Move to Heaven (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Mr. Cho Sang-gu.
A lawyer?
I came to see you
on behalf of Mr. Han Jeong-u.
I have a message for you.
Tell him I want nothing to hear from him.
He passed away.
I mean Mr. Han.
I knew it'd be great
to be out again.
After Mr. Han learned
that his health is failing,
he had his legal affairs in order
for his remaining family.
His son, Han Geu-ru, is
the only family he has left.
I don't give a damn.
What did he say about me in his will?
He stated in his will
that in the event of his death,
he would like you to be Geu-ru's guardian.
What's that?
A guardian is a person
who is designated
to look after and protect a ward
who is incapacitated
with an illness, disability, or old age.
What are you talking about?
How old is the kid?
He just turned 20.
So he's not a kid.
Why would he need protection?
Geu-ru is a bit challenged.
I get it.
So, he wanted me
to babysit his handicapped son?
No, thank you.
I thought he left me something nice
out of petty guilt.
Instead, he's screwing me
even from the grave.
Mr. Cho Sang-gu.
Mr. Cho!
You must've worked out much in prison.
As you know,
it's freaking boring in there.
When will you start again?
I've never said I would.
How will a fighting dog
make a living without fighting?
I'll start looking for something.
I know you can't afford that luxury.
By the way,
do you know anything about guardianship?
-Why do you ask?
-Someone asked me to be one.
What kind of wacko asked you
to be something like that?
There's this nutjob I know.
Does this ward have some money?
What if he does?
Can I get something out of it?
If he has some assets,
the guardian can have
free access to them. Isn't it cool?
Free access?
Someone I know
became a guardian of an old man
and made some fortune out of it.
So I know a bit about it.
Excuse me!
About that thing. What should I do?
I mean the guardian thing. I'll do it.
So just tell me what to do.
You have to meet a few conditions
to be Geu-ru's guardian.
First, from now
you must move into Geu-ru's house
and amicably live with him
for three months.
for those three months,
you must work for Move to Heaven
which is a trauma cleaning service
Mr. Han and Geu-ru have run.
Han Jeong-u must've left
a quite fortune
to have you work for him.
I can't say
if he left a huge fortune or not,
but it's enough for Geu-ru
to live properly for the rest of his life.
Wow, good for him.
How could he make such money?
To be exact, it's not Mr. Han's.
It's the inheritance
left by his late wife.
Now, Geu-ru has become a sole heir to it.
Who is it?
Hi, Mr. Oh.
You are here too.
Is everything okay with Geu-ru?
No. This weird man just barged in.
He's already here?
You must be quite surprised.
Do you know him?
Let's go inside. I'll explain everything.
Geu-ru, say hello to
Mr. Cho Sang-gu.
He's your uncle.
His uncle?
She is Geu-ru's friend from next door.
Hello, I am--
I'm your uncle.
Nice to meet you.
Your dad had a younger brother.
So, he asked your uncle to look after you
in case he might not be around.
You remember the guardianship contract
we discussed with your dad?
Mr. Cho Sang-gu there is
the guardian your dad told you about.
Are you okay with this?
-If you're not up for it--
-That's fine.
I promised with Dad.
Really? Then from now on,
-I hope you get along with your uncle.
-Hang on.
Why do so-called brothers have
different last names?
-Because our seeds are different.
We have different fathers.
Han Jeong-u's mom married my old man
and gave birth to me.
Oh, Mr. Cho is a new employee
at Move to Heaven as well.
So you need to train him well
as a senior staff, okay?
-A new employee?
This guy?
Mr. Oh, you can't leave them like this.
Sudden changes of the surroundings
will be too much for Geu-ru.
It could be a sudden change,
but we have no choice.
Also, we can't deny the fact
that Mr. Cho is Geu-ru's only relative.
-Still, it's too much for him.
Can you keep an eye on them
to see if they get along?
And call me if anything happens.
Thanks for your help.
Darn it.
So, you're Geu-ru, right?
I am Han Geu-ru.
Did your dad give you
such a ridiculous name?
Yes, and it means a tree. He wanted me
to contribute to the world as a tree does
because it gives us
oxygen, fruits, firewood,
and a stump we can sit on and rest.
It's the second-best living thing
in the world.
-The best living thing in the world is
Han Jeong-u's son, Han Geu-ru.
Dad said that.
-No, you can't.
-Why not?
You can't!
I can't even have water?
You'd better let go.
