Move to Heaven (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Good grief.
Ms. Lee Yeong-sun
came by the bank
around the same time every day
and withdrew a brand-new 50,000-won bill.
She had her bankbook, ID, and stamp
and asked to withdraw 50,000 won,
so everyone at the bank knew her.
She hasn't come last few weeks,
so we thought she must have fallen ill.
This is between us,
but she seemed to have dementia.
She couldn't remember a thing
and always repeated what she said.
Also, she made a call every day.
I let her use the phone over there.
She said nothing on the phone.
She just hung up quickly and left.
Kid, what on earth are you doing now?
-I got it now.
-Got what?
Come on. What?
May I have some?
Of course, go ahead.
What the--
Where did he go?
Darn that little punk.
Still, how could you come home
without him?
I waited near the bank over an hour.
What could I do more?
However stupid he is,
he'd know the way home.
Who are you calling stupid?
Geu-ru is not stupid. He's special.
Then you got nothing to worry about.
Wow, who is stupid here, really?
Being special in this world
can put you at risk.
Like being especially nice, innocent,
genuine, etcetera.
Don't you know that?
I know it's especially terrifying
to have a friend like you.
Why doesn't he answer the phone?
-Han Geu-ru!
-You punk!
Where did you go after the bank?
Why didn't you answer your phone?
My phone died.
Keeping the map app on
makes the battery die quickly.
So I need to take
extra batteries tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Where are you going?
I must see
Ms. Lee Yeong-sun's family again.
Her son called again
and nagged me about the money.
I have things to give to them.
He said he wanted nothing but the money.
Give it to me.
I'll hand it over and be done with it.
-I need to do that in person.
-Aw, man.
You mean you have things
to give them in person besides the money?
-That's right.
-Must you do that in person?
It's the policy of Move to Heaven,
and we need to follow the policy.
See that? Now nothing can stop him.
That's nonsense!
You still don't get it, do you?
You make a call
and make sure they'll meet him.
If you're worried that much,
you call them.
I was going to join Move to Heaven,
starting tomorrow anyway.
What did you say you'd do?
Cleaning corpses?
Are you out of your mind?
Cleaning corpses?
I've been telling you
it's trauma cleaning!
There aren't any bodies!
We clean a house of the deceased,
not a body!
-Whatever! The same difference!
-Darn it.
Why the heck do you want to do that?
Come on, I can't believe it.
Of all the houses here,
they have to live across from us
and do that kind of work?
I've barely put up with them.
Plus, now Geu-ru lost his father.
What makes him think
he can run the business without him?
The world isn't as easy as you think.
Tell him to lie low and live quietly!
Geu-ru isn't a criminal!
Why should he lie low?
Come look at your daughter.
-Are you taking his side?
-Let me talk to her. Get inside, baby.
-Are you going insane?
-Who does she take after--
-Please get inside.
I'll make sure I put an end to this today!
Dad, try to put yourself
in Geu-ru's shoes.
He suddenly lost his dad,
and a so-called uncle has come in.
If I were in that situation,
how would you feel?
I know. I understand how you feel--
It's not like I'll work there for good.
Just for a while.
I'll help him only for three months!
No more or less.
Just for three months, please.
Let's keep this a secret from your mom.
If she finds out,
I can cover for you no more.
Okay. Don't worry. I'll be cautious.
Okay? You're the best dad.
It's not here!
-It's not here!
Is it here?
No, it isn't.
It's not here.
-It's not here either.
-What's wrong? Is the house on fire?
-What's going on?
-It's not here.
It's not here.
I've looked everywhere, but it's not here.
-I surely put it there,
so it should be there.
-But it's not.
-What's missing that you go nuts over?
-The heart.
Ms. Lee Yeong-sun's heart is in that box.
I have to give it to her family,
but I can't do that without the box.
Her heart is gone!
-I lost the heart.
-I shouldn't have lost it.
-Stop it!
-Cut it out!
-I shouldn't--
You little punk,
I told you to stop, didn't I?
-I can't believe it.
Next door, come here and stop him.
What are you doing?
Let him go!
-Let him go now!
-Next door, what's wrong?
I knew it!
You're hurting him already
in just a few days?
You knew he couldn't fight back,
so you've abused him like this?
How dare you lay a hand on him?
