remember how your friend
Kim Byeong-tae died, don't you?
"Eye for eye, tooth for tooth."
Look forward to it.
Did you threaten Kim Su-cheol,
saying you'd kill him?
That rat.
Did he tell on me to you?
How can you call yourself a human being?
Why did you apply for this post?
Could it be
that you missed me?
Did you want to see me?
I chose to work here
so I could ask you something.
How could you?
How could you do that
to Chi-guk of all people?
And Bong-yi's grandmother,
and Father Mu-won
How could you?
What's wrong with a lion
feeding on a few mice?
Aren't you curious to find out
why I didn't kill you?
because you're not worth it.
You bastard.
We have a situation in Room Seven.
-Let's go.
-A situation in Room 7.
What are you doing?
Are you okay?
What a beautiful day.
It's so sad that I can't
go out to look at the flowers.
I've missed you, Father.
I knew it the first time I saw your eyes.
I knew you had the same
superior genes as me.
Don't you have
anything else to say to me?
When I found out that you are my son,
I was very happy.
I was proud of you.
Don't forget.
We are superior to ordinary human beings.
Don't ever let those eyes
change again.
Do not worry.
We will get out of here.
That's for the best, right?
Of course.
I have everything planned
Dong-gu, listen to me.
Gu Dong-gu.
When the time is right,
unlock Han Seo-jun's cell.
I must
finish this.
Breaking news.
Headhunter Han Seo-jun's head
has been cut off.
Just as you did to me,
shouldn't I kill you
in front of your child's eyes?
Han Seo-jun. I'm going to kill you
in the worst possible way.
Keep your promise, Jung Ba-reum.
The promise you made to Ko Moo-chi.
What is it?
Please kill me.
Please kill me now.
I went to see Hyeon-su.
Jung Ba-reum
will die soon.
It's a side effect of the brain surgery.
According to the guard,
it's a sorry sight to see.
I guess he's in a lot of pain.
Apparently, he said it's
as if a mouse is gnawing at his brain.
That's not enough.
He must die a more painful death.
Don't you have something to say
to Jung Ba-reum?
-Before he dies, go and
Why would I go see him?
Sit down.
Why did you drink so much?
You should quit drinking.
You'll end up killing yourself.
Mrs. Song.
I have something to ask you.
I heard you forgave
that father-and-son psychopath duo.
How could you? Have you gone mad?
It wasn't for their sake
that I forgave them.
It was so that I could live.
I felt like I would die if I didn't.
When I heard Father Mu-won talk,
I could feel the pain
and exhaustion he had felt.
I, too, felt pain and exhaustion.
That's when I let everything go.
I chose to forgive them.
I was sure my children would
want me to move on too.
I wanted them to see that I was okay.
I slept soundly for days
once I made that decision.
One day, I woke up,
and I had the will to live.
At last, I felt like I was able
to face my dear children,
Su-jeong and Su-ho.
Don't be ridiculous.
I can never forgive them.
Sure. I understand.
Those of us who have been left behind
must each go on living in our own way.
What's important is
that we go on living.
I want you to be free from this pain
so you can move on with your own life.
That's what your brother wanted.
You're a lucky man.
You get to die on your own terms.
What a fucking joke.
You deserve for me to cut your head off.
I came to see
how much pain you were in.
You think I'd forgive you
because you cut off your father's head?
Don't be so stupid.
I'm sorry.
And I've always
been grateful.
Someone who's capable
of killing has soulless eyes.
But your eyes are full of soul.
There's anger,
and love.
So, this is what he meant
by eyes that are full of soul.
Your son is in pain and agony.
I know it's shameless,
but I have a favor to ask.
All the money I have left
Please use it for the victims' families.
You think you'll be forgiven
if you do that?
And lastly
I'd like to see Bong-yi.
You shameless jerk.
You think she'd want to come?
I heard you were dying.
I came to see you dying.
It's not fair for you
to die so comfortably.
Scums like you
should be skewered
burnt alive,
have your lungs extracted,
and have your stomach filled with rocks.
What is it you want to say to me?
Why did you ask me to come
all the way here?
I wanted to tell you
that I'm sorry.
I will
not forgive you.
Not until I die.
I will curse you forever.
I came here to tell you that.
In my next life
I will be born again as an ordinary man.
They say I was born a monster.
Please don't let me turn into a monster.
listened to your prayer.
You are
not a monster anymore.
-Revoke the pardon!
-Revoke the pardon!
Breaking news.
Despite the people's opposition,
President Shin Seong-min's granted
Choi Yeong-sin a pardon.
The Blue House justified
the pardon as necessary
for a united society.
-Revoke the pardon!
-Revoke the pardon!
Come here.
-How have you been?
Due to Choi Yeong-sin being pardoned,
the entire nation is enraged
and the approval rating
of President Shin is declining.
Fresh eggs for sale.
Oh Bong-yi. Eggs for sale!
Wake up. You must go to school.
The sun is up in the sky.
-Wake up. Let's go to school.
-Thank you.
-Have a nice day.
You're so loud.
Do you know what time it is?
Do you know how many eggs
I must sell to pay your tuition?
I'm going to pay you back.
And I told you
I don't want to go to college.
How can I work at the broadcast station
and keep going to school?
Mr. Ko.
I was asked to be the main scriptwriter
for a new current affairs program.
Just wait.
Once I become the main scriptwriter,
I will create a fair and just society
-and make sure no one is
-Let's see.
Your tuition fee plus interest
Will you be paid more
as the main scriptwriter?
Are you a loan shark?
What's this?
Give that back.
It's for me.
You hate soybeans
as much as you hate carrots.
She should be out by now, right?
Do you take me for a fool?
You should go.
You should tell her
you're sorry in person and
Fresh eggs for sale.
Be a man, and
Fresh, king-sized eggs.
Nobody uses a megaphone
to sell eggs nowadays.
You're living in the past.
Young kids these days don't know anything.
Haven't you heard of "retro"?
Whatever. Drop me off at a supermarket.
I invited Producer Choi's family
over for dinner.
Dong-gu and his family are coming, too.
You can come if you want.
How can I? Think about what I've done.
I bought japchae and pork
What else
Oh, right. I should buy
crunchy fried chicken for the kids.
-I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
I failed to believe in him.
It's my fault.
We both wronged Sung Yo-han.
I'll live the rest of my life
atoning for what I've done.
Me too.
I want you to be happy.
You too.
I'm going to try for Eun-chong's sake.
I'm off.
Jae-hee. Eun-chong.
What are you doing?
Oh, it's a bird.
It flew over here from there.
It did?
It's so cute.
Should I name the bird?
How about Eo-beong?
I like that name. It's cute.
You think so?
"I like Eo-beong. It's cute."
Fresh eggs for sale.
Locally-sourced king-sized eggs.
Fresh eggs for sale.
There was a monster
that couldn't be saved.
God let that monster have emotions.
God listened to your prayer.
You are
not a monster anymore.
He died
slowly and in agony, atoning for his sins.
Was it God's way of punishing him?
Or did God save him?
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