No, it's my dad's cup.
Only he can use it.
What a moron.
What's wrong with your tone?
You sound like a robot.
Shoot, I believe there's a term for this.
You mean AI?
That's right.
Don't people say you sound just like it?
I have Asperger's syndrome.
I have difficulty interpreting
people's emotions and social interactions.
I can already see
that you have
freaking loads of difficulties.
Anyway, let's try to make this work.
I can use this room, right?
No. It's my dad's.
Only he can use this room.
Your dad is not here. He's dead.
The dead don't need a room,
so let me use it.
-No, you can't.
-Gosh, this punk is a real blockhead.
What can you do? Stop me?
Hey, Han Geu-ru or Han guru, listen now.
I didn't come here because I wanted.
So, let's try to be patient
and stay out of each other's way.
Let's hold out for three months.
All right, Nephew?
-Move aside.
-I can't.
-Ouf of the way.
-I can't.
I can't! No!
Bottom stake, Rajidae, Rajiformes,
Chondrichthyes, Chordata, Animalia.
-Its snout cartilage is
-soft and flexible.
-What has gotten into you?
Its head and pectoral fin form an arc
and anterior margin is…
-…also round.
-Next door.
-What's with this punk?
-What did you do to him?
Me? I didn't do anything.
Dad's room is only for Dad.
You can't go into his room.
Were you going to use this room?
I was. So what?
I can't believe it.
Geu-ru can't take changes
in his familiar surroundings or rules.
So, if you want to stay here,
you must do things his way.
I can't believe this.
Geu-ru, calm down.
Your uncle won't use this room.
So please calm down, all right?
You won't, right?
Where am I supposed to stay?
Geu-ru, do you want me
to show you how to fry an egg?
Wouldn't it be nice if you can do it
when I'm not around?
Why wouldn't you be around?
Are you going somewhere?
It's because I also want
to have an egg you fry at times.
Why doesn't he check the messages?
I'm worried sick here.
So you married a rich girl who died young
and turned your life around 180 degrees?
Han Jeong-u.
I don't understand
why you have brought me here,
but don't worry too much.
I'll take special care of
your little precious son.
Oh man.
It is still hurt.
It is still hurt.
It is still hurt.
-Who's there?
-It'll die.
-It'll die if it is in pain.
-How did you get in at this hour?
-You should leave!
-It can't die.
-Stop it.
-If it is in pain, it'll die.
-It shouldn't die.
-Cut it out.
I don't want it to die. It shouldn't die.
-It can't be in pain.
-I don't want it to die.
-You got to stop.
-Don't die.
-It shouldn't die. I don't want it to die.
Let me see.
Are you okay?
You should've come here with me.
You only come here when it's closed.
Next closed day is long away.
You must've been worried a lot
about Yellow.
Yellow is in lots of pain.
If it doesn't get treated, it'll die.
It's getting treated,
but it takes time to heal.
Knowing about the condition
and getting treated are important.
Or else, you'll die.
I didn't know my dad was ill.
He died because he wasn't treated in time.
Yellow will die like my dad
unless it gets treated soon.
Yes, you might die
if an illness is unnoticed and untreated.
But Geu-ru, you noticed and told us
Yellow was hurt when it couldn't itself.
Therefore, Yellow will never die.
That's a lie.
It will die eventually
as it's a living thing.
It's a lie when you say
a living thing will never die.
You're right. 
But we won't let it die
from the wound there.
Can you promise?
I promise.
If you break your promise,
you'll get your tongue pulled out in hell.
I saw it in Along with the gods.
Oh my!
What's all this?
Excuse me.
Uncle Sang-gu.
Gosh, darn it.
What's all this racket in this early hour?
Is this some kind of performance art?
How could you turn the house
into a huge mess in less than a day?
Didn't I tell you?
Geu-ru can't take any changes
in his familiar rules and surroundings.
Then we can change those darn rules
to make everyone happy.
"When you are in Rome, do as Romans do."
What are you saying? I'm not a Roman.
But I know one thing.
This is not your house. It's mine.
So stop yapping at me,
and go back to yours.
All righty,
I need to catch up on my sleep.
Darn it.
Mr. Oh, what kind of person
is Geu-ru's uncle?
I can't believe how ludicrous he is.
You can't possibly imagine
what happened today.
If he's supposed to be a guardian,
shouldn't he act like one?
He is more like a bully than a guardian.
A real bully.