Stay right there. I'm reporting you
to the police for assault.
I didn't abuse him!
And assault?
Look! This is assault. That wasn't!
Geu-ru, are you okay? Did he hit you?
-I lost the box. The box is gone!
-The box is gone!
-Don't do it!
-Please stop.
-What a nutjob!
He's making a darn fuss
over finding some kind of box.
So I was trying to stop him.
Gosh, what the heck is wrong with you?
Oh no!
Hey! Just cut it out, darn it!
A box? What box?
It's the yellow box
from Ms. Lee Yeong-sun's house.
35 cm in width, 25 cm in length,
and 20 cm in height.
You mean a yellow box
with "Move to Heaven" written on the lid?
I put it in our van, but it's gone.
The box can't move on its own.
-The impossible has happened!
Why are you looking for it?
It's the garbage
even the family didn't want.
It's not garbage.
It's absolutely necessary.
Hey, where are you going?
There's only one way
the box could be missing.
It must've fallen off on the way home.
if I retrace our way from Ms. Lee's house,
I may find it.
Are you saying you go looking for it now?
I must leave now.
Kid, are you out of your mind?
Someone must've taken it already.
Even if you went there,
it'd be gone already.
So, you know,
just give up.
People with Asperger's syndrome
don't know how to give up.
Once he is fixated on something,
he must do it.
What nonsense.
Geu-ru, I'll go with you, okay?
Don't go. You won't find it there.
-How do you know?
-How do you know, Uncle?
I just know.
-Uncle Sang-gu!
I know because I tossed it away!
Wow, you sure are good at causing trouble.
Her family said it was garbage, so I just
naturally disposed of it.
Man, I can't believe this.
A box? What box?
You mean the yellow one?
That's the one. Have you seen it?
Yeah, I've been wondering
how it ended up on my truck
since Mr. Han took special care of it.
-So, you didn't throw it away, right?
-You shouldn't do that!
I shouldn't? Man, I'm just returning
from a dumpsite.
This is downright crazy!
I can't believe we're rummaging
through garbage to find garbage.
-Darn it.
-He said it's not garbage.
I don't know exactly,
but it seems like a special box
where Uncle Jeong-u put items
that he couldn't just throw away.
She's right.
Mr. Han never gave me that box.
He said he later burned it separately.
Geu-ru wants to do things
the way his father did.
So it's garbage after all
if you burn it later.
And even the family didn't want it.
Why do we have to go through
so much trouble? I can't believe it.
Do you really not know
who has caused all this?
What a nerve! Super brazen for real!
Man, it hurts!
it's good that I tossed it out today,
not yesterday.
Otherwise, we'd dig into this mountain
for four days non-stop.
Oh boy.
Man, I can't believe this is happening.
This is totally insane.
Han Jeong-u, are you happy now?
Darn it!
Damn it!
Fuck this! Ouch!
My back.
I-- I found it.
I found it!
Right here!
-Found it!
I found it!
I'll carry it for you.
You could've just sent the money.
Why do I have to be here too?
Is this it?
If she had this much in cash,
she must've spent loads of money.
What's this?
That's not true.
Ms. Lee Yeong-sun did not spend the money.
-She did not spend the money.
Ms. Lee visited
the Sang-dong branch of KFCC
every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, and Friday at 2:00 p.m.
Sangdong Branch of KFCC
is the nearest bank from her house.
Ms. Lee Yeong-sun
withdrew 50,000 won a day from the bank.
From October 2nd, 2019
to March 30th, 2020,
she withdrew 50,000 won each time,
a total of 123 times.
And we found 123 bills in total
under her linoleum.
Then she always called
at the bank information desk.
Darn, who is it?
Stop making a prank call at this hour.
I didn't want to know any of these.
Who asked you to snoop around?
Just give me the money.
-I can't!
-What the--
I have something else to give you.
Ms. Lee Yeong-sun's son, Mr. Park Cheol-u,
you must come with me.
What are you playing at?
Just give me the money.
Come with me!
-Let go of it!
What the--
Enough! You think I'm a pushover
since I came here as I was told?
How dare you try to boss me around!
-Take it easy.
-What is this?
You got to cut it out too.
You shouldn't lay a hand on a kid.
What? Hey, stop right there!
Hey, stop right there!
-Little punk!
Hey, stop!
Man, I can't believe it.
What? What's wrong?
What are you doing?
You got to run!
You punk, how dare you make a fool of me!
Give me my money!
-Let him go first.
-Just give it to him.
-Give it to me, jerk!
-Give him the money already!
-It's for Mr. Park Cheol-u's suit.
-Do it now!
-I can't!
-Let go!
It is for Mr. Park Cheol-u's suit.
Mr. Park Cheol-u?
Just give it to him.
Is your name Park Cheol-u?
You have your mother's eyes.
Do you like it?
Whom do you want to buy it for?
Your husband?
For my son.
Cheol-u, Park Cheol-u.
Come by with him.
I'll get you a good deal.
How much do these suits cost?
Good ones are expensive.
Okay ones are less than that.
But for you,
I'll give a nice one at a good price.
I like this one.
I'll take it.
Then come by with your son sometime.
Don't sell this to anybody, okay?
I'll come back tomorrow.
I have lots of money.
I'll withdraw some from a bank.
Deal. I won't sell it to anyone.
You promised, okay?
Let me bring my son quickly.
She came here Monday through Friday
and said the same thing every time.
Your mother really wanted
to get you a suit.
Please stop by when you have time.
I'd really like to make you a good one.
Thank you for sharing the story,
but I don't need a suit.
She's dead now,
so whatever I do with the money
is up to me, right?
it's time to give him the money back.
You punk, who do you think you are?
Why are you
getting on my nerves like this?
What's all this?
I told you to trash them, damn it!
I don't want to pretend to be a good son
nor to learn anything about her.
Don't you understand Korean?
Are you listening to anything I say?
I don't--
I don't understand.
It's been ages.
SBW Incorporated, size 90,
priced 7,900 won.
Manufacture date, November 23rd, 1988.
Warm and comfy
triple-layer thermal underwear.
Made with 100 % cotton.
"December 28th, 1988.
The day my son got his first paycheck."
Have more soup.
Wear this.
What is it?
Oh my.
Isn't this really expensive?
Son, you really didn't have to.
Wow, it's so soft.
It must be so warm.
Isn't it expensive? How much did you pay?
Gosh, I saw the ad for this on TV,
so it must be expensive.
Goodness, I can't wear it.
It's too precious.
I couldn't get you a suit
for your first job.
I'm too ashamed to put this on as a mom.
Will you stop already?
Shall I just throw it out, then?
No way.
I'll wear it.
I'll wear it till it's all worn and torn.
Son, let's get you a good suit
next spring.
I'll make sure to get you one
even if I have to borrow money.
So pretty.
That damn old woman.
Damn it.
Why are you doing this to me?
You know, a suit
with those creases on the front
and a silk pocket square
in the chest pocket.
The kind that looks like a navy uniform.
You'd look really stunning in that.
What if all the girls at the factory
chase my handsome boy?
Wow, it's so pretty.
Eat up, all right?
Goodness, I really don't understand.
I understand how you found out
about the withdrawal and the calls.
But how did you figure out
she went to the tailor's?
She wrote down her wish.
"Wrote down her wish"? On where?
Yes, you will do a wonderful job, Geu-ru.
Do I get rewarded for solving it?
If you solve it right,
they'd appreciate it very much,
and I'll reward you on their behalf
with your favorite prize, "Excellent job."
Do you like it?
I can read their mind too.
"Excellent job."
I want to have that prize.
Oh no. It's my fault.
-I'm sorry.
-Shut it.
Shut the fuck up, you bitch!
How dare you run away!
-Do you want to fucking die?
What's your problem?
-Let's just go, please.
Come here.
How did you find me here?
Just get in the car.
What was that?
What did I see just now?
He has a girlfriend?
It'll be a quick warm-up.
If I keep Su-cheol alive,
you said you'd do anything.
Kill him!
Bring it on!
Come at me!
Get up.
Uncle is not home.
Then did he stay out all night?
I don't know when he went out.
Wow, leading a promiscuous life is
such minus points as a guardian.
How do you know
he's leading a promiscuous life?
Goodness, it's so obvious.
They meet in the dark
and exchange lustful eye contact.
Then what would they do?
Chit chatting? Greeting?
They'd skip everything
and get right into the action.
And we call it an erotic noir film.
That's the genre.