You know, a thug. He's a total thug!
He's likely to put Geu-ru in danger,
not to protect him!
Are you done?
Can I talk now?
So what you're saying is
he has to do well with Gu-ru
and Move to Heaven for three months
in order to be an official guardian,
I guess it's like a test.
What if he fails?
If there is a disqualifying ground
for them to live together,
Mr. Cho will be dismissed.
Geu-ru's dad gave me the right to decide.
-Then you can now--
-I don't think so.
It'll be hard for both of them
to get used to this arrangement,
especially for Geu-ru for now.
What if something bad happens
during that trial period?
That's where you come in.
You can watch them most closely.
Your report will be
a critical factor in my decision.
Can I trust you to be impartial
when you watch them?
Put your garbage in the bin.
Wash the dishes
when you're done using them.
Put dirty socks and clothes in the basket.
Don't touch other people's stuff.
Take out recyclables
on Mondays and Thursdays.
We must be ready to leave.
We got a new job.
Geu-ru, what are you doing?
We got a request.
We should be ready to go to the scene.
Scene? What scene?
But how can you work alone
without your dad?
I can work alone. I'll do things
the way I used to do with him.
You mean removing a corpse thing?
It's called trauma cleaning.
Can he do it alone?
He's not doing it alone.
Mr. Oh said you must work with him too.
The address is 4, Sanjeong-ro 51-gil.
We must be there by 11 o'clock.
We must keep an appointment with a client.
We'll get going now.
Are you thinking to drive?
Since my dad isn't here, I must do it.
Oh no. You can't.
What if something goes wrong
like the last time?
-I didn't do anything wrong.
-Uncle Sang-gu.
You can drive, right?
Get out of the way.
Darn it, move!
The light! It's red!
This is it, right?
You violated speed limit 9 times,
lane change 35 times,
stop line 8 times, traffic light 7 times.
Breaking traffic laws is
a criminal offense.
You broke the law
59 times in total for 40 minutes.
Did you count them all?
Let's get to work.
We're trauma cleaners from Move to Heaven.
Are you Ms. Lee Yeong-sun's family
who requested the service for her?
Yes, we are.
How long will it take to clean?
To be exact, it's trauma cleaning.
Just tell me how long it'll take.
We have to see the scene first.
We couldn't go in
because it felt a bit weird.
The deceased had some fortune
although she lived in a place like this.
It's the second room on the left.
If you find a bankbook or cash,
bring it to us right away.
If we find any valuables,
documents, bankbooks, and cash,
we take photos
and give them with the list.
How can we trust you?
You could just say there was none.
We'll be sticking around right here.
Get inside, and bring it out right away.
-Got it?
Anyway, we'll wait in the car.
Please do a good job.
-Let's go.
-Let's wait in the car.
-Gosh, get off me.
So, they'll be here to watch us
in case we might steal something?
They can't trust us but don't want
to get their hands dirty either?
So is this the scene?
Are you okay?
The scene is contaminated
as she was found three weeks after death.
Hey, how can you be calm over this?
You were such a neat freak back at home.
That's my home,
but the scenes are homes of the deceased.
They request us to clean theirs
because they can't do it.
So, I'm okay with it.
I can make them clean for them.
You should wait here.
I'll do the cleaning.
After I'm done,
you can take things out of here.
Did you hear she was found
a month after her death?
Gosh, she had a son and a daughter-in-law,
but they neglected her with dementia
and never checked on her.
What a shame.
Don't be nervous.
Just do your work as always.
Just like when I was around.
-Just like when you were around.
-That's right.
What's the first step?
Ms. Lee Yeong-sun,
you passed away on March 31st, 2020.
We're trauma cleaners from Move to Heaven.
Our names are Han Jeong--
My name is Han Geu-ru.
I'll now begin to help you
with your final move, Ms. Lee Yeong-sun.
Have you found anything?
Honey, a bankbook!
What? What is this?
Gosh, this hag.
What did she withdraw the money for?
These are all garbage.
Throw them away.
-But they are family photos.
-Which are useless.
Are you sure
you looked thoroughly everywhere?
What about cash? You didn't find any?
Forget it.
I told you we didn't need to come.
I found some.
What did you say?
It's in the room.
I mean cash.
Where? Darn it.
Where is the money?
Oh no.
Oh my goodness!
Look what the hag did.
What was she thinking stashing money here?
She surely was crazy!
I can't believe this.
What are you doing? Go pick them up.