I didn't know Uncle was filming a movie.
I'm filming what now?
Oh my. Your face--
Never seen a face before?
It's all squashed. You must see a doctor.
I'm calling 911.
Hey, keep it down. My head is ringing.
-Hey, next door.
Make a ramyeon for me.
Throw an egg, too.
Be gentle, will you?
-It's the right way to do it.
-It hurts.
Yes, this is Move to Heaven.
Yoon Na-mu! Where are you going?
I just have some errands to run.
Errands at this early hour?
-If you go to Geu-ru's again--
-No, I won't.
Your backpack.
What for?
"What for?" Here is what for.
I need to know
what my only daughter is up to.
A random checkup. Now.
What about my privacy?
Not as long as you live under my roof.
I can inspect your belongings
whenever I want to
because my home is under my dictatorship.
-Come on.
What's in here?
-Darn it.
-Why is it so heavy?
Isn't it--
Why didn't you tell me?
Well, I'd feel pressured if you knew.
Most of people fail
due to stiff competition.
I can't believe you made a decision
like this. I'm proud of you.
Oh my, I'm so happy.
I'm so proud of my little girl.
I heard even college graduates
end up in Noryangjin Exam Village.
But you go straight there.
It's better to skip college
and get a head start by a few years.
Okay, let me pack you some lunch.
No need. I'll get something to eat.
Okay, then.
Don't get junk food.
Get yourself something nutritious,
delicious and hearty.
Wow, what's going on here?
Is it my little girl's birthday today?
Yeong-su, my honey.
Our daughter is going for a civil servant.
-The most secure job in Korea.
-Oh, is she now?
It's not just a regular job.
She'll get paid for life
with a pension plan. A dream job.
I can't believe it.
-I'll get going.
-Of course.
Na-mu, study hard!
You got this! All right?
Study hard.
Gosh, you startled me!
Do you have a death wish?
Are you leaving
without waiting for me five minutes?
So coldhearted.
It was 11 minutes and 39 seconds.
Aren't you supposed to study
for civil service exams?
This isn't Noryangjin.
Geu-ru, where are we heading?
Yoon Na-mu!
Uh? Jun-yeong?
What are you doing here?
I'm working with Geu-ru.
I see.
Geu-ru, it's been a while.
Right, this is Geu-ru's uncle.
This is my neighborhood friend
slash a police officer.
Can we go up to the scene?
Sure. Come follow me.
But Na-mu, can you handle this?
Handle what?
-It's a murder scene.
About two weeks ago,
a female in her twenties
was killed in this apartment.
Was it a robbery gone bad?
No, her ex-boyfriend came,
and then they got into a fight.
I heard of it.
So this is where it happened?
This scene must be important.
Is it okay to clean it up already?
As for a crime scene,
after necessary evidence is all collected,
we can start to clean up
by a request
of either the family or the police.
He's right. We've taken photos
and gathered enough evidence.
The suspect called it in and confessed,
and we got the weapon,
so there's not much to investigate.
I've worked on several crime scenes
with my dad.
We'll begin right away.
Can we talk for a second?
What's going on?
I heard you dropped out of college,
and now you're working with Geu-ru?
And trauma cleaning of all things?
Geu-ru's dad recently passed away.
Oh no, I see.
I didn't know.
Geu-ru just started working alone.
I'm helping temporarily
in case he runs into trouble.
Oh, it's just me being nosy.
Geu-ru is doing a perfect job,
so you got nothing to worry about.
-What's with the stare?
You haven't changed a bit.
-What do you mean?
-Never mind.
Oh, if you run into problems at the scene,
feel free to call me.
Whoa, Officer Park.
You just sounded a bit cool.
See you later, then.
Here's the latest news
on the murder of Lee,
a female in her twenties
stabbed to death in her apartment, Seoul.
The police concluded
that Kim's actions were self-defense
and sent the case to the prosecution,
recommending non-indictment.
Kim, who turned himself in at the scene,
is the victim's ex-fiance.
The police concluded
that the incident took place
on the spur of the moment
during their argument.
Ms. Lee Seon-yeong,
you passed away on April 20th, 2020.
I'm Han Geu-ru, a trauma cleaner
from Move to Heaven.
From now,
I'll begin to help you
with your final move.
Subtitle translation by: Jean S. Kim
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