Hurry up. Darn it. 
There's more over there.
Grab everything.
But how are we going to use these?
I don't think a bank will exchange them.
Why don't you try to wash them?
No way I will. You should do it.
-Shall I give them up, then?
-What? It's a lot.
Hey, can you do something about them?
What? What do you think we--
Contaminated bills can be restored
by using chemicals and then drying.
Then the Bank of Korea will exchange them
into new ones upon your request.
You mean you can make
these bills usable, right?
Good. Take it.
Get me new ones.
I've counted them all,
so don't you dare fool me.
Finish the job.
Darn it!
Where is the family?
How would I know? Probably they went home.
They shouldn't leave yet.
I have something to show.
Didn't you hear them calling it garbage?
They told us to throw it away.
This is not garbage.
What do you keep it for?
Even the family doesn't want it!
Darn this little punk.
Oh, you came out for work.
You must be Geu-ru's uncle.
Nice to meet you. I'm Park Ju-taek,
a waste disposal truck driver.
Hello. I'm Cho Sang-gu.
Are you close to the Hans?
He was such a nice man I've met
after defecting to the South.
I was heartbroken
over what happened to Mr. Han.
Please take good care of Geu-ru.
Thank you for being here for him.
Anyway, I thought this was just cleaning,
but it seems more than that.
Other companies discard things like waste,
but the Hans work differently.
Differently? How?
Now that you start working with him,
you'll know what I mean.
You're in for good work.
Hope you stay long.
Geu-ru, are you done?
Hey, take it easy.
"Good work"?
-All right. See you around.
-Okay, bye.
That little punk.
I've taken a few showers already,
but I still smell like shit.
The main components of foul smells are
ammonia, methanethiol,
hydrogen sulfide, dimethyl sulfide,
trimethylamine, acetaldehyde,
toluene, xylene,
methylethylketone, et cetera.
Ammonia is often associated
with toilet smell
because it's the main component
of human excretion.
Some foods that we eat
reek of ammonia too.
Fermented food like cheese, raw skate,
and stinky tofu smells ammonia over time.
The odor at the scenes is 10 to 40 times
stronger than that of public toilets.
By the way, it's not always
as bad as this scene, is it?
What was that thing on the floor?
It wasn't solid nor liquid.
It was rotten bodily fluid.
It consists of blood, fat, and dead cells
that leaked out of the body and congealed.
Bodily fluid makes up
about 60 % of your weight.
The scene was relatively clean
as the weather wasn't hot.
It was hard the other time
because there were many bugs and maggots.
We can drive bugs out,
but maggots have to be burned
with hydrochloric acid or oil.
Did everything go okay?
If it got you worried that much,
why don't you start working here?
I'm seriously considering it.
I heard from Uncle Ju-taek it was okay.
Who are you really?
Don't tell a lie
that you're Geu-ru's friend.
It's not a lie.
You expect me to believe
a girl like you is a friend of that moron?
This is unbelievable.
Then what kind of relationship
do you think it is?
You know, maybe you're a part-timer
getting paid much for looking after him
like a babysitter.
There's a saying
for this kind of situation.
"You see things as you are."
I'll be honest while we're at it.
The fact Geu-ru lives with a man
who thinks he's a moron
really, seriously, totally sickens me.
I don't understand why Uncle Jeong-u
brought someone like you here,
but I can't argue with him now,
so I'll let it pass.
Be nice to Geu-ru
because I'll keep my eye on you
and report everything to Mr. Oh.
You little--
For your information,
I have excellent vision.
It's 15-15.
That little brat.
Look what the hag did.
What was she thinking stashing money here?
What are you doing?
I'm trying to figure out
what was on the deceased's mind.
Can you figure it out by doing that?
Yes, I can.
But the deceased can't speak.
They can't speak vocally
as they did when they were alive.
That's why we try to read their mind.
I want to know how to do that.
Come closer.
Take a close look at the things in here.
There comes a moment when you begin to see
what the deceased wanted to say
and thoughts they wanted to share.
Is it like solving a puzzle?
Yes, you can say that.
I love solving a puzzle,
and I know I'm good at it.
October 2nd, 2019, 50,000 won.
October 4th, 2019, 50,000 won.
October 7th, 2019, 50,000 won.
Do you know Ms. Lee Yeong-sun?
Her account number is
Do you know Ms. Lee Yeong-sun?
Subtitle translation by: Jean S. Kim